Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 8, 1964 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1964
Page 4
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Lewis Goes Wild in 'Who's Minding the Store?' What do you suppose would happen if Jerry Lewis was turned loose in a modern department store? Movie goers at the State Theater Sunday through Wednesday will find out when they see Lewis' latest film, "Who's Minding the Store?" ' Bedlam breaks out time and time again as Jerry plays Norman Phiffcr, a poor, but hardworking poodle walker who is deeply in love with Jill St. John. Miss St. John portrays Barbara •*•> futile, heiress to the fabulous Tuttle fortune- Barbara frtet to hide the fact that she is a heiress. Norman goes to work in the Tuttle department store and the movie is one madcap dilemma after another in the usual Jerry Lewis style. • Showing at 10 p.m. Wednesday will be a special Spanish language attraction, "Ro Remolding." Reg Park and Fay Spain star in "Hercules and The Captive IN THIS LAUGH-laden scene from Jerry Lewis' color comedy "Who's Minding the Store?" Jerry tries to fit « dainty size 5 shoe on the not so dainty size 10 foot of a lady wrestler. The movie is at the State Theater Sunday through Wednesday. Young Hobby Club Homemade Equipment Is Needed for Game By CAPPY DICK "Shore Battery" is a game to play with homemade equipment — a ship made of an egg carton and bottle caps for ammunition. Attach one half of the egg carton to a piece of wood sawed to resemble the hull of a ship (Figure 1). Attach a string to the boat so it can be pulled along the floor. Number the egg compartments of the carton, marking them 1, 2, 3, 5, 2 and 1 on each side of the KJ-section half. These numbers are th'e point values of the compartments. There may be as many players in the shore battery as you wish. They must sit in a row along the wall as the boys are doing in Figure 2. Each member of the battery must be given three bottle caps. Bach cap should be marked with the toss- er's initial. One player act* as pilot and pulls the ship slowly across the ' room as the battery members toss their bottle caps at the carton, trying to land them in the egg compartments. After the ship has run the gamut of the shore battery, it' is picked up and examined for hits. A hit has been nvade when a bottle cap lands in an egg compartment and stays there. Because the caps have the tossers' initials on them, it will be easy to see which members of the shore battery scored the hits. The ship may run the gamut •t> many times as the players PIG. c. Women" to be shown Thursday and Friday. It's the story of Ettore Mantti, King of Thebes, who sails the seas to fight an enemy of ancient Greece. His crew consists of convicts, a faithful friend and lercules. The action is fast'and furious as the mighty Hercules shoots his strength time and time again. Pun talore is in store for Sat- irday afternoon movie fans. Starting at 2 p.m. will be a review of Road Runner cartoons as well as Bugs Bunny favorites* fhe feature movie will be Herwin Mathews hi "Jack The Giant Killer." Four full-length features are slated for Saturday night only. Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean star in the Sprawling, brawling "Giant" which starts off the movie mar 4- hon. It's an account'of emergence of a Texas dynasty. Kerwin Mathews stars in the second film, "Jack, The Giant Killer." Elvis Presley offers gobs of aughs in "Follow That Dream" and -Debbie Reynolds will be seen in "Tammy and the Bachelor " First movl* starts at 7:15 p.m. Now showing through Sunday — weather permitting — at the ardcn Drive In are Debbie Reynolds and Tony Randall hi "The Mating Game" and Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. hi "Sergeants Three.' * * * Afov/e Calendar STATE T11EATKK "WHO'S MINDING THE STORE" — Sunday through Wednesday "RO REMOLDING'-— Spanish show Wednesday, 10 p.m. "IlEnCUWSS AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN" — Thursday and Friday. "JACK THE GIANT KILLER", "ROAD RUNNER" and "BUGS BUNNY" un'.-toon reviews — Saturday at 2 p.m. •GIANT", "JACK THE GIANT KILLER", "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" and "TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR" — Saturday starting 1 at 7:15 p.m. GARDEN DRIVE IK (Weather Permitting ) "THE MATING GAME" mid "SERGEANTS THREE" — now through Sunday. Egg Carton Ship wish. At the end of the game, the member of the shore battery who made the most hits wins the game. MONDAY: Lett Mere G*od Fun For Evtry Bay And Girll Ships passing through Panama Canal lo;ks are towed by electric "mules" — locomotive engines running on rails atop the lock walls. Towing or braking, the engines never go more than 2 miles an hour and are guided by signals from the ship's pilot. —Whether buying or selling, UM Telegram* Want Adi! Richard Boone Show Is Doomed By BOB THOMAS' Al* Mevle-Tetovitien Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)—This is the season when a third or more of the television series get their walking papers. Such terminations inevitably cause -outcries from the creators, and angry letters from television fans. Th% cause celebre of the 196364 appears to be the Richard Boone Show, an attempt to establish repertory company with actors playing different roles every week. The show was carefully watched by the critics, who praised its intentions, though not 'always its execution. Alas, if the ratings are to be believed, it wasn't watched by enough of the public. Boone was incensed when NBC dropped the show, and he is still fuming. I listened to his accusations and then offered Grant Tinker, NBC vice president for western programming, a chance for rebuttal. Boon*: "The way the cancellation was released was inexcusable. The news was leaked to the trade press. Neither I nor the sponsors were advised or consulted." NBC: "We agree the release of the news was unfortunate, and we don't know how it got out. We certainly wouldn't do such a thing when premature printing of the information would redound against us." Boone: "The network's action is the most dictatorial, the rankest I have ever encountered- They gave me a lousy lead-in because I couldn't get a rating. As a matter of fact, our research shows that the series was in the top 10 of every independent poll taken in individual cities." NBC: "Certainly Dick didn't get any help from 'Redigo.' But, judging from the Nielsen rating, his show wasn't able to do better than the opposition — 'Petticoat Junction' and Jack Ben- Odd Fellow and Rebekah PANCAKE O SAUSAGE SUPPER Odd Fellow Hall 203} N. Main Garden City, KOMOS Saturday, Feb. 0, sorvino, 4:30>f:30 p.m. Public Invited Proceeds to Polio PtMd _.-___^ y-" -.. :.; .._ _ ... :-• ~_._ —_^_ •-"_ •-"•*• "••• -••• —- - - -• A new fun-filled way to shop! kM.iU* HMiiiiHR mm- *» STARTS SUNDAY! Adm. 3Sc — tOc Continuous Shows Suodoy Starti** 2:00 Feature Starts 2:00* - 3:40 • S;40 - 7:40 - f ;30 HURRY! ENDS TONIGHT . Lawrence of Arabia Foatvro Starts 1:00 SPANISH LANGUAGE ATTRACTION WEDNESDAY Starting 10:00 P.M. Pofo * Garden City Telegram SofMrdcn/i roDmojry B, 1944 ny on CBS and 'Greatest Show On Earth' on ABC." Boone: "Our show wasn't the greatest of all time, but I think it was the best show on the air this year. We had our "problems. It was obvious after the first few weeks that the level of scripts was not up to the level of performances. I wanted to confer with the network and the sponsors about improving the material, but I was told to wait. "It'looked as if they wanted tq make sure the option passed and the show died. They wanted to stomp on it. It looks like I'm the biggest patsy in the world." NBC: "Only a few months ago, we were just as enthusiastic as Dick about the show. We had to. admit that it wasn't measuring up. That doesn't lessen our great respect for Dick. But it might be better if he would direct his energies toward more constructive lines." —Whether buying or selling, use Telegram Want Ads! NOW SHOWING THROUGH SUNDAY Two AcHon-Fllted Comodios at Tkolr lost. CO-HIT •I PAUL DOUGLAS AUI&y&* FRED CLARK'UM MEMO. RovofNco OBOM 4:4S ' 7:15 Mil Cofffoo Saturday After 1 1 :00 . . . DONT FORGET SHOW STARTS IARLY SUNDAY! ! •oxoffico OpoM 4:1 S Show Starts 7:00

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