The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 15, 1916 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 7
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\ THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15, 1916 ' \ PERFECTGUM Let us make you acquainted with the new, luscious flavor-- It's all that the name suggests I Wiigley quality- made where chewing gum making is a science. Now three flavors: Don't forget WR1GLEYS after every meal Have a package of each always in reach 645 Fur Overcoats At SPECIAL PRICES Until December 15 Persian Lamb $17.50 Lynx, rat collar 21.75 CalfSkin, rat collar 31.75 Russian Calf, rat collar 34.00 Kangaroo, coon trim 33.50 Pony, select quality, beaver trim collar and cuffs 40.00 Black Pony, rat collar 32 50 Coon Skin \ 65.00 Kersey Coat, rat collar fur lined 50.00 Kersey Coat, rat collar fur lined 35.00 x*Our fur goods house makes \\ possible to show you a long line of FUR OVERCOATS. If you buy before December 15, you have the advantage of a lower price Slpple Clothing Shoe Co. North Side Sq. Chillicothe ·£ · C. B. C. NOTES Four different states were repre-i sented by the following four nev.' students who enrolled yesterday: W. 1 A. J. Stewart, Gorman, Tex. W. M. Gamble, Mindcn, fa. Hobt. Baker, Macomb, Okla. Ethel Lynch, Clarksville, Ark. Fred RiclthofE of New Florence, Missouri re-entered school yesterday f o r the completion oC his course. " No Chapel exercises werj held this morning. Dr. Cole, the eevangelist, will be with us Friday morning. An. unusually interesting and beneficial | 'service is anticipated. Arthur . Sharp, telegraphy student '14, now operator at Northwood, la., spent a few hours here Saturday. Chas. J. Sherrill, Business Department '14 and '15 was a visitor hero Sunday. Mr. Sherrill is now a stenographer in the Burlington office at St. Joseph. Our First Foot Ball Team goes to Marshall, Missouri, Friday where they will 'play tho Missouri Valley College Team. Ten more new typewriters were added to our large equipment yester- daj. Former C. B. C. students who were elected to olTice last week are J. Ralph Anspaugh, State Senator of Kansas, L. Gus Smith, Assessor of Laclede county, Mo.; A. E. ' Stookesberry, Clerk Davis county, la.;'Homer Rey- 'nolds, Treasurer, Livingston county, 'Mo., and W. E. Beat, Judge of East, ern District, Livingston County, Mo. Tho paving on Monroe St., in front of the college has been completed and the street opened to traffic.' How's Tills? We offer One Hundred Dollars ne. ward for any case of Ctarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Medicine. Hall's Catarrh Medicine has been taken' by catarrh sufferers for the past thirty-five years, and has become known as the most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts through the Blood on the Mucous surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Blood and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Medicine for a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid of catarrh. Send for testimonials, frea F: J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O. FAIRVTEW. Miss Etta Prosser was a shopper in Chillicotho Friday. Miss Vernie Diehl spent the week I end with her parents in CMllicothe. Miss Ruth Gill, teacher of Cor. Campbell school, gave a program and (pie supper Thursday evening. Everybody enjoyed themselves and appreciated Miss Gill's trouble. R. Whiteicle of Kansas City was a business visitor .in this vicinity last week. i The Ladies Aid oE Reeco Chapel entertained at the Hoffman home Fri- jiay evening, the fol-lowing young peo. i p l e : Carl and Gladys Barnhart, ? Clyde Wingo, Hazel and Geo. Camp- I bell, Sam and Parry Knox, Maurice, Harley, Howard and Cora Livingston. Forest Brown, Orville Emerson, Earl a.nd Esther Whiteside, Ruth and Hel. en Campbell, Robert Bishop, George Shields, Rick Baymiller, Etta, Winnie and Thelma Prosser, Fred and ·Clara Bryant. . The evening was spent in playing games. Refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. Fred 'Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Orry Carlton and family Sundayed with, Mr. and Mrs. George Barnhart. R. H. Chittick of Chillicothe, R. Whiteside of Kansas City visited at the W. S. Bishop home Thursday, j Sunday, school and Epworth League were well attended at Reeee Chapel' Sunday. / Mr. and Mirs. W. S. Bishop and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. Wells and jfamily and Wm. Roberts. Sundayed with Mr. and Mrs. -Richard Melvin and family. J. A. Patterson made a business trip to Chillicothe Saturday. ALCOHOL 3 PEU C E N T ' . AVcgelaWe PreparalionrorAs- i.Tii!aimgjiKftodanaG«ub..- tmgi'ie StoinadisanilBowelsof Promotes Diges(Jon£he«fur ' jess and Rest.Cohtalnsneiiiur Dpium.Morphine nor Mineral NOT NARCOTIC. Aperfect Remedy for Conslipfr tlon , Soul- StoiMKh,Bfatrtaa "Worms .Convulsions .rcvw ness nndlOSS OF SUSEB THE CENTA NEW YORK For Infants and Children. Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Bears the Signature^ of Classified ant esbiiTs PKM i*atm trie* i*'f iJVsJ.\lH,l'I)S fiJSrJ TWO WANTED WANTED TO FEED FOR WINTE --Plenty of grass, good wind-m:J water and good stalk pasture. Phoj; 30F12 or-see Jas. Barnes or Mi; Blue.' . 26_t; In Use For Over Thirty Years WANTED--A girl for general houS work. Apply to 'Mrs. W. W. E6^ erton, cor. Locust,and Polk Sts., ; phone 303. 24i WANTED STRAW Will pay ?4.; a ton, stack run, in car. Will i ceive it at Wheeling, Cream Rid 0 Sampsel, Lock Springs, Bedflc Fountain Grove, Utica and Cai 1 . I eothe Will also buy your hay. M 'old6wl T. S. Bishop.- JVUJK. K.E.WT. FOR RENT--Furnisned room, sti": ly modern, 615 Vine. Phone f; ;FOR RENT -- My shop on S. Lo.;. St. Mrs. Henry T. Miller. Phone": Exact Copy of Wrapper. FOR RENT- -- New 4 room cotir Inquire 1006 Normal Ave./i phone 149 6-R. , : : FOR RENT -- Store room with ' sized basement at corner of :· and Webster, fine location for gro; i ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. i FOR RENT -- 7 room residence, 3 and barn on north side* of Jaclr street and west of Dickenson St. : , 30-tf . J. E. WatJU;' Better Quality- Larger ; Quantity PASTE To a greater degree than you have ever beforeexperiencedwill the daily brushing of your teeth become · a pleasure if you use this truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic dentifrice. It will give you a new meaning of the word "quality" as applied to tooth paste Doth as regards its cleansing and whitening properties and the delightf ulljr refreshed condition which it imparts to the mouth. Bath; full basement, furnace, j, ed street, 8 lots, garage. Rent* year. Address Marlow Bros., Chi M o . . 2 FOR RENT -- Storage space. Hen," son Ik Son. 10 '·'OK SAJLJ5. LOTS FOR SALE--Paving in; a: · to Mrs. G. W. Dennis; Phone : FOR SALE--A good carriage~~v tongue and shaft, cheap. Ph: . 10-6 FOR SALE--Overland Touring ·: good as' new, only 4 months o, Phone 21. · 2. FOR SALE--Team, harness and, · livery wagon_ A bargain if t;' at once. F. A. Brotzer, Grocer Arrests deeay, makes the gums firm and healthy, neutralizes acidity and keeps the r teeth clean, white and beautiful. Get this larger tube of better tooth pasts today end t give your mouth a glad surprise. Your money back, if you ' say so. RICE ALLEN Proprietors "The San-Tox Drug Store" Phone 552 708 Washington St. FOR SALE---My residence prop; consisting of a ten- room nio house, good barn and chicken h l a n d p!ot of ground 1!)5 by 290 ff I West Polk St., near First T j'school house. Phone No. 915 G. TV. Dennis. 10- Public Sale * Having sold my farm. I will sell at public auction, 5 1-2 miles south and 1 1-4 miles west of Chillicothe, and 6 miles northeast of Dawn, the fol- FOR SALE OR RE!T--5 room gaiow, new. cheap if taken once. Inquire 4 S3 E. Jacksoi telephone 732. 2S-t( . . ...n; UH KENT--Moderi burban property, 10 room t with 5 acres of ground. For par lars phone, 1454-J. 10-tf. FOR SALh!--"2 houses and lotsJ? blocks from square. Call at | office for further information. r/ ' lowing property, on Thursday, November 23d TOO THE KURT OUT OP TTEK BACK Mrs. Anna Byrrl, Tuscumbia, Ala., writes: "I was down with my back so I could not stand up more thas half the time. Foley Kidney Pills took all of the hurt out. "Rheu matic pains, swollen ankles, backache, stiff joints and sleep disturbing bladder ailments indicate disordered kidneys and bladder trouble. Sold everywhere. CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS Public Sale Soon- Having recently rented my farms for a term of years, I will offer at public sale on or -about Nov. 15th, 2 1-2 miles, north of Chillicothe, 92 head of cattle and 10 head of horses, besides all my feed and' farming improvements. Definite notice of the sale will be made later. Watch for it dwtf Dr_ K. S. Piatt_ 1O Head of Horses anrt Mules--1 roan mare, 7 years old, wt. 1300 pounds; Iblack mare, 7 years old, wt. 1200 pounds, in roal by horse; 1 black mare, 3 years old, wt. 1200 pounds; 1 'black horse, 2 years old, wt. 1100 pounds; 1 black mare colt, 6 months .old; 1 black fillcy, 1 year old; i 2-vear-old black horse mule; two 3-year-old black mules, 1 horse and 1 mare; one 4-year_old black horse mule. 6 Head of Cattle--1 roan cow, S years old; 2 red cows, 3 yoars old, all giving inilk and all to be fresh in April; 3 early spring calves, 2 bulls and 1 heifer. These are extra £oo'J calves. 4 Head or Hogs--4 Poland China brood sows, weighing, 300 pounds each. · * Implements and Harness--1 farm wagon; 1 Velie spring wagon, good as new; 1 McCormick mower; McCormicic sweep rake; disc harrow; 2 14-inch walking plov/s; 1 walking cultivator; bob-sled; 'double shovel; rolling coulter; 1 set good heavy work harness; 1 'set plow harness; 7 collars; 1 saddle; 1 flat boat. 'Jraln, Feed and Chickens--Some corn in crib; about 90 shocks of fodder with corn on; 10 tons'of hay in stack; 1 straw stack; 8 dozen Plymouth Rock hens. Household Gopd--2 heating stoves; 1 water cream separator; 1 bent wood churn, arid other articles too numerous to mention. LadiPs Mt. Carmel Church will serve lunch. Sale to commence at 10 a. m. ' Terms made known on day of sale. J.J. EARNER, Owner A. W. CIES, Auctioneer A. T. WEATHERBy, Clerk CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PHONE 44 3O1; DAY 397 P. A. MEINERSHAGEN SON UNDEB.TAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS . H, L. KECKE, Licensed E ibalmer., CHAS. GIBBS. Asst, | FOR SALE--Encyclopedia Brittan^ 25 volumes, fine Binding, good new, $20; 1 set McCauley's Hist.' of England, 5 volumes, $3; 1 vact sweeper, Argyle, almost new, $5 ^ green velvet Davenport-bed, $20 leather covered office or lib: chair. Telephone 246. Iron and Steel Work I am now prepared to do a kinds of IRON and STEE; WOEK--such as Steel Sti? ways, Fire Escapes, Sid Walk Grates, Truss Rod Steel Road Drags, doubl single or tripple, Boiler, Ei gine. Machine Work L. D. ASHER General Blacksmithicg , and Repair Estimates Cheerfully Giv 411 South Locust Stre Mr. F. F. Cooper, representing the Troy Laundry ME chinery Co., of Chicago, whil. in town last week visiting th S L I F E R I-i A P X D R ~. said, "This is the most date Laundry, doing the inos.; nearly perfect work that ·; have seen in many days." : Mr. Cooper was in th laundry business himself i Chicago for a number c vears.--Adv Xotice. After this date, no more appl Mathews orchard. C. N. Matin rSPAPERf

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