The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 13, 1974 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 13, 1974
Page 4
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tit.'. Shippers derail Santa Fe, 40-0, in loop cfebuf fty JKSSK l gtd » |»t«* «« t*» <*«« right *b« tbe Brawn** Rv w«»d Swstt r>, **. to Ho«*r FteM. O*eh Jto* Means, fe* « mmifcJl «tt«n*p< s» krcp the wort* *»m, ««* wfvantoge of «« l« ffcrt wnw rwerw* fAT Me* m»d« it »« < awl some defcntiTC specialists! a etwnr* to , on r«wr c*rrt« in «» flrM Jwlf , «««> on for « W juttl ttutter «n it* i*n» trap play, wbkfe ahohuppewd to b« the U»l pU? trf the h»tt Waller booted »«atetwl the aip»ffl>>y«da no lead al . Tt* Exporters ripped ott f«w tauebAnrw in li* fin* halt and lw* to Q* s*«»d to *«** tbMr »eamn ncwd vt s-t, Saturdays game roariccd «* district »• AM EM* *w* deb* fcr both twurn After ttatftng «*» 'he* fifrt* possession, Uw Shipper* drove far ihetr ftnft sew* the n**l time the? got their hands on the bull Btetae Ftrdty *rt ep the K*C* by te- tempting a Santa Kc pa*w «i (h« iw&w» H v*nJ fine. II look coly (rve plays ft* the Exporter* The Etportent pkked dp r«W wher* they KWtef enttietr (tr« MM K ««t« * ttnw to the al tto tadtea te |twd fieW ww«d U» duiaaw to «»Jy Hall, Cafs bounce Ball 14-7 hewn two* (he tour yard tow. Darthard broke to the rigM side of Ibe toe betod a ticarv* MM* by Ranald Barnes and went aHo UN* nid woe untouched, Bnm Walk* booted tbe ettra petal f«ra?« Ktpwler lead wtth 7:9 left to U» quarter for the (tea) live yard* Tto «tra poto* k*sk *a* oO iStepi KiO«d for a xt« lead *f*fc * « felt the fourth (joartrr ttrutMfort coach Joe Meaw had atrtady preMy wdt efcsired Uw twnchci attcnrtet CTtryoM a chance to »c« a<twn M the Ship* otmouUy bad lite cane tutfced away. Ttw Exporter «*errw, nctudtef »ev«r») fenmgfct up (nan the juwor the h»H effectively delrmiiv 6* pUy* amt » *«• >4fil t rtirt hy lto»** ItoB. tfe* A««trtoB Wttikwt* (eek a I* I fqs*«Jl«r rrem tf* t«t**«*t» lUtt Tor* Kr«i>y w<»a tUh«ntae taeUatt&t Us* fortfciifl n*»t <*t thr otjW, owwofan< .MNantj:^" 4 It .» in »is .t »* ***«* M* S-fWWk *<W**«* ** W> *•* * »«,•«** *<*•** #»»» *o»* ! lift** .«ii>. 81* Wne yard line t» thru- next pwwewfcw and then they slrudk (Or TO waabor two oo ihtir tirst poKMsrioa ct (be Mctind quarter. Aan» Jones drab the Indian* a **tft sin- poifrf btcnt. ripping Ihrwifch tbe heart of the Santa Fe deleave on an il yard touchdown n» Jones* tot »*« n» ww U» r««* «< a **»- executcd (uiibacfc trap «tti» N«rra Bone clearing MM the interim*** »** aa «• reiknt Mock. tt» PAT Me* failed due to a bad *»*p from waiter twl *"fhw jrcrd penally B»*« ibe B*> purim tNMttMr <*»«*. They t**td tor rw patois bo! Utt Indians start down the ns»tn* (toy i«d tbe «eerc «ood U4 wtUii 22 left to tbe hatf. The Sapper <Jrf«w« Jorttd th* Indiam te*> onoihtr 1% mtetake. a> Walter Jamcner tmtftd an Indian tumble al ibr ration' 34 yard fa*. to«t op their third ctwoitr a< Uw batf A hawealry attmtnw UtUWd to t*fi. «c«red (be fUparters fieal ««Kb«to*t> »«fe only Z'3 remaUnK "» «» &*#• Wtth Oavid Shrphrtd and ettiwr Braee Walter, WaJter JJJUHW* or Prior* al raeott* back, the Rtpactm dt«n* ti jarsta w t«trt pfa)-» l«r the test »it pwnu, W*a*r rwtited ho way to vi yard* in two key play* and Sh*p<*rd MtraraWwJ (or II HI a TIIK It* <ot tf '** i yard line Tbe Ship* dmr a (he-yard pre*By. tfcco Shepherd «TH Walhrr tlMw«h t&e wHWk at the SattU Fe htnc WaBer bn*p * cou^c ol tactic* ttttoee cleaa tbreqgh 0» end iuc* («tr th* t >» Aftttr Iw ftarmftfe *»» rint «fe*« *« He then eamr ri«bi boct to kkm due d «ct the « fc*i« <ai«f ha* low* Ututt M Rwflrf ant Ibitt iM **« VU- i«nnii> I! * ! lilt; wtlJT* *» •fu(x\ta* vtrt *>ft» »n(* >0 Wrttt&l «n» a»ti-i 5..* :l MftM-4tUU4 ft«i»ni»«l'» k»Mf »(MW«»-| .**» tn a keeper *» fim down, Ridcy Wri«W tallied Cor eight (MKh ywd» «« ttnf «w yard tow and then Rk*y ripped off lh»«fte»ljird tu potaU. trttti J«ow tbravted U* taty Sidnry MiitbeU. *tth e^st Uckta*. Twbte Wowttr, R»g|p> WiOiioa »ad Mlk* GUtoa who IMercxftfcd a {«3» m (be Oru qiD«wttr. ««re fvpeciallf unprw****. On •m elm » Sfct* » «<• «*«* gained in tbe fknU haK to (ead »fl II «< w. till',' WWJUC'Af.dWw"* «(»»««* l«*rw «W»-S TlIB FA« 'IS The Dodge Boys proudly present *»* * OPeR DAILY a* CLOSED SUV0A1 Tims., WfO. '75 CHARGER SPECIAL EDITION. (It's a whole new car!) Wfte wiry «w picture cm 1 ! bfgfai to do Justic* to our ill-new Oi*r«*r Sp*d«J Edition 75. Yo« }u*t h«v« to «o*w In «nd «• W "In p«»aii1 Th« ««w Cfeift*r If i "d*«k «it9fnobO»f Iff ftyfo ii !«*«' correct «i«J f*lbMd. Clwjtr Sp«d*J MJUon t* » pmoiwJ cw ^r tfM dltcriminating driver. It (• hw»Hou» witliowt bring pre»«i- tfom, Wf D«lg«8oy» think tW»«frii*w Ch»f»ir Sf»d»l &teton 7? to ywir Wnd ol«»; U aay «»»» "iwif wy^lN wty you, pi«a»iiUy, wo«iW W«« to iWvt x»tt new 1975 Dod^CtwewSpwWWitton. Drive OWPOW. M*«*-W1M **HMMIM^» IISTUUB it n KM 20 Blackwalb M:?? 14-Full-P1y Nylon Cord TIME SALE <ooi«l "tuMI** CHECK OUT atlHEMEWMDOOCESg . ?, r^: SfJMCfS (MA*«4 tt «rHMA KM**! C*f Off CMO •rlMCMMW MMT AJMIKAM 1001 ? j i,/1 SNOOKS INO »U6iniEjlT I AWUICOtfMlKiaMltKWldoidUS. O¥*»«f-ft-l raw i I iuKti! i lUw.u * toft Ai» t«X>diii«««d ««» $? btxt tuna men <anA MI.U 49.M 40*|iOn/r by irai «<» f r««i only, mo*i 140-13 AU ]«J rtW M.T-EACH MOUNTIDFttt HWY. 33,"^ i-tt I">IXIE DRIVl.

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