The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 15, 1973 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1973
Page 14
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1WR MMNNPOIIT FACTS To* Rolls... tCcerttawed from I'age t) aja| MMMta to taxation, he that "yeni'd he ^4 at the number of i whe do not render their aahl he hoped in the and more coNBtjr will reader the* Ktnat "it's the way tor them to protect PHtcMrd * Abbott revaluation*. Wc'ra utln| expert affralMr*, ami w* plan to cwvtor* land mmtn llMl W WJ IMt ^MHHm A* IMr proBMijr valwa." AU this is iiutanry. Hall MM later, bceauM in futum y«an tlw «NMty probably will go back on a cycle ba*i* to update and wratw county properttM that will go on the tun las roll. H* said no estimate* on what the county's toUl valuation for l»m ha* been lUwllwl yet. U»t y««r the figure w«* Wt» Fireworks... tiw cooaeil, "and «*"t thero to C«ld*«U »t»ttn| it Improvements... Ueted oe\ the cwd it eonmtlUn« the taxpayer and both a«r*eie« to a fair market «ahie and aBowinc the owner the right to appear before the Board of Bqoaatatkm to protest the fair market value claimed by the tax office. One* the county mauna*ianer*, sitting at the Board of EquaibaUon in July, approve the roll*, the vatae recommended on each piece of property a totally *et for the year. And the ratio of aaeeoment (which now ia n per cent of (air market value) paw the tax rate (which presently U »US per assessed valuation) determines the taxes owed by UIB pPOBBeTfy OVTtM^aW Mrs. Norms Rogers, deputy tax assessor, told commissioners that ostce they have inspected the unreodered roll*, the tax office then wffl begin checking plat record*, abstracts and deed record* to see what properties have changed h»«n4« md eliminate thoae (•reels that are found to be leudeted by new owners of property. She added thai the l«l tax roH reflected some 96.0M land pared* in the county, and said Thursday the figure could surpass the lOC.Ott mark this year, owe all record* are computed. Hall attempted to impress upon the court that the appraisal section, which tor the first tone is a new full-staff organization in the tax office, is "trying to eliminate problems DOW so that it win save time when Board of Equalization hearings come up." "We're trying to eliminate misunderstanding* with property owner* before board heartags- Afl of this is taking time, but we think it's the proper w»y to go afaett it W« have to arrive at a time when property owner* believe us and that the value we send them reeUy is the true market value, "We're going to great lengths to be lair. "We've spent a great deal of time correcting errors found in the "Under thi* new system, thai win mean a higher value, w we have to prove to land owner* that our vakiea are correct," Hall added. He said hi* staff even ts lakmg into consideration Und thai fan* in the tot-year flood level mark. A lot of new things are coming out of the tax office thi* year, but in the long- run it will be better — fairer for the taxpayers, fairer for our office and fairer for the Board of Equalisation. "But right now w*'re in the refinement process and adjusting to converting over to computeritalion of tax information. Rven then. we'll he another three years getting record* put together in a way that we'll have all information readily available to show taxpayers how we arrive at what w« do so that they'U have confidence in what w« are dowg and that w* are doing *» goad a Job as possible. •-Has county U fast moving out of an agrarian into an urban status and the tremendous growth, plus voluminous land transactions have added to our work kttd. That all counts, especially when you're setting up a new system starting from scratch," HaH stressed. However, las exemption* lo pcnwn* « year* of age and older will chop an estimated tl» million oft the total value, one lax office source indicated, phw the yearly depreciation primarily on industrial physical facilities will be significant. How much growth factors ctxinly whlc wilt raise total Und value is not known at thi* time Hall said that by next year, the tax office will be through updating oM value*, values missed or tho*« that had to be corrected. One major problem th* lax offk* has ({one through thi* year, ho noted, U manpower and timo upent getting refunds to taxpayers ao the penalty and interest charged last ye»r Ate to late payment of UM* brought an by a Uwsult involving the Prilchard k Abbott revaluation. "What we're hoping to do. at purchasing frequently repair parts in thi* manner, Following * brief itiacuwttan, the motion passed unanimouiiy A recommendation by Mayor Huurnin* that the city'a sanitary bndiitl be ttnewl preceded a lengthy ««wpl«tal by Kd Noddy «*K«r«in« th* operatkxt at the area. Hoddy stated that ft* Hv«d just pait U* "dump" and had complained vijforotwjy a year or more ago about the "urwilthlly conditions and offwwuvi? od0t*-'* the young roan a too laid thai hi* tjrandKwther had written lUp N<tl C*hh««U who adnted h*r that »he Wtiuki be (tmtactrd by State Health D*p*r*m*»t rrpr«a««ia"»v ""^^ ** tod " "He ii»ta't *io il " ••| tuok p«tur** ** th* *arutary landfill," «*ldy toJd Junior Achievement sets annual meeting with tlw Uw. but t nre*(vwl no l**g* I» »n* will «*rv« "»« «* <he City ManaKcr Raker totemit>»«>. "Thi* i* th* ftwi tim«> I h»v* IwartJ <ron> y«*," tt»« he pointed out that Staidey •rhornpWKi, who u with th* dbtmt «rtte« e< the MUle Health U*p«rtinit«t, had the rtty manager the »tr«e« al Ctute MM! improvefnml, program will MMne of the northern »«w." "go between $*»,«» and He addett that. "It «iU r*U*v« tH*XW»•" A. tag of tUMnl n*« th»»li»gww«**« fl l' Uls< * t(a * hew placed w» the pttU« and »tit« now. »nd will *«rv* «« cw»rt» building wjth Itw w( the i*wly Jinn»»«d »r** \sAet**s!i* lim «tiHMit«d *t SELECTED STOCKS t»«l|4i«M«4* *••*»» In a twfwtdowft u< the ma jnr jttrt two ••H* luW u* that w« a»# v«ry tnt£ir m t'^inpi^te cufnp*i^KM>'0 with ihr law," llak«r «a*d. ••\V« »tv '«-o»k«H! ua the tut >,4 I in p r o v * fit f ti t * which Thwtupsow gave u.*," ?M? VtfflllfllWi-t "I fctt^W *e liS^V K*il pfvtttenu., fesd '"f *'" «i»kn^ ?ut»i in bant with th# Slat* HffdHh t • H« \ «>)«'«« T course. i* k«p thi» revaluation as an no-going appraisal program wh«r* w**ll go back and review iff as y*ariy, probably oo a six-year cyti*- At Uii.* potnt w* think we'll p«k up «* dbirks a year. By U ll "P **"* d*«jg «»r year and Hoitowtng a t program, it will be fair to everyone,." meeting •->' Junior Achi*»cn»««>t of Itrjjum t'swnty wttl tw 4t ttooe Mflodaj Jntt la Udt* JaciWuio. pcrait» Sot »;5«v"!Son l!lt* k* th* !i tsavtf the wtnitjtry Undfttt. dtee m«»* Citj ---4 t'Ssjf* water tell i« *t Itx *«!*. lUi*f Mid- Ill j(Mw«e to * tjswatUm ttj Ci*aMnSjtt-i» Hii0 Cish, tiiiCT Mi*. »' «' Ann VUtl** Ik***. Itawta* Mf» s * ,|M*i» At >««#' JirtMlkr* Kt«*p«i Mr. Si tl -.(UStte MM* Swute*"*, U** J*ck Mf» {.«»«>)• «tfc*«J«hJ' AjtfJI JtWiaV'.VBgS.&MWW Mr-. «' W "Shttfcr M,.' ft****. Kf«*fwrt M»» h L iKi»n L«*t«M4!> VtMWMfc*. r'l ; \' -tirww K, i UK**?, K»**fWt .VM.U?tWiV U.V*»t ttYMUfliTtt At, T*T » ; r«*M*s IM* I** if,«jMrt Mat***** tim*r»t .«**#«» ci*tf ml tfam 141 * *•*««»• llm* V*- t»» %!««<•«* IHtltaUAV >'**•«*» MACI AB Ail include- dkrtcton for ;a t!s«r ctJ* part to K&kxf. «ta tw Itsf t,*** \ i*«k»« 1*1 TED'S TV tnO*»«M>« *H «*«»* rM*M(*i« *m.'l ««**•«« Uh* Mt Even though not required to notify property owners who have failed to render their property. HaO said the lax office is seodrag out letters notifying people "that this is what value we've set on your property." He said those who disagree, are asked to confer with the appraisal section of the tax office. And oo person* who did render property. Hall said his office just now is yetting in a position where K can produce plausible criteria to show landowner* "here's why w« set IAS value on your property while your neighbor's is different." He added that if persons agree to the value, they sign the card, thus protecting the tax office, the taxpayer and the Board of Equafisatkcv COLUMBIA Hall com- also told that na t bis sectioe. has picked up l.WB new improvements on Deaths and Funerals uri Former Braiosport Facts advertising representative Eari Wheeler died in San Antonio in late May, The Facts learned this week. Wheeler. St, worked for The Facts from December 1970 to August. 1S71- While here, Wheeler and hi* wife, Almeda, lived at Surfside. After leaving The Facts, Wheeler worked briefly for a Surfside restaurant and later took an advertising position in San Antonio. Wheeler had planned to retire to a home be Boys & Girls CLOTHING and was Ni)M*"g near the Alamo aty. In addition to ht» wife. Wheeier is survived by three WHEBO atop a tat* sctKtkw, atop major brands. atop ready to help ](ou GIFT Bonnie Jeanne Smith FREEPORT -- Funeral services for Mrs- Bonnie Jcausae Smith, 22, will he held at 10 a.m. Saturday in Lakewood runeral Chapri. with the Rev. W, R. Sim*. putor of The Anchor Baptist Mission at Surfside. offldaUttg. Burial will be in Restwood Memorial Park. Mrs. Smith was dead on arrival at Community Hospital Wednesday (June U, 1WJ) after becoming 01 at hw haeae, 3U N. Ave C here. Death was due to straaguiatioaon food particles in her lungs and windpipe. according to an autopsy ordered by Justice of the Peace Harold Amman*. Mrs. Smith i* survived by two tons, Harvey Rhodes Seaiita Jr. and RutaeU Anthony South; her mother, Mr*. Uttie Rotebud, Preeport; father, George P Reseted of Kraeport; a brother. John Anthony Raecbud of Uke Jackaan; two steten, Mrs. Vickie Vanden of Lake i and Mrs. Patricia at Freepwt; «nd ___ ; Mrs. Willie Ma* .. __ \ of Denver, Cd*. Pallbearer* will be Tommy Gray. Dr. KeaMth !*«»•*. Haread Ammnea Jr., Larry W. Ne CHINA FMOM K MfltT WANTKD MUW*». YOU'LL FIND m AJLL AT IUUUIEKI THE INSIDE S1ORY TJns siary ss one o< IIHJ cleantsst. »Txrst you H ovef hear H's acout a« of U>c U»cjW»es m me Coiuiisiwa Lakes Countty Cub cornice*. The complex ss completely t>urif waifuwj lo c.aU« to your pleasures H ifKludes many luxurious lounge*, aupeib dwwrn) loom*, a <u«y aloched luo'shop <oi n(Mf .ifid lenms. magntficont locker taciMma lot inen afuJ women. ;ind an Olympic-5i/«J swifnfning poo». complete wilH snacK bar. Add trxis« .ns«ie ami txjiaide taciMtes lo live deinanding 18-»ote champwrwhip a»» course and the twut basa- iiilltfd lakes nearby, and you have the story on Coiumbui takes Vistl Columbia 1 akes lh« weekend II you d like, Hef^d ut Inis coupon lot tjeujiis on Tenneco a naturally eiefjanl r-,ounHy ciuD community. IAKES COLUMBIA ?»*.»& WEST COtUMBlAJj i-i* &8l

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