Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 7, 1971 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1971
Page 20
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How about some medical paraprofessionals? By JOHN P. ROCHE Up in I Corps in Vietnam, the Marines developed a remarkable community action program. Various units literally adopted Vietnamese villages, helped them with sanitation, drainage, and all the other problems of rural life in an under-developed nation, Including — and this is the point — health. Corpsmen ran dispensaries, gave shots, fixed broken legs, supervised childbirths, and in general practiced medicine. Theye were (and are) good and it is fair to say that they were quite competent to handle about 90 per cent of the medical business in their communities. Moreover, they had the brains to recognize cases that needed expert care, who would then be sent to physicians, surgeons, and other accredited members of the medical profession. As I have wandered around some primitive parts of the world, and some primitive sections (both urban and rural) of the United States, the thought has often occurred — why can't paraprofessionals of this sort substitute for doctors in public health programs? We say there is an acute doctor shortage in the United States, but I suspect there are more M.D.s in greater Boston than there are in the whole of Indonesia. Our hospitals are full of foreign internes and residents who theoretically are going back to Afghanistan, Lebanon or wherever once they have finished their lengthy training. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that many of them spend what little time they have off from their profesional duites trying to obtain American citizenship. And if they do return, one may suspect they will not establish their offices out in the boonies. This is not said in criticism either of current American medical education or of the individuals concerned: "How are you going to keep them happy out in Kabul after they've seen Cambridge?" (To paraphrase an old song.) We need all the qualified doctors we can get, both here and abroad. But at the same time, what is being done to build up the ranks of the paraprofessionals? For examlpe, a friend of mine was in an automobile accident one night down on the South Shore (Massachusetts). It was pretty messy, but the ambulance arrived and out jumped two attendants, who moved with prevision and dispatch to save the life of one of the victims. My friend, who fortunately was injured only slightly, assumed they were internes or residents. They turned out to be corpsmen from Weymouth Naval Air Station, who were working nights (on their own time) at_the South Shore Hospital. Since then I have snooped around and learned that local hospitals whenever possible supplement their resources from nearby military medical installations. It is very intelligent. But I have also learned that once a corpsman or any army medic gets his discharge, he has an extremely difficult time getting any hospital employment except as an orderly or in a menial role. Again without sniping at the medical schools — which have enough problems already — isn't it time for those conc e r n e d with community medicine, particularly in the slums, to maximize these skilled technicians? In other words, we could institute in our society what all of us who have ever served in the armed forces knew: a split-level approach to medical treatment. Minor disorders, shots, tests, setting simple fractures, etc. to be handled by paraprofessionals; serious problems to be referred to doctors for the United State's, it would be invaluable in the developing nations. 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Reg. 329.95. Slate $ Top. 4 Madrid Red Swivel Chairs .... 1—5 pc. Dinette by Brody. Reg. 269.95. Antique White & Avocado. 4 Avocado Floral $1 Swivel Chairs 228 1—7 pc. Dinette by Queen City. Reg. 179.95. $ I 9Q. Pecan Top. 6 Hi-Back Gold Floral Chairs .. I (60 1—7 pc. Dinette by Queen City. Reg. 179.95. $ I OQ Slate Top. 6 Moroccan Red Hi-Back Chairs I WV 1—5 pc. Dinette by Queen City. Reg. 89.95. 30x40x48 Table, 4 Hi-Back Chairs. Wide range of colors and tops to select from 1—5 pe. Dinette by Queen City. Reg. 99.95. i 30x48x60 Table, 4 Modern Hi-Back Chairs.. 79 95 DINING ROOM GROUPINGS AND PIECES 1—6 pc. Kroehler Rock Hard Maple Table 48x48x72. 4 ladder back Chairs. 1 Hutch & Buffet. Floor Sample. Reg. $030 428 1—7 pc. Kenlcn 42x42x02 Table (Cherry) 0 Ladder Back Chairs with Cane Scats. $9OQ Reg. $400 £3O 1—Hutch and Base in Solid Cherry to match $O9f| above group. Reg. $420 WftU 1—8 pc. Drexel Spanish Oval Table 42x02x90. Moreno Finish, 0 Cane Back Chairs. 1 China. Reg. $1450 1—Hutch & Base. Dark Oak by Davis. $ Reg. 179.97 138 1—6 pc. Broyhill Brazilia Table 40x00x78. 4 $M I A . matching Chairs, 1 China. Reg. G59.95 4 IO 1—0 pc. Mediterranean Dining Room in Pecan. $QQO Table, 4 chairs—1 China. Special vOO 1—4 pc. Spanish Oak Table 42x42x54. 4 Spindle $. I MO Back Chairs. Special I HO 1—8 pc. Mediterranean Dining Room by Pulaski in Pecan. Reg. 899.95. 42x60x84 Table. 5 Cane Back Chairs. 1 Arm Chair. Large China 1—8 pc, Spanish Dining Room by Broyhill. Reg. $745. Large Table and 0 Chairs. $CIO 1 China 010 JANUARY CHAIRS REDUCED 98 1 Early American Chair by Kroehler. Raspberry Tweed Hi- ,$ I 9A Back. Reg. 179.95 I fcO 1 Early American Chair by Carolina Comfort in Green Tweed with $| Maple Wood Trim. Reg. 119.95 1 Early American Chair by Johnson Carper in Anti-pine Green $ I AA Flat Weave. Reg. 189.95 ... I OO 1 Early American Chair by Johnson Carper in Brown Tweed with Maple Wood Trim. $AQ Reg. $149 «O 1 Early American Chair by Kroehler in Red and Green Coinblna- $ I A(* tion Print. Reg. $159.95 IUO 1 Early American Chair by Galax In , .Brown .Texture Weave and $( Antique Pine. Reg. 189.95 1 Early American by Kroehlcr in Green and Burnt Orange Linen Print. Maple Trim. Reg. 189.95 1 Early American by Scaly, Carroll Tweed. Maple Trim. Reg. 149.95 1 Early American Chair by Scaly in Carrott Tweed. $EA Reg. 109.95 93 1 Early American Chair by Fox. Antique Pine. Avocado Flat $| Weave. Reg. 119.95 1 Early 'American Rocker by Best. Hi- Back with Open Arm in Gold Floral Cover. Reg. 74.50 , 1 Early American Rocker by Kroehler. Hi-Back. Vratra Stain Resistant Cover. Reg. 139.95 58 1 Early American Black Cricket Chair by Fontaine. As Is. Patch $QQ Quilt Cover. Reg. (19.95 w3 1 Early American Wlnghack Armless Chair by Kroehler. Gold $CQ Warp Cover. Reg. 89.95 OO 2—Mediterranean Chairs by Pontlac. Choice 100% Gold or Green Crushed Nylon. HAD 199.95 ea 1HO I Italian Provincial Chair by Lowltte in Beige Matelasse, Diamond Fruitwood Trim. Tufted Design $ATf Back. Reg. 129.95 31 1 Mediterranean Chair by Kroehler with Hi-Back. Solid Gold warp. Distress Wood. $ I I A Reg. 159.95 IIO 2 Spanish Chairs by International with Combination Black & Floral cover. Armless. Reg. 139.95 ea 2 Traditional Chairs by Kroohlor with Light Blue Warp Fabric, Performance. Tested. $f|Q Reg. 119.95 ea, OO I Traditional Chair by Kroehler in Burnt Orange/Avocado Cut Floral Velour. Reg. 219.95 1 Traditional Chair by Kroehler In Green Corduroy (Sample Only) Reg. 179.95 1 Traditional Chair by Kroohler in Beige Combination Fabric, $ I I D Shepard Castors. Reg. 189.50 I Iw 1 Traditional Chair by Johnson Carper. Combination Green Floral Self deck, |jit<'.y Cushions. $1 I A Reg. 159.95 IIO MORE SAVINGS FOR YOU! Traditional Kroehlcr Sleep Lounger 1 (Queen Size Bed). Green Material. 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Green Brocade. $ | Reg. $179 1 Modern Kroehler Swivel Chair — Combination Gold Stripe. $ | Reg. $199 , 1 Modern Kroehler Swivel Chair, mutant! Gold Linen Print. Reg. 184.95 I 3 pc. Contemporary Modern by International. 8 Cushion Sofa and Matching Mr. & Mrs. Chairs. Reg. $019 I Modern Kroehler 07" 8 Cushion Sofa witli 100% Green Floral V9QQ Nylon Cover. Reg. 879.95 .. fcOO I Modern T u x e d o Howard / Parlor Combination Natural Plush and Stripe. Sofa. $9AQ Reg. 129.01 OHO I Modern T u x e- d o Howard / Parlor Matching Chair. $ | Reg. $'/.llt I Modern Kroehler Sofa—Loose, Cushion Seat & Back, Wood Trim. Keg. $350 1 Modern Kroehler 2 pc. Sofa and Chair in Brown Texture Weave, Reg. 319.95 2 Traditional Kroehler 2 pc. Sofa, and Chair. 3 Cushion sofa in Gold or Green Matelasse. $• Keg. $419 I Italian Provincial K/K 2 pc. Sola and Chair in Beautiful Combination Blue Velour Combined with Dark Wood Trim. #OAQ Reg. $459.90 VUw 178 238 fa and old or 338 Clearance ON FINE FURNITURE FOR YOUR HOME! ODD PIECES FOR YOUR BEDROOM Traditional Frnilwood 5 Drawer Chest with $ Full Si/.e. Scroll Bed. Reg. $205 S|ianish Pecan Ill-Boy 5 Drawer Chest. Regular $1411 Walnut or Maple Corner Desks. Keg. 09.911 Modern Walnut, Bachelor Chest with Desk liy ViuiKhan. Ken. $130 Twin or l''nll Size Hcds (One. of a Kind) from Colonial Maple, ItiuiK Bed. Ken. 139.95. Bookcase board with kneehole. desk, Ladder <V< (iuard Kail Odd Walnut NlKlit Stands. Iteg. MATTRESSES & BOX SPRINGS sets—Simmons Special Centennial Full Sl/.e. Rug. $l;j() 718 REDUCTIONS ON BEDROOMS! .1—8 pc. Walnut Bedroom by Vaughun BuNsett—Reg. 399.95. Triple dresser, mirror, 5 drawer $900 chest and panel lied ftww 1—3 pe. Modern Walnut Bedroom by Johnson Carper. Reg. 309.95. Double Dresser, Mirror, 4 Drawer Chest and Panel Bed 1—8 pc. Mediterranean Bedroom by D.M.I. Reg. 279.95. Dark Oak Finish, triple dresser, mirror, 5 $99D drawer chest and Panel BeU (tfcO 1—1 pc. Modern Walnut Bedroom by Ward Inc. Reg. $800. Triple Dresser, Mirror, 4 Drawer $9CQ Chest and Panel Bed £00 1—4 pc. Spanish Dark Oak Bedroom by Lane. Rug. $750. Triple Dresser, Twin Mirrors, 5 Drawer Chest, Panel Scroll Bed $Cj|D and Night Table OHO 1—8 pc. Modern Walnut Bedroom by Colcman. Reg. 249.95. Triple Dresser, Mirror, 4 Drawer $* Chest, Panel Bed 1—3 pc. Modern Light Walnut Bedroom by Broyhill. 249.95 Triple Dresser, Mirror, 4 Drawer Drawer Chest and Panel Bed 1—3 pc. Modern Walnut Bedroom by D.M.I. Rug. $ | AA 109.90. Dresser, Mirror, Chest, Panel Bed .. tS,Q 1—3 pc. Spanish Pecan Bedroom by D.M.I. Reg. $250. Triple Dresser, Mirror, 5 Drawer > $ I AA Chest. I'ancl Bed I OO I—3 pc. Colonial Light Oak Bedroom by Kemp. Iteg. 209.95. Double Dresser, Landscape Mirror, $A I A 4 Drawer Chest, Panel/Poster Bed fcIO 1—8 pc. Traditional Bedroom by D.M.I. Reg. $210. Triple Dresser, Mirror, 5 Drawer Chest, $|AQ Panel Bed I HO 1—3 pc. Country French Provincial Bedroom by Stanley. Reg. 679.95. Triple Dresser, Mirror, 5 Drawer Chest, Chair Hack Bed 1—1 pc. Mediterranean Bedroom by Johnson Carper. Reg. $055. Triple Dresser, Landscape, Mirror, Door Chest, Scroll Panel Bed and Night Stand I—4 |ic. Modern Bedroom by Kemp—Reg. $840. Double Dresser, Mirror, 4 Drawer Chest, I'uncl $< Bed and Night Stand I—3 pc. Spanish Bedroom in Pecan by Vaughn Ita.s- sett. Keg. $880. Triple Dresser, Mirror, 5 $970 Drawer Chest and Scroll Bed ftfO I—8 pe. Mediterranean Bedroom In Antique White by Forest. Triple Dresser, Mirror, 5 Drawer ('best and Scroll Bed 148 88 28 '77 28 Foot- 98 36 I set—Simmons Luxury Centennial. Keg. $140. Twin Si/,i 100 I set—Scaly Anniversary ('lassie. Reg. $159.05. Full or Twin Sl/.e 0 sets—Kcria-Dcluxe. Reg. 119.90. Full Si/.c Sets only 4 only—Scaly & Serta/Slinmons. Reg. 69.1)5. Twin or Full Size Box Springs *O9 V* OPEN DAILY 9 a.m. to 5i30 p.m. MON, ft FBI, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. HOUSE FURNISHING COMPANY 254-0101 PLENTY OF FREE PARKING! OPEN TONIGHT TIL 5:30 PM OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT TIL 9 PM i

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