The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 24, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 24, 1859
Page 3
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AM, %itMliRlNTEKSEJST, -»•TTODNO'8 HKW BLOCK. ,, Rans abd Specifications for -all klndi - -»Ttrl«bea »1 short ncmceand on the most 1 • 6A8,STl;AM AHD-WATKEOOCK8. <HiOBE AND OHEOK TALVKS, •SnAOB, OOCKB, *o., Always on hand, »larg^«M<rrtmont of , . . . « AS FI X T H B. JB 8 .- , :. : Work done in a workmanlike manner, at ahort noUei ^id loweat prices. : - JeS^ily so? A *pxo_Nr aa.xi.p BLANK BOOK MAOTFACTDRERS; j KUI^EUS A -BOOKBINPEKft. OT* Binders' Stock, Printing Ink and Flat sHpejrs always OB hand In Urge quantities! Axnotii -Burnaa In the Beste-t style. ',. So. Sit EAST WATER ST., KNKELAND>8 BLOOK, »prt MILWAUKKK. KIT CARSON!! AND <3rklBWOL.L> & OO., EV BOOTS, SHOES : AND BAXTERS, T M AS d N STB S K T , Opposite the Walker Hon.e. JP W E I N B K K N N E K , HiitcrACTDEia AXC DiAijta IB HOOTS. SHOES AND OAITEBS, NO. 24 SPRING STfiKKT, tlpl^oklie Amcrlc&n If on He myU Bool «k. »lioe Store, NO. 49 TEAST TLTATEK SiHEET, ^TOHN PHELAN, KEEPS alwayB on hand good custom made Boots and Shoes. All kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boot* and 8hoes code to order In the Uteri »tyl« and warranted to plre attlafactlon. _ apriS JOHN KK;;C, WHOLESALE DHFGKIKT, NO. 83 EAST WATKR STREET, Eas joit received a toll supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glas», jADOtactafed at Cleveland, Mew York. Trarupcrted entirely by vessel, it oomee In perfect order, and enable* me to sell at low rate* I hare permanent arrangement! to >eU this brand of Glass hereafter. myiS ____ JOBS KIOE. Harper ltrother«, (Ktta}>UAed in 184BJ UOUSK SIGK, HH1P, OAEE1AGK AND ORNAMENTAL PatitterB, Glaziers & Paper-Hangers, ADVENTURES OP KIT CARSON, The Hester of the Rocky Mooiitains. From facts narrated by hinuelf. Just received by maylO STaiOKLANO A Oo.g IMITATORS OF WOOD NO. 39 ONEIDA STREET, A FXW DOORS KASTOF TBS KARKfl ffOU&g. ___ _ JONES <fc WHlTKHJKAi> General Land and Insurance Agent* NOTARIES JMIIL1C, AC« OFPIOE, oorner of Reed and Oregon streets Meyrose's Block, Fifth Ward. Will atteed to the baying and telling ol Real Estate Insuring Goods and Baildlugs In responsible Oompa nles, Attend to tkc Collection of Accounts, Making >o i or Deeds, Mortcufrej, Oontracta, Leases, Ac. All Oollecupns made oc accounts placed In our hand will be promptly p&id over. i. O. J01BS ....... .. |r24. ..... EOBCET WBITXOUil. St HKCECKKi, & BttUNUTlO^ OOMMlSS10i\ MKKCHANTS, Seal Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAtTKBE, WIBOOK8IN. Ornci — Bo. 4 Mark.- Square, opposite the Old Post- Office. • mar27 Rehback's Lead Pencils, FOB SALE BT TKRHY & CLKAVEK, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONEHS, 16T Kaet Water street, jjtlwaultf. W E h&vi- jtist received a lull supply or these Celebrated Pencils from the manufactory of J. J. Behbach, In Kegensburg, Bavaria. They •> e carefully aaaorted, and each grade Is djatlngnlsheu J y a popular brand. Particular attention Is called to '.he "Opposition Pencil," (ronnd black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round red gilt;) also to tbe"fnglneer's Pencil," (iiefagon gilt.) All of uhlch Till be round superl- or to any other penc.l In the market. AJwaj son hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A dis. count allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. aptSP ALLIBONE'S DICTIONARY OF AUTHORS. A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and Brauh and American Auttia-t, lining and dt- ceaseAi/rem tht Earlittt A-c»unt* taUu Mid- He of the nineteentn I'enturt/. Containing thirty Tlunaiand Siographiet and LUerary Jfotices, Kith Furty Jndtxet ofSu'jectt. /"rice as. 1 NDEFFKNSABLV necessary to all »ho Bead, all »ho Write, all Clerpymun, all 1'hysiciaus, all Lawyers, Scientific mid Ute-ary Men, Merchants and Farmera, Manufacture™ aud Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPAUION. FURN18IIKD BV *TKIl kl>\>l> A: CO., BOOK 4 STATIOMini JOBBEK.S, 135 A'att Water itreet, .INSURANCE COMP^AMTES. BUSINESS DIRECTORY I4AafBiuliit<»Hi»«M ud "iannfao- bert ari* mort ^^~.^&$mt*.$VR$!CQ#PJfaX. &^m^&w&^ttitov&^fr&W-s^ ^^•jr^^jt^jttdEfWs^**^**^ ;Cash.Qaptul and BarplD.,..;.^ ,^.IIVSgT;.WM HAIWFORDWmnAX&CC^AJi-V, CO Of Rew York. T T .' ".3 iJNOOKHJRATSB WJSS*. , Caat. Capital aag jldrl8M5g-.r- ....... $888^(0 8» PlitKHUt iNSUJt ANCK COMPAH Y, . . -O/ Hartford, C6one<itl«ot, Oash OapUal au(l anrplqj,, ....... ..... |4U,DM M IN8UKANCE CO., Of NewTTork, -. ., ,. .„ Ql JJew Xork CUy, .-,•-.,.,. Cash •C-jNia.l, ami Sea-eras,'. 1 :: ,.....M«,889 fig 'ITV FIKK iprSFltANCE COMPANY, , Of Jiartfosd.* Oonnectlcat, Dash Capital" and Surplus,'. .JS08.2S1 48 1 solicit business for the above named Companies, en- irely ojtob -flielr 'own: tnerlt* -and >(*£<,usIMIlfjr, and cferto their prompt and llbaralsettlsmtnt-of »U lx>»sei eretofore, as a guarantee for the'futnrt Policies Is- ued without delay, , . •'••• W. HENBV HOLLAND, Agent. Joan HOLLAJD, AisU. Korthwest eor. Main and . i'. tiAUa-ALL, Surveyor. Wisconsin »U.. Milwaukee. septB *»-A,^IP._.,.... ...1100,000 00 80RPLDS ,,... M.fiSS 0X1 ice, under Mitchell's "Bank, corner ol East Water and Michigan atnetl, H1L WA VKEX ,. WISCONSIN. i^MpADsr Wat. &BarabooYall<> .-^ - -: ' • •- r • .<• • - »-•:•/-? ^3 •' 5-*!; «*• T • RAILROAD. Monday, April 4th, and until hither oo- V/ tlce«PMtenger Train will leave MllwiSce from epoMb-t Pine Lake. Oconomowoc, Watertown, LoweU.iand Ool- umbos ati^p-BWarrtvInginMllwankeeae UiSS a. m. Puseifan arriving at Milwaukee by the Milwaukee A Chicago K. B., LaOroue A MiLR, B., « n d MIL A Miss. B. B., or By Boat, can proceed to the abotts places. , Connections are made at Watertown wltn stares for Lake MlUj, Jefferoon, Waterloo, H»nchetTlui,8un Prii- rle, Cottage Grow and Madlion. AUo alColumbas foTlx>dl r Mertmac,AUego, Fall Rive', LeeO?s OorneTi, Bamden, Lowvllle, Dekora.rork.ArllngtonJUrijtol and for all points to the We«t and North We«t. I • Passengers arriving at the Junction front the above plaoei make connections h the UUwaokke t' Mluls- ilppl E. B., for Janesvllle, Madison and! l-ratrle da Chien and at Milwaukee, with roadito the South, Weat and North. ! aprS : 8.8. JTEHBILL.Saparlhleiidcut. RAILROADS &TRAKSPOR'N Kacinc *V Mississippi u. it. OPEN from FrecjHirt ) OUAStkAFTBU I I. E S. 1H58, MOlSO'wiiKT Leave Uaclne for Uavta—FrolKht .» A.:« , 1 i x Leave Kaclne for Boioit— Pasien^rr, •; r u GOING BAST. Leave IJelolt for Racine- Passenger, ; jo 4 M Leave Davis lor Kaclne—Freight A Ace h-3o i u Passenger* by taking the 7 i „. i t .', n no the L. ke Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine with train to D»vls ; arnri»« at Daw!* at 3^X1 p u st*gr leaves l»a\1s for Frecpnrt on arrival of train ' 3:80 t ». train from Davis citinec.s M Racine trltii afternooji trains on the Lake Niore Rarfroad Ncsth and South •>eiKht fonrarded with dinpatch ROHKRT HARE1S, tfuiorlnten.lent F U R N I T UK, E S_ A L f^TT'Tp ^y «-T-i NOTES, PLERZHE1M &. CO, S Pituburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago 8UMMKK i. H. Qtirautein, E. gaadetaon, U0ne« Rneeland, b. 8. TJkaggcU, Bair.nel Bald, O. D. Dotumtu, II I- Palaei, Edwin Iownien4, Salomon Adtt;r. J. A.BKLEEo13T8Ua,Prealdeal. U. D. DOOBMAN. Vice Prudent. W. T. PALMItR, General Agent. B. 0. WWT, Secretary. ,(|^j S. 8. DJOOETT, Treasurer. B. L. I'lunai, Attorney. marlo MILWAUHLEK CITY IJVS.rjM.l%CE CO., In D. ATTORN E Y AT A W BAS removeu to Office, N>•-. 6 State Bank Building, corner of Kasi Wat^r a«d Michigan - Lreet, Milwaukee. marSO-dSm rtO. 1.. 1K>&AK bilBOl LJTT. DOKAN <fc LKVY. Attorney and Counsellors t Law. Office—Umpire Block, 221 £<i»( ITaier a., MILWAUKEE [ maj-28] WIPCON SIN [Prom Theophlus Parjt-M, I. L. D., ProlMtor of Law in Barvard I!Diversity.] CiKBUtini. Jan. 6, 1S59. DEIB Sn :—I have hid lh f lir«i volume ol year l>u-- tiooMj lor Home day., and have »«t «ued myeelf that your |i an It excell<.•Il^ «na tiial you bave carried it out with very great 'Odiutry and »ith good JoJ^menl.— The fuUues. aud accuracy of ,u informatiep concerning modern autbort aud ihelr works, aie Indeed remarkable. To any oue who dealre Ihc knciwUdKe your bnok purpoite tc, fire—and what educated man doe« notf— It rou»t be 01 preat interest *.:d value. Beliiectfully. Ac , TH£UPillLIl.<i FARKSB. 8. Auitln All.bine, Esq. [rrom 8. Iren»u<, 1). i)., £d,u.r N. V Observer ] Niw Toaa, Frh. 3, 1859. ttUTLEnnr —The flr»l volume of y, ur Du- 100 arv of Auttinrt, I h»»e peniM d will, aMoalahmenl a d deltgut. It uijnBt whail ;.ave ung 10 hare, and hav. soofrhi ior In vnln. Thouaanu: of clergymen students, and all Iliera-y at A intelll ent mm, must WHB to have jnsl t>-li wtirV; and they w.ll hnrelt, when they learn t at It 1« in th< world. It deierva ti.e mo»t cordial reception, and 1 irusl that ihe ; aihor and the publisher! w.ll have the larpwt reward for their enter- Building; MILWIDXU, I.-IUR7 Rf; Kf CAPITAL, - |2tX),.ioO Paid in, $IOO,OOO. it L. I'tuias E. TuwVHnD, I. II. KEI.LUUU ; B. Hi KRIS OHAB. GKIIBBIM, D1KEOTOB8 O. D. DAVIS, A. 8. COBOVKB, J . U U VPffEKT, J. a.Ooaocs, 0. CjMHTOOE, W. A Pasjmsa, JOSEPH f. Hlu., Jas. Mmuuv OEO DV«B. a. TOWNBEND, President A. L. WALRATH, Secretary. li L. PILUU, Attorney. fire and Marine disks lakei al current rates. prise and labor. Child* Yours truly, S. IRENJJCB PR1MF CAPITALISTS 'CTT1LL find at my office a Re08l-- If Bpection of Bonds and MorU' , open to their IE- pea and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing to ohtalc I>oan» (.r havmp lion. IK Mortgages or other securities for Bale, mayriud it to their Interest to flip with me their application or stateroeots C. SCULKT, yl6 OjiposiU' Walker Hoatt. CrOOU CH.ANCK. HOC8E A!\O I,OT FOR SALE CHE A f ' 1 H£ undersigned rill sell his House and Lot, n<>* • occnpled a£ a Tar n by him, situated on Main St., Baclne, Wisconsin, ne»r the Steamboat Landng and th« B. A M. R. R. Depot- The house Is located on the beat bnalaeft place, and the House as well as the aitna- tlon of the Lot, would answer for any branch of bnsl- neaa, especially for Wholesale Btora, which branch I: already now projected at tfeat very locality. Those who like' to make a frood bargain, are requested to applv at the nnttenigned /OHN EARTH Bkdne, lanuary 85, 1869. Jan27-d6m •Lumber Vessels for Sale. Schaoner Fashion, 824 tons. Schooner D. Kewhali, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Rugby, 168 tans. The aboTe reuels will be sold at rery low prices for satisfactory security. Good tltl*. TATLOB 4 JEWETT, Buffalo, New Tort. Enquire of B. B. Josnts, Mil aukee, Wtsoonrin. febSo IDL-WIIB, Jan. Ji.lgSS, Mi Dk^» SIK -Witt 1,-tter knowl.dce of your book from repeated frasts upon It, I am asham -d to hare written you so romimuplace an acknowledgment of Its first r.c Ipt. cr alUhe »t-.rehuune of Interestlnf an3 readab'e matt-rlbe -*I))ctionary of Author." sre : s t rr.e the capl.i a'i..|r. rt.r coo.l taste, Industry, and Kklll of nrrai.^.mL-nt therein roanlten , il rnuirl n'ot bv <j jia»»ed. r,d it «il makf .or yoj it reput>t icn very en*Js>"e. 1; try ti. male amends ID print for mv apcar^btly luappreciatlve umt acknowledgmt-nl of ths acquiitit^on. .t ith man) sincere ttiankc for the prire 1 hurf In the book. I remain, mv dear sir, T--urs. fa thfolty, N B WILLIB. 8. Austin Alliboue, tixj laajlS iM A II l';> I-: A1VD riKK I?«M'KAWCf:. f I^HK uii-!ersiirned ls prepared to take Marine Risks M. »»'! fire Risks on . rodnce In itore. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oewego, New York, at as low as by ottier reliable Companies. The reputation weil-koown. long established t'ompany ectllloi : —VIA— MICHIGAN OENTJRAL -AND- j O. Western (Canada) T RAINS leave the Great Central Depot, f oo< of Lake street Ohleago, as follows : • 4100 A. la.-DEKTOIT ACCOM _ __ r __.. F1 ___. days eicepted), arrive at! Detroit «.00 r M. i •. 7:OO A. HI.—CINCINNATI EXPRESS j (Sundays eicepted.) Arrive at Indianapolis 4:00 r. •:: Cincinnati 8:80 r. u. j 8U»0 A. !»1.-LIGHTNING IXPRBss, (Sundays ex- cepied,) arrives at Detroit T:00 r. M., Suspension Bridge or UufiJa-to) » - H ; Albany 3.-00 r. «.; !»e» York 9 00 r. ».; Boston 11 p. u. *:00 f. M.-NIl.g'' AOcOMMOPATION, except Sunday. • : 8:00 P. n.-NKW rORK AND BOSTON EXPRE.-J, (exceptflatnrday.) Arrive!*! J:iS A. r.; Suspension 3rldje or Buffalo 4:S« r. u.; Albany 4UOO A. »j No. ?ork 10:00 t. M.: Boston 2:00 r. u. : :<»O P. M.—CINCINNATI AND LOUiaVUiE EXPRESS. (Except Saturday.) Arrive at Cincinnati 9:00 i. ».; Louisville 4:00 r. v. ; One train on Sunday at 8:00 p. u. i Hie 8:00 ».«. and B:OO r. «. trains connect at Pane wltli ths Buffalo t Lake Huron Railway, (br UUU*K. and all points e-'-st; al Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, to Klngslta, Ogdeusburg, Montreal, Qoefccc and all points In Canada East, Nor'hrrn Vermont, N,w Hampshire- find Malno. Cav Baggage cheerej through. Through tickets foi sale at the principal Kalln.*.; ofllces In the West, anj at the general offlcs,corner Lake A Dearborn streeU, opposite the Treiaont U<-u.e, Chicago, anil at the Depot, foot of Lake streit. R. N.BICfc, Sup't. _ H -J- Brujnia, Gen Pass. Air'u : sprli Detroit A: Mil. Railway. THE Steamer Cleveland will take — , her place In line of the Detroit & llilwau- kee Kallw.y, on Monday, the Uth March. Casstnger, wishing through tickets can be supplied oa'.and aftei Monday next, al !SO Kast Water street, ar at the office on the dock 6f the Detroit A Mllwauke Railway Co.— Du« noilcc of the lime of departure will b» ghnn. This will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest route in all points CAU. ruarH KAIL KOAD. /"Ilfild new and direct Route now open to New Vork, A. llostoo, rittsbnrgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore an.l Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara falls, and all eastern ciUea. Cincinnati, Columbus, Day Ion, Sprlrijueld, Urbana, ZacesvilJe, CtcubennUe, Newark and Wheeling, and all Interior lowm u ( ub.] O| P.nn sylvarns, \ irjrlniH, Marflaml, New Jersey, in. JHnkiiic our lirautl t'ubruki-n R. It. Liur srrwiuui CHICAOU AMD rua itiar. JQRK A3 LOW A3 AbT VTUSR ROL TX. |Ssr Thuse Uridrin^ to fn by this Route will be par tlcular and enquire for Tickets via fan Wayne, thertb, avuidiu^; Liie annoyao>:v i.f rrrlici-kinK iduir Baggage THAI fix LKA YS UKJ'uT C.V VAjf BCRgjf J'7 DAJL 1 , ai t (JLLU I>'A.- t.OO t. ». —NlKhi Kxpr. «s, Ja.iy, Satn/ilay. czceptej. 6:0(1 i. n.— Muruing Mail aod Expr^t, ilaily, Hunda'ya except*: fl. With but one ^.'ntnye u( oars u Pltuburnh. To Pituburirh, Plnla<lrlph,a., r' and New York, connecting directly with irmtn i.u Ltie grvm Pennsylvania Central Railroad, to all eaattrn cities. Also, with Cleveland A Ooltunbtu Kailronu u> Clevel*fld, Dujikirk Buffalo, Niagara P»1U vi» Nif» York Central and New' Tork A trie Railroads to New York and Boston. Per«wos ^omp east will und this route by tar the most desirable, both from the advanluK* ID point of distance, variety and beauty i.r the country through wnlch the roads pass, as well ad the lesa frequent ctiau^es of car» and the auuoyaoce of rr-clierlcinK l.».-ua^e rrtjulred bj Other routes. Facilities fwr the transportation t>t Freight and Llvt Btork by thu ruute arc un«uri.iined. it»i,-s as low u any other r..ute, an.l with <-. (u .,, lj»p»:.-:,. Tickrts lor fair n »..i >.e |,r'nclp«: ticket jfflces In tin Wr,t., »n-l m (.'oui^iu) '-, i.MIi.'t. .No. oo Dearborn itreet op{*>i..i'- Trcrionl Li.Ji*-, C:, -AK'". in.l ai ide 'ifflce -i< tin- l.= kr Riilrr.a 1. Mlla-sckrt, t y A. 11 I rlan.l JNu J HoL'HToK, Ltunoral freitht Aj-enl. P:tt*burgh, Ca. FURNITURE EVER ORFSSKD IN TI11H CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOK THK NKXT H1XTY DAYS Till] STOCK I* IIFIVV, A mi TH «T B8 *<>! .pr,.pf 18 and 22 ° East W ater Street, .pr^,^o Mil W trKFK. UISIONNI MISCELLANEOUS. OK. H. W;iT|f|>ii i;t._» VETf KINAItY Sr H «-K»>, ' fORMKHLY O» CLK.VSL.ANn DRY GOOUS, &C I •».»! t) , rejpectrully lufnrnu the trllitens uf Mllwim cc thai flavins lucatfl ,n tin i pin.-,?. he Intends pr»ctlc'n< hu^r^. Tension. AM lls^nsca t,, -h. Mora.- cr-ate-l in % munt *oi enttflc .tyle. in. I ,(rn^r*l ml fiction tv»rririifil in •,,,, nectl^o wi.h hij pr i. ti.-i- v »«l Prl. It anJ DUCK Tills in the morit approved 1 y'e, »nil to nain li.f .innfldenoe if Lftr puhllc. he refVn to iht; follnw SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! Mr » of l lhra.l -«n. limes professionally In ihe cour, We feel jDatifietl in laying fi ;i t n * pru.-Uce rlor to Ihe jeneral run of V.trroary rrv; -'.nt nv IL,. John C ad, Won. Murray. Pry«r , Bishop, Kelly. Kelly Ohicauu, Uar.h li, !;«( ; WesWrri Ayen Joints. A Oo , . a. A M I. 11 L D«T«< Hi ft.if .r I \% The Latest Novelties [ , Chlcaifo mar« aiikev A 4 liica^o SV MMKU A KKA \< i KM K.NT W J r White J. K i.'urtis, \Vai. PHIL*. Slerchant. Wm K. t Um» Otflce. Klrby', Livery MaM^, il». Q I Great L T ted only reliable toil tl NOHTB- WIST, .1/Ji/ .:W I \ tLL ROCTI T'J aii.l Hie on y L SUMMEK ARRANGEMENT. UL lUi.l a/Lc A V , Tr»>iii3 lea. r .Jr}.* L, \ 1'K I J 1 0: t .4. T1 principal I **59, f «t Chi- I n I', fl .— ll HORATIO HILL, A pent, at , fflce of H * J. t. 1IU1. .1 ' tto pulillc confidence. nov8 Quaker 1'ily Insurance Co., Of PHILADELPHIA. AOTJORIZtD CAPITAL. PAID UP CAPITAL AND A8SETTS,. "fie*, frfirU'Hn Bui'diny. .Vo. 4U6 Walnut .ti(XI,i«0 Tl I RAIL HOAIJ. THi: SHOKTES.T .HOST KXFfcDITIOI S IKU TO Latiftiiig, La t ron»e. Winona, Read's Landing, Red Wing PBE8COTT, «T, PACL AND ST A.NTHOW »Dd South W r unct; -u, I r and m»« DK c vminn Tr»lna DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Steamboat LJiir- ! ( v / I'LEtHl UK N %n]_rvnr-r ;.! M/iy nt-xt, Ui« •if'ft ami "l-tfam .-te ' Ut4i<ind, u, LrranJ Ut 1>KLS V lrrt-ltmir f«:»tur . Uran.i Hi fl t fl -. r t lloiirv of l R e.iu-na t ? VPHLM HKI d, . It.': U t , Him, I IM h. 'I ru 1 A: W t, v '•ir K.iilroad. l.-a L't v- at -rran.l K«p..l, i-'U , - a CLOTH DEPAKriYlLNI T HSsub Comp ubscr'b r has heen apj olote' 1 agent for- this pany for MII»auki-« and vicinity. Risk- taken ouas favor«i,l« l-ruu u olh-r responsible Companies JAMES S WHITE, Agent. Omcf, corner of East Water nod Huron itreeta. up rnsr29 •tulrs, . vcr the Marii.r Tank BY STATE AUTHORITY, ^U B.L1SHKD B Y CAKTKKS 1FOOD AWD HAV 1 AKI». Gk H.. LAMBKKTON H AS Jast opened, for the benefit of all who may become his CoBtomern, a Market for WOOD and lUT, ti. the H. E. Corner if Wefil Water and Clj-bourn Streets, (Office with Mean*. Mabbett * Breed.) His Stock of Wood la large, Dry and Hard, (Out and epllt or uncut.) Hl» >toek tif Hay Ii of the BEST O.CALITT, and BALED IN GOOD ORDER. Bach • 111 be dellrered to any part of the City on the SHORTEST NOTIOS and the LOWEST TE&MC. ". B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who ah'n large qatotttleJ at Bar win Mways find It to their advantage t« buy of us. We will sejl so that dealers may make a handsome profit by selling on the itreet. tnaylS O. H. LAMBEBTON GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G. IVEXT DOOIt TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. a :Q if o JO! Aunt Judy's Tales. Parablt-s from Nature. Motes I D tbe Sun Keam Kanny, the Flower Girl Dncle Jack the Fault E.ller. f ur tale t7 TKRBY A CLEAVER, "nay*^ 167 but W attr st. NEW BOOKS Ti KK\ & 1XKAVEKN, 1C? EAST WATEE STBEST. B ARTH'8 Travels In Central AJrlca, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Travel! In Southern Africa, 1 vol Sptter^eous Sermons, Oth series Higher Christian Life. maylt SHIPPERS OF PKODUCK C AN supply ihenselves with Bllui of Ladlnr at TERRY AOLEAVEk'S, "^y 80 167 East Water street. B O O K S . O 0R stock is the largest In the West. We sell every Book stt the Publisher's price. We can fnrnlsh to order any book which exists, either In the Bngllsh or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. J*" 80 BTRICKALND A- CO. School Hooka. W E have every Echool took iffMnnaDd, and st them at wbol-nJe or reti ' INSURANCE AGENCY C HAKTEIt OAK I IHE I\N. «•».. liartford, Oonn CASH ASSKTfl . ,.|84l jAt »s KOHTII A^IFIIK \> FIRE INK. (O., Hanlorcj, Cr'nn. CASH A9PKTS ............. »8M,«60 tl« »VI:STEB> n*sj». FIBE l Time, Moailny, April 4, \rr •-•- ai MIIWB 1ST TH4I\ 11 Oil A M l.f. AVFS MII.ffArK.l-. F , Arrlviui,' HI Jant-nrlt> i3*i p M Mn/il, 3.Ji P M , du rhirn vifKl P Ounnrct:U|f with ih Prairie .iu Cfiiea » St. Paul Park-ts, which Irav^ Hca,nf Oulen on the arrival of the i:<*i P. M Tra . tl. » r. r KKW. 2O TRAIN 5-05 P. LEAVES .HI I, W A C K EF r * J5 P M Martit, • M., ArrlTluji m Jaorr>Till 10*0 H M Br~ 'ar- to ail point* nu u,c M w as auj- other Huutc WILLIAM JKlt\ !(.. apl' (lei. '1 Super::. t. Oilni. I •m. - ~jf H;.1. I' v-s». . •- i l,t jrj,, r. r-ap-rt.I fin.l by % < f K- K ;n,(l Hi nauslpp U < on i-h a ia«l «*a(J«ilrr> CHANGI-: t j kN &nd »fU-r Monti** Ap will WTiT, to Mlla-atutet- &i 1 4.-50 r. M. arpS-dtf TJML:. XX MIMIC -U t:l,, trulns Od the M Bar»l>o,. Vai.ey Kai:r<ja.j & A. M , an-1 !€j>4: l !v ». i". VIKIU ' I. fi.,, l. iUKNKSBl.OTllEKS OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT t f: Al H \ i; i > K A.VD ND FAVORITE ROUTE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY ot Pittstdd, Ma co - (EAST & \OK_II-ttlV, FIIM OA«H 41 SADDLKHY HARDWARE IA(rt, l.'OWAV FIlaE INJKI R A •>( K CO.. OABH ASSCTg Of Conway, Mass. jao'JO r retail. Sprinpfleld, Ma CASH ASSETS U1KARD FI tMa,4£l 47 HATIPDEN f IKE INSIBANCE to., •Z2J.OOU _ COnPANV, CASH AJMKTS. S . .^....j^.*' . |284,T89 78 OJFIUK, NO. i, MARTIN BLOCK, DP STAIRs! g^j* Milwaukee. Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS! DETROIT &, MILWAUKEE K, R (Now opeoed to ^ake Michigan., Oli ! , .-> i i i, TIJI lit i .V. I .( I I i I li I \lvi-. H ;iOni,- I- \\ll. IK- OJ33 I ''City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland, 1 (Thoroughly reutted lor this route J O N AND APTEB MONDAY', June «th, '. Sil Pa, >enger Trains will run a> follow,: O-OIWO WKS'l 1 : BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES H 3 .0 H H USS E LL. D EFAULT having been made In'Uie condlUon of a certain promlasory note, bearlnit date December lit., A D. 1857, exectued by W. B. Hlbbard and John 8. Harm, and also m the condition of a certain vessel mortgage Of tfce Mime date exeonted by laid Hlbbard and Harris to secure the payment of said note. Notice 1s hereby given to all parties inures ted that ire thai expose for late and sell on Tuesday, the 9tb day of JULT, A. D., 1859, at lOo'dock la tna lormoonof that da/, at (be Spring atreet bridge, tn UK city pf Milsrau. kee, the Schooner William H. B.ephena, her sna»ts, bowsprits, «all«, boat, anchor, cables, and all other necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to •atlafy the amount remaining dne on slid note and mortgage together wlft the coets and ecpenies of oale. HOSE8 A. JAKES, aad JOSEPH JAMES, Mortgagees. By W. W. BEOWI, Agent. •DTLIB, BDTTEICS A Oomou- Attorneys. ^ W K are prepared In oar Blndjry to Bind Mairaimes Penodlcals or anything else In the form or •' Book, in ncttt and durable styles, al low rates I*" 8 " _ __ STRICKLAND * OO M«reoscopic Views. W K hare reclred a fine lot of Bterescoplc Views embracing views of Interesting localities in RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, aitECCB, ITCBfXr, tRBLAND, '*<;, tc Also a large variety of new American Views. Mew and Tery desirable MvUs of Stereoscopic Initrn- m <- nta STRICKLAND tOO , Bookiellers and Stationers, »P rl _ _ _ 134 East Water street. SIXTH VOI, I HIE ~ WISCONSIN KEPOBTS STRICKLAND t OO, 134 East Water street. IN LIQUIDATION Bargains in II rj THA IMMENSE STOCK Of ,-AT-J 187 K. k MD8T bE CLOSED OUT T OONTCJ BY THK ASMONtK Bap. Bridge, depart •Detroit, depart. . •Osweg-o* St. Johns, arrive Grand RapMs, arr •urand Haven, arr. Milwaukee, arrive Mall li.10 8.1U 5:0'J 2:61 Mlled t. • •i.tu 4-Wi 12:UU 10:21' M 80 8-01 1S.1K1 Oswetif , and • arts, cono*- • chcslrr, NA- B>r.i,,r.. in ' Tl.irlj Y rti O»vi ego.. • And forming • Dunkirk, l U. '<• i; mi - i .\ ' , •« I I K •) > i I • M I ' ; 1 I ti.i ii > A % e *.s » [' >r *J> A/.7A A.I, VrH.t H«-:r i».l Lir., &. 1M, i... - . Lin-- of 1 Ork. *=•' -d-lr.l «: i'lr (hicago, i hfl lubjsrt .1. H-J1 M. f. : <• A 1 . ii;oK«-s; 1 3t> E.tNT l> . F. XV ITt. li (20- Tr,tin -.l over Y rk by an I" -r{- ft Fri OOlNti KA!S i For sale at feblf HIKB-S PEAK.. A NEW MAP, showing the Route to the »old He- gioni In Kansas, jam received by fehl) BTRICKLAJTD * 00.. 134 Bait Water street. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE . * RAIL ROAD. 1859. SagHK 1859. t SPRING ARKANOKMENT. •UBBAT NORTH-WESTERN UNITED STAVES BtAIJL & EXPRESS AMD ONLY ALL RAIL ROUTE * TO L.A GROSSE ••the UPPER mSSISSIPPI RTVER. On and after Monday, June 20th, Two Through Ezpreu Traini Daily. NOTICE THE INSPECTOK OF FI8H, a PPOINTBDby the Common Oonncll of tht City of £*. Milwaukee, In oarraance of An Act of the Legist*. tare, approved March 17, 1S69, hereby gives notice that h. is now fnrnlaoed wltb the proper weight, and brands for ihe due performance of tfce duties of bis office By the said "Act" It is made the duty of all persons dealing In Fish to give notice to the Inspector to have the same duly Inspected and branded before packin. Mr. smith wlU be found at the New Warehouse^ of Me,srs. John Forloag A Son, Booth Water St., Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to be left Milwa-kee, May7, 1859. m »> 1 ° JOHN SMITH, Inspector. Great Bargaiu-* rnaj be Exp cieds aprH-dtf JOSEPH CAHy, Assignee. Milwaukee, itepart •Grand Haven, dep. Orand Rapid*, ajr 8t. Johns, arrive. Owosso, arrive. .. ^Detroit, arrive. . Bus. Bridge, arrive . . . Mall ' ipr'l C:4U 7 58 11:*0 r. m. 9J5 And pr- rop'.ly rnrwar-ie«l from I>ULklrtJ , , APPI^ TO J Ninas. Afeni .N T l... , 177 Broa.iway, New Tork J L «»EJSB. Aernt N.T C: , i C.Botlej S|r p , New t »'... PtuU 11 :'io < 3d 1. S). C^MTiiO STATES Lycurgns Edgertonj 8A1.K. 1 In the Doited States tot- |w'«Vco±" j j n Equity. George Lord. I N punuance and by virtue of a decree made bv the District Conn orth. Unit, d States for the District of Wiwouin, on th« ninth day of May, 18S» In the above entitled cause, I .hall sell at Public Auction at the office of the Onited Males Mar hal In the Olty of Mliw»uk«, In this Districi, on Friday, the fifteenth day of July, 18Sf, at three o'clock In the afternoon the following described property, to wit: "Out lot 'B ' number iwenly-one [ill), In the vllllge of Wannacca, in the Ooauty of Wanpacca and Sl.ts of Wlsconiln- alao a sufficient quantity of Water Power to be taken out of the Wanpacsa River, at the dam erected across •aid River, In the village of Wanpacca, to propel three run p£ stones lor flouring purpose* at sll seasons of the yew. Marshal's Office, MJIwaukee^May IT, 18S». maylS-lawflw M. i. fUOMAa,,O. 8. Marshal. •RefreshmenU—Hotel In Depot at Grand Harm. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturday! st « p. ».— for Paturtfay NlgbtVRxprrsJ paa»enger* wp^t, hut 3 A M. tra-n will > ft leave on Hundays. Trains leave termini ilaily, Sundays eicepted. THK TKLE6RAPH LINE Is i,ow open .or PoBtit Uo- snraaa OONNEOTIOW8. AT DKTRAIT-OREAT WaSTKRN for all points East— MICH1HAN Ct.MKAL MICB1QAN SOnTHKalJ RA1LBOAD8, and LAND Line of Steam era AT URAIVD MAVEN-With "HURON" Steamer for OHIOAOO, Ac- tc. AT mn.iVAiJKr.fc— with the MISSISSIPPI LA OROSSE, OBICAGO, WATKRTOWN and HOKJ- CON RAILROADS, for all important points West aad northwest, and on Mississippi River, and with Strainer*. for Port* on Lake .Michigan ' Y rfc. j Om^. P Tim*, r rner 6th ind llor«T « OaiwrT,a D| o.*.«o > Y 8. D. Cau»au., Atrrnt, Dunkirk, N V I Oni-Bmuj, Cmwr-iRn A Co , < Vrel.nJ, o Joas Hocsrso A(r.-nl N T t.> . 9^ Si.ite §i ' BOSI.T. A CnsH«.s. Afei.l > C Ln. 'ln-i ."int.- ,1 ' B'-inn J. F Cnra.:H, (««il, K.^m-'j P,,n:. N V H«o. PARIS,, Aernl.llifd^.hnrk-t-. X V I.. J. H1UUY, M.lw.on,.., «-.. , . n,, | „>.,.., . 5, li. R.. I>*[iol J. fl. l HAW COICU. i • , i «>, J. f Milwaukee, Wisconiln. Office oe»r M. A U H. R n«|...t. I'pers arr r« |U rsi«| ;.i ,ef .ine ,if the »f>ove ARent.. brforr m»kiUK cou:r«cn, a» lhe» >r. pri-pared t offer very low rain. ai,.| t.-ielr conne, i .. n> with Ihe O_denst<urnri and 0»we<n n.ut.-., atol r^p^claliy wtOi Ihe New y,,rk A Erie Rjitlroad ^ivr them uoaurpuai..] facilities for cheap and speedy tranaportatloo tnaria-d6m-ta«t w 1 ^ w Mtinu/ticturtm antt tnud^iti ^TUF E T, IV/ai '.V.1..V ['•HiLer* , W OCLD r»«pvctrulty inu.->an.-e tn th <•!•, ifi/u tney *iiU font. cm? :o i «.nd ttesi ieltT;ieJ ?locn ol G-outJa i Ui fnun-1 in m« State, *Q.l wil ^on.tun the ^'-r«tofort', w.Lh th« mujnuoo ->f ,T'TIDI( To u mwij oe» customers is mAj r«f»-j , as » caJl, wt; wooiJ lay on* uf our drm Vork, »o.i we hare racU.tle* for Ui« pur^ ufaciar« of good* tbat can DUE b« aac^.l *i. ttmtrs reaJy u> uUe ftjTania^* jf Ka tarj)«Miu-r, Joiuir dud f JK., K -: lVi n N--»» »nj man l, lids to r««iu e -hail f gooda, wLuch » lt prices in W est*-ra ^ rke r ar- constant] j rrcei*\njf will le«?-p II lu Jomplcle; «U lu Dr »0i.. 4t ».i Tnr any kind of |ftd<]leri', i ij-ra,<e Hot *il tio s • V Uiuen' ll ,lo .o rr:n, n a man r.aae, Call «eo^ mu «^«nrtmeDt .tt Uem atutl, I .pokes, Hoo«, Ac., *o., in.I har.'r- wil oja..- . . rjrr, *uy < ti.i ' »< u >r Tenci liarti*;** & Jenkini COUNSKLLORS AT BARK LAW, IJNITKD STATES IQAUBflAL'S SALE The Fanners Loan * Trust Com 1 pany, i vs. I The Milwaukee s) | f»f i?f°»SF* IV> I In ">• °- »• Ws- Cit,ofMU.a U kee, Uriel Ooort for the '°^ t ?»»f.. „ I DWrtct of Wisconsin. Johann 0. A. Allerdlna, i Inlaoltv Christian Hahm and l >am * m 'Gottfried Wootsch. j Conor So.* Water and Michigan id. XGvwutte. mayO MIL,WAUKKK, IBOM DBPOt FOOT OF CHESTNUT STREW, AS »oiio*»: 7:»ff A. m. and 1:5O P. ffl. TratossuTive at Milwaukee at O:86 A. M. AND 3:85 P. M. 'Olose oonnestlons are made at laCroue. Twice dully each way with the Jttin. •e^ota Packet CompanT'^ New and 8piendid l>nltcdSt«tc« Man Line of Steamers to & from St. Pnul » '«nd intermediate pnmts. ' HTTaaiengBrt, by taUng tTi!a route, will savetOO sfcllesilo«ttince aflj is boon time, Iram Chicago or* 10 i* -Crow or *t. Paul, over any rHhtr " James A Swain, Or THE LATE FIKM OP, MAGIE & SWAIN, WILL remain at the old stand where be win b» pleated to welcome thejpatrons of the establishment. aprl2-dtf CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. EDWIN H. GOODRICH, C HA81ES QOESTIK A OO M comer of East Water ',f on ilre «««. MHwaakee, Wisconsin, have fot ««< ! "y or MUwankee,In large or dmg lots In «rwy Ward OB fc XJlty, ». 'or business'orre»MW'»no f «r.« i"'n-"*; ""•" *""" «'from 8 to 20 acre*, near the Oily, for gardening DUTDOSM. Atoo sercral thonsands of 'wartV^l'SSSSg^ Tin' Wisconsin in quantities to suit «o y demand^ r< *» 3 - 3HABUS8 Q0KNT1N A OO. . virt< " °' » decr «« Ia *«« oy the Uoart of the United States, for the District ln, on the nlnetorath day of »Iaroh,18S the above «ntl:led eanse, I. hall sell Paaengera for Great Western Railway go on the irall- way FIUIT Srsuslu, at D. * M. R. Does, ksvint Dock at 8aX) i • , 12,-ftj Noon and 7:30 p. K NiGHT TRAIHlj have 8LKKPINO OARS attached The Company's Tlme-Tables cao be had at any of th Stations. ; _ \f. K. Til ill. Oen-l *:p W«rr>ii»! A Touts, Ticket Agents, 280 Kajt, t W». OaiBall, fMight Agent at Comoany'i Dofk H. O. WtLBoi, General Western Agent. ; D. * M. R. Offices, June, 1869 HQUSKS TO KKNT. have several Brick and frame Houses, to ten on very reasonable terms. We hare also for lalti a vast quantity of real estate, ro slstlng of Bouies ^ot-,jlniproved and unimprovedJParms, School Lands *c. We have 66 acres near the Olty, with House ~Biro, *:-, for the small rent of • 10 and taxes. QREGORr *CO. 224 Ban Wa»er tlr ; Hoase,. from the City pi .u City of Green Bay In said State i,f WUconslB, tanc. »f one hundred and twenty mil tto WESTERN UNION . • . —AND— . ; •.. CO. - HcBBfiuttoen an« Dealer* la , FludtBrN Sides), tec,, Conaectton* with all liiDes£a«t. mHB Wl»eonaln_tateXlne« rnn from Milwaukee io . JL teOrosMi Vend du Lac and Wanpun, on Railroad Boutes. AJSO from MUwankee'to JanesrUle, Madlsorr, Wattrtown andPntlHe da Cil«D. Btatloni at aUlm.' portant lnt»m»_lBt«polnu. n o said road, isfabject to the rl^lm tlue or ctalm, »Woh Ou said defendant* Stcwan, Allerdlng, Um Wootfcb, or either of tteVWy have bad. li of makingsald decree, to land roMdompanyj*. lo'caiid itt. compensation has been made to the saperstroctare and track thm other materials used thereon, ion] SILE.U i rr'•» s A LE. STATE OP WISCONSIN, I Circnit Court, Milwaukee County, f Meyer Sboyer, 1 against f Judgment ofj Foreclosure inj Sarah B. Weld an^j (sale. Colin M. 1-anner. J TN virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in JL said Court, in;the above entitled action, dated the tsrenty-elght <fy of M»y, 1:6^ 1 shall expose Tor •ale and sell at Pabllc Auction, at the Poit-ottceJ la tteCltyof Milwaukee-, on 8atnrda,w, the loib nay of Hepieinber, 1869, at the hour ol 2 f* K., nf that day t jthe following described mortgaged premises, or so mUch thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment. and coil: together with the iXpemes of sale, to wlu t "The south twe'nty [20J feet of lot number nine defendant, th. j KsUlwlid Oompany, together vlt ttoBi apperuinlng to the aaia totdlrlifSd all tolli, rents aad Income to be and IB], In block iBumfcer slity-fonr 164], In the Bevcnth [T] WaM, of the City of Milwaukee, In ! the County of Milwaukee and State of Wlson > sin," H j Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, June 6,1858. i Lm HDUUL, 1 A. J. LANOWORTIIT, f K'BsAtfy. f ,1 Sh'n*.MlLOo., WliJ J«T-<]3m-llnSw : Johu ITlarqui^ Arcliitcci, JUN^AU BLOOIi, Is prepared t > furtilsh plans for all kinds of buildiirg at the ahorte»V notice. JOEI B. w. TBWAB*, = 0. E. Dairoan, Oa«CKuM<«.,tB|nor»;iar sale, y.«Mitvi- !•••.:• r—tanx> iHt CiKNUINt. AK'l'lCl.l MAM FAC1TKi.Ii BY JOHN PHALEN T HS only one, authorized u. ruanu fact ore ihe a named B nts, at 78 EAST WAI»;ll STHFIiT. The Phalen Boot Is on*, of the most untmi* an.t gant OOT, rings Tor the f--t tint has rtrr been Inrente. Thry are made of the. best of itock »n.| most flouhe workmanship, and are wamnted to cure Corns, Bun Ions, dwelled Feet, ."welled , ead, Rhii.iiatlsra (Joo» Ac. Remember that t'e Sole ts-a- for thefe la»t Invent* nooti In vhli City, Is ro he round at 12 Kaal Water jt_ where, » so. mij be foun<l a general astf.rtroent i>r \V K E M O V A L B A Y I. K Y r, T . «.AI TKIts, 4('. For 8«Jtlem»rj on. I Ladlrs ihat her- la In Oils market all manufacture-! un<ler the upervis'on nl theinOnc b «. [roayZS) JOHN PUALEN Pic Me Excursions. BKOCKUAV'.S -OF- OMNIBUHSKS AND HAC^KS. P ARTIES wishing to enea« Hacss or Omnibuses r... the purpose of Tisltlng the G .rdeos or for Vic Nlo P»rtlel, can be supplied with first class relucles oa to- shortest notice an<! mo t reasonable trrms. A line of OmlbusSes will commence nxtin-:nK on the 1st of Jnoe fo Forest Ijome, tearing Van Oott's corner at V A. H. and S r M. The Omnlbos for Wanwatona lenres V«n Ootl's at 12 H. and C r. u. JBJT.B ROCKWAT, Foot of M*A<>n street. < AD WE LI,, Cormerly of Toronto, C. W., now of Chlca.o,HI., th« eminent and skillful operator on the EVr ANO CAB I No. SB Randolph, corner of Dearborn streeti l« workiepmlracles In the w«y ofrestorlng ' LOST SIGHT AND BEARING, Opwards-of TWO HTJNDRED have been received h» )r. 0. within the last fon-- weeks, many of whom.hav« beea Wind for months and years, hate h*d their light restored 1 Instantly by delicat»and dlfflevltoperation*, whille others, who have been soffer^ra from disease) tavc been miraculously cured hy mOd and gentle treat- nient. The belt proof as (o how Dr. U.'s services are appre- .l.ted 1», Out he Is dally receiving new patients (ran all parts of the country, and dismissing, ai cured. Us »rlj received eases. »*1» required for an examination or opinion.— No Otuwa for services that are not ruceettful, at will when the patient Is received. Dr. CadveUI o'p&e Xar and Syt \f> b* had aratlt en ap- A LX30HDL tt per ot. ai|Manufaoture's prt tM! fiARRI OAKUNGTOH. ».AST i J. .V. Btm \%ATEH and !• I K IP O K T AliS As i.> .-Dab e him to say to the pahllc with *nnflil»nc' ihitt lie l.. now prepares to furnmh them win -v^ry i^ slrable style of Pu-tur^ known to lt,e om . iinny, *n.i st such AstoundinK 1* >W Prices aj :n jfy campfiition [or axample, Dafjuerroljpvs lor I2j ('IN. rl I.I. SIXI; I' I PliN For ^nly f 1,(K> the aril one, tnd OOa for Qie Dupltc lea .T1KI.AI-SFOT VPKH, A.TIBKOi;laAPHN Ard In fact every other style of Picture »t oorrei- ponding low pnces. I.HPRItl.lL PUUTUUUA PHM, Colored In either OU or Water Colors, sj)d flninhe.1 In the highest ityle of the Art.| THE STEEI-O'lTYPE, A uew and popular (tjle at Picture, Colored In Oil, hlch far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty -r inlah, any other Picture ever offered to the Puollr - [tiese Pictured have only to be seen to bo ndmlred All who are Jeslrou? of saving money tri* reapectfall; ollclled to call and examine Specimens *i the ui.t dtacd, V6. 186 Salt Voter street, Jfit&avJtee, Wltcontin. marl8-d6m W. P. BA A S SV Mrau \\l> : ISO K ^ ATLAVllt - A .N U- FAI.I,, HI L TNCLK Bk.N Jp :,,,h, H»U1- I .''l'T-,»v. II * I I.- :t\- /L . Il I II-.. r.. | A •» I a tugU 1ST o • I \V « A I \T . 1 1 e p ( i I I ] I e .s o I r »• n run, <• I \V. K. U l-.Vr W.aTfc i t-. to the Principal Town- in public ». to., I'lIA-N"! S. s i u LI. r. "luiKTinienta >! K!<Mir I.-. 11 1 K.N 1 • as La imp. at 1CONO.MIC.U. Lli,Hr ENGLAND AHD 8COTLASB FOR $30. Th« powerful iron Steamships :IT»- Of BALTIMORE, CITY Of WASHIUOTOP'. ELANOAKUO, fill sail from New for* for Cork Jlrect » n a ther.ce to Uverpo«l, erxrxB r AL TSBJTA TS SA TUVDA r _,,a The C1TT orMANCHKSTKa anj VIQO will tall from VLFiST and COsK to Sew York once a Mnnth. Rate of Passage from New Vork To Cork, Liverpool and toe principal towns in IRELAND, ENGLAND a»o SCOTLAND : ,blu,....»T5 .................... ThlrdOlaM ISO. EJV Panengers forwardeti to Havre, Antwerp, fire- en and Hamburg for $-5 In Cabin, |33 Third OUas. TO PAR18 (In ** noun from Liverpool,) Cabin |86; tilrj Claw, »38. Persons wishing to lend for their friends, can obtain ertlflcates of passage from CORK or BkXTAST to KW YO&K for |S«. from UVBJaPOOL Hi). Tor pasatge appljr to R. J. Oortls A Co., in Broa4- ay, N. T., John 3. Dale, 15 Broadway, JJ. T., or to TIMOTHY Hllmuksx, Witcomln. N. B.— Paaunftn by tils Una avoid ths. risk and delay of calling at Halifax and Bt. Johns, »d tpted to Chureliei*. H use. It Is unlfiw? all Ht,, brilliant, economical, fi what in more, ?oureiy , *loo Apply tt U'la, Sl,,t-n, •« 'r.,m miok ale from an i JOHN i HKST, -i u^ u "Ti ed ' teailiun a ourai> _ *"• A :r'ii| -TI.! « Light, „„„ „ =aaily matiagi-d, e ir traeil. ii,,i J* t*l>t' W Wlaconnin rtreet, t '• Tor the ;ltato if w'loconslu « H a i h a n i r o a oth« with vtsk't lletallo Burial Oases The office of the forest Home Cemote Ho UBO is- 1 angs of all ktndi for sal* — -- xr fllHE pl.%co to bay Qrooerie* u u J . HfTNN M CU) <°od aroole, In store, for sal

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