The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1971 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1971
Page 7
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At T«xo$ World Speedway Sunday Lund, AK/son in 3 races COI.1.KQK STATION (AP) ~ Ttny tjund and tk>bby AIMwm emtwrlt on a Khedule today that c«lli for Ibem lo drive highspeed r»« cart WO mllw In (wo dayi. The two are entered In all thrw of the evtnti scheduled for Teiai Work! Speedway thii weekend, UwJ, a 6 loot.I. »o pound giant tttw operate* a camp for tporU fliherroen »l Crow, 8.C., In the ofr-«4»ton, plant to drive R Dodge In th« mmlle event for SporUman cart at t p m. Saturday. He will go to the pott again Saturday night, IMa lime In a Carnaro for the Alamo KW, a road race iponwred by the International Motor Sporti AaaocUtion. lit* big venture will b« Hunter's Bag Sunday'* Teiai WO for large* engined Grand National itock can for which he hai been aMlgned a Mercury. AllUon, NASCAK'l No. 2 money winner (hit year, will be In a Chevetle In the Sport>man race, a Mustang In the Alamo 200, and a Mercury In Sunday'* WO,«W feature, Their moil Immediate concern, however, wa« today'* fin! KMlon of lime (rial* to fill (he top 20 position* In the Texan MX) Marling order, Alfiwm, winner of 10 Grand National event* In 1WI, wa* expected to get one o( lite up- front berths eaifly. lie prat-Hard Wednesday at 165.517 mile* per hour. Lund, who*e Grand National car arrived tale, had to wait tor an early warmup *e**ion today B) JACKTAYUIH Newest Astro stays in shape -Writ, n"» Anally hfl«w»wd Some ol the oV« hunim are ftiu»II) KHUtitf kmnwrnc tot tltw *i".w and are finally coming In frqtn I be »w4» Mitt a wt*k m ihc »jMwwm», e»»ng W» o*n fwking and E htt ftktwi* »tx> nwl « U,u» *i Utl> at he dcw». (he ( huadrr i* (tail].) giving u up «n tornr dw lulM <m m<M4 trf the t«a*rt rvcn i« ar r rr(»rUiJ bgbl thu >t*r Thw* ii«r rrjwrtrd ttsir bcM! *umo.hit Mnaltcr U%*fl hod |**ti n petted J It, Sthw/rr tJ Hw-wtootlw.rtlhti Uuhcr J t> o< JM*t *t»*l ifcirt huftttoj »** »U toWKrt o,«r al (h* UaAuan HuMt^ 11»A T»rt» UpUftlct l> of* ol 0»* l«f«l il«-f /rfixrud IhU )r«/ THr <*r*t hitl |h* Uffrtl t{M«id tot »fj, il«t r-itir Ukrn In IVaffc*ka I'wurtlj. H »'».« ftvwUd In Itm. il mi«h« Uj trw p/ ih* JU/lffWI l*it» »fi I/at J»W1 (W {|ic .VtJtc !>>»» butt h»<J « i(i<nMj l»l« a «<ru Teut mul«<- tf<e*ti lh<r Itam (wiuE (o Iblljr iloiltn lo h*> (tt«Jsi Mrtt Ma>, tr«ik<J lro<n Cincinnati to lltxitton M'loday rrt-dit* tilt'maHxt tMtkrttMll for net ting turn Hi loodiljon for tprtnx trairuni! '<* Uwriwll tn mi May, who clatmi that playtng l«o »«-kt ut Uiwilwll grU him in better ihape than i»orttrM( <*it «l a gym every mitht for Mortal ttcrkt. luid he rrport«J to tprmg traimnK UM )«r "tn fhr bnt roodltion i) manner ««(nitx ol Ihr i.«t g«tt (o Pitying o(( - »ri »ofi u a Sol >ub)cc-| add U») MM) Tunwla) that he fpct» hii fiartkripaUon in U»r »p«af1 h>d "mmr ti(«1" on h*» l«ini! Mtit lo t)* A»t/t» M an rtfcbi pia)n ({(ftrtam ha* &a>d that the trad* Ktxllfig May, Mx«nd Ijawman Tommy Ili-lcru and utility man Jimmy Stewart to llouiton was mad? to gain more »t<n-d awl Irfl-harMfed (jlajt-m for UK- lt«ls »ho UumfxxJ to (ourfh ptac* in 1V7I m National Ix-aguc* Wr»iwn Uiviniun lolluviriK lh<rir (*wunt •»inn<njj year in IVTO Tl»c Hfili acquired wcood Ik-ius Mi-nke, [Ml- Jack Killififcluin. out- (.'r«ir Crrunimo and m»rtw Irjfiuf outliel<Vr Kd Armbntlrr from Itouirfon Mathis blasts ABC NKW YOHK (AP) - Biwler Malhta wanU an apology from ABC for ft* prwMmUillon of hi* flgM with Muhammad All. AI1C My* Utcrc will be no ajxdogy, Mathi* and his manager, Pern Management, Inc., l»eatk<l by Jimmy l**lln. alto said Wednesday they want ABC to »how (I* fight in it* entirtty and there could be legal action against the network if they arc not MtU/k-d Mathit and Iwrlm are unhappy abuut (he prrMrnialion of ihf fighi — Ali scored an easy 12-round unanimous decision in llwuslw }iov. IS - on ARC' Wide World of .StwrU, Announcer Howard COM-!) ikrKkrf the fight »tilth »a» fcfwwn only in par! accompanied by inunc am) njt/(j(U-» *och as "Ourti ''The American Mrojdc anting Company and Id/ward Ometl have terioutly damaged Ihe reputation and rarning PV»<T u( a MTTKJUI athlete," IM-IIII said at a rxr*j confer mce TJIKHKAZOSI'ORTFACTS,Freeport, Texan, Thuttday,December2,197J, P«Se7 Nation's lawmakers look for new baseball team I'MOKNIX, Ariz, (AP) "Shocked" when the Washington Senators (kipped town, lawmaker* in the nation'* capital have begun to pitch for a new major league franchise. They made their fir*t big delivery Wednesday at the winter bawball meeting*. . .and threw a curve in the process, A delegation of congressmen and community leader* from Washington expre*»ed (heir itrong desire for a team while ba*cball official* littened patiently for hour*, After the meeting, there was a hint ol prtawure from Washington if baseball doesn't come through \iy IW3 "We mutt have a team in Wa&hingUm by ivn," Joseph Uamaruky, preaideint of the city'* board of trade, told a news conference. What if baseball doesn't satisfy the demand? "We'll run over that bridge when we come lo it." Kcp B. K. Si*k. H- Cal said in a curt tone. Si&k went on, toflrntng hi» plaUorm: "We arc here on the request of the leadership of Congres*. We arc reasonable men working for (he good of baseball. We don't want to hurt baseball." Washington wa* caught short when the Senators pulled out of town for Dallas-Fort Worth la»t September. Owner Bob Short blamed financial difficulties, "We've gone through a jihock and sometimes a shock awakens you," said Sisk. "We realize that we took major FISHING at-a-glance SL'KK.SltJK -- Beach, Bait, and Tackle has not seen a soul of a fisherman the last couple of day*. The weather is really keeping them inside. Tuesday a few reds were caught at San Ulis Pass. Ql/'INTANA — Yesterday there were a few sand trout and whiting caught but the weather is no better here. The water is so rough they haven't been able to get out for bait OKKSIIORK - Needless to say there is no offshore fishing. league baseball for granted, We're not here lo cry over spilled milk," Other members of the delegation which flew 2,500 miles (o appear before Base-ball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn and (he 24 major league owners were Hep. Prank Morton. H-NV. Kep. Melvin Price, D-III.; Rep. Joel Broyhill, D-Va.. HUNT HARDWARE 6'A" SKILSAW 248 Plantation Dr. LAKE JACKSON €-»,««? t* »»;,. ! 0 U j (he tiamr l*ri Hio |'U>IIT(| « »il cnrt » lit < !lw p»ft> »wv JiK-j! to gri c up j co UK- JJtrw ir»f {at »Ji Juts homm l»» OftC O/ t»* hutm lo r«« br »wjldn t »od h»d tup cotitldrr hu Itt thr tJ-,« i,ifhr Jr»,w fottacvtl ->:»« UK jorp »t» en ( at (»<tiyr w, thr »w«t <>( (hf Hyft«a miu (failing ' Stop Mt^j K set tt rfj (o fttii r t/ac h» fc»« tommy tr, a <*wn& t \t4 Mor) in kcl»> » rxjjltwn ol Ittr ("40 cmr.»(i Knquifcr. tporl.t fk* KctUri tfjuttid «J)US(, "I l<Hir>T that tuUHtwU iitt unr of tut) c«t it* T»mffl) •M J- ikJWr, <**< cwA twc*, go? Ihr I'm i .«-.> »»« \-M U»<*<!. Urf I niuuWnl do loW nw tuw ^ Uxk CM thine* <Wf«»T*sU> I've r«! l*"*tT IX 1 h**J ty?faT1pj lo $«U> In armihcr mtrfor* M»> _i«J. "II Ihrtr »*i *nr <k*«M ^^ £^ A IJ t, p^fffiiCT kM*4VflCff) tT»C ATtA l^jfftMTt«l«4^' i M*)-nr fw* to ci'j .1 frj riK . lcMS)[ UJM ^ | ^ ,jj :ft i pljfjng b»ikrlt.all «ii J - - ^.^- - —^n WBf&.illNfrit*UC fAtlfitf TlfcCT* 4fT 41 kX erf m tomm) tjw-.b touid oenfj y^^., , nvo j vpd t dcn't k«xw 4tuu< . . I«f tr» t«vkM bj frtlitijt * tarx Gcortal Mir.j|rt Kotx-rt i^iy nutt>ctt«n tamrk uil mj hxi thli the Jtl Ut! ToUo »h) KT didn't Ihjn »r dj«i " it 1 * 5 k«fi*»J'h«H lew much <)tvt lh* (id tu! i in crr.f*. > • ho (nd the ma fat \e*gw m ifolcti bkkn m 1970 *nd »ivo t«U«J inn ycf> mii.v«l tbr murr IVTt tcaxm after u;l fmnj; a k-j in/ur> ui an of I U.M that. Hcn,-v»m had Ifrx- H«J» pij>rf> (o Ukr p^rt tn vuch TY/0 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU PICKWICK C A FREEPORT Bmosport Saving Center F E T E R I A aUTE/LAKE JACKSON Lack's Plantation Center WATCH FOR OUR SPECIAL ON CHRISTMAS TURKEYS and DAILY SPECIALS FRIDAY'S MENU 1, QUALITY mr*H and p«mUr). Fmh waloodi. Krtth \ffrtablr Krr*4i froirn (hro Ifrth br*«ii and fttttkt Z SERVICE \Vc eltrr roort than qtdck »«nkc. You ire {MutfKrrd lhro«(htiut )our mtai I'oltw and Ira rr/lll* »rr»fd Irtt »llh yew mral». 3. PRICE ThiHijb food t>rl"» tav* wwilautd u ctlwb, »r btvc hrld ibf llnr M prk«|. Yet) taa Mitl npcrt Ui» regular price* and map) "»p«cUI prkrt". ENTREES Bated CedlUh »Uh Ocolc Sawrt ftrtmp C»mt» *od KUr... _____ _ B«et Au-Jut, natural (rat) Krtfd Strak. »hhc wucr Uvtr Md Oniwi VEGETABLES We , I W «if »ic Grr*a T^mlp* tad (irtccii MII Micaroni tod CTirtWar I'hKic"'. Ofcra and Tonato C IBB bo „..„..„ Zttcchlnl tiquiih. crtole nucc... SALADS Slaw tCibl>*it).«_ Towwd Grtca Stltd .«•.—. Cucumlicr. Ojilso and huatto and RtMa Md man) qtkcrt . Jit FRIDAY SPECIAL FRIED SHRIMP DESSERTS Bs* Pic Itfcrtwbfrry at B»o«n|l..., OSc l« ..„.«„.».,..„...,....",«.«.«-.«....-... Jic ,...»« Urge M Ucikoo of tr»U 1 new 1972 hondcrafted 23 giant-screen consoles featuring Zenith's amazing Black-Surround Screen for a brighter, sharper picture! SPECTACULAR CONSOLE VALUES The LAWRENCE • C<5l7W • ^ _««», ^n^vn'n Tl»*n fcA (^«^ i (g.f7'.j>rjf4ri' -.*).-cylCC^JH-SC* co-j-vj*™. i«t^^ oj Har,3cia!twJ CiaiiJt O^c-Ticilor PiC'.-jre Tut-c. ii CCC Vc-;t-S o! Psct-.rc Pc-»c: O.tOiT,j!>c Era n Cciif A«tcr<-"»',e'fr! Guam C-y"<c' VhF/UrtF Sso'-? '.c Da"., b' i 3° T»-r,.Cci« tjvi'cr. f* Model C4517M C4518- Pecan Contemporary Styling + Model C4512W Early American Styling ThelNNESS -C4S17M beau 1 . !u'.| ci.iV.oj Ea'iy American s'.'ylcd lov.t>! COmp.iC! CC'SC'C. Au'!hcr.!iCJ!i)' Sl|lCJ Early simu'a'.ed otaiscr m tato ia^i. Richly de'.a:'ed, ca!he-t!rai-sfupt?d me'.al o.c'iays bc-n;r,a the VHP crinnnc 1 SCTCIOI a>e ;i ma'.ch;ng Maple-grain color. VHF/UHF Spotiiie D;J:S. b" * 3' Tisin-Cono Speaker. Mediterranean Styling The RIBERA-C451! Majestic MeJ : !erranean 5!>'.ed compact console with casters. Flaring full base and an authentic par.clsng cliecl on sices. R^crily tJetaiieO, caihearal-snaped metal overlays t^e VHP channel selector aie in mjlcnmg co!or. VHF/UHF Spoiiite Dials, b" x 3' Twin-Cone Speaker. Zenith Quality Features Chromacolor Piclute Tube New Glate-Ban Picture Face Ne* Customized Tuning Titan 80 Handcrafted Chassis Super Video Range Tuning System Chtomatic Brain Color Demodulator Gyro-Drive UHF Channel Selector Automatic Fine-tuning Control Automatic Tint Guard Control THESE SPECIALS AVAILABLE AT 7h^ t/m/ify ijt-k's ID /x?/(V(> (/ie naf?ic goes on' CHOICE •MHIJ '-'""""••"•••••IB AGK REID ANGLETON FREEPORT LAKE JACKSON •-..^•' ' T^ ; —ij 849-4511 233-4881 297-2416

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