Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 17, 1936 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1936
Page 3
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irt fawirttfj x sortr -pcnur -rznttrii ' Ttwttrpwj i**—*— & SOLID SOUTH OPPOSES ABROGATION OF TWO-THIRDS RULE SHARP OPPOSITION DE- VELOPSf OPINION IS DIVIDED ATLANTA, June 17 (/P)—Sharp opposition to proposals that the democratic party abrogate Its century old two-thirds nomination rule developed In the solid south today. Opposition to changing the nominating procedure established In 1832 at the behest of Andrew Jackson was summed up by Claud Sapp, chairman of the South Carolina delegation: "The two-thirds rule was adopted l.o protect the southern slates so that, as long as the solid south stood together, a nominee could not be run over them by a simple majority." A survey among party leaders showed such division of opinion that it was Impossible to determine how the bulk of the section's 270-odd delegates will vote if the matter comes before the Philadelphia convention next week. None of those commenting made any direct reference to the claim of Senator Bennett Champ Clark of Missouri that "the administration wants the change." Senator Clark's father, the late Champ Clark, lost the nomination to Woodrow Wilson in 1912 after holding a majority for nine ballots. Sapp said he did not believe South Carolina would approve a change. Carmac Cochran, secretary of the Tennessee democratic executive committee, favored the majority rule as an aid to party harmony. Texas' bloc of 46 delegates, largest in the south, is instructed against abrogation. Governor J. M. Putrell, who will head Arkansas' delegation, joined In favoring nominations ' by u majority. Prom Virginia's governor, George C. Pcery, came further support for the old system in the opinion "I think the south better stick to the two-thirds rule." Indications of support for the present rule also came from leaders of Florida's delegation. Sam Battles, Oklahoma state democratic chairman, favored voting down the rule because "it's an accepted principle of the democratic party that majority rules." Louisiana, North Carolina, and Mississippi party leaders withheld specific comment. Elephant That Killed Keeper Will Be Shot SAN FRANCISCO, jilllc 17 (/!>)— Death before a police firing squad loomed today for vwnlly," U-ton bull elephant that gored and trampled his keeper to death in apparent rage at being separated from four female pachyderms. The park commission decreed a death sentence a few hours after Edward Brown, 45, died yesterday beneath the murderous tusk and crushing feet of thq trumpeting beast. "Wally was never known to harm anyone before," said Zoo Superintendent Edmund Heller, "but since he killed his keeper, I wouldn't want to put any others in jeopardy." Chief of Police William Quinn, who assigned two expert -detective marksmen as executioners, said he was not concerned with the unanswered question of what will be done with the elephant's body. "That's the park commission's problem," he declared. The detectives, Jack Ahearn and William Millikin, will use powerful hunting rifles borrowed from a gun dealer. They were ordered to kill the beast at 2 p, m. _». FIRED BY FATHER ATLANTA, Ga. W—Ellen Parker knows exactly where her father stands on nepotism. Monday she obtained a job in the comptroller general's office at the state capital. Tuesday her father, Homer C. Parker, was appointed comptroller. An hour later he called her into his office and discharged her. » The News' Want-Ads bring results. FOR SALE! Bargains that are outstanding. Used Ice Refrigerators $2.00 and up. Used Me Kee Evercold $25.00 and up. Used Frigidaire $39.50 and up. 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