The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 15, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 6
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THE CHILLICOTEE DAILY CONSTITUTION, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15, 1916 Twelve Great Serials in 3917. Some of these are story-groupa Hje thote i n i m i t a b l e storieo it the ild home down in ilaiae in whicu '. A^ Stephens shows himself a mas- ?r. There ·will be borials tor girls, erials tor boys, serirls that hold le rapt attention ot ail readers o L J ther sex anl all ages. And the fie- j on Es only a corner oL" The Compan n. It is b r i m f u l and running o v e r ] 1th all manner ot good things. here';, not a better $ 2 0 0 worth of 2riodical reading anywhere. Send r the Forocast tor 10IT, which dis- oses some of tho delightful secrets the new volume. New subscribers for 1317 who send i .00 now will receive all the issuo? i- the i-emaining weeks o£ 1816 'e; also The Companion Home Cal_ dar for 1017. Ry special arrangement, new sub- 'liners T.or Tho Couip-a-nion e also JleCall's Magaz'ne 7, both publications for 10. 'his two-at-onp-prico offer les- Tho Youth's Companion--32 i es in 1917. All remaining NSvember anl ember issues of The Companion . The Compaion Home Calendar '1917, / . McCall's .\Iaira7ine -- 12 fash- numbers in 1917. One lo-cent 'McCall Dress Pat. i--your choice from your first y ot McCall's--if you sen,! a 2- t stamp with your selection. 'HE YOUTH'S COMPANION, St. Paul, St., Boston, Mass. ew Subscriptions Received at this PARROT IS VERSATILE BIRC Excels Other Representatives of Feathered Tribe in Many Ways Besides Imitating H uiman Voice. It appears that at is not only in Imitating human speech, tnat the parrot excels most of the birds. It is UK SIOCK NARKET. OAK GKOVJ3. ( B y UnlKMl T-rcn^. Kansas City, Nov. 13.--Catle 1,000 market steady. Stoeiis ?5 75 1-11 50; cows and heifers ?4 50 to $10; stockers and feeders 5.25 to .So; alone among birds in taking food in calves $6 to $10.50 its claws. With these two character- Hogs 1 7 , 0 0 0 , market lOc to 15c istics it makes more or less use of 1(nvej ._ Bu]k Eales $g , 0 tQ ^ -;. that which distinguishes humanity , ,,,, ,,,, . ,,,, ,,,, ,. ,, ,, , , from the rest of the animal kingdom lleav J' ? 9 - 6 0 to ? 9 ] s o : medium .1-9.40 --the hand and the larynx. The monkey uses its hands and the elephant its trunk in feeding. "Vaiious animals have a habit of pawing their can | for I only in food. B.odents have serviceable toes. ' 80.75 to $10.35. Still, tho parrot is pre-eminent among | _ birds ill this regard. The secretary bird is said to attack reptiles -with iis claws, and some observers have said that ov.-ls m^ko partial use of their remarkably flexible perching-toe somewhat more than does a hen in scratching for food. However, there is no other bird v.'hlch, when presented with a piece o£ food, will accept it in its claws. Parrots tlo not, of course, talk, as the word is used, in their wild state, anil sr-j not known to bo imitrtivo of neighboring soi-ii'ls. nor to possess j the rcpc.'toiy of the mockingbird. It i is, therefore, a question whether or j not their vte of the claws is largely imitative also. The shape of the par- i rot's beak would indicate that some j ^ENS . . . . n calms has always been ' ROOSTERS a part or the bird's characteristics. Jlrs. Grace Keys of Arkansas is , the guest of her sister, Mrs. Paul j P-cie;. , | Ileiiry D Stewart was called to Gallal in Saturday to attend the tun- eral oL' an uncle. A large number from hero attended the tuneral of the late F. K. Thompson Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. C. A Stoddard, Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Wilhite and Archie Cox spcnto Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Wilhite. aaTS.RdRO01OR ToaulaiK.umsSh Literary society met at the school house Friday night. There was a good program. Miss Mary Gates is Cash Grain Mjrkct. c.eserving ol special mention Ques- Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 15 --Wheat , t , on Qf debate . . .. Resolved that Ule market unchanged No 2 hard $1 8b | a should ^ , t on a war basls/ , ' to U 9 0 ; No. 3 hard $180 to H 88. j Ararraalivep Arc]llo No 2 red $1 S2 to $1.86; No 3 red !,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,.. «._..- to ?1.85. to ? 0 . 7 5 ; light '-O 25 to .?9.G5. Sheep 6 , 0 0 0 ; market strong to 10c higher. Lambs ?11 25 to §.12; ewe, 7.00 to ? 7 . 7 5 , stockers and feeders ADVANCED HEARING OP THE BLACKMAIL CHAKGT: Ktj- I ' u l r i ' . l Pre-M.) Washington, Nov. 15. -- United States Commissioner Taylor today continued until December 6th the beginning ot the government's case against Dr. Graves, charged with attempting to blackmail Ambassador von Bernstorff's wife. Cheapest accident insurance--Dr Thomas Eclectic oil. For burns scalds .its and emergencies. All druggist sell it. a^c and 5uc. OLD LOOKS 1 WELL KNOWN WOMAN ale and Ray . Corn m a r k e t steady No '2 mixed I .97 to .98; Is'o 3 mixed .90 to 96 3 - 2 ; No. 2 white .99 1-2; No 3 mixed .99. i mond Casey; Negative, John M-xrtin and Norman Yeomans. Mr. Gale j Like rcari, the pairot makes its ap- peaianLC helpless. the world naked and TUEE TO ACT. I't For tho Stages "of Cidney Illness. I'rofit By Chilli- cotlio People's Experiences.. iccasional attacks oE backache, ir- ular urination, headaches and diz- spells are frequent symptoms of ney disorders. It's an error to lect these ills. The attacks may s off for a time but generally re- a with greater intensity. Don't \y a minute. Begin taking Doan's Iney Pills, and keep up their use il the desired results are obtain. Good work in Chillicothe proves effectiveness of this great kidney edy. 'rs. J. B. Hellam, Graves St., .he, says: "I had a steady dull in the small of my back which / wore until I was'nearly worn- A good deal of the time I had laches and dizzy spells, too I weak, tired out and nervous. 1 - used Doan's Kidney Pills when this trouble has come on and I nleased to say that they have al; given excellent benefit. I keep a's Kidney Pills on luind all the · and use them when occasion ;s." ce 50c at all dealers. Don't simp- -sk for a kidney remedy--get i's Kidney Pills--the same that Hellam uses. Foster-Milburn Props., Buffalo, X. Y. T!PF!f^G S3 ANCIENT HABIT; Custom Dates Back to 1785 and Was Subject of Much Criticism Even at Th£t Early Time. If the efforts that are now being made by the London Hairdressers' as- Furnished by Henderson £ Son Produce Co., 801 Lociibt street, Chil- J i p o t h e . Mo : SPRINGS 15 % 13% 9 DUCKS : .10 GEESE 10 TURKEYS 20 EGGS 30 EUTTERFAT 35 ROTjTjES ROGERS. i opened the debate with a'preparod- i n e s s speech second only to Teddy's best Mr Martin gave a talk tor tho j n e g a f h e that showed much thot and j study. Tho talks by Messrs. Casey . a n d Yeomans were surprising in t h e a b i l i t y shown by these second year high school boys. The judges--three good straight democrats, decided unanimously in favor of the afliima- tivc. ! The W. W., F. club met with. Mrs 1 A. C. Grabber Friday afternoon. The 'subject for discussion was The Sun-) day Dinner, led by Mrs. L. M. Jones \ Roll Call- Noted cooks. At the close of the social hour Mrs. Grabber served dainty refreshments. Those pres- · (By Dr. N. E. COOK.) Persons suffering from too much uric acid in tho system fre'ciuently look older than they should. They age taster and the appearance of gray hair or baldhead in early years is, indeed, otteii si sign of uric acid. The face appears lean and haggard, linos and wrinkles appearing in young men or women, Tlie best way to combat ihis premature age and the obstruction to (he aiteries and l.iulty circulation is of the simplest Drink copiously of pure \\ator between meals. Obtain at any drug store a small package of Anuric which is to be taken 'before meals, in order to expel the uric acid from tha s-ystem Tho painful effects of back.'die, l u m b a g o , rhciinvilipm. front, due to uric acid in the blood should Quickly disappear after treatment with Anunc. Kansas City, Mo.--"Dr. Pierce's 'Fa. vorite Prescription' is an-* exceptionally wonderful t o n i c toi tho prospective mother as I know b ~ actual personal experience. Four of my children woro 'Pierce' babies and they were S't r o n g e r and healthier than my first babies (before I knew of 'Favor, ito Prescription.') "Xy husband always praised the 'Golden Medical Discovery.' He over- Etr.iined at his work and was in constant pain and distress. He could neither lie down nor get up by himself. After he started to take the 'Discovery' he improved greatly and in lees than two months w,is perfectly well and ptrong again "--MRS. CARRIE IRELAND, 2128 Beliefontaine Ave. Wanted all Furs I can buy. Market in lino with the best. Salt Cured Hides, flat No. 1... 24c sociation for the abolition of tipping ( No. 2 23c meet with success, there will be much Partly Cured Hides 21% jubilation among the many long-suffer- I.Q ree 2 Hides - 21c ·ing victims o£ the system, and no doubt I ,, ,. , ' , _ an equal amount of regret among those |^" S a n d Glues " ', ' ' ' 1 ' " who have profited by its continuance Deacons $1.50' t o $2.00 says the Dundee Advertiser. Skunks Z T C to 50c The habit of giving gratuities ."would appear to be a very old one, for as far back as 1785 it prevailed. At that date ' Pony Hides we find a worthy man bitterly com- Healers in Hides, Tallow, "Wool, Purs, Beeswax and Fea.hers. fiut were . Mesda Bei Wman5 , J. N. PETERS SON, MGS. | j stew£u% JoneSi Head HeT . rltord Slattery, J. Israel, Wilhite, S. Gale, Misses Imo and Ruby Coherly, Mma Wilhite, Stella Gale, Freta Beier. Mrs. Keyes of Arkansas wab a guest of the club. Mr. Grabber, always obliging, weighed the members, an 1 found that each lady weighed ,. ten pounds more after luncheon. Altogether, they weighed over a ton. Tho next meeting will be with Mrs. C. W. Stewart. Horse Hides Nos 1 and 2, full mane and tail . . . . . $ S . O O $ 4 . 0 0 1 Tallow. 2 Tallow. plaining of the tips expected by all No and sundry when putting up a horse at an inn. Over and above the ordinary bill he must give a shilling to the waiter, to the chambermaid sixpence, to the hostler sixpence, and sixpence to the bootjack, making two shillings and sixpence in all. The next morning at breakfast it was necessary to give sixpence between the waiter and the hostler. That was for one night's stay only. But if the traveler merely put up for refreshment, besides paying a boy to mind the horses, ' COX the hostler expected threepence, at din- TURKEYS HARD cj-moxic COUGH Gei the home care of shoes habit--It pays Well dressed people always have well shined shoes. SmmiA, with the key for opening the box, its quick shining qualities and the handy SHINOIA HOME SET for polishing, makes the _ home care of shoes a ' pleasure. BLACK TAN WHITS SET SHINE WITH AND SAVE At all dealers--Accept no substitute THE FIO r KTCR PRC-nOCE BUYERS OP CTHT^ICOTHE. s\v»F'T coarpAXY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Today's Market. HENS 13 % SPRINGS 15y 2 Slade Well by Delicious Vjiiul. .............. 20 ner the waiter looked for sixpence and DUCKS . - 10 the hostler again mode threepence; at tea, waiter and host'.cr shared sixpence. Thus tho oldtimc traveler gave away two shillings and sixpence a day in tips, which, added to the two shillings and sixpence overnight, made a total of fivo shillings a day. n n P S. BUTTER EGGS CREAM . . . ,'. llo Found It. Recently x an ,'o0icial of an old and 'able piano company traced up the t piano sold by the factory. When search became almost hopeless, Idiscovered it in a little old lashed home, where dwelt a gentleman fragil and bent. To her the ·i which the officer offered seemed ,es, but the silver head shook in iito refusal. "I can't give it up. It s been my dearest treasure since Ihood. When William and I be- n lite together. I used to sit at this ino in the evening twilight and I ig the songs we both loved. Some- w, life seemed sweeter and we ;pt closer together, as our voices 'iicled in those dear old melodies, d when the children came, tlie p^a- echoed our joy--and it crooned r lullabies. In sorrow, when clouds ·mod darkest and in our heart of irt-s we turned for guidance into · Kindly Light that led us, its synthetic tones would melt into our od and lend comfort, and how the nderful notes of my piano engthened the bonds of fellowship ut us while the little hands were nving into big hands as they sped ·r its keys and into the years Ah, i see why I can't part with it." are you providing for homelife ·wise. See the Chillicothe Music for lifetime, sweet toned, Pack- or Crown pianos. dwlt Freedom of Press in India. In India no newspaper -can be published and no press can be established unless its proprietor or publisher gives |13 j ue j bonds in the sum of 5,000 rupees as a " guarantee of loyalty to the British government. Therefore no paper can pro- Use the Constitution Want column I if you have something to dispose or. i It gets Quick results. Crestline, Ohio. -- "I conLracted a hard, chronic coug~h, and was \veak, nervous uid run down. 1 have a small f a m i l y of three, a.nd it was h a r d l o r me to do my work I took d i f f e r e n t i"medicines! without 'benefit. Finally 1 I hoard about Vinol, and it has restor- , ed me to health and strength, m v cough is all gone and I feel fine." --Mrs. H. H Carlisle. We guarantee Vniol, which eon- Iain.., beel and cod liver p e p t o n o ^ , iron and manganese, for chronic coughs and colds, and Tor all weak nervous, r u n d o w n .conditions Claik's Pharmacy, Chillicolhe, al',0 ' at the leading drug stores in all MIE,-, souri towns. j Remember tlie MHU Son Sale at d Tuesday, Nov. 31. . td ' " ' Every paper ucnri;," in Lhc T". S. lias rai.sed their ulsci'ipf Um price. ] llr.t $2.30 will set tlie Constitution | Read the For Rout, For Sale and! by mail ji the check is reei-ivwl thi- mulgate the true aspects of British f Want ads in today's Constitution, rule in India, or publish war news in ' _________ -- _ -- ,,^__j_«·,,«·,_ any way contrary to the interests of the British government; otherwise the bonds and press will be confiscated, the paper will be suppressed and tLe editor will be sent to jail. Even well known persons of literary and scientific attainments, not connected with tho press, have been persecuted for mere sympathy with India's cause. The piivate house of the world-famed scientist, Prof. J. C. Bose, was searched by tho police and the Nobel prize winner, the Poet Rabindranath Tagore, was prohibited from speaking in public and practically interned in Calcutta. --Ram Chandra, in Cartoons Magazine. \ eolc. anno F. D. COBtTJJN, graphs Nuggets of Wisdom and Advice Gathered from the Agricultural Press COMPILED BY F. D. COBURN of Kansas A u t h o r of " A l f a l f n , " "Swine Husbandry," "The Book ot Alfalfa," "Swine in America." und for t w e n t y - o d d yeart secretary of the Kansas D«parlment of AETicultur«. SomethiiigNew in Farm Books "WRITE TTOK OUR PROPOSITION. THE ST. J O S E P H NEWS-PRESS C I R C U L A T I O N D E P ^ K T M SXT. CHEVROLET. The lowest selling car mac-^actur- that has the electric lights and rter. The demands for '490" Che- flets have been so great that the t Dry have been unable to supply r i till, and on this account we have n. unable to fill orders for all we · placed. However we have re_ .-i;d another carload of these and f. them here on exhibition at our r room. Come in and see them. MS AUTOMOBILE SUPPLY I COMPANY. 13-3 N £ W SPAPERfl fi CIH1V E ^ Molasses In War. There seems no connection between a piece of gyigerbiead and a 13-inch shell, and yet there is. The name of this affinity is "molasses." Just old- time "blackstrap," which is sometimes seen in the lumber camps. The demand for alcohol for use in making explosives is so heavy that manufacturers have looked around for something cheaper than corn. They found it in Louisiana blackstrap, and that sticky, alow-flowing commodity now goes Into the make-up of one of the most tremendous energies in the world. It has proved such a success that Its price is now about four times what It was two years ago. Sprinkler Has Wheels. An ingenious professor In a western university has combined a lawn sprinkler with a dismantled lawn mower in such a way that one can move the sprinkler about the lawn while It is running, without getting wet, says "·Popular Mechanics. The long crossbar of the sprinkler was clamped to the oottom of the mower after the blades had been removed. In place of the ordinary handle a long pole was attached to the transformed mower, which reached well outside the-range of the running water. This' permits one to move the device about the lawn without the inconvenience of turning oft the water. $ 795 Model 8S-4 f. o. b. Toledo $ 795 Model 85-4 f. o. b. Toledo Luxurious Bigness! A big roomy car is luxurious--no two ways about it. But extra inches in an automobile cost hundreds of dollars--as a rule. It took an investment of millions in facilities for tremendously increased production^-To effect the economies necessary to produce luxurious size at this price. The wheelbase is 112 inches -- The seats are comfortable and roomy and there's plenty of leg room front and back. And your further luxurious comfort is assured by cantilever springs, big four-inch tires , and balanced weight--the gasoline tank is at the rear. ,,- ,,.. ., Beautifully finished! -'-evtay convenience!! Price $795!!! Model 85-6, six cylinder, 35-40 horsepower. 116-inch wheelbase--$925. LAKE KESSLER, Dealers, 508 Webster St., Chillicothe, Mo. The Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio "M.d. In U. S. A "·

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