The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 12
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 12
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Pager Twelve T H E D E O A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 12, 1914» M©arly 4OO So Photograph ©f Mft. Pulaskt Sunday SchooL Mt Pulaskl July 11--'When the Christian Bible school of this city closed on Tune 28 a contest -nith the Ken ne-v a photographer was Dres^nt from TDecatur to make a ohog'iaDh of the 373 persons present An offering of $S1 was mac'e this ivlth the attendance beatins K e n n e j on that daj but Ken ne\ under the enthusiasm of a new building project won the contest Mt 200 WERAGE P ilaskl a\eraged o\e** 200 each Clvde Melton. --Photo by Remorandt bL diu C LYDE MBLTOV the best known baby in Macon count* -will Monday shake the dust o' t h i s particular!* dustv part o' the moral *lne*ard. from his Infant feet and his h i m aua-r to La Porte Ind where he has found a P« manent home Mrs Gepford m a t r o n of the count* i n f l r m a r % w i l l take Clde to Chicago Mondav w h c r o she wll' introduce him to his new f" ter moth"- Mri Cope of LaPort» If M i s Tone like* him. and she »ill t" 1 strinzf sort of a woman If she 1o"» not l l k o him she- will take him to I,aPorte n n l sl»» him a home WIIX Ml" HIM J*r and Mrs O'pford will eri»ve for riyde has found a pla 1 ".. In 'heir a f f e r tlonn that he m u « t orcu.-v lone ifter he !· gone Also thev wi 1 r^jnice for th»y b«]l«*6 h e j h a l e f o u n d a home for htm -where he w i l l be prnpe-l* cared frr and educated The rmrs are wealth? people and thev ar- routes They have no children of th Ir o w n Tb« place was found for the hm by K«T. Philip Haicnstab, of Chlraso the mute preacher who corn's to D p r i t u r oecanionalb and wh,o s*w rude and f«ll In love with him as does even one who gees the child If the LaPirte reoo!* do not take him the minister who ha« several children of his own win adopt him WHY SHE TAKE" HIM Wra Gapford will take the child to rhleago because she could mt trust him to any on« »lse It Is n labor of live for her. and besides she has a few thing* to »av to Mr* Copp w h o i I lie baby 18 turned over to h^r r-Ho hns thrlred and grown most -vond r f u l l v untler Mri Gepforrt s care T T e -nas t w o veara old on June 2 a-ccordins; to the card attached to him when he was found He wa» brought to 'he county farm OB March 4 He could not w a l k then and he weighed 19 pound* H» wa« poorly and BcintiK clothed and appeared to have been insufficient!-; f«d There, were marks on his body dhowlns that he had been i hipped and the marks of fingers on his face He now neighs b e t w e e n 21 and 30 pound' and run** abo it e ^ e r j - n h e r e He is of T. mosr ni Id ind gentle disposition and th*"-* ne^er has been oc asion for w h i p f i r s nr p u n i s h m e n t of other kind He his p e ^ e r been f"d upon meats or can- 1 s but upon plain and substantial food F'e 1' a beaut f u l child keenly ilert to e \ e r \ t h i n e t h a t is go'n^ on iboi t him and his a finely intelligent f a c e If the child had not been deaf Mr i n d Mr« Gepford uo lid not ha\e 1 ^f n a l l o w e d to keep him a week Put not n \ wants a. mute child extent some one w h o is similar'j handicapped It is the fear that the new mothei may nor know hou to properlv feed and c u e for him that disturbes Mrs Gepford She fear' that he mas be over fed ind she w i l l insist uoon telling Mr' Cope the diet, to -which the child has been accustomed unde'- her care and upon which he has had su^h a b o u n l i n s health MRS GEPFORD S THEORY Mi» Gepford does not beMexe that the boy iias deserted and left in the stiir ·na.1 in Decatur b\ his mother last March w h e n found bj the police c he doe' rot believe that arn mother could deseit such a child no matter what her d e s t i t u t i o n or the child s I n f i r m i n She belieie« that the child bad been l e f t in care of other parties and that perhaps p a y m e n t for his support had been cut off She wishes that the mother m ght now see the child before he Is t?ken from Decitur If Cl'vde finds a hipp\ lome with Mr= Cope Mr and Mrs Gepford will be hnpp\ There w i l l n l n i i s be a warm siot in their hearts £o t r e little founS ling who has been under their care for nearl\ f i\ e months He his be°n a continual Joi to them But it Is important that he be where can find a permanent home and be properlv educated It =eems to de'ight the child to be among m-utes and he tries hard to 1m Itate the mo-vement ot their hands He will be quick to learn and soon will be talking glibK with his fingers When he i' oln enough he w i l l b» sent to a state institution where be will doubt less be taught to talk Sundaj and an offering of $15 56 The total offerings for the quarter was S 01 81 A'ide from that th» school \ e for foreign missions $ 2 4 4 6 be- neo\olences $2" 00 and home mission $6 IS a grand total of $261 IS for the quarter Much of the credit for the oueces'ful campaign is gKen to the superinten- dent Mrs I H Wright who is also the pastor s wife An expression of this appreciation was a \ o t e to send her as a delegate to the re ent International Sunda school contention at Chicago expenses paid OFFICEP=; The offi'-i-re are Mrs J H Wright superintendent Mis' F C Wacase'-, assistant superintendent Secretaries, V Donnan Fajetta Rian Herschel Shrader, treasurer, Mrs W B Mitchell, pianists, Misses Zelma Jones Mabel Edward' choristers, Mrs S A Berry and Mrs B Donnan The teachers are Re\ J H Wright J R Lebo, Mrs G L Weikel, Mrs W B Mitchell, Mrs H --Photo by Wastom D Rvman, Miss Emma Templeman, Miss Marie Wacaser, Mrs Luella- Lach- enmser Mrs F R Edwards, Mrs 3. A. Berrj Mrs Frank Horn, Miss Beatrice Anderson, Mrs E O Mas er and Mrs Lizzie Clark The school le one of the Front Rank schools and fully measures up to the requirements this year as well as In the past three ( ISot Opportunity. Philadelphia Ledger -- TIs o^por tunit^ remarked the lazj man as the rhump= rebounded on the door of hlt · a w e r k room and being wl'e, he rpened tl--the door, of course "ho I ain t opportunltj " remarked * raucu= \oice T m to set an install ment on them books vou bought last i month DEVELOPING lOc A roll, any size Eastman chemicals, Eastman papers; best quality, best workmanship. It costs no more. Try us Haines Essick 217 N. Water. Both Phones 1256. STORES R I V E R S I D E Cash Market 900 E. Cantrell. Phones, Bell 412; Auto 1042 B R O A D W A Y Cash Market 315 N. Broadway. Bell Phone 959 $1.11 5 Ib bag H E '·Tabulated Sugar TC 1th order of $3 00 flour and soap not included Litra fine large new 53c Special on Onnned Frulta and Vegetables, " cans extra. _ood Sugar Corn cans extra od Peas 1 irge cans Hougland K i d n p y Beans cans extra fine vidnev Beans " large cans extra fine Pumpkin t large cans -white whole gram hominv 1 large cans Sauer Kraut · tall cans extra fancy Red Salmon 0 cans salmon % Ib size 1 ist right for srrall family " cans Red Salmon half pound size " cane Red Salmon pound size " tall cans Pink Salmon 3 tall cans Pet Milk * small cans P"t Milk · till cans Tarnation Jlllk 17c 17c 196 15c 17c 15c 17c 35c 19c 25c 19c 25c 25c 55c 28c 17e fi small Carnation Milk " large cans Apples, Centers Gem 1 cans No 2 size Armour B \ erlbest Baked Beans I large can Bunm Baked Beans (finel 1 large can of Table Apricots or Peaches Fancy sliced Pineapple In 1 Ib tins 2 Ibs Dried Peaches (fancy) .. ' Ibs Dried Apricots (fancy 1 ) 2 packages Gordon brand Raisins 20 oz bottle of fanc large Queen Olhes 8 oz bottle of fancy large Queen Oliyes 1 Ib Lowney Cocoa. In naif Ib tins "Walter Baker s Chocolate, per Ib 4.11 the leading brands of Laun dry Soaps, 6 for 2£ Ib package Ctf* of Sal Soda ·"' Our fresh meats are fresh and tender Our prices are right considering quality Compare our prices and quality with others and you will phone us an order WE DELIVER. lOc 14e lOc 25c 43c 18c 25c lOc 45c 40c Bachman Building- North Main and Prairie Avenue Store Closes Every Thursday Afternoon in July and August New Bargains In Clearance Sale While we are possibly not so completely overstocked as some stores, yet we have a few especial lots of garments and other merchandise, which we are desirous of closing out before inventory. But, it should be distinctly understood that there is nothing in the least undesirable or unsalable in these goods. Every article is strictly new and up-to-date, and is an unimpeachable bargain at ihe price quoted. If you appreciate real quality combined with style, you will make no mistake in making immediate selection from these splendid clearance bargains: Real Bargains in New Waists Cotton Crepe Waists with colored figures, made in vest effect of choice white organdy with frill to match. There's only about three dozen of these $1 25 ^ aists left which we shall sell while they last on Monday, at each . . . . JfJ^jU. VJ. 59c White Voile Waists with embroidei- pd front and oi'gandt collar and cuff? There's about four dozen of these left and we have specialty priced them for Monday, while they last, at each ..'. Choice of all remaining $2.00 and $2.50 Waists in the house, in silks, white and colored linens, voiles and lingerie, especially priced for Monday at each The above are all new Waists of the season's best selling models, owing to which fact we limit the sale to TWO TO A CUSTOMER Sale begins Monday at 9 o'clock a. m. No Approvals. No Exchanges. Another lot of those Home Manufacturing Co. House Dresses at choice for each CLEARANCE ECONOMIES IN CHILDREN'S WEAR Our Children's Garments include all that is new, desirable and attractive either in fabric or style, and everything is crisp and new. Some of these garments must be cleared out of the way, however, and these special prices should do it quickly: All our $2.50 Values in Children's Dresses made up from good material in the choicest washable colors and latest Summer stvles, sizes six to fourteen £"| fiO v i -i ^m_«\jc/ years, at each Wash Dresses in an excellent Line of blue checks and pink. dresses which have sold regularly at $1.50, and in j?1 1 Q sizes six to fourteen, at choice for each J7 A· A«/ An Attractive Line of Dresses in sizes two to six years, in very pretty colors and styles, for each Ladies' Kimona Aprons, convenient and attractive, at each _·_··_····- Child's Wash Hats, in white, pink and blue, at each 39c 39c

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