Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on February 27, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1936
Page 4
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA THURSDAY, JPEBRUARV 97 OCIETO matron of Salome Chapter, Mrs. IK. A. Douglas, matron of a Nebraska chapter and Mrs. Bertha Cless of Des Moines and a Past (Matron of Salome chapter, were welcomed into the Past Matrons I accessories. She carried a bou- club, quet of sweet peas. Her maid Bridge was played at three "World's Day .01 Prayer The "World's Day of Prayer" I of honor, Miss Agnes Hlles, a I tab i es " wlth Mrs"." w7 H. Madden will be observed on Friday, Feb. sister, wore a deep beige dress rec eivlng the high score prize. 28, in the United Presbyterian wlth hl eh lace collar. She wore | Mrs . John Eyerie received th church. The service will begin black accessories. at 2:30 and the program has Mr - Wayne Smith of been prepared by Senorita Laura was best man. follows: President, Miss Linnie Mrs. Harry Cheese read three Heath; vice president and sec- I poems. The club sang "Stars retary of stewardship, Mrs. Wm. Barrans; secretary, Miss Edith Barrans; treasurer, Mrs. Ed Nel- of the Summer Night." During the social hour 42 was played Mrs. Ben Walter received the Claude DIxon will March 12. be hostess traveling prize. Lenox | Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted H. Jorquera of Santiago, Chili. I After the ceremony a dinner by several members of the club The theme is "On earth peace was served. The table was dec- Mrs. W. C. Lewis will be hos- good will toward men." This orated with sweet peas, white tess March 9, with Mrs. J. H day is set aside as a day of tapers and two beautiful white Barber assisting with the duties prayer throughout all the world wedding cakes which were bak-jof hostess. •where the Christian gospel has ed by the bride's sister, Mrs. been preached. It is hoped that Bill Kell and Mrs. Eddie Geer of I Mrs. Barteau the meeting will be largely at- New Market. The cakes were Club Hostess tended. cut and served by the bride to Mrs. Clark Barteau was hostile guests. tess Wednesday afternoon to Chapter FW P. E. O. Those present were: Mr. and the members of the M. F. C. In- iMrs. Fred Stoaks, Mrs. Sarah vited guests were Mrs. Wayne Mrs. J. H. Barber was hostess Jane Stoaks, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hale and Mrs. Jess Wynn. to Chapter FW, P. E. O., Thurs- Stoaks, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Stoaks Twelve members responded to day evening, Feb. 13. Roll call, and Mr. Wayne Smith of Lenox; ro ii call with individual roll "Fashions of My Early Days," Mr. and Mrs. Charley Daw and calls. Mrs. D. L. Carter read a was answered by the seventeen sons, Ben, James and Stanley paper on the ife of President son; secretary of literature, Mrs. high club prize. Refreshments Edna Barrans; secretary of Mis- were served by the hostess. Mrs. sionary education, Mrs. Knotter; assistant treasurer, Mrs. Rogers; white cross committee, Mrs. Ed Gordon, Mrs. Paul Davis, Mrs. George Cheese; program committee, Mrs. Maud Woods, Mrs. Clara Rogers and Miss Emily Nelson. The March meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Davis. Thursday, February 27 Mrs. Davis served dainty re- | The American Legion Auxil- freshments of dream cakes and iary will meet today with Mrs. tea, a surprise, as refreshments . Clark Barteau. There will be a are not usually served at regu- ' sack lunch, ar meetings. The Woman's Relief Corps will meet this afternoon with Mrs. Bridge Party at Miller Home Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miller ntertained at bridge, Wednesday evening, Feb. 19. Bridge CHURCH OF CHRIST I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15 Church School 11:00 Morning Worship 6:30 Christian Endeavor After two Sundays of good fellowship with the other churches we return to our own Emma Donaldson. A sack lunch will be served. The officers of Salome chap- was played at four tables and at ^ er w ^^ meet this afternoon at members present. of Braddyville; Mr. and Mrs. Undrew Johnson. Mrs. Mary Miss Norma Bush read a pap- Eurod Livengood and children Leckliter gave the News Outer on "Wise Use of Leisure of College Springs, la.; Mr. and i me , which was an Interesting Time." Mrs. BUI Kell and son of Coin, | S t 0 ry of King Edward VIII. The Mrs. Paul Davis reviewed the Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Dudley selected number was given by book, "North to the Orient," by Hiles and family of Burlington Mrs. F. E. Holben. Several games Ann Lingburgh. Jet., Mo.; Mrs. Eddie Geer and The next meeting, March 5, daughter of New Market; and will be at the home of Mrs. W. Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Hunter of C. Lewis. Stoaks-Hilcs Wedding Feb. 16 The wedding of Miss Ruth Hiles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Hiles of Burlington Jet., Mo., and Rex Stoaks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stoaks of Lenox, Iowa, took place at the home of the bride's parents on February 16, at 12 o'clock. The ceremony -was read by the Rev. Alfred Hunter of College Springs, la., under an arch with pink and white predominating. The bride was dressed in a formal, medium, blue dress, trimmed in white satin. She wore silver slippers, and had silver | College Springs, Iowa. Meeting of Past Matrons Club "Mrs. J. W. Walter opened her home Monday afternoon to the February meeting of the Past Matrons Club. Fourteen members were present. Roll call was answered with a Sweetheart verse. The program consisted of the reading of a number of poems by Mrs. W. C. Lewis. The collecting of poems has been a hobby of Mrs. Lewis' since her high school days. She gave an interesting talk as to why she selected each group of poems. Mrs. F. E. Holben, retiring of rook were enjoyed. A dainty two-course lunch was served by the hostess. Presbyterian Missionary Meeting The Presbyterian Missionary Society met with Mrs. Paul Davis Tuhrsday afternoon, February 20. Roll call was answered ;he close of the play Mrs. E. R. Pennebaker received the ladies high score prize. Ed Quinn won the chapter room for practice. The Priscilla Circle of the M. the high score for the men and E - church will meet with Mrs. also received the traveling prize. Rov Bassett this afternoon. A Refreshments were served by the hostess. Mrs. L. F. Davis Club Hostess Mrs. Lloyd Davis was hostess .sack luhch will be served. Bring dishes and silver- your own ware. Friday, February 28 The Social Union yf the M. E. with interesting items from the of the hostess were Mrs. Mary missionaries. The devotional Thompson and Mrs. Paul Davis, period was conducted by Mrs. In the absence of the presi- Paul Davis, who also presented j dent, Mrs. J. J. Walter, Mrs. J. the Peace topic by reviewing a H - Barber conducted the busi- radio peace address and telling ness meeting, of Eddie Cantor's prize for a I The program consisted of a reading, "A Protest from the to the members of the Lenox! church will meet this afternoon Fortnightly Club Wednesday at the home of Mrs. J. W. Wai- afternoon. Ten active members ter. Assisting hostesses will be and one non-resident member,. Mrs. W. H. Madden and Mrs. Mrs. Bertha Cless of Des Moines, were present. "Way back when" was the roll call. Guests Cowan. peace essay. An interesting discussion on work in Tibet and a quotation from Ann Lindburgh's new book followed. Election of officers resulted as THAT ELECTRIC RANGE USERS ARE NINETY-ONE PERCENT ENTHUSIASTIC? $0 WOMEN OUT OF D@© RECOMMEND IT TO THEIR FRIENDS THAT YOU CAN HAVE GROWING PLANTS IN YOUR KITCHEN THE YEAR AROUND IF YOU COOK ON AN ELECTRIC RANGE DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN PURCHASE AN ELECTRIC RA>fGE PROM US AT A COST OP LESS /THAN IQc A DAY? : ' * ' > ' Iowa Southern fTj*l»j» f\ Utilities Co. Humble," by Mrs. Roy Nelson. Short sketches, ''Keeping up with the world" was given by Mrs.. Geo. Cheese. The social hour was spent playing bridge. Mrs. Fred Abernathy received high club score. Mrs. Paul Davis received the guest prize. Refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Paul Davis. Shower ^ for Bride Miss Gjladys Anderson, Mlsa Mildred Peacock, Miss Eloise Bricker, Miss Nadine Davis and Mrs. George Gray entertained at a shower for Mrs. Carl Shaw, nee Marion Cheese, at the Anderson home last Friday evening. Those present were Mrs. Robert Reynolds, Miss Carrie Laughlin, Miss Kathleen Poindexter, Mrs. Earl Wilson, Mrs. Dorothy McKay, Mrs. Harold Wynn, Miss Loleta Boltinghouse, Mrs. Donald Bubb, all of Lenox, Miss Wllma Richards, Miss Marjorie Long, Miss Sally Way and Miss Mary Law, all of Corning. Bridge was played and high score was won by Miss Kathleen Poindexter, while Mrs. Robert Reynolds prize. won the traveling Meeting of M. F. O. Club Mrs. J. A. Porter was hostess to the meeting of the M. F. O, Club, Wednesday afternoon at Hotel Lenox, were present. Nine members Guests of the hostess were Mrs. D. L. Bare and Mrs. Flora Donaldson. Mrs. Ben Walter was leader of the program and gave a paper on the Life of Longfellow. The ''World's Day of Prayer" will be observed this afternoon at ithej United Presbyterian church. The program will begin at 2:30. The H. S. Club will meet this evening with Mrs. Rollie Bender. Saturday, February 29 The congregation of the U. P. church will meet today for a farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Douglas and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wyant. In the afternoon the Missionary Society will honor Mrs. Glendon Walter. Sunday, March 1 • ••,-.-• The churches 'will , hold.t;all services in their own churches today. Thursday, March. 5 Salome Chapter, O. E. S., will hold its school of instruction this afternoon and the regular | BACK TO NORMALCY. With work will be given in the even- j the passing of the fuel shortage ing. Mrs. Alta Young of Sharps- situation the churches wjll burg, instructor for this dis- ; again resort to holding thier 'own services. It would be a splendid time for you to start church this Sunday for both morning and evening. This is Foreign Missionary Sunday and we will preach a sermon in the morning, empha- ilzing missions with high lights 'rom the Kagawa meetings at Des Moines. May we expect r ou both morning and evening? UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. W. A. Thompson Bible School, 10 a.m. Preachin, 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. Y.P.C.U., 6:30 p.m. We shall resume our regular services this Sabbath. Out of spontaneous joy for the privi- ledge let us crowd into the temple. Saturday, Feb. 29, the congregation will meet to give a farewell party to Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Douglas and family, and to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wyant We feel this is one way in which we can express our sense of loss in their leaving. All members are asked to come. The Missionary Society will meet in the afternoon in honor of Mrs. Glendonn Walter, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wyant. Friday Feb. 28, the churches and Christian people of Lenox will observe the World's Day of Prayer in the United Presbyterian church at 2): 30. The Preacher Says: A great Christian is in our land, Dr. Toyahikb Kakawa of Japan. Morping sermon, "The Foundations of Authority." Evening sermon, "Some Estimate of Kagawa and his message."' \ ",'.'''''.'/., to church again. \^e unto you a cordial ii attend our services. Many a man will not try to ligion in others, to cover his own lack" of 'f PRISCILLA. The Circle will meet with Bassett on Thursday af terno a It Feb. 27. A sack lunch served. Bring your own and your own silverware SOCIAL UNION. The Union will meet with Walter on Friday Feb. 28. Assisting hosteZ* be Mrs. Wm. Madden and Cowan. ' BIBLE READING. God's W was given to us to read hereby to profit in our living. If you are not the Bible now would be did time to start. READ- LEAST ONE CHAPTER A DA? Looking Forward March 15th. We are nating this Sunday as WR Sunday. We would like of our members and ents to be present as Details will be given lateT April 5th. p a l m Sunday v\rr Itnnu t * _ "' long been considered Declslj M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sundays Bdfidpi; 10:00 a.m. Morning'-Worship; 11:00 a.m Epworth : League, 6:30 p.m. '•'•:.•> .Evening Service, '7:30 p.m. ' At ,the, 'morning worship service the pastor will preach on "Mockkig! at Spiritual Thinks." The subject for the evening sermon wilL be, ''Shining Forth." trict, will be present. Railroads of the United States now operate more than 5,700 air-conditioned cars, and the Triplets were born to Mr. and number in service is being, Mrs ' Everett Porter - Soldier, Ky., steadily increased. During 1935 '. maWn ^, a total of ei s ht chi ld- not a single passenger was kill- I ren ' Tne famU y receives $2.40 a week from relief funds. A bride for the eighth time is Mrs. Virginia-Overshiner-Patterson-Stark-Seeger-Gilbert - Kahn Cogswell-Gould-Porter, of New York City. Mrs. Manella Eastman of Salem, Mass., willed a bedroom to her daughter, and the rest of the house to her son. ed on railroad trains of the country, taut about 3,000 persons were kjlled in grade crossing accidents. Passengdr revenue increased about four million dollars over 1934. Terming snow suits and sk pants immodest, Rev. B. F. Red ihan of the Sacred Heart church of Pawtucket, R. I., announced that girls attired in such cos tumes will not be admitted tc his church. Missing from her home in Columbia, Mo., for nine hours Jean Tromly, eight, was founc hanging by her head from a railroad bridge, and was alive when found. Does YOUR Car? HAVE ANY OF THESE Hard to start? Use too much gas? Stall in traffic? Knock on hills? Vibrate—Run Rougfli? Sluggish—No Pep?:l Engine Miss at High Speeds? jLack Power—Speed? DRIVE INTO BROWN'S GARAGE FOR A CHECK-UP We test and completely analyse your motor with our new scientific motor analyser, It is a speedy way of finding out what is wrong and it is exact. This method of finding out the trouble, removes the guesswork from ,repairing a car. Why operate before you know what is wrong? F A U L T S BROWN GARAGE Day in the church, if y ou ha not as yet made a public co» fession of Christ this day W J be a splendid time to maketh decision with others. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m Church, 11 a .m. The Lenox Time-Tal IOWA VERLJN L? SWEELEY MARY E. SWEELEY Publishers —""• — .. __ Entered as second class tar March 2, 1904, at the •„ an? c *& Lenox . towa, undfert " p - f of Congress of March 3,1 Subscription price in 50 in advance;!! side of state, $2.00 per year Six monthpr« THURSDAY, FEB. 27,1938 " Tr ' ' : t i .-. ~^~^^^**^*^Sg 1 ""'i| n iinnimii • jy * - , ,« Dependablel Service AT Moore's ALWAYS Send your laundry to! us and see how dependable the service really is! Every bundle washed individually—fine linens given! ! expert handling. Moore's Laundry! Mondays. Wednesdays andf Fridays. Bill Dey Ermand, Agent Telephone 96 trnmnmn: EYE TROUBLE r e? that LI * lM8es ° r do y° u st «P t° con> er ™at glasses ,are only a cnitrti iwrf a of ettin crutcn— just a way of getting by. If you stop and case you Chiropractic I Here is a case from my files: tors where astigmatism W1 . would never getiovS- glasses the was had visited eye doc- had "• - •' We that she) to course of adju s t n ^? fcPetit f-- After a S corrected. * entire c «n<«tion was X-ray and Neurocalometer Service Dr E R. Pennebaker

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