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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, June 24, 1859
Page 2
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THE •M. Hu the Judteiairf gnat oTjJeotion which his tlmjt been urged «g»iMt.Mielectir.sJndloUr7 > l« this, that, the dtoUlons of the Judge, woald be likely to he Inftuenoed by partiaan Aelings Mid^rejaaioes la order to •9oai*»«>-* 1 * 0 tlon; or, in other jrordi, that fli» Independenoe which oharto. ; twrind an «Epolntl*» judiciary would be more arJtes»»aoiao«aifl order to gain popular fa- YorV I'tili ht» teen the m»ln objection uiually urged igtlrut the elective •ystem, and it It an objection JBBtntrigly well founded; but the ex- the put few ye*rs in those State* which hav» adopUdlt into their .fundamental lawhare »«TT«d la a great measure to dissipate it. The Judges who are elwJ&d are nin- •llj found to be u able, upright, honest, and independent M tho»* who are appointed to a fife tenure of offloe " ITe hare several notable instances of thto kind where Judges hare rendered decisions not only advene to the prevailing public sentiment of their oonstitasneies, but advwe to the very Interact! and principles •ftte party which placed them in ; -office.— There wai Judge Loring, of Massachusetts, who, though not elected, gare a decision in a fugUiri) slave case directly opposed to the prevailing sentiment of the people of that State ; there was Judge-Denlo, of New York, who gave a decision on the Metropolitan Police law directly opposed both to the Interests and the •entiment of his party ; there are the Judges of the Supreme Court in Michigan, who gave a decision upon th« status of 'the negro directly opposed to the professed principles of the party whioh placed them upon the bench ; and, later still, there is Judge Swan, of Ohio, who gar* • decision on the fugitive slave law adverse to both the interest* and principle* of the party. • All these judges rendered their decisions upon the several oases before them according to th* law and the constitution as they found 1 them, and wholly Irrespective of the Interests and belief of this or that party, and wholly regardless of how U might affect any political organization These fact* go farfto remove the objection* apparently well taken against the •leodvs judiciary, and must give the people the same amount of confidence in it that tbey have in the appointive. Bat how are these Independent judiciaries treated by the different political parties 7 Is there the same disposition with *•*• h aud all of than to preserve the judiciary Independent end intact as there is among the judges themselves, or are the judges proscribed and set aside on account of this very independence ? Let us see. Judge Loring was removed last year by Gf>v. Banks, after persistent 'attempts -extending through a course of three years, and -for no other reason t_an his decision hi Che -case referred to above. The case of Judge Denio was different He was re-nominated and re-elected, soon after his decision on the constitutionality oi the police law, by the very party whose interests and sentiments trere so thoroughly adverse'to il In the case of the Michigan Judges their party p-,->ss and orators always denied the plain construction which every one else in and out of the State put upon the decision, so that no issue was ever taken upon it. ' Judge Swan wad tLrown over by his party on account of his decision nrion tbe fugitive slave law, within four days after it was rendered. These facts show that, where action has been taken upon these acts of the judiciary, in a majority of tbe oases the judges have been thrown over. These facts moreover show that when the jndges have been thrown over U has been done by tbe black republican party, and whenever the jndges has been sustained rt has been by the democratic party. It is the settled policy of the black republicans to proscribe and repudiate jndges who render de cisions according to the laws and the oonsti- totioh which are adverse to their party interests, and it is tbe policy of tbe democrats to uphold honest aud upright judges, no matter whose interests their decision may affect. Here we have the policy of the two parties, and we see from it who it is that really mMn- tains an independent judiciary, thatgreia bulwark of all our free institutions. This is the policy of the two parties, and we find all of the black republican sheets who have anything at ell to say about it applauding the action of the Ohio convention. Judge Swan is proscribed, and they rejoice at it. "His act," they eay, "was inconsistent with the public senti ment, and, right or wrong, the author of ithas paid the penalty whioh an efficient popular opinion exacts of its .public servants. Tbe time has come when public servants should be made to feel to some degree of responsibQty to the power which creates them and clothes them with official functions,"—a process of reasoning best answered by the remark of a judge who has eeen many years of experience upon the bench, that "public opinion has never been considered a safe guide for the de- oialoni of courts and the deliberations of juries, slaw it profaned the judgment seat and in- tutted Heaven by the cry of 'Urnoify him 1 Crucify Mm!"' Muwiuxu, to be »lively week The Editorial Convention, Free Masons' Convention, some other Convention—I nave fqr* •gotten what--*nd one or two parties of pleas, ure excursionists, fill the city with strangers, and make our visit all the more pleasant. Of course the Editorial Convention i;as been the most important of all—in our opinion, at least. I believe it is the largest convention of the kind ever assembled in this country ; and if 'the largestln this country, probably the largest in the world. Isn't thatprettywell for Wi6consin,-to.get dp the brges>£(iitorial Convention ever held in the world 5 I do not know the exact number In attendance, 'but I ; 'hellere there are over a hundred; and nearly all the presses of theStatoare represented. . We—meaning onrself and wife this time— reft Ktlbonrn City Wednesday at half past nine, forenoon, and after a pleasant ride of five hours with" that model oondnctoryGreeley, arrived at Milwaukee at half past two, afternoon—reaching the Newhall House about three. ,The convention had met,. appointed two or three committees, adjourned, and at the time of our arrival a large number of carriages stodd before the Newhall to take the members of the convention sight-seeing. So of course we went with the rest. We bad a pleasant ride to different parts of the city; enjoying ourselves greatly with the pleasantness of the ride and what we saw. But as more distinctive than anything else, perhaps I might call it "Lager Bear Afternoon." Wo visited ex-Senator Weil's establishment, on high, pleasant grounds, called Bellevue, or something of the kind—a nice establishment, most all lager. Next, we visited the mammoth beer establishment of Mr (well, his name has been in Skimmilk papers a thousand times, but we have forgotten it after all.) We looked into a monstrous vat, holding perhaps five hundred barrels, filled with very— yes, nasty looking water, with a kind of cholera sonm over it. The ladies asked—"is that what lager beer is made of ?'' '"Yes," was the reply, "the doge and other animals are already asoak in the bottom I" "Oh horror I I'll never drink another glass of lager In my life I' 1 —Well, we Went down one flight of stairs. Into the Vaults below. 'Twas all stones—sides and bottom-covered with green slime, as if toads and snakes might have lately inhabited the place. After wiping towu OS this slime on her clothes, one of the ladies beat a sudden retreat, and I followed. The ovher beauties of the lower caverns we did not see; and I have not learned how many underground stories the building has; but I know one thing—the genealogy of lager beer I don't fancy. In the evening, fay invitation we visited the "Panorama of Dr. Kane's Expedition to the Arctic Regions." It is a fine show—admirable paintings, excellent entertainment and instructive, varied amusement, and as good thunder The Charleston JVtun tells* story about a party of gentlemen who projected a fishing excursion to the Bdisto river. They packed up • precious basket, with their tackle, their champagne, their cigars, &•., and left in the "At the depot nearest their destination, they were bidden farewell with every wish for ibeir success. The precious basket was deposited behind • carriage in which the 'party had taken passage to the river. The distance was short, but they were none the less impatient, for the-beat of the day was approaching, and they longed-to prepare for fishing by test- inf the quality of their stores. The river was reached and carefully the basket was unlashed from the •toarriag*, and a clean, grassy spot, shaded by a magnificent tree, selected far the bivouac. ...'.-. " The basket was opened, when, rleterunt comae, et vox faucibtu hatit,no tackle was then, no square bottle*, none of the treasures: hot the cold and uninviting body of a dead baby, and *. negro baby at that I In their haste they had taken the wrong basket; had seised, tskeaT and carried away a basket trt trantitu tot banal- They had added to the grirf of disconsolate parents, and instead of staunching—Increased the mourners tears.— Slowly and *adly they drove back, to the ,» heavy pall resting opon their spirits to that their flsb were tn ran?* for Charleston with their basket" PAIVB Avpoiirno Jrooi.— QoTernerJUndaUhai appointed Byron Paine tofiTltheT»c»noy occasioned b/ tj»_ retiring of J»dge Smith from the Bench. According to the dsJMp of (he JudgM on tbe bench, •P»lnV« regular term does not oornmence nnUl tbe flrrt of Jennary next, np to which time Wipreeent appointment will extend. •. Sa» reoelred the aomlnaiton 4em««mtloooBrentlonheMon.the 16th Inst. Ban te JODiTeraaily known throughout the 'Hnio»'«»*g«rtleman of marked jkbflity.'an and lightning as we get np by the Wisconsin river. The whole show is riehly worth tired, ty-flveoents to*very one that sees it; and we all got it for nothing. Thursday morning, at nine o'clock, the convention again met for business, in Albany Hall, which was kindly tendered by Messrs. Ogden & Wall. Tbe business of the convention was all despatched before three o'clock in the afternoon, as at that time, by invitation, the members were to betaken into omnibust>esand other carriages^ for the purpose ot another ride, and visit to some of the public schools, the Cathedral the Protestant and Catholic Orphan Asylums, the Custom Honae, and other places. I will cot attempt to give the proceedings of the convention, as the Mirror will probably make an abstract of them from tbe daily papers. But at three o'clock, afternoon, accompanied by Mayor Page, Sheriff Langworthy, and other citizens, the members of the convention started on this pleasure tour of the city The first place we visited was tbe Seventh Ward or High School. I think of this school, as I have thoueht when visiting it before, that it Is decidedly the best school I ever saw. We afterwards visited the Second Ward School, and found it about equal to tbe otber. Some way or other, we were entertained with these schools better than by the brewery. However, I think the brewery better adapted to settle tbe question, practically ••Will lager beer intoxicate,-' than the school's. We also visited the Cathedral, the Bishop's house, the Orphan Asylums of both the Catholics and Protestant*; and about half past fire o'clock, by invitation, the company was taken to the dwelling of Mr. Mitchell, the Back King ol Milwaukee. He has beautiful groun&s, a fine house, a enchantinggrsen bouse, with elasUrs pf grape in it nearly ripe, »n intelligent agi,-cable an< good hearted wif», (—yes, 1 like uift better there than lady,) aod ia a nr»t rate, whol souM fellow himself. Thtn we were enter tained with music and agreeable converaatlm and feasted with all sorts of luxuries. Wear inclined to thick that if our big hearted en tertainer had known tbe fallings of come c tbe fraternity, he would not hsve fumisbei such quantities of champagne. Bin we ar not sure but ttie lager and wine gave tone anc strength to the cheers whioh were given fo Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell just before leaving. At eight o'clock in the evening a large shar of tbe members of the convention went aboan ol the City of Cleveland for a pleasure excur sion over the lake, to Grand Rapids , but a the trip over was to be made in tbe night, and hack in the night ; and as the dancing anc jollifications would probably be continued both nights, preventing those from sleeping who might choose to we (that is Mr. and Mrs. A H. and Mrs. Brown of tbe Badger State,) anc a contiderable number of others, cono'lndec that for u» and them it would not quite pay to go. So some have gone home, we are hero enjoying ourselves, but the larger part are over to Grand Rapids, to return at two o'clock tomorrow morning. Thus has passed the Editorial Convention; and it Has been one of the most pleasant Conventions we ever attended. The principle editors of Milwaukee, except S holes of tbe Fret Democrat, were absent, wbicli was pretty 'generally regarded as shabby treatment of the Convention. But the citizens of Milwaukee generally united with those that were left, and did up the agreeable in a better style than has ever before been done, for the Editorial Con. ventlon. Every thing was free; every thing was pleasant, and every attention was paid to the members that the most difficult could ask Mr. Davis generously gave tbe free use of his omnibnnea; the Newhall House—the king hotM oi the west—entertained the company in the most sumptuous style; and if any bill is to be paid at ail it is by tbe oitttens, for nothing is charged tbe editors; and every thing has been managed In the same agreeable way. Of course no great amount of common business could be done by the Convention, when the main business of tbe members wan to enjoy tbe hospitalities of Milwaukee. In this connection, we ought not to neglect to notice the Railroads, which generously gave a pass to every press of th* State. The next Convention is to be held in Green Bay, and Charley Robinson says he will send his schooner for all who cannot get there without. We think of starting at 3 3-4 to-morrow, and going as far as Appleton towards Green Bay; and if .some humane Captain of a steam boat can be made to understand onr poverty, and will pass ns on, to Green Bay, like as nol we shall go there; but if we do, we do not expect to stay till the next Editorial Convention got of at the editorial convention, was the following report of tfce Treasurer, A.. Holly,fof the .ITilTuaion fUMCiUSM&lV^-' • ' "lotiaiion of £dUort and Publithert : A,. . Amount of money received of Editors, (81. 00 each) at the Annual Meeting of the Association, htld in Madison, October 6ta and 7th, 1868, . Amount received from all other sources, Whole amount paid Into the Treasury, $69,00 D1SBUOS11UBST8. Amount paid for publishing proceedings of Association in pamphlet form, on order of Publishing Committee, $00,00 Amount of all other disbursements, 00,00 Balance remaining In the Treasury, $59,00. In connection with the foregoing, I beg leave to further report : That the funds of tht Association, since last October, have been kept through various temptations and difficulties. As I each week expected to be called on by the Committee of Publication, for the money, to pay for the pamphlets ordered by the Association, and as 1 knew of no sate place where it could be put at interest, and paid at a moment's notice, there was no way but for me to keep it in my possession. But as the winter and the bard times progressed, getting ont of money of my own, and out of flour. beef, butter, eggs, aud various other useful •and convenient articles for a family, the temptations became very strong to appropriate the funds to my own use. In addition to this temptation, another followed, more powerful; because it appealed to my pride, my ambition and my love of approbation, as well as to my stomach.' From the tone of the press, I saw it was taken for granted that I had stolen the money, and from the well know public sentiment of the State, as well as of the- press, I was convinced that I mutt iteal it -r my popularity would materially tufftrl But. WHBH«VKB I started for the depository of the money, the ghost of a declaration I bad read In Bouie old book, In my younger days, would flash across my mind, and turn me back. I think the declaration la nearly in tbe following words: "Thou shall not steal" This overpowered the temptation, but it brought me into other serious difficulties. — The press kept clamoring to know what bad become of the money, ( with the undoubted Intention of bringing me forward aa a candidate for Governor if I had stolen it,) but as I had many neighbors who were ont of butter, flour and money, as well as myself I dared not tell where the funds were, for fear of being robbed True, this secrecy, for the tim^ being, gave me the credit of having followed the ex ample of other great men In the State; but the thought kept harassing me that the truth and the money must be brought forth at the next meeting of the Association. Thus through many tribulations have these funds benn brought to Milwaukee ; and now I am obliged to pretend to the other editors that tbe money is deposited in a bank, fearing that 1 may yet lose it before it shall be paid to my successor, and som* one else get the glory which I might have had by stealing It myselt In conclusion, allow me, through you, to ask the members of the Association to appoint my successor as soon as possible, that J may be relieved of the burden that has been weighing me down for the last eight months. And I would suggeit thai they appoint an old bachelor— one whose weekly income IB sufficient to pay for board, washing, mending, cigars and ager ; (sorely, bad I smoked and patronized saloon*, tbe money would have been gone long ago;) one who is an inveterate enemy of a family, of office and pullio approbation, a hero, from whom tbe last drop of the milk of human kindness has been stripped, and who can drive oack a hungry crowd of lantern jawed husbands and fathers who may be bowling about th« treasury for noon, y or bread. All of which I respect fully report A HOLLEY, Treasurer Dated at Milwauk. -, June, '59. Of th« Condition of the JrtihKjJ Jn*ur<uict Ompany, orBolT*lo,onth«8dof iebrmarr,184».; Made to the Secretary of State, Wlseoniln, pnnnait to the 8tal- uUsofttbatBtati? > ' S j " -" " •900,000 TS98,«»0 .Ulhsttme of the Company a> • •' anci Company ot Buffalo, located in Buffalo, BtatoofHew lork.' ,• }. i ,. '"iT "-' t iumai. '( ' 2. the :amoot of authorised ' capital .. ....; >. The amount paid up, «. ' if if. lit. Oaih. OB band. > Id. Ia [the hand* of and;} dne from as-edfe a- other* K). No |{ real ctlate, 4lh. Bond! held by the 06. T*. * t. M. B. E. R. bonds, 14,000 2. Toledo, Kcnralk a-Olfeye. bond*.. 4,000 S. .». t. {L H. band*, 1,000 UT,M1 1,315 ST 4. StoeM : C. ri.,61 10,000 worth ........... !0,4§7 60 C. B.'«J 8,000 woral ........... »,1BC M 8. N JYork fts 6,1,00 do 6a 13,900 worth ............ 28908 IB lt.OOO • 46.MT »lf 6. Debt* dne to the Oo. se- carc&ay mortgage on on, ; encdiabered real ettate, worth doable the amount ' of mortgage "per ache- ; dale!', bearing T per cent. ! interest »6.«9T IS; 4. Debt* Otherwise secured : by stock*, mortgages aod insurance scrip of this and joiner companies, and Interest on lame 84,913 T« 1. Debater premiums, con- i listing of bills receivable, S5,*24 « g. All other si curitles and claim* due the Co., salva- (ei.ivcmli, ao 80,6*487, ». Personal property owned i by tht Co , Steam Tuj, Pumps, *c 20,630 TV Total Aisets 4M,M» 6« III. 4.I4.BILITIM. 5. The amount of liabilities dne fi banks and other creditors. None, excepting what ia contained in Ho. 10. 0. Louts' adjo-fted and dae. 7. do do and not due. 8. Loose* unadjusted. Supposed to be at tbe extent None Nooa. 0. Lossrf In suspense. Same aa Mo; 8. 10. All other claims afalnst the company, Indirldual balances, unclaimed tiM- dendl, an 1 ! redemption of Bcrlp uncalled for ... . *,uvo M57 73 10,867 TS Total LlabUHlri ... IT. xi£Cn.uiia»C3 11. The greatest amount Insured Inonerlik. S6.00n, of nre risks I* the usual limit; but In some caaea of short riakt flOjOQO On vr»?l9 »n,i targ»», tli.- 000 Ia:tbesi5ual limit, Including both. • 15. Oroas BOijost pf premiums rrcelred to State <<f Wisconsin for the currer.t year, ending February 8, WS>. 17*8,58. 13 The market vaffue of 'ts ttock. The Orrnlpany has no stockholders, th« scrip Ut*uej o>t Uie Mutual plan by Its charter const-tatra ita capital an,J tti* ralutofacrip varies according to in priority or ls«ue. 14. Dividend, 7 per cent on Ml outstanding atrip. 16. Tbe charter ur act of IncorporUou of asdd Company. Sent herewith JAMBS (J. EVANS, Prtildent. A. A. KCSTAFHICTi, , fc ei-r. lary. STATrr 01 WI , MADUOJ. Miy »t 1S&9 i Satisfactory evidence having been furt> shed o oi« that the ifiutuaJ Ibfturan e Company uf 3al2il. , beiaif an msur ace incorporated by the ?ui« t<f ptew York , baring compiled with the reijuTement of i&ct-on one [ I An Act entitled '-An act l« regulate lut up&ntr C«mpfe Dkrs uotlpcor ported by th>« ptau- of Wlscons n," ap- prore'1 March 17, |fcfi9, ant hav ntf also paid Into ib* State Treasury the 0uu of three per cent, od the £T r l* amount ef premiums recC'Ved In tbe £i*l«of UiscuQ- a'n for the ye ir 1858, i i per re; ort "f aitc^ Company — Now, therefore. In pursuance of the net ; afbrvaaM, 1 . David VV. Jonei, Secretary o.' rtmte of ttie>tau: f,' Wt§ consra, do bert-by c»rtify that W r I'n ft. of Mllwm ee, f he be duly aothor.z J by etU C -Jnpany , niaj take nckft, recelve^remiumi »nd lrat.iacl tn^ t>u-In«B« of an Insurance Agent for ia:d Company In tMi State from this dale, until the firvi day uf Jaou try, l^o 1 '. In tfltneai "hereof. I have hereunto' tei mv harul and tWilr-d Lhr gr^atteal uftUe^iate. it theCairol u MI-HOD, thlt 31it .:« y n: May, l?*a. FORJSALE. French Fall Meed Wheat. T HE fubgcrlber hn Just received i raall sample of While Wheat direct from Tranfe, and will reC'Ire order* for lame. AJ the quantity »rrlvln§ Is mull, parties wishing to porchaie, <rll. da veil to lend In aril en early. WM TOUNO, Je»-<nw nr«n<!h Warehouse, Walter's J*olnt-_ ' NOTICE. I S hereby given that 0. 0. Murray has withdrawn from the firm of Murray, Prior t a., baring gold all hla right and Interest In .aid Him t > W1 Ham M. Klmball. 0. 0. MURRAY. The business will hereafter be conducted under the Style of Prior,Hublck A Co., who will settle- all acoonn'i or Murray, Prior i Co. A. P. PRIOR, J P. IIAKBIUK, Jf5 " M. M. Kl.MBALL. 86 K&W A.K1J—-il.U 1' LOST. A SHALL Black at <1 Whlir Hla', wearing ^——^> anew leather strap around lmr neck. Jaaa^**W and has her ears cut 10 a point in th • *hapc of oxe* ear*, and anawera to the name of ''Jennie," wa« lost on Saturday afternoon, Jane 4th. Whoever will return • aid Slut to 31T Mam strert, will receive the above reward. Jet a. PARK cooa.. otDEOji n. aoLUSTsa. .COAKLXS o. COTTOS. COON, HOLLI&TEfi & COTTON. Altorui-y* and < oins .< llor«», SOd. 4,5, AND 8, PUUC..1X 091 Kajt Wattr Str A OS" i'ROMI-ORY .NU1K for $.«., Held, titfhl m m hi nft. r t Frelderich Froeffp and M itlA Ch I waultee, Oc'Mlvr 1 % \<t 1 marr buy laid note as .t will not b-> p.-inl to *ny tome. [jrll BARBARA H I * D 'l by Mil- body not to SPECIAL NOT'CE." HATS AND CAP? 1>K. VKRMIFCGE AND A »i(igiil*r eomblnfttlon, but very •• (Tactual, u Ihe folioirlng will show : Nrw TOBK, Novflintn-r 20, ISB'J KnovlDg. from experience, tbe r»luAr.le qua] Hi ^s >i Dr. M'Lon*'* Vermif'ug* and Liver Pill*, prepared ' by Uemlng Bros. Pittsburgh, I have for *nmet!m? b».:k cooaidered It my duty, and mad« it my bmine.o, io make those articles known whereTer I ^nt imun,{ m/ friends. A short time a»io I became ac.]U*intr-d w,it the case of a young girl, who s. emed to tie trouble. i with worms and Uver complaint at the mm-i tlm^. \ bftd been suffering for some two month*. Through my penaailoo she parchased one bo-tif if !> r f..m«'i V*rmifitQe t and one box of lin+r /'(//j, which ihw took according to dlrectior,*. Ttia r suit w*a, §be passed a Ivge quantity of w»rm.t, *.n<i i nuts -toe box more of|the Pills will rest. ir-- hfr •-";. r'- t -, aitn. Her uame and reiideno a can ^ Iwnrned by ciii ng ia E. L. Th«all, Dmt?g1st, corner . f Ru-ytr an-) M^nr>^ streets. Porcfeuen win b« ^nr>-ru' to ask fnr DH. oianu'-irtur- Liv-r F H A 'i STK A VNY \ I ' Hi. H I M \ 1) 11- > i he ¥ i ed NOTIC AVINU purrKasen .>/ >UI>I (1C: •-,. CfiLaBRATKD VZIHIIFC FLEMING Bans, of Pittsb.jr h, '^s In comparison mr* w-jrihit- genuine Vermifuge, also hts coi^brmiril QOW be bad *t all respect»bt4 Ir yenvin* \vit\wt ih* tiynatur* <>f rjj jifl*-d*w1m ^ F. H V O I * D I If I This la a complaint v ! females UttofLind** t,*r-m'in cure tnia Jisea^* The »7siem, i stored to its ur.nrlnai i;r-o»rth » I becomes good, '.he iylr!t» ^.-cmiit t!' l. i: i , I- U N r- K :-. i l: -i- i: N r I . N. i . ' . I I M I 1 I r '»rom<'n, *%ii-<- AS, c .n> nlil.liu' Goods, t No l»3 >a<, » a thi- Clotti.ns hus Milwauke , M *t. n-lt IQ euu Fur- h- «tore, ry intf <iO y * . sal« by druggists at 75 cent* ppr b inter it i K -k In trailr. rut W«t«r MAB..I-Y 4 CO. an-1 Ji-aifr^ -i m*--i n nt* p»?r bittlr THK «rKK\T KN*,!.!";' ( SIR JAMr> t I.AI;.-. f ' i-< lilt rat «•<! i final r J' Jf. Thil Rt.'T Ail. I'ilii. - /. u H Gentium, u a, Slugs' & children' Boots, MIDI'S. •! IIM-I Us A UIIIIU Its. ami r be. rs MA Fl: XV .11. r »lrc<'t 5S'-«% i .1 l <• 11 \ K K l I l« IV ,'UR'iK \i VI 14 ir- 111 * tatloq ^ HIM v f '•• <•• tO 1>C-1 '•• . '• ItDOWIi 10 L.'.C In a hrtU-r mi L*h,l»hinrrjt in Cl IFF 171 F.a«t W kttr 4 hi U,r ;<_ C,;. 1 1- ^ |> 1 1 : S. 11 - fl.i ii T'; F£ED THE HUNbRY," III? ir.jUL,-:: • 1 U t > u ' >• fbl rst -Ti.-nt > > Si I ^ i-t;j K \s Mil.'A .l!.'K • I. \ \\' \ i l-.i: ii 1 '1 Kh.r- 1 .., ,,N -IN HATHAWAY & BELD&N. B \NKINC; Land and 4 ull<-clioii <>t1a< . j 1 •s III IK h. 4. ror> ) CKXS. HOTELS, &C [L.8.] ir O U I S H <_> L : I! \ '10U U Is I O5 I-., ION --ir >»..- « t--- r- .-•. r - . ir. jel«-dlm Allistant Secretary Of .-*tnt«- • A CUUODS BIT o» HuroB'r.—Looking alona the boundary between North Carolina and Tennessee, it wjUl Is seen that the linn, after .pursuing a general southwest course tor nearly the whole way, suddenly bends directly south as It approaches the Georgia border. Now this line should have kept on southwest. its it is started, the boundary oDmrntssloneri being so near the elose of their labors, resolved: it is said, to indulge in a general' "spree," in the course of whioh the Carolinians got glori- pasly Inebriated, and their Tennessee con- frereB amused themselves by changing the lino, and cheating them out of a small corner. It was considered a capital joke at the time on both sides, for the land " stands on its edge," and appears to be of the sort that makes a man the poorer the mare he has of it But it hai lately been found to-be no Joke, as far ar" Old BIp" Is oonoerned, at any rate, for this very comer has within It the great copper deport of Duoktown, which contains immense an_ tnezbaostible beds of that valuable metal— Mining U in its infancy there, yet the valley Already ponrs out its .ores by millions worth, and constantly increasing every year. In ted years, probably, the market value of this mfi Ding region vul be not t lest than a hundred millions. The line was nut aboutflfty yean ago, and North Carolina is birred by the stat. ate of' limitation from reclamation. The "mountain dew 3 ? was decidedly onwholMomil that titm for the good old State. _ The Detroit frttPren has madeth dUoovery that there are now no voters inllich happeng from * blunder of the myi. tmdoabtWl wd beyond sb M triyhop.&r Idsauooats in th. oomta* AN Omega.—Barn--y UUQB us specimen of the woodman specii eighUren ounces to the pound; ha |,ucc £**tj pa»s like a grizxly bear's; is six f'-nt i uin li'-ad to bu,', and til fuel tferee inches from h<?eU to bt*d. VThuQ observed in a pa(rl listic point of view, Barney'* app-iraniw terrible ! TEBBIBLE. One daj last week, offlcer Wadpewood * in8tnjot*>d to look ap aud capture the fof-*- mt«lioijfd Individual, aad bring him forth with, beforr- G. W. Marshall, Eaq , on a charft of baring feloniously taken and walked at witli dirers and sundry logs, the property o Sam Westoo, Esq. Wedge, grinnrd as h« took lb» warrant and turning round to Sheriff Pol ley said, "Look here Jim, yon and gome ol the rest of Via think Third Ward Winter i* mighty smart—wait a few hoars and I'll show you oreeturs how an officer should do his duty — Give me s chance! tbe fact is Jim, circam standee ban more to do with making men il lastrious than genius has—suai AS TOC ABJS BOBS !" Having thus delivered himself, of went Wedijewood as fiercely as did Napoleon for the wajr of Italy. Barney In tbe meantime was miking suitable preparations for defence, having taken refuse in the "Floating Palace," a short die tanee west of North La Crosse, and Buoce>*d- «d in loading himself with rifle wbiskey , ami by the tim« tbe officer arrived was in good condition, folly prepared to give him a warm re- ocptlon. Now watch 'em ' down there ID front I hate off everybody I yonder corns* Wedgewood singing, ' Woodman drop that tree ' Conch not Sim Weston's legs, M nnlr binders m« from setting other dogs !" Oat ru»u- ^ Barney from the gilded halls of ha palace hud tn an instant the two belligerents were faoe to face ; the woodman looking contemptuously down at little Wedgewood, eren as doth N'iok Hintgen's big foar story, down on the bumble warehouse of John il. Levy's. 'Is your name Barney l>uon?"boldly asked the officer. "Wall, I reckon it is, old horse-fly. What do you want of me?" 1 have a warrant for yon, for stealing logs of old Sam Weston—you must go with me to L* Crosse. Yes, wall, I sha'nt do it, not as you knows of, for you or old Weston either Too take it mightv cool, said Wedgewood. Wall I do, replied tbe woodman, bat you'll take it a d—d sight cooler in a minute, for I'll duck you tn tbe river, just onoe for luok. At this Juncture Greek met Greek, and the two clinched ; but by accident or otherwise, Wedge got the "right hand, under holt," and souse I went the big man into tbe river.— Wedge swears be threw him fifteen feet from tbe bank 1 " but no matter about that," suffl nient for ns to know t hat the " under dog in tbe fight" was for mice victorious, affording another proof of the superiority of pluck over muscle. Now tbe Scene was 1 Booming Interesting, and the chance* were that round second would be the death of the gallant officer, but to his surprise the woodman didn't come to time, bat iwam ont into the river, climbed a tree, and swore he wonld stay there till he starved off and fell. Hallo there, Barney 1 don't make a fool of yourself—come ashore now, that's a good fellow, exclaimed Wedgewood at the top of his voice, for he began to fear the success of his undertaking, and dreaded to return without the prisoner. What was to be done 1 be had no boat, no revolver, no habeas corpus, no musket, way out yonder, high np on a tree, was the object of his anxiety. What was to M done, was the all absorbing question. Finally'he hit upon a plan; whioh was to itrip and swim to an (stand, a short distance jeyond the tree, and stone him down, this to did, after giving official notice to the inmates of the palaoe to clow doors and drop curtains for modesty sake (1) while the feat was being pnrformed. Having reached the island, whiz went the first stone, hitting tbe woodman .on the right arm and causing him to surrender-and-come down Jike Qrookett'J coon. The ooldbath had nearly sobered him, but tbs stinging bruise •completely brought him too. He swam ashore, stood still u s new nUloh cow while Wedge- woOd : ironed bis monstrous arms, and in less than an hour he was safe In the* hands;of'Jus- Joe Marshall. He gave bail to'the sum of one hondrej dollars for his appearance. the nurt morning, but without coming to trial he settled lie stealing affair, With Westpnj and ; gave rfedgewood TWBHTT DOLLiss Ibr damage* in resulting him as an officer of the law.. The whole affair cost Barney Dunn about seventy dollars. Served him rijht.—£a Grout Democrat. V" . '••.••.'••-•".'ril «»».W'lWPiIeei- •hall be allowedtoTote unless Ws name ~ fait moat to come mainly from the Lwno- LANDS AND WATER POWERS. 490,000 A« BtS s Choice Farming aud Fine Lauds, I.M WIM'OftM.'N. 8 ~ELFCTII' i ears ago frum the Hi. n <i L ^r. ii plat.-, are n- w 'j3Tr,j FOK SA . , }•; . BT THE Fox and Wiscoasm Improveoiffli Cu , At L..W P.-iCM, on Lib<-rii Tf-rtna nf Cre-Jit, mn.J r* large or •mall qaatit,«3 lo tuJt pa'chtaen ALBANY RESTAURAN I.Utlj t' -. •M Cooper Fig-. K. Mir^l l«.l"n fsr Macombcrs Salad Cream HYA'l'i M Com pricing the differ*Dt v»ri*?ti r a o f Oait o;-^-. Pr.lhe aod HarJ Wood LAI.-!*, ar-- »r|; wite'rU l y WjTu-K» aud Drver-falUnp Brook.*, au<J are In the * •- r,:- tj of goud mar- eu. TH K ! Are eitrcnirlT T»ilQ.ible,be'n.t located In lh.» Pine R- (Tioo or (la T Thf T T ihr Pine R- frioD or Wi-coumn, an'.] Choi en wivb panlcolar refcrttic? to the < t,tuber and the v.cmli/ of I -gitlng itreatns. WA'I'KK FOWtKH. T|.« attertion of E*jt*rn CapltaJi-tj !- Cuw i to t/,e Waier Puwer* i>"Dcd by th.a Ctunpftuj. Mill PrlTllefrea are liluated dlrtct«-iy Alobg tide h« Oan»l wbJCb nn.tei tbe MlaUlMippI »itrj th' Gr*m • o that good< may be shipped by ttfearnboat oi rrO'lyto an fr»-a th« Milts. The»e Power* will be le\»e<l for a lerjrt of yean be drslr, A Par fortbrr information, enquire bf fiiJBKRT MlTH, Aptijt of TruWt-8, or l.AM.L '»J ~Je_NNE. Agvnt, at the office of tb^ I^and bepA.rtmrUt, t Appleton, ft'ii , or of W. H. RODWAY, Cotnpan ma> IB 19 ' . a r» • • ir. j w * • a v - % * •*:OOO M 1. \ U ( I U I. O HAM *t, Tb« be»! fr*' ffr-rel-^ l. 1 -. .s :j il-., to UHl.m. 'II N,> POUK N I) I l.t; I K til. T' Mei« T'..- A SJ I A < II •» W F I. L f i> fl V -. M I) L " K H K K F. \ (INi I N i N (i IX. II V 'I > A 1 J, H, UUriUtScst CO hcUl 1. f! or !*•»• of CaU ny'* Afen .-t.,Mit,» WAKEHOUSK Of L H claimed Freiht aod andiEsamine -..: &&i<uT^ • ,M. . ur .r-xxlj- an.] pr <-f> «• t j.l. tL-'f you. HrVS i TR.'i Franklin ( henural \Vnrk« B. .231 NORTH FRANKLIN StREtT. la just tic "V 1 *•**•' l' 1 .-"-i O\ H TFUS 'n ?v-rr it? - i u •a> i «-p- or nu,. A I.ACKOMKI: K, a. W ILL be lold at Hood's Auction Room., So 4,.«prit. •t., OD Thursriny morntnff. It r 3"ln €af nf . ut the fotlov c^- I >•( freight acd Bacstur, unl(%i call> or aod chaifgct pal'l pret.oas u> daj of »aj«. i..-e I- ) »n J 1 Black Tfa»eUo« Bag, | " •• 1 Carpet, t Black Btft, 1 Oarpet Bag, 2 Black B«gJ, 1 Carpet Bag, 1 Black Bag. 2 Uarprt Bag, 1 Leather Bag, 1 Uarp«t Bag, 1 Bundle Clothing 1 Band Boll, 1 Ktuaatt frunft, 1 1 Black •• S Black - Fred, So m Ttr. 1 Ttie d t-y T n^ on. l/.e M li . Fred. Russell C. M. VetrU. J. A. JJUnchar'l No mart. t.irtrs- •i Th these » > enough , Chemi**! , Chicngu KRLKR, I:: , (' o 1 Black 1 BoaseU " 'i 1 Chrtt, '' 1 Bol, a. 0 0r*en. 1 Raaaett *' No mark. 1 Black •• '• 1 Feather Bed, <• 4 Black gatcbeli, " , 1 Carpet Bag, '• 8 Oana, <• 4 Hal Boxei and Bata, <• 13 Bundle* Ololhlng, " •' Ihe above goodi have remained on oaad at the Depot of tbe La Cro-io and Milwaukee Railroad ot»o }ear and onr, and will be sold without retenre for cwh, 1 J. HOOD, Auctioneer. MU»aukee, June 10, lUt. jelDiMtliiSOd N OT1CK is brr^by fir en, l 1 tl>/o of lht« t B Y reaofatlon or the Common Coaocll, adopted June 6th, i8St, the recommendation of the turret Com- mlailonera to frrad* North alley to the establlihed grade ntnnlng through block 163, In the Second -W^rd, it ti ordered, ! , That laid .>alley be graded to the established grade, according to the eatlmate of thx City Kngmeer on file In thla offlce. : . • OWOBTI of »rop«rty In ikld alley are hereDy Dotlflrd o make raco Improremeata vltb'n 20 da>p from llila date, or tht Steeet Oemmlmmen of tbe Second Ward arlll cante toe tame to be done and charged to the re- tpoctlTe lota according to law. ! i jell-dot E. 1,'H. UARPINER, Comptroller. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, MAQJHI&E TURTON & SERCO.nJIi Proprietors. No*. £06,288,3OO, 3U2 and SU-1 WEST- WATBK STRKK'J Two bloek* below th* La Orons H. B. f • • • '• aUnnnrrrcBS ! '• BTSAM DtQIKES, : • OBI8TJKBAW MILLS, '- tTNg BHAIT1NQ, j : HTLL QKAHlNe, ' ' i • HOEfll POWCBB" ! nit! DRIVING UAOniNCD,: BUDGE, RAtliBOAO :; sad STEAMBOAT OAflHN9Bi I IKON OOLUMNB, ; • for BuUdloga, aad erery variety of Job Wort, In me belt maanet/ami on the mostUb«ral terms, i \ . • The attention of MUl-owners and owaersjof • WaUr- Power, to particularly called to the _'UT3?L,K WATKK -_, As being by prar th* most powerful, danMfe and »cc- nooleal Wuell evsr Invented—not liable W gtt oat of ordsr, not sheeted by Ic* or baakwater. and nihig ten waUr In ptoporUon to the power prodnpw than any ther Wheel to the market A deicrlpUv* cl •ealar for; »"J«^*a|»PpHeatlon, free oj charge. ~ i ao - FOOR BILK. ABO, FOR BALK OHKtAJP T BV nndtrttrned will t«il four BUlanl TaWei with Ball* ai(l One*, en in good order and nllenew, V. BLATZ, Olty Dreirery. i?li<>n ROCNDS A: . Advertising Agenta, -a^SFDOtMt^ BTS1SS1, t][. ;.' "Who art atiiornlea to reoelti "AdTtrtjatmrtn'^or thl»" at wtU at att; of ih*mo*t Influential andJarfett'abtn- litla(papaHttB»ea(h«B« th««aUn Monh-Weib ,jrv.T, R R. 0. , I re., Ju e «, I8.-SI f In the i.rfic- ->f the ^vcf- f this Compiay, 10 tb« City of Milwaukee, rea,l> Li be uecutctl liy holders cf t>"n»!s 5eour-<i by tji-- aoder loreclosur* of whi h this Company Is .irganizetl, and persoos holding nacb boadi wbo hare Dot &lr?a>l; executed 'he same arc notified to do so in p^r.oo r*r by Attorney duly authorized. Notice Is also ftiTea, tint the Secretary uf tft.s CVm pany wht issae ceruAoatrs ot^he atock of this Compa- oy to to* holders of sjoh bon-la upon turrrender thero- 9f ( In pursuance of th* proTlslun<i of the deed of or. gantzadon. Notice Is also glrea, that tb« B-i,-vrd of'-t r* ->' this Company ba> made an assetsmeal on Che stock at ihe rate of one \ er cent, for tlie : urpoae <>f p jmu ihe expenses of forecloiinri the laid mortgage- and u <>r ganlzlnK this Cnnipsjiy, payable on or before ihe frii day of JuJy next; to the Treasurer of this Company. ->t his ouice 10 thtt City of Milwaukee. JeT-dtt DW1OHT W. S T.1SS, Secretary. \ a u k c <• > o t i o 1] « STOCK AI.\VAY~> FTLJ i ill , »-, K'H Al .( X. u <> » -1, f«»l > TU V 'I r . It » \ r -. ( «< K >1 )S A N 1 > 1 ' li. lC P. I t U\ . "- .11, ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. n . n K \ C L E & SON! SION OF THK BIG RED KETTLE ! DEALERS TN Stovet, Sheet Iron, Tin, Hardware. Iron, Tin, —AND— iORIOlLTlKAL W OULD retpectfolljr Inform their friendi and the pnbllo geaerally, that they have opened a Store at 806 .......... WEST WAJEB STREET ......... 3O6 for theii'o of the abort named article!, togethe with 8PADE8, SHOVELS, RAKK8, HO 88, And Agricultural Implements generally, aa vaU aa all loroof SHEET IKON AA I>Ti!N NEKS' WORK, etc. etc, etc. Btovea pot °P to oriter. I^T 1 Roofing. ttSPAlflINO of all klnda, and every lort of *ork IB oor line punctually attended to. JQf Orderi left wtll be atuoded to wlthoat delay. Kglt irEAOLK A SON. DK. H. KNAPP. R ecently of H. T., ma/be consulted at hU room No.o, Newhall Hooie, MllwaftHee, tbe flrrt of erery month, commencing November Ut, la retard to all .In. ea*e*, which he treat! with unprecedented lucceu. lit cure* chronic eaaa of AICMC*, which have been pro, rtouncad Incurable by the medle*] faculty generally. inch at Nervooa and Nesralglo Affectlooj, Dlieaie* ol Women, all forma ot Scrofula, Dyipepala, Oonatlpatloo- Sktn DlieaJ«a, Oancerou tod Tuberculous Affection*, InelndlnK Pnlmonary Oontutnpilon, Rheamailim, Par. alyali, Epllepaj, wmlUent and Intermittent Ferera, the dlseaiea of Children, Ac. . ALL the gvril* and molt Ot the ralRrtogi of child-birth are remoTeH by early convolution. Remember, that the Doctor does not promise to core afl stage* of Disease!. While all di*eaae* are curable, tT taken In leaion, all «Ufv» are not. Tqar cue may. be curable thlt week,not nef»— to-day, nftl to-morrow. lay -~ iept28 : he at nil Bom*, Ntuhail Hou»t genoe the danger of delay -~ •'••&T Dr. Kospp will: he a from Tataday noon, July 1kb. til] Thurtday noon, b. Oonagltattoainn. .\EW . N I --1 • N T HE NEW AND THE OLD , Or . »,,! .r,,,» in .l ; tn romantic aspects, by t> w PVTI.T, \l D SIos.l-cs, by the author of*l f.>r Uid .-ol.rArv A Bai-helor'a ."lory, by 0 I*>r Hun,-Lir« uf General HaielooH. b, J T Hea.lljv The Convalescent, i>y N P «ii>s Th«r ^parrnwgraaa Paprrl; or. Living -n '.h^ Cn'i bj t. T. CuZlfU:,. Juit RecelTed. Pnr «al« by TKRRY i OUE.lVSR, • M i ' K 1 \ \ I.-, M > ) N I"" GO MA 1'L.t. .-, 1 Kl f f our ability ti< matte ^y tnv fci . Si I .11 Jl O .\ l> *, SOLS PROPRIETOR A MANn?AUTDRER OK CVRIi OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, T HIS Brandy has been manufactured for jev-n years from the para juice of the Cat.iwb* Grip?. (has affording additional eTidencu^nf American enterprise and Industry, anil produce articles at home equal to ihn other nation. The Ohio Ofctawba Brandy not only eqaal* but exculs the best Imported Krandies, in purity auU darur II is In fact tlte beat Brandy inown. Thia UAtem.-n". ia fmly corroborated by the certificates of our most distinguish' »d analytical chemists. The wane of Pure Brandy has lonji been felt in thla country, and the Introduction of aa article jf such ^u&ll- ty u to laperscede tho salt) ami ane if ihoao rile compounds hitherto sold unde- the a*me ot Ur&iidy.can only Be regarded a great puallc jood. Tlie L'atawbn possesses ail the good qualities claimed fr, r ihe bent Imported liquors, and Is of perfect purly »nd j flavor,and asoverticn and sure romedy fnr Dy*p.<^,* yiatuleccy, Urajnp, Oollo, Languor, Low Spirits, f)^n-r il Debility, *c. SO FAMILY 8HODLD BE VVITHOCT V .Retail Price, *i,as PIT Botili-. f3f~ Recommended by lh« phyi:c:aas uid <lriiKi2ist> or the United States. S. BlmtSjpQdshas appointed J. P 4 F 3 [LM.KY, ND 141 last Water street, sole agents for the State .if Wls- I coosln, where dealers and trus<om«r« will iiie»«v for- ' ward their urders. i By eilllng on the agents, th* public will reoei»» aiiun- plegratulotuly. my'9 •IUSTICJE DOCKKTa. M JLNDf ACTTJRED expressly for that purposo, out QfuntqaalltT paper. B. TtRS? * CO., Je9 1ST But Vatar it. MO I U ii KIVili .IT' J V % A r- A M 1 I . ,i« M:l:, s"MII r- I • I K C A r Si,R Y ! • ( i»y fon.jer ttoct, I '.no £aat«rn *tj,i4.'<4 Patterna, \Viucn ha^.j been importeit in>i manufactured .tnoe th« a-ft ^an.:\ I riava also purclmtied a iar^ff 4took of L ukes ' aad tisntlemoa '• Watohea, ivitii o,uvem^Mtj .likaowledjwi it ih» matt tupertor or the tm.r.can i...MI B . _ ooT«0 -| \ i k IPKBSU COCOA OUU aprS8 NOT3 jtut rw!H»eU it HUNM t GHOST'S.

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