Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 22, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22 1S83. 7 i S-'ronn I I will tmk'nvor to tfiv« * t|a renders ' of rh« GA/.FTT!: n brinl'sketch of the; livings of this UMe town since the ad-; rent of ttv (.'. B. £ X. K. H., which oa-' eurreilin .Tune, 18*'). In .August of fie same year, Henry Myrnsand Knapp it Livingood brska ground for the first buildings in the new town. We now have three dry goods stores, four hardware, two drug, two grocery, four res- taurnnta, two butcher shops, one boot and shoo store, two hotels, one livery stable, three blacksmith shops, orm bank, one jewelry store, one harness shop, two barber shops, one grain ele- raUir, one lumber yard, two churches, one public school with three teachers, two millinery shops and two dressmakers. Besides the above we have a very excellent system of water works, located north of town, on Temperance hill, and the line roller mills, owned by C. E. Ooshert. The major- it; of the buildings, both business and dwelling, are built In the most substantial manner and many of, them quite expensive.-- Quite a considerable building will be done"the "comingReas- on, aa the contracts have been already let. While we do not expect a boom, we think the town will have a steady growth. From Jan. 2nd to Feb. 2nd, A. H. Puterbaugh shipped f«ur carloads of rye, two of wheat, live of oats, thirty- seven of corn, nine of cattle and sixteen of hogs or 843 head of hogs. About ail carloads of stock were shipped by other parties. S. H. Herrington is now devoting bis entire time to doctoring horses and cattle. He is having an extensive praoticn. Mrs. \V. L. Hunter, of i-abula, Iowa, came In on the 2:3(Vp. m. train on Saturday and returned in the evening, accompanied by her husband. We regret to say that for a few days past Lewis Beitzel has uot been doing as well as usual. He has had some fever caused by taking a slight cold. Mrs. E. H. Herrington is quite sick with lung fever. EXTUA. From NelaoB. Feb. 20.—Mrs. A. H. Keister's recovery from her late illness is very slow. Miss Blanche tStitzel has for the past two weeks been quite sick and is little better at this writing. MJI. A. Facey, who has been on the •ickllst for some days past, Is improving slowly. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, of Early Dawn, are visiting Miss Delia Dolly for a few days. Mrs. Wm.-Pearson and daughter, of Union Grove, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. .). H. Pearson, for a few days. Miss WaddeU, of Canton, 111., visited Mrs. Hattie Beggs, Saturday and Sunday last. Mr. W. H. King, of Athol, Mass., is visiting his sister for a few days. Mrs. Belle Fox who has been visiting her brother John Pearson, for the last week, received a message Saturday a. m. that her husband was sick . and she staited for her home in Dixon on the 2 p. m. train. 1' understand" Miss Anna Bollman's party last Friday evening was a .auc- . CNSB. The young folks from llock Fails surprised Dan Brown and wife last Wednesday eve, but D in says they had a glorious time. Frank Stevens Is preparing to go east this spring. S. McKinstry is quite a card player, and loves a social game; but the boys come out ahead occasionally. Miaa Blanche was presented with a splendid gold watch last week, and she is very much pleased with her present. Mr. J. McKinstry thinks he has two of tfce best cows in this vicinity, he say* he makes about seventeen pounds ofbuttsrper week from them; besides his wife uses all the cream and milk she wishes for cooking purposes and .table use. But Mr. McKlnstry takes very good care of his stock. I think myself they do exceedingly well for this season of th« ymtr. The school board paid a visit to our school last week-,' and were much pleased with the order kept, and the progress of the school in general The boys say I hate to, but yet I must; when they shoulder their axe and start for the wood pile. Some of the farmers in our neighbor hood are making preparation for moving although there will not be as many changes made this spring a? last. The tax collector says he returns his books about the 10th of March, but you can find him each Friday at the C. & N. W. Ry. depot, Nelson, and Saturdays in Dixon until March 10th. Anthony Thome is laying off for repair* this week. And still the wedding bells rine. . •• • UNO. Fearose and Habnrlta. Calvin Madison has had a great deal of experience waiting on the sick and informed us that to bathe those sick and bedridden with salt water once a day would prevent them from getting bed sores. If this is a fact, it is some, thing worth knowing. He says be got the information from a high-grade Indian woman down in York State. Ob. Wareheim, last Sunday evening on hie way to Sandfordville, bad a borrowed horse hitched to the cutter and in going over a bare strip of ground bad the horse to choke down and It floundered and fell and then jumped and reared up and fell back, just missing the sleigh. All the damage done was a broken ptur of thills. The rye fields look nice aud green where the suow has mailed off and we tbiuk If thero i* not to > much freezing- gad thawing the rye and grass will etarfc right up. No one making gardens yet that we hav« beard of. iMtt Saturday evening, while corn- leg from tows, through ttie slush and eramaii JfccoM had *u upaet * Batter »ad skilled him out iu the w?iter right at a culvert. Ho WIIR telling and laughing about it ;it the store, until ne spied a (.}AZETTK man and then said, "Hy gol, 1 won't tell anv more, or they'll have it in the paper." But we don't intend to put it in the paper nor that he pays a dollar m»r«- poll tax than any other man in Jordan just because he didn't know how much the poll tax was. Miss Ellen Page nan a birthday party at the hall on Thursday evening. Mart Book Bold a fine- lot of steers this week to (teorgfi Rikert of I'rnirif- ville. SamT Myers will move back from Sterling to Jordan next Monday. He will move into the house vacated by Guinther. We are glad to have Sam back to Jordan again. II. K. Mellinger and H.M. Detweiler both good farmers and s'.ock raisers, we are informed will de-horn a lot of cattle this spring. Douglass Deyo received more valentines than any one single person in our town and they were highly scented too, if the instructions written on the bnc|r of one of them, and sent by a young lady, were carried out, The young lady is up to snuff, and Doug, carries a broad grin all over his face. W. H. Guinther, teacher at the Center, will move on Ms farm just south of the school house that he bought of Mr. Wilger, this week. Mart Book has a cow 'that he would'nt take one hundred dollars for. She gives him five gallons of milk a day on dry feed of straw and hay. Oyster supper at the hall on Wednesday evening, under the auspices of the W. C. T. U. • John Buckley is agoing to be a granger, with hay seed in his hair and honesty on his brow. He is moving on their farm in the north part of Jordan this week, where he will show the Jor- danites how to farm. Good luck to him. and a welcome. Grandmother Jacobs came out to her son Nelson's last Sunday to help prepare rations for the movers this week and took sick, but under the skillful treatment of Dr. I'aul, is fast recovering. JtsseP. John just lacks twenty-Dvo dollars of enough cash from following the{advice of Greelsy: "Go west young man and grow up with the country." But as it is, thinks he will have to work awhile and earn the sheckels before he can take the great philosopher's advice. There will be a basket festival at the Fiiirview Dist., when the contents will be sold to the gents'at auction and the purchaser eats with the lady who furnished the grub contained in the basket, one week.' from next Friday evening. The proceeds to go to paying for the organ. Let there be a full turnout and good time. From Over Urove. • Feb. in—The Central examination held at Deer Grove on Thursday was n decided success in general. The participants all did very well on an aver age. The evening exercises from the various schools were very well rendered, aud all went home well pleased aud satisfied with the manner in which the exercises were conducted. Mr. Hendricks is an earnest worker and deserves the warm silpport of the people of this county; he has built up this Grading process, aud now it stands ready to move with treat ease. We sincerely hope he will continue as a helper among us. - ' We noticed some of our-Sterling friends here on Thursday evening. The big thaw we have been having is making very bad roads. Mr. Kelly made a very fine speech at the central examination entertainment which should be well appreciated for we don't often hear such grand re marks as Mr. Kelly is capable of making. There was a dance'at Mr. Durr'a Tuesday night, all erijnyed-themselves immensely. , ' ^ Mr. J. B. Drew has been visiting fur the past few days at Mr. Geary's in Harmon. • ' • Michael Fleming of this place was sentenced to one year in the penitentiary. . ART From JBrle. Feb. 22.—Mr. William Whlti&y, of Woodhull, Illinois, and Mrs. Lizzie James, of Sterling, were married here last evening at the parsonage by > the pastor of the Christian church. The many friends of the bride, who is well known and highly respected in Sterling, will be gratified to know s' e has mar rled a Christian gentleman. He has rented out his farm in Henry county and will, with the now bride, soon become a resident of Sterling, they occupying her residence there. Our congratulations and best wishes attend them. Mr. James. Worrell and wife celebrate tnelr sixteenth wedding anniversary today at the residence of Mr. Collins. Frank Suieed and John Bessie ship two carloads of stock from here today. A small child of our village said one day last week, "Papa;came home last night and whipped all the family and this morning he whipped mother again." It seems a pity that all whisky does not kill as quickly and as effectually as In the case of Myers, of Pine Creek. Then would drunkenness cease from the earth and all men become total abstainers- and prohibitory laws become unnecessary. Much ado is made over the oudden killing of Myers, but eighty thousand others are being annually taken off thus, only by a slower process, and the world looks on unmoved, and even votes to regulate, legalize and license this wholesale poisoning. Let friends of tern per- anca at the next election stand up and be counted. Evening surprise parties are the order of the day. Geo. Ke*r, Geo. Muon, Dan Young, Eaianuol B«iwnblgl«r. Hob J*me* and Ab Co.bort are among the late victim*. Hev. Lin PS is here- m'-isting l!ev. 1! x- tcr in a revival si-rvio.-'. Miss Mn"r- itnd is expected r.t'itt Satnrdnv inrl.t Aa tho writer contemplate-* movini; from Erie, to his farm near Coleta, the first of March, this will he his last letter "From Erie," Tim inrodes made on my health during the nearly four years of work in sclioo'room and pulpit here make this change necessary. My phy- mtiona advise out door work and ex- erciae in the sunshine, whirh the free, joyous farm life only gives. It is hoped by this meana to be able, to continue my pulpit duties boiti here and at Woodhull. And now a word at parting. My relations to tho GAZKTTE during the past four years have been Only the most pleasant. It's editor and managers have been over indulgent with me, not a line or a word, of my often unworthy items, ever having been omitted or criticised; aud in closing I cannot surpress the thought that'll is one of the most liberal, just and well edit d papers in this great State, and for that matter in any State. There, I have said it! and upon reflection-I do not canTto fakeItTbackT Its editorials are scholarly and thoughtful; its news select, laconic, yet comprehensive; its type clear and quality of paper good, and what more could we desire. To tho GAZETTE'S patrods who have tiad the patsence to read the Erie items I must now say, adiew. Our relation as scribe and reader must now close. Nothing here is enduring, but let me urge that together we may after awhile enter that city which hath foundations whose maker and builder Is God, where partings never come and farewells are never spoken. RUNNERS FOR STEAMSHIPS.' Collaring; People for a Rmall Conimldaloii. How FiiHuernrern Are Plrked. Bark and forth before tho offices of the big transatlantic fitciimshlp lines fronting on Bowling green and in that vicinity may, on almost any dayt be observed certain men pacing the pavements with a hungry look In their eyes, eagerly scanning the face of" every person who approaches. If that person happens to Inspire in'the minds of these watchers, from the fact of his looking at the ofllco signs, from his appearance pronouncing him to be n stranger, or from any other outward Indication, any remote hint that he might be desirous of .purchasing a passage across the ocean, he Is at once approached with offers to assist him In hia search. The name of the port to which he wants to go being elicited, the "runuerslL.will at.once- compcte with each other for the honor of Introducing him to the agent from whom he can obtain "the best and cheapest pus- sago." The man Is at once drugged off, perplexed, bnt somewhat tempted by the offer of a cheaper fare than that which he bad been led to' expect, to tho steamship office where the "runner" who has him in charge can obtain the largest commission •upon tho purchase ot his ticket. "There isn't half as much money In this business now that there was a few years ago," mild a veteran runner recently. "We used to get $8 commission on each ticket across. Now the rates are down to almost nothing, and the companies will allow us wily from $8 to $5. Then when several fellows get around n man, of course the ono who will offer the passenger the most reduction off his ticket gets ( him, but that reduction, of course, has to come out of our commission." "Do you depend entirely upon chance In tho passengers you catchf" "Not altogether. Some of us who have made a business of the thing have agcnta of our own In other cities and out west, who advise us when a party is coming to New York to go across. .Then we make it a point to meet the passengers and arrange with them to buy their tickets." "How do you tell by the look of a marf whether he may prove a customer?" "It's easy enough," said the veteran, "to spot a stranger, and easier still to tell •whether he Is German, Swedish or Irish. Then If you can speak to him In his own language the probability Is that you are all right. If not, it's easy enough to back, out. Sometimes I've spoken to a man entirely on 'spec,' and struck a first class passenger. Of course, the higher grade, passenger you get, the more commlusbn j there is off his ticket for yon." A former runner, who is now engaged! In other business, was asked If the steam-, ship companies gave special commissions to favored men. . "Oh, no," said he, "any steamship com- i pany will give yon a commission if you take them n passenger, It 4anke3 hardly ' any difference who you are. I sometimes earn a few dollars that way yet, aud frequently oblige a friend by obtaining a ticket for him at the discount of my commission. Last summer when I made a trip across myself, I got another friend to j buy my ticket and saved $3 on It." Another ex-runner said that there wore Tory few men who made a permanent business of picking .up passengers now. Like himself, a good many were on the lookout for commissions when travel was brisk, as in the summer season, or when they hadu't anything else to do. But the commissions were small now, the competition was keen, and those who had made a business of it had mostly succeeded in establishing little offices of their own.—New York Commercial Advertiser. Mexican Bull Tighten Attonished. The Home what tame performances of the buH'flghts at Paso del Norte were enlivened during the proceedings by the daring exploit of a Texas cowboy, who •was cheered to the echo by the densely packed audience who filled every nook In the vast amphitheatre. The performance lagged a little and the bulls would not at first flght In spite of all that the picadorea might do. One or two of the bulls, after having been unsuccessfully worried and goaded without -working them up to the proper fighting plMrit, had been ignominiously driven out ot the arena, and a new; one, full of flght and fairly bellowing with rage; had just been turned Into the amphitheatre, when a Texan cowboy who was present announced that for the honor and glory of Texas he would ride the bull with his legs tied around the animal's neck and his face to the tail, If they would first throw the bull so that he could get his legs properly around aud underneath the animal's neck. Ha was at once taken at his word,.and the mounted Mexican bull fighters soon had the animal lassoed and thrown. The cowboy then had himself fixed in the I proper position, and the now perfectly furious bull was turned loose. To the, wonder and astonishment and the Intense! delight of the audience, the animal was unable to shake the daring cow bow off, who not only held on and kept his perilous seat, but after some .wild plunge* cncceeded by some mean* in manipulating the beast's horns and head In such a manner that he was thrown. The Mexican performers rushed at once to the utrug- gllng mans, and in a twinkling had the , Texan nulled aud released. It was a wonderful piece of -darulg and dare devtl- I try, and exceeded anything* dona by th« I Meiteans.—Cor. Globe-Democrat. i WILL YOU aurir&B with Dy»p«p»lft *nd Liver Cumpikint ? Soilotf. Vuni- U«r ig xvAfftnteed to cure you. j a Circuit t'oiirl nvivps along nicely. • In the ti-Miitini'iit of all liervoua M\A muscular diseases, such us rheuiiijitit-ni. npiiritlgia. scinUt-H, tie douloureux. S"tnicrania, etc, the v»hie of Sulvntmn Oil cannot 1>" over-estimated. It kills pnin. 1'ricj' -jr. rents a bottle. Thf> Mutiny Woufli. The. Chicago & North-We.stern Kail- way Co. in now selling cheap llrst-class Excursion Tickets at very low rates to the health and pleasure resorts of. the. South, including .Jacksonville and other Florida points; New Orleans, La., and to points in Mississippi, Alabama Si Texas. For tickets, rates and full information, apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Hallftay. :d(5WO Quiet and orderly all around. A Rrimarkablr Record. Notwithstanding the adversity of the elements, and in spite of the storms aud blizzards which have been reported as impeding travel in the great Northwest we have from the Chicago & Northwestern Bail way-the - oflicial statement that its "Overland Express" between Chicago and Council llluffs during the 60 days of its operation, from December 20 to February 0, has sufl'esed no serious interruption toils movement. During only four days of this time—in the midst of the great January storm—was this train as much as one hour behind its schedule. Eight times Its arrival was Within one hour of schedule, and in every other instance its arrivals have been accurately on time. It is confldently asserted that no fast train upon any other road on this continent can during the same, period show a better record dtt-w!) To ALL MEMBERS of socfety: Kemp's Ualsain will cureyour distressing cough. We guarantee it. Price SO cents and 81. Trial size free. A. R. Heudricka, druggist. OK Sterling ought to double population in two years. "The best on earth" can truly be suid of Urigg's Glycerine Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and nil skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 25 cts. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co. Let each do his all to boom the city. Burklen'R Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, ikuiaes, .Sores, Ulcers,_. Salt Kheuui. Fe.ver Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands, i'hilblaiiij<i Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and uostivcly cures Piles, or no pay required. It la guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded • Price 25 cents per box. For sale byS trickier & Boorse. Speak well all the time of your city. SniLoii's CATARRH HEMEDY—a pos itive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria and Canker Mouth. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 ^. hut are fl Never speak ill of any help your city. who seeks to The mothers that always disagree about the beauyt of their respective babies, always agree on the fact that for the croup, and colds of their babies, nothing can equal that delightful and pleasant -remedy, Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup. Gossip is twin brother to a liar. "HACKMETAOK," a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 26 and BO cents. 0. A. Oliver & Co;" 2 Delightful weather. • WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 60 cts. and 81. O. A^ Oliver & Co. 2 Nearini? the gathering of the wolf crop. Will it be fuller than ever, la Conanmptlou Incurable f U>)ad the following: Mr. C. H. Morris/ Newark, Ark,, say.s.-' Was down with, Abscess of Lungs, and friends and physicians pronounced me an Incur-j able Consumptive. Began taking Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, am now on my third bottle, and able to oversee the work on my farm.' It is the finest medicine ever > made."i Jesse Middlewart, Decatur, Ohio, says:i "Had it not been for Dr. King's New; Discovery for Consumption I would i have died of Lung Troubles. Was! given up by dcotors. Am now in best of health." Try it. Sample bottles free at Strlckler and Boorse's Drug: Store. • : Col. Sellers of happy memory favored an appropriation. ~• ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yellow SkinV 'Shiloh's Vit- alizer is a positive cure. O. A. Oliver &Co. 2 . Already Sabbath schools are preparing, for Easter service. A NASAL INJECTOK free with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 60 cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 . Astromony classes should chip in and buy a field glass to view the stars. FOR DYSPEPSIA and Liver Complaint, you have a primed guarantee on every bottle of Shiioh's Vitallzer. It never fails to cure. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 Let us have a street railroad. SUILOH' CUBE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. O.A. Ollvsr & Co. 2 We should have sewerage. It is by copying after nature that man geta best results. Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic ia nature's own remedy, is purely vegetable, can be taken by the most delicate. Cures all stomach, kidney and liver troubles. 60 cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver. Upper dam meeting tonight. Electric Bitter*. This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need -no- special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of pruis.-A purer medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to do all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver and Kidneys will remove. Pimples, Boils, Salt Rheum, and ot er affections caused by irnpuit* blood.-Wlli drive Malaria from th» system and prevent aa well aa cure all Malarial fevers.-For cure of. Headache, Constipation and Indigestion try Electric Bitters-Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded.-Price SO cts. and ftl-00 per bottle at Strioklar and Boona'g Drug Store. Road* are getting Into «xtnt good thap*. ljt. In thornanrt "f : .*'-'! by t m m.irvp.H who arf» in n<V 4 fl n! prnfltalilB wnrfc that cnn lv done while living »t ni;nif nhoulci at onrp p^nd thetr adtjrf 11 '^ to iin! Ictt S Co., Portlnml, Maine, nnrt receive fr<v. fun Information how either "wx, of all ngf*, c<in rani frnm $^ to £::o j>?r day »nd npwards Nhon^vrr they live You arc started free. Capital not P-- MUlrfid. Kom* iMvn made over -?V) tn a sinalc 1 tmyat tblfiwork. All succeed. ilwil S. M. BEECHER, PLUMBEB, STEAM —AND— GAS FITTER. Iron, Lead., Oulvert and Se-wer fipe. A rail Mae «f Brami flood*.' Pump» and Pump Repairs, Gas aid Oil I'lx- tiires. ------- ------------- __..._ ------------ ritH0p OPPOI41TK POST OFFICK OBI VOtlRTIf HTHF.KT Special Sale for 2 Weeks. a,n.d. Corsets. Now is Y OUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY ^ To ^Purchase these Goods at Much Less Than"Regular Prices, We have. Just Opened . ' New Prints, New Ginghams^ New Black Dress Goods, New ^ Tray Cloths, Pillow Shams, New Linen Collars and Ruch- Zngs. We can save you 25 cents per yard*on every yard of Black and Colored Dress Silks. WE ARE THE CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. Bent in the "World i BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS } Best in tho World. N. CARPENTER & CO. Prlure IVillielin'a Deformity. If th" throat trouble <>f the crown prince of (iertminy causes his death soon, etho heir to lliu throne will l>e his eldest son, Prince William, of whom the Countess von Krockovr writes: "The (Serbian? cannot forgive an heir apparent of the throne having been born mediocre In figure and Imperfectly formed. Prince "Wllhelm ban a crippled arm. The flngera are mere knobs. In the Hussar uniform there Is a pocket, and he wears it because the three lingers of the helpless member can be hung in the pocket. Otherwise if" hangs awkwardly and helplessly In Its alecve. His horses nre especially trained, and before the prince is to mount arc ridden, three-fliiarters of an hour to wear! them down. He can Just manage to hold the reins. We were together In n country house. I looked with OID-hostess at the fork with which he i-utn. .It is of silver, and not •couspicuonnly different from others, but fixed to iho under tine there Is a sharp, small blade. What the prince cannot cut with the ono hand and with this blade he dues not undertake to eat. The right hand and arm are largo and of extraordinary" dexterity, but the little finger is delorim-d by a growth which the prince only imperfectly conceals l.y wearing rings up to near tliu thir.l plmimige." —New York Sun. 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Juit tM uunjf fax tile UUicf to luo «lx>ut Ihe^touM FOR ONE DOLLAR GOIT'S HONEST Al» yooeolnx to PiJnt IIUi yeait If*>, dont bur a paint coavuniag water or tttiubM wfacB lor th« t* orneulvtolyoucaa procon IDIT * CUV rtlOt PUNT Ihat (r.un!>U4 to txu Hostsr, I«MIMI ussiiooiLriiirr •nd fro from <rw*t «i.d bcuzlae. Braua* Ufe brud s*4 Uk> » «tbir. Mcrthinti huuUlnf It arc ovj w«*iu and fculhc«Uo4 by us, la mfeUc. I. ««rr..lll lo ».r i VkMKH »f(ai COiTliV I »1KB wll. 1 10 ITS. Our Shtdel ue tlu I-»teit StyUt uttd In tho East Dow b«comtnff M popujJl la the Well, find up with tho time* Trr lUl bnutl of IIONktIT 1'iIST ojut toe will •oral ragnt IL TUl U tf.o wt» Is tuttdvu HOUSE PAINT COIT'S FLOOR PAINT t i..ft f ur ("U1T bf'O. JL4 Co. Strange Frenk of Memory. A cose cited by Dr. Abercromble confirms the suggestive theory thnt the stimulus which fever gives to the circulation (sign of disease .though It Is) may bring dormimt mental ImprcBsIons Into temporary activity. A boy at the age of 4 had undergone- the operation of tho trepan, being nt the time In n stupor from a severe fracture of the skull. After his recovery he retained no recollection either of the'accident or of the operation. But at the ago of 15, during an attack of fever, he gave his mother an account of tfio operation, describing- the persons who were present, and even remembering details of their dress and other mlnuto particulars.—Knowledge. How a Dying Old Was Saved! OICIRO.* Co., Iito., Sept. It, 1837.— Tbe following U & true account of what your ' B. S.S.baAdono for our little daughter, Ilaiol, now four yeari old. When 13 month! old . lump appeared on hft- heel,whiob aiowb* grow Urger. The family physician th sughl It wu cauwd by a pi ceo of broken glo&i or needle, but failed to bring anything to light. The cblld become feebler oil tbo tlma. eeomlog to lns<> the use of her left, and finally quit walk, ing entirely. Tho middle finger and thumb of either hand became enlarged, the ile*h be. coming bard. The hip joluu became Involved, B3 that when tcventeen months old the oonld not ttand. Laving lost the use of lug and arm. Partial curvature of the iplne also followed. The nervous system was wrecked, muscle* contracted, aud thero was genera] wasting of flesh and miucl*. At eighteen months of age the was placed under the treatment of a prominent physician of Boa- ton, UOM., but at the end of ten months the bad declined to nuch a degree that she was la - a dying condition^ This was In April, 186U. We took the child away not knowing what to do. In this dreadful dilemma we were over-persuaded by friends to try "one bottle" ot Swirl's Bnccmc, which we did, and tx-fore It bed all bean taken we aaw a clianK* for the better In her symptoms. We kept 1C up, and have done to to this day, anil will keep It up, U the Lard wills, for many dayi to come, for It has brought our dying Hazel to life, to vigor, to strength nml health nguln. The oshon hue of her chei-ltd bus changed to * rosy tint. She Is able to walk anywhere, . ner languor and melancholy have ptivsed away, and she U now a blithe, cheerful, happy romping child. Should you wish to Increase your teitlmoulals of proof of the virtue of S.8. S., uur names and what we have sold Is but a portion of what wo bwe to yon. should you wish to use them. . Kindly y turs, 3z«. K. Swurr. ! GMIKUB* E. Swm. f. O. Box M. Treatise on Blood and, EkU Dl«aaes moiled ..Drawer 3,All»Dtt.a«. JEted Liiiie INo. 1. I KWIN HOMA.NIUAL HAS .STARTED A new dray, aud Is prepared to do all khu's ol bimllUK. Muring household good4 aud pi: no! a specialty. Louve orders at Mclviu & Bout ana Henry Jehnoou's itroc«ry, wpvflt' To Trade. A well improved farm tn Whiteaide Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb, — or Kansas lands. Strike quick if you want it, it is desirable. CU F. B. HVBBAKD. SU8SCB18I <§- Schiffmacher, Have, a>i hand a "big stock of Live Cejar d'osis, tht fast Jdic-nigan 8e-ft Cl^ine Lumber, all kinds of (Bitildiny JMaterial, Sash, Qoors and (Blinds, Goal, Lime, Gtment, Hair, etc., etc. : Everything at Lowest J&ar- Teet (Prices. A big advantage in dealing with us is that you can get your loads without going over the railroads. Sleeat kind of Square and JKlat flok. eta. fur garden fennen. ^u«t nxwlvnd E. B. PAOEY & OO. FLOMBERS, STEAM & G\S FITTEaS H AVE NOW IN THEIB EMPLOT MK. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In tn« employ of J. B. Jobnstone as Plumber. We also have arrangements with WALTKK A. FACKT, an expert Plumber, now wltn £, BaKgot In the best plumbing establishment 111 Chicago, In case of auy nne~or extra work, to assist us. We are prepared to make contracts and furnish material for all work In the numbing. BUiam and Oa* Fitting line, and ko-n In stock Iron, lead and Kcwar pipe, brass goods, punrps, See., &c,; every, thing to ue found Tij a flrstrolaas eaUbUshment, lit reasonable prices, and we are now prepared to do work In a natlsfactory manner. andKiuvrautea all work and material aa represented. T. K. FACEY, who has been in buslnese here almost continuously forthe hist thirty-two yean, will Biiprrintmid the work. His qualifications, us a tiieuliuiilo are too well known to need comment. Mllor AT T1IK O&D HTANU ; F4CEY BLOCK. SKfELIHS. ILL ATTENTION! I Invite your attention to the fact that I have | WOHTH OF BOOTS i SHOES Of the vary best quality, which I will sell at mid bolow COST, as I wish to retire from business. I kindly Invite everybody, aud cs|>ecli'ly my old customer*, to cume ai»l profit by this «U-. - In In Uimc.v'.cUiw nyiirtulr. but U isn Fair and Square Sale, And M I have a Urx<t 3liK-K o[ l-'i^t Cl.-isi Uoot» and Bluxjs, you will li»ve st-Uauoe to get tuoh biVTK^liu that were never . totiril of btlorp. ««TTiHKB UKMMLUU. ' IS? Kiwi Tttlrd Mt>r««t,

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