Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 4
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ULUMHJK htKALU rKlUAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. DECATUR HERALD OLDER BOYS CONFERENCE TO BE HELD IN MATTOON SUNDAY Delegate* from Six Counties Arc Expected to Attend Meeting f FULL PROGRAM MATTOON-- More than IWi h«y*. of 11 years and nhov«, trom th« cotiti- ttti ot Col**, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, KHlnKhaiw anU Sh*tny, w i l l ! Blither Sunday in Mattoon tor th^ Oldsr Boys conference. Tho conM- cnc* In « be rnnduulril umto tlir HKplods of the V, M, C, A., the churches and llltth ichool, The purpo** of the gathering In \i g»t older boy* together, to contldr-i problems which boy» (»«» In relation to voi'ktlon, ichool life, moral Ismiw and recreation. Hoirlatrtitlon In Morning Thf niirntn« tttitlon will be In tttft gytnnaintm of the Mattoon High school. At 9:30 o'clock will be the MjliBli'filJnn. Mlrtwcrl hy fl com- tt)Unlty HlnK. .1. K. Hautci. of Chi cago, win conduct the mealing »nd the ofKanlmtthin. C, W. Renton wl t ·p«flk at 10;*0 o'cloclt. HIM mbjwi wll 1 hr -FaeUiwi In character Build- Ing." At 11 o'clock the boy» will be given the privilege of attending the church or IhHr choice. At th« llnn*r hour tho hoy« «-lll b« frtiMtii In MATTOON OFFENDER TENDERS PEARLS AS BOND, IS RELEASED CUAnLKSTON --" Henry and Sundw*. Mntloon. were w i t h disturbing the 'I'ticy woifi HiTulplicd on b(t(ine Justice of tlu Peace Pnrry W. Grove In tills clly. Homy WRH dltrhnrgvd but Hugh was fined tl nnd coat«, Htivlns no money,, JuHtlcc Orovn ordered Hugh Jallitd until ho could fay It, Hugh happened to think of two pctirlsi he had taken froni ehclls on Iho Oktuv river and tendered t h e m to Mr. Grove nn Honurlty. adding that he had been offered $3B tor them by » M*ttoon J«w«lcr. Mr, Grove nrrcnted *hc offei nnrt Hn;jh vtn« iriwiicrt t" find moil") 1 I" roiwfi his jewels MATTOON KIWANIS CLUB TO CONDUCT DANCEJJCTOBER 23 MATTOON - The KlwanU club nct^ln the private dining room of he Buckler-Moore cafeteria W«lnea lay noon- for tholr weekly program fhe prog: rain was In charge of Roll In *oolor, High school band master, Jr. Pooler anil hl.i mother, Mrs, Meitlo Pooler gave several -violin ducts, They were accompanied on th; piano by Mlw Elsie pannaway, Couch ychulti, of the MaUoon High nehool,- ttavo a. tnlk on school activities «nd mentioned th* forocominjf of the Itllnol* deaf and dumb football team from the Jacksonville school for the deaf routes, who will piny the Mattoon team on KlnxelD field Saturday evening, Thero would be no noonday lunch-' eon Wednesday of next weaK, Instead the Ktwanbui* will have their anniversary dinner fiance In the Mattoon Country cluh ThuiHduy, October 2S, when Kiwantnna fiotn Champaign, Dccalur »nd Sullivan, have Been Invited to nltend. Canada's Ramr und. fish IB valued at a billion lollarn. DISTRICT W. F. M. S. MEETING IS HELD IN ARCOLA M. E, CHURCH AECOLA--The'Woman 1 * Foreign Missionary society of the MethodHt church in the Mattoon district con- duct«d thslr annual session In the Arooln church Wsdnesday. The Clam Swain society Mrved lunch at the noon hour and the wonton of th* Christian church Mrved the banquet In .the oven In if, Many delegates were In attendance tit the meeting, · An all day meellng of th«! Mis- soolsly of the church will be beid In the church Friday. Mr», Cora Heeb and Mrs. Harry Crewe wlU five a book review of "India Looki To Her Future," The Bwatd golf courea has been donated to the Arcola Women's club for Friday and Friday evening, Die proceeds to bs turned over to the welfare committee. Mrs, Ewald, Mra. George pfelfer asd MM, I. 0. Engfe compose the committee, Coffee anrt doughnuts wilt b« served during the tiny, * Illinois rank* second of the stale- ir the number of Incomes ovi-i tt,000. There were lOO.TBit in 1W8. OEwrrr RELIGIOUS ' COUNCIL TO MEET IN CLINTON TODAY CLINTON -Thn annual convention of the DeWttl County Council of Religious education, formerly tho County Sunday school convention will he nctd in the Presnylerhn church h«ie Friday afternoon und evening. » Sunday hchool worHer* from every part ot th* county will be prcneni ftrgt Burnll. of Springfield, U*NI urer of ihe state Council ot HHI %totm Ertiuatlon, will speak hoth aft einoon end tight, and Mr*, r-- 8nyder,or Clinton, will |lv* ^ rlr«M In Urn evening, The MIUM her aitdreiN will ft* "PM.Kory hn Home," " "? w I Several hundred men ant «*, nre espected to b« In TO CLINTON - Two play*, "Cy. tagwt." and "Sauce for the OMkuj^ will hn put on here hy mttnktrt af Jobs rbHuibttr*. On. S4. in th W»»htnjf1on school gym, Tltkttf fv ihi plsya sre now in *»!*. .Iwvu's long rlroiiyhl i| ·)o»j v The «ft*uioctn nKi-itiin nl - "C» o'clock ivil) ho m the Kind Mvthndht chun'h with »ons;n, nnl d«votlonn in of the Charleston High sotwol At S o'Hooli will br a black- i1*!UMion to bring out » ' c (if older hcyd. At 3 : t n thirfl will be nn addresiii bv ior A. W. Nolnn,«f the LTnlvci- of Illinois HI* ftiibjed will hf to b* considered In Chooslc. Ufa boy*. board MATTOON Y, M, C. A. PLANS TO CONDUCT DR1VEJFOR FUNDS Leaders Expect to Raise $4,892 to Reorganize Organization MATTOON--Ctimpn Is n 'or raising HSM for reorganising the T. M. C, A, of thl* city will be launched by the promoters Tuesday. Oct. 21. The fund b necessary for the year Nov. 1, tftJO to Nov. \, 1931. The toaciPM of the four division* of the organization nre 13 J, Buckbec. H, Fl. McMn*t«ra. TS ,F, Kent anil llobert F. Elliott. UorcaH ClaAft Mw*ia Mombeis of the Dorcas cluss of the first Methodist church Tiiet Wednesday nflernnon In the church parlors, for h a f u s t mectlnjf of (he new eon- fevsnw v»dr. The in flildcnt. Mrs John R JToung:. conducted the business and I named thf committee chairmen for ih* y«ai. They are: j Devotion--MM. J. T. Hanley. Moroy and help--Mrs. Pierre Wari reii, M«mb«rahlp--Mrs. A. W. Noll. \Vtty» and means--Mra O J. Gtech- Icr, * Executive--Mrs. Gail 0/,cc, Th« lesson from the f l i n t chapter of Iho next text book wn» given by Mm Walter Nuah. Dm lug Ihe social period thf officeTM tind unit lenders wtirs the hostesses who served re- HELD IN MATTOON '$£%£** Tta " "" 21 raemtMM A t I ,"'i o'( idck nit o(iioi lunlty will lir Rl^n tlip hoy* for a pcrmnnl ronfcKHi"* 1 with ftble londftr* ann w i t h ideal profewlonal nnd builnc-n mnr l i nll the boys In *el«ct!n'i vncAimiii. At 7:30, a union Sundny ev^oli": clnirch service will b* coiv diii-lfil in thfl first Baptlft churuli. u b c i r - Ih* boy« wilt bs g\vtr\ tin nppommliy to hoar talks and dir. -U!i!tlo»j of prdblem* ot Intersil u fi-din th» vnrlritu Wv'n* Til*' n d i l i i N - * foi tli )f In .J I-', Houtnr n( C'hlcngo ICT MEETING OF ODD FELLOWS IS MATTOON - Th* 70th thutrlci MK'Ctliiii ot t h n T 0 O *'. wss con dtirtfxl Tncudsy ev*inln(t In the h'ollown |D(|(C» roonn hero The lPitrcn »u« contprred on a class at (w cnmlldatps hy a district team (i.xomWwl by Dannie Ijftughtln ut Chnrlpston. There BI-(I 12 lortjtM In the diatrlM. InrliHlint,' UKIHP of Mntloon, Jnnrt- illl*- .lilmt.tnn, IlKMlh), M u t t o n , Aili- i no ic, N'nntiti. Itumboldt. Churl «st on, Ixirnti, Onklund »nl Etim, Mmiv vlnltlti'; Odd fellows from oih«r i-lt le« \\fro |ire»«nt, totaling An ii iJfiiliif,- f r n l u t i - (f Ice I'uiniu n n d cako werw l.i'Klon Cunt fiitl^rtulnn l . t t n i w f t Riddle po«t of tho A n i f i lean l.dKlon was ho»t Thursday t n I^eglonnalrtn from nurcoundln^- town* at a meeting In lh» Legion flub rooniK here, Tr. R. Hhwthfrn nf Montlcdllo. tiHnmand*!' at the 10th district w»« the principal npenher and dwelt on th* provisions of tho ttognrdls nri (The Amerlctin Uxlon fumrtet fur- tilahed »»' nittilc fui tin- IIIOHKHII B«fr«»«htintnlj) wo in servod at tin- Woe* of Kin protciam, LRAVE FOR CALIFORNIA MATTOON--Mrs, J. D. Andrews, St., tSIT Wabash avenue, l«n Wsd- nettiay evening for Los Angdes, CaL, to pass the winter. She was accompanied by her'mother, Mrs, B. T. Drsnncn of Sprlnsrdclt!; two sisters, Mrs. Kdllh M. Tliirnes of Kanana City, M o , and Mft. J T. L,agcrstroin, of TopeUa, Kj\a. While there they will vlilt Mm. Andrcwa' tton In 1ftw and lifti(!itor, Mr. uiul Mra. K. A. Jr., In San Fmitclsco. COO LIVER OIL IN TABLET FORM PUTS ON WEItNT LOV1NGTON ELECTS LOVINQTON-'l'te frtilinwo «I»BS of tho Lev ing ton Towtinhlp Hlfth dfhool, ha* elected officers for ihti year. They (irei · Prosli lent-- Wade Triwrv, Vltn-pi i'»ilent--Vnn»ul(i TrtMi«tir*v-- William Clli^ sptinsoM-- Ml«9 Ml»s vaufftin. Th* sophomore,. Junior and *»n!or elaaw-* electwl officer* two ·po. C NnnMtn omt help it if thty en ikmnjr tud sickly, A»d to, m«4b- ert, we u»ie you to brtat the» hack rt notoMl wcifhit, Nbuet Imtth, wtth cod Mrcr «l ta ttae t«**«tn» t^W ferm, Tw» «f UcCcy'* Huh UUets «n th* hnttMul vi sfMMful «f tad fe but tk«B«kr (Me. Doctan McC«r'a C«d Um Oi tMnn Tabby tbe tuH» Good »· ·* a taw *t McCtyt fem yaw a*.at»tf»»factfc*»to**y..«i tlwt ynw child w» hm ·mod tMth, tturdy bcAM ad proper wrifht, M 9 C O Y ' S C O D L I V E R T A B L E T S at LINN'S Football Fashions in Millinery $4.61 If you are going to tho tome you will w»nt to «e« th*t« new huts which we are showing. They *« th« lut word in wnwUMss--Including felts, soletls, and velvtto. Corns in today or tomorrw. $2.61 NFWSPAPERflHCHIVE*.-... LINN SCRUGGS Anniiversary Sale! NATIONAL GOSSARD WEEK OCTOBER 1 3 - 1 8 AH this week we have been making a special feature of Gossard Foundation Garments--Special Fittings will be made and we will gladly suggest the proper garments. Ask to see our completes at $3, If you are going to the Football Game! The Little Woolen is a Classic! This season the little woolen suit or frock wins by count o nthe avenues, in shops,, m schools, in offices. There is nothing quite like it for everyday comfort. But it trades on something else besides, of course. It has (martnew. It employs the tunics and yokes and surplice closings of more costly frocks for other occasions. When it comes to detail it is right on top. Better two than one little woolen thin year I «16" The Imported Broadcloth Coat For Dress Black, Brown and Green are the three leading color* for fall and winter in com-;. They are lavishly trimmed in Pershn '.11.' b, Caracul, fox and squirrel. Every detail that you would expect in very much higher priced garments are to be found in these at $59.50. They have the lovely new picture frame colors, spiral cuffs and semi-fitted bodies. Sizes for misses and women in this smart collection at s 59 .50 Collars and Cuffs May Distinguish It Your drees may be just smother dress but if you add a smart collar and caff set you may diatmguish it, A very «nart collection of collars and cuffs are on display on the main floor at If you are taking the youngsters,, one .of those smart Chinchilla Coats is just the thing! For warmth a chinchilla coat is the best--these are full suede lined with storm collars for the miss from 7 to 14, They are very warm and practical. This is one of our Anniversary specials,--while they last at $5-95 And Don't forget to loot to your Hosieryl Dull Sheer Chiffon Hose that the smart woman demands! Then* new hose (by Windsor) have tnnny advantages, A chiffon hose which itt clearer, sheerer, and stronger and above all the new- eat mode. They are shown in all the new shades at the reasonable prie« of The New Bobolink Silk Hose The new Bobolink how are now*full fashioned, dull finitned with a narrow French heel, Every pair it guaranteed and they tell for only $1. Ask to see these new Bobolink hote at Linn's for 1

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