Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 27, 1948 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1948
Page 4
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26 ^S**- ( Germans Suffer Racoon Plague gers call them "Hm V- • ll ~ <ri •«. . lll <-m little Goerinj?<! " air S rUnning lhe they have multiplied ing about the fields « ° f Brin ghausen. The there »°vv declared war ° f the lo KANAWHA GUESTS Kanawha — Donald 'Nelson of San Francisco, Cal., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nelson. The Nelsons expect to go to DCS Moincs to spend Christmas , *? me of their daughter and sister, Mrs. Don Munzenmeir and family. Mr. Munzenmieir is a polio patient at a Des Moines hospital, and he plans to spend a few days with his family at Christmas time. Schoolmasters Meet West Union—A musician who was raised in Hitler's home town will entertain members of the Fayette county Schoolmasters' club at the January meeting, according to county Supt A S Morse, West Union, secretary for the club. Supt. L. E. Smith, Maynard, is chairman of the program committee. The club meeting has been changed from Jan. 13 to Thursday, Jan. 6, at 6.30 p. m. at the court house in West Union. On Yule Vacation VVaucoma — Miss Constance Crowe and Ralph Adams came from Minneapolis for a visit with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William M. Adams. Ralph has completed work on his master's degree at the University of Minnesota and after the first of the year, will be a permanent resident of Waucoma. An excellent lunchbox menu consists of cream of tomato soup sent in a vacuum bottle, hard- cooked egg and crumbled bacon sandwiches, stuffed celery wedges, a fresh pear and crisp cookies. DEALERS WANTED availa ^e in North Iowa lor f "f —'-^ o- = very small overhead and high net profit. WRITE, WIRE OR PHONE 841 FOR APPOINTMENT AND COMPLETE INFORMATION. WHITE RUSCO CO. 1715 South Federal — Mason City, Iowa •*. -c: DAY AUCTION TUESDAY, DEC. 28 — 1:00 P. M. AT ST. ANSGAR, IOWA The market is very active on stockers and feeders — in fact all classes of cattle sold much better last Tuesday. For next Tuesday's sale we expect our usual run of butcher stock, feeding cows, local stockers and feeders, veal calves, etc. There is a great demand for boars now. Brings yours in. Our local run of livestock is increasing: each week. See us about stock you wish to consign. Buyers want all kinds. We buy fat hogs and all kinds of livestock. We also want hay and corn. Let us know what you have to scH. ST. ANSGAR SALE BARN Ben W. Mouw, Auctioneer Axel Hansen, Manager, Phone 304 Phone 170 Office Phone 113 Senate GOP May Oppose "Old Guard" \Vas'lii)i£loii. (7P)—Insurgent republicans will meet this week in an effort to agree on a slate to oppose what they call the senate's "old guard" leadership. A member of the informal group said he thinks the self- styled liberals will attempt to line up their own candidate lor republican floor leader, a post that has been filled by Senator Wherry of Nebraska. This senator, who asked not to be named, told a reporter he personally favors running Senator Lodge of Massachusetts. But he said Senators Baldwin of Connecticut and Knowland of California also are being discussed. Taft to Stay The insurgents apparently agree there isn't much chance of dislodging Senator Taft of Ohio from his place in the republican leadership. Taft has indicated plainly that he wants to remain as chairman of the GOP policy committee. One insurgent said his group might agree to a realignment which would give the floor leadership to Taft, make Senator Vandenberg of Michigan head of the policy committee and keep Senator Millikin of Colorado as chairman of the conference of all GOP senators. In this case, however, he said the insurgents would insist that Lodge or some other member of their group be named assistant floor leader. This plan to leave Wherry out in the political cold found no favor with him. And the insurgents concede that in a showdown the Nebraskan might prove to be a hard man to beat. Vandeiiberg Approves However, the group apparently has the powerful backing up of Vandenberg in their demands fora new deal in the republican leadership. The Michigan senator hns kept publicly silent, but he has had R number of significant conferences with his colleagues. His feeling is said to be that the self-called liberals ought to have a place in the top ranks. But he apparently will not oppose Taft's retention in the policy post. Vandenberg and Millikin are understood to have been insisting that any decisions on the leadership question must be put off until all the republican senators are on hand for a conference to be called shortly after January 1. OWL A group of Colfax duck hunters set out some decoys on the Gearhart Lake. The decoys fooled a great northern horned owl, who swooped down for an early duck breakfast. The owl, with a 4-foot wing spread, became tangled in the decoys and was easily captured DAY SALE Lund Sales Barn MONDAY, DEC. 27 Sate starts promptly at 1 p. m. — CATTLE — Market on cattle is very much improved over the last two weeks. Fat cows and heifers are higher as well as canners and cutters with bulls about steady. Veal calves still top around the $32.00 mark. Our springers are in very good demand with the supply being far short for the buyers great demand. Stock cattle met with an active market here last week. — HOGS — Now is the time to sell those stock hogs. Top on young boars last week was around the $100.00 mark. Top on heavy boars was $93.00. Feeder pigs are way too small in number for our large demand with pigs bringing from $23.00 to $26.50 per hundred last week. — SHEEP — The sheep market is fully steady also with good lambs around $23.50. Feeder lambs were some lower during the last week. SPECIAL CONSIGNMENT 3 Purebred Shorthorn cows, 1 registered, all heavy springers. 1 2-yr.- old Purebred heifer, bred; 1 2-yr.-old Grade heifer, bred; 1 Purebred heifer spring calf; 1 purebred 14 month Club steer, wt. about 750 to 800 Ibs. 7 steers, coming 2 yrs. old, average weight about 700 "ibs. 2 coming 2 year old heifers. These cattle all from Registered Shorthorn Bull. A Good Market for All Kinds of Livestock GIVE US A TRIAL GERALD WOHLER, Auct. & Mgr. Jerry Wohkr Barn Phone 3758 Residence Phone 282-J-4 Midwest Livestock (FRIDAY'S PRICES) Trend Good Butchers- 140-150 Ibs. , 130-1CO Ibs. . 1(50-170 )b.s. . . 170-180 Ibs. .. 180-150 Ibb. ... 100-200 Ibs. .. 180-200 Ibs. 200-220 Ibs. .. '.'20-240 Ibs. . . -'•JO-270 Ibs. . 270-300 Ibs. .. :ioo-:j;so it>s. Good PacUin 270-300 Ibs 300-330 330-3UU MO-400 400-450 450-500 500-550 Sows— Albert Lea, Minn. 25c higher .. . S15.75 . . . S1S.75 . . . S17.73 S20.50 S20.5I1 SU0.75 SIS.00 S18.50 S17.75 Ibs. Ibs. Ibs. sia.un sia.oo S17.25 SIR. SO SI5.25 Light Buying Firms Grains Chicago, (/P)~A small number of buying orders \vas cnoush to fiivc the grain market a "firm tone on the board of trade Friday. Wheat opened a bit lower bill rallied later in sympathy with an advance in corn and oats. A little mill buying came into wheat against export flour sales to Norv/ay. The commodity credit corporation maintained an unchanged bid for cash corn, or a cent higher than was paid earlier this week. A slight increase in its purchases was made Thursday, the agency taking 190,000 bushels at Kansas City and 105,000 bushels through the Chicago office. Soybeans and lard also gained. Lard was helped by a belief snow may curtail marketing of hogs next week, thereby cutting down on the amount of lard produced. Wheat closed l ' t cent lower to 1 cent higher, May S2.28r,,2.27in. corn was 3 ; to 1 ccmt higher, May S1.4H= B rf/.a/ 4( O ais were unchanged to '.-, cent higher. May 78: 1 :,, rye was 1 cent lower, Mny S171!^ soybeans wore 2V a ffi;2% cents hieher.' M;,r<.h .?2.031/1T- 2.(!2^. and lard \va« ~7 t" « cents a hundred pounds higher, January $1B.<)7. V RID AY Chicago, (,V) — GRAI.V CLOSE WHEAT May July Sept CORN— May July Sept. . OATS— May July Sept. RYE — May SOYBEANS— Mar. . . May . . July LARD— Jan Mar Mny July HiRh Low S2.27-- 1 ;, 2.09', 4 52.28-27% 2.10 :l i 2.10^,-Ta 1.41-,, 1.4PA L41 7n .73 :; 4 .78',^ .733; 73' •> 73' 1 .7;: ', i 17.03 17.12 17.1.-> 17.15 1.71 2.1)0'.= 2.57'i 2.54.1;. l(i.95 17.02 17.02 \7.05 l.Tl'/a 2.63'.i-(i23 i 2.G(1>:, 2.5GU 17.07 17.07 17.10 Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Friday No. 2 oats, 3(5 Ibs. 75c No. 2 yellow corn, Dec SI.23 No. 2 yellow corn, Jan §1.25 Soybeans, Dec $2.40 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN .MARKET (Friday's Trices) Chicago, /Pi —Wheat: none. Corn: K'o. 2 yellow 1.48; No. 4, 1.40; No. 5, l.HO'.i- :i6 Ll i; sample cradc l.Hli-as^i; No. ,'i white 1.47U. Oats: No. ] heavy mixed 89-Ki; No. 1 heavy white 90 3 / 4 -01; sample arade white 79'-i. Barley nominal: nialting 1.20-GG; Feed 1.02-20. Field seed per hundredweight nominal: timothy 17.50-18.00 sweet clover 15.00-1S.OO. Soybeans: No. 1 yellow track, Chicago; No. 2 yellow 2.53 track country station Illinois and Indiana. For a Welsh ' rarebit add a cup of grated yellow cheese to a cup of thin white sauce and season with dry mustard, celery salt and paprika; serve over crackers or toast. BALANCED RATION "I saved 92 pigs from 9 sows," says Leo Franzen, Ft. Atkinson, Iowa. "That's the results I get when I feed BIG GAIN MINERAL STOCK FOOD to my brood sows before breed- iviff date and through until pigs arc weaned." "BIG GAIN MINERAL STOCK FOOD is a combination of 19 animal, vegetable, protein, and mineral ingredients mixed in the right proportion to balan^n the livestock raiser's home grown grains." BIG GAIN DEALERS: Quimby Produce. Nora Springs, Iowa Farmers Co-op. Elev., Forest City, Iowa lielmond Hatchery, Belmond, Iowa Rockwell City Elev., Rockwell City, Iowa Northuood Co-op. ...Northwood .1. J. Gilles Ricevillc Manly Produce Manly Schultz Bros. & Detra . . . .Greene Woodford-AVhceler Lbr. Co., Ventura St. Ansgar Grain & Feed, St. Ansgar Harwood A very Goodcll Free Samples Austin. Minn Stcndv 12.90 S14.00 Slfl.90 Slrt 50 £.20.00 P20.50 S20.00 Sltl.75 SIS.OO ran. 25 $17.75 S1B.OO S17.75 S17.25 SI 6.25 SI 5. 75 SI 5. 50 Waterloo 20c higher 518.50 SL'O.Ort S20.50 S20 50 SI 9.75 S19.00 SIB.50 S1B.OO S18.25 S1B.25 517,75 S17.25 Slfi.75 S1G.25 S1U.25 Cedar Rapids 25c higher S17.00 $19.DO Slff.75 S20.50 S20.50 S10.75 S19.0Q $18.50 $18.00 $18.00 SIS.OO $17.50 S17.00 SIC.50 SI 0.00 S15.50 Hogs Higher, Cattle Steady Chicago, (/P)_A bobtailed pre- holiday livestock session Friday found hogs sharply 50 con.-- to $1 higher and cattle and sheep generally steady. Country supplies of hogs fell more than half below trade expectations in anticipation of closed packing plants Saturday. Most good and choice butcher hogs sold from $20.00 to $23.00. Chicago, I'd. lUSDAi—Salable h o o :, 2.300, total 5.500; vcrv active, unevenly 50 cents to 1.00 higher on butchers; sow.s ai'cniiul 50-7ri cents higher: top 2H.25; bulk Root! and choice 170-220 Ib 22 SO-" 1 '] 00230-250 Ib. 21.50-22.25; 200-290 Ib 2o'sO- 21.50; few 300-325 Ib. 20.00-20.30- good nncl choice 300-430 Ib. sows 17.75-HI.50- 475- COO llw. lfi.00-I7.75; early clearance. Salable rattle- 500, total 500; salable calves 200, total 200; all slaughter classes generally steady with trncle slow; .spots around 25 cents oft on canner.s. cow.s. and bulls; tew loads and odd lots common to (joocl .slaughter steers and heifers 10.00- -li.OO; choice absent; medium to good beef cows 18.50-1S.50; most canners and cutters H.50-17.2.1; bulls and vcalers 23.00 and 32.00 down respectively. Salable sheep 200. total 200; nominally steady on all classes; hardly enough here to make a market; tew small lots choice woolecl lambs 25.50, the top, to eastern Stocks Gain on Slow Buying New York, (;P)— The stock market slowly pulled ahead Friday despite the absence of any real buying power. Gains ranged from fractions to around 2 points and virtually every group shared in the advance. The rising trend was managed with no expansion in activity. Turnover was at the rate of about 1,000,000 shares, or just about even with recent sessions. The advance, limited though it was, came as a surprise to many financial men who had expected the usual narrow pre-holiday market. One brokei suggested that Christmas sentiment had as much to do with the improvement as anything else. Gains were too -small, however, and the price changes too limited, to attach much significance to the trend. Services Offered 27 Produce i Quotation., t,v p. MortM Local Livestock HlXiS MASON CITY—For Friday Steady to 25 cents higher. Good light lights 160-170 S1G.50 Gooci light lights 170-180 S10.50 Good meci. weights 180-200 520.50 Good mcd. weights 200-220 S20.50 Good mcd. weights 220-240520.50 Good ined. weights 240-270 519.30 Good mod. weights 270-300 S18.75 Good inert, weighls 300-330 SI8.25 Good med. weights 330-360 $17.75 Good sows 270-300 S18.00 Good sows ;)00-:!30 518.00 At 10 a. m. Friday Capons, 7 Ibs. up . . 55 C Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and up ... 29c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs. 26c Light hens ......... .".'.' 22c Springs, heavy breeds ....... 30c Springs, Leghorns ........... 23c Old cocks, heavy breeds . . . 15c Leghorn cocks .......... \2c Eggs, at retail 49-59c Butter, Corn Country ... 73c Butter, Iowa State Brand 74c CHICAGO PKODi;CK 'MARKET (Friday's J'ricei) CIiitiiBo, (..;•>—Butter (inn; receipts 457,7!/0; prices unchanged. EgR.s about steady; receipts 1~,4;)2- prices unchanged. " ' ' (USDA! Live poultry: steady; receipts eight trucks, prices unchanged. NEED MONEY? Le: me help you. Loans S25 to $300 See Mrs. Simon. 'J5 years of reputable dealing Fast, friendly service at Security Loan Co Third Floor first National Bank Bldg Christmas Is Just Around the Corner $ WALLPAPER tianelng is bur busitws*. Phone 3411-W. CESSPOOLS, septic tanks, toilets, cisterns cleaned and repaired. Write Jim Easley, Box 134. Clear Luke, Iowa. FOR CASH LOANS See U-N-I-T-E-D FINANCIAL SERVICE 15J N. Federal Phone 57 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store LOANS—$25 to 5.-500. State Finance Co., 201 Weir Bldg. Phone 1038. FARM loans <jri. No commission. Prompt closing. Pay as von like Romoy Realty Phone S84 Family of Nurses Fort Worth, Tex., (U,R)_Nursing runs in the McCarty family. Patricia is in pre-clinic work at Si. Joseph's School of Nursing. Her sister, Catherine, is a senior student at the same school. Two other sisters, Josephine and Margaret Mar}', both are graduate nurses in San Antonio. An aunt of the girls, Miss Katie O'Brien, is ni^ht supervisor at St. Joseph's hospital here. OUR CLIENTS WANT GOOD MORTGAGES ON MASON CITY RESIDENCES j Low interest rate: Liberal prepayment | privileges. No red tape. No delay. Also long lime farm mortgages at lowest interest rates. Inquire HUGH H. SHEPARD Suite 205 Foresters Bldg. Phone 284-''B5 MASON CITY. IOWA Good sow.s Good FOWS Good sows Good sows No hogs received after ft Decker S Sons . 330-3SO $17.50 . ;«il'-4<10 S17.00 .. 400-450 S16.50 .. 450-500 S1G.50 5 p m.—Jacob S2G. 00-29.00 S2G.OO-29.00 S24.00-26.00 SI8.00-1D.OO S16.00-18.00 S17.50-19.00 SIC.50-17.00 $1G.OO-17.00 S14.50-lfi.00 BATTLE MASON CITY—For Friday Clioice steers and heifers S2'J. 50-32.50 Good to choice steers and heifers Good steers and heifers . . Medium steers and heifers . Fair steers and heifers ... Plain steers and heifers . Choice cows Good cows Medium cows Fair cows Good bulls S18.00-22.00 Medium bulls S17.00-20.00 Bologna bulls S17.00-1B.OO Canners and cutters . . SI. 1 ?.00-15 00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Friday Choice $28.00 Good S2G.OO Common SIS.OO Culls $14.00 Good to choice S23.50 SriU.VG LAMBS EWES Good to choice s 7.50- 9.50 Medium 5 G.50- 7.50 Common and Culls . S 5.00- 6.00 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) South St. Paul, \UP) — (USDA)—Livestock: Cattle 800. Supplies hardly large enough for /air test of market. All classes fully .steady. Scattering medium-j-ood steers 522'Li'2G; small package jjood around 1050 IDs. 328.50. Two loads mediunnveight steers unsold. Medium, good heifers S21(it 25; common steers, heifers SI8ri<20 good cows largely 519^20.50; few high-good S21; common-mediums $17.50(0; 18.50; can- ncrs-cutters SHi.SOfn 17; shelly canners S!4.50ri{15. Good weighty bulls $23; medium, good $2(Hi22.50; stockcrs, feeders nominal. Calves 300. Vealers steady, although top oft SI. Good, choice $2G^i31; common- medium $171*25; culls $13'<i 16. Hogs 3,000. Barrows, gilts steady to 25 cents higher, advance on lightweights with some sales up more on shipper account. Sows liltle chungc. Good-choice 170-240 Ib. barrows, gilts S2l.23<«22; latter price paid by shippers on around 200 Ibs. down, some 170-lflO Ibs. S22.25r ( , 22.50; 240-300 Ibs. 519.75*321.25. Good, choice sows S17.50ry 17.75. Feeder pigs steady. Average cost, weight Thursday: Barrou-i-, gilts S20.70, 257 Ibs.; sows $I7.5'b', 453 Ibs. Sheep 300. Slaughter lambs weak to .TO cents lower, scattered small lots good choice natives $24.50; just good S24. Around deck to shippers S25. 'Slaughter ewes scarce. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Friday's Prices) New York, OV|—The wholesale egg mar- gel was quiet and steady Friday. Eggs in.lG3, steady. New York spot quotations follow: midwcsteni: mixed colors: fancy heavyweights G2; extra 1 large GO; extra 2 large 55-57; extra 1 medium 4R-49: pullets 47-47'i; current receipts 51-52; dirties 49-50; checks 45-47. Butter 414,376, firm. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons. Creamery, higher than 92 score and premium marks (AA) 65-G5'.b cents. 92 score (A) G4'i, 90 score (B) fi.l-^; 8!) score 1C) «2'a. (New tubs usually command 'i cent a pound over the bulk carton price, i Cheese 235,073, steady, unchanged. CHICAGO POTATOES (Friday's Prices) Chicago, «'!, (USDA)—Potatoes: arrivals 43, on track 130; total U. S. shipments 1.122; supplies light; demand light; market firm on Russets, steady on other stocks; Colorado red McClures S4.00; Idaho Russet Burbanks S4.3">, mixed S4.15. utilities S2.90: Minnesota-North Dakota Red River valley Bliss Triumphs S3-15, Pontiacs S3.10. DAY AUCTION Tuesday, Dec. 28, at 1:00 p. m. BELMOND, IOWA Boars are still selling at an all time high. There is a great demand for boars, so brinff yours to our Tuesday sale. Buyers will be lookingr for them. Consign yours. Expect a good run of cattle, pigs, hogs and sheep for Tuesday's auction. Buyers want all kinds. BrhiK in anything you want to sell. Good market at Belmond. Whenever you plan to sell livestock, get in touch with us. We arc here to serve all consignors and buyers. Phone for truck service. ERVIN MOSS is auctioneer. BELMOND SALES PAVILION MARVIN PALS, Owner and Manager PHONE 173 PAULSEN, John L.. 79, died nt his home, 303 5th S. E., Thursday evening, following n short illness. Funeral services will be held Monday nt 2 p. m. at the Patterson-James chapel, with Doctor Paul A. Peterson, pastor of Wesley Methodist church. officlatinR. Burial will be at Elm- wooU cemetery. The Patterson-James funeral home in charge. BROOD. Pfc. Marine J. P.. Swaledale. was killed in action on Hvo Jinia Feb. 22. 1045. Services will be conducted at the Methodist church at Swaledale. Tue*- dny at 1:30 p. m., with the Rev. Harvey Walker officiating. Members of the American Legion Post 440 of Thornton will conduct the military rites. Interment will he at Pleasant Valley cemetery at Swale- dale. Tlie Major funeral home in charge. MAASS, Pvt. Robert M., was killed in action in Walfevsreuth. Germany, April 15, 1945. Services will be held "at the Major Memorial chapel at 2 p. m. Wednesday, with the Rev. E. A. Biedcrmnnn of St. James Lutheran church officiating. Interment will be at Memorial Park cemetery with military rites. The Major funeral home in charge. BOWER, Mrs. Annie. 61, of 221 Monroe S. W.. died suddenly Thursday evening nt n local hospital. Funeral services will be held at St. John's Episcopal church at 2 p. m. Monday, with the Rev. A. E. Pritchett. rector of the church, officiating. Interment will be at Elmwood cemetery. The Major funeral home in charge. ANDERSON, Mrs. Karen Dortea, 80. of 403 12th S. E., died suddenly at 10:45 a. m. Wednesday from a heart attack. Funeral arrangements arc incomplete, per.c'ing the arrival of children from California. The Meyer funeral home In charge. Funeral Director MEYER Funeral Home. A beautiful service need not be costly. AmbulancF service. Phone 1505. PATTERSON - JAMES Funeral Home Known for Service. Ambulance oxygen equipped. 322 N. Washington. Ph. 1140. MAJOR Funeral Home. Phone 511. "Major Service Meets Your Need.' Auto or Air Ambulance. McAULEY & SON Funeral Home. A distinguished, dignified funeral service Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Cal] 651 Personals 5 WANTED—Ridcr.s- to L. A. Leaving Dec. 27 or 28. Driving late model car. Inquire Day's Shell Service. Ph. 1545. WILL PAY eight (8f») per.cent interest to a private party who will grant a small loan for 2 years. Good security Write Box G-22. Globe-Gazette. DRIVING to Phoenix. Ariz., about Jan. 1. Can take 2 or S passengers. Share expenses, Chrysler cor. Ph. 1075 or 32. DRIVING NEW CAR to Los Angeles, Cal. about Jan. 3. Will take 4, share expenses, fiefs. It. Lemmcr, 513 4th St. S. E. Phone 4336-W. CASH To solve your money problems. OUR MONTHLY REPAYMENT LOANS arc promptly and conveniently arranged. INSTALLMENT LOAN DEPT. First National Bank MASON CITY, IOWA Wanted—Young Ambitious Man TO LEARN AUTO SELLING Salary and commission paid while learning. If you can qualify apply to M C. MOTORS See Mr. V'ilson 10 Fourth N. E. Consumer Salesman Selling nationally advertised line, making $6000 gross and approximately §50X10 net during first 11 mos. of '48 in Franklin & Hancock County territory, is leaving first of year to «nter business on his own. THIS TERRITORY AVAILABLE to ambitious young man who is sales minded and willing to work. Must have car. We will train and provide starting supervisor assistance in field. Must give character reference. WRITE H-22, GLOBE-GAZETTE ., Female 21 WANTED — Exp. waitress, morn. Grill Cafe, Clear Lake. Lost, Found LOST—Sm. black and white spotted dog. Ans. to Rex. Reward. lict. to IGlBVj N. Penn. LOST—Vic. Post O/fice—black wallet. Lyle K. Woscpka. Ph. 2898. Reward. LOST OR STRAYED—Shop, and police dos from 104 Gth S. W. Please return. LOST—Black billfold, finder keep money and return papers and billfold to owner. OlRa Nelson. Kcnsctt, Iowa. Money to Loan 8 CASH LOANS $20, $50, $100, up to $300 To Consolidate Overdue Bills To Pay Seasonal Expenses For Doctor or Dentist Bills For Repairs on House or Car For Any Good Purpose Loans are made on salary, car or furniture without endorsers. Take 6, 12, 15 or more months to repay depending on the purpose of your loan Household Finance Corporation N. Federal Ave. Phono S4) Over Green Mill Gate LOANS— $50 lo S400. Fidelity Discount Co. 30 1st St. N. E. F. H. A. LOANS for house repairs «t thf Untied Homa Bank & Trust Co. AFTER JAN. 1, 1949 BARON'S STORE will have an opening for Detail Girl who will relieve cashier. Applications by mail only. Interviews after Jan. 1. Experience helpful but we are willing to train. Applicant must have a knack for figures and the willingness to learn. Age 20 to 35. High school education. Write BARON'S 6 S. Federal Mason City, Iowa WANTED STENOGRAPHER Single. 20 to . n years old. For genp.r-El office work. Must be competent in shorthand u"d typing. Fir^t National Bank WANTED—Exp. waitress. Top earnings. Full time. Permanent. Apply Mrs Bullis, Hotel Eadmar. Help Wfd., Mole, f emqte 23 WANTED—Pastry cook. Park 'nn Hotel. Salesmen _^ 25 DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE We are lookinR for a man age 25-45 Interested in processional sales work to represent one of America's oldest and largest b' organizations In Mason City and adjacent territory. Guaranteed li.coroe to start with, excellent training Commissions and retirement plan Wiite Box B-17, Globe-Gazette giving age, education, marital itatua. general background. Services Offered 27 ELECTROLUX vacuum sale* and service. E. S. Alcy. 520 15th N. W. Ph. 1315-W. We Have 2 Trucks To Serve You on BATTERY SERVICE CALLS TIRE SERVICE CALLS TRACTOR TIRE SERVICE CALLS Call us at 572 Tor Prompt, Efficient Service J&L Tire and Supply Co. JACK MURRAY 25 First St. S. E. LLOYD FARRER Phone 571 COMPRESSOR lor hire by hour day or week. Ph. 1394. G. E. Pl 9 tts & Sons. 714 S. Jefferson. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENORS Authorized Packard Service H & H Motors 12 Seventh St S. E. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding—all makes. Parts and supplies. Mason City Appliance Store. 211 S. Federal. Phone 1 103. Authorized Skelgas INSTALLATION AND SERVICE PHONE 5574 Egeland Skelgas and Appliance 18 South Delaware ASHES and rubbish hauled. Basement* cleaned. Ph. 4645-J. WRINGER ROLLS ond washer repair. L. A. Wright. Ph. 1849-J or 3G23-J. DEGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sanding. Ph. 1672, MIRRORS resilvered. Guaranteed. M»ck- et's. 417 2nd St. N. W. Phone 782. REFINISH Your Old Floors RENT AN Electric Sander from Ward's and refinish your floors the easy, economical way. Increase floor life. Free instructions! MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. Mason City, Iowa Call KELROYS 441 For Repairing and Replacing GUTTERS AND DOWNSPOUTS WANTED SHELLING With new No. 6 sheller. Will also furnish trucks. PHONE 69-R-ll or 69-J-ll Authorized Maytag Sales and Service CALL 162 Pickup and Delivery Service HOME APPLIANCE CO. 201-03 S. Fed. Mason City, Iowa Instruction 28 COMPLETE YOUR high .school by horfie study. All texts furnished. No classes. Write: American School Office. 1905 So. Duluth Ave., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Business Locations 30 FOR RENT—New bldg. at 719 No. Fed. Office, restaurant or shop. Ph. 2667. RooimforRent 32 FOR RENT—Unfum. rooms In Nor» Springs. 1530 N. Carolina. FOR RENT—Rooms. 19li W. 'Slate. FOR RENT—Sleeping room for 2 men or working couple. Heated, on 1st floor; also garage. 830 8th S. E. Ph. 4826-J. FOR RENT—Sleeping room for 2. 115 5th S. W. FOR RENT—Furn. rooms for young men. Cooking privileges. 621 1st S. E., after 5 p. in. FOR RENT—2 sleeping rooms. Call 5713-J. TOR RENT—Sleeping room. Gentleman preferred. Phone 1871-W. Houses for Sole 35 FOR SALE—Partly modern 3 rm. house S. W. section. Priced to sell with all new furniture, including stove and electric refrigerator. Beck Bros. 409 S Federal. Ph. 134. FOR SALE—Income property. Close in Price $11,300. See Guild or Ph. 867. FOR SALE—New C room modern bungalow at Manly. Inquire John Facklls "i29 So. Federal, Mason Cltr/. FOR SALE—New. used house trailers «. Broadway Trailer Sales. Albert Lea. FOR REAL Estate, consult C. R Brown, realtor. Selling homes Is our business. Bungalow East Side $6500.00 Modern, Insulated, Master Bedroom Fun basement. Two lull lots. Built 1940. Near school and bus fprvicc. Will sell on »i- ractlvc termi. See IVAN A. BARNES, Realtor 115-17 Brick & Tile Tel. 1300 rot-i

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