The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 6
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Ford says China, U.S. find peace common goal FAIRBANKS. Alaska (AP) - Sloping here en route to Peking. President Ford declared Saturday that the United States and China have found common ground in pledging that "peace in Asia is basic." In a speech prepared for delivery at nearby Eielson Air Force Base, Ford said: "There arc fundamental differences between the American and Chinese societies. We may not agree on some issues. But we have found an important area of common ground. "Our mutual pledge to peace in Asia is basic. So is our pledge of non-interference in the internal affairs of others. I will seek to strengthen these understandings and to further advance a relationship based upon mutual respect and mutual accommodation." American officials have cautioned in advance no spectacular announcements should be expected from Ford's four-day visit to the Chinese capital. There is no evidence of an'early solution to differences between the two countries over the status of Taiwan, a key to the establishment of formal diplomatic ties. Moreover, recent Chinese commentaries indicated uneasiness in Peking over Ford's quest for detente with THE BRAIOSPORT FACTS FREEPORT, TEXAS. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER X, U'S P»<K<A the Soviet Union In it departure statement before ho left Andrews Air Force Base, Md . for Alaska. Ford acknowledged a <livergence of views In Peking, lie said, "we will stand for our own views, as we always have, but we will seek, in the American tradition, to foster mutual understanding " After going on to Anchorage for an overnight stop, Ford, wife Betty and daughter Susan leave Sunday for Peking via a brief refueling stop near Tokyo Secretary of State Henry A, Kissinger is on the trip, which also will take the presidential party to Indonesia, the Philippines and Hawaii before returning to Washington Dec. 8 Director James T Lynn of the Office Management and Budget is expected to meet with Ford daily, even during the Peking stay, to work on budget and other domestic matters Federal Knergy Administrator Frank Xarb accompanied Ford as far as Alaska because of Kurd's trek into the wilderness to inspect a section of the Alaskan pipeline. In his Fairbanks speech. Ford cited anew his gtwl of independence from foreign energy sources and naid that "in our vast Alaskan reserves, we ha ve the means to help accomplish the goal..." FINAL EXAMINATIONS SCHEDULED BY COLLEGE Kail semester final examination* <it Bra/ospurt t'ollege will he held Dec 15 17 ncronling to Hi- W. A Buss, vice president of the college Monday • Wednesday • Friday t.\IWK> clauses from fi H>9 a.m. will have tests from 8-Hi n in im IVc 17 MWK classes that meet from !> 10 10 « m will he tented from 8 lo a.m. l)ecv 15, and clawwi that meet from Hi: 10 II a m each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be tentetf from 1-3 u in. on Uvt 1.1 MWF cUisse^ from 11 10-12 noon will bi* lestwl from lap !ii onlVv 17 MWK n ItM p nt. d«Me* will )*• tested from 10 Jo it m U';Wpm Dec 17 Tests for MWK r 10 2 p m* are scheduled for to ,.su a m 12 *> p m Dev 15 Tuesday Thursday i'J'uTht rla&se* held from » it) y _T> a in vull tx» tested from 8 io a m on Der Mi Tu Thy J'« lo 50it in classes *ill June te-itlA from I J pin Dec Ifi, ami Ti» Tti II am I2.I.S pm eld*"**;! v»ill !>«• tested from lo Jo a m U Jo p m IVx- 10 "Kitim* for eveiiut|{ I'UiMt^ suit t*' given at "* r»'t>ulitr evemns C!«MS time Itui mean* that Monday nielli cliivses will hiuv llu-ir le*W Dec t,V Tut*.*day iu»!ht clavies. IH-C l*i. am! Wrdfve-avLty night flaw* 1 *, I Hi* I" riniri(.Liy mtfttt »:li<i,s«-s will Jusr ttteir e.xamson Ikf IS Clavws merit nt{ luomghls ;t wt-rk will hiUf thr exam on Jtw f ir-nt nitftu." saul t)r H*s» lir Ikujs added that e\a<its will tx- given in the rvtfular cla\srootit in which the clav* n»«*ts unit*** students ,1ft" otherwise nuCtfictl L^»tiofu!i/r> cla*sr» will M-hedule exams basr-tl on th*> U-xrturr tun? _J*riotl_ ,K^^:^^^::X^'v;:^^;;;v^::;•>^:s•^::v;^S^:;^^S^^^:•^Sft JUST RECEIVED TRUCK LOAD NEW MERCHANDISE MAKE WALLS' YOUR XMAS HEADQUARTERS £ OPEN 9-8 MON *» SAT 20% Down Holds Your Lay-A-Way Till Xmas I VILl-AUK' I'AHK (CORN SYRUP MIAHT 76' T ° P$ MEN'S QUILTED THERMAL UNDERWEAR S-M-l-XL BOnOMS VILLAr.K I'AHK t I'A.M AKK & MAFFI.K !SYRUP $149 i% ox X $5991 PRETZEL LOGS 10 I)/.. BAG 39' MEN'S CORDUROY COATS WITH VINYL TRIM SIZES WALLS 1 REG. 133.04 $ 14' [SPECIAL GKOVP [MEN'S COATS I EL (Hilt) (.IlKKN CHILLI -_. «ox. 1 /C PEPPERS CAN I/ SIZES S-M-L-XL .«ST. 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P NO. 1 LARGE ASSORTMENT WALLS' GHOl'P NO, •• LARGE GROtP I WALIJi' II2.0U MEN'S BELTS SIZES 28 lo I.' VALUES TO Jl 00 SPECIAL GKOl P LADIES JEANS SIXES 10 TO 16 NEW JUST ARRIVED LADIES DRESSES & PANTSUITS; THESE ARE ONLY A FEW OF WALLS' LOW LOW PRICES MAIUH COMIC BOOKS VS.NT 19' TOOTSIE POPS HKf, )»,. T AAST III- I I \'s CANDY BARS HF.I. :<* 10' PHOTO ALBUMS IJ.*» VAI SI 99 II\TK M\t» NITE CREAM 19' [I\TK M \r» MI CREAM 19* NYLON CORD SIIIAHI » FOR THlH r I IS HM1T T PERMANENT MARKERS HMl. HI I f i.llf I N HI M K UMBRELLAS VISVI FOIL XMAS WRAP 99' ONLY 20 MORE SHOPPING DAYS TILL XMAS ACTION JACKSON OUTFITS 29' BASKET BALLS BUBBLE GUM BANK JJ69 FLINTSTONES MODLES BY AMI. 69* FOOTBALLS 1UF.AL SHAKER MAKER HE<;. u i» » MATKL SEE & SAY TOYS HKci. SC7Q '5 : EACH LOWN MOWER TOYS SOIMWI.IKK III \1. I|I|S(, SHOP AIL OF WALL'S DEPARTMENTS FOR CHRISTMAS. XMAS BULBS »'K<;. OF 5 TWINKLE ORNAMENT KIT AR1TFICIAL XMAS TREES XMAS TREE SKIRTS MICKEY OR MINNIE MOUSE XMAS DECORATIONS SUPERBOY OR LONE RANGER MODU KIT BV-U.T WeATHCR TOM Ufeta Hy THE ASSOCIATED I'KKSS HTKO.N'ti southerly wlncb *ur«wi across Texan .Saturday, »prp«dln« a heavy layer of moJsiur* and inwa*oftsbly warm tempera IUIT* through the stale A cold front pushing down frwn tl« HochJwi. however, threatened to triftgw thund«r»lorms in many areas A tornado watch wa» issued for broad area* <rf Northwest and North Central Texan U»VAN( V. OF the cold system »cirre<J «u rtmfig winib ai much a« W mile* an hour In part* «< S«nithwMt fe-sfl* Swtaiiwi wii»«h «»f tt to 50 ntilcn an f*wr *«e recordetl at Midland Hy tnidinorninK th* frufit had )u»t edjjwl into the [ 1 aiihatV(JI«» Weathermen «tttd it would reach ttw <iu» t'i««»t by Sunday morning and twin* much temperaturM lo all are«» of Texaii Headint!* Saiurttay ranged fr«» 41 dettre** rain at Dalharl to the low «os in the lower Hut (iramte Valh-v KflteK't Wiaktu int. WtM Kit srOKM SVSTF.M Itwt has heavy «jur*!i in the Suuthwral ami the into (wu p.»rt> d'.l.'iy One tlnflni f«i»!v* spit! At Los W>ufniit|t (or tte Dakcrfa* Z2 (*rf*t«i» *«tt itlramJ*-*) hy a in tfw (imtsttaifw 'j) nitln eat? Sonn 1 were »trawi«l *llh«Ail fowl \«fre tniBsutg in » pfivatr airvrsft l Avutton Adntiruitratico MR! a tit^tc at llttt* (xfa<x'.» ->t*.)ari) t*a» in the mountain* fM.f lh<-a.» I irf Mig |l*ar aftrt thf J»li;< rrn'ounlenr*) tud »«-i»t>)(rf ({rvUtrtl !".' tuff, af ««!!(! Th** uOwr ini»iuiij{ MvcludwJ rjin* Ofaii^r t'allf . trfiiagpfK »tf4iitk«l in U* San MounUin* awl lo (xfsoj^s »fwjv*if«l in at a ii!dti<»4 in S4iifj Hw4 MuunUm Mt«! Y i^L-^ti. 1_ ICtxtt mnwpt M«iM»\V tltJlnt t.H HFJ)M"..H1H\ NUHtJIVVF.tT \.ND.Mlt TltHF-ST TFYViS i* ftti prrvtpitdiiun MocuUv (ftrvugh ttv-,'-'-. Wjfmrf furftiia) fiu! tufiiiftjt twiff la !f .*.i th *i*> « t NultTtl frort*. SUHT1«»:\.ST T>:\\.H MiX*ljv «'ur;iMJ«f a?iw W ir«fcfM"w|j» > < 'Juuvc o< »fw»'*r?t tvit iti tu<~»--ij> Jf«. ca.«[ 'A«lr,>o»Jj> High !<rft{:«r*atuf«"<s ?.!u*-».lj> uj-^x »« In iipjwr «* Hi^fs Twmtta) aiwl Wrdtw-sfij) r'jrjr 'M to tip^x-r W* Ijy* Ji|i.«uU; «f4x^ tmnm rjE*' t hn*"« !« »p$*-f .T.B FJ»J !.<»• Tte<~Ml4> upp«T !rr»!,« In rr.s ni t \\u VH f».>f!h to m»4 * Htgh in t! t./,-« (reft-, r So Astro- Graph ' »«.,*• i.-v; < W. !»?! '* »<*rf. 0«g I. It't <j*t» }1 tfrn It) < TAUAUt Wry J4) CUWIHI (W* t It ,-' • «; •;-' * '. i •..:• CANCIM Own* Jt CAHCIH |J«rw JLJ^j J-JJ * ICO (jwtt Jl *t*a VldOO IA«J IM*f>t IJ) LIDIU |8*pl J) Ocl ])) • .- -^-j vmOOlAwg )} (««1 Jl) '• t f. , 1 ~ H 4 G «l -. » ' j ^ .... ' B ' ' a'-'4 ^1 ''I ' *''4» " ', »< '*'.C .-•"«? LIBRA (t*(H JJ 0«1 }>(,,» SCORPIO (Ocl 14 Not 1?) if i'lO f ..."KNf SAGITTABIU8 (No. JJ 0*C 21) »ft.» !,-:../.) ln«i [l/Bri«Kl ,(.!«! ,', i *i!rp .!» Of'.j'Piilil, CAPRICORN (0*c. 2l-J*n. H) C'jntsnlf ,i!o on youi 'itr*«n( inieutt! K*Oi, thouqh •! '.WJM'.J HuO(9u,t. I4!«f you *-l« '-ffl f<*i( »« laid ^ lifrrj loyncJa i.wi AOLUBIU8 (J»n 19 r«). It) r'ou *»ii Uo t<oni»iri(>a t»y m- t;iji&« caMkl $m«;e ,o«» Ir.imds «(!«] even yujiieil All»( I'm lu<pfiMr r«4clicin «.il b« >•! y'jui lmo< PISCES (Ftto. 20 Much 20) ! ixli.iuj tm.l«» but li«w<irigiy II /ou po k ii>cu upon >| at (no l.iji tii.jsn. ^ou csri cap.loluo go luck laday H you '^».ui« *H ,» Your Not. 10, l»7$ Goos) llvnyji will tmpp B ii | U SAOITTAHIUI (M«. IJ D*c ' CAPRICORN (0»« 2J J«» II) A ">«n<J r^a, "r.fxtta ulKKl »*j H'K$»i' (I.M t >i,isi Oil »»ii»l , ox r.4" lo h*ip run H In «;,« . '.»•<() s««4t !o> iftul o-on g<xwJ l;>f t.J/tfi AQUAAiUS (4*A M-f«b It) 5*jc.C«»» *>ii corrt« to joy Vj <l»f hal .| <nin I b* es», Dor. I PISCIS (f*<). 20 Mwch 10) Ufl On |0uf lo«4 IOd«^ Y<XjM Your Birthday 0»c 1, U7J YOM M t}0 loMu'tdlQ Ifus C4D 4 ,if)o QfOupi or OfQJiniinlioril Oo*i I l»l Sci« <« »t»lu>« '.util you lo b«Mi«v« you Uonl hi m

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