Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 3
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S XPLAINED Iclares (eking to Pr* Farmer OF^PAYMENT farmers under thi e flllnols AgricultuMJ ·construction of , nftb pnc across Illlnoig, »ri obstructionist pol, sey. managor of n,, [denartmtnt of tho 1 ll uv. fing mac5c to prol M t ftirmera both as to ned to thtir proporiy of tho IJne, and th» comp*nsatlon am isey said. He i, fneKotlatlng -with th* Jany in the Intwwt of ni? Oct U :t, the final declxlnn CommarcB Commli. lnntln K of ft c«rtlflo»t« Jne wns held up until |nc could bo hold to Oct. 34. number of featurm tbllshmcnt ot tho lint f Importance to th« land li cros««d, Mr, jlnd tho I, A. A. wlahU /uHy. It is studying ^hleh the pipe |tn« hw furinersi to sign ftr line, and la Inmirt. In It, endeavoring U hlform contract In art |NI)OU of r»y : has boon arrived nation /or tho ens*. (inpany first offered M It in tmilnratood a*» [ up to a dollar a rod, vipn'l be »ctTI«a rwfort Commission, but win after th* com. a dodalon. |tract now utttnds, Mr. there IK no spoolfttd which thi i from the iarnwra, Un nt contract the pip* lini (in any part of A farm tier would have no r*. tES + IDENTS SIT IN ARCOU Mr. arxl Jlr*. B«rt MrB. LI da Quirk, of Far!., woie vlsltom tn th* Mr. nnd Mrs, John Sulll- of the w«oX, Mr. niu) who were on tholr vaea- |n to Canada, but Mm. 3 remalnlrift for a long- Arcola relatlveii, |Allen m*w!ft a huslncM an, Mliot,, th* ftrnt ot ble of aretincuHtl*, Tnd. i the home of Mr, and Ulcnoy. Mr, Able li tnd Mr, Diivltt ft. cousin (icy. Irs. W. G. Wagner ol |x., wore vis I torn In th* nnd Mrn t ~R. 9, A1l«t» Wanner fl'nrt Dr. Allen latex when sttKlenlH Id nl c-cllero In ChldiftC. |i!c Staffer of Oakland jir in tho city Monday I urn I up home from Ohl" Jshe hart been *tt»indin| [Stnr nrand Chapter »«»· Mitchell of Hlndsboro. :n Monday on his way |to nttend thfi (innd*t Masonic Ornnd Indge, of th« i HERALD ' FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17. 1930. DECATUR HERALD UNKNOWN MAN SLASHES WRIST, . JUMPS IN LAKE fisherman Finds Corpse In Water Hear Pier At Nelson Park DEAD ABOUT 10 HOURS tW l""l\ "f mi i m l i l e n t l f l c d man vn fakrii fr"m l,alic IVi-nliir «[ flu JlllnciiJi I 1 1:* ( UK' 1 ! l t ( i n t I'l" 1 ''. Nelson jij f ;; n hot ii s .U» i.'i Inrli Ki Idny t l t t l ' " l l l u l '"''" dl'H'i'viiiHl rt* tin 1 -mi furl- liy « ftahri- Home Bureaus New Offi cers and Board Members Iiatie JPI-I- ,i li-rt n i l i t h i t l ' l i u l M , I I I ' ml o f t M i i l s (H^tii'.l In* nun ln-fi H ft Him: l"i ' th.- Lild- llf I hat In n Mirt .Man In I'n J||j [;IP\ M i u i i i - r wilt,! h«ii In N' I "ii I'"1:. ''"Ill Ilitil iihc ml "'I'll i l l 1 ' "nin n t i i u i i NVI-tiin pal k on "t-i-i ml (PI (ic-ion-t Tliutsdiiy. HI' acted |x-i n h . i i u ini]|iliiK liti f»lY,|rvnl HI Hdil-ili' tii be n u t 01) i. part h r n i b mi-! \ InK w i t h »ome- ltiltu")-ilin" u l i l c l i Mr", Munli'i- an Id jhi llHilllilll ttlO It fcUll tlUt I l l i c i t hiK tifn 'i knife me w'tii-ItliiK hint,' ilil. "lifiiiu-n- In- went hil- nnd cnme back l i f l ' - l noun ( i l l t I l l l j ly M u r y Ofiieti, Mm. Janico JMcKfn- Oionnti, 4-tl c l t h l i i u n n ; Mri". Olnn Wine, OnUlcy unit, I ' f U i n l y r l i a i r i n n n Mrs. tt. C I . imllcn, R)\'iiilii( unit, ci. Hear: Mrs. HuruU Qllinnn, Jlllnl unit, jiwrr-tniy; MM. John PrahNt, nation City unit, vicnrhnliniiin: Mra. J, A Greer, l l u i r l i l o v f u . niuslo' nnd rrciiea- tlon; Mm. [l.iynioml Kllrtt, Rha- Kin unit, t l i r l f l r i u i i i m a i t ; Mrs, Decatur's Facilities For Housing Hoboes Taxed By First Cold Snap In* The f l t s L colit wdnthcr Thumltiy ('U 1 ft tt In ill.' |i'vet)li)K b i i n i y h t wn tor shelter [or Invieusfil Jc- trans v u t l o n A Liny, he told jiollee that he pHhtfed WetlnCMday nl^lil luete amt could not timr it r mi MIC hill t)» i h f Hi-Hi lifid I.WI-, « ' i fllTi ' rcil back (or a second The polite clef i;i rt men I turned lodging. In the SitlvsLlon Army It 1 who ti »lted fur ft iiltwu to' wax pxplnlned l h a t persons who luive lii-e neither Hie city northed for a place lo sleep are not HI ,11 (WHYS t n i l M u l tiWui Ihe r«-agon of )in I h c l r reji'dlon. No peistut who has pnlloi* wcii- dlu-cted to I ho Stilvtillon h(i-n ( t i l n k l n j t It nltowed lo sleep Anny. bin It ivni said l-'rhlny mom- there, It was said, . lri|i that the Salvation At my will be I PiindK Declining to cin« for all w h o will want Although the S.ilvatlnn Army has rt ,,1,,,.,, N , Mint he hail f u l l ' - u I n t o t h r [ lib! W ' N i r l l l l K I'll' 1 'I lull.'(1.1V C V e - nlu; It v-ii ' «I'ulu ttmi In- I m d j 'I hint jn t t i p -led Id my Hue anil jitlli-il i j o n n .([ 11 HIHH! Minukii I" (Uh win n ! K ! i n f i l down nnd MIIW ' Ilip cm i ]n-l under Ihi- wiih'i'," n n l u p u. n fl.ilunK t M i t n tin- plei , f a l l Jiitil winter onlni-ffpd Its (imnlci* of the Htilva [exllmaleil qiiai ITS. 11 wan llmL llust ii|!ene Hon army tinvc liei-n f'n!ni|,-L'd In Die, w i l l tint ho nblc lo i-ire f u r half of hi Her i h i i t lelli'f [ii?eiii'U'-i will hi«'ll«' l i a i w l i n l « l,ii-i-l w l l h an uimsiiiillv lirnvy de-, Mewi-y (iiivn, i i V f i M e i nt HIP . )ui8 f'liitid it Oat- old fi'llov, . n h o sulu he wax lilt to deny to Inm-ilcnl-i ih.n: In the In*0 VWIJ-H of IIK*'. t'ti lut- t» police cteiiMi( ni-i'dd uf Hccittili Thiii-idny afternoon n n i w l i l f h hiuc toM Ihclr etirnlni; power. |)n I f n l l l » few ,vwu« (lie county I tn'. l«ft\ 'lit.-!! I | ( i r , l r d buck milli'l I b " plp-r nnl I "· ' h e irnin'a heml and J ntilrii f i In I p " I Ireiiu'ii Iti-ci'M-r Iludy t'lti-lll' tl » l 1" ''tilted I" t « l i C lltf Vnh hi.m l l n - w n t c i v - h l i l i t h i n fim t'-i i di-' I' al tin eft'I pirr lit |.H!*fiit, Tin- Imilv Mi» njitip Ilic plci and i-.tiuntnatiiiii ['iipin.uii' (l Ill" iiiij'i ""· hill" U l l n ' t l t l l l i l lu'l'li r;illl-i ID l i d Mflu- ' ( I n - tiodv U H l t I l l k l ' l l 1C H'( A W l l , " f f Cll(l|n-l W h e t r i i i.ii p d . ' (cut pern lull! itnrtcd fnllltiff and d for it plnec 11, -df'C]i. He wn* 1 ,,,,,! O j l v niiilnlnlni'd a ylnec In which ,,Ut an j-vcn-inl. Mid f '»" 1 " 1 t . n r s l e n l * o)1 itd sleeti l.iit u l i t i t i i p p f n i c d to he IL v i o l i n In i-ldih inch under bid nrm. IVlir-n he win dliccted tn ihc Rdl- l i i i n d f ii n move to provide thlti ffir the coming w i n t e r . if Ihe l i f t e d I- GRACE METHODIST S. S, RALLY DAY ON SUNDAY Perfect Attendance of Each Class in School Will Be Sought Sntid.iv SfhiKjl llally duy will be i (.'rare ArirtiiudUt church NEW TERRAZZO FLOOR IN BLOCK KUHL CO. STORE IS COMPLETED wlili i b i aniniuin-e mini of tiieli- bi;v s.j|.' l« dl^cru 1 tlu Bompuny'ii t f i t y - f l i a t t i n n l u - m u v John Wntwifl. inniuiKer. Bl»ck St Kubl tomijany, llon o[ thr new Harold Ray, Decalui, aocrelas-y; Mrs. Id» Spitiur, Ml. Zlon unit, food uhnlrmun. Theno -women w«r« elected Thursday morning In the annual nieellnit'of Mftcon Covinty ]Inme Rttrenu, Decatur Men Jo Attend Hospital Meet In South Howtiid A. Ilodjte, .tuperlntcndcnl of Hecatur nnd Mncon Coualv hon- nllnl, w i l l «') t» New Drlcann Sn.1 ur- ilay nx delejfiilo from lhi llemlni- hoflpitnl to tho NnUonul Hntinltnl as- aoclatlon confirmee Robert Himpt. manager ot Ihe Moron County Tuberculosis sanaLoriiun, will leiivo Sundny for the same confct- t'lU'C, Mr, Hodge, who hai attended thi (innnulty for yvnrn, wan pe riu ins I on Fridwy noon by Ihc dirnctoin of the hoapilai, lo ut- lend Ihla year, lie will preside over one session of tlie confei elite w.-i secretary of the section devoted to heads of hospitals of 200 bcdn or \en», Mr, Hanpt. appointed mnnfl;;cr ot the Silicon County l« n-uloilf; muialoi liim I'nM will Attend the conference for the purpose of obtaining new dctiilln of aanalorlum admlnitttrallon, Both noon -will be frone the Bri-atcr pni't Of next week, returning piobnbly some- lime Friday or Snturdny. GIRL PLAYING WITH MATCHES IS BADLY BURNED Five Years Old Youngster Sets Fire Jo Clothing, Dodges Neighbor MAY NOT PROVE FATAL Mary Riulelirt Wendell, 5 years old, wo.* severely burned uisoul the clicat, nock and uvm Friday nun-n- Ing when her dothln^ cnn^hl fire us shu wu:t jiluyini; with mulches In tier home In M5 Eaul DtvlHlon at reel, Klii! run down the slmTM u( hur mid out Hi*; (tout door, where attempu-a li cuteh hoi lo the flumes. Avoiding her rcKCUcrs Bhe'dnrted back Into llict houw, w litre Mrs. Delia Lnrlmur, who waa caring for the Town Briefs urniiHinocM cotnpli- floor on the Plans Mint h n v c j ni»ln fl'MH- of the f,tor(j. I- »"" ..... * '" n »' « . n n f M Ih" "ilv .I'l" .H'11 «r" ' · " ' b,iii"lkrivh| ( 'f, Innrulrv niinV; "Venn" nnd n frrKiivni cf fit) [DdliinnpiiH.' dnli-il lii i M ' I V Tlte rtt.itt «ii« ttiiirlru 'i · n ,H, K"-' '" " u l t lt(l1 ' l ",, 1 ' 1 nmji-l,y t l i - N . i ' h uu,)i.t.ny In In- eltitittll ,iti-l li nl (-ontiiUicd mi Ittontl- llcftilwi t,i, ; hut tlii" Hwil been LOtn mil «f ill'- "'· l f - i" t h e , rt n,t -iirce^fnl nallv Dajs evM I' 1 h n l i l l - v l h e S.indny.triioot. A « noll-.-tlfm will he t » h m to h. added ((] ,|, r simrlny school huildlujt find l f)uph:i«is on Decahtr M«n Receive Medals Muni |,,.i nml children, N«l- dxlcy of (llo Ellyn, ·'* i week In Uic horn* , Mr. ftnd Mrs, r mllCH went of re wont to Torrn tee hit wife who- I* a T*' union hospitAl »nd submitted to u. n l-i M n | U"nil !'. ,., Cn|p| ( ' n i l M i N H l i i i i n nmt ntfn \ n K - l l i . nf Hif l.mih I n - ^, ',, 10 N M I I n l t H l (itsnnlt. i" lti« natintuii n f l i - nifei In 'nirtl' F^rj-i. f i . hj) Scj-1 MJ'hct, w i-i e 1C ( f u M !·, 1 l i - n i ' I h n r J i l ' V 1litouf;h Bin nml Tl-c I I I K I [ i n . i l i i r d l f i c i ' t i i Vii'i' 1 en I!-'- II in ,11 t,timrl imtn In ' "( WlI(i(i.iI iii"i i inn! l t i i cit In ('!.'(»': E fnr wlil'-h iln- u n i l i i l a wen- This rmiliilji m e lu-on/p n ft lht Hilii-ri Mri|ili'- Ihe ttupVn fi-i - v l n i i i HI-- h i i n i Knell cl!ii« in Hie Siirutny school iwlll (-ndf nv«v t» I ""'"'ntlcntliiii.ic. with "I beltiK (") time al 9:»0. The d f p a r l - nients f i l e dlio vlehift with one «n- other lo !»'(.' which cnn have the hu-BMil fit'iretiliiice of enrollnifnt pn*!i*nt I'l-oRrains will be given, with storli-'i and miislciil diimbiii-s lit UK. i j r l t i u i t , jimldt unit I n l c i n i e d l a l t ' do- I j i i l m p - n l ' . 'I'bc ^uiidny wlioul or- [·lieiita will In- t l u nuiln fi'Htnre !m a d u l t a n d ytuing depart- ni-honli mcnla on tins tlnfpr hns l.t-en miifle, ine of w l l h t h e Klj-len clrvei ly d t r e i IUIR the flow f t en-stumers t h i m i K h ttie buHrl- Ine io the t t e \ i t o i s thnT ^ei v» the tiistend nf hnvmjf ifie aisles Inld nnl Nirelght e/tHt and w£"rt thrntigh i)pr(ect) tlic ntorc aa fo)t))erly. thcv now frnii) the fiilinm-e to the ele- vnlors tn it l!i-U'gtce nnulc. Woikmen luivo bi'i'n Inslnlllne the new tenured floor for tin- liiiit llnei; weeks. It l« a inuilein floor, the oniv one In a dciiftitmcnt utare In Decatur, and replaces a wooden floor. "A wooden floor abatfjbs t h f Ilifht. white W, M. KrlKtf't wtll Peoria Couple Wed !n Dccatur Thursday nervlre. - ait hf» 1oplr "To the Colors!" In I l i n f r n n l i i f r hit lerrunn will be on "Tn t h e flu hi' 1 ' Rev. G. A. Papperman To Speak On ^Vision" Sunday Bev. 0. A, Pnpperiniin's iuhject for fiiimlny mornlnjt In W*itmlnat*r IH "Thn Iforwonl Vision l p Yoiiriir pp-o)il« will discuss the sub- J..l of "Hood Will' 1 following nt (1 i*i Stindny tiUlit. Rev, Mr, I'fippeimim pretichcs a uKiduin turiaMo floo relfuut-! Mr Wal.-*in TM;-i. "'('he flixu In a di*- llucl InipiiA'i uivtit, to the stole." Tho nnnlverjiatv sale -uaits Sntur- dny mot nl Hit nnd wttl uontlnuc throiiRh next week, incluillnft neat Snlurday. U. of I, Group To Study Life In Lake Decatur Prof. V, B Klu-ltfm of I n n de|)nrt- mertt of Koolofry, Unlvfraity of 11H- noK and group of students, will visit Luke Ducatur, Saturday mom- Inp to study the life In the talie. Prof, Slielton made a slmtlar study t h i c c ynnrn nttw. The jnufeasoi and his party Will Ctm- \trs HtiRh fn, Mr*. Jo»ephlnt Misifl " ry St Mnry'K, I r w . » I * [i.«it with Mixs Mary CuV ho is attending » cho- M tho Woods. _ ^/FARMER ON HEN THIEF l l l h l 1 «' T:;1() ln be token on I h e l r I n u r of Ihe lalip by Joe Fruitier, piu-k superintendent., war- W(t Thin ,l!,v t i f l i - i n o n n ill ^ o'clock in tlic I,,,,,,.- of M i nml Mr«. t'Vd !U'ileM of plain sern)ons on mod- r i n diiclHl coiKllllons the nnbjeot he- Int "Kcitirtuinan, Our Public nml Prl- c ..... lu u r. bv :!MI. i *' IWiilui. u M-.IM |i i fin mcd .i.n'.-'i p n - i t i i /II,.,,,. ctnucli. i-il Hi'- cf-tc fm met lv 11 i r- detent VIHI; lici-c ."mernl A tew $5,000 Suit Against Blue Mound Dropped to net [rom the Ed Shny form o«« of was (oiled. Mr, £o,»e ahortly ttler ml* oo!«tay morning nnd pv p rthe poultry yard with J (·he thief wap dlacove-r«! A suit brought hv Bert ft1n nifi- n h i n On- Iw-i-jimc j.ii-ilo: ,ni:tilnfit ll)i VIlinKc nt BlUO Mound on *' lit" C l m i d i of iln- Nn/nrt-ttr In ' n chilm fot J'i,ni)fl WIIH dlvmls-ieil Frl v tn a pfwliir* »"' * n ; of rive chickens *» e henhoiwo, where tm ped It in hl» The chlcke restored to '*»l ( . \V. Mi ke ihou Hi. tin- M.J. In t'tdii.i. hckskin Suede Snort Jackets ,,,,, ot al wtfitc -tilt of J5d Ealy In onday ftfternotm, 'rendered in fuvor tor S300. Tho *ltlt * nefl for soiling real Mr. thin,, |i t .i-, fl ,,,,. ,,,,, J*jl-it Inin-l W r i t e r t o n n r n m l w l n d l"" 1 " In ' ' ' 1 1 IDI-, i.f i n n ( iniU;in\. hit' tiif i,f Hi.- '(-'lieu In -iimit'i *t by JudKc Janii's S Fiiildwln In cli cull ciniil, w h e n a t l o i n r y s t)')H- firtl Hie crpiitl a Ht'lllemcnt bnd been i r i d i f d . '1'lie CHHC tiacl hecn pcnri- lll'J Hllice VBti. The divorce uilt nf N a l h a l l a R r n n l iiKnlniil 1 U'tivnc Brnill was dismissed ii|un iDoiloii tit coiinsi'l for Mt"), Hi-nnt. f . Cantretl Barricade To Be Removed Later Tli- hni'ilfid" "f C'fintrcll wtreet. ,il Twi'iilv-secdnd slreet will be re- niiwed fiiitlii-dfii' It i" cxperlcd A cU'itl diitour n t l d « t traffic to den. ]UI(|i;ltV SATURDAY The women of the Chinch of God. 100.'! West Mucon street, will havi a linld'ry suit- n i l tiny Sntlnlny In the ba-io)i-nt of the Drt'iiliu Dry flood* i,toie. Luncheon wilt he .icivett nt 11 o'clock. ____ Abe Martin Says-- K n t l d n f i n n l slylci ' Ilic wlilch - c i i ' .M '.mil tuctlott rompanv. vtnn t h e placed T raver BOOM BBS, N. 'a WO.OOO «h«l hat tins Rrowr. devclopmci ago It a and *art«rn « last six month*. Dresses, $9.S5, $H.95, On Sale Saturday At Brighfs u "* Hiotln-m. Wh»(i f(,r «.iiui-ii, ·.Pli.i-tcil by *"»». rcre. "S«t fr«m : o( Amerlw. i'hese for new tlieli will be ptnt-cd nn «nli Saturday, nl !W*S, Ill.W nnd |10.9ri. The collection Incliideji nil Ihtil Is new and » m n i l In v.omen'* nnd mliM-s drcHMe«. E'.'evv womim jdinuld plan to come enily for Ihcse specint -Adv. \alitcs offered at "Sure we feel the aluck limes. You see tollts haln'l bein' opemted on. fer tlwy Jett Imln't got the money," said Undertaker Atkron Shot, this rnoiDi Somn dappers think so n)iicti n' tber mvecttes t h a t nothin' but h t t t l n ' pole 'II Jar''em loose TODAY'S MEETINGS CommoUore Decatur council No. 4, J, O. U. A. til. Deoitur loilao No. W, I. A. M Scott Wlhon enni) No SB nnd Auxiliary No tfl, U. M W V. FUNERALS HOLT, Charles; 1 :.lfr o'clock Sit- afternoon tn Monson chapel. Burial will be in Greenwood cemetery. WITH THE SICK G. B. Alexander, 526 East Marietta itrest, who, wii; opeiuled on Wednesday afternoon In St, Mary's hospital, was removed lo his home Thurfcduy ufliii uaoit Me wns rs- pofted rusting fairly well. MARRIAGE LICENSES Jacob Cr, Bod grrB, !W, I^aFsyatte, Ind, Martha fJ Smith, 1)5, Peorla, Fred O Bond, Icifal, L»«ra K. Onnoll, lettal, Chicago NEGRO, WHO KILLED WIFE AND ATTEMPTED SUICIDE, STILL LIVES Freemont Klneh, neyro who killed hlo wife and turned his pun on himself Thuisday, w»s still al^'e Pil- diiv d f l t r n o o o with ft bullet hole the roof ot his mouth and out the *Ule of his head. Although It wait believed ImpoHslhlc for him to recover from the wound, the man clunif to life nnd although lie show- nd no xitriut of ) rrovo) y, neither did he loTM any ground. The mint hail been uncon'iclniiH for nearly 30 hours Friday nfternooit. Ills w i f e died within HO minuted a f t e r Nho arrived In (tin hosnllal Friday wllh three bullet wounds in the abdomen ivhich he infllclerl na Ihcy In Ibe 300 hloclc Cnntrcl) wnllted street Watchman Must Han; For Burning Hotel ita I mini PITT* i BT. LOUIS, Oct. 17 -- Andrew Memlowa wnx sentenced lo death by hjinglnp Friday on conviction of set t'nc fire to the BucklngliHir] hotel annex here in 1ft27, in which seven petsons perished He wut aectiped npeclfinlly ot murdering Mrp. Mny Fmwr, nchool teacher, one of the peisons In the burning building. would iiu , naught her and tore tli« cloth ing Irum her. Mm. la-flnier waa btnni'd nhoiit the hands. Mrs, Lurlnit'i', u frhnnl oC the turn- Hy, hudj voliinleaiBd to unrv lor the ho line and 12 children, while Mrs, William Wendell confined In Dcualur Unit Mncon County hyti[)Hal, wliero 11 dtuiftlKei- wua lidt-n Thu rail ay. She urrlvcd In the home f'i Iclny In lime lu jin|ia.iu bieult I:iat for Mr. Wendell, who work* In SwKl ^Ca., and for lh« tlilldion, all ot whom nri; In wchoo), will) HI* rxcepllon of Moiy. Child nl rlay Jliivinjr sr-nt Ihft children off |ji Mercury Dips Under Freezing Mark Friday Morning; Cold Witt Remain Any doubt the lirut frost at the nciwwi wan removed with n vcngcanr.Q Thui-flday titbit wh«n U» mercury dipped lo 3D. two degrees bctow freezing. Enrly risers Ft Way morning »aw hou«elop» and wulks edited will) n white film of front. Gordon*, flower* and other outdoor violation thft effects ipf the chill, Smoke poured forth from n ihoi «and c,hlmneyn Friday morning a* householders Hllrrcd tin t h e fire In the furnace. In mnuy Inmnnri-^ Thursday drop In lempi-iaturf' brought the firat mention for fire (n the furnaceit this season. Top coaln went belnR wwn morning and many pedestrian* nflll rcinlntid them at noon de«plt» *!*· fact that a warm bright nun h»rt tempered the «i«i fit thn cold «n»p. Thursday's temperature ranf(» w*i more ihun *0 decrees dropping from a mnxlmuni of 74 degrees Thursday afternoon to u minimum of BO decrees Krldiiy morning. Hy nlshlfsll Thursday ttw nvicury ImA *opp«t more thnn 30 4vxrnr*. A'';ordl»s to lh" jirc*cnt w^nthnr torfeiut lh»t o,olJ wave w i l l rf»i»nJn (wo itayx InnffT »' 1 INI Hi. /. A. A. Officers Approve Proposed Bond Issue For Game Refuge EXPECT 500 AT ANNUAL CHEST DRIVE DINNER Tom PevMM, Pewit, WiP Be Principal Speaker For Qccuim CLUBS WILL ATTEND ol the ntntrwUt of cfflcera and directors of Hie Illinois Afcriculturul n»sodullon and presldflnts, director nnd mtvlsoro of ASPHALT PAVING PLANT IN OPERATION FRIDAY record In opposition to the proponed amendment, und n|iumved Hi" of $M,nMGO I" JwDds for luintinff, (lifting mid rccrcntlon K rounds. Other dlncuNsiona dealt with «oy nmrketlnj,' «nil |iu!li!l-it. ptoli- leois ot the co-'j pern 1 1 vf nr«ln 111111 hrlln« pliirt, nttnirx of Ihc leu of tho rlntlon. anil Aj;rkullui:i! M»M- fuutiiic pollt-lns of thit Tb» convi-nlion started nl 1 o'clock, Tbnr'lUiy. wllh pnirllrally all of the schoo,, Mr, W.ndel, ,,,,,, Mary ^» ^^ A*^ at pliiy. while Khe vivnt to ment to gi-i ronl for a Dane- She . , , . .etuinml nfter a nmmom. howv«, | f K , m ,,,, u of tint I \ttj\i\t I n i Kit. ft j^*-i I * i u i,ik-. i-sY I Uji ' fldtnrics piewrtl if) mldttlmi to tin- ofdiers of Ihc county f i i t m . U)(TlplelCd First nr liolntf mat« for BOfl ntid « to murtd the ff the (·(iiunmnliy Oicwt in which IVjiininn, 1'^wlii CtHnt cam- chairman. Will xpcok Oct. IT, in the MHRonlc T"mpk dlnlnn room, nil Oecutur lun;hHn nnij (tjoir wfvflii, m'mton of the UM\nr*i dud PiiifcuKlonitl Worn- eo'f* elub, »»d olhor vwiniMilM*, »» well an many individual rlliKonii Will he ))ith!nt In lh« iiifcl(rt)f, ll(!«t to rrtwMe Tlxi tiu.ilncsn and PrnrMlAn»l flub will h In chmw of naif, llniviiy (Irnldof will of ttervlnft ih« dinner. , chairman of th« 1*50 r-|irt(t c(tmpii(t», will in the (net-tlnn, 'om IVatmnri, )»ii-ji Cheit »m- i-liKlnnun, who went out for S174.0W !a»i y-ar and ruined f)7»,OQO in rite dllfjiwd tino, will t'umn to JJ*. i-aliir on that i\n\f to wll wnrktr*. wti'ncj 1 dlr^ciocit, nod clljjt^mt, hw t n n d r l w W«K con-lni'ied. Hft will din- for ih* Chf«t Driv« or «ree,|in(( lw quotft thin lh und went lo lint tionl h 01131!, S)i« did nut see th« child, and tthe went into the fiiDit KJUIII »ht h tilted t door sldrn, Tliinkjng ihe child in if; lit h,;vc ^one iluwn the the a and that the door had closed locking her there. She tuned back to the btincmenl nnd ss lire lie 0 through It for the child Blirm Ihiwn Slalr* Mcai)\vhil« tin 1 lillh; jflrl ffon« »|) stiihi. She evidently had found umicheji on the bureau and hud c.iir- rled tbem to the f i o o t window \vheiu a handful remained. Several had been lighted and punhcd through a small hole In the screen, to fall lo Lhn roof. When her clolhlnif caught fire she ran down the xUIrs und out tn* firnil door. Mrs, I,ai[m*!r wuu tn the bttBtment at that time, and din not ant her patuj through the housi:. As she darted hiiclc Into the hAisc, however. Mrs, r^t-lntcr citum up lli« basement alalia. She caught the child up In her aims, lore her clothing from her, and called Moian'a ambulance. tluiiicfl to J,lve The B m b n l a n c n took t h e Injured chiirt to Dccfidtr nnd Mncon County ,, wait a «I cm «d Earl Smith, president uf tli* elation am) John Watson. ( U K expert, n nun Hi-! I thn pt "nosed tax amendment in a tl die-we* 111 the'ineetlnK ThUIW' ilny rvr-ninif. 'HUT detailed thn re«- ttir the'l.'ilinn'ji ntm)d thl' nmendment, trlvlnf; lhrc«. The first In the opinion that the fintfirnn] cli.m '.·.« if) stnln 1;ixtn;J hiethndii in-ovljp f n r d i s t i l h u l l o n of no mufh t n x money back to Blrl Urldcull Klaited their phalt plant Huuln, l-'ilduy uftcr nearly a week of idiot-down due to n break of a piece of li)iicliln'iy on ih« hi'ntlni; owns Th" half block nt tin completed te- suif-iclnit In th* BOO block South Mam Hired, waft finished in «lioi* order nnd a f t m i wait intide on th» new! Oiiil Co. property i-nrjt)nci« nnd the Hccattir racking At Prov p ii«lon Co plan i. Sou'h Miiln Htrcet from 1h« cool mine property entmnce to Lln^olnl . , Stiunte will he opon to traffic. SftUir-i w .°' lt *';' t *'" ** jonducted Xrldfty duy mnrnliiK. H bud b««n planned ni 8. nl ln lh " V. W, C. A. IR which 10 open It lust Sunday, bill the breaki r "\'' t {' fn »'-|» 1 "V'fttfn«: »ll Dcwiur in the n)0chln'ry rnnw ui iiuon Sut- 1"! '" ll «"lwul», ww twiwliial Mhool*. U) . d;ly . 1 will speak, The rhlldten who h»v* Tr wi'idher condltiwnM ar- fuvomlili.-! ^. ett _."" lklt l (( * "V" 1 .^ "' C'l'timuniiy unil there In no d'-luy bec.iuijd uf m.iibiix-ry ttoulilc. the new |m\" mcni tiotth of tin- ll)lnjli Onirm will bu poinjilcU'd by Menduy evi-ti Inn or Tuesday mornlnit. The new pnvfiJienl fium ClrVi-lfH)rf MvenU" lo K|Nittlier,« of will be conducted , wllt ;'"'·''· «'" ^l' 1 " 1 " lh '-'"' f «h- «Ji.wtl.n to the . The eh)f Jre» wlio will *M M U- Jtuih that the will run nhort nnd recoup by levying addltlonul renl «B- tnte taxes. Secondly, the T. A. A, believe* Hint f an Income («\ dcvalopjt, anil conn )5 per ccin., the coimtlet will not jy-l i-nongh to amuunt to anylhlnjc, Thid Ihcory 1« bimcd on the fact th:il here will bo much dividing and aub- A. thtnk« fhnt hospttn.1. where emergency was odwlnlstered. The hums ore deep, physicians say, but if no complications develop and K the child in able to throw off the poisoning from the burns, she will live. The burns arc confined to the chest, aim und Hide of tho neck on the left sltln of ihe body It It be- Il9/ed that they will not mar her appearance. KANETENCRAVING co, FIRST PRIZE WINNER IN NATIONAL CONTEST The Kane Kngraving 1 Ca. him received noUcn of Ihc winning o( a $100 first ja-iM award liv a national engraving contest, Koch year the Photo Engraven Monthly received applications from engraven) all over thn country, and aelects'12 to make cover deslRna for KM publlcHtlon-i. The prize ot $100 BOen to the heat of th!t group of )2 pJcl'fd engravers. Thn Kans Co. makes all cngravlngc for Herald pictures. Appro* i* Thirdly, the T. A he amendment will permit the aturn lo vntf for :nxinK district nnd other taxing bodies of tin- itttitc to levy more U^cs 'or Improvements. Folluwliip Thursdnv evenlni! »i"- wion, Ibnoe In the meellntt unonl- notisly approved Ill's nctlon of th» ·joartl of directors In opposing the ,ax amendmcntj, of land* for huitllnj,', and recreation under the pro- his fall, would feet upon agrlculiuro, \a the attitude of thv directors of the Illinois Agrl- ultutal aisoclatlon In a statement ;lven out Fttday inoi-nljiy. For Fee Increase An tjicr,'fl£3 in t?e* tut htmtfnc and flahlnp. it H believed by the »*- icciutlon directors, would provide nil of lhi fund a nocuxxary for interest and retirement of bonds, end for he n dm in tut rat Ion of the department of conservation, A direct Ux would be necwsnry for reforest rat I on. U In thoi»f,'ht, but Ihe benefit to tur* would offset thn addition*)! tax HARRISON. A r k , ft, J7- -A mftn believe to be G*nrp W, F.. PMTV. soimhl on ch«rues of murder »nd Ilielr first dividend was announced Ibmnmy, was arrested here liUe for the Country Life Insurance com- Thurnday, Sheriff L. M. Martin, ns- · - ' .nled Friday. The man denied lh»t h« I" Perry, Sheriff Martin ssld h* "gmUy re- C, PP. S. 40 Hours Devotion Begins Sunday In St. James Church Forty-hour devotion will start In the St. Jiimes Catholic church at 8 o'clock Runduy morning. Services will J)e conduo.led by Rev. A, Ahn. with theft of Revolver An Information charfilnR Arthur Croihy with petit larceny was filed Friday tn county court. Cioshv Is aecused of fclcnllnpt n. revolver from Orval Man Free Gold Fish At Bohon Store Saturday only, two bcnultrul gold tier, will be given fieo with every caih purchase of SOc or More (llmii 2 mh to it customer). Specttil-Acc ot Spade* Overalls, n.9fi. Now Full snltK, shoes, hnld and Indies' dresspB now nn display. The Ilohon Stoic, -or. N, Broadway at E. Eldorado--Adv, 299 FINE SUITS ON SALE AT BACHRACHS TODAY,$ll$9 open their new Basement Storo today with a feature sal* of £00 fine, men's at ?17,50, No stronger emphasla could be made of the fat I thai incn't ftullH have reached a new pinnacle ot value nt a decidedly lower price level Those M I C miiti which you h«vi ordlnivtlty paid from $30 lo J3fl for Suits smartly stvlcd to meet lite de- mands of you HE men and suits of the conservative type for business wcnr In al*;e! for every type and build. Full K) and IS ounee nil wool fabrics. In all Ihe new 'Fall and Winter styles and colors. Every unit is backed by an absolute (t)inrantee of satisfaction Come and see for yourself what n wonderful *utt yoi can oat !it the new Baehrsafc Basement S'vre for HIM.--Adv.' Ins (jut Sfi cent , and the dtnle of nharn nmonK bodies. Mtreei will then be aboui /lv d'ly PRESIDENT WHITE TO -ADDRESS REGISTRARS MEET HERE TONIGHT An Infoiwu) dinner m»it!nif in th^ Hotel Otltindo Krldiiy ntcht (n whle.h J3r, Jeose While, MllliUln prentdent. i« to Npeak, will be thu .llmax of tit- p i u ^ i n m for the Illinois Hmnvh of Hie American Association of Collenl- me ReglMtrars which mel In Mllllkln tin I v entity Krlday, Convemni; in Kneuper Mlllfkln Coniff-rvnlory of 9:lf), the 3D rejjlwortl t r". colleges and universttiep nil over the state, were welcomed 1" the university by President Whlt- Clnrenc." Denldnn, Milllltiri r'plntrw, presided over the tneetlnK «* pmi-ldent of the p'unlon In tlieir reMjieciIvtj schools nnd re|ne)i(int, the bent *n*B)erii in Mchool. Tbtee Judjipp". whoM lm\e not hipen «nnounced, will · I d · m i n e w h l ' l i i-hIM j!h»N ili« l«« 'nllt Kruifl Inn t'mtfr* tir ii)ir in i))n fin- which i;hlldien RJIWI e«rn lfkc money Ihtu ]» givttt to the Chcm, will be sent out to ih* whool* Nome tints early next wtek. I'ofti'i-it l*ln« )»r«piir#4 by urt pti- Jillt In the nchoolK are cxjievted lo be nvallabl* for d In I r| bit lion within a few day*. Merchant* winhiUR t» olmoit" (JoKt-rit f i o m lhl« «HK, lt tm*nt t0 '' Uclr wlnjow " »t»y do *·) by cnll- ,, |)K . p,^^ a(tiff ftl8 . The morn hi pr m**f)nnit wer* d"vnt- P(| to fUwntntlnn of probl»i)w of col- legate reKlntrnr* by Enoch r, Pyr- n,-,* nnd John r. MMIuzh. The a f t demoted to » d which officers t-riiooti s(.ssl()n for the tlfcted. In hf» ffllK Iwfore the dolegftle* to thu conwmiou Krlday evening, l're». idont Wlilt* In to »1W"U on "The Work of the Hureiiu of Henouroh In l» t «i sonallty Hroblems Hi the Untver- Mly of I'luwburch " Man Believed Perry, Taken Jnto Custody (ll« : NIGHT TURNKEY MAY BECOME PRISON GUARD V"rn» LengM i nri , ntirhf t i n n key in the rouniy Jal) it nf( duty for a fflw dnyji, in order 10 t n k* *n e»m- limtlon for t ponltion B» n pemt«B. tlary jriwrd, .Inmos rrti«hn«n, *p«- da) deputy, In In elmrw of th* lull »t 'J'he tibnence of a repot-t thdt h« had letdnned. but wvre to be ||)tln wun denied, Estate Trwtec'Makei Report In Fretltnd Case :mny, one of the subuldlarlen of the r. A. A,, ly the loard of directors following a meeting Friday morn- A record volume of huidneRo for a new compnny In the yenr and nine months of iU existence,' makes possible (He dividend n yenr Piirliiu-1 WASHINGTON." 'oVtV 17 -- An linn tli* i pulu-i^ proviiJe t'oi, it wi f All1l ,, l( .,, n f M ] , ,),* s. S. Ibunjf wn» ihe Y»nRt!:e fiver In Chinn and on* Kcmbled pletuie* of Perry V.'s. Sim* Ml'lKO ITOK The company at present hus t-IO.- 000.000 ot insurance In force, with only $17,000 In diMith clnlnia p»ld out n the fh-Kt yenr. This year, U wnn said, would Phow an Increase of 100 per cent. In 'biinlnetm. Decision to ntinrh the Counlry Life Insurance Oimpnny wns made m » nieetiujr in Peeatxu two yeiirt HBO. ChUd With Pierced""" Abdomen, Recovering Pi ed Kiuthnnn, Jr.. four yen)'« «ld J child who wan severely Injured when' he wns Impalied on a wood nuke In the flower garden of Ms home, 1-IB7 East Riverside avenue, con Unit ed to Improve In St. Mary'* ),hoi effectIvc, sill CJenewl ]i"rnnk P. Con lxftth»rl nt Friday following an operation. He will recover, physldanH lielfcvo. LOCAL NOTICES Tlr«», Weaver Tiro Co. Doc.tors Oils O, Stanley and F St.-tnley wish Ip announco their office location at «W Cltlions Build- Ing. October 12, 1930. FURNACES, repairing, Wilson. ' Roy R. Bady who oitlercd Bass let piano strings of Cha*. Mapca. Call 2-2373 Hrtnltow reported lo the Sidle De- parlment Friday. ADVm'ATIW iHv i ai'iii I'm* I,OU1»VILL15. K'., Od. IT-Th* 1 AmerkHn Pennl niwocimion w»* uitted FrUlwy by 111 1 . Korry ISImer llarne*. noted penoloplit to «dvo- rale ndoption of M Hyrtern of lvrnilniit) prlwin Hentence which convict* would tw from prliion ou a pnrole board. of Florence L, Ollbcrf Inft- dellty in n divorce null SKfilnst Httr- ry Ollbert. on file in cireiilt coutt for the Oumntry term. They married In IDSl «nd nepai-nlnd In 1BW. Mr*. fllllwH ault* for ol their child nnd nllmony, CLUB MAi orr CLINTON- -The Clinton Klw*wl« club ban given a chock for 1100 to Jacob Tick, president of th ft Cllnlon Social Service Durcnti, lo be lined for worlt of the Hufcau in Clinton this fall and winter. Hu«h Seutt, *itfCMinr to Jienjumln F. Cloud, 11.4 tniMcn of ihe Alexander S. ]'ivtluiul i»ttiu. filed liln tlrnt In- ^ntory of lh« e*tata Ki'ldtiy in circuit rouil, Kollowlnif Mr, Finland'* d«-mh la 11)21, Mr. Cloud wall appointed irtJi- lee, and iierved wntlt lut y»»r wb*B hft auJtcd to bo rdln'od lcc»tts« of bin m». Tlt» unlatii, which cnnsltitc of nbout S^a.000 lii jxTitHmnl property It h«)4 und«r truot And the incont' 1 dlstrlh- uti»d among heir* in n PCI » I'd s nee with provision* of the will of Mr, land, Rally diiy m-rvk** will h- con- dueled Sunday mornlne during th«i Sundny Ki'honl hour In the Ptrtii Hulled brethren cliinvh, Armrtsc- nicnirt h*v been nmde for n ptctitr* lo be t»ktn of thi' enttr" (*tmd»y cchoo). In the mornlnB n»r*te* m Ill^H o'cloelt. Rev. (",, M. Mym will Di'flHch on 'Will We l?» IjOnMome In Hcsvi-n?" In the evinlr«t h« will Hue. UN IMM mibj-'ci. "Why r Am ft Chriwlai)." Gebharfs Offer Big Sayings On Reliable Shoes K. 8, GenhftK Co7« two l)l)t nhot deparoyienlH are njjain ready for ft Bt-enl rtoliinlny demomttmlloh of better vBlucit. (Jebhort'n itell ito junk idioen V*»i can depend upon th#m, fot bullion mtd K«r\'(e(, See the worn- en'n nnd jflrtw' (tmiivl idj'lv* »t W.+8 and I3.B8, th# women 1 * Ar«h Nllppev* nt t£ft8, the BtrlH' (mfordn nl *1.M, »t the wonien'H VIIDttty ' ox foil If, t4 for every member nf family, and quntlly considered, lo»'«sm prkw In Amtrlfli*. lluy Gobhurl'n Huturdity. th» th« Round Saturday nlfht, Armory Ball Room 5 piece orchestra playing. Admission, Q en 19, 50c; Ladles 25c. East Main and Fninltlln, Injun Summer l.iancu, Orlando Hole) Tonite, Lowry Clnrk and his Rainbow Orch. 3 scalps 11.75. Thousands of Women Are Buying Brighfs Guaranteed Chiffon Hose More and more ai* women v«all«- Ing th« valua and uconomy ot buying Gtiatantced Chiffon HOM. 8h««rne»i and beauty have nlwiy« been ro«tly, but Brlfiht'ii hnv Iwen fortundte in nec«rln|{ the CKc.liidlvc «at'i)cy foi » hoBie,ry mill which BWaiHep* four of It* niimbern-SX, at JH.25 and SAA at SI.IW itr« R*rvl«« Chi (ton HOM, 100-B, at t),'^ U ft mtd.w*!gr.t Chiffon and A-SOO at tl.SS, in a »hwr Chiffon If yim arn not ulrondy on* of the thoiiNund:* W\M buy their ho«« , youjuhouM start wearlnf immediately. Bright Brothtri, -AUv. i! M

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