The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1971
Page 5
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'••^a A TEXAN LOST IN TEXAS £*] HyHOHKHTKiPOlin Attoclilni I'm* W'rltw 'f%Some wwtinentKl p<*>ple we crying honett Iwt lhe*e dayi became of threat* to 1 wir down or cimml tu somethim! tl«i a cm/pie o/ Trifli' Itiitortc fi<Xt|s Si«J no Itrar*, my lri«ul», (or Ilif Mwtgw, tins mow hallowed of all. • lite Mntger, Hitting «t ground where C'rurttefl. Howie rt a) cauml hundreds of Mexican* to expire iKiieath the Alamu waJU, U tlulng v«ry *HI, IdaiiV >ou It Ita* X" 1 ««p4«d«J lor Ih? sn'ond lime am) «cm» lo Iw Itaimr* in popularity. "nui populnnty l* with the wore kntMledfleatik traveler r UK- Metier iWui'l vr Jin il* name oV*n tlif tlinai of p*U<*i» 5»II>» a U>4 U high* ayrJullrriflg UJIUjardii *fM*t» niakinK Uiw pilgrimage to UK* Alamo ixrvt-f MTU) »»«*• o( Uir <4t>tll^UlUw<] OAil vo) iii«|rru hiyH wily a fr* In-t a*a) 'V i| Hn-j Vii-rw il It a K<*!fl, ()«•> (luci'l kjurx at IU (!ri-4!i.rii In lil*J<ii\ So J>«* we KO Die mi|( lnXt-1 viat l.uill in SH'/> ••iiti 110 r<M>in> ltuj;<- t<a tite IJtf.r ami (iUcv "Hir thfral tjj MrtltaU i»i» <nfaf> ti»i> t*rfi t*a»rt> »i|»rtl «ifl l»> ">f U Ji Artts) »<*l UK tr»-»» Uai.grf a !') f cafu raiii''! AiitJ -«s(Ji Post Offices to assist aliens HOUSTON - J'ostmaMer (ieorne J, f'ollevenl and Ihc US. I'onlal Service nnnounce Owl U.S i'ttut Office* will ngaln cooperate with (he Immigration and Nalurallitttlon Service In soiiUtlnK all aliens lo comply wilh U»e Alien Addre** Hejxjrl rtsqulrementji. In compliance with lit* Wil Immigration u n d Naturalisation Act, each alien imwi rep«rt hit current ad- not lutt-r than Jn» 31. Nursing home plan ploy, delegates say WAHlllN(»'HIN (AP) — The Nlxort iidinliiistrBlioii linn been accriiii'd of playlnfj |x>litle« with th<- Whitf \\wxe Conference on AginK l/y u»in({ it UK a furum tu announce n '•!n?adliWM.'l»f{R'<iK" crack- im *utoUiiKlfird miming Keport lormi will In- available at all local po»i Jan 3 "In twine Krwi'* there wax quiH- a strain feeling about On? timing of thii on- ii'«jiM:<-iin-nl ," mild Jam*** 6- Hiiiitiht'ti of (liicago, a e<> <-hairftii(ii <il !)»• cu "Many thought il w«jW tM>K lln- iH'.-nlliiH-s rtixl |wl into thf shad'/** w()x-r health LVNUI-S," |j<- Mid "They ri"gaf(W tt a» ;t ix.'iitiral ptoy lu diver! at '.fiiUvii from other major - a <ln-j» »u«|Jirt«>nUi:it l '!<"»»»> lad; I 111 * 1 » M//«*J> in U»ti(* of thiii conference." Health, Kducallon ami Welfare Secretary Elliot I,. Klthiirdwdi announced during a conference luncheon Tucunay that 37 staled and the I>i»lriet of ColumWa risked the !»»» of U4 billion in federal Medicald fund* unle»« (hey (juictily correct "*ub- Htantial defieicnclc»" in miming home certification Uidiardwm said the »taU» must iiutimjt detailed <-<ifrw:live plans by Dec. 15 and tho-A marked irn jirwvwiterit» in numing home in*[i<-<:ti"ri5 and nurveys by Kel) I, or fate "a noncompliance procedure that could ultimately reiiult in withholding all federal Mexican! (utid* " Stan- !!v-.|ji-ctioii\ of all 7,'XX) Mrdicjid )ci-fsM-"d lanlitiMi in liie ivatiwi -*ill Ix' required by Jul> I, h<- ,s(J(k<J , l.rsl'rt H ; r» iktu fl.Wuir HKW Ninon .> H»f « J*»»? u<*gjtital twirl jcrs u»;r Uir nlifuJs J »(,'.)<( !;. Mi I»K- nurmng >i,!r-m MIK<- late lait •*hen J'rendent iwum'i-d lh;<l federal ui liub^tandard for UK- ag'rtl l'i ^ii.-U"^l'.~*i fiiH in Kt<jup> Uxia) lo foftn TIIK imAZOSPOUT FACtS, FcwpoH, Texan, Hiflfwliy, D«c«mh«f 2, Wtl, recommcndallOM on how. to nolve Ihclr "double Jeopardy" of being both old and non- while. S«fiiiiofU were scheduled for black*. Atfan-Amerfcanx, .SpanlfttHipcafclng American* nnd American Indian*, a* well an for ddcftalcf concerned river xuch l*du«i a* blind, poor and raral old people. Fourteen twctlon* prepared final conference recommendation* to be voted on before presentation lo a general itcuton tonight. The recommendation* will be reviewed by a Cabinet-level committee awl forwarded to the {'resident. Section chairmen said there apjjt-ared to tx; strong support tar naiional fiealth insurance, unproved Medicare and M«lu.-aid programs in the interim, a guaranteed annual income for the elderly above lh«? official poverty level, liberalized food stamp |Kriicti», pn>t*rty-(ax relief lor the aged and retirement policies l»*«l «n physical health ralher than chrorioir/gical age FRESH BAR3-Q DAILY 3 BROTHERS N0.5 OANBUK Y Ml IIOfUSK Group includes Taylor Norris, Joe "Butch" Sebesta. Tommy Harvey, Tommy Menard, Glen .Sebeula and Tracy Menard. Taylor was recently welcomed into the horw group. Larry Menard, group leader, invites new member* to join. Danbury group runs participated in shows awl plans other shows in the near future. CHILDREN'S CLINIC I.AKK JACKSON'. TKXAS I ANNOUNCES THE SERVICES OF MRS. NORAH 1 THURMAN, SPEECH PATHOLOGIST. SPEECH, 1 LANGUAGE AND HEARING EVALUATION. ITHERAPY FOR CHILDREN and ADULTS] HOURS BY APPOINTMENT PHONE 297-3551 iCHILDREN'S CLIN 10,^0,™, AT. 4 tn '.?. MEWS from tki Services Metvin K. Barnes tUlla» IhJl in ufdrr lo MJntt rt«-<t. tkr »ptnf mu«l Ur *r\r*H> brwl bAfK*aid* Ttor brwftini; in)ufr* ba<i ft)^r% of Ihr %p«nAl div< and c-iutrt ruplurtii; \n »fu»r i»|>mrr <a» (*»»* «-»frr pir»»urr »n Itw nrrirt in Ihr JilJJirnJ canal and a 1"» *nt^ |Min To avoid back pain. Dr. \MIIUtm o/frit tlm<- 01 rr hjfkHJfd fpr anilhinc \\»id r^rrchr (Mu(tjin» almrd at ilrrnglhrnini; bark mimic*. . Silrcp on >»«r tide am) pull up >uur ("ommjr.J Virlti*m, Com- miir.if .»(>•<« (Vr.lrr Connwri) . Stgnjl Support ARrnry. The »|KVt4li>l t> i>»sii;i>o<l to ihr Kngitwvr S<vl»x> Ik cuicrrd (h»- Army m 1 No\cmbrr 1464. roinpli-lrd l«»ic trainins at Kl I'M. I.* . ami *J* lJ»l 9>l.tlionod .il Hrtl»lixw Ar>rnal. AU Sjm-c S lUrivii. uhow wife. Jennifer, live* i«l W2 Aialu S( . Ukr J.-H-kK»). u a 1%) graduate of San Angrlo ('<• High .v-luxtl IIAKHIS DISIOINT I'HAUMAl'V. »»« Thai Wa> It known it it" 1 pharn\»c> with the and r.prrlciivr hi Jackkon Wr u<frr the Igvint (KMklblr (liter fur ajl )iwr pbarmaf) nerd*. Open Miaii-Kri. Irum »:» AM 4: 00 I'M. &•« l row K-.14 AM-ZilO I'M. ( lo*«l Sund«)t. Call !»7-US» ur _ palnlul Ajiply « uioUt mUlurc U \»»lrr. »ud Hour, KT. BI.ISAi. Tr» Army Specialist Four Gary W Ik-rscroo, 21. son of Mr and Mr* Henry K. Bergeron, 1121 Myers S( , Ctule, recently completed an eight-week Nikv-Hvrculc* Fire Control Crewman Course at Kt Ulisi During the course, he studied the computer, *»'U- chlxwrd. muUichsrowl data rccordt-r and miswlc and target tracking radar* u>vd in firing and coiitrollmg N'ikc- Hercules guided missiles Spec. Bergeron entered the Army in June l»"0 and completed basic training al Ft. Ord, Calif. SAVE .. .on each of these consoles with TOTAL AUTOMATIC COLOR B l** NOW .. .on each of these ASTRO-SONIC Stereo FM/AM Radio-Phonographs , . k .. t . v , t ,.._.-,..,,., _ v -.-, .^ _ ..} j:->'.>,;,t - ,>,'"r -._: ,- >:•„••:> rq ,cj* i^;> o' s«t jccerv- •- D (*fii Ame»ic*n --..^v 1 '• "•. i E French Provincial ^-:o<' - ; "-:a F. Spanish idling ,. r ;•- -. ^ .. - c.-••••'• ttr-ji.vj'-. Your cho*ce ot tout style* —all as b«4ulilol to *e« a* *ro to hear Bu> i%ow a"d va^e on ihe magnitic*nt Magnavo*' Gary W, Bergeron | ^^^::^V:^ NOW 5 12 95 NOW S 59 95 NOW SAVE*20 o ixvtaWe TV ^^o^^«i :»03c CompUl* wilh $ « OQ95 mobii«c«u NOW I O 7 SAVt Color po'Ubiir? on Toul i 6114 with 12* iu'ei, Qctci On. A tuj Mognovox Sells J Direct to i y Saving \ middleman AHGtETON 849^881 FRIEPORT 233-4511 LAKE JACKSON 29744U

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