The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN. THt HUTCHINSON Black Satin Pumps New Styles in Satin Dress Pumps, Moderately Priced Black Satin 1-strap, Baby Louis hod, at $5.95 and $6.95 Black Satin 1-strap, sandal effect, box heel, at ..$7.50 Black Satin 1-strap, low heels, at $4.95 Special—Real Bargain in Low and Medium Heel Pumps, up to $7.50 values, at $3.95 Tcare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 North Main NEWS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 1923 T"A L E 75\ ft.attifO EPY-TIME MORE TALES OF CUFFY BEAR BYiARTHUR SCOTT BAILEY, I B Mfl B H I I A Shower Brings Sunshine • to Your Home \ Torchy avers that it may sound peculiarly paradoxical to say that a shower and sunshine are one and the same thing, but if a glow of happine&s doesn't permeate your system after standing under a cold shower these hot days he says he loses the bet. Take a tip from Torchy. Have us install a shower over your tub at a small cost. Kitzmiller Plumbing Co. Phone 281 CHAPTER XXI, Cuffy and Mr, Bear Make a Bargain. "Look horo!" Bald Mr, Ifcmr to his young son, Cuffy. "1 ousht to punish I you and send you to bed. But I may not do that. It all depends on whoth- er you can keep a secret." "I caal I can!" C.ufi 'y crlod. "Then you mustn't say a word to anybody about what you saw today," his father warned him. "How you stood on your head? And how you didn't got your sharo of the grubs out of tho old stump? And how BIR Foot and tho others chased you home? And how " "You seem to grasp my Idea," Mr. Dear interrupted hastily. "Perhaps," ho added, "the beit thing for you to do la to protend to yourself that you •stayed at homo tho whole day." Cuffy nodded. "I suppose," he said, "It will bo ttll right If I tell Mother?" "Nol" Mr. Bear thundered. "A secret's a secret only so Ions as you keep It to yourself." And then he turned and went back Into the family don. He was hi better humor now. Ho believed that he had found a way to she raised her head from her knitting. "Did somebody chose you home, Hph- ralm? I thought you wore breathing heavily when you canto In." "Ha Hum I'" said Mr. Boar. "I was what you mlgW. call a race, my dear —a race that. I had with some of my friends." "Ar< you going to race Big Foot •! keep Cutty's tongue still. 417 No. Main. • m COMMUNIST SEIZURE OF PARTY CONTROL CAUSES SPLIT IN FARM LABOR rtANKS "I'a!" said Cully, later in the evening. "Yes, my son!" "When I stood in the doorway this afternoon," Cuffy went on, "and saw you coming running out of Lho woods "What's that?" crlod Mr. Bear sharply. "You weren't here when I eamo homo." "I know I wasn't." Cuffy agreed. "I'm just protending I was here." His father frowned. "Don't bother me with your questions now," ho said gruffly. "But I wasn't Roing to ask a question," Cuffy' explained. "1 was only goitiB to toll you that. 1 didn't seo anybody chasing you." "Bo still!" Mr. Bear rumbled from deep down in his throat. "What's this?" Mrs. Boar asked as *Ybu Eccm to dr&ep m 9 td«&.* M*. Bear inUrruptod haitllu. again tomorrow, Pa?" Cuffy piped up. "No!" Mr. Bear growled. "I'm glad of that, Ephralm," his wlfo murmured. "Of all your friends. Big Foot la the moat worthloss. I wish you wouldn't have anything to do with him." "I shall avoid him from now on," said Mr. Bear. "Are you afraid of him, Pa?" Cuffy asked his father. "What a question!" Mr. Bear exclaimed with a snort. "Look hero, young man! It's time you were in bod." Copyright 1923, Metropolitan Newspaper Service, Now York. (Tomorrow: Mr. Boor Has a Plan for Keeping His Sou Busy). A BIG SURPLUS OF GRAIN CARS Near Kant Rolief, -which la establish- In^ throo farm villages for the boys. Within a year, tho hoy a TVIU ba able by hard work to establish themsolvos on individual farms. This ii> the first farm experiment of its kind in Greece and the government farm expert a will ,pay close attention Santa Fe Repair Department in, t0 initial stages of the enterprise. Hutchinson Made 2767 Whole for Hauling Wheat. A total of 2767 cars were repaired 'hy the local Santa Fe car repair crew {hiring the month of June, according to F. J. Boucher, foreman of the car repair department. Theso cars are being put into shape for tho wheat movomont ami tho yards are tho scene of much activity as tho carriers are being rushed through. Ninety men are on the job every day getting the car.s into shape to haul wheat. As soon as they art. 1 completed they are put out on the line. Mr. Boucher^.says that over fifteen hundred are now waiting for the hauling to begin. Of the 2707 cam repaired during Juno, 960 were repaired in the shops and the others were handled In tho yards. The dally turnout for June was over 36 oars a day. Since last year the car repair department has is'most doubled its working force. GET REPORTS SOON ON FAILED GT. FALLS BANK Shelby Bank May Have Had No Connection With Failure at Gt. Fall*. Sop, left, inscan Bennett, chairman of Farm-Laliur conveiamr' befort It win st-lred by communists headed by C E. UutlienbwK, li»»«f Jcft, and William Z. Foster, upper right; F. H. Shoemukcr, lower; fljlht, who denounced Henry Ford. Tine atn-inpi to weld rho discontented elements of the country Into a political power timlei- ilu, kinm-r of tho Karmer-Ixibor party appears to have failed. Communist del.'^uien to the ("ileago parley seized control under tho leadership "( ('. K. Hm'.ieniierg and Willlu.ui '!.. Foster and adopted ultra-red policies. Coit:;urv;:tn'e l-'urmor-Ijabor delegates refused to eudoreo these polioieo, DEMOLAY DESIGNED TO I "One of the reasons why DeMolay ranks so high as a character-<bu!ldlns membership in a socrot oooiety has a particularly strong appeal. "Independence of action Is encouraged by permitting tho members of i the order to choose their own officers 'l>yMolay i* 'priiminiy and upoclfieal ly a young man's 01 >i> T , and its prln clplos and teachings afford wonderful i an ~ d diroct"their own~affalri"the adult opportunities for di-vtloning young manhood of the flm st typa. "Tho young m;ui who nbHervos ftho rulo3 of conduct i'iv*cribcii by gontle- mon will 'be HIUM to develop mentally and morally and eijuip himself foruse- ful citizenship," s;ays tho l'o.Molay Councilor. ored wlilch sponsors the junior fraternity simply acting In an advisory capacity. "Standing as it does for patriotism, reverence for tho Deity, filial love, clean living and good citizenship, tho influence of the organization Is bound to be wbolebuino, and thoughtful men in all walks of life welcome Ita entrance in tho field of fratteraal activities." Want War-tlmo Wages. Chicago---Return to the war timo wages of tho Order of Hallway Conductors and the 'Brotherhood of Ilo.ll- way Kugfnoors, will be suggested to the rank and file of the organizations resulting from action taken at tho closing of ,!ho session of lho Western Association of geueral chulrmen. Invtatlnate Coal Rsteta. Washington—Acting upon recommendation of the coal commission, the Interstate commerce commission "idored a general investigation of all j rales for transportation ot anthracite iln the United States and Into foreign ujiuaiorco. A Palestine Loan. New York: 11. Dlzengoff, mayor of T8l Aziz, I'alesllno, Is In 'Now York Olty to floii,'. n municipal bond issue, tho first oto iu Palestine In l.S&u year*. . • * * * • «• '5' 4- r 1- <P <:-• » • * * • •i> SOUTH HUTCHINSON * * -5- * 'jr-<& «• <S' * -J- * Mr. and Mrs. P. Kemper spent. Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Trabuo and family. Master Carl Kemper was dinner guest of Ralph Wildon Sunday. The Young Peopled Endeavor of the' ranged between $100,000 and $150,000, Christian church gave a flower shower '• in attempting to save tho fight and on Miss Mablo Porbaugh Friday eve- i the good name of Montana. None of niug. She was very much surprised. | tho bank's funds were used in eon- A nlco lunch was served and those I nectlon with tho financing of the present were Almira Coekren, Hattie j fight, It was announced. Stanton has Mesker, Eva Mesker, Mildred Mc-: declared depositors in his bank will Shelby, Mont., July 11.—Reports of banking examiners working on the books of tho First State Bank of iSholby, which closed Its doors yesterday, were said will be available tomorrow. Depositors In the institution, of which Mayor James A. Johnson, treasurer for the promoters of the Dempsey-Oibbons fIfflit, was president, marked time. No statement was forthcoming as to tho exact amount of cash on hand. The action was an Immediate result of the suspension of the Stanton Trust and Savings' Bank of Great Palls. G-eorge H. Stanton, who aided In the financing of the fight, was president of the Great Falls institution h. A. Murrlls, cashier of the Shelby bank, said a number of depositors withdrew their cash from the bank, following criticism ot Mayor Johnson's connection with the raising of the second $100,000 paid to Dompsey. Mayor Johnson himself sustained personal losses estimated to have Klnnls, (Jertrude llessler, Arlie Cox, Rachel Madson, Louise Perry, I.ora Hell, Mr. and Mrs. Bob firaee and tho honored guest, Miss Mahle Porbaugh. Rev. McGulio filled his usual appointment at Obee Sunday. Mrs. Mc- Oulro, Miss Lora Boll. Louise Perry, Rachel Madson, hlva Mesker and Hattie Mesker all accompanied him. Tho Christian church Aid Society will meet Friday afternoon and ciullt with Mrs. Lloyd Skinner. A now elevator is being built just opposite Hern's mill. MISS ldell Ledbetter who has boon r *rl8ltiDg relatives in Mcl'herson returned home Thursday. Miss Louise Perry spent Sunday with. Miss Lora Bell. Mlaa Dallaco Manchy who has been working in the country camo home Saturday. Mrs. O. R, Trabue and children spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. F. Kemper. Mr. and Mrs. F. Kemper spent Sunday afternoon with-Mr. and Mrs. Pick- rill. Rev . McGtilro and wife went to Abbyville to fill hU usual appointment. Little Mildred Trabue of tho Fairview garden Bpont Saturday night and Sunday with her grandparents, Mr. und Mrs. F. Kemper. Rev. S. 1!. McGtilro and wife, Mr. and Mrs. F. Kemper and.grandson, Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Trabuo and family, Mrs. Cleorge Wildon and family, Mr. J. R. Bell and family spent tho Fourth ot July at Lake Bedell. GREEK PRPHAN BOY8 TO BE'TRAINED A8 FARMERS. London—Two thousand orphan boys from Anatolia havo been transported as farm oolon(i»ts to the rich agricultural dlstrlet ioh'lnd the Macedonian front, through the efforts of tha Near Knst Relief and the BrltlBh Red Crpsa. Tho Greek government lias allotted t.000 acres'Of laud near Phillip! to th« ba paid in full and that fight financing had nothing to do with the failuro of either institution. ABOUT 2,200 CARS OF KAW VALLEY POTATOES The Movement of Spuds in That Section Keeps Everyone Busy. Topeka, Kan., July 11.—The ICaw valley potato movement Is now iu full swing and a total output close to 2.200 cars is expected this year, according to a statement by Edward C. Paxtou, Kansas state statistician for tho federal department ot crop und UvestoclTestlmates. The present acreage is estlmatod at 15,1)00 acres, as compared with 17,600 acres last year. Last year's movo­ mont amounted to 2,486 cars and 1921 shipments to 2,379 cars. The present crop is rated at 80 per cont of normal, as compared with 75 per cont last year. GRANT. * *. • • Mr. and Mrs. Oourley and daughter of Nlokerson spent Thursday evening at J. 3. Flora'a. •Hugh McVey flpent ths Fourtai at Wlohlta. •Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Shaw spent Sunday afternoon at B". A. MdFarland's. Mrs. Minnie Sprung and her slater, Mrs. Md Stoors, drove to Hutchinson Monday morning. -.^ Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jaclc "Willing Tuesday morning, a b*by girt. Mr. and Mm. Sylvester Flora or R«y- Store Hours, 8 Jo 5—Saturdays, 8 to 9, Keep Cool ROCKINCHAIR UNDERWEAR (OPENS ON THE SIDE) .50 Perfect fit for all figures Stout, regular, tall, slender and big heavy men." Rock- inchair Union Suits arc made in these models in every chest size—Thus insuring perfect fit. Vasor and Carter athletic underwear $1 Saturday it the last day of our "sale on men's three-piece suits." Cool Straw Hats $2.50 NUSSBAUM'S Star QCctfiicrp Bathing' Suits $1.50 Up T HERE is no substitute at any price for an Exidc Battery except another Exide. There's Exide Service Station near you. Make use of it. The Electric Storage Battery Company Philadelphia USED CARS .ll^, 1919 Buick Touring 1919 Dodgf Touring 1920 Dodge Touring.. 1920 Buick Roadster 1920 Ford 1-Ton Truck 1920 Ford Coupe 1920 Dodge Touring 1922 Dodge Touring 1921 Ford Coupe 1923 Chevrolet Touring These cars have been thoroughly overhauled and refinished. Guaranteed to be in good mechanical condition. Will trade—terms if necessary. Arnold Auto Co. 25 First East Phone 2707 For Sale By EXIDE SERVICE STATION Phone 1720 107 East Sherman Regular Prices Charged at the Stevens Swimming Pools Suits furnished for adults 50c Suits furnished for children 35c With their own suit, children , 25c With their own suit, adults f; 35c Fancy worsted suits. .. .75c N. P, STEVENS moud spont Saturday night at Uia homo of his parents, Mr. and Jars. J. 3. Flora. •Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Brooks spent Thursday afternoon at H. Davlsson's. Mr. and Jlra. Frank Ooberly were calling In this neighborhood Sunday afternoon. MrB. F. B. Watklns assisted her daughter, Mr*. Bright,.la cooking for threshers on Monday. * Opinion of Gomper*. Washington—Samuel Gompera, prealdont of the American Federation of Labor, branded the reuort on the anthracite Industry as ft contemplation ot "compulsory labor" containing "real penaltiofl for miners, but phantom penalties for operators," and that the alleged plan 1 B doomed to fall ine- caiise It attempts to outlaw atrlkea, Against Henry Ford. New York— Charles D. HHUs, Republican national committeeman .from •New York stat® announced be Had started an <vottv» caqwatgn (a.tyook. UM nomination of Henry Vord. 'tor TEETH Extracted Without Pain Doctor Crabb," of the Union Dentists, is an expert extractor of difficult teeth. His work is painless, rapid and scientifically done with Conductive Anesthesis We extend to you the courtesy of consultation without charge. B. W. Crabb, D. D. S. UNION DENTISTS 18/z N. Main HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Open Evenings by Appointment Phons 10SS 'SYNCOPATED— MELODY MAKERS SUPREME" COMING president by either of the major parties. Big French Army. Paris—The extenslr* plans which -would build ths Vrsnoh army up to 660,000 men were distributed among the members of parliament urging pr«- narstlon ot a modern— force frith emphasis on *h» arlatlon. and gas ibraiiche* ot (be War maohins. vOiuyt Ntflro Oelsnsi . Wasaingtoa. XX .0.) Charts Young, tha oat» Kami •xa»*a'i*aa\fa» 1 e<»Vm«J , a PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28* N. Main Phone 2659 Gas for Extraction Hutchinson Liberal rank In the United States Army^was burled at Arlington Ainpltheatre, May CI. Colonel Young was graduated from Wost Point In 1*89. Ho aervsd la ths Philippines, in • Indian canv VSlgns and »» inllltsry attach* In XIU.

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