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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, June 24, 1859
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TH* OiHiB WAJu-iTenn««n ha. writ. ten* flne poem oa the war in EaWp^ bnt ' WisxjoKsur —The above ao. tlon.wa understand (a one arising ont of printing contracts. The trial of tha same is wtfor JVH, for plaintiff; Q. C. Bonok, Attorney General for the SUte. station, to i gire: more room than the cramped:offlce now allows. The upper part is " ~ «nd Grand — We notice »bon|iwe n tw;ojd TEBUfi OF DAU.T PAP£K. Tona y«ar, payable In advance MRME OP TRl-WEEKLY PAPER: buildings, In diflSsrent parts of the dty, bang KEE NEWS: aored from the'.r sites to SOUK) other 1 i may o, in life! The .old ones make way the DAILY «less, of K««,ardl makeasa "' "- . -' do. - ,-».... I do. Sw-ka.... 400 1 square, 1 month.. .*, «,00 1 do. SaibnUia.. 10,00 <»o. fi noiithi^' 18^00 do. 4ttonthj.. 18,00 do. 6 monthi.. 16,00 l da. Vmonth*... 80,00 1 do. Iveai'.... 80-nn 80,00 Round* & A»VfrKT,SIS IAS Bauttolpb Slrecl, are IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. MARK M. POMBHOT, Editor. WN«w PAPIB AT SlAiriTOWoo —Jere Orowley isabont BtarUng a new democratic pa- peratManitowoc. It 1s to he democratic^f course, as Jere is nothing Imt sdemoerat, from the crown of his head to the sole of his fcot, «nd being an aid fcbighl,of the quill, will give tbe Pilot a good reputation. rou* 8p«iTi o».— Bonn * Crosby hare some of tho best of old London Dock Gin, and know Jntt what to do with a bottle of It, occasionally. We never use din, artless when writing .a poem ! and then la srhere we resemble Bvron, but know, from hereeaj, Hunn & Crosby's to be the pore article. Lovers of It for medicinal purposes, will do well to cut this out and keep ft tor future reference. itreti. n tt« orotoplcjil Record, fbr Ju,e • by 0 U. GARDNER* CO, D rttes | 8 t,, **-»• «*°a gee. for Telegraph and Commercial mattert »ee Fourth Page. WttoousijT STEAWBIHSW*.—We notice in some of onr fruit stores, strawberries, red, r^pe and "sltey." from Oenesee, this State, lotjk as nice and eatable as their earlier Southern nrfghbors. A dealer kindly give ns seven of them yesterday | We rather liked their flavor, «"d fcai no inconvenience from eating them" '"«•—The Grand Bapids Daily fftrald »ys the Newhall Boose is the most spl-ndid and popular hotel in the west. Our Chicago visitors said the same,, and said there was not as fine a house in IbeSr oity—although the Tretnont, Briggs and Richmond were indeed hard to beat. The Madison Argvt, speaking of a late visit to MUwaokee, says: Personally we came »w»y favorably impressed, and proud of ou commercial emporium—her schools—her asy lums—her churches—her Newhall House— and her citic«ns who so liberally and courteously ministered to our wants and contribute to our gfaUaoatlon. Long may the " city o bricks"—the beautiful city—thrive and flourish! And Xlcbmond now tell, tt] iln wort. Oat burn 8gf»ulihau.kBoirlu»'!iBiuclean ' pass*, pun, Ohnreh-goeri Seller to Blduaead go on your— . Chordi-goeri, Ohonfli-goeM loot to your lavi ! The Rector ha. aott* ytttttf and etrti«j Hat jpounced on hit votrj m e ai .!*,»* Do*. pounce on tbe chick its eye geti in range And laughs In Us alien, to hear peopl«; t»lk Talk, talk, em? One talk. - ; ft«, th. treat hero. iviu le n, tij owr , fcu4 . •' ETery ODe, ertrj! 000, «7ei7 rnej nflk. ASLKP OB |_ th* editor of th Mansion Star, present at tbe Editorial Couvtm lion, «ays there was nothing done toward hav ing the local laws published in country papers We remember distinctly that a resolution was passed, founding to do something toward deeming the object, and Sam. Ryan, Jr , was appointed as the representative of the Convention, to lay the matter before the nest legiala- tare. (iueen Victoria is again, &o. • Counterfeit coin is being extensively manufactured in Detroit. W Mons. Blondin is to walk across Niagara river, OD a tight rope. Arrangements (for his funeral) are actively going on HT A Onion Concert for Uw benefit of the Beloit Brass Band will be glv«a thh evening to Hanchett's Hall, Beloft. sj^T" BIILIAHDS.—Tbe match game of billiards that is to be played between Parker, of Janeswile, and Ooan of Racine, comes off in this city on the 12th of nert month The Wisrontin calls on "Skimmllk" to.furnish facts about the adulteration of lager beer, Th..t's a creamy joke, and we doubt if "Skim" don't prove too much for Potter— on or IITSAHS HOSPITAL— The Board of Insane ARylum Trustees met at their office in Madison, Tuesday, and elected Dr. J. Edward Lee, of Rlchland county, as Superintendent of that Institution Be is said to be eminently fit for the situation. The contents ol two of Berliner S Bru no's safes were eith-r destroy,, or badly in Jnred in tbe late flre, and two of them preserved their contents very well. One safe was found open, the owner or clerk probably for- Setting to lock it when closing business tor the day To TKC PBESS -One of ths finest, who)., •onled men we have dralt with In a long time is Mr. Failing, exhlblior of lh« Arctic Panorama. He is a man, every inch of him, and we would say to our brethren of the press that he is all they 6onld wish. Good luck at- ihe beer. The fcientific American is probably the most valuable paper published in the world, for mechanics and inventors Published by Mnnu & Co., N»w Fork. J^TLe citizens of Sparta are making preparations for a lively time there on the 4th. A great celebration is to oome off, and a good time will be had generally. !&• Just a few drops of water viaited as yesterday from somewhere abore. The dust »as not laid, nor damage done to either com or crinoline tend him CBLBB&ATIOH.-All persons interested in the celebration in honor of Schiller, are reqqsjte^to meet at the rehearsal ball of the Musical «o, iety, on Market Square this evening at 8 o'clock. A programm. has been got up by the committee, and will be taken in consideration by the meeting. SABBATH SCHOOL COSVUTTIOH a ^ onr«.— The Racine papers come to as this week filled with accounts and details of tbe great Sabbath School celebration, held in tb&l city on the 16th, 17th and 18th of June. A large number of scholars, teachers and fn-n'di of the Sunday school from Milwaukee, Rae:ne, Kenosha and Wai worth counties were present,' and the exercises consisted In speeches, reports,, singing, reading letters, &o , &c. W ArpoufTKMT.— M. M. Pomeroy has received the appointment of Grand Reporter of the Grand Lodge of the Sons of Malta, and is to accompany the expedition of the Sons to the Falls of Minnrtiaba this summer. The office is a very important one, on account of tbe salary and "po-sisn," and tbe recipient of this high honor will endeavor to be In good oon- dition, at all times, for his work •• Let it be has a&t aj-lbonhn haoua '. \ Tba^holsj of Ullirauketrbe 1 ! booid fbr 16 Bat « e : he grti through, bis form thai 0.s> u . o'd. ' Bo (irbufilr ere4t, we fear It Hua, f DD, he'd aftaryoi Elrhmond Is afttr j/ea, bu ^ Be', after yoa,an»r^»a, .1^ ^^ Ju a «jy ihort Ume, bi'U gtv.^ou all fiisj- sto» nj> a rumpui and leave to di«ga«t : »or of: lh« haitol.i a) that oertalnlr lt^ : Not Id bis aaturs to lit sJMU and ru. t | t , Oixlgr, 4od«<, Chnreh-memberj jidfre If b* can't tarn roar b.iru bi'K .'masn all ybor be&di, , ' Oborch-membtr^, Church-merobef*, % e uli VQU 1 to dodge. ' Pome on Pome. U with a King; reign icme ahoold cooip'.i Beoaus the tuppUei dnn't please, Wny iboold not Brlok J ut take a kick The public mind to eue. What It a King don't uilt ID oae UiI B< . AD.| > Brio* don't lull In another. It thai ftolng to ralie any ip-eat praise. Cor those who are getting up the bolher Now, I don'l care a flg who wlni In tho |lg, Bnt fair play I wlih to tee, And If a Richmo ( u ) n j OD , Pemk ,,, oulj ^ TwotiU suit none any bettM than me ir«oiii C »-ja-df»«ep»lDi «nd ..Id i . lf,,lr t. A new an3 better modr U/,ay!n ?ou t Brick with morl.r n, „„ ,.,,,. Thejr ToaH <oon Did t*id «,.i f th- i , 1 turt.t't iu«D) » rr,«o.l JD «h ,,r, < u j ft ,-,..i ID troa^les gmter or Iw And they'll nerrr aay die, thr,' many ,,,, u J _ 'Twaa Richmond'! fen, P a \, u md Pr u """'**' NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. THIS WAY_WITH YOUB MOWEY JOHN W~LEDYARD, ('asli firuoer and Wine Ifeakr, XI. 101 K4.8T «* \TER ST T Xl'MHKK 22.) • "- -•- ^^^^^^^^^*^^"•^•••e.lB.»Si«««««««»sl«B.«ejlJi»»ea» AMUSEMENTS. *i BAM HAM. • »• i> K i n K K i- N i < * M i -, » % Tl K l»,l » . J I N K -'4th. i!7 lit Jr i-«n>, FHE uRIlilN <l »\f) ,i , 11(11) Kg* T' > beat place | o bu r J.k-i- . Ttn txst pUc, to buy «ll r!n.|< „! VIOL v The b«n pl»ce to buy all J| n ,l, ,,f "J« »-«tpl»«i. lu buy til I 1)1' ^«r pla.'j t., l> uv Crii, i r,U.:n ,.-i Tn*w,i P l,,. s t»buy til k The belt place I , buy a.l Mn.i, PI K ri-.e bwl pla.e , buy 8UGA8 LCBg 1 HA SI • r ' H !• t 9 HI 0 JOHNSON u railed • Uuadarlog mim^ ' all •rthopapvi bar. his name l u p rtl u-i ••Inn and ilnnen hare Ucfced up a fui^-j 0*»e looked up hi. Ohurco and won't Latihim J Prajr, pra^, wicked onej pf»y, . i (Hoto« each other bj w«t,t «nd dij,;, - He lens IB h i friends mat he atvti tne? nit!. A> In Us life, for he ceo'I rule th« roost, And If say they he shan't, he's bound to preach Dai, And give the PM, German* a beereaward boo.l Boost, boost, glre them a boon, ; Voa can preach now,dear Blchmon.(, just u you pleaae— Heareosrard, heareuirard, (Tiro oji » hu.,,1 8»- A C-ABD —The Fire Departm-m of Milwaukee, through me, desir« t,, return thank, to Mr. Falling, proprietor of th* Arctic Pan orama, and to th* Campbell Min-lr^, for ih,- kindness extended to tbe firsm^ of thU .-IIT and to their guests, th« Chicago Fir. Briga.l'-, in inviting them tn mu their placs* of instruction and amu^ment, ou Tuesday afternoon and evening, the 02nd mst. 8ooh acts of courtesy are always appreciated and rem«m bared, and the recipients of the farors will ever bd ready to reciprocate thane, aj well „ other I extended them THOJUS EViaiu.N, if Engineer, Mil Fire June 24, 59 recorded. MomE LABOX.—The conquering Richmond, beaides the Job on hand to protect his friends from the fires of another worW has now turned his attention to the flre which consumed Young's block, and ask. several questions in the Wwcon™, about tie matter ? He thinks he could have saved three quarters of the property, andVe think he should in that oasa have done so. EDITORIAL TRAIKIHO.—instead of sending young men to college to prepare for an editor's life, better send them to a boring school If there U the real 8nap ) n them, it will oome out after trial ; while the art of self defence ie indispensable. A man is not fit for an editor unlau he cao, without weapon, and without help, " clean ont" as large a crowd as can get in his sanctum Th* truth should never be spared, and the editor should understand how, and fee! trilling, to give '• satisfac- tion'' to all demanding It. Hurley called on as yesterday, and «*t«d that he was not tbe mac w« were evi d*ntly firing at for noticing Richmond's poem la the Witctmnn. We are glad of it tjT Mills, of the Shehoygan JmnuU says l»e<*ould not thaak the New, /or calling him the .best fellow In the world. Herer f«aj, Flavins, we don't intend to say It. J^> Pump Carpenter is to deliver the 4th of Jnly ad dress at Be»ver Dam . We warrant It will be good, and got up without the help of either a lawyer or a preacher ' Fa. Esouri Co. No. 8.-Th« Wi, conein calls No. SaDntchoompany. We advise Pottor to get acquainted with some ol the good Yankee boys now manning No. 3, when he will find ont that all the German there is about them is what some of them may have acquired by drinking lager. The Wue onfin |, grfdenl- of, little porting on city ma ten. '" The Ladies' Monthly Magazine " Lt EUgant," or tbe Worid of Faahlon, just ncvved and for sale at 26 Wisconsin §trm - W» E. TUNIS 4 00. fl^» GOOD OEII.— The otbar day a Detroit fireman held the pipe on a flre till he was sn/- tootted with tbe heat and smoke, and then fell insensible. It wa* aevera'l hours before be was felly restored to oonscionsnen. K.IPT sis Pwnu«.— When Louis M*poleon ieft France for IteJy, he said : •• I. a month's time I will date my proclamations at'Milan." The promise was fnlfilled, end he had a day 01 two to span. TO sn HIM.— W. are pleased to see In town the familiar and wide-awake oonn- tenance of A. Wellington Hart, Esq., of the late Daily American of this city. He has many true friends here, who are pleased to see him in the city of bricks once more. He accompanied the Light Guard home from \ New Tork, and is stopping at the Newhall. LABOHBBS Ciajtoaous JOB BR«AB.—The office of the Transit Railroad company, In Winona. Minnesota, was beset un Monday last by a UU i n U,r of its employees, clamorous for money due for labor don e 01 ' the road, and for ties famished tbe company They stated that their families were soflerin for food, that they bad nothing to buy it with and that they ware willing to accept fifty cents on tbe dollar In liquidation of their claims upon the company. Finding they wen likely to get nothing, thev fell upon Mr. Huff, hold Ing same relation to th« company, and would probably have murdered him outright had _. citizens interfered and rescued him from the bands of his fierce and determined assailants Tn» PBAK FAH.U.T.—Every lover qnl vlve to attend th« at Albany Hall Bootrs BAMBINO COSCEBN BioKt.v UP —On the 16th of Fe'.ruary last two yoang men were arrested in Cleveland, having In thair •ossession some 817,000 in paper upoti •• Th- Manufacturers' Bank," of Hartford; Indiana. They had passed some of th« bogus, paper, gave their names u John Doe and! Richard Roe, and have been tenants of the Cuyahoga Jail ever since To give the bills currency, they exhibited quotations in tie Detectors of Dye, of Thompson, and of Hodges. : One of the men in -jail is named Charles B. Orris, and recently one of tbe Cincinnati police came ibto the possession of a letter dated a« the "Manufacturers' Bank, Hartford," and directed to the wife of Orrie, making Inquiries about the matter at Cleveland, and lamenting that the detention of Orris prevented tbalr go ing on with their banking business so^cessful- ly. The letter was slgn-d N. H Williams.— This put the detective on the track, and result- ' " UD J U5t ""1 uncalled for ad In the arrest of Williams, the chief op»rator in In liana, after he had mode a fall exposition of his swindling sch-me to the officers, who had »ormed them»elv,« jntu bis ,-onfidenoC aa oonfederatet. He stated that the Bank was got np by par. lies in Now Fork and Detroit, A.x UsjLitCn^K^t -Riohtuuu.l Uuconnn of last evening, charges the Fire Department of this oity with deriWtlon of duty, incapacity, .iUlnterest-dn^s an i drunkenness, on the *. which destroyed Voun^'s Block ernd gentleman haj mada charges sustain, and which were totally uncalled for We have witnessed m4nT ii remen ., and celebrations, in many different nevsr saw a body of firemen oondui-t themselves more lik » more sober manner than .in ibe Jay and -w- ning in question Vf f Jn not fireman that da,, and were .ith them from m till 8 the neH a. m They had be.n on their feet all day, entertaining their guests, and were greatly fatigued jet * as promptly M ever the alarm wh-n «ir-o.. ln d worked faithfully till wat.>r „„ nf - Q0 ^ _ They worked like h-ro*, w hil raging, although well nigh .ihauned, and ... hink Mr. Richmond acted in bad taste wheo MStowinq on them his omsure lars on the oonduet of the Obief, «-hich are marks W. hare no ohj-ctlon to hi* saying what he pleases abont his o he hu enough OQ hij hands with our fireman, and hope we ,!,„, h- aF D0 more from him on this sab.ect. W e his beoefit. and hop* he will t .» a time Williams, was tn« "Banker" thai h*, Mr and ihe ooly p»r HAN-HKTr'Bi.0* - T> * son known in the matter, that $165 weM paid •>? >' "ow n-ar'v finiah-i 1)1*0,™ ]'*,[•' Sage & Co., in Buffalo for engraving ibe bills rooms » r " ^'f •'nnv-n.-nv »- l" |-,ir, that $70,000 had been printed, at a oast of quarter of a cent on the dollar, that *1,900 | sp-cts a most desirable ^ beautiful musics concert of the on Saturday e of young ladies- we •nnnhw t >m the great number larations to attend a greater rush ol if The Sabbath school connected with Rev. Mr. Besoher's ohnroh at Brooklyn had a strawberry festival on Thursday last at David's Island, In the Sound. Besides the usoal amusements of •Inging, dancing, and eating, there was an extensive gam* of quoits, at which Mr. Beecher beat th« best players present. IKTBOTUIO.—On the corner of Mason and Main streets, opposite onr ofloe, preparations are being made to put up a very large tour story building. Workmen are engaged fcmttling material, and excavating fortheoel- Ian. PIMOBAL.— We have a word to say. The P. 8. Steamer Michigan hu on board of her as LienUnant, C. F. Thomas (son of onr wor-' thy friend and good printer, C. F. fl. Thomas, Esq., of BuffUo,) one of the real whole-souled fellows so often fonad in tbe navy. We shall hear of him hereafter, or there Is no futuw for beauty and dress at the Albany that night, than there has been for a long tim«. Every young lady Is going, escort or not, and we know there will b« no lack of these useful and gallant " accompanying documents." The musie made by this family Is the best, and most like mutic of anything we ever heard.— They will have a good patronage here, as Milwaukee Is noted for her love of music, and the number of her talented musicians who will not lose an opportunity to bear themselves ex celled— a circumstance somewhat rare Whlto plg "> ambition We would adv housekeepers, fnrni- , - tnre dealers and others, to attend a largs sale of .fnrnitnre, &«„ at Hood's .action rooms this womlng at 10 o'clock, and replenleh their •toek with bargains in that line. OT " T«A SPOT CMTB.»-A very party was tbe tea pot ptrty last night. We fed just as though « was fan, where a few •oclal people are gathered together, to be In their midst CouturoiDUT.—We notice in the Waeerly Magariiu the name of our good natnred friend, Hon. H. M. Bovee, attached to Bevoral articles of more than ordlnaryVmerit. Mr. B. is a ready, graceful, vigorous, original writer, and in this State at least, will be the means of helping the sale of tbe Wanrly to a great extent. mi 11 °.{?P;, J, OUDg P' 88 - male PW fe male pigs bob-tailed pigs, curly tailed pig,, big pigs, little pigs, fat pigs and some mighty poor ones can be seen any time In th* day bv looking Into the street. Wy don't yon bolld pans for your pigs, and keep your plas at — * • Mnrison's ice dream is dally becoming more and more sought for. We don't know bow it b made, but know H is the best In the oity, and bis place on Ea»t Water street a very comfortable one. Arm A PAE»O».—Mrs. A. Fentchwanger i» drenlating a petition to tbe President, pray- ta« for the release of her husband, now In State Prison, for assisting A J. Oiarkein toguag pension paper*. Several of onr leading dticens are signing it. OT Several of onr exchanges are in error when stating that O. W. Peatherstonhaugh is connected with the press of thta c!ty. He was «Bg»ged Din the .ffew for a few weeks prior to the firat of .April, but sine* then has had no connection u editor with any city"paper. COITKT—His Hon. JUDOI POOTB PttcaTDurb.—Thursday, June 28.—Michael Dunn; disorderly; discharged. John Pfeifer; drank; fined $1. Wm Head; assault and battery ; fined f 10 and costs. John Dolan; obstructing street; discharged. WOTPEIAH PnnjH,n).—In the Tfllage of Waterford, Baoine county, a few days alnoe •ereral ladies got together, and tarred and feathered a cyprlan for—for—for aomethlng or other In which their hrubands had been en- g«ged. A nit hu hem bronght by the tarred woman for damages, as the rait she got from the ladies did not suit her. home,— Wut Bend Democrat. The editor has his whole family in print this time. HB^ We desire to have it understood that xoept in cases wbere tbe parties are not able v *:,,i it . . - , ._ -1 litinn Th- were paid a certain counterfeit detector in New | 8 P acl "Us an.i oonreniet^ of a, •-*••, «h, fork to quote the money right' that after j »^"most^' T importlm ••» n -l'i''-»t'>' the arrest of Orris, gSO.OOO of the bogus staff j o^thT^sV'^! ^V'f was burned In Petroii, and that the arrest of ' Htr ^ d On c of a few hundred dollars, bad pr«vent«d putting the Bank into SOCC«M ful operation. The officers were importuned bv Williams to set his bank going, a»d then made the arrest Th« Bank "stock" found ooL8i«Wd of about 8600 in 1's, 2'., 8V i' 8 » Q d lu's of the Man ufaotorers'Bank, oae trunk, two shirU, 0 ne vest, and two sections of a flute' These, ex ospt the bills, were subsequently attached for a board bill due the village justlc- Thv Cincinnati GWtt. of Saturday says Mr. Williams reached this city yesterday morning, in company with the officers and was bronght before the Police Court, wher»the case was continued until Tuesday aext, for examination. He was formerly in West Liberty, Ohio, where he failed. He then removed to this dty and engaged in thu hardware business, bnt was unsuccessful. As a last resort i» has tried his hand at banking, with no bet- *r luck. He has a wife and two children In Logan county. amount of Lakr itol-n heard o( pounds of wool, his fleec and a fuu A LAROS Boo.—We were shown yesterday This Is a sample of Minnesota eggs, which Kke all oth«r Minnesota productions, cannot be excelled el»«where —St. Paul Pioneer. That sounds like an "egg-aell'^nt story. Taa LouBia Bcsuriss in MCSKKOO.V — There are fourteen mills at work manufacturing lumber on Lake Muskegon. This gives our sUter village an appearance of prosfehy perfectly cheering. The result is, rnoniy is becoming mote plentiful, and collating U not ao difficult as it was here a few weeks ago.— ra-t r ' ra-td Clarion. If collecting is good in Muskegon, we Will «nd a few oolleoton able of to pay, the charge for publishing notices marriages and ideaths in tbe Daily Prttt is tvmiy-fivt centt.—Povghkeepnt Preu. According to that, if a man of means dies and forgets to come down with his quarter, tbe fret, refuses to publish the notice. We always take pleasure In publishing th« death of onr friends, free gratis for nothing. over there to try it ani J -One *hee»l of a wagon which was loaded with three thousand pounds of sand passed orw^the neck «fa bojr only foor years ofage in:OWea7«n Wednesday. My U still living, with w-fy prbipwt of The following paragraph Is going the rounds ABio BcTTMtftT.— p ro f. ten baa oae wing to the other. The hntterflyhu grown jut nine feet and two Inches since his capture and preservation, which took place three ytart since. If he hu Joareaged In sim w fiwt « a dead butterfly, what tice. would he hare attained II alive 1 . . ««*»««»«« ia attendance here with the Fin FiOH*.— The friends of B L. Gore, Bsq, thelatelyJdecapltated pott-mas- ter «t Osankec, hare got jnp and signed * petl Monto the "Jower. ftatiare/'^ytog fo , hi, restoration to offios. (fnefcnndwd and Mrenty. six names were attached to the document when we law it, and there was Kill «»» for othen. Mr. Gore, through bis paper-the $imu-ub* Ut. Buchanan to 'right the Wong, for cwtainly ft it one, as we hare «rer girenourandividedjnpport to the adminig. _ ---- ?. A>iAO " <" '•« CDSIOJI HOBSB.—The Custom House has been damaged to . constd- MtUt extent, by the late flre, and by the falling walls yesterday. Someof th« large stones near the top of the building are cracked, and the Iron railing and some windows badly brok£ We are informed by officers of the Custom House, that to put the building to as good condition as before the flre, will require a£ «- pense of 810,000 Instead of-$100. M stated by a morning ootemporary.— Frtt Dtmoerat. The JVW, Intended to lay the damages to the Custom Home at $1,000, and thinks those flgareswUl cover all. It it will take ten then- sand dollars to replace three windows, sixty feet of ordinary iron railing, a tew 'pieces of cracked cornice, and two paving stones, we would ake to take the contract, and woald make at least nine thousand dollars profit |9- The Madison bad a oorrespon- dent here In the person of the editor, at the late convention, and below is what he says of H. 0. Wilson. Agent for the Detroit i Mil. waukee Bail way: The Chicago Sunday Ltadir, noticing the Editorial Convention, says: " W« cannot close oar notice without can gratulating onr sister oity upon the selection of their officers. Mayor Page is a congenial whole-souled tnan, and is a model Mayor In every respect. • The fraternity are under great obligations to him for the kindness and atjen tlon shown them during their visit, and every. thing was don* that could be to render their stay pleasant^ In which be was ably seconded by their Justly.popnlar and efficient Sheriff A. J. Langworthy. ; T Messrs Keen it Bice, proprietors of the lastly celebrated Newhall House, are entitled to and bav« the thanks of the entire fraternity for the cordial welcome given them, and their exertions to render their visit agreeable. WHAT is THOUGHT OF otra CITY. — The (jdi- tor of the Portftge Record, on returning from the Convention of Editors, among otherthlnrt says: °. "We went to the Convention and had a capital time w«h the fraternity; we stopped; in Milwaukee at the Newhall House, the besi "tavern" west of New Tork, we were M?h wound by Mayor Page and do not wSndw he was elected; by such a large majority • visited the public Institutions and we ' ACOIDSHT—NABBOW Escips or DEOI T-Last Sunday a little son of F. Hoyt u »o,« p£ A d ,™T 1>ed by fa "! ns off ^^ rier. It Is truly a most mlrannlnr,. .. / we visited the immense breweries andgardeii* and were astonfabed; we visited »he ' andi recommend It a ml 1 J f ?° 8t ml " lon! 0'" «cap« of a little boy about four years old The oir cumstance, are these He w as on the pier with an older brother to see the boyg ash and carelessly stepping to the edge of /pUnk' and lookl g into the lake, when, unconsciously dlwlness overcame him, he fell in the water- the water being about ten feet deep. Several of the bystanders attempted to plunge In the water to save him, but they darefnot risk their own lives As he was coming np for the second time, Mr. Wood throwing . flsE n ne to him, which, In a moment's work, the little fe low succeeded In grasping the line and clinging to it. He twisted it about his arms and was saved from a watery grave, amidst the exultation of the multitude gathertd — Ozaukee lime, FAMILY BELL EINGEE e gentlemeD, or ID MlLITAfiy 8ALL hnrc-b in j think e Weighed t,.,Uy day of j „ i , r.our it j r. m , jf ia»i l,y. ;., ,...».^ < ' premues, lo wt All Mueller an.l M»ra v ni.«i' e .«nj*'c »iir',"i v l^r aoJ CharUttB Wi.hrimlnr, ;., » r , •, ,. J . BCROHB, -.SMC- pJriln j. , . M .. u nrokn Into th« store. ocuDied I v i 1 -i l|,*|_ last Thuradav night, an.i td r r ...i amoant of jftmHs, consistin^n »nd sho-s, ^to Th-r «nt^r« king out a lar^e pan The robt)er» w-r- getting through th'i Were found in the ?ir-«l u^ ( Bu FLIICI — Un Moodsv Perkins show-d us a fleece of wool whi,-h fa- had just clipp~i from a Fr-och t, 0l -k which goes il.ead of anyth^Dg we ever jaw or Although last w.nter Le lust ievera. ^om-» of the woo! was ten inches long, but the average length was about eight inches. If any them bring on their SS~ A drive southward, through i'o.iaean.l into Jefferson county, list week gare us op- portunhy to eiamine the crops, etc, in that direction. In our neighboring county thing but grass Is looking well, and an niu •raal amount of grain has been sowed la J«f 1 "- mlddU of spring. Wh«t, look one half better la Dodge than Jeff j ?Jf 7 . Wbere ln thl « r ^on ram is needed, and If It does not soon come th« result will be disastrous to the prospects of the farmers - Waupvn Timu. i THI LA Caosst „ —The river Is rapidly falling. The "oldest Inhabitants" predict a very low .tage ,,f water before fall. W« are rsllably informed that measures are eing taken for the Immediate erection of a large woolen factory in tbe central part of this city r A scrub-race oame ofl ou Saturday '• Gipsey Jack's" horsa and a favorite animal from Viroqua. J M k, we understand won the money—fifty dollars Now Is the time to gather wild strawberries ey are mat - from off the bluffs and prairies. Th beginning to ripen rapidly, aod are far more delicioui than the sour, cultivated strawberry of tho garden ' W» WO oame H. Tirtue .>f and pursuant i-. 4 t enutlf.i a.-'io-i, | 4 I 1H59, I ihall cTrv-i«e for sale an .l al 'tit P. it o&c- n the Oity r urtluy, ll,o i43d day of j ulfi h.,ur ,.l < r a "f that Jay. p ar , nam i,, ,-n»i,tfr tft« Hav.sed Stalmes, ant'UtJ •• of ••,« , n ,. 11,,.,., Ics a-d othpr^," il,« f.ul. • 11 " C«rtaln bu l.lln^s i.tu*:^ O o 4 , ltJ - (JVJQ and t»tlT f (12), in t>l ice l«-n'v t'Ju '4. thr f\nt\ W,rd ..f th e c t r f «-l»auk-\.- t/ o( M l»»us:er, »nd 3 »; e rif w,,.,, Q , .. g.Uwr »itr, all the right, mi, aa.l m«r-« said drfen-iam hid m m.| t., the mj !le7 eD (H)aod tw-lr. ,1-Ji, , n h,,., ... n 'our (24J, on first .Jay Datvu (*hrrlQ"s ofllv-e Qio. W. Liu* i jc7*o Atfy rauK^«, June Gift. v"itf A J L A Mi » OUT lit 1 Sh»r J Mil C.. » Bt6j SHEHIFf'S I f 8TATB Of WT8CONSJN, NEW ADVERTISEMElfTS. 1 """* «»»«"«"»• • " » " «"»«ve omnibusses for; fflj 7J8* *° r ° M Lake Michigan on! the Cleveland City on the same terms- ta mention of the exerUoni of H. 0. Wlson, Agent of the ' ~** ! *\zsrs$£;&ia& """ ' we oame dered: NOTICE. .1 TV 0|IT OoMnaou.ta's Ornci I Contract D« p artinent, June 44,18W f loanlislonen of the »th Ward, It Is or- Toequeitioni* be poetouatet at Xbankte t n •*• IOUth Un « "' •«"• 19| 'O.TO onh lln « °' "'•» irotlon 18th. be gravelid and th» Udmlki cnrb«d and pianicra. Owners of proyvt; on said itreetar* notified to make Jh; abort inrprOTements within tw«ntj-two dan horn dale, or tbe Street O-nnmlailon-rt of the Jth WartjiWU! cause the same to be done aod charged to the respective lots, according to law. ^ JeSWBt E. L-H. GAKDINIB, OomptroUer Clrcult Court, Milwaukee County | 81-laey ghepard, against Christian Henry ileytr, and Margarst !,u.-i« j», ue . 8. Brown, Davl.i 8. P»w«r, Kdwar.l Haase W ih , m P. Merrill, Nelson Webster, Charles A' Ki-'tJI r Detmer Flgchback. B. Hoddis aou 4 W Ur.»uil Administrators of the estate of John C UH.,j i e ceased, Ormand T. Crane, Charles r Bo,!,, ijm'mn trator of the cltate of Charles O. dchrcner Irc^-aa- ed, James W. Arelell and He. man a. C K.,-mper I N virtue of and porsuanrto a judgment render?,i m said Court In the abort entitledactlon^ilatei! Fohrua rj 8, 1809,1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public t uc tlon, al the Post-Offlce, In the City of Milwaukee on Saturday, tbe 9th day of Jni,, ISAO at the boor of » r. M-, of that day, the lollo.'n. i^ scribed mortgaged premiaps or so much 'hereof aa m,» be nectssarj to raise the amoant of la.d u,l»ment I'D I terest and cosu, together with th* expense, of sale, co { N< ) 1 U I-. Bi,:;;;:^ "'/••"» J'>nu...n 1-urnbuU in ,( narr.l a u> | ,„..,. - them for Ua , u . «..„., n^ S,- . L:SiH.t mlu mi.l C.uni. number tutean (16) and the east half .f l.n number n/te«u(lB), In block fortr-flr, («). , D the Second Ward of the City of Mllwaa**e be tag on Tamarswk street, between f\nh , n ,l Sitli itreeu, all | n the County of Milw a 6-. and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff'tOfflcc Milwaukee, April », IHS» „ . A - *• LANi.WOBTHY apr8-8m-llnS» Sheplff ffilwauke, Uo., w'l. more than to any other ACCTION SALE OF FITRNNITITRE, AT HOOD'S AUCTION BOOMS. He accompanied n> oji -.that we were well eared for, , acqaalntance. Atthecl ^T"' ' the host for the entertain- ng for others to do that was po«l to do. Wilson Is elected . 184 East Water Street. J. HOOD, AceUaaeer. i ^*irel tiul rur'.iltar , lay. why ifte wmi. i pursuant ti. '.n« ^ I tppear ueforu ;he iSth 4ay ..f June. ; 13U »7'-V- if ins ,*i,| i«^ jurudtctlou, uner-T'se .r, h. " Uieraafter. in cn in.I ;lier» t,, , u C. Loui s H.tjn.«. MAP OF THK HtiAT Ol- W FHICB TWKNTV-FIVK Hap of NorUwra and Central 1 ted jj'" 1 *"" 111 ' r «'ei"!nj( 4 .upply ./• 'Hrt« .mleti... lov * ifo-xl things In :n, lii,o woul.l Jn *-«ll Ui lajl «n axamlne tu.y stncK JOUN W LCCYiKO, l»r,ioer «rj Win, 0«Mer. 3J«y» '<" K»st Water stre-jt. Fire lleparltuent TBH s«T«r«i Flre Como, comprising tbe Mllwaukoe fin Department, will meet an >taln, street, Juo» 21m, at S u'elook r. m., pr».laelT without anaratua. Jt4» THOS. J

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