The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE FIFTEEN. WAET ABM, ROOM AND BOARO 14 BOARB sorvcil In family stylo, ttml room, ttt 321 West First, H »-<St GOOD board, room and bath. Call JO08W. 14 10-2t BOARD ami room. S00 Weal Second. ' Hll-ibt FOR BALE OB TRADE IS PGR SAIJB or trade—Farm •aviin mll«» from Hutchinson; crop iroes with farm; lot* of fruit; will tuku i>loi-« of city liroP- «rty and give long time on balance. Call 123 North Town street, Gmndrlew.15 2-et, FOR HALTS cheap or trnilo fox horBCB, mules or cows—Heklrr tntctor In pooii running order. H. B. KdiKer, Ltunlnr, Kan. . - It 7-6t VrtACTtOAl.LY new. KurUmann plailo; will coniikU-r good car. 312 Kast Sivonlh aft«r G |l in. , 15 J-la FOil SAI .R or tl'ltae—114-ton i'topubllo truck. Guos OobrlnskI, I'levn-'i, Kan. 15 9-lit HORSW anil waKon for pigs or shoats. Call after 6 evenlncs, SOI Wot Dj *mwfl canal. ir. 7 -il FOR or tratle~-PiUv of lota for a IlSht car. Innulrii SH East Third. lE7-4t TO TRAOfe Acres ^ifsmaft Coannftsr Lsumdl to rxolmriKi- 1 for a hom<> in Hutchinson. ThI* . It? jm unimproved tr-iet of land," •without any cuUlvallon, hm 1» well located, rind in a very <le«-irabK> pb-ee 01 ground, all fertile, and priu-t irully nil tillable. The owner will (•T.ehanjisVt'hia tr:ici of 3"0 ncres, and a fn.rm of 150 acn'-s, W"il Improved, in Missouri, for a well improved farm clono t<» HeVnin-jun. KING IUa*TlllCI[H Phone 55!). iGVj North Ma4n. 17-11-11 FOR SALE—MtSCKUt-ANEOUS (qpnt'tli FOU {SAl.lS-One 18-3ff Twin City tractor In ijood condition. One now Bethlehrm truck, ono "necoml-harkl BftthJehftm truclc, nearly new. At bargain prices, Chas. 11. Duunstcr, Sterling; Kansas. tS a 23-31 SECOND-HANl) KHFaiQlSKATORS of all klnua at bargains. Also untv.1 furniture, lecalrliiff and upholatming a • peclaliy. Hi .yard Furniture Co., PIU North Main, phone lflfl. lt3-ttSt FOR SAi/i3™Twn small dtitbuHdlnsa, \mc-d lumber, door a, windows. Home bath fixtures. Unftcnl Brethren churchy phono 82T !BJ.' IS 7-11 jOT© FOR SAl .K -One MINNEAPOLIS 23-H.V. STKAM KNOINW, CHEAP. IIK.N THOMPSON' KA .N' BOX Hi, 8TA.FPOIU), is a-u HOTlCIj Ir. Kulller, Kan,, for sale. The only rating placfl In town; good business rcasuii fcr Halting. Mrs. I.. II, .Tones, Buliler, Kan., or Inquire 1011 South Main, Hutchinson. 38 28-10t GOOD :lO-rnnm hotel In eastern Colorado; dining Toom-r' dolntf (food business; rooni.4 jtlwuys full. For price and further Information, phono E027J. 18 "J-lit NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS (Cont'd', 7 will br The Nf;WH tcU-phnnr number n-fter July 11. .hist call 4400 and ;i !sk for the elafJKlfkd ndvortlHlns depart men t if you have any thine to, want to bu any- tbhifr, want, help or want a po/itlon. Want Hda /:t results. ' V-i UK. HUI.Y,, a foot sne-.labsr \a with Dr. Nichols at 223 EaStt Hw;or.d. Broken atchpa treated auccenaailly. Phono 2013 for appointment. 1^ *-25t for pli!l:lta. Phone :SM>9K. Falrvlow Uart, Ks>uth Hutchinson. IS 5-2"*t NOTICK to real rBt*t«> 4 £Hb>rR— My hoiiaft at P^G Eaat Fourth In off tlio mnrkttt. Mr. and Mrs. J. B, Prlesaor. Vi 3-1- EYESIGHT; conBcrvo it. Oet tli*» faiUi about your oyoa. Dr. Dm U*Tid, 24 in North Main. 19 18-2bt J. H. SHOWERS, chlropOdlBt. \Yx A. Phone 2U25. ft-3M WANTED-FGrnlturo te rt-pair, reflnieh cr upholster. Call 1419. 19 18-aOt GOOD nil; 1: cow for sa-lo gtlvlng about five (jiiHons mlllt por day. Ono block north and mm went of Carroll'a Htoro, Houth Jluleh!n«on. IS 10-14 t FOR real gnrbage acrvtce, phono Sanitary Cirhafft) Company, 3910. 19 I^OR KA IJIV- Concroto mixer, wheelbar- barrow:.;. 100 feet ol hca«, shovels, forrn- boardu and water barrels. J. F. Baughor. OUS Ka;!t Fifth.-- 18 10-ia TO Tl-IA OK for mr- Hnvxti Xvsirt, four- vtjoin houBc, K tw, d barn, (rood Jocat ion. M. It. TunUor, Nlckevson, Kan. 17 11-Jit lit!NO county hind to Irude for Hutchinson proi»*?rty. Phone na.S2. 17 31-25t F'OR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS 18 Wh-.Mi yuii '"Su o HCriuualy Hi, whom da you itnployY Whon VVJ\J iif...-d U \ral udv'ce you H'.M-K the best. Wh<?n you wish to nmko ii sale of poaaloly nil you have earned nnd jcvuinulaud of sivoral yeara" h a pi w o! Ic, whom will you employ to K*jH it V t A palesma n who Unowg value Rtid • ia in the IUIHIIU-HS), I 'bono 2081 llutuhins 'iii at. I .iavy'a CNp..>iisc. IS t>-25t F1EOC S^LIS AfU»r-harvest r,.\U>n ui n now being fl .-i .tcd. Karltc-it aali?B an* be^t. I work Willi any reputabli.- au<'j«.'er and am as cloR-- to yt-'ti :i;T y^ur phono whorr you can talk to mo without itffeienjo, tUij" ixirit, ctLJtonier. O it it: a phone SO „£Ui .'.rSiris my .:xp «rLsc. 1C. U. t'ottur. IS 37 -:5t FOR HAMS — Sevfta-foot McCormlck binder. Also gang plow. Kd Annadown, J^lmur .Station, phone 212 Dariow. 18 27-iS FOR aAT<T':—G<>oa set work harness. practically now; John Deere wagon; now hay lack. Call 1400 North Loraino. 18 5-tTt FOR SALE—Fumlturb, stov«s and rusa auld oa. ccs.v payments, Mitchell Furniture Co., 42L' South Main street. IS 27-30t FOR SA LI'I or trade—thoroughbred Jemey male, calf and two-whoel trailer. Phone K2ro or call 407 Weat I-*lfth. IS »-4t FOR HAI.K-Patr of white cloth, onn- atrap [nii!i|,K, box heol, BW.O 5A, new, Can b<- seen at Nows offlort. 18 11-12 WK soil tUorni KTng famous plastic roof cemfciit for loaky r&ofs. L, J. White Lumber Co,, phone 65. IS 8-231 FOR SAI..K-niiilng room set, kitchen cabinet, tluofold, and other household article;. I'bono 2233W. 1H 7-U FOR SALIC—One 4^-ton Flschor Ala- chlne Works ice plant Inquire of A. A. Appe.l, Bn."htou, Kan. 18 11-7:11 RKGLSTURb'.D Jera*y cattle; entire herd fur sale; b^at blood lines. Oleu Krblor, Newton, K»:i. 18 15-7:l& FOR aSALK—Nichols and Shcparrt 20-H.P.' steam enslno. Ii. D. idrks, P.ublov, KiMt. IS 7-1.1 FOR HA LK—-Tathe phonograph In perf"<:t condition, and 40 records. 72ii Latit Shornran. IS 7-4t FOR KALK--Tomato plants, red and yellow plums. 3iy North Woodard. IS 14-?,5t (S30L1D1S Wi'SST )Kbri West Crcurnoty, H Kast. Fourth. RAROAINS IN HI -b i i! TLY USKD mAN.X-i CALL 4I0SW for all kinds of cakea, plcnU lumilifM and refreshments orders. IS 18-7:10 FOR SALFr -Tent and grub box. Also mare to trade for cow. Call lC.i4. IS ll-:it FOR SALK- I 'op corn machine Latnborn Clwar i-tore, ;t North Main. 18 10-1 Ht lfOR .'-i!-':, wairun and harnuas for sale. •112 N'nrin Washington. IS 11-14 FOR SALIC--Largo reed baby buggv, cheap, Ia» 14 JCast Ninth. 18 1L4t FOR SAL!-!---Lady'w -fan trlcolette suit, size '•"••<, !'h.m..-> 1470J. *1S 7-4t 303 l; "Ven.- and Sons, mahogany rn/—. looks ar.d plH.vji li'K ' n»w, M. rrifield 'player pir.fiw, wnlitut, in i:U'«;ini cor.ditlim. ?37f». Ni«.- iiitriiii.t. pbiji-i p.auo, bviu.i Llf ul oak ca,M', leijuiiir $• Z.^Ti Vitlue, prle. d io nt>\\ m J-O0. Apjlb. player plan.... sliubtiy us--.l ' IA aSntitst like II.'\V, only SJTJ, TUMO fero r.u!ia .•(.;;'-!r..s and fvi-rv one fully Ku.'/itntc-d; cuiivi.-ni^nt t< 'ins; lihyrui al- H.U.LM'I' fur your old |ii;uin. V"ateh liros. j flaw U-M^e. l-il Ncrth Miiin. IS U-it t p t 'U FOR SA MC-• l'x!2 velvet rug; bed and apririf-s. Call IS i(i-4t PALF:U\;si l-'hono lOliL'J 18 10-It j I-TIGltF.ST prices paid lor nten"a clothing. Phone 777. ' 19 2-26t WANTED—M1513ELLANEOU 8 £3 SblWING machine repair work; .guar-- kntecd; country or city; examination free; repair all makes. Family manufacturing henistltchers a specialty. Plt'dis »t»43. J. C. Lynch, / 20 (.lit SEWING machine cloauing, overhauling; work guaranteed. J. V. Bunrnan, phone 2470. 20 U-2St HTTNFLOWKR PROIUJOE We call for- poultry anywhere! paj market price. Phone 2G23, 713 Sout'a Malu. 20 2-25t WANTED TO BL'Y 21 VVANTICD to buy— .Second-liari'3 furniture and rugs; hiphe^t prices. Johnson Furniture Co., 313 South Main. 21 Z-26fc WANTI!iI.">—A chain broom corn seeder and baler. S. A. Tlirolkcld, Niekoraon, Kan. V.1 a 3t)-7;21 HIGHKST p !cea paid for nien'o cnat-off clothing and shoes. Phona 1153J. 2L'3-25l. W A N TIC I)—M ulberrlef 720 Laat Surtli. W. R. Yerko», 2L 2-6(. WANTLD—Gfxid used household furniture. Phone 134-j. 21 2-lit •HlGHlcyX prle -tra paid for men's clolhinff. Phone 777. ' 21 S-25t HIGHKST prices paid for men 's do Phone 7/7. thing. 1 1-25t A U TO MOB I LbS RLAL* STATION JUJCIS EATf EH¥ SOUTH I;.\D GAHAGB S3t South Main. Phono 3033. 32 ll-4t Wairf A (Car for j'tmr summer vacation? Find Jiwt the car you are looking tor through the want ads in The N*ws. If you can't find it there, a Utile ad will find it for you. Call number 4400, News clasaifleri depart- menu Wil-iSt Pay F® IP TBa©flaas©ll^<es I'anynnl pL*U.n rings will soon pay for then twelves in saving of oil and sas. Try our repair work. HARRY HAFF.R A FTO SKRVICK 115 K;j3t Second, pbont- 7 -lt. ^2 0-2;it L'.*iWI> I'AHTii FOR YuLll CAR Arato Wa:«-£MEag & Sail. C© We sell Mutual Oil. XZ\ Last Third. Fj lON'E SSIO. FOR HKNT —Klectria day. Phonij 2049. cieaners, ii per , 13 2-2Jt MAOAZINL subscriptions. Mrs. Inn Ivllua. <S17 h'uufc Fourth. f 18 2-*5t V< 111 .SA1.IC-- Two cows: one Guernsey, hF.en fvi -sh !'.•.•,> months, five >t ?ata old; o :..i .Short 1 lorn Durham, fresh one rm..iu'h. One may mare, U y«ars, bv in fo;il by imported Kentu/ky J.u:k. A \aO double set of h:un.'ss. and v,..gon. Mei :ond en«L of Muiirrn.* on 3'Hb. Geo. Combs, IS U»-4t FOR SAl.K—H. 1'. Nels,m plnaft, cheap; three dojen fruit jars, 'Ak: a dtn',e.u; two tuM and washboard, BOe i-aeb; Jilconomy gas iJiiige, gund a^ new, 57fi. Ail my furni- tu:« at r-.-asonahle prices. Call after & p.m. at 414 La-st Twelfth stre».-t, pbonty 324TJ. 13 10-1U >FOit SAliK—New vlotrula. North Adams. FOR SALK—Vesta atorage l>att:*r!es; been uaed IMIW than lbr«e mont.hH. Gootl part's for Cbainvra six touring ear. Milk cow and Airedale pup. Wilt suit .-heap. Call two blocka wsaL and two ,• north of Wells store. South Hutchinson. Mrs. South. IS «-"4L 13EES FOR KALE Fifty 10-frame ,i p(K>d, painted beehives. %'A old hives with honey boxes on, ?7 each; the new awajtna, J5 eaeb. Prico ia less than the empty hfveH coat. W. ii. Avt-ry, Cloverthile, Hutchinson, Kan. l«j U-1 ti Bird's Art-Craft roofing, made to apply over old wood alunglca. Beautiful, durablo and fireproof. UUAUANTKHD Sold by Phone tlo. 101 Weat Sherman. IS 30-25t Bulck ii, Bulek *. D'.jdgi:, Di>rt, Saxon, Che.vrolet 4 9 lb Ov: land, Aubucn, Oat- Land and Pui'inan caia. BARNF.S AU'IO SUl'PLl" CO. i2-2i Weat iSi:c:n)u«i St. P^ione 1032. 18 7-i5t JiAiiGAlN- --l.'-avlni; city on account of 111 health. Fo«- sab': sK-na-m boiiso, Btrii'tly mudern, on It fln&rs, doiihle K.A- lage,'front dnye, nice lawn.-pWuti abadc. Ai»nj Fual . O'U'jt:, Chandler touring and luu bowling alleys. 726 North Plum. IS 7-Gt Mrs. lua Kilea, phonu 2728, »;7 East Fourth. 18 2-S5t for cook at ova, Ucatlng atuve, flraplace mid luntttcr. Vausy Plantailfra. 1» 13~fc»t ©@Ib© C®ffl£(e'S 'Ct3). For your coffee. Beat -grades, fhue flavor, freah ground. Mixed tea for ica tea from all high-grade Leaa. Parties wishing up to call on -thorn each week, call or phone 1S3, Wii North MIUII atiee' Free delJv<iiy. 18 4 -2St WIR1KG CONTRACTOR AND UEPAlli WORK. 537'Seventh. Phone .1034. 18 14-7:14 Tl)air«s& T®w O WES WllaeaiJ Buy this new Racine 24-40 separator, lu f ood running order; also 1S -H.P. steamer, 3-30 Mogul, all In good running ox-det, «.t bargain pricea. N. A- Caasidy, partridge, Kan. IS wfra 4-1* FOR 8*LK— 22 -Inch Hnber separator with feeder, blower and •levator, to lining otdcr. A. F. Bon tracer, Haven, IS S-5t {or salo:. l you.i)j.»ing«ir» l .pr(c« |S.- Mrs. J,, \Ll: HulMiig pap, I'hone 31i'3J. MS East Tvnth. 13 3-13 SAI.K - Olio tnl,-filth. horjie, cheap. 40u ^\-^^L IS u -4t FOR ito,,il hdine rnad9 plea call 3011J. MIB. Sitlnifni. IS l-'OK SAI.K— l.luh-1; Auto, will l.;,k- nion- b-i-.b''-. i:,..uli-;ua or equity ill £m:dl i-ltv li!-<>p.;:-ty. llri.wn J /.r.,s. iu.^lty in. I'hone ' ' •14. 22 1-lt WANT TO Sl -21.1. -VOL-K CAR? Then llHt it with ua. "SYu fi,.-il them; no storage. Slifery Motor Kxch:uia «5. oppoBilf: Convtntioh Hall. '12 l.i-2ut I'AllTS I tear them u;> and B «Il tho partti: an makeM. A. K. Jtlluiaou, 15 South Washington, r± is-z5t TU'KNTV [loat'ii Mason Jars for Hah-. 80S Wat i.'lrat. 13 IQ -lir. FOR MAI.K l'linno 'ICS Ciirpfintcr toola, ffooil shape. W. 18 7-4t Inqaire 121 u 10-iu FOU SATJ-;~ l''ine.-it top poodlo In city, S10. i'hone (154J. 18 U-4t EXPIOKT piano tuning. Janklna Munlc Cohipany. 18 2-2£t' BLKCTrtlf! e. Thonu ICE.. STEVENS' plea..-. Iling fan, 62 Inch, for sale. 18.7-4t - Photograph* that 18 2-2St -12x15 ruif. 400 West 34tli. 18 ll-4t FOR SALK- Fox terriers. 310 Baat E. 18 10-13 NO-|l£E-^USCELXA^OU» 14 Vult-anizInK. Rfttn-aOinu. Let ua take care of your tire troubles. United States and rata Bell Tirea. Phono 307. 304 South Mufn. JIutchin.son, K^tn. 13 2-25t G.ia tiurnera raised and adjuated. save 50% on your pus bill. Now la tbo tiroo tu fiet vour furnace rouaire'i, All work glia rant ted. Idiona 401W. Morris & MoiBun, wtove and furnace e^perta. 13 17-25t WE FIT OLA33T!]3 THAT F^T 18'^ Kust Sherman; over Catus. 1^ 2«-25t GEO. C. PECK Optometrist. Lyes tested—Glasses fitted, 1814 North Main, over Jones Shoe Stor«. 1» 2-iit EARN EXTRA SPENDING MONET BEIJJNO THK NEWS AFTEH 4 P.M. EACH BVENINO. 10o STARTS YOU. APPLY TO Ma ORAfKJ, NEWS OB-PIGE. 10 1U-2U VlsltinK cards, procrama, social anbV commercial , printing "for thoao who care." WcUa Printing Co., phono 401! f 4 Weet First. , . -j[l g-2gt NOTICB to raal estate dealera— lly house at 981 East Fourth Is off the market. Anna A. Brtnsle. —19 10-12 lAWN moweru sharpened; called for and delivered. 14 Weat A, phono nil. 18 e :U-J0t 8TOP1 Think; Why throw awaj yotu- ola furniture when w« can make It BOod aa n ."V 7 KfPalrlng- and upholstsrlni a spa- olalty. aVpMU-y oraor«a. L«vt»aa Furniture Co- Wl Norto Mala ttiut, phone ST». f» |7-30t KEMINOTOM OilM ana Rsrrles—Eom- "VjowHer Co. -- — • — Ugton_TyMwrlter Co., 14 w»«t First, tillona. «Oit s.. It 4-llt FOR SALE or trailir--fjna Nash truck with stock and crain hudy; aood ine- ehanieal condition. 1317 Eiiyt IJJK'r.tli. tOH SALC—CITr FflOPERTV (Cont'il) . TAMES .Kolk-e the number of Hutchinson property oU'ii '?r :i who aro at this tinier tending their real estate holdinss rrom an Investment ti'audpniru. Tito reason in that to thotif who ntako selections now the f u turn profits aro doubly s >5curi ?d bpcatisd Uiey arc buyluK on the. low market. Thy following art-, T believe, nmnns the beat present im;i>mu producinif and future in- creasiriK valth? properties now offeierd. 1 Invite you to jrivo thtm elOMo conaidem- lion"— I.i>.n V. Larnborn. v One if tbo ij.sit futurt-d si lea on Matrt and now v.ubitl one -half block "f btisi- neaa devc'.opin-ent. Size of lot 4'JxlSO feet. Tin? |mp:.n**mi -.nts conwist of a tun room wi>il Laiitt strictly niod'jru house, nix rooms, v .sth and tileepinir porch down- ntalia, fnu- rooms, hath and 'sluepine porch upstairs. Scparat« outside entrano-j for scroti d floor. Basement hnu acptir- rate Uiiiiidi y, furrutee, storatro and fruit-} cellar r(Mim.i. ThLj plum Is strictly ur» to tho .11 111 11 1M wltii fireplace, oak floors, French doors. etc., ! nlc »iiy finlalie*i throncTn-iut, gaa, piped upstairs and down. This plat-.- will produce a good sure incmw ail the time a purenaser dc- aires to hoiri foe increase in lot vaiun. It. is bcinj; s.^ld to fiettlo estate and tjowl terms ran bt; arranged to- respoiialblo parties, Shown only by appointment with thi sofflee, SeiVtfn IVJOUIH, stucco, compleicly modern with hot water boat. A very attractive home on a beautiful clos^- in Hite S5vJfl5 which will inereass in ground value every y«ar. A complete description cannot bo given In thin jtiaee but it. must be seen inside n nd mif.ddc to realize ILi desirability from t -very Htaudpoint and to know of I be many Improvements that coat thousands of doPara to make. Priced at $6,500 m -.-ans that amdu/it Is" 111 Go if any mo. <: tbau th« valuo of oither thy lot or tbo imyruvcnicnta. Terms can bo arrantod. An attia .^tive property on lot BG'XIGJ feet, thoroiiiiChly rcmodele<l Into two up to tho minnttt aj>axtnv^ntfi, present lu- como 5960 p '-r yi>ar. Priced to net 10 or over. Thia closa in f oof age should make a i-mit -; vatlvo value Increasa in th« next few years and In th<» meantime: the ImptowrnfiUH pay high rato of intw-" cut on the entire investment, why the S.'itlG^ fe «t vaeant corner at 4«0 A -East is the finest location in this city for an apartment build Ins, apartment hotel or modi'rn bungalow court? Extensive inve.'-itlKatioii has ffiveu me the unHWer. I ,et me tell you! Th* way this location is jiriiMd makes ft the biggest snap In viteant property, tSm MfflirftDa IPoipSsir On« of tin- iuo."t attractive bungalows In the north emd. l.c-atitifui Urraced yard with 75 foot. frontaKe. Htrietly modern in every r^speut. Six large, rooms and breakfast ri>'.>ni and all <-onv^ni*- nces. This pt -.-pfT -ty is priced $1;-0QQ under prea- ent reprodm-tion eoat. Will be shown ua all other properties lu this list by appoint men t only. KEN V. LAMBORN, Realtor. Geo. Shaler, Ai;ociate. t North Main. 2, n-it ST BUSINESS ROADS HAVE KNOWN Freight Car Loadings Exceeded All Past Records for Week. LOOKS LIKE BIG BUSINESS Tremcndcjjn Freight Movement, and That in Season When Little Coal Moves. SEEK THE CAUSE FAN EXPLOSION Owner has strictly modern, six.-mom cottage, hardwood floors, built-in features, ptanding oak In every room, plpe- l€*ss funuice, has ni .:-e bhade arid fruit trees, cloBe to echool and close to < av line, owner Is leaving the oity. This i;j an Ideal hoitiM or rental property. Atklnsas T-t53, care News for full particulars. U 4-1G FOft SALK or trade---liutchintion real- dence, eleven rooms, on West Twelfth, strictly modern, up-to-date, will trade for smaller r.'sldon"e. Address P. J.,, CIS Kadt Kibhili street. Lamed, Kan. •21 DO YOU WISH TO SELL? List your property with U3. CAREY KEAL KSTATK INV. CO. 4i3 JN*. Main, Phone 072. 24 21-26t FOB SAU 1 .; by owner— 1'ropert v at 7'hJ North Monroe. Hutchinson; prere J-J.&OO, $i,«H'0 cu-sb; three to five, years' time im balance. Write i\ 15. James, Gaj,-". t,»kla. •J.\ 10-14 FOU SALE— yix-room houH^, simi-mod- ern, 1^4 Eaar F, ?1.700, $i.0u down, tefina at 7%. Call noon, morning or night. FOU WALK—Ford tourlntf ear in good condition at sacrifice price. Call at oil station at Firth ami Adams. 'It Ij-lt F()H ljarv;ains ir> used cars. tg» to Shfera Motor ExuhaJiB^, oppoatta Convent'.>n Hall. 22 lj-^6t PlUU'Ei'.TY to sell or will rradp* ^or Ford cur and part caah, bklatite on month!*** payments. Call in evenlny;, 741 East F. 2t mw U-11 FOU HALl'r-Modern sLx-ruoin houst; wTth ear«K'.; and other Improvements. Inquire, at tilt; East Sixth. 24 27-25t FOLt SALE or trade- Hudson spec: ing: ear. Fre.d I^mz, 22\) East P. FuU SAI-^IS— Ford commercial bod v. A. K. Johnson, 16 South Washington," 2*1 3-«t- s ! $100 DOWN, balaneo $10 monthly buys 4 room house and hundred feet ground. 1 Phone 400. 24~7-4t FOU BALE--Chandler coupe; go-id running condition. Phono 1016. a a 11-11 FOU SALE - Chevrolet coupe in A I condition. Keu Buntu Coal Co. 22 6-tJt POIt BALE or trade—1319 Studehaker speaial, i;ood shape. 341J, 32 27-10t FOU liALE—Auto trailers. "J. L, Ward, US South Wuhiut. 22 C-H&r FOlt SALK—Asto trauera. llti South Wali.ui. J. L, wan. FOP. SAT..E—Ford coupo; real buy. 318 Last Sixth. 22 10-4t Miik tvxl, nicely dressed. Phono us your order. Saift Caly ProalKS Co. 18 East Third. *hone m. 13 27 !5t KING1.KT Barred Hoelcs. Oocfcfc:^!5 heading: pens wired hy Kvand champion at Clilcaito TTollseum. KugM, 55 for la; favrr. flock, 10.60 cor 100. All Hugan tested. C. A. Boyle, Ilurrton, Kan. iiJaiiS-lut FOR 8AIJ-1—250 from seven to three montha old, at 2"4 West Fourth street. S3 10-12 KOR SALE—Thoroughbred Ba-re<l RocH eggs, 11 setting. I'hone 3069, US Kan A. S3 7 -JBt FOR SALE—Fat fries, 38e per pound. Phone 10Ka. Mrs. Arthur l.>o«'n!e. 23 cod 10-41 ARB your chicks dying? bavo tdinm with "Dlarho," Weesnei-a Drue. S3 7-25t FOR . flALE—Baby chickens, IS cents each. Phono 2605, 23 5:11.Ul)t FOR SAUS—Eggs tor hatcoing. Phono not. Mi-sot FOR KAIJC—Nioo fries. DOT lEast iFlrst. 23 U-4t FOB SALE— CITY PHOPBRTY Z4 FOR 8A.LK—An extru, good buy In four- room house, Ofl-foot comir lot, taraffo, tvater, ltalit and sas, only 11,050, good tarrns. Also aomo cheap Jots for sale or will trad* for car. W. R. EBLDEN Phono 6S3. 14 7-4 t FOR KALE—Stx-room bungalow on East Fourth, ftOO cash and torras to suit. Inquire 405 Ba-st E, phone Ull. 14 S-at -FOVR vacant lota oil East Fourth street m&fJPb.&l&P J>y_«whor, Inquire s-t OaUek'i. S»T- W*at S«o6od. §411-12 8KLL your houas. Ton will find ouynr hy phoning 2278 after 8:20 any forenoon. 24 11-30; FOR KALE— Flvo-room hniibe, seml-mod- orn, by owner. 800 Host SeVenth. 24 7-11 FOR BALK—Five-room bungalow and vacant 12'.. Phone 21-y7. 21 28-251 FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE 25 located in one. «f the be.Mt buslnrfis cities in ICaiiaau, to exchange, for well impioved farm eloso to Hutchinson, or unimproved Whfcat lands," i>refera sonn-thinif aion,; main, line Hock Island, will Consiilei* any of tho southwestern \v)i;-;,l belt. 'PIUS INCOME PR(>l>i:r.TV IS I'AYINO 8% ON PRICE iUENTMNFO. KINO LUOTUErtS Phono 553. it',a North Main. 2 a 11-It Well improved farms lu best farming district in Oklahoma. All of the farms are partly broko; balaneo is paslur.: lasid. We have) some that ar-i located iwar (food thriving- town with Rood f>/Jnx;is. , Good n«T>!irhbv>rhoo'tis and closti neii;bbftra. I ~~Z~~' "Washinston, July It.—Prcitrht traf tie chirms Uu> wot!; oiidlni; Juno 1*0 | was tho lioavU»3t ever handletl by Anifi'lottn rnilroarts. TUP total nimi- licr' of cars liiadctf, tJi»» car service division of tbii American -Itaiiway Urn reported today, was 1,021,=' 7Vt'. Tho nearest, total to this over recorded previously cams tlurmK a week in October, 11)20. one of the Call months when fuel and crop movement Is greatest and amounted to varioads. Continued Big Ousln^s. Tho Juno 30 record r*nM a rumula- tlvf? one, following thro consecutive we^ki* in which c,;u' loadlnsa had ox- cee-ded nun mlliion. Tlu: KervfCe division atrUcnwrit ntidnd aa a slniwlni? <>!' railroad iicct'mplishniont that in spity of the tn.itncndous I'reinrht movfnifitit, car shi>rtai.'e had virtually tlisp.ppn-ir- ed. In KP.1 .0 of tho domand on rolling Pt.ock, on Jutio-' 3l> thorn tvaa &3.o3G freight cars In good roralr, held In surplus* for further inereaae In busl- uosa. Evory coimuodity clivsslfication showod lue.renson In the Trei-rht volume. Slnco January i, the statement concluded, ruilroadR have handltMl 24,012,825 carloads of freight; while In 1922 for the same period loadings were 20,020,26o cara and in JD21 they were J7,tiS5,921 cars, ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED. Miss January Is to BQ Married to Son of Secretary Daniels. BaUimoTo, July 11. -Tho encasement, of Misa' Joscphina Joe January, d a u fi liter of M r. and M r a. II a r ry Ch'.irchju January of St. Louis and Worth IJa£L>y Daniols, son of fanner •secretary of t.he navy, Jo^ephua Danl- ois, and Mrs, l.ianielfl, was announced here y e11; r d ay. T h o w c d d 1 n g w i 11 take plane in Baltimore early lu September. A Nash Dividend, , New York, July ll.~-Nash Motors lias declared a dividend of ?3.50 on the oommon and a regular quarterly dividend of $17r. on the prwforred Eiiock, both payable AiiEUHt 1, to atock of record July 20. ETC - (Can ) WALL papnr, 6c p«r ooubm roll or bolt and up; Zbc per bolt for Phcin* 1293J. 28 7-25t WALL paper. Be pei uuuhl« roll or bolt and up; 2ac por bolt for hsUighig. Pbon -t i 2 ii J ' _ _ _ _" a< - "'"'^ PAPFH hanfjins and painting. L*st ua show you new sampiea. Call -.'.D4\V M 10-251 MESSENQEH SiSnViCE ii-ASTY Mr Id''.Ll Id.': ;••)*, phono f»ii3. 'j*. phone W54. FINANCIAL on city hoinw, n-ng turina on monthly payment idan. l'-'ann loatu*. TUB IvLs'KKL AUK.N'CY Phone .056. btatu K.tcnai.|£« Bank Jlldff, 23 2-2it MONKY to lean on farm and city property; — ask McNaphlcn! Z'J 2-2bl FARM loans, 6% interest, low con .:r .*r> •Ion. N^wlin-MannltiE Loan Co., 11 ^ 2^ 2-2bl Noth Jtain. FARM and city loans, lowest rates and commission; write or call for fuil details. J. N. Ratley & Son. 23 2-'^Sc CITY loans. NewlJn-Maimlnff Loan Co 11^ North Main. ii) 3-25t LOAN'S on vacant lota, piioric 3ILS LOST, STRAYED OPt STOLEN 30 ' YA-LUABLB poBai'astonj* oaalJy and QuickJy rt'turnod to losers. Loat and found column U uiuut efficiont mediuni for return of lottt pr ^s -'.-rty. L'io iNd .\-i lost and found column, LOST, Juno 30~AVT.ltc Spits Kskim... doff, two luil'-a. east Nickt-ir.un; un,iwi-rs iu namo of Lcll.y; black eyc^ ( biaci; nu..o. Liberal reward. Phono 37HTW, 2l>S Kual II. 30 iU-U LOST- -Travelintr bag contn.lninir in^a'a clotbiiiL' and $11 chock. I-M; : d,;r n-hmi to lit! i-'ast FiEhili and rcccivo r«wird, JCUvt .od Uobiiifton, o0 10--It LOST---<-':im-'u pin. b'.dw.*-*.-n Fifth and Ma-jib: and Koi-a.b:iu t :b.-Wiley's. lt-.-Aard. l-'hon-i 37u'.». 3u 10-rjt STUAYi:i» -Twolv* h^-ad yf-arlir.s .st...-•]•«. biantbd on left 5iip. Phonu USo*'. i>v '••'<' Nlck,.MS.,ti. » A') 11-14 STflAVKI'- -Thr«cj mult- c -UB, OO-. b..y hur.v. ¥20 ' reward. C. D. Markiin, phoins 3'IF-JI. v.n y-i-i LOST -Small uion-l hs old, Call 400. tan COIIIH pup, whitti rlnu around :">../nd cropo on tho placuu thU yuar. Ad- tirejse! A-tJ'j, caro of ICewa and receive full particulars. Jf> 3 0-13 FOR BALIS—160-a<:re, well Improved farm in tlcward county, Kan.. ftv<: mllrs to town, price.jft.000. Por furthcr inforniation, \vrft« or at-a owner, Jai;ulj Thin:in, Plains, Kan. 3-tit FOR SA LK~-'ReHnfiulshmfinl on fi-tO-acro, improved hoiUftatead- within rhriic int!«-H of town. Would consider Purd car or truck at cash valuo. Wrlto Leat«r \V. HuMtnn, Caddoa, Colo. 25 T-t*z FOR HALF—160 acroa r well' linpro-.i'd v.'iic*at farm on a crop payiiioiit plan, Six milts from county aeaL H. I), Pr!i±af:n, box 174, Mcado, Kim. US l'l-U't LOS'i'' Rrr Call 3;s •t\ and wbitM BP^'lled dn ( r. it Ht F, ftf tt.rilOOIl, fur rt:Vr'HTi|. LOST- "Child's trlcyclo hot ween Sixth and ground avonuo. Cull 217'.). SO it. L03T--N*.-w;i carrb-rV roiitu bouk. Finder pUa-i-j notiSy N-jv.u'offrce. 30 :,j.4 t LOST--Cro«-:hcted baby lioc-d. Oili 30 II --it TWO quarter sections (rood land in Grant county at S18 per acre, eight miles to railroad. Cul lor writ© to 3. Ii. Ly!*, Utyf -3 <JB, Kanoaa, 2C 4- at MONEY to loan on real «*tato; —-aak McNafihteni as 2-*;5 E WALL PAPER. PAiNTINO. ETC. i« S ainted try Itoy H. Murray, 312 V\ < fc t ilnth. -557-si FOR flrat-clatui paper lxangln« and pup«r, reaionablo prieftH, c^H J. A. Lister, phono 3292J, 1018 East Lluvuftth. 26 IT COMTS :;o mora to have y^n- hutpiro painted, pvo-perly.. Bjfpy -JL ^urnsy. 3i3 West Ninth. aa?-u BUSINESS PHOPERTY ^8 BUILDINOS, lots, commercial and kjna term leuae.s; —aek Mt-N'aEhten; I'lral Nattt-nal bull-liny. J3 2-«{ Every day you will find a big chtiiHified want ad list, and the DO Items am of absorbing: Intorent, Eleven Killed and Many Injured at Cartridge Plant in East Alton. (Hy The A'aodatcd Prcaa) Alton, 111.. July 11.--An inveRtiic'i- Uon was today 10 det^rniin^ U10 cause of the e :-;.pIo .s !oe yoi*tt;rday ( at tho plant of the WoHterti r .-tr'rklpe Coin'pany at Fast Alton, wlinry el -.-von ' nmphvyeis, # FLV -,-r flie-ni wemen, w ^'f killed and 2'\ injured. Tliotirh offi-; ciaJr-t of the company dwrlitied to offer, ftity -ex')!auaMon of tlio prohahle ca!i!)e,( ft wan generally believed that, tin? j terrible blast which rooked building,;; within a radiu-* of fire ml'es, niiglit | hn .vt' had itv- origin lit Hio .se powder he-| inir jammed fn tin* i roe hots of a rua- • chtn*> lined for decapplntr army f-lioli;- which had been re-purvluftod by hite j Mr 111 for fcvjtvaKe purpoties. Four Killed Outright. J Five victims of the explosion werr , killed outrlffht, while tluj other six: dirrd at tho hospital. The list of Oie ! dead: | William nninnner. Hast Alton; Mlns Anna (ionr.a;*, Alton; r'rank Bennes, j Alton; Ibnvard Hunter, Alton; "Mhs^i Hiizol Yonnjr. He.-fcford, 111.; Mrs., Minnie Warren,; Charles Rey-i born, Altvii; I'liarlo:; ' 11. HaniunK.J H-ovvnshrid^o. IN.: Until (ii'Cen, iMinnie Warner and Uet??;o Jenkins, ail of j Alton. Mrs-. Warren W.IH the mother j of ten childron and had Just al.nrr.eil to 'work at the powiler plant yesterday. A Lone Flame. I According io ihe PurvivorK, n long' flame idiot from one oi. tho machines | used for removing the ]>jwor from the<; slioll.s and licking tho ceiling of tho! structure, burrd into u hugo ball -like | caldron. The in^it moment a deafen-1 ing: ixtar was heurd that almost ro*:k-; ed Uto building fr"m Us foundation. | While tho rescue work -waa goln«' on the lives of the e-mployea t^ared^ from the explot-iiui wero endangered by the f-vnsinnt btirnUiig of sh.-'d.;, wlilcli Ti'erR diwhargr-d by the fire that followed the detonation. «0 ORATORY TO BORE DINERS Chairman of Republican Committee of New York State Asserts Himself. Nov \'ork, July J I. ---Politicians to-j day were reflecting on three an- s no a 11 co men tu by party leaders here | heaving on neU year'a national earn-' paigna. George K. Morris, chairman ; of Uie Hepubiican slate committee, a aid that he wodld not reply to a^recent mefCiaase from the Auti-Halbon Ltaguu of America, asking: "Does the nepubliean Jeadernhlp of Xc-w York indorse the prtsldeuf without qualification, or dooa it continue j its fluhaervience to tho 'wet' minority I of the. party, and to 4>o oitt of harmony 1 with the national ieadnv.hip, us well as in dofaoto alliance with Tammany?" i (,'tiarlos D. Hillea, Kenubllcan na- liiiual conit:tit .'.ei 'ii\an fur New York tinni)iint;ed thai lu* had s tar ted a;i active campaign to b!ook the nnnunallon of Ih'tiry Ford fur prttddeut. by either of tlie major poiitical partioii. A Democratic View. Herbert C. l'eil. chniniian of th'.i Democratic p.tale committee, said thai "ho believed prohibition would not be an issue in the next natiunal cain- pai;rn. except possibly to tho extent that itii enforcement exemplified in- tci'i't.-rftm-e by -.rovernment in the every day nffairn of. the People. Particular Inte.reid atlaelied ti» Mr. Pell's at.-.turnout lu view of the "ivettt" who are urging C-ov. Smith for president. In announcing his Intention to Ignore the anti saloon le.*ij{UQ rueHsage. Mr. Morris said:, "t have not answered it and I shall not auswor it. We are not electing a governor until next year and thi>ro is no occasion for taking a stand now. lie.sldei;, we are not going to uubmit to diclation of thai sort from any quarter, or aw a party bo driven into action hy penionH or jjroupK who eomo armed with black JacUw to enforce their whima." GERHANSJJtE DOING SOME NIGHT RAIDING Objeclionablc Feature of Banquets Eliminated in Feed Given by Power Co. The handicap which m.-n employ** by a publle aervico conjj'.any have bo- cauHe of tho fact that thi-y can never ail i.o released from (heir work at one t i; u a ft as s u c c e s f 1111 y o v ^ r c r*m H 1 a s-l night, when the t'niied Wa.'er, CiU and lOtee'crc. (\>,, gave tho jiOAer plant em­ ploye?- a (our course, ba:u*uet in th« lieiier room of tho pfant on yiieruian west. Thirf liaiU(Ue-t wrta civ^n ft* the om- ph>vcs becrvn^o of th-- fa r that they opera!en! the plant h"!" PM:Q effle-i- ently iluving tin* month of Juno, than any other Henry P. ri-d-erty t'o. plant west of tho Mls.-dPrtifpi river. No Speeches to Qorc. Tho men at this bauouet wero not bored by any long wJnd"d after tlin- ner rtpeeohoti because the big blast f 1: rnaC' 1 - under the !;oih^.i wi -ni roaring ail the time, making it impossible for any one -who trie,! to sp.'ak to bo heard, liefweeu Ihe. course?' it was iiee.'.'S?ary for a few of Hie men io ad- Just, the flow of oil to tli" f;re .boxea or 10 mcreaso er d-'creas-- th'- omount of WiUer m tlie boilers )>ut tin- l b;us.Q*uet v,*e:u on w itliotijt. a hitcli, Lonrj Service Employes. Prattically ail of th- 1 ne n at the banquet had bei-'ti employe l by tlia company for a long ' i:ue. With tho excepth^»«r* of three pp*a th"\* would iiA '-vat^- ten yearsi with l!o; company. \V, S. 'May, who is now i ;-.'n"r at the piaJH was tlio veteran catphiyo of tho groep. He ha.?? b\^i\ lie- company continuously for If* -y^aru. 'r'A Shane, one of the repair men, h.iri been there for In year?. Among tho other obi employes "wero W. K Qiiillin, genera! t.eana^er, who han 1 '2 years of BCI*v ice, Herma ti K. T.iccki'tt. secretary and Treasurer, 12 years, J. C. Harlow,;"man, YJ year^. J. H. Mulljson, Kuperin-teiideiUt, 10 years, Carl Billiard. hce;U'i' room foreman, .$ yc-arj'. \\*. S. Murrb-on, ro- fiulu env -iJier -r, {I .\ ea;and N. X, Pontiet*. cliirjf engineer, T> years. Messages of Conar^tulatiton . The other men who Wfive \i recent were U. O. IWgg!!, II. F. Hull, and IL H. Sovereign, fIroin'-'n, 11 I'htrrov,', W, V. Gad-berry, and M, V. [lroe!t«, engineers, C. y. Zimmerman, It. O. Williams, and J. l,IM>y. oii^r*, Joo KahU-r Hob Neoaan, repairman, Wayne Fitzergeraid, yardman, and Janice Orovos, clerk. Durinir the banquer teb-grama w^rd received fixmi K. J. HUlirig-*, in New York (Mty, ch'ief me-'hunb-ai engim'er for the company, congratulating tlie icitHi and i.ho iuUH'riur''nr!r:u ior their splendid Juuo record, and a similar t-f>legrum f-xnn J. M. SiriKe of rU. Jose-ph, iU»., efficiency engineer for ;ho western Uivpiiun i>i* the Lleiiry U Doherty Co. CONDUCTORS MAY ASK FOR WAR TIME WAGES Raids Directed Against Germans Who Have Dealings With the 1-rench. Trainmen Also Conaic'erag a Ra- quest for Higher Rate of Pay. Chicago, July PI.- - Official 1 of th* Order of Railway Conductors and tho Urot herhood of Kail way Tniinmr'ti who att'.'tided^the executive -don of the. Weatem Association m' t'o-nciral chairman of tho two unions w r ro t»n roum to their two homos today pro- pared to to the rank and file of I be two organisation;* west of the MUwishlppl for a return to vv; r tlma wages. Tlie request, will a< K that Wiiges will revert to the ncaie awarded by the Hulled Statea niilj*-,.ad labur board on May 1, lDliO. }']. H. Ttounpson, f i'e>;as, was elected chairman of tho a.saociation; M, i'. iteyhold-s, vice rhatrmati, a;.<L CharUa Hogno, re e met ed aeereta.ry. A. H, I'ea:'Kon, Topeka, Kan., appointed, to Ihe executive com mi!' of th* Order of Railway Conductorti. LONG PIGEON FLIGHT. Edmonton, Alberta, July 1L— A racina plQeon released hero May 23 hna returned ta lt3 homo loft in Snn Antonio, Te;--as, according to a telegram rccelvftj taday by Mayor Dugyan. Tho distance flown hy the bird was (jiven as 1.E32 tni'Iea, and it waa siat«d that tho fji"';ate';t ci i 0 1: u o; ^ pn; vioLi--.|y k n 0 v.*rt to b.avr. b .*cn 1 1 0 wn «y a jiigeon v/a;i Lb'-- 1 " 1 n"ii!es. We for V: EUBINE-3S OPPORTUNITY -5j ©pp©^™^ ••'Ayvii Uko to havo tho opportunit; jhlns^ a buhirs *itf3 U;ai tys frifft-.:}? WQ liavd an oppoiuirdt -•Ishe p-.aty 10 ._ IH>XLU& buj »intJB* in a ijro.vhuf tow celifcnt oppoi tujilty for a luifltlcr; "mudt ti 'ivt; .-ijujtii capiml and bo a n.'»l bu-iou '.'-ff man. l-Vr full P^^IIVULL.-.-., j'.vi.-i,:, „ j -v,* ear** .Nmvii, . . ' (By The A.^oehtto-1 Prt-t-m PJaijon. July II.- Tho Oennans tn aoTDu (jeetlonii of tho occupied rorTi- try have aoo'aled noeuirnal raiuiny I>urty me'.hoii't toward KUC:JI of i'.>.\r fer.o'.v conr .ti -yiii .Mi sm luui r.n/. r j witii the I-Tench.. r!dif;f< them out. <>• ' tho iiocir.ry in auLouu/'dlo:* and on ! horHolmek. often with Hir^rvt.^. 1; ; . French authori-nci nav tiiev navo tac naiuo;j of llvo man wzu wero kidnap' ped. In one In.-dance tho kii!napi>ers wore wlitte 6ue«-.'ts over tli'.dr head a u*-"id wboulders,. 'L';w> of the men from 'Poifimeni and one from Witten Mere taken from tlodr homes at nljfht. Tno mid era aro l>elieed to ho working in conjunction -with other Germana at Hiuxun, lu tho unoccnpic4 territory. Sugar Price Down. SSfow York. July 11.-- itaw sygur today docHtu'd % of a cent from yesterday's cloae, VnUia touchi!ig ify ceut'i cost and i'r.dshL Thlu ia a dae'.i no of 2 cents rflnr.o iho hltfi yrica reached last Hebrutiry. "SYNCOPATED— MELODY MAKERS * SUPREME" Our uervlco ear ftw»Hu vour eal!, day or night. TUeao hot ""days don't Btop un. J-UBt call M). ulajj] and Kinsley Motor Co, il-H. Ifulri el'oanc-d and block* d. 'i.,*'s,-!s THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 V/atch for Special Tire Sale H. & D. AUTO SUPPLY -Adv. fViun/ Nights Ne.»s We S;;vc Yen frU.^y. Li •

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