Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 7, 1964 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1964
Page 7
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Regional Club Day Entries Picked Fourteen Fiflney County 4-H'ers have been selected fri>m Saturday's 4-H Club Day activities to compete in regional 4-H Club Day in Dodge City Feb. 15. Top 4-H club members from Hodgeman, Ford, Gray, Haskell Meade and Clark Counties will join Finney County members in competing for top awards. T« atttfwl from Finney County, their club and event: Keith Henderson, Happy Hustlers, and Jane Laughlin, Beacon Boosters, both public speaking; Ricky Murray, Terry Toilers, and Millie Thomas, Happy Hustlers, project talks; Wide Awake, model meeting; Linda Dunavant, Beacon Boosters, and Terry Pitts, Eager Beavers, senior demonstrations; Teacon Boosters mixed group in talent and the Boosters Senior High Group in musical games as well as the mixed group; Kathy York- Wanda Largent, Beacon Boosters and David Wolfe, Happy Hustlers, junior demonstrations; Sandra Doyle, Eag^r Beavers, clarinet, Connie Glunt, Sherlock Strivers, vocal solo, and the Wide Awake band. Mere'* the way the rest of the 4-H'ers placed in Saturday's event: > Model meetings — Beacon Boosters, red; Happy Hustlers, blue; Eager Beaver*, blot; Go Getters, red; St. Mary's Comets, red; and Lincoln Livewires, red. Public speaking — Janice Craig, red, and A.Jiette Craig, blue, both St. Mary's Allies; Bonita Thomas, blue, Happy Hustlers; Connie Glunt, red, Sherlock Strivers; Robert Harsh, white, Terry Toilers; Jerry Brtfwn, red, Pawnee Indians; Laura Scott, red, Randy Seay, blue, Connie Schneider, white and Linda Dunavant, red, all Beacon BooeteM. l»r*|Mt talfct - ..thy Baldwit, red, Pawnee Indians; Rodney Yen John, red, Go Getters; San- Social Security Scene - By FORREST CLASCO Field Representative Here are answers to your questions abqut social security. Send your questions to this paper of P. 0. Box 970, Dodge City. 0. I am self employed an dun- derstand I can receive social security benefits if I do not "render substantial services" in my business. How can I tell whether my services are considered substantial? A. This depends primarily on the amount of time you devote Htt'your business, but also on the kind of work you do, hotf your work compares with the work you did in the past, and pther circumstances of your particular case. If you want more information, we will mail you booklet 23 that will give you more Information about "Substantial Services", and the other retirement tests under the law"Q. Is it possible for a widow who is under 62 but has minor children to draw social security benefits? A. Yes, 'jntll the youngest child reaches age 18. 0 .My wife worked for the last 15 years and paid social security taxes on her wages. In the last few years she has made almost as much money as I have. She died last year. Ami I elible for benefits on'her account? If not, what happens to the money she paid in? A. Normally we can pay a lump-sum death payment on her account and if she left any children under 18 years old, we may be able to pay you monthly benefits for them. You should get In touch with me or the social se- curitv office and file a claim for any benefits payable. If no benefits are payable, the tax she has paid is used to nav benefits to .'people who do qualify for benefits. Very few people draw benefits that amount exactly to the amount of tax they paid in. The taxes paid supoort the svstem so all people qualifying under the law for benefits can draw them. 1 will be'at the courthouse basement in Garden City Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PONYTAIL The fish-eating bat of tropical America skims low over the water to gaff small fish with long, curving hind claws. Mammolo- gUts are not sure whether this bat sees its prey or uses a form of sonar. •pv^VIBv MMMr I Up §mQRrl« Q. MM It ft tnu Ik* more |*> !•• front **•* th» it /nil Ifcm * rtfcer A. No, but tUt i* » popular and world-wide notion. To prove or disprove this belief, record* of almoet 10.QQO births were reviewed. Tfcere wu no evidence that tou an- dent belief ii true. In fact, birtki at the new noon outnumbered deliveries at the full moon by 3 to 2. It'i high time to ducvd the superstition that the moon influences toe time of birth. MUSIC If SSONS Q, M mlt* •*• «fcwM • tUU «MVI icMif Mimic /•«• «OMf A. It would probably depend on musical talent more than anything elie. In general, the awtfe child can not follow or reproduce complicated rtyOvm before th* a* of »ut or tevea yean. Younger children can reproduce only regular tapping* or drum beati, Th*f* if MI lick pern* (Una* wMI* •afc* • JiwriMl and worried trip U> pick up (fee w*dicine< , We'll deliver U unMBpUjr Mr rtLUNG PAYNE "I know it's difficult for someone with your I.Q., Penrod, but once in a while can we discuw something trivial and unimportant?"' Young Hobby Club Cutouts Glamorize Any Old.Handbag By CAPPY DICK An o!4 leather or plastic purse — handbag size, or> coin purse size — can be glamorized by attaching pictures of your favorite movie or TV Stars, photos of your friends and magazine cutouts. The pictures can be fastened to the sides of the purse with household cement as the girl is doing in Figure 2. The cutouts should be in outline. After gluing them to the sides of the puuse, apply a coat of shellac to each one. This will protect the pictures from moisture and from the handling they are bound to receive. Use color cutouts, if possible. Arrange them as artistically as possible to win the admiration of your friends. In attaching the pictures, place them where there will be the least wrinkling due to opening and closing the purse. Be clever in your selection of pictures for the purse. Pictures of our home (Figure 1) or of news events may lend themselves to the purpose, particularly if you are decorating a large handbag. If the purse is large, one or two big pictures on each side, along with a variety of small cutouts, will be more inter- esting than if all the pictures are small, or if only one or two large pictures are used on a side without any small pkiurec. Patrolmon Hoc Work To Do on Outtid* MOUNT STERLING, Ky. (AP) — As Patrolman George McClure prepared to tag a car for overtime parking, he spotted this note under the windshield wiper: "Men working Inside building." McClure wrote out the ticket Wednesday and added a P.S. "Policeman working outside building." Nftt QftfwJeit City Telegram '•- ' , ftM dra Henderson, blue, Happy Hustlers; Maria Herron, white, Allies; Patty Hetai, white, . ets; Michael Quint, red, Telstars; Karla Glunt, red and Karen Glunt, red, both Sherlock Strivers; Wanda Largent, red, Joe Scott, blue, and Kathy York, red, all Beacon Boosters. Senior demonstrations — Joe Lefort, red, Happy Hustlers; Larry Oedlng, red, Allies; Steven Stone, red, Wide Awake; Jimmy Brinkmeyer, red and Linda Schneider, white, both Beacon Bolsters; Sandra Glunt, white, Sherlock Strivers; Ruby Woods, and Ronnie Phipps, both white, both Pawnee Indians; and Bobby Brinkmeyer, red, Boosters. •In the talent and musical games division the uix other entries by the Beacon Boosters received fiVe blues and one red. St. Mary's Telfistars novelty talent number was rated red. Junior demonstrations — Louise Spinks, blue, Pamela Wentworth, blue, Carolyn Lee, blue, Peggy Pitts, blue, Sheryl Warden, blue, Sandra Doyle, blue, and Linda Newson, blue, all Eager Beavers; Mary Beth Farr, red, Allies; Diane Fansher, blue, Beacon Boosters; Janice Knoll, red, Comets; Mikell Adams-Donna Schiffelbein, red, Ruth Rupp- Lenice Stelnmetz, blue and Sue Rapp, red, all Sherlock Strivers; Nancy Hope, blue, Eileen Bauer, blue, and Noralee Tresner, red, all Telstars; Pete Warner, blue, Pawnee Indians; and Sandra Linville, red, Terry Toilers. Motle — Sheryl Warden, red. Lorene Stoner, blue, Brenda Ragel, blue, Louise Spinks, white, Pamela Wentworth, white, Sonia Lewis, blue, Susan Gillnn, red, Barbara Rudd, red, Peggy Stoner, blue, and Douglas Selichnow, red, all Eager Beavers; Janelle Owston, red, Peggy Voth, red. Gregory Hands, red, Marilyn Stone, red, Mary Lightner, red, Chris Owston, blue, all Wide Awake; Micky Campbell, white, David D°"iis, red, Re"ie * °fort, white, Alice Hughes, red Douglas Hu?i?£s, white, Tun Gillan, red, Benny Huschka, red, and Joe Lefort, white, all Happy Hustlers; Janice and Mike Knoll, both white, Comets; Deloris James, red, Go Getters; Mary Daniels, red, Pawnee Indians; Rose Ann Bondy, white, Mary Bondy, white, Telstars; Donna Komlofske, red, and Marilyn Komlofske, white, Allies; Mikell Adams, white, Sherlock Strivers; Pamela Harsh, white, Terry Toil; ers; Go Getters, red; and Pawnee Indians, red. PSVCH (AT* ic I SOMETIMES FEEL HELP 5-* V LIKE I 1 'RYE CENT*!-" HA! THAT'S A LAU6H! WHAT DID HE MEAN THAT? ANlT ATTENTION ID HIM ...60 ON WITH VOCJft MICKEY MOUSE BEETLE BAILEY ETTA KETT MB SOT HIS DISCHARGE TOPAV BOTWHV WAS ME YIULIN6? WHAT WAS ALL THAT YEUUIN6 I MEARP, SAR6E? f AEENT You X TAKING A CHANCE.' 1 HE MAY BE V FEEF TALL. .". ^ I HAVE A BLIMO DATE WITH ONE OF THE BASKET-BALL .' DEBBV SAYS HE'S cure.' THEI2ES TME DOORBEU.- POGO NEW LINCOLN itO-AMP AC WILDIW Now $110.00 WELDERS SUPPLY MMM I* 4-4141 UM Oeler Nctvrei Merrill Implement Co. ANNOUNCES They Have Acquired 2 New Implement Lines ALLIS CHALMERS 8 KRAUSE FOIMIRLY HANDLID IY MY I9UIPMINT CO. Tfcty wM cfMtaut t» give y«xi tfct flNMt In itrvk* M MI«M«p«H«.Molh* * New Holland Me) wlH strive t» five riw Mint flat strvlct tn AMU Cfctlturt m4 Kraut %yOW AWAKfc AM' ^ !'f&S& AIN'T NOTHIM IT"' If •'• t MfcANf ' I'UL toQ 10 ^ PftftMPIM'lf/^ 9.-T. SNUFFY SMITH THENICANTROSTYE BATCH IF I TOOK ONE MORE BITE, I THINK I'D POP!.' TO TAKE THIS SUGAR COOKIES OVER TO TH* PARSON YE SHORE ET A. WHOPPINT BIG SUPPER, JUGHAI STEVE CANYON VIAM OP •UILOIN9 LIAOIfttHIP fin* fiMlily hom«t taw ti $41 f*r monlk Awindtef dtUiwry to your »»iUin( i««, «rottio» OB your lot nui louudolion; tnd til for SI IM C«|h Price itth w«l|i-«Mt f HHnwon ere* in ««itmeni 2| ^^^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^_» ^^^» Will ^iim* tomtom* mm m ». |. MfCOtKUCV, !•« IM. UMi. fa. N= Ik Mill WOW.'THE 1 SUSPENSE <S RSTEET.YOUR YJII is KILLING FOR THE II111 MS, BUT YOU MAYBE JTfc SETTCg. I COUI-PIM'T THAT WE VOTE ONE STANP WAITING PAY />NP 7WE flUEEN \<-, CK3WNEP AT THE PAUL THE NEXT W6HTJ TO KNOW ANY WNflERTHAN THAT.' B-E-E-WOC 15 ICILY CALM ON THE EVE OF BATTLE. BUT MANY MILES AWAV A CA* tf RACIN9 AION6 A TOLU BOAD -ANP ABOUT TO ENTER. INTO THE CONTEST AT MAU/MEE... THE RYATTS RAPID SAIP IT WA5) BLONDIE ft THOUGHT ZIRO ( i LOVETO ,..*/' SHAVE MY ^/CUSTOMERS \IT INSPIRES !L WHEN I'M SHAVING I FEEL. A5 THOUGH .— y. I'M SCULPTING f ») t^_-< THE VENUS DE MILO

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