The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 23, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1859
Page 4
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DAILY NKWS. AFTfiKNpON KEPORT. -NEW TOBK, Jane 23. W« b*T« London date* to the 41th instant. DM attendance in the EMM of Cototaoni wa» •ray ntuaerou*, the expectation being tha* Ih *ddm»lB reply to tne Queen'* ipeeoh wonlc be agreed to u amended The hoata agreed to take the speech into munidention on frle day, and adjourned to that day, - • DKHDMr, Jnne 10 ~ Pnuiian ooBJB)ia*iojierB were here yesterday negotiating -for transport by railway of conaid •raUe taxlM of Prussian troops.< A eatisfao- tory result was obtained without difficulty and the oommiaaloaersstarted for Monioh, with » almilar object. w ~ ..'";'' : ;>"' "-._"..; ."w3iaif..Jwiie II. Gen. gohawB has been appointed chief com Bander of the camp at_CbaloB«,.wb(re three diriaions of cavalry are to be agsembled. Fire thouaand .Austrian prisoners have arrired at Haneinef and Tonlon. Trmre, Jane 10.—Gen. Garibaldi occupied Bergamo on the 8th, having learned that 1,600 AuBtrlans were coming from Prnisia, be •ent a detachment (b meet them, and, though the force sent was inconsiderable in nnmbera, they nevertheless best the enemy. •' TjMOflA, June 10.—The Austrian official bulletin says: Gen. Durban, at Canonica, and the other corps d' armee at Magenta, were en|aged in sanguinary fights. , The enemy, in greatly superior force, ap pean to be advancing from MUau, and the Austrian army has, therefore, passed the Adda In good order, and are Hearing the reinforcements in reserve. The courage of our troops is unbroken, and they an longing for a decisive baitle. Twin, Saturday, Jane 11 — Prirate letters from Milan respecting the battle of Marziuano, atate that 600 Zouaves were put hare da corn bat. Tha.AnstriaBs, who were 30,000 strong, suffered a loss of 1.500 killed and wounded, and 1,200 prisoners. Tbe battle lasted nine boors. At 11 o'clock *t night, a battalion of Hungarians and Croat*, who intended to surprise the village, were surrounded and defeated. The Times correspondent «t Vienna gays the oflcial Austrian bulletin, announcing the battle of Magenta, produced an indescribable effect at the capital, aad every one fdr a moment appeared to be stunned. Military men are indignant that the finest army Austria ever possessed, should have been intrusted to inch a bungler as Count Oyuali appears to be. In the Liverpool breadstuff market, American flour U quoted at 10s 9d to 13e 9d. H»H Storm. ALBAKI, June 22. A violent hail storm prevailed in this vicin Ity yesterday, extending the space of a mile fn width, and lasting balf an hour. A number of windowjj were broken and flowers and plants cnt to pieces. Arrival of the Overland Matt. ST. Loris, ,lun" 22. The overland mail of €he 30th W arrived. The Oregon Legislature met at Salwu on the 16th nit News from Freser River continue discouraging; the shipments of gold are small ' Business at San Francisco was doll, with no prospect of a speedy revival. Owing te the urge stock, eastern shippers must discontinue heavy shipments. OOMJOEROIATi. <j«o. 4M>rKIT, __ ~— OHIO! O» THB DAir.T NBWS, j raiweultee, Ji.ne28,l«S». > ~ *Wo»«i«».— Onr inohex Djajket preieBts nothing nei to-day. Xcehanf eUitlll steady at;tbe old rate. Cat rtncy It more eny at the eraal raws. Tbe Journal- t? Commtree,Jr., ujt the Hew Tor Honey Market on the 9Dth wai without interest ; per- BOIU were valttnc for tie Knropean new*, the ban •fattemtDt wm; probably >b*w a decline of about on million to total, and a gain of less Man that In ipecU The decrease In loan* wa> greatect during the En thi»c dayi of tbi week, the turn In tie axmey narke having checked the downward movement toward th claie. ; . : _The Plttsburj fria» Current given the toUowtn liimtrj of the gold yield of America : Xhe (fold yield of the Catted States for the lut 20 y can is ieitlmatwl ii toUowi : Total gold produce of QaVfornla ........ (520,000,00(1 -•»-.. .«*-. -Kor.h California. . . . 14,000,00 » " Oeortfa ........ ..... 7.BOO.OOI » • •" Kan«a» ...... . .. .. 2so,oOi •* ' " . Oregon «'W*A n^'n 284,001 Total ........ ...... . ............... $310.000.001 Gold produet' or Virginia, SooihCirotiBn, Tennessee, Alabama, £*.... ............. 600,000,000 Grand total „ |»00,COO,OOC Th? gold crop It estimated to b« for yean to come a the rate of 'a million and a hair i er week, or teventy eeren millions of doll -it per annum—equal to ooe-hal of the va'ne of the co'ton crop of the country. New CocsTnrart.—The public are osntlnned asalni anew count- rfell note bill of fht Wkttt River Sin* Bethel, Vermont. The one shown os is a as bill, the uoper part of which Is tinged with red; but It will be observed that the color doei not strike through, am •he* on the bark, and that the p 1 per la very coar» end common. TJie signatures—T. W. Anderson, Cash. nil A. P. Bunton, Pres't—are p >orly done. We nndera end <hai aeverai of these notes—all o: he letter A., denomination of $3—have been pat afloat ind that >t Is thought that there Is a patif In tlie cttj ystematlually peddling them off.— Chioiffo Trib9M hEnSTi'rrs *BD PEOBDCI —The market for flour ahowe l a disposition to recede stiil farther, bs>Mers be- ng more witling to tak - present prlres, but ouljr one mall tale of 100 bbl- occured . Wheat WM all . aeUllng and witli bsl lull* d.ilnc A few Bale* were made in the early part ot the tlay a 1,06 lor No. 1. and 1,25 for extra, but before the c lo.o (o. 1. was offered In vain for l,0o. Corn * nd Oats w rt rere also dull, the lat'er not bjli 'g In as jtood requesl eretufore fi* Potatoes are HC&rce and command h.^h figures— ve. r y lot that arrive* being e»gcrlv sruppeJ up. Tin eoelptft, notwlihstandlftt; the hl^i prices arv very light Butter Is not quite so plenty, bui atlll In rcry pood uppljr, while E^gs are sc .rce and wanted «t very go«i« XVaahlngton Hattera. WASHIHOTOK, June 22 Some reforms in the present system of advertising and the delivery of letters being n« cessary, the Post Office Department will speedily adopt such as ma? seem practicable and efficient, and will hold its officers 10 strict accountability lor their own mistakes. LA 1ST KVi MNO'K KEPOKT. . Jnnn 22. Judge Morrick io-l u j reinand^d to Hapers- tojm, Maryland. & colorfed woman, who has been residing h«re for twelve years and who was claimed—under tne Fagitire Slave Law— the Court hannp no power to pass upon th«question of her treednm , It must be decided i in Maryland. Then- were a Uree onmlwr of! Lacks gathered aboi t the .T.. chaml)cr '• The people manifested mucL inUjrest in the ORLEANS, Jnne 22 The steamship Cahairba, with dates from Havana to th- 19tb inot.. has arrived below Jordan isi a Tlirbt Place. Niw VO»E. Juucii The negro named Jordan, who committed the outrage on the littlp girl, is still in danger of being lynched by the excited neighbors where the crime was committed. Tbe 22od Ward station bouse wa§ besieeed all day yesterday by an angry crowd, hat was prest-rved from attack by the vigilance of the police. The culprit Jordan would have mK a speedy retribution if he ha i fallen into hands. Last evening Justice Conolly held an examination at the static n house, it uoi IxHnc considered advisable to remove him to tliV tombs, and held the prisoner to bail for $3000 \Vbo>le»ale .Vlarkel. Ws^)KEBDAT fc'VEKISG, June ! FREIGHTS—unchauxed- Wheat to Buffalo 4c swcgo 6c- Flour to BnQ&lo 20c ; to New Tork 6<>c The Propeller Galena cleared with 600 bbls Flour to Buffalo. FLOOR-very du!l al > decline. Sprlnp exi rat, ,00. Eeceipts 219 bbls . .lilpmente SI8 hbls ; tales 100 Rock Lake at 600. BTE FLOtTB—steady at 6,29. WHEAT—dull and destining, Receipts 3,1 as bui ; o (hlpments. Sales 87t bus No. 1 at l,0f ; 190 bus ood No. S at 1,00; 4T5 bu» choice ertra at l,2j ; 80 us extra at 1,223»; total 1,030 bus. OSerlm freely a he clote for 1,05 without bnjers. RTE—scarce and firm at 1,05^1,10. OATS— low*r and doll at 40 • Rw-lpts 1,244 bus- ales 200 bus st 40 X. CORN—du'l at 70®T2. Receipts 9JO bus; shipment! 2S bja, S»i £ 4 "0 bu i helled f. o. b., at T2; 100 do do IIAkLET-no sale.. POTATOES—scarce and wam*d, W^ljiu for common; 1,12 for Neshinnocks Rece'pts C9 bus; shipments 64 bus. EGGS—hlj! er and In good request at li@13. BCTTICR—rather dull at 10@>12 HIDES—steady. Green 7®7)tf: Faltvd &.^S>tf, dry 12@U; flint 14(2.17 Receipts i.SHiS Ibt HIGH«'INE>—shade better, Receipts T8 bbls. 8*leS at 86* . PRO VISI0 NS—unchange I WOOL—more active. Receipts 2,6iKi Ihj Sales 1,090 Ibs X to !i blood at Kajlroad Rioiir-Ts BT L» Cm>ss« A MlLWiOAUt RiiL«Oi..— 83 bus wl,eat; 4W do r»tn, 19 do potatoes, 196 bbli flour, 4 do pot ashe*; 1,102 Ihs hi'ea; '^,6(Ki do wool. 6.84S ft lumber; 30 bunohei shlns:le», 22,403 Ibi son- drlee j:«-npr? sr MnwiPtEF 4 Mny»issrpri tLiiLaoiD — '^5 bbis tiour, 1 i»C6 tiu* wheat, 76i do corn, 677 do ~ais, 60 do potatoen; 1,760 Iba hide*. 17,U do sub- dr.e*. CO.i.uoO du ct..b« RprkTprs BT CHIO»G'. & MiL«.t7crg RAILROAD.— June fco. — ,,ibc L.^« ,,i,cAt, 8t«7 do corn, "7 do oaLa WooL-GnrWEH* 1 Ocrvnrrios —The Conr^nt.on calle.1 t.'. me*-i ul Cirvel^n', Oh.. , Au/us 4th, Includes Df-t enlr the jrri.wers of woo , Imt tde buyers and mxnufuc- turer>, *o tha- a.I may«uU and «avian<l menns f ^r their tnu'ual ft.]vnnta,<i*. The fe-rowerB, It is expected, w,l brirg sa 1 -pie-, not *' thr flat-st wool, bui of all such as is produced In tl.eir vinulty. with *Qch Information ss to the present and proapeo- rlvi- production, pri ej and market, as may be u»ef.ij tr, persona ecsraged in the prod action or consumptloa of wool. It ts al.ri cipec'eJ that Information will be rivet as tn the value hDd uses o! the different klo^i* of vro -I in manafacta-e-1. 1 h\nda, and how the var, .a* son* should be prroared for mark-t, with such other sut-- pestloni as may be u&e'ul to wool grower- Amnnp other thlno, tl>e propriety of pstAblUh n_ a p'eai na* tional wool market, or &nnu&l fair, will br d>a .ossed — 4 o let the 4th of Anpift b* remembered by sj: wool John A. yaee, trecnior of the lartwllfandteitament of VexeUah H. Beed, at- eeated. .'/ n. DavWP. HnlV Marian Alton Hull, £dwln Palmer Tru»t»«, Joahua Hatluwav, - ' Byron W. Clark, Charlet 8. Clmrki, Uobcrt B. Bell, Ihe Fanner's 4 Millcr-f B'k Henry L. Palmer, Hermann Schw.\rtlnf,an.d GreuUch| AB- Blgne'ci of the People's Bank of Haertel, Greenleaf 4 Company, Edward G. Tyler. | Jabei H. foiter, | Horace H. Hnnn and I Jaiper E. Goodrich. i I N pursuance and by rt, ae O f a decree m^_v „. _.„ District Court of the 0ul ed Btatei for the District of Wi»oonsln,^n the twelfth day of March, i. D , 1869, in the above entitled cause, 1 snail sell at Public Auction, at the United States ManVat'a Office, la the Oily of Milwaukee, on Monday, ihe ninth day ot May, 1869, M 11 o'clock a. «., " The foliowlwg real eatate being and lying In the County of Mll.artkee and State of Wisconsin, and kncwn and deaorlbed at the south east qnarter or the north west quarter of section number ten (10), In townahlp number, seven (T), north of range number twenty-two<2i!) rait; less the south cart qnarter beini? ten ilfj) acres of the above described tract of land •which U excelled and reserved." Marshal's Office, MBwaulue, March 28,1869. . ,„ M.J. 1'HOMAS.U 8. Marshal. A. 0. MAT, Complt'B Bollc t .r. marSi-ian-tt ja?" The above sale U hervby adjourned to Mon.lay th- e cvrnth dny of July, 1899, it the'tame hour and place as abuve. Mnrshal's office. MllwanV, e. May 9,1S69 majlO-lawti M.J THOMAS, D. S. Marshal. S KUIFl N MAl.t. [<Vcwa STATS OF WISCONSIN, ( Circuit Court, M •Iwaukee County . j Johann Georgklnd, ' against I Jadf ment and Sale MB Chrlmoph Johann 8*ger ( uhanlcs Llc.i. and Jacob Eler. j I N virtue of and punbant to l jodKtn*nt rendered lu «ald Court, ,u the above e lUtled HCII..D, dated the ITthday of M»y, 1859, 1 ihall cipo.e for tale Ml sell at Pnbilc Auction, at the 1 <ist-0fflre, in the City of Milwaukee, on .xalura*, , itle 23d ddv of Jnlr. 1659, at the hoot of 2 r u., of th»i day pursuant to Chapter 163 of the Revised B.atuies, enti- tied "Of the Lieu of Mechanics and others," the lollov- mg dcscdbeJ prg MII-« to w:l : ••A crrtain building aituatv on Ic.t N > twelve m block Mo. thirty-four, li, W ilker'e Pol t, in tl.e Fifth, W »M, <.l ttie City oi .Mil«auke«, County ol Milwaukee and State of WUKOH.IU, and al,<. all th* right, title and Interest of the defendant Jucnb Eler in and to .aid premises on the 17'li day of May, IS.'*." Date'. Sheriff ' > 0 Bee, Milwaukee, June lu, 1SS9. Ho, .IKK A M-A.lOEKDcao, I A. J. LAVQWllRTll Y, fl'lb AU'ra. I Shlf Mil C^, Wi». j'10-lawt!w _ STAIR OF Wl ("Ot.MSIN, i . - M,I.auke. County. } "• I« Probate. In thr matter of tlie tetat. o! Hei.rr Br»«, r, deceaseii. BUSINESS CARDS.j oio. w. Btivrss NO. Hi j (NASSAU U 11 CHI*, ». JlltlniB *Trnkfu4, j ATSLAiV, ST., NI.W ~*--~ & HICKGOK Attorneys &Cansellors a ti WE ELAND >:ILWAUStE. LIB ....... [sprlS] irjcxpox. Vt!l»S«< <Jt PAialllHH, i XEV? A COUNSELLORS AT i ,Vo. lu, All>uaiv I'c.dii n 111 A iti.o,->ii<voou, ATTORNEYS i COUNSELLORS AT LAW, i i A rcnde SttMing, 173 Kant Vfatrr it O. W., formerly New Votk. F. BuiolKldon ii U.S. Gout: miiHlonfr for:sever»l states. i an;( C»m- n. L. r A A ! VI i •.]{ X STAKK, $l & Councilors al *--e, ^. v, ;.J,t'-i- V New IUL* I-n '(jj .Jfl ll*BT L. Pi tit ..... SMItS* A: Attorneys- ar,d Tui vracJirult: t rial CiTtiilvf r M ba»intist :i Louaseiiors i/.s 7. . ifyxvi.-i i,^.i.> ',^urts '•( tht .^.n. ind will faltr-' i Ju.l PATENT MEDICINES. MEDICAL. -,«' 'trjt n-.»» H Riu r-in.i 11,11- .' Attoraev aad Couu-olior SOd. S t 10, PMtlKMX Bl.l i HILWAI KKTS, l, 0 imt.ii-,.1 iiier for M. V i. .1,, ,1 ,., . . l •» i DntietltStittc* 'tn-l i ir,-i.n . rr je6 ,.lii:."n, 1:1 N this 18th day of June, A. D-, l-.*>.\ upon and mint,' the petit! :i of Mary Kreaer, ( | 7 and mint,' the petit! :i of Mary Kreaer, stating that OH« Ueary brrscr, of the Oounty of Milwaukee. died mte.tatenn or about Ilic Sth day of Uaich, IsiS, and praying tttat T^itoJore K mp, be appointed Administrator on th*' Fj=tate ol *ai.l decea»e<t : It is Ordered, That tild application br he:irj helur, me at the Probate Office, In the City of Mil. auk« , on •be «tti day of July, i. n., 1S»S. at 10 o'clock i > And It Is further Ordered. That notice of Ml.l upph. Uon and hearing be gi/en by publishing a copj of tins order lor three successive weeki, once In each wtek, in the Milwaukee News, a ncrgpaper pr!n««d In *ald city, prior to said hearing. By the Oout t, Ji-14-l»»»» A 1.BEHT8M1TB, County latge CIRCUIT COURT, I Milwaukee County.) Chwiu W. Wlllani, Plaintiff, aga nat William Smith, Henry SenlUeben, Luciol K. Walt, John M. KlmbaJi, Christian H. Meyer, Otto Fiebing, C. Arnold, A. I*, ituelflohn, Frederick Mueller, BUney Bhe^ard and Augusltu h. Wood, Defendant!. ['he I^tale of Wisconsin, to >ae at^jve named defendant* Y OD AUE hereby gummooeu and retiulred lo au• wer the complaint b. thlj action, (which Is filed n the office of the Clerk ot ibe Olixult Court, for the Couniv of Milwaukee, at the City of Milwaukee, 1> aid County, and to serve a copy of your answer to be said couiplaint on the sabscrtoers. at their office, Nos. 3 »t,J 4 Albanv Buildin,-, in the said City of Mil waukee, wtlnin twenty days after the service nereof, ex- Insive f>f the day of such «ervlce; and if you fall to answer the complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to theC-iurt for the relief demanded in the citmplalnt. - 1 Wiine«i the H..' Arthur McArttnw, Judde of SIiL V the 0 rrult Coi.rt for said County of Mil-•»— \ wauke», »l Mil .raukee, this tbiny-Brii d»j of March, 1V>> HOOK! m&4ll-latr6w C.KCL'IT COl'OT Milwaukee Count). David F Bull, -u •lariati A. Hull, and i J n M. 'Voodiu?. J o 1 VI ,-t iua:n, to l>avi.l P. • ( ; su v\ v v .iTTOHNfiY ANi' »N i AT I AW, Aitorney &L Cuunuellor at L.a\v UH>K KI : .v t...V..< 'i .' . La. 1/trA; i*. O. H'»Oe a,B -OVV W, CLjfS OAKY ii 1 Offic* lit f oim(r'« IJ.ock, Cor w,u..,-« PUTT 1 I , l lor» at l.av%' -r Maia an I \V,J. DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, ASD DR. HOOFLAIVD'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL,, The great itandard mtdicina of t/u pratnl age, have acquired their great popularity only through yeari of trial. Unbounded tatufac tion it rendered by them in all eaia ; and (He people have pronounced them worthy. Lirer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of tne XerToas System, . Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diaeata anting from a daordertd liver or tceaknett of the ttomach and digettiot organt, art speedily and permanently cured by the QEBMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial hoi acquired a reputation surpassing that of any similar prt paration extant. It will curt, witaorT FAII., the most tevcre and Icmo-ttandmg Cough, Cold, or Hoaneneai, Broncbltii, la- fluania, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient ConjompUou, And ha* performed the nott ojfonuAirty r-iir-t K'tr known of Confirmed Consumption. A few dosei will aUo_at onct check aid sure tht moit severe Dlarrhcea pf'^-efdtt^ from COLD is THE BOWELS These medicines art prtpartd by L>r (' M JACKSOX i Co., \o. 418 Ar<-)\ Str-'t. Pkil.i dclphia. Pa., and art sold t>y i/ruyyu/j ji'f dealers 1/1 medicines fveryicherf, ^l T.J -vri.'i ver bottle. The nynafurt •./ < " M J\. •!<-;<; u-tU b£ un the outride wrapper uf t^-k *>ottlf In the Atmanjc published uAn proprietor!, failed ETZBTBODY'* you will find testimony and {o •wttcej from all p>iru uf the :^un Almanacs art girtn away by ill ' r'l J>, >* 'I . .<> (>l I HI,.' h . I :i 1 % -,-lli uirt u I'V| i f DISCOVERY OF THE AGE ^/.'v ip y r ALMA.S\ Aver'.-. (\U A <er.l* r Ho . C. b h, BOSW" '--'man 11 '. fill-. J 1V1 It IN V I GOR A J OK! I'KKt- \KH> H\ DR. - \ •• ';r>, W I.^ D.A.J UPJ4«., A «. is ui 1 .fl . ODSIII street, Mav » M1S( 'KI.l.AN !-.< ly In i r , PUI .tiff's Attorce>», U ilwankee, Wlsconjitn i > i .A i ,I-;K. N'I it i i r. .wi.-i 0 f i \Villinnto A: Auction aud Commission Merchants, It ' to . 1. »M> Ait ST.- AS' li .M i Hull, a -. A. HuU ii'i i[ii HI 'tioe ,-: t O.-rk ••! t« utily, on IMS ih I rtf,.- " h copy Is !,.-rewith »«r py nf yoar answer t. - rihcr-, at their f.rti.*p, nt, >M waukee, withm rd *nd r^uirt- 1 u, ari-wf- Action, which was filed LU . Circuit Oouri, uf Mllwau- , Jay ,,f Juoe, I*\i9, and of rv^<j apon you, nn.l to KTVC t;.e »mj cotnplaltil nn the N ,§. 6 and 8 Albany Build »ty dm^s after th ot the day of inch »ervice; gwcr the §a-id r ornpialnt thr plaintiff In thin actloo Ujr reU- f uemai jed tn thf i SPEC B FIPOBTS —The exports oJ specie from New I Turk t forei.n porte for the week ending the llth lo?t. | were $1,8T7,?94—mEklnff a total slice Jan. 1. 18S9, of {29, 61,835, same time In 1S58, f 11,801,383; same time In 1857, $1S Oil,607, same time In 1898, til ISO.O'to, »am« time m 1855, fl8,K89,&i4; same time in 2S94, >12,- Bldj for Stationery. WA§HISOTOK J-nue 22. The suoceaafal bidders for furnishing stationery to the House of EepresenUiivus are Taylor & Manrv of Washington, and Isaac ! B28 ' 768 : iame Ume '" 1MS ' *TX«*.'«a, sam« time in Ames, of N. T ISM, $10,618,262. Sabbath School Convention. BOSTOK, Jane 22 Tbo State Sabbath School CoDreniion is in progr«M to-day, in Northampton. Governor Brigge ie president. The meetiug is well attended. MARINE RECORD. 1 859. s^-sC^ 1 •frric* li.-r^of, exrloBlve ml if T«U f*il L i k "Hhio the Urn* aforesaid, ill apply to the court !n •mpiatnt. I)at»-(i Jubc »! h, '«i5d riVCH£B, LTNDE 4 MILLKR. Jel*-l»w6w PLalDtifT* Attorney* Kl'TTElT WuCLnrajjtht hit^-t.tion of Famiiiw tu my »<-trc L 1!.>HJ- 0 (HOICK BUTTEK. I MI. dally recelv n« by Eiprnu, choice lots of flutter otn ih* bt-«i Danie* in the State, which lor quality kn-lflaro',, ui,*tif i'h*9r.i. Pncei alwayi to cnrrrp- |.on-i <nth ih -u.arn-t rstcj." and quality «arrintrd Order* toll -H.^J hn>! w^nl to all p»rt» of the City trre JOHN W. LEDT*RD, Grocer ard Wine Dealer, m»y28 1«1 E««t WaU-r urcet. .'ll.l tur 19 \» I >.( <»M trlve parlicalar Mt^r-i . r. Dry <»-.••!! '.'.-I - \ rr at ttl- , >»,. , in , . • I n- , I «. : "i >• C i ClBCt IT COURT, ( Mdm-tutee Ooantj. { Raniom Elc*. I'on of illl w June 22. Plumber the Mutineer. BOSTON Jane 22. The U S. Marflmll, Freeman, raceired a telegraph despatch this morning, purporting to oome from tLe President, respecting Plumber, the riiigleader of the niuteneers of the whale' •hip Onion. Plumber was to be hang on Friday. The Marshall telegraphed bank to Washington lor a written order, which will probably reach here to morrow. The little girl Eva Picket was in a critical condition. In the case of MVyer Goldsol], tbr man brought here from St. Louis by requisition, a writ of habeas corpus was yesterday iasu«d by Justice Clark*, returnable al 10 12 a. m. This morning, before Recorder Barnard, the writ was discharge.! and prisoner reman ilild liy the Recorder Wlnan's Sleamabip Sunk. BAITIMOEK, Junea-i. Winan'e experimental uteamsriip has b«u •nnk at tlie whart in consequence of a work- map neglecting to close a supply pipe. Steam flre engines are engaged in pumping her out and will probably suceesd. AI1BIVKD. Prop Free State, Rourr's, Buffalo. 181 Ji tons mdi PcSr Henry Norton, *l*rberr$-, Pieicevil:e, SO cords Prop Hunuer, DickBon, Ch cage, 78 bhls lilirhwine*, U pkgs sundries P'mr Celvelaod, Doufral, Grand Ziaven Prop Galena, Sieel, i hlcago S'.mrCltyof Cleveland, Hqni-lr, Grand INren, 20 bbli and case, llqnor, 3 pkgs rnndrlea, 21 tons mdz, 100 pans Pchi Belle Oily, W,IIiims, Wolf Elver, 2i60 u Railroad ties. CI.F.AKRD. Pi-tu- 'Napoleon, Ne son. Port Wsshlnirton Prnp HunUrr, DIckBon, Oolllngwood, 1 hoi. Btmr C.ty of 0>evel&nd, Hqnler, Grand Uaven. re r Manet, Fweeny, Chicago, 6 bhls whl.kxj, t, hhi. egire,25 bags potatoes, 20 nf bbls b er, ,'i« |it|Ti S'mr (J.ielle. Butlln, Two Rivers, X tons mji, 28 bbls KuDdrtca, 86pkg< snndrln. Prop GaleLa, Su-ele, Buffalo, 800 bbls «nur Htmr Ulevelfcnd, Dou al, Grand Ubveti. Bchr Belle City, H'ailams, Wolf Ulver. Schr Excelsior, Brown, Two Rlr era, 16 bb!t salt, P Hull. A till, &. I.. Mul'ord, ftobpn 1) Bell, r>yr.,n w. Oiarke * Char] > n. Clarke Y OU are hc^by summoned and require.! to answer the com' *lnt In this action, which wan 01,-d 'r, N. Il.-Bnr.rti, .N •!•, »r,.| M. r,.u.,-, . i -,.,t, k i,j, UNITED STATES SALOON, ^T\f rj Afa.: ind ITi-r.-nj,., .>; .--'. \S t-.UN H'.KUA V, -I t 'N h; V2-<J. 1865'. '•ri-al Fret- l.n i«-,i, F Ji 0 G X /, K i, S . I 11 eve fU. i 0-. ; . i r^oi--'-' ' * J".. c i \ : . \ - » " l»<tr Be^ r if Bcs: i i l JH'J STKAY COl.i 01TNER OF A STJUT tu Y PILI il r ,N' H A 'I' L) r\ . .s i A H RST Floo uliatile fjr a trn for ulnjrle BtnUem--ti. *n hoard, by ap|.|,-, r ,: S... J bnarilr • raa aiAu b<- ic'otiini . tAKl JlNO. Parlor »r,.i HrJr..»Q ;: unj « (e. h»d t il,-r-n Bairmon«.—For B»ltel j to the defetidanu above name! the kee County, -i which a c^.p) serve a co,» plaint on tL« S; Albany Bui after the *ert .ce such servlc*-; and If r complalnl within tl e time Clerk of The Circuit Oourt, of Mllwau- Iris thirteenth ay of June, 1S."9, and of i herewith served upon yr.u, an'l tu ol your answer to the <nd com- l»cribera, al their rfflce, Nos. 6 ami . Milwaukee, within nlneij -lays •reof, exclusive of the day o! fall to answer tlie si Id aforesaid, the plaintiff this action will a; to the Court for the relief demand ed In tl-e cofn}tlaii,.. Dated Jun,- 12, 1S5S FINCHES, L7NDE t MILLER. 3M6-lawflw Plaintiff's A AttorneyB. Silver \Varr, Jt 'ANc; ^ * it >O1 t> i i > Lrer bi J»j pr.-t l-cl- '1OKJ i «> lit KU'il ur won. l»i A iiv i»r K<\\ KM l.IX'l'.K \V (,! PAPER WAREHOUSP, 1 fiiatftIW'1, Bhickcuarr A < hs ».. r AM ha. < P..n,, P RBI »O.N . HA N f I I AlililSON. H AN K« )K1 < A ( )t ). A CURE WA.BJUNTED, !»OS ^aTf! Jc^-iud -.'.r-'r NOTICE. Cm Co«pT»oLLKB'e Orrici, ( Con'ract Department, Mil., June 17,185SL ( I ,f Common Council, by resolution adopted Jone JL 18th, 1869, approving of the recommendation of Jhetoreet Commlasloners of the Eighth Warl, It is or. ^*^ th , e , followiBB """Ihed lou, part, of lota, and " "L'i 0 " ln °» K K httl W'" 1 "I «»•« Olty of Mll- "- "-•-'—- —-•- nulianaes, and filled In ao- KSS^'lrtSr^^SSK.S E •^i^siiSfr^vi.A^,"^.? lou 8 - • «, i ' 9> block 12 * •nd 8, Block 121, tnolude X etreets; lot. 7 *' *' 6 - 8 - 10Md • lot.6,6 7 8, », 10 1! " 120 ana 48, being &JX feet wide n« : ?? rtlia6 ' e<!t °' i00111 102fee « °' -100 feet of triangle piece of land, tn ibe north- wjtcomer of tht north-welt It of Motion 6, Eighth ove deiorlbed property are DCT.DT noU. Mtoakate tbcnmiaooei on th* time within tk«> cr *** 8treBt Ooniniiuioner. of «h8 eto be done andcharped lDU a " d parcd " "' " n4 ' t L'H. QAEMSEE, Comptroller. NOTIGK. tiviUwr% bffioe. Owners of property «re bereb Hid Mwer within thlrtf day* ' MnetOooabailoiwr* of the .n and in the COB- . " SMOKED HAL.L.XBU'1'. Hsllllratat fl lfcZEi> roa KHDOOLIXQ—Tlte Ganadltn Schr. Sweet Home, Polley, reported at the Cuntoin House on (he 14th of May, 162 tons of iron ore from Klngst and received pcrmlisioi to laod It. It was afterwards learned thai the Sweet Home had landed some 16 tons of railroad iron, chipped by J. Doyle, at Kingston, to the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati! Railroad Co., without reporting It. 0pon Ihe Sweet HomrS -rrtval here a few davs since Collector Park! sized her for a violation of the revenue laws. Thf- condemns the ves •el and Iron to confiscation. The Iron ts worth about $6.1 per ton, the ad valoou-m dnty being 24 per rent — The Sweet Home Is a snug little craft of about 300 ton* bnrthen — Cleveland Pla.intl*ale.r t Thursday. AEKIVaD AT BOFTALO, Jen 20TB —Prop. DaCotah Collins, Chicago. From Milwaukee, 60 bbls flour. 1 ton sundries. IIAILWAI iHAITTBS. tJf The earnings ofjtbe Michigan Central Railroad (or the fiscal year which closed on the Ural Instant, were : tl,888,188,«7, be!OK t090,61 n ,SS lew than for tlie year prevlODB. BY TELB&RAPH. rv>.w Vork Market. H»w TORI, June' 22. v Flour—market active, heavy and G&lOc lower, sale* 4,900 bbli ji 6,8Ufto,10; for taperfioe etate «,20(3 tfiO for extra Ate; 6^6^6,16 for sapei fine western; «^oa6i?S forormmon to'good extra wetiern; 6,55(3, 6,90for do round Tioop Obio^~oloslng heaTy. EYE FLoCR—quiet at «S>*,T6- Whjat-dull an.1 drooping; aalei 6,000 btu at 130 fernew amber Oa; 1,60 for red »nntbern, l.Tlfir lor white do; l,W4(.l,n for white Ky and common white nestern at IJU>. BIB—da 1 at 98®85. BARltT—dull and nominal. . COBN—es«y; tales 32,000 bm 80®SS for old and Dew mixed weitern; 84 for yellow we.tern; 84« for south- In yellow; 31®S2 for round yellow. DAIS-lower nod dull-at 455J48 for state; 493,61 for Cunatllan. ;' - - .' - [ . >HiIlKT—sales 250 bbli tlStQSex. STOOKS-flrm bat doted weak. U t< &'s of T4 reg- Utered 1,65; Mo «'s 6«X; »"» «; P M M; N T <J 73^; HS&tiMKEL****'* ••».«-— 11J! BDTFALO MARKET. JXOUR— flulet and nnebaoged; iale» 1,000 bbl«6,0a far state- from •'andard iprlnK wheat; «,26 for do fiom *Jab wheat; «^i®MO ,for extra Wlr.; 1®>MM tor vood to choice e»tr« Mich. Ond and Ohio; lor doable <- IHOS. H. EVISTOH, Chief Eoglmer. flmer.but deellned pn receipt JTew 1 ««««W *»* *"» 8 «° :Uj » l « ** 734] SlIF.Rirt'^ SALE. \\v\\* STATE OF WISCONSIN. | Circuit Court, Milwaukee Cuuuty. ( MlchRd Hill »Dd ) William Tunbndce, ( MI., ,, ,galn.i I u «h»nlw Lien. ThomM H. EoddiA. j J H virtue ol ftDd jmrfiurxnt to & judpoent r» ndcrej tu satd Court, la the Above entitled action, dated April 10, 1859, 1 Bh*Il expose for tale and aell at PnbMr Auc- UOD, at the Pos'-Office, In t'-r Olty of Milwaukee, on fcfeiurdar the i*3d i.ny of Julj-, ISM, atthe hour of 2 r. H , of that day. panmaat to Chapter 1&8 of thf Revived gt&tule», entitled "Of the Lira ol Mechanic* and Otht-n," a'l tbe right, title aa'l Interest the defendant had in and tn the following deicribrd preratsen on the 19ih d»j of A, rll. or at anj time thereafter, ri»: -That part of the north east quarter of section No 81, in totrnihtp No. 7, N of range 22 E, lying north and east of the Menomonee River, In ihe City aud County of Hllw .ulipe. Slate of Wi-- con§ln, and clfkimed bf tiie defendant topeth- rr wlih a certain soap ai*-i candle factory, sit- uted thereon. ItRtcd gh rttf 1 rtOrticu,,Miivr, atee, May 24,1^9. D. CoftbOS, * A J. LANGWOKT^Y, PlTfi ^ tt'jr | . L'YABt.'OA H AVE o(.«u«.1 at, 1 ! Albany Blo poflite New&al] House, a Ur !.. «ai ilreil. op. of Bo*'Jt, »t.M, (Wl«T AUf>, l,A'lgtr XV'hich will \>f tni'l ' be madr- t« Hi- M'-( * &9T~ Printers ind aroln*- r>ur •tn<*st an 1 raj'trt. Ft,it t*r tinti Xi*l* f -ry low O'.tnt in mert t.'.e wan «< i-; H-; « Al, B. 1M> —THE— LATE S.T S T Y L —nr— PHI- . ••&." v Y > rs .\N r- KnKKS I'lIK -' U.P f'Ki'M Sl.'fJ. MH. Ou. Wu. NOTlOfc,. fllBE Assessment List for the sereral Wards, of the X the City of Milwaukee, it ill be open for the examination of the taxable Inhabit"ota thereof, at the Common Ooancll'Rocm, at 9 o'clo Ic A. M., on the following day for the several Wards, respectively tj wit : For the First Ward, on the firth day of July next. tar the Second Ward, on t . sixth dar of July next. If or Ihe Thlf d «'ard, on the seventh day ol July next. For the fourth Ward, on tlie e gtith day of July next. >£or the Fifth Ward, on the n ntn day of July next. For the Blxth Ward, on the eleventh day of July next. Cor the Seventh Ward, on the twelfth day of July next For tbe Eighth Ward, on tbe thirteenth day of July neJt- Eor the Ninth Ward, on tbe (oorteenth d*y of July next And tbe Olty and Ward Auersors will make such necessary addition to inch lliU and correct the same, by change* In valuation or description. OEO. COGSW.LI, je22-dIOt Oily Assessor, City of Milwaukee. BUTTON'S! apr!6 Ti-TS u< in au v Ueau-d try f .rwa with a r»i:ntl>ir..- -•sfully W'llHtTH Adtiru.-* ir-#I.H-iir Dr AVIOS A ,-v/N. Quay 01. 1) BY ULI> MY ill.ll HV PAPK:: .S. J. lIX.lC.VH'iD A- <•«>., . SI Wl.tCONNIN MTHI-iHT, IMPOBTItBS, tVOOLESALH A»n RCT11L DRALLKn LM Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &o. Oompetcnt workmen sent to all parts of the Olty'antl Country for Decorating and Paper Hanging m all iu branche*,all wort warrantcii. febf" o K s N i; w B JUST KICK: VFII H\ T K 14- K I. \ \ i> & < 1M8 KAS'l' WA IKK ST. O. WA AK.H.T ST , MA nRKT .-T , \t \ H K h r .•< r , AI.L [nil l (LI. nit! i AMI I' 1 ! A N .1 M l A • • ' til AMI in L. il'l Ln'.'l.. 114 MARKET 8T .-M' - r i • • 8T. LO .\NU 1-. Om OnHpTEoLLOt'e Ornoz, 1 Contract Department, Milwaukee, Jane «$, 185f. ( ritBE following deaerlbed lot In the Seventh Ward of J. the City of Hllvaukec, will be beceQtted to the amount let opf.oilte It by Qlliag It with * fnfflclent amount of e*r<b to abate tbt a il>aaee thereon ' WM. A. NOrK3, - . VICTOK SOHUTTB. * Street OomWMloneri. Lot 3, block Ji", ben«6t I"d6 M. JeM-<Ht E.L-H. Q AKDtN EH. Comptroller. . OF TMK KliAT OF W PUICE XWEMT V-PI V E CENTH. EW Map of Northern nnd Central Italy, showlni _ I the Seat »f the War, Position or the Armies etc?, to which Is attached a email Hap of Europe—all for 25 Mat*. • Allo, A fine Map of the Tnestre of the European 'av, with Portrait* of the K-ui^rs In Europe, etc.,-prlc« 30 rsenU, at hTRIOKLANi) t CO'S 194 Eut Water Street. « l, DIALIR1I Domestic Exchange and S|»t>cl< T HK highest rates paid for all kinds of Gold and » ver Ooln and bullion. Exchange canlt^ntly for sale at the lowest prices.' As I make dealing In Specie and Exchange my entld and exclusive bttslnesi, I am able to jnve my cuito. mers an advanta^ over current figures. List of print will be furnished! al my office, NO. 52JOriacoiviei* sT»EnT, Under the Bapfljtrohurch, nearly opposite th« AMERICAN CORNET BANJ yi IB NOl^ READT TO FURNISH ANY ^3. number jdf Instruments, from one Ur "^twcntr-tnjo, for Dalls, Parties, Parades, Eicnrslons Ac., *c., at reasonable ' Ajjply or addrfeu amerlean Cornet Band, HempsteU-s Mnslp^tore, 178, East Water it. Depart UM ui J\'otic«. THE «everal Fire Comp ,nlei, comprUlnc th -Mll»aulte4-Jlre Department, wl 1 jni-et on Main } Kreet, June il«i. at 8 o'clock' - ^- SMITH & CO., , . Storage. Fol-irarding & lonimissiou M^KCHANTS. j (Proprietors of the LAUtiC ELtVATOU V/AU na« iof tbe Milwaukee * Miulnlppf and :, WfciertowO * Bamboo Valley Railroads! liberal arfv>nces made on property In (tore, oi for shipment to Extern Markets. ~ ' • •-. KM «fiO a Moo ANAOJNTJ. L, 0 Y M K N T and nil Expense* .I'aict. town 'and county Ini «• to eDgage In'a respeotoble and] - -,-., ,-* n »Jeh the above profit* nuvbeier-i Ulnly.reaiUed. Jtar rartherpart tjaltn, iddreiiDiv.! ~ """ ' 'ier 12th_Stre«f ant Broadway,; W AI. I ye AI. I, .-1 i In tratioui [roui i land— »4,00. Llfeand Times ufOa f.CT to CaJtimert. AM», Africa und Eu f ip»i r with ]fjO Illus- J ,hn n Ir,- i.J llll.JA.j .v r ,- . "i.i.-. :"..: . •• : y, Uarshman and Ward Eoi bracing tba history ol the Seramporr M.aslnn by John 0. Harshman. Price 6 00. Mardh'a ^<-leneoJof Double-Entry Bo k-ket*pmp 1 .in Lecture on Metaphysics and l.o? c hy Hir w'uiUni Hamilton, 8 00. -We Empire of Austria; Its lue an,I oreser.t newer liv Jobn a. O. Abbott, 1 60. ' ' Wyoming ; IU h story, stirring inc den's aaj n,ia»n Uo adventures, by Oeorge Beck, D. D , 1 5o The Harp of a Thousand Stnnps; c,r the nnioleaaeoce of human wit, wnjrgery and wisdom, 1 ->5 Army Life on the Pacific. A Journal of the Fipp.ii. Uon against the Northern Indlnns, the tnbes of ll,» Ccenr D*Alenes, Spokans an<l P.louzes, in the summer of 18B8, by Lawrence Kip, of the U. S. Army. rn,-o 60c. Art ol Exten pore Speaking. Hints Tor the Puli,lt the Senate and the Bar, by Jl. Hautalu. Price 1 (W Diary of Lady Morgan, I 25c. The Romance of a Poor Youqu Mao, 1 0>j. New lllnsarated Rural Manuals; romprlsing the House, the Garden, the Farm and Domestic Anlmali Price! 60. Hints towards Physical Perfrctlon, or the Philosophy of tne Hnma.n Beauty ; shoo-lnf how to acquire and re tain bodily (ymmetry, h«a.lth and vigor, secure loni; life, abd avoid the Innrmlties and deforuIMn of ace hv D. H. Jacques, 1 00. fc . y Spargeon's Sermons, volume 8vc, 1 00. Lore Me Litt c, Love Me Long, By Reaile, T5c History of the Dominion n the Arabs n Spur, 3 ;5. A Journey Due North, bring totes nf a residence In Russia, by Heorge Auguntus ^a'a, 1 i 0 Lament's MeuTcal Adv ser and Jisrrlin,; (iuide with nearly ll.O en^mring.. Price 1 25 The Pillar of tdre, or Israel In B .a.l ig , i,, Sev J. H. IngrRh.iin, I 25. Irvmg'a Life of Washington, volume five. 1 Si Allibo'c's Dictionary of AUthon, b 6u Life of K-t Cirson, 2 00. STRIOKLiND t CO , '«* 134 EMI VFal. : r street. lii i OOOK WANTED. A G ®^^» M»=**««lji »« *« Wain street. 1" per -nt 'u r ,• , r . ,, • .[,. " I >VO.l|l t C». . Pi .(,, 1 TK. t ,ii Hie rr-at > V *:i I 1 i i SI iruet H., .-*t l v iu *' I I "IT .' H^HaiNl'.Ti »u.l Kl. uv (,. ,.,lj Unal^rD. no{\^b^ W E hive .ever 11 Bn.-li e\. •-.liui-ly rhe:.|i iiuar.tiiy L,I lie.ij p;^l.i[«, ,o Improved nn.l Cnimpr .' purchasers, Scho.n L. B rly ,l»y. Time will . .. <; v, . :.,, ,. H ri money, clear titles mil warrantee .I.-.I CiacCir Co car auKei; O.)un£y, W . State Ua:r. of W.3 Y QO are the compuiot lr. this action , Jac,,b t uinm,. n e,l PerO flU.l !« lh»' oftloj or Ih of the County of \iiiw» ukee .,, tl , f Ot ., and to ,erve a co;,y of fl3la innwer t.;' p'alnt. on the subscribers al their ,,lB. within twenty ,.»„ . Uer the , erTl08 on you e.rimi,.. of ttl a . .f» U r«Id°t' hn3 *T rUM ' g;1 " i ^Pl-'nt wtthm tn.. .r»r,s,ld. the plaiat.ffin thin artioo w ii »r. 0 | T t T "}'„** " !i * f •"">«"!«» in the f ' T Dateii JUy It, 1S59. BODE * P.4JSE, PUintlll't ASloranys, Mil E MPIRX Mlll» Jxtra family tloar always oa liaa.l, *• [«P«T] HUSH * oKoaay^. hem i trial, •«••• --nil u, ,- w ^ urt ,.f hro burttjtn tbr-.--.-^n. it.-»i;i[j-. \.l Wbolewi • *cd Rttail, j tJa : lfun *

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