Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 26, 1959 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1959
Page 4
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4 THE PAMPA DAILY fcEWS.' 81sl FfeBRUAftV 26, 1958 Year Wedding lea Reception Gains In Favor As Hostesses Learn Of Its Economy immediately add \i pound loose 'tea. Stir to immerse leaves. Cover. Let stand S minutes. Strain 1 Kraut Frankfurters Offer Nutrition . Vita! To Good Health And Well Being '.I Borrow From Baby For Tasty lid-Bits Or Sandwiches For Daily Lunch-Box When there's ft baby in the (urn- 1 box or a. tasty dip to serve (ly there IS bound to' be a. supply | friends drop in. Here Ma of meats for Babies oft the kitchen'for Ham and Cheese-filled Shelf. TWese days beef, pork, lamb,)Broad which uses the junior-styie, _ ^ _ * •. .i i . .t. ii m-i.i. t. _»i__ i— t*-1 Ail jtu i n 'UMv\¥SAs4 &«tvi ad t n A nA Si A 101* InC i s there A student In your into teapot until ready for use. j home? Whether said student is six(Double recipe for 85-90 cups of ' year-old Susie In the first grade, teen-age Junior in junior high or tea.) :<v. ; ' iccil'Oifj c u IUIIIM in jun»v* ,i*ifjii u*. To serve Hot fen Concentrate: stylish Grandma who la studying When you're ready to serve, bring French one evening « week, a out a teapot full of piping hot wa- snack break is in order. , , — ter. Pour about one ounce of con-1 g ul . c to appeal to those in search,phosphorus which are^all w^vital centrate into a cup and then add' 0 f higher learning would be flauer- ' '" the water. By varying the amount uraut and a frankfurter on a. mus- of the concentrate, you can vary tard-butlered roll. come In from skating, sleigh-riding or hula hooping. Kraut will not only taste good to the children, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing it's good ,for them. Rich in the B vitamins and Vita- , « I CTIUI n JJ IO.y lin, V G Illi^I^ rt».»iv>v«^*j u«. min C as well as calcium « * d meat in 'their' diets than do the veal, heart, liver, ham or chlck'en either as 100 pet-cent meats or flavored with fruits and vegetables are introduced early JP lite. This is all done with approval and recommendation of leading pediatrt- the fact is that the young- rnav have more varieties of slcrs the strength of the tea. CHAMPAGNE TEA PUNCH (Makes about 25 servings) 1 quart of water \i cup loose tea >4 cup rum U sup brandy Juice of 2 lemons 2 cups sugar 1 cup water 1 quart soda water, chilled 1 quart champagne, chilled Ice cubes A Wedding Tea Reception can be elaborate of simple, depending on the menu. A popular menu suggested here consists of a Ghampagnft Tea Punch, Seafood Newburgh, Open-faced Sandwiches, Petits Four*, and of course a Wedding Cake and piping hot Tea. Te Kraut and frankfurters can be the basis of main dishes, too. Keep them in mind when the youngsters Macaroni-Cheese Savory With Olives Fold a handful of stuffed olives into plain macaroni and cheese if Bring 1 quart of water to a full you want to make this budget- rolline boil. Remove from heat.!minded maindish more appealing, Immediately add tea. Brew 5 min- Sliced Spanish green olives with utes. Make several slashes across, utea. Stir and strain; add rum,'their bright pimiento filling add,each frankfurter and spread cut . . . . _ . i . ... „ 1 .-!_„ ,._„ 'aiiprarne UtrhHv with hi II S t a r d. to our good health and well being, kraut is a wonderful buy. CARAWAY KRAUT AND FRANKFURTERS (Makes 4 Servings) U cup butter or margarine i cup chopped onions 1 teaspoon caraway seeds 1 l-pound can sauerkraut 2 tablespoons brown sugar 6 frankfurters Prepared mustard grownups. On more tha.n one occasion this handy food Is borrowed from baby to make sandwiches fof the lunch OilFPickleldo's""" Tang To Soup Ever add pickles to soup? It imparts a taste tingling flavor , ,^..~« ...™ when used in discreet amounts, Melt butter or margarine; add i that can change the most corn- onions and caraway seeds a n djmonplace soup, cook until onions are tender. Add kraut and brown sugar; cover and cook over medium heat 30 minutes. Make several slashes across Here is a cheese soup developed by the cooking experts at Bond Pickle Company that is sliced ham chopped ham as the basis filling, it's perfect Sunday night suppper fare for family or guests. The chopped ham and seasonings Are spread inside a loaf of French bread which has been split lengthwise. A layer of cheese is placed atop the mixture and the. whole loaf wrapped snugly in foil is heated briefly In a. hot oven. Grown-up sized Slices of this tasty sandwich lo&t topped with a peppy cheese sauce will disappear like magic. HAM AND GHEES® FILLED FRENCH BREAD Yield: 4 to 6 servings 5-1/2 ounce jar chopped ham for juniors 14 teaspoon onion salt \<t teaspoon mayonnaise 12 Inch loaf French bread Butter Mustard Sharp cheddar cheese slices Combine ham, onion salt, and. mayonnaise. Blend well. Slice the) is smooth. Add femalnlnf milk. Return to hcAt. Sllr eonalAnlly until mixture thickens a'trd Bolls. Blend in cheese Ana mustard. Serve over ham Atid cheese l6A.f. LIVER APPETIZERS ON RYE Yield: 12 sandwiches 3-14 ounce Jar chopped liver for juniors 1 ten spoon prepared mustard 2 teaspoons pickle: relish if teaspoon onion salt 14 teaspoon garlic powder 12 slices salt slick rye bread Butter Combine liver, mustard, pickle relish onion salt, and garlic pow* der Blend. Toast rye slice* under the broiler. Buttftt generously. Spread 2 teaspnonS of the liver mixture on each slice of bread. These recipes were developed for use with Swift's Meats f o r Babies. brandy and lemon juice. Cool at'wonderful room temperature. Boil sugar and trast. L 1ILII1 ICll tW J,IIJ«llpj I*MV*I - • flavor and color con-j surfaces lightly with mustard. cup of water *to make simple Although no special recipe Is , j syrup. Cool and chill thoroughly. (When ready to serve pour tea mix needed — your own favorite will do nicely — here is a quick way , I TV 11 C1I I Cflvl V l« »G t ' *i f w *•** ^^« i t i ••» , u>J « 11 v *-» 4 j • • — - — -•— — ~t ••• The Wedding Tea Reception Is decorative Sandwiches, Petlta ''ture, chilled syrup, soda water'to prepare the dish developed by gaining in y for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most 1m-, . . ., portant one though, is that many, for these dishes follow. Special at of today's youn* brides-to-be pre-'lention should be given to the reefer a 12.-.1 expensive weddlnjf so.'ipe for preparing tea for a that the money Which might have her of people, to assure the proper been spent on an elaborate affair strength of tea, and a hot bever- can be presented ns part of her age. dowery, or wedding gift to help I It's easy to make hot tea for a pay for that cozy little home for'roc option. If you're a little leery two or thres or more. Another rea-| about fixing lea for a large party, son is that more guests can be in-,we'll let you In on a little secret. vited jit's just as easy and simple to A Wedding Tea Reception can 1 serve tea to a houseful of guests be elaborate or simple, depending!,™ to your own family. Just pre- on the menu. A. popular menu.!pare a tea concentrate beforehand, suggested by ths Tea Council of. Hot Tea Concentrate to make the USA "consists of a Cham-'40-15 cups: Bring U 2 quarts cold j_l_ltC( \^l 11) *^V.( n Y i 14|J( «jwt*** IT »* fcw» vi«t'**-f»-w —, „ _ — - » » Fours, and of course a Wedding flnd ( , hampagne into punch bowl, home economists at Mario's Food Cake and piping hot Tea. Recipes jTo aefvc . p j ace gmall ice cube s,Products, one of the best known Jin champagne glasses and fill I with punch. SEAFOOD NEWBURGH (Makes about 25 portions) 2 ibs. scallops, cooked 2 Ibs. shelled, deveined shrimps, cooked 2-3 cup butter •I tablespoons flour 2 teaspoons salt »i teaspoon paprika Vi c,up sherry 6 egg yolks 1 cup light cream Melt butter in top of double boll- 'er or chaffing dish. Blend in flour IJltJ \_J ,JZ *r\ . ItiUIiniatd V*l ** v^i****"- •— • •" ~~l IJ - • Cl tJl t. lltllllllt lAli?ll» Ult-»l<-t »n juvrin pagne Tea Punch, Seafood New-'fresh water from the tap to a full ' an( j seasonings. Gradually stir in burgh, colorful, Open-faced and rolling boil. R^moy^fronTjiie^.tjind! sherry> Ac , d eooke(1 aea f 0 od. Cook Get Out Of Menu Rut With Exotic Foods That Can Be Prepared In Five Minutes and smooth. Serve over rice (oust fingers to the addition of natural cheddar cheese and gets its subtle tang from minced dill pickle. POT OF GOLD SOUP (Six Servings) 2 tablespoons chopped onion H cup butter 6 tablespoons flour 'j teaspoon salt 3 cups milk 2 cups chicken broth 1,2 pound natural cheddar cheese, grated i» cup finely diced cooked carrots 1,5 cup finely diced cooked celery \i cup finely minced dill pickles Cook onion in butter until tender; stir in flour and salt. Gradually add milk and chicken broth; cook, stirring constantly, until smooth and thickened. Add cheese DRESS UP PATTIES I and stir until melted. Add carrots, In preparing ham patties or celery and pickles. Heat until hot. i M ft V t 1-1 TM O D d fl El • — " SAUSAGE CHATTER Did you have any idea that these sausages . . . Genoa, Cotto neu' 13 meueu. «uu mivtn. * um ,,«.wv..- i. «,....*,*,« •-,, - i— -- i ** * „ . T n > u« orlover macaroni and garnish with For pineapple pieces, simply cut a,ami Cervelat . . . are all members ! cheese . " [pineapple slice into quarters. (of the Salami family. packers of imported fancy Span< ish olives. MACARONI WITH CHEESE AND OLIVE SAUCE (Six Servings) 2 cups macaroni, cooked and drained 4 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons flour 2»i cups milk 2 cups grated natural cheddar cheese l teaspoon salt \i( teaspoon pepper a; cup sliced stuffed imported Spanish olives Melt butter; add flour and blend, Add milk; cook until thick, stir- Place on top of kraut; cover and cook 10 minutes, TOMATO-KRAUT FRANKFURTER ROLLS (Makes 4 Servings) 1 1-pound can sauerkraut, drained 1 tablespoon chill sauce 2 tablespoons catchup 'a teaspoon onion salt 8 frankfurter rolls 8 frankfurters ' Combine kraut, chill sauce, catchup and onion salt; mix well. Split frankfurter rolls in half lengthwise without cutting all the way through. Arrange kraut mixture on rolls. Top with frankfurters. Arrange on greased baking sheet. Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees F) 15-20 minutes. lamb patties the next time, add a touch of color by topping mustard on both cut surfaces of the loaf. Cover the bottom half of the bread with the chopped ham mixture. Top with slices of cheese. Cover the and ham with the top of the loaf. Wrap in foil and place Jn a hot oven (400 degrees F.) for 20 to 25 minutes. Remove from foil. Slice off servings and top with the cheese sauce. CHEESE SAUCE Yield: about l-'i cups 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup milk 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1.4 teaspoon prepared mustard Melt butter in a small saucepan. Remove from heat and slowly add flour, stirring constantly. Slowly add '4 of milk to the flour and butter mixture. Stir until mixture till food is heated through. Com- ring constantly. Add cheese (re bine egg yolks and cream. Pour serving enough for garnishing), into chafing dish, stirring constant-! salt and pepper. Stir until cheese; with a maraschino cherry Iv until sauce becomes thickened Us melted. Add olives. Pour sauce j rounded by 2 pieces of pineapple. ... ._ „ .. * „,.,,,„ ..««t n .,,1 an i-nioli «fltli I TJYu* Tilnpfl nnlp niet!fiS. SlmiDlV CUl & them s u r Dr. R. E. Thompson CHIROPRACTOR Hours by Appointment 8 to 12—1:30 to 5:30 Thursday-Sat, 8 to 12 309 N. Kallurit MO 4-7810 Fr °HAZLEWOOD'$ Form Dairy ndenwj Pasteurlzei' Pure -Whole MILK 'Nothing Removed' Mltchcll's, Furr's, Horn & Gee, Ideal 1 & 3, Miller's Food Store Boston's Grocery Food Center Blake's Country Store It's easy to got into a rut and lo^e that adventurous spirit for experimenting with family meal s. In the daily round of" planning, shopping and cooking it can happen before you know it. There's really no exvuse for it, however, if you'll just turn in your grocer's canned foods shelves for Ranch Or City Stew Is Favorite This recipe for Beef Stew with Dumplings, a ranch-or-city favorite family supper, serves 6 to 8: BEEF STEW WITH DUMPLINGS 1'i Ib. shank, neck, plate, flank, rump or brisket >; i.i cup flour i| 3 ! j teaspoons salt ';' M teaspoon pepper 1 small onion 1-3 cup cubed carrots 1-3 cup cubed turnips 4 cups potatoes cut in quarters Cut beef into cube. 1 } and dredge In flour seasoned with salt and pepper. Heat some of the fat from the bee.' in a skillet; add beef and brown. Put seared beef into a stew pot, add boiling water to cover and simmer until done —- about 3 hours. Add carrots, turnips and potatoes during the last hour of cooking. Add dumplings about lf> minutes before serving time. Re. member that dumplings are cooked by steam; cover atew pot tightly during dumpling cooking period. unusual ideas. Here you can find ' all kinds of exotic foods which, today, are not out of line with the average food budget. Chinese chop suey is a good example. Time was when the homemaker prepared chop suey! only on the most special occa- ] Rions, for it had to he concocted by exacting-, long - preparation methods employed by the Orientals. Today, however, some of the finest chop sueys may come rlg-ht from a can. Best known among these, perhaps, are the La- Choy chop suny s which now are I obtainable in larger, family size cans. A unique canning process retains all of the crispness of the vegetables and flavor of the meat. You can create an exotic main- dish for dinner in less than five minutei with this product. All you do is drain off the liquid and .thicken it u-ith cornstarch. Return | the vegetables and meat to heat them through. Then if you like, stir in one-third cup of sherry. Almond frifid rice is another Chinese dish that's equally easy to prepare with the help of La- Choy's fully cocked, canned rice. •Here's the recipe. ! ALMOND FRIED RIC15 ! Cook one lar^e. (hopped onion 1 anil one chopped green pepper in r.:ie-foarth i up butter until I e n- der. Add one teaspoon garlic salt, dash poppei 1 , one-fourth cup soy sauce, one cup slivered almonds, one tablespoon pimiento. and one 'cup cooked i'ii : e. Cook for about , ten minutes. Serve, at once. YOUNG ED TAG SALE! Take Home A Bag Full EACH Specials Thursday, Friday and Sat Combination Special SIzoVO Huir I)iv»s RINS6 AWAY 1.40Valuo Pace ,I(om«' PERMANENTS i 49 |."T^ Reg. 2.00 Electric Trivets 5£ 2' Reg. 2.79 Continuing our big sale from our gift department thru this week rnd, hundreds of beautiful items at greatly reduced prices, Many as low as |4 price. TUMS TISSUE 3 For 33C Monopoly Sets T SX 2 98 Tf©th P«t« Z Fu Arrld Koll Oa DEODORANT Reg. 89c V VC We Give Frontier Stamps, Stamps OH AW Cudahys Thick Sliced ACON 2Lbs, Choice Beef CHUCK ROAST Ib. Arm Roast Ib- 59c! Loin Steak Ib. 89c ROUND STEAK Choice Beef T-60NE STEAK Choicn Beef ib. FRESH GROUND BEEF 3 Ibs. $100 38 OZ. JAR Apple Butter 4 for $1 No. 308 Apple Sauce 6 for $1 All (irn Cut No. 300 Asparagus 5 for $1 7 for $1 Sliced No. 300 Beets Fresh Shld. No. SOO Blackeyes 8 for $1 6 for $1 Oz. Catsup Stuirfreah. 2lh. box Cheese 69c Yellow ONIONS 3-Lb. Bag RED POTATOES.. 25 Sbbaq GRKKN ONIONS 2bn, TOMATOES crn. CILERY 2 stalk* 25C SllDHFBESH Biscuits.. 11 Cans SI .00 JtSl» No. 308 Cherries 5 for $1 Hi«K. or Coffee 69c \VK Va« Corn 6 for $1 EGGS doz 39c (Jollier ('• S. Corn 6 for $1 I Horn & Gee GRO Shop 7 Days A Week & Save! 421 E. Frederic MO 44531 For Your Convenient* W« Are Open DAILY 8:00 to 8:00 - SATURDAY 8:00 re 9: Cue Chips for $1 Kn. 808 Fruit Cocktail 4for$1 G'pfruit Juice 3 for SI No. 80S Segments 5 for $1 Grape Jelly 2for39c Flour 25 Ibs.51.59 who. n. r,. Green Beans 4 for $1 No, 303 Hominy 11 for $1 Margarine 5 Ibs. $1 Freestone Sliced or Halves Peaches 3 for $1 lily Bartli'lt. No. 303 Pears 4 for $1 Karly Harvest No. 303 Peas 6 for $1 No. 300 Pork & Beans 9 for $1 Salad. Dress'g 2 for 49c No. 803 Sauer Kraut 1 for $1 S Ib. Can Shortening 69e No, 303 Spinach 8 for $1 J-! u/. Preserves 3 for $1 Sweet Pickles 2for79c Whole NIL 1 Sweet Potatoes 4 for $1 IV. . s. V. Tomatoes 5 for $1 Tomato Juice 4for$1 ot. Tuna 3 for 79c 24 uz. Waffle Syrup 2 for 69c Beans-Potatoes 6 for Milk 8 tall cans $1

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