The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 14
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P*r,E FOUR': KF .N. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 1923 Qa©snifii<e<iil Adli Pib<»B 3 siic.di Call imr Cl&zsMM Ad ©©jp'L 1 insertion 4 Jn«vrt UJ:IB 4 to lit In-'-itloiiB . 10 lnH -itiona 10 lo if. iiihiTtiems 25 Ifjr 't 'i I tuns Minimum rtiat. !c p'jr w«rd Jc pvr word . ...Oio per word per l.inoa IMT word .7-10c tier word per l«. n ua ...Vic 1 .I.T wotd per ineui Xlio PT'I'CIAL UATR for advertiser.* using 1 or more inches per day for a month, run.iliiK the nam*, eveiy rtaj or nuhject to ehiingta, can be obtained In* calling The Ads under repuUr noon. I'icm ]2*oo orders lu-cepicd for >'••' Mii-Hjiifiratlnii must bo entered or withdrawn before 12 o'clock p. m, lirtd no under "Too I,a:e Ttt cinvslfy." Phone tr (onverileiK .e, to 1-'"* paid upon pi eaeritatkm of bill. ANSWKIW T<J HUM! MiH -2 1) ' '." .' ,i r ..i G F-...." >; s Ti Jl 1 i l .'X l .1 .u 1 }<••.•;• i U-C:, 3 .1 .u 1 }<••.•;• i 1 l'^ • ,"' ' i W I. i ^/ A W1 F l>— M A I. FAUN 1X1 FJY Hl.-I.l. '1 II! ,\t :n I'.vi-i Al'I'LV TO hi'i-Ni>INl> MONEY MOWS .\FT1CH, » ;n.- STARTS ill. UKA'.iU. NKVv.-. in is-:r,t POSITION WANTFD—M ALE (Cont 'd) ^iiWl.Ni.; mii.'lui work nuaranle Mi*. In need of a Ifi, from 7:30 i 6 p.m. i" fl'rttiilnc, ov Thau'intf; d. F. lianinan, phona • S -2ot trood carpenter, phono in. lo » a.m. and 4 p.m. 6 2-261 CALL 34 I,W and have your house luof.,d or lepaired. Salt-slactlon guaranteed. 5-23-25t. WANTKD- I.siun and yard work. CaU Inman phone 3043. 6 12-7:11 FOB RENT— rt ESI DGNCES CCcnt'dl Full RF.NT- Xoven-rmnn house.- modern except, furnace, hardwood (lour down­ stair!!, gnruur. »80. 103 Kturt Hrvfnth. Call FUUNISllF.Ii hom .fi for rent to tho first -of September, j'arty KOIHB >K«y. r'hoiMi isc. r_L_ii |.'OIt UILNT or a.\)f- -Four-room, moilern bunffnlow; ;;ijUiinlUl tcrmM. -11 !*'aal H. Phono 3IH0. 1 VK>\\ UKNT-- !• lvt» hml Blx-room, hou «fa, new wilt floorn, $20 l'luin« 2217. modern to V J-2St VOH IIBNT - SfYH liRhU. in 1 "-H3t 17.S9W. -rooirt hou8*. Kaa mid rinh: adults. I'liono 7 3-6t Kon I.IOASK —ModiTll. f'i«lit-room house, furnlaht'd for ro<jmcra. W-Ri, fart Ncwa. 7 7-2.71 V 'Ur-NISIIKn house for rHlt. n(l modorn except heat: no i .hlldron. I'hono 3r »7SW, 7 S -61 DGDIEUg: Four Toonu— with five-room offlciency. lias oak floors In two rooms, flroplaco. bascmsnt, furnncit, Raraffo, front rtrlve. Tills lnmsalow liaa oil tho huilt-ln featuros nntl nunvenlencos of a high prlco homo and can ho bought on very easy terms. Realtor. FOR RK.NT— Khv-room houao at :Hhi Eaat OirpcnliT blrt-ot. I'hono I121W. 7 11-41 FOR nlslu lUCXT-Fi il ruluiHo. vc-rooin, modoin, fur- 414 North Walnut. 7 10-St 3'Jt F.ust 7 :H-12t LAWN ami K>" itu>i vvurH. Call 22B4J. 702 lilirat .Shtl nmri, & 17-2wt WANTJ :l> Any l'lion.' 2S1.01V. f'f.'ll RUN 'V- Ninr-rocm houso A. Call Wl Wost Fourth. Foil UMN'T- - N'lcoly furnishod honif. »4ll Fast A. I'hono 3 '.i :3J. 7 10-41 carponlnrlnts. h 7-261 w'HMr.K iiiajuerlng or irenorai m.i;,. |.iiuo« IKi. i Z0-'M Th:i» - Fui niture t» iivholsUi. Call 11 I'AINTI.'.O nnd l'li..:u j'^tW, r=^J*Ir. r<?flnlflth 6 27-301 docorailng. & 4 -26t .VA.M'Ki I'luor 1 .VII r. vv. klnda of traah haullntc- t 13-3(t SAWS f||(,| niioin 629 Wan First. I 2-Sftt FOR 'irt'-.VT -Modern flve-r'>oin hou-sf*. 701 Kaut A. Call 1S24. 7 3-10t OR RKNT -Six -room, modirn 700 F.i*st S.-\enth. houso. 7 5-6t LIOWT HOUSEKtEPINO ROOKU^B THiEDTflSiiSteDBUEl! Work GUarnnt' promptly .Froo ICS Kaot Tt-nlh, d. Mall ordviH answered dollvory .Mrs. Mendfll, 1C33W. 6 27-251 FOR RKNT Tuo 1 n!i.hi i! hi>u. J "lii'; ]> hath, liai.u!'- if rtffclj i -as.uit ul -".-:ahH, fui- r.'a ri>"in^ ailjionli't,' il. 514 Fust Fourth. S 11-12 Establinhod 18,'lS REALTORS @E1 No. 4 Bast Shermm "STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER" Shoes for Boys anil Girl*, Shoes for Men and Women, Shoes for Infants, Shoes for Children. PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE 50c A WEEK. CLOTHING FOR MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS. Part Payment Down, Balance $1.00 a Week. Star Brand Shots An Bttttr" COMER COMMERCE CO. V?\^t. [©Ms 2 It Ik. 2 Vl VO TOPI!! pku'o. solid <mk i West. 1. A f trk'tly modern . I umna low Prii 'L'- -a bargain. 3. A MI-TV KAHT FRONT nmvJy men I a. new nifty south front ImnrruS'.nv, pa\ nnmit, front drive, fire- furnuco. I'iirt.'" Il'a a b;nj,'uin. 1 .u.-ailnn •.' 1^0 Slxteentli K.irntfc ami iniprnvtd •1. plat- I 'hoiif ZY12. POPtTHJN WANTED—FEMALE ( Ki" i- .i'-ivn;-. .'.)rri., nOi) NmU V ;iH:UI. pi.nii., i >f.y \V. 0 'US tt..n:..-d -Kvtry h'jn.jtwifi> li Ihii.-hi^jj .ti ;.t ,fl vh-hKty !nvi *t •! Lo s>nil .•-•..iiii^ jii;n:iiim iiml untl -i- ••xv&i- rni .int; rnri.ishcd f^r For ;,pp.'iii! rit :-nt, cnil 1 1 a. l.'nniap, i->hoiiy 3-10. •!Klit hutid(.-kt-^ri"tl rooin .4, uiH ihin iTit' ui>.-»tuiru. 41L 1 1'lmin: L'lJMW. ft G-tU U."!-u hu .vH n modern' Kl.'v^nU> Sir.. On..' of 1J i::. 1, hir.t.n'R i u .;.[ jl,,:-:!; Mid liono A ctodi'in .-ix rtiont home clo:^' to <.-m-['in fitvpla.-i\ at Fourth Kaat. nlfiilfii A ORE IIOMW, close In. I 'otlar/. 1 . A v .'i 'V pretty home r>- P:,de Practically naw flvo-room all moilern homo. Double built. Litrgo roonia On paved atroot. Garage and front drive. NIca shtUe. A good home in a good locution ami $7(H!.00 down will handle it. Two story, sevon-raom all modern. East front. Fireplace. Largo shado trees. On North Washington. A real homo—and $1,750.00 isrlU handlo It You place yourself undur no obligation It you aslt us to show you. WE HAVI0 SOMB LOTS PRIOBU TO SELL 10. First Null. Rids. Phona «7» Ask about our lot bargalna. in. I full , .Mill! RlCNT - Tut) modern. furnifh<^ 1 i-i for iiirlit hous.kooplng, >J l»:r 2C0 Eaal Tnlrd. S G-101 .hlldv .:ll :. o: k. It. lo -ijt I I'LI- nod tullorlns. Fourli.. 0 2y-2T .t ; FOR HUNT- T»» nicely h'.Urt.-ktoi 'lny looms; no i l^2\V. 'hod, four-room 1 totlUBr. 201 S 11-41 furnlsii.'.l light ohildron. I 'hono 8 11-41 9 East Shernmo BMEIUM REALTY for a farm. •;-t p;irt. for CO.- r.oo on Realtors Phone 42 .i-A-ajii' w ™1P VAN T i ;IH lioiirti' irontng ami fK'iin- i ::«04. ti 2i -ii »t ; '•Hi; I:I;NT 1NG and lruiiing. CaU ri> T it'al mil tiiiiK- i M;,!;:!,' urn! v. "rk 'oik by Uu< ]....u 320 KaaL I •Thrtn furnished ro"in« for :a'<-pitiji-. I'JLi Kawt Hovenih. housi'- S 10-41 'KKKKKl'INi: rooms; n>-» ohji'<-tions ciii-dr.'ii. l/ali 1107 l^iist li. 8 ll-tit thr-v nicely furnisht.d r ro'.m.s. 2^1 AVeat First. BIT ^n <E© lfi(@IBE© A 0-rwni cottu-Ko close to 1MIS1I.O >.. i -unier. Newly nnpoieil and paiiuotl. May praa, elt>ctrio H^iit.a iintl c.iileL (bath can bu oonn-X'tod). Rijcht party v:m buy thiu ci)2,y homo w'th only down, rayment on baianoe HKo roiit. Phone 752-- Auk to be shown. Itcaltors—"ilomo HuiM .'ia" fjalfiovn: I i. F. Ceo. Allx-rt Thomson. K. O. Asho. Errol M.'IVrmod. %W>°/o Hiac @iMi© anadl Meiaft Fir®© I 'Mve room house, Rnra £t\ condition fine. IROxUiO feet of ground, two chlckon houscH. HM> While l..»if!iorn chlcUi-na. taj«?s Was than |10. AH can ho bought for J1.V00 flush and rest at $:i0.28 a rmmfh; Tills Is located on fitreot car Hue, The iiu:"mi: of t.liu chicians is from $10 to 512 a week in f-Bga" Hold, tcond garden, roaMhiK oars art- v!p*;. Kbuson for selling, poor health. Might take a small house In trade If located right. No. Forly-nlne Years In Hutchinson. 12 Sherman East, Ground Floor Office"Telephons S19I •'RANK PILE Manacnr Real Katate. Phone 128 Attor « P. M rooiim, 12 a S ll-lt ' FURNISUFO housoko t tail ))• ping rooms. 1'h .tn : 2S-2S l-25t T'.Vf) or four-room furnished apsiitro^nt. chcau. 306 Wc-.-t Bsoontt. 8 2-'2wt lo houi Ph. \VA:.TI:D CliKTAl WAIiTI' .V.'aah;..i;B. Phono 2415. ot'ociailst. Fhoie 3334' l'lo .u 7\V. b i - 2 II 9-2E | FOR RENT— TUF1NISHED ROOMS » - 1'OR Rl'.N'L'. I . aiior.Hi .h-- 1-urtltf, cool. ! nk>. rint' r.'.otr.s oloiu in; ctr lino. Dr. ! IJai'.auil, 3; E UosL A, phono 2OG0W or 13'3. i »2S-23t :-.v1ng-. I'hono 3010. S 2-25t Foil RI'.NT I • aooiOt Olo. I .'i 'oio I Jl l ""V, l>>. LJarhliid. 1 I ^'.'ii RFNT — Olio . ho!,, fi l.rclon I.;l!oi: wo; hi i : 1.00 o irrioy lloii-'i- , '..I l.'A _'1H1". :it.,ai for col- ..I Sol.oul ot i i'-"Ko Hank 4 J-2il FOR RENT—H£SIDENCr.8 THE WOIIH) MOVFB AST! go DO WE IsJ .iOil MHIS ur.fl (,uro tr'jckn. l'oolrd .HI.* i : if.i.m.'hoid uo.jda and atitomi.'hllos fci.ll:o-.1 I.. OaL.'ornla and olhe;- poluu. Ao ni.-ii noythii:y anyvvhore. AND 3'1'ilUlll! I'OJll'AST l J h.onw No. a IB Went Flral. iluU.hUiaon, KanaaB. I .M.-OI'lUX j Ia\;ilory MODFR .\aL... '.ISO. TWO n rooms hod room In room. w-mmE ggo 7 »-27t WF. rnovi. you aoy.vhore; iong or short liau:» n-.ako no dlff^ronoo; all work Ifuai-unt.'.-il. Cody Transfor Company, phono or S3S. 123-125 ICast Sherman. 7 13-251 Foil IlKN'T, unfuin irjhod In.t:n :',ii -.o. J»l W...»l Thirl .-nlh. !'!»•!>•• !'.".iJ. luijoiru H4 West Tliirtoonth. 7 3-lt Appiy r.-.- o i". aj-I oi Sir lo .ii.r 11FI.I' « ,.iii-d l.ouia-wi vii. s .i •. i ii ii-. fi 'i i.lfo; .•' v'- ,-i 0 W .i a hiiiijain If taken ut • rn linuai*, nuid i-rn excep| h .-u.ii: and Kai atfe, 'J2^ •••I 523 Kiiat JSlBhth. 7 y -lti *" me- year l-awe '•t, i3i*•. 1 * rn liomv •U-.'-n. phono iliOU. 7 ll-iui ... JMi--. KKNT IU:NT Jii.pdri' inodtru. and Forrt. uix-room Bo vacant 7 0 4t rool b '.i .-'-pii.g room, n; car Un«, I'hono y lli-25t :u ^;i' cool hodrooni; .i, JOi iJasl Four til. a 11-14 with Kit!**p'nfi poich, 14 rlimt Sixth. J'hono y fnr.v 29-lot with sleeping porch, 14 Kuat Sixth. I'hune y eotl as-lot Easft A first class reasonable privr-il home. Five pood rooms and roinplelo Imthroom in vnry good coniliUon; 4S- fooL t'ornor lot. TJio owiior is a linii-i-oM.ioi;! and n.fH.tls srono cash. If you wou'.l i .ovn a urod homo wonn llio muite.v, be suro to s«e tins iiefore niultlui; your :;eleouou. The man who sings Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat is kidding himself and serenading his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home with. E!ii(lclhSinis©iB Braaflifegl <$z L OSQIE Room No. S19 liorabauRli-Wiley Bldg. Phone 2157 Carey IKeall EsftaS© & Eavcstoiteiiiil C®. Saicitnicn: Lloyd lirowu, .1. R. Saiidois, D. C. VauUevecr. ll.'i Norlli Main p L-CIV iiirni.-Oi'-d, 113 l-jnai I-'irsl. i. -iii-i'p'.ng 3832 W. 'OH RKNT -N'h'o ItLrgt; aotith alv-fping rooma. ( J24 North Mam. I'h'jnt: 3OC0. 'J 7-4t LARi-'.i-: window! >-,A Bi'-epinff r. M01'»KkN, alecptiiK rooms, ilo itaat Sherman. Phimo ^r»5S. 9 2-i:5t SLEF.L J !NG East B. 12 per Wteh; 313 9 2~25t MODICKN, cool si A. VV KNISHED 210. I »ing rooma. ooms, jll 1'ZllHt ,J. Phone 9 It-l-.-lZ FOR RENT—APAflTfn ENTB BtO trees, large lawn, flowers. Thfl de- airablo I'aclolii Av-artmerua. On« vacant dywiiciiaira south uxpoaui-.. 1 . l J huno 'iiiliH. II at-S5t BEAUTIFUL., new kllchenoltfl Apart- nifnl; bul't-in fonturea; ground floor, private (•ntranro, S04 Kast Sherman. lMiona 2432.1. 11 U-Za^ Safo nnd U\H h is always ; < .-. ly In casti yt-i Suit- Banking t'r -le at all limea. lnt.-ri'st paid on llmo ceri i fH -atea. Yi .-ur :-'S".ntcd hy a first nr'r'.yi'.gt: on w»'*'ll lo'.'nt.-d Huiohhmon prop!,."d your cu-^li it I~J available to you. Wo upciatu under lao Jjloyd Hrown, 6c-c'y- I'nou-j North Main FBdJisift^ ©2 M®si©^ ft® "L©mm On choice City Property— „ 6% and Commission. » On Farm Property—• 5% and Commission. Tiki® IF@iai11[r@im L©3ini & Tsrtnisli C®. FARM MORTGAGE BANKERS J&mi T® Tiradlc FOR RENT—APARTMENTS (Cont'd^ four-room, uwlciii a pa ulut.plng poreh ami gaiagc. after 0 o'clock. tiiu-at with 1 'hum- "l-.syj 11 11 -«t FCiU KT'3 NT—St r 1 c(ly raodfcn*. furnished bungalow apartment In I.unKalow Oouru Zlb Kast First. Fhono 2W t J or iOoW." H ;t-12l FOR RENT—APARTMENTS (Cont'd) FOR HKNT^-T^T^r^^T^^n^^^ ment unfurnished. Phono 2470. il vy-ifj t FOR KENT--Two-room, iiii.J«ru nlahed ap.irtm^nt. 12a Kant A. 1 MODlillN.^ unfurnished, five-room apart nitsjit. Call 2108W or 1U2. BKAUTIFUL now kilch«io.-Ue apartment, ground floor, privatu entrunet. guyd shade. 'Jl-'iJ, 804 East Sherman. 11 lu-lOt APARTfifflEKTT Three-room, furnlahed uparimciit, modern throughout; private, i'lionu -ISH. &28 liast Flrat. 11 2G-^bt - < tood fi v«-roort.. stucco fcitrictly modern, to adults. 7 l-£.'.t nnd WfBt .Seventh and .Main. Nicely furnished apartmcnta ana Bleeping rooms. Phone 34D. ll-28-^6L. FOR RKNT- Fom>»rooin, furnished apartment, sleeping iioteh and garage; water. llK'hta and gas furnished; i 'db month. J'lmna 2141R. 11 7-4t FOR KlilN'T--Kttrniidit'd apartment, three roonia. modern, built-in features, available July 15. I'hono 309. 11 U-4t FOR fit; NT—Furnished housekeeping apartments for reapectable peoplu only. l *t »i East First. Phone. 1S70. It li--iat FOR KF.NT—Modern, furnished apart- yWtfrit, sleeping porch; garage, on car line, 935. Phono 400. 13 ll-4t FOR RKNT—Apartment; light, than and cool In modern home, nicely furn lulled. Phone after 6 p.m. 3 1 10-41 NIOKiA' furnished, two-room, ground- floor apartment, private entrant:,- and hath 22<A Wont Firat. 11 7-6t FC'R RENT—Three-uoom, modern, unfurnished apartment. McCurdy Ineuranoo AB«ncy. H ^'-^ UNFURNISHED three-room apartment. Call 217SR, _ U 4-14t Ff)R RENT—Strictly modern, furnished. three-room apartments, $35 and $40- Phone 3E0O. 11 6-25t 1 CO iicrt'«. Uvt'nty-twQ miles southeast of Dodge City, two miles of Fortl, omMiuU mile to school. 120 a-i:res undor cultivation, 40 iici-os pasture, houso and F.iuble, remit*I lui-ti cross fonccMl. Prlco $50*00 per ucro. Will trudi* for small auburhan tract wiUi wmaU improvomtMita or I lutein iirti )ii rciUdBiice. WK MAKK FARM LOANS in overy county in Kansas. L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY r ..dfift City. Iviin«:ifl. llulohlnson, ICnn^na SYNCOPATED— MELODY MAKERS SUPREME" COMING m FOR WONT— Vurnlshoil cr uiitiirnlHhi-tl ujiartmont. I'hono 3U0!i. 11^7-J6L rOUIl-room. unfunitsliorl aiwirtinent {'all ,~ ""J, 3US East 1-ourlli. oneni.^tau , RENT— '^^^^^J^'^^^^^^!!^!- ~~ l^ti7riti:N'J'--Htoro room, modom, I'wxlVD ,'nul flno hasomoiit. Beat looatlon for a loin youiaoll KriKiery store: one or^ inwo y.-.os' loa»o for $lil& bonoiin. Hulina, Kan. FOR RENT—Modern, furnished al>art- ment; adulla. 212 VVost Kovonth 11 illl-l'Jt NO. 3 Stowart Apartinonu Phone 2178R. for rent. month. JOHOllh 12 9-4t FOJ^JtEdST—MISCtLUANEOt.S li i;i:si.\Ks;a ROOJIH li-on HKNT Soe mo about tho Aroiulo rooma ot l-oarl and Kon, locatod at 115 North Main Theso. nro itdnpted for h..-v*.ral linos ami tho looatlon and conVfiilonota cannot ho e-xcoUuii. Ron V. Lamborn, realtor II 11 4-Ht 1 VKKY dedlvajjle uffloo rooom. Curdy Insurance agency. Bow Me- 121 -aftt llio-ACRE farm tor runt. Nelson Hardware Co^, l . ; (jR "" _ lVliNT--Orfii .e"roi.nia l.uildlng. (ji.'fiO t;aiuKe for rent. Iniltllre at _ J2 6-12 In McCurdy 12 2-2St North Main. 121 West Fifth. 12 p- LI 12 10-lt. ! Btj-SI-VICSS room for rent, 110 West First Suitable fox- automobile business the or battery or ,.ny kind of retail business, lnnulre Superior Motors. 12 thfs 7-12t FOR KKNT—Office ""room at ' Z« "liait Klrst, Kelson building. M. Welch 12 8-241 WANTED TO RENT WANTED to rent--A fc boiliood. Heferenccs W.I... care Nines. i m in ^ooi neiyh- ei ;ohunt{ed. W r rito 13 li-Ot VV-\NTKD to rent—Threo or tour furnished 4-room, modern apaj-tineiits. Phono 132. 13 lc, " Jt WIb@ir® C SQSI Y@w FSnsidl F@n° Tib® M©mmj7 DRIVE OUT—LOOK AT THIS 707 10th west. • Lot 60xlCS tL A pood Cjve room frame faomo, well con- structod. A nice little wash liouso, with a baaemient, a. barn that will hold tour head of stoclt or mitko a (;ood guroge. Large shade Irtyjn and good soil. Price ?1.»0C. Teram. I SEE EMM AgtBimy Earl W. BresOcr, Hualtor. 210 St. Ex. Bldfr. Phono 20Jil ALL BARGAINS ARE 1TF.MS OF INTEUliST . YOU don't need to eomc. Phono your ad to N5. 3 and astt for classified department and have your neoda supplied. /AN TP D— MALE t.U' Sin el Mflftl 1 :" us I -i.Bilulllliir Woik and I 'll..: rth WalittiL. IK l»J. IlllOhiO! t aouas. I, J2-2M WANTJ!I» To sharp.n mil t.umu iaan u .oU 'nb. [ions, fui nitilr.-', ^ewlna ina- ch:;.. , e. lot l-.s and iteyo. bicycles, aawe, uei!w:s. kiiiy.'S, all IUIUIH totiia. llvo.\n lil .'Ji 'lo Kloie, phone 217(1. 6 18-2it The Doo Dads—Introducing Billy Frog. By Arch Daje I'AilTV K .,|„g eaM t.o "\pt.oi». , rt. Ili-.stioiiti.)l !ni;t-!ii or Now V.n It. tixp.' A:t>!.' rt .f /.-(iii. ia!N'OVrf. WA.N'I'I'M i .i 'li si' Willi iio. ob to drive car ei"oT Wnoh- t nceil driver, I". 7-tl i .-oitinei'i- or . exporleilCU t'.ii! on or ..llll I 'ltllfl. 0 10-H eneral 1 7 '.V • 20-21)1 rtoor guarunie ,all.tine a d. l 'lluue speciait y 311U. all worlt 6 Ut-T'.M

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