The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 5, 1971 · Page 9
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 9

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1971
Page 9
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-.-DEAR ASBY 'Starving Kids Won't Get Second Dinner Invitation OEAK.ABBY: :We entertained a family of six at our summer place last weekend. -The children ranged from 9 years old to 17. The children invaded by kitchen, helping themselves at all hours" to ; whatever they found in my refrigerator. By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN myself for not having found some way to control the situation. Needless to. say, they will never be" invited back. How would you have handled it?— Appalk'd DEAR APPALLED: Probably much the same way you handled -(or didn't handle) it. The temptation to teach those ill- mannered children something about manners and consideration for elders must have been overwhelming. But because their parents were present and made no attempt to discipline them,-it would have been extremely awkward for you to have done Abby The first day they ate every- 1 -thing I had planned to serve for - rthe entire weekend.- The _ 18" 'year -old drank nine cans of pop 'in one afternoon. I served a buffet supper. The children got into line first and loaded their plates, and came -Ihack for seconds before' some of ;- : tbc adults could help them•» selves. I. I -was appalled. But worse * than that, I was disappointed in so. It's history decision never to now. invite Your them back is understandable. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I watch television from our bed at night and we aren't ashamed to admit it. We keep fWater Softener Chases llhof Tattle-Tale Gray :-.. NEW YORK (UPI)—A water- exhausted. The beads near the ^softener system in the home top of the 'bed are exhausted -.could prevent that "tattle-tale" first, and the level of the used "**• _ .• -i- _t_i. _I_AT.:_ — .£.... »*t"U;/%V Krt^i'rl™ ic •Y^afoT™T*rt/ ; 1 ~i~n tit* TnP ~ gray in light clothing for which 1. the-detergent is often blamed. •~ It's more lik'ely the hard :- water, says scientist James - Luck. . - .• ' "~- Hard water reacting with 2- soap causes the gray scum that ',"-' forms around bathtub rims. - That same scum is deposited on '- clothes being washed. The ^ minerals in hard water also -- reduce the life of the home "i water supply system by causing - deposits to form in hot water » heaters, pipes and faucets. "- Softened water results in - better appearance, softer feel -•. and increased life for laundered •~ garments, and provides richer i- suds and lather from soap used '-'in bathing, shampooing, shav- .: ing, etc., according to Luck. •--•'• Luck, chemical engineer with a national concern, explains wa- - ter softeners work on an ion ex- beads is referred- to as "the "hardness front," which moves uniformly through the bed. When the entire bed is en e fe panu process o exhausted, it must be regener-|^ ow to sit up and walk again ated. The regeneration, process reverses the original exchange reaction. A salt solution flows \ we down were my parents over the beads, chemically j During the tune I was on my switching from Johnny Carson to Merv Griffin to Dick Cavett, and there's also David Frost and now Steve Allen. So what's our problem? Some of our intellectual friends who never watch "that garbage," and make us feel like morons; because we do. AKWARD SITUATION But what's really funny is when I mention something I saw on television these "intellectual" friends who never watch the boob tube just happen to have caught it, too. Ha!— Just Plain Folks in Mpls. DEAR FOLKS: Move over. You have plenty of company. DEAR ABBY: I wrote you a letter several years ago. I was another' angry teen-ager, complaining because my parents didn't trust me, wouldn't let me grow up, bleach my hair, wear a lot of makeup and date older boys when I was young. Theyl seemed to want to keep me a baby forever. I hated them for being so unreasonable. Since' then I have seen many letters in your column so much like my own. Then' I got into a serious automobile accident and suffered neck and back injuries that partially paralyzed me for many long months. At first they said I'd never walk again. My friends flocked to sea me while I was in the hospital, but when I went home and was confined to a hospital bed, they forgot me. ' painful process of learning was so discouraging and agonizing. The two friends who never let exchanging the accumulated hardness ions with a new supply of sodium ions. Regeneration normally takes from one to two hours. REGENERATION GOES ON The majority of softener systems regenerate at periodic intervals . pre-set on a. clock timer. This is determined at installation by the hardness of the water, the tank capacity and. the rate of consumption. If the usage rate changes, such as back, I had plenty of time to think, and it was then I realized I had been the unreasonable one, and my parents had kept a watchful eye on me because they loved me. 1 am glad I found out how wonderful parents can be before it was too late. We are closer than ever now. Oh, by the way, I never mailed that letter to you. I've kept it all this time in my top drawer.—Wiser Now •>- - - — ' a bed of resin beads that contain "•4 sodium ions. When the hardness ions are exchanged for sodium ions, the softened. water is considered | systems adjust occur at the pre-set time resulting in a waste of water and salt. A recent trend is to that automatically to changing water Beth Arabah CLEARFIELD—Beth Arabah Chapter No. 24. OES, will meet .Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Clearfield Masonic Temple for Ogden Standard-Examiner,. Tuesday, October 5, 1971 "Skinny" into this sleek pantsuit for town, travel. .Crochet casual -panteuit or wear top as elegant dress. Lacy stripes for top, closer stitch for pants. Use novelty, yarn 1 . Pattern 960: New sizes 10-16 included. Seventy-five cents for each pattern.- — add 25 cents for each patern for air mail and special handing. Send to Laura .Wheeler, Ogden Standard-Examiner, 379, Needlecraft Dept, Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number,'Name, Address, Zip. New 1972 Needlecraft Catalog crammed with the most fabulous fashions, accessories, gifts. Knit, crochet, embroider. Free patterns. Send 50c. New Instant Crochet Book — step-by-step pictures, patterns teach today's way. Sl.OO. Complete Instant Gift Book — more than 100 gifts. Sl.OO Complete Afghan Book—$1.00 "16 Jiffy Rugs" Book. 50c Book of 12 Prize Afghans. 50c Quilt Book 1 — 16 patterns. 50c Museum Quilt Book 2 — 50c Book 3. "Quilts for Today's Living." 15 patterns. 50c. iftened iauju»i. iu uiwmguig ....IA.I ^^**.*..~ . - : - — ~ r As water flows through the conditions-and water usage and a busmess meeting Refresh- softeneT the sodium supply of call for regeneration only when mente will be served after the the resin beads is gradually"! needed. . meeting. . ASK THE COOK Dufch Stew with Tapioca A Favorite Dinner Treat Waldsboro, Maine. This town was By NAN WILEY DEAR NAN: Recently you had a letter from a Pomona lady about "Lazy Day Stew." My guess is that I was eating it before either of you ladies had much of an interest in cooking. I know my mother got this recipe from the mother of one of her girlhood friends from settled by German families many years ago. The seacoast section was called Dutch Neck, hence the name of the stew I will copy from my mother's old cookbook. She passed away 38 years ago and I know I was eating that stew around 1910. Her "Dutch Stew" called for 2 pounds of stew meat, % cup tapioca, % can tomatoes, 1 can peas, I onion cut fine, 1 small carrot, 4 whole cloves, salt and pepper to taste. Put all in a beanpot with water to cover and bake 4 hours. That was all there experiment a bit and, while went into the oven a short time sticking to the meat, tapioca k ° f " ^ ~ iwnr« ennnor —V.A and peas as per the original, I use a whole can of tomatoes, 2 medium onions and a couple of carrots sliced in 1-8 inch wafers. Also, I'm sure the tomatoes were chopped. Cloves today do not seem to have the old time zing so I use 8 of them. Also, a small can of mushrooms adds to the goodness. But I go along with a slight braising of the cubed meat in a bit of butter and onions. Using 3 large iron fry pan for this makes a good place to mix the .whole batch! thoroughly and transfer it to thei beanpot. I drain off the 'surplus liquid from the peas before adding but use that to "top off" the beanpot, just barely covering the ingredients, adding more as cooking proceeds. I have no idea what, mother s oven temperature • was but I cook at 300-325 for 4 hours, trying not to let it boil over. before before supper.—Ed Andrews Thank you. This just proves that nothing is new but what it is old. I know, all about ''fish eyes" tapioca. It'makes the best tapioca pudding you.ever ate. fashioned tor your fireplace SLIM and TRIM and beautiful «V*£&F$$^ 8 KIPES «0*£>J*NITURe. t CARPET Cft 2326 Wash.. Blvd. DaKe t nours. J.UHL woo an iuu>. ^j^- 0 •—- — --- -• was to it for an oldtime cook 60 This was a washday meal m my years ago. She had never heard!youth when the big stove was of minute tapioca, this cracked i kept hot for water. A big pan of up stuff we have t 9 day. We had cream 'of tartar biscuits always th« "fish eye" kind which is __..!•• • M^^ stQl obtainable if you search the markets. The tomatoes were the ordinary stewed variety, not these with 6 other vegetables added. Well, the stew is still a favorite dish with us and our friends and I've been inclined to IRREGULAR7 DUE TO UCK OF FOOD BULK IN YOUR DIET ^ALL-BRAN 1 I TRY "Why search oil over town when Canyon Uneoln-Mereury has the ear you're looking for?" CANYON MFRCURV ; LINCOlfJ LINCOLN-MERCURY INC ~ 3230 Washington Blvd. 621-1910 L'AIGLON INSTANT SMASH Pure skim-easy styling with an exciting Art- Deco print. -Of hand-washable polyester double knit gracefully raised at the neckline, dramatized by a square-buckled look-of-leather belt Navy, and Toast on Bone. $45.95 RED M NYC CO sportswear clearance • reg. to $2O sweaters in cardigan and pull-over styling with 'pants and skirts to match, your se- Iedi0n - 1/3 tO. T /2 Off • reg. $19 and $20 polyester/ wool straight and flare leg pants in olive, camel, brown or oxford and sizes 8-18. 11 QQ • reg. $16 textured polyester pant tops to match any pant or skirt you have in your wardrobe. Sizes 8- 18 10.99 • reg. to $35 polyester wool ga- tcgethers by a famous California maker: vests, jackets, tops and skirts, sizes 8-18. 690 and 999 6 reg, to $15 full fashioned shells in fine-gauge nylon. Short or long sleeves, mock or full turtleneck; 34-40. 3 99 fQ j 99 ZCMI FASHION SPORTSWEAR-all stores short and long holiday dresses Prettiest frocks for the coming festive season and special occasions.$60 19.99 and 29.99 bridal gown sale Designer gowns in loveliest fabrics,, finely tailored for your special day. reg. to $200 at ZCMI downtown only- a smashing collection of new designer dresses in sizes 12 T /2-24 1 / 2/ 38-42. reg. $86 to $110-one-piece dresses reg. $130 to $160- dresses and jackets reg.$16Oto$200- long coat costumes now reduced up to ZCMI FASHION DRESSES-Salt Uk« Only anniversary marquise genuine 'lizard' sale reg. $33 24.99 matching bag reg. $35 26.99 '•You won't wont to miss owning a pair of these beautifully crafted shoes-at such savings! And you. can choose a bag to match for a perfect ensemble. Hurry in to save on black, sport rust or neige fashion shades in " these elegant shoes and handbags. ZCMI FASHION SHOES—all stores' T drastic reductions on newest fashion shoes Save to 72 and more ZCMI FASHIONS SHOES- Salt Lake downtown reg. $20 to $40 9.99 24.99 • Marquise • Airstep • Selby • Joyce • Jacqueline • Corelli • Old Maine Trotters • Rosina Ferragamo Schiavone • Nina THE STAGE SHOES- Salt Lake downtown reg. $14 to $21 8.99 for 15.99 • Larks • Corelli • Life Stride • Connie • and other famous brands . from very best manufacturers ZCMI FASHION SHOES- Cottonwood,V. Fair, Ogden reg. $14 to $33 8.99 for 24.99 • Marquise •. Air Step • Connie • Larks • Corelli • Old Maine Trotters • and many, many more ZCMI ANNIVERSARY

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