The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 23, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1859
Page 3
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the ' and most J. M, GROSSMAN, • 4-ItCIliTISCT ak 8UPJEIUJVTENJDEKT, OWCI&-N0.10 YODIWSHSW BLOCK. Hant «M BpedBe»tlon«for all iclndi of BuDdUaja •""«h»d get short notlce»nd on the most liberal terms. Henry ^iedefekett^ & ' : i<Dj»i T8AAC KINOSLEY. GAS * sxcAMa MPE ra SO. 891 EAST WATER 8TBOT, ST-A-TZOKT BLAKE BOOK KUL.EKB &- BOOKBINDERS. JOT Binders' Block, Printing Ink and Hat Papers, always on hand In larfe quantities. Aman Boitoon In the neatett style, ', ' So. Sl» EAST WATIB ST., KNEaXAND-g BLOCK, •prt MILWAU.KKE. . GM, 8TBAH AND WATF.R COOKS, (UiOBK AMD CHBOBr VALVES, inner, at short nolle. JeMly N. L,. QHISWOJLD & OO.. RKAIL DXALO8 II : LADIES', GENILBMBira AN 3 CHILDREN'S BOOTS, SHOES AND OAITEK8, MASON S T B EB T °jy' 08lte the Walker Home. KIT CARSON!! I* I J? 1 IE AND AD VENTURE! 8 OF KIT CARSON, The Ifester of tbe Roeky Mountains Prom facts narrated by himself. Just received by "•y 10 STBtCKLAN 0400.^ - i ' Wat. ABarabooValUj RAILROAIJ. o *• r. \ O Nmfad after Monday, April 4th, and on{li further no«<* a Passenger Tram willleave Milwaukee from We dept>t,foot of Second street, for Pewabkefe. Hartla'mi DAVIS, oo UU,«f,, m Freepvrt ) ON AND AFTEK 41. F L T R_.\_I_T"lJ Rj_ OTJI» UiOOBPOBASBD IN 18*6. PHOJNIX IN^WrfiScR COMPANY, . W EIN BKJBNN E K , MABirrAOTDJtCB -A«B DEAiM W BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS. NO. 24 SPSINQ STEEET F Atnerlcaa Honce BooS tit .Shoe Store* , 1V«. 48 EAST WATJEB S1UEET ' JOHN PHELAN, K.EKP8 always on hand good custom made Boots and All-kind, of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boots and Bhon dei order In the latest style and warraDUd togive ""'- JOHN WHOLESALE I>H [> 6~Gi 1 S T, NO. 1 88 EAST WATEH STKEET Has Just received a full nnpply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glau •Unufactnred at Cleveland,-New York. Transported entirely by vessel, U comes In perfect order, and enables me to sell at lo* rates I hare permanent arrangements tosell this brand of Glass hereafter. •"y 88 JOBS KICK. •1 a r p e r it r o t It e r » , i in 1848.) Rehback's Lead Pencils FOB SALE BY TKRUY & OLKAVEK, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, 167 Rut Water street, Miheautte. W E have just received a full supply of these Oele br.ted fenolls from the manufactory of J. J Behbach, In Regensburg, Bavaria. They .r e carefully •Morted, and each grade is distinguished I y a popular brand. Particular attention t> called to .he "Opposi- Uon Pencil,"(round black girt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (.round red gilt:) also to tho "Engineer's Penen, (.i.exagon gilt.) Alt of u blob will be found supen. or to any other .penc 1 In the market. Alw». on band a complete assortment of b ack and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount flowed to the proportioned to extent of ordt! ™- api29 ALUBONE'S DICTIO«rARy OF AUTHORS. , SIGN, SHIP, CARKLAGK AND OKNAMKNTAl Pututcro, Clazu-ra & Paper-Hanren, 1MITATOBB OF WOOD AND BlARBLE, KO. 3i> OKEIDA STBEET, A re w DOORS XAST or TUX MASKS! BO uss. JONKS & "-*.•.*. ***x.Em.u General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES I' OFFICE, corner of Eeed and Oregon streets MevrosVs Block, v ' f '^ «• ' * "«r« Will attend u, tht buying and selling of Keal Estate Insnnnp Goodj and Building, In responsible Oompa' ne., Attend to th» Collection of Accounts, Maldng^at Of l>e«la, Mortsuga, Contracts, Leases A-c B "" ' Llttratvr. and America* AvtAo t, IM front**SarUatA ef^nUtot ale of the t, century. Omtain- g 3/tlfty Thoutand SioorapUct md Literary Koticn; "tAF,1rti, TndtCMt Qf&u'fa-tt. Price »fi. 1 ' V u " Mn * f y '- «U -t"- Bead, all who , r K ym»n, all Physician., all Lawyers Bclentiflc -nd L,te ary Men , Merchant, 'and flmlS, Manufacturers and Mechanic.. »nHor», IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. PDBNISHKDBF. A CO., BOOK A MTATIOKiKRY JUBBEKB, 136 A'ojf Water itretl, ••"—-•—-..— 0 ... m.* Au&evai '.l ,„. arrivlnf at Milwaukee By thelskllwau --„,-:. B., la Orosse 4,M1I.K. R., iSiqMll * Nlsa. Y^'iH! 1 , 7 B °"' °"i pro «ed to the above places.! i „* a5i« °" >re m *J, e •• Watertown jrliHjtsga for Lake HUls, Jefferson, Waterloo, Hanche&llU, Sun Prai- J»t'fS< ff Oro ™ and Madison. Also at Columbus jor Lodi, Merlmac, Atsego, Pall Bive-, feed's Corners Hamden, Lowvllle, DeVors, York, Arlington, Bristol and' for all points to the West and North We^t Passengers arriving ai the Junction frotq the above places njalte connections h tbe Milwaukee A Mississippi Bi R., for Janesvllle, Madison and Pralrtedn rtK^k " Mllwlullle<! ' with ro »ds to tbe South, West Leave Racine for Davta—freight „ Atf , Leave Undue for Hcloit— Pat-unirer UOINO HAST ' Leave llelolt for Racine— Paasenirer Leave Da»l. for Haclne—Freight ft Ac leave. _S A L ti S ___ -A. 17 NO YES, FIERZHJBIM & co ^"-^"^irjn'ir.^:!:"? F U R N f T U R 07FS2KD IV mid .ITV, IF Pittsburgh, tfort Wayne <fe Chicago -^_ —^ ••" •*-.«,!; 11 ir,13 i. I IT, tT GREAT SACRIFICES, TUB.. .. F01< ™ K X/ XT S IXTY i-.AY^ rilhfeiofK IS Hi-: IVY. *\|, T! ,v, |2| ^, n „ ,, n218and 22 ° East Water Street, c sor, Oa«h Capital and Snrplos, COMPANY, tX'.!: ..»30«,8ai 48 .. I JKft? l Mn».'nf«»,(<>rjiif above namedBoinpanles Urelrapon thefr «wn merits and responsibility, United .».. ait F. inn. Co. OBlce, dirdeTWiteheiriBuik, suchjganatnwta, .i. i .. WJSCOHSlfi. and }. A. Heifensteln, Moses Kn|yt^pd_ H. L. Palmei, . K. gandersot, ., B.fl tf; .aoaaar a.Bir«HaAn. COMMlStilOiX MblHCHANTS Seal Ettale and Money Broken, NOTARIES PCBLIC, MILWAUKEE, MTBCONSIK. " -No. 4 Market Square, opposlt* th. Old Poat- [Prom Theophlu. Par,,n., L. L. D., Professor of Law In Harvard University.) Daa. S,» :-| ha.e had theJ^'voTme''^'^'^^ tlonary for .ome day. a«d have .at .fled my.eif ?hat year p an t. excellen^ and mat y ou have carried t m,t with very great ,ndu«lnr and with c 0< aulomon Adler. J. A. HELFBS8TKIH, President ,. u 8. S. Dioarrr, TreasurejT H.L.Paum.Attorn«jr. „,„.,„ M1LWAUKKK CITV I^SURAIVCE CO., ID MIlcUcIl Mulidlng, Mlcbiga,,. .1. <.'HAR1BR£I) CAPITAL, - J^HM rath Paid la, $100^000. Office mart? D. COKSON, A T T O K N E Y AT LAW. HAS removed to Office, Nu. 6. State Bank Building corner ol C i5 i w at^r and Mjchlgan .tr e e^ Milwaukee! iiutrtf(>-Qon J.o. L D01U.5 SMO.UTT. OoiiAN & LKVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, Office— Empire Bioci, 821 EaU Waier a.., MILWAUKEE. (may2»J ..WISCONSIN PAKKBB. 4-AP1TAL1STS W ILL find at my cffice & Register, open to their Inspection uf Bonds and Mortgages and other securities odi-red lor Bale. Persons Ki<Jim c to obtain Loaat or having Ilondj, Mortgages or other securities for sale, may and it to their Interest to file with me their application, or statement* ,, C. SOHLET, y ?" _ Opposite Walker Hous*. CrOOL) CHANCK. HOISE A.MH.OTFOB MAL.E CHEaP. i HE undersigned will sell hi. House and Lot, now ' * occupied a< a Tav n by him, situated on Main st. Rsxjlne, WUconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the B. A M. a. B. Depot. The house U located on tbe bestbuslnese place, and the Uouse as well as the SJtaa- "on of the tm, w^nT^sniwer lor «m DTBB<I> «r bu.i ne», especially for Wholes Je Stor«7 wWch bran^I, already now projected at that very locality. Those wno lice Lo miatr * A r.nn/9 K»»«i« ^~_ ... . t interest a d value, fiespectfally, Ac , £. Austin Allibune, £.fj. [From 8. Ire»*u. Prime, D. D., Editor W. T. Observer.] NBW Yoas;, Ft-b. 3, 1SB9 deMgh f i A , t i U |i >rm iJ whaiUaVe" 1 "'^ " lOQl * men ° l "»° n <i .tudei-ts, and all lllera'.y •»u n *tntolil ent'm'fTrau.; wish to have just t> 1. work; and the, w.ll havelt,'when they learn t at it i, m ih t world. It deserves th. mo7t ^^"^nr'"", 1 ^" 1 ''" lhe ">">« »ndT *' Ulni * C « PRIi4E - ' tf.L. P*lM»a, O. D. DAVIS, WA f • TOW,S«.D, §. B. Ooiorra, H i.':££"- J , H ™ 0o InS; JSSSF LIAS., c. OOMOTOOT, &. o . Dvca ' K. TOWNBEND, President H. L. Pa^aa, Atlorney *' L ' »*""«, Secretary. HT nre and Marine Blak. taken at current rates. —VIA— MIOHIGAN OENTKAL ; —AND— ; G. Western (Canada) Railway. qiBAII^ leave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake A street Ohlcago, u follows : 4:OO A« HI. — DEKTOIT ACOOMMO1>ATIOA' i^un- days eicepted), arrive SI lietrnlt'a.CO 7»00 A, n.-'oiNCINKATl EXPRESS. LSun.lay. excepted.) Arrive ai Irujjaaapolij t(Xi r. M, Cincinnati 8:80 r K 8:OO A. Tl.—LIOHTN1NU EXPRESS HSunday. ti cepled,) arrives at Detroit ?:00 r. u '• 8ospen,ion B id<e or Bnaalo40 A' • ; Albany S:UO r. «., New- York S> 00 r. M.; Boston 11 r. x. 8JOO P. m.-Nll.K- AUi OMMODATIOS eiceol Sunday. * §:00 P. a.-NEW YORK AND BO8TON UPRi; - ^elceptSaturday.) Arrlvt «t u ct rc't i:iOa. V.; Salpen.lon 3r,dge,or Buamo 430 r. M., Albany 4:00 A. *.,,N CW Fork 10:00 A. H., Boston 2-00 r n «:*>0 «•. M.-CINCINNATI AND LOUlSVlLLFfx PRKSS. ^iceplSaturday.) Am'v. ., Cincinnati 9:uU A » ; Louisville 4.-o« r. •. One train on Sunday at S:00 r. M The S.Wi.M. and 8:00 r. K. train, .uooeat al Pi r . 3 with«,« Buffalo « Lake Uqj-on lUilway, fur Buna,, and all point. e> jt; ai Toronto with Grand Trunk Ran. way, to Klnirstio, Uk-.len.hurg, .Montreal, Xldeb-c and all points Ih Ounada ICa.t, NorHieru Vermool N-w HampHhirr.and Matnr. ' .^~ Bagirage checv^.l ihruu^.i. Through ticket, foi «nl t M u,e prmciiiai-Kai'i i office, in the Wr.t, an J at U.e (T.nrral otene, rorue' l-a«e t Dearborn «lreeti, ooposlts tht TreMoai H JUi - "Tllcago, and at the Depot, fool of Lake .trfrt. H.J. 8Mi»»,,.e,, p.... .,.,»-' ( -«'<>«=i'»«p: KAIL, KOAD. mills ub* and direct Boute now open to New Yor. ^^^?^^^ S"^fr^-"-"---'fe . v,u a V *' "v J *" l:lt ^ >0r lOWn!l of "h" 1 ' !•«" «y,viai», \ irjir.,*. MuryiauJ, New .i-rj^y, 4,. •MilkitiK »UL (.ritud l'ubio!.-n 1C. R. l., Ur MISCELLANEOUS Mil • w i v' y •** - ' * To Pitubu L'AILI , 4S, HILLO H'j Nyl.l MK •'• J*-'». falur.n,, - ic e pl ,d ic*,U % °' ; " lt ' r '-' : "' : ' J ^ SunJoj but uuc (.^in,!« f .»,, ; o P! lu t^r x h. cocctiaG bAduA<*^ ra»u,ci«u j,-!., Pl.nad.pphu, Haii.ui - rf »o.l New V. jr - . ..,.,;,;: "u,.. , ' ' ' GOODS, AC SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! Bc.t... by ur ' nl» teniral Riilruau, to all eastern citi ClfVdauil i Columbus K.iil;iid t.. Cl"»Buffalo. Niagara i'all. rU Nfw York Ue Vort 4 lo N^-w York ai .les'rnble, 601(1%,^ the s-! 7 anla g « Tu'j »»/lely and brauiy o' u, e c.-.uutrj ihroui' r.,au. pa.,, u well as tr,,, le,,, f rc , Itlrn , ..,-,, Pacllule. for ihe tranjportatloD of r>?m Stock by ifiu route are ui.nurpajs^J u % ,_ anjt other rouu, ao'l nth r.,uai ,l:.pau). TckrU for «ait at ailt hr ( .n.ic,pa, tirt-t „ Wrs'.. ar..l ht Com|»a7iy'i o f b.-^ No jjfl L'^-arl . . M;lw»uk>-r JNO. .' l-<. A/.-nl I' «n.l L, " Ilnhi... K-lly Anil I- cj I 7*. I \7 i-3. The Latent Ncveiue* Delroil A; Mil. THg "toamer Cleveland Will take ner place In line .if the Detroit A Milsau- kee Kallw,)-, on Monday, the 14Ui M»-rh. f M s ngers wishing through ticket, can be .applied oD ind .Her Monday next, at 230 Ea,, Water ,treet, or at the office on the dock of the Detro.l i M.l.auke Railway Co.- Due oo.lceof tbe time of departure will be given. This SUM1YLEK ARRANGEMENT. • & , M-r SUMMh.K AURA NO KM I . N 1 Great I mttd ."iVu^e.t J/_ii.' ,m<l AV"/-?j /•' .^ flimc only reiublr a^.l . LL Hut:. r u rji« I »-r - ,w J. aL•' •• -" "' DETROIT Kailwa> MILWAUKEE u i iii ! connect. OJ.A. Ujw ! KKK r \s| Train* lta> '. Ho.- .1, FIKE INftl KANCS . lgned u prepared to take Marine auk. i and Fire Risks on i reduce In store, in the North Western Inaurance Co., of Oswego, New Tork, at a. los, " • „„ - " OT * HORATIO HILL, Agent, at ufflce «f Bt J, f Hill. Child. * Peterson. Mr Daas 8,. :- Wlth froo, repeated *^» nuo , „, , , m ab am , h.« Written you .o SmmOuplace ac acxn. wl.dgment of III i r :f lpl <» «" the sttrehowe of ln,.resUn« and readable matt-r the -Dictionary or Author," .« s t me the n.o.t captivating. Tbe good ta.t*, Industry, and -- ' skill of » T««e enVHible. . j.nd it wll make .or you a reputation very I .hall try to make amend. In print fo* mi "isIt1 UJ ' Bai 'P rtrC """" e firsl »cknowledgmtnt of the iih many .lucere thanks for ihe prlte 1 hare lo t,,. book, I remain, my dear «lr, ronrs, fa.thlully, N* P S. Austin Alllbone, Efq. ' ' _ __ Quaker City Insurance Co., , or fHII.ADKI PUIA. XrjTflORlZfcD OAPIT»L, ... »4«,iW. HID OP CAPITAL AND AfiaaTTg «i7,S56. ^Ics, Franklin B^i'jUny, .Vo. 408 Walnut a rlf l, i Company For Milwaukee and vicinity. Risk""laiTn i onas f.vnraoi. lennj a. othrr Companle. JAMES? WHITE, Aitem. Ofllce, cmuer of ta., Water snd Huron ., ree ts, up KAIL KOAD. THI: sHoirrKsT KXPLUITIOI S I«I(TI.! 10 • ugr, La Cros*,t, Winona, Read's Landing, lied Wing, FHE8COTT, ST, PAL'L AND ^T ANTHONY Chin,£,- of Tim.-, Monilay, Ajiril 4, Is:,!). 1ST THAIN IIV»^N Mil,\VAKtna •svile '1 au H M Madl>',n : M • Dn'L .^^c,^ •» . aDil auuih NVat unction, f',r i.r "n that Linr 'relftit Train >aTt.8 al ^ tfi , ', Ike N.irili -A r »l >; »-lw ^ « , i , llerr at U V> r i ».i 1 . . • / M ai,r24 J> j T Mi,, ; ;,v M. lla-lri llc.ur- l^f|) i r Inn-1 LafroM.? A: flil. Kaiiroad. W^""^'.;. 1 ' 1 ':' 1 -'•••'••"- '•'•.- i -"—'• -•.''->.iv ... • n L j '~..,,ri - •' / r i i ; 11 i. r • i • 3 tpfcirg, orer ifrt Marip*; Huik. et., u a>29 Racine, January 4i. 1S5J JOHN BARTH. Lumber Ycsseln for Sale. Schconer Faahlon, 2M tuns. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. Bcow Schooner Knctay, 168 tuna. Th. above vessels will be .old at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TATLpB A JBWETT, Enquire of B. B. JOMIS, Mil Aunt Judy'. Tales. Parables from Nature. Mites In tbe Sun Beam. Panny, the Flower Gtrl. Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. BY STATE AUTHORITY, . JKSURANOE AGENCY 1 • -'j. , • '"* t__ v 11-00 A il , ArriviBir »l Jannrirc '1 On H M 3:Ji P. M . Prairie .la r|,i rri , • ^•"""•t-nB wah ih .iu Chlra .nil *. Haul Pa k-u. wh ch l-s>v Pr,*, ,| u Ohlen oo the arrtral of the 8:00 P. Sl.'Train. SO TKAI.N I.FIVES .111. W A I'K E F i:ufj ¥ H, Arriving «i Janrt-c. illr S.M f \| Ma/l ,. , 10:0ii F M ' m *'-'"' fc* 7 p 'r. t j all |<,n.u iu tl.r M,,,,,. ,, g „, low a. any uttier Kout« * WILLUJI JKRM> ll>16 (ie-i'l Supfrlm-a.l«i.i. r -filrc ^ .\ u ^ v\ iaco:,j.:j ..... April, where ur i e r, CA:. i.r alitrntioo. i ur auUii. at l.'.e war.-r..,a>^s ..f ,: .[.p KatioQ ai i:.t L,:U, M:l«aui rt! , Mar : I M>. , f •f'U'.T , I * I' i .Hif" « ' M , ov:- 1 .'-,; 4 ..'.; « ";«i-h an<i For sal* by WOOD \\D UA1 G-- H.. LAMBKKTON TT AB jnttopened, lor the benefit of all »ho may b AAeome bit Customer*, a Market for WOOD an HAT at the N. E. Corner of West Water and Clvbouro Street*, (Offlce with Messrs. Mabbett A Breed.) BEST - - • • , and those »ho ih'B laree qnjntittes ..I H,r will jfljraya tod It to their toboyxiru.. WewHnrellafi th»t dealers a handsome proQt by «Ulng on the atreet. - ma - Tl9 -O. S. LAMBEETON. GENTLEMEN'S »OOR TO A. B. *# (C •o o a fid S. Gd «e ^ H S H ttO .S £ 13 CM § H. KCJ8SELL. D »FtrJLTljavlug ntenmade In tbe eondlloB of a , Ce 2*-«£. rum mor f no '«> beartne date D.c.mber 1st,* D BSI^ewcnted by W B.Mtbbard a»dJ-hn b. Harris,an i also in the condition of a certain resse morteage nf-tiu: game date leieaated'Syiard Hlb"har< and H,r I. to secure the payment of .aid not*. Nolle, w hereby given 1o.-Sll.paWIea 'Jrtertiie'l. that w««hal emote for sale and..ell on Tueaday, "•- «•••<•— -• NEW BO O K S /•n g_-> vm f* » - ^ IsbKKl A. CJLEAVERS, i«; iAsr IT^TZK STB SET. TJAETH'8 Travel. In Central A.rtca, 1 voL.abridred AJ Livingston's Travels in Southern Africa, 1 voL Bpseri-eous Sermons, 6th series Higher Christian Life. maylt "SITIPPKHS OFl-KODUCtT /~JAM supply tbemselves wi.b Bills of Ladtn, , - TE«KY*CLB»Vg tto . E«.t Water street. BOOKS NORTH AMERICA* FIRE INS. Co., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS „ »884 8«0 oe WESTERN .nAHW. FIRF INS. CO., Of Pluineld, Mass. OAJH A83CTT8.. JZOS.CV*., CO\WAT FIRE INSrRANCE Co , OABHABKra 0 ' 00 ^;. 81 "- TIME. r \ . J- 113 Ii KIP - „ v l"nda», A|.ril 4iti, iraini on Ui« Ml '•* "atertowa a Bar»boc Valley Raj'roa i »aok^ atll:S8 A. > , and jei,an . ». ». Ml'kRIi I.. |i u| ,., s,.16 T»3«J. I «IK '' B HAL... (,, -. .. J T V...1HV. >|,,i 5«« ,', y JOBBING DEPARTMEN BATIPDEN FIRE INSl HA*CK CO , OA8HA ME TS 8 . Prl . n f:' 1 : M "' ! Kf.i ..iiD'FAVORITE SODTE : srrwm-u ma ; E A s T A \ O U S II - u Ks'l I ~~ -^ ^^^ TW^a DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now oprnetl lo l*ke Michigan., \<>J{J TRANSPORTATION COMPANY \ \ •Jur'.n^ u.- j r*- Fir-t HAKDvVARE i { v r i- ( A 1. ri . < i 1*26,000 GIRABD FIHK IN8. CO.nPANV, MIMJNERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDlflo , 'City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," (Thoroughly reOttrd fornhu route.) O N AND Arrea MONDAY, jun. sth, isi» (-». •enger Train, will run ai follow. : A M> III! o, and Chicago cnnr.p -in^ Hi (v Book, BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! red In oor BlnUjry to Bind Magasloes or anything else In the form of a' durable styles, at low rates. STRICKLAND t 00. Stereoscopic Views. . fine lot of Steresoople View. l of Interesting localities In SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, Bargains in Dry THAI IMtUmsf BTOCK Of «r em BU8SIA, 187 E, *t Water Street, Sap- Bridge, Jtpan •Detroit, depart.. •Oswego" arrive. 'obna, arrive.. Grand Rapid., arr. •lirand Haven, arr. Mall r K •i-ta t . u 7-00 10:iO r. • £.10 Mi if.I A . If 4.-ill Nlfrht <f.rK?s. A • Ii). iu r. K. 4.-(»i 11 »< A.M. ll:3u I !» I •> Eft If.., AD.I «l O»»- t o unir,"* ' - « TUrty >'..ii Clao O.n», B<..t. „ \ betwtro O«'» eeo.J I ro>, illr,..i M Oon3^<-i. i,f %.,r, at !•']• A'A'II' YohK AMi //;// '/..[///-;,_,_. And formln < a T.l-W eekly Railr ,».! L , . b c -, c Dunkirk, HilMaukcf Ii. 300 Sa-iclciJLess. < "Uj;-1.111.0. , \ ' , 14 '•» »» > MJ I >,. V or!i. Chicago. • Al.l. to bul Oo. Trau«l.,|, ra , u i ' '" '"'' a/v. ; SSS^" MerchanUl.; marked k «\. T I'tfl f * 22 ' «*aUSJ«," -"I be ror.ard^j f rum s^' Y.rk'b, In" Beprau freight Train over ' t. AN I v>i- IM; I> ^ 2,84 t I i K s j 0 M . <:&} Noon. . ISO.) W-lu • »m-Ta\VLJJ,, j JKAST : MDBT Bl CLOSE) ODT riety of A! SIXTH WISCONSIN REPORTS For sal. .1 STRICKLAND A OO 184 £a.t Water street. BY THE ASfclONbK, Milwaukee, depart . •Grand Haven, dep Grand Rapid., arr. St. Johns, arrive... Owosso, arrive. .; •Detroit, arriv. Bus. Bridge, arrlye.... Mall ' xpr 1 . r. M. 8:00 S K. 8.-00 4.-SO . . 7:05 11:40 r. M. Mlie-1. A. M. dep't a. M. 4:00 930 10-30 A M. 1.-18 •»*. «- *• «:5u dreatBargains maj be fxptcted, »?^~*SZ^^&^z;r M ^ 9 * for 8»iard»- "«-*-»•-» * ^ - "BefrrttunenU—Hotel in Dcpol at Grand U»ren* Una, »lll !_.._ i.f, , „ . ^.w.tM, And promptly forwarded from , „ APPL-> To J Mtsas, Agent [.. T U , . in Broadway N,, York Tork.' Wi ""' Agent N T Co - 8 Co»ti« slip, s,. Mnt* °" ^ ippi ^. co rn»r «th and Oheinut .t., Phiia Uovsr AOaAWrftan, Oiwe^-o v. V a. D. CUuwau, Agen^ Dunkirk, N y. Csuiuaaux, Oa-awroao A Oo , Cleveland, 0 TOO — ' ^ CQ * • *••• Line, luS @tat« .t Bo«t>»c J. ».CBC»OH, Agent, Rouse's Point, N Y ?"?' f," 1 ^' A .? TOt ' 0 ^«n,har,(h, N • * il JOSEPH CABY, Asjljroe*. —— . L__!l____ I AT»ins leave termini dally, I UNITED STATES HIAUM1A1 »« T» . . a," ~ ~ ~ Lycargu, Bdgerton * , U ^."tlfsTstai. rt ^L « LEOIlAra "*« " -• "f-n for Pnauo B^ 1ct t)e\nr* niB»_«-.. M I ay, a r j. — y Nldifs Eipre.. passenger, weit, but 3" a M. tra^n will tjt leave on Sundays. Trains leare termini dally, Sundays eicepted. For sale at febl» k kee, nere ••tlifj .Jiriniain Bt '• bo * t ' » nch «. e amount renamin all other rinij "**«i^**^*" "**" »*i'g"sf» bttale.' H03B8 A. JAMBS, and JOSEPH JAMBS, Vy:;:crr..' BCTTH. Bcrrmior 4 COTIBILI, AttoVneys. * • LA CHOSSE AND MILWAUKEE J. II. <KAWrOBI>, «». J. II A Li;, N , f HUwauke«, Wlicuiuiu, •.bor i°°.^. e .«s» ss?.? 1 ^,! 7 ' 18M -— •ball sell at Public ABotion, at fctate. Mar hal to thaClty of NOTICE- INSPECTOR OF FISH, Council of the City of 1859. AKKAN GKMENTi •wJiBOM'JfciltCT ••IFW lf'|*EXPRE«S C1ROSJSE i« ? BO » 'nrnl,hed "lth'theplop« b w'efeht. l an"'ora^ds l itrt'i, tB ! ?? rm * noe of *» d «tt» « W» office AT DKTHiUT-QRfiAT WESTERN HAlLWiF | for ul polnti Ka*t—MlCHlHAN 0*NTKAJL infl BlGAN SOnTHEiiN KAIl^ROADfi, and CLEVB- D Line of Sttameri. AT P*iA]S JI> MAVEIV-Wtth «HUftON" »mer for CHJOAGO, Ac. Ac AT MILWAUKEK—WStb th« uBOoSis, OHIO AGO, WATER TOWI BOOTTV 'I HK OKNUINK AKTIOI.K S»a ^™?*™*^^« 6 ££ e ? t ?£ 0 ™% | 2SOliver, 1^3!.%?* """f"' "* tt * d " n "»«•«««» IrapMi<!n Kw« '<" JOHN P H A L E N t * . Kyan & Jenkins, •lanhaft Office, Milwaukee, May IT, 1849. — .—' CJNITED STATES inAUgtIAjVS Hie Tanners Loan * Trust Oom •) estern Railway go on the RalU , D r- "•-* OARS attached. , OOUNSKJLLORS AT LAW, BAJTK BVILDING, — —--^-•-• —«-. •swvKmj.wAHU't ««« Wat*- and JfioAtVa* **, !«?«««,*«; mkee * SapsrtorK.II- road Company, Clt/ofMUwaokee, John Stewart, JohanuO. A-Allerdtar, Christian Halniaod - i ' —__ . f. K. Ht lit. Oen'l Sop't • W?*!?* P °"». T '<*«< A ««ts, 480 Kas, Wau» st, W«. QBIBAJI, Freight Agent at Oomoany's Dock. H.O.WISBO., General Western Agent. ! D. A M. R. Ofacei, June, 1809 * jgj In the D. a. Dis- •trlct Conrt for the , District of WUconsin I In Equity. HOUSES TO RKNT. Frame Houses .v , We have also fori W Kiave several Brick and Frarn. Houses to r.nt »n ver, rea>onabli terms. We have also for ille a vast quantity of^ J-eal estate, ,-o sistlng of eouses i-of, unproved and nnlmproved Farms, School Lands' ft. £•£*:»«•'& ye. . tt ' y*'™ H <»»«. *%: • •» i 'T'" " « «*TC w »arc9 our me vu/i m f Nwunianot and by Tirtn. of a decn. marl, h ». ~1 ** '"' tbe im * U rtol of * 1 ° • od '"»• " ; -•=• QREQORT * CO "" - « Water street SLLEUIfF'S 8AI>E. • OA«A» OP WISCONSIN, I CHrcnlt Court, Milwaukee County, f Mev*r flKA«Av .' [New Jadftncnt of| Forcclosur* arid Meyer Sboyer, ' affalnst Barab B. Weld and ^Colln M. farmer. !} i I N *^, e ° r aB(I PW«o»nt to a judgment rendered In ,. »»W Coo", In Jlie abore entitled action, dated the twenty-elittdaFofM.y, 1559, i ,„»,, eTpo.efor «l«_andieU at PuWlc Auction, at the Po.t-onice to of Milwaukee, on Saturday; (ho 10,1, ..«., of that day, th* folliwing described morLraKed ffemlse»,«r so mnih thereof M may be uecewirv fo raise the amount of said Jodpnsnt, Infrtst and coiti tpgeuer with the cxptnses of sslt, to wju ! : south twenty [SOJ feet of lot number nlns j J, In block number sllty.four l$i), In the -jrtnth IT] Wardjof th. City of MflwSukee, In Uie | 0otu>ty of M Iwiakee and State of Wlsc.n- Dtted SherUr'f Offloe, Milwaukee, June 1,1859 jwHro.m,! \ A:J. LANewoBTHT, 72 EAST WATER STKIJET. The Phalen Boot Is one of the mo«l unique and e ,Ke 'ar T ''m n8S f ° r **" ''*'* ' h ''""" "" b * cn lDT1:nt *''. workmanship, an,l are warri^t^d to cur^Cora."Ban- Ions, BwtUed Feet, Swelled i.e.d. Rhu.-n atl,£ Oou,. Remember that the &>i«Agem for thr-e latt Invented Boot, in Ibis City, I. to be found at 72 Ka.t Water,! where, also, may be found a general anortment nr BOOTH & SHOKS. GAITEIlv *C., For Sentletnan and Ladle, that ihe« i. In this market au manufactured under the .upervlsion of the.un SC ri ber, [may25] JOHN ~ Pic Bite & Pleasure Excarsions. BROCJKWAT'S LI.\E —OF— OMNIBtJaSES AND HAOKS P .RI1E8 wrthing to enyag* Hacks or Omninuse. for Ihe purpose of visiting the O rdens or for Pic NIc Parties, can be supplied wltn flr.t clan vehicles on h »horte«notice and mo t reasonable t,rms A line of Omlbu-'tea wUI commence running on the 1st of June for Forest Home, leaving Vaa Oott's corner at 9 A, M. anu 2 r. m. The Omnibus for TVauwato.a le»ves V^n Oott'a at 13 M.and 1 SJT.B BorKWAT/ Foot of Majun street. SIOHT AND HKAKINU Architect DR. F. A. CADWELL, *5f. Toronto ; 0> W -« now °' Chicago,HI., the jnlinent and skillful operator on U« jAt Ho. 88 JUndolph, corner of Dearborn street, Is James A Swain, OF THB LATE TWO. Of, & 8 W A I IS , "mainat thetrtdrtand where he wfllb« pleas. «M the VPPER »B»Jiairft«rkon Two Throagh ed tojwtieome tbc|p»tronj of (be eitibllibmeot, QtrENTli.- & CO w, oti inereiy W«rd oft h asasLHiH^K^ss ,,,. .. . ai»e 3HABUM UOKNTJM * «>; John jfia Kallrpad Company tronsjappertalnlng alltoUs,renU«nd ioeomt to be Wisconsin State Telegraph , lrom,«ad»4I corppr.u and t , Qfflo^fruOtmocrta Bode, Jttlwtttu. Constcet.on. with all tine, . , : . . Dunrmnr * Pnttoxs T,« » wa » «esor|t " SIGHT AND SEARING npsrardsof tWO HUNDRED have been received by r C t.* 1 £l n tta lMt foai1 weekl > m *»y °f "horn havi Seen blind Jpr months >nd year*, have had their srtht festered taUnOr by dtUeatt and dlgtoMoptratimt, jrhlla i ethen, »ho hav. been sufferers from disease, |»Teh«en.m(r««ulou«ly cured bj mild and nenUe treafc M a* a/ My on e o/ our aciJIt it -s f^r :t» pur-r, ^t -&., Jot be -xc . -y u- aat »dvftA,;%»; n -na tiled to la, wtljCt. * 0 -1.*,. price* ,n W eat »rc constADtiy ill kevp II 10 compu-te o Qli ,>r-)rr^ f^ r »ny kind of -We i.i.j keep an »3<ioriaj feU»e», .-po«es. Hub ., n .Ld. ^r will m««c i, , rjer, ar Team F . Il A v l H** rc.nnv-'l to ,'n- >| | ,t^n !. 1 SO I AST U ATI J4 .s rii m d J. .V. mit'lf i r ic A i h:m to say lo '.Me public wnf: poutling low prices i T |lUs% public : JL «ni( QI,,«I '•>i lUteil UKST S.tONO>lU -I. Li.,U i- - T ,. r t iU|*cniir i.i Hi.- fit-at '',,al (i,^ ] airaoie »iyle of t'mtare known to Uie ot". unny at tuch Astouo.lli.K Uiw Priow u :o >!«• y j for example. Da^iierfulypc« tor l^t<«». til,! SI/.l 1-11O I'«;<.K lor onlj |1,00 tao drat -m^, no,! 30o fur tl:- Dupl c .TIl,LAI>i:o J VPl:\, ATJ»110<.U \ I'US Art! In fact every ather style o( Ploturt' Colored In either Oil or Water Color., >r.,l dm.hert m the highest .t^lu ol irie Aru) A new a. d popular style of Picture, •rhtch far eiceld Iu Accuracy, Boldness nnlsh.aii; other Pk-turs ever offered to These Plcturv. have only to be .i-en to bi All who are deiiroa^ of laving money ant to ca>ll am] examine 8prmmi>n.i ai the , AV. IS* &J4* lTot«r W r. BiVLKY, A, ti.t-lej .Sli-uro tu tbe Priucipnl I own* iu j IR ipii T. A :KT i~> . ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR 330. j The powerful I/on .^leauuhlpa OIT? OF BALTIMORE, C1TT OF WASHINGTON. !. -'' Mrrtce* »re «ppr»- ,aat ht Is dall, receiving new patients froa .ice.Tw'eSefc'''''" 1 ' 1 ' 1 '* 1 * 1 ** 1118 ' ** CUred> "* ^JWift* Is required for an eiaminatlon or opinion.— KoOmA»8»f(irs«rTlc«tiat«eB«< «Mc«a« will |Mtat«4>lifflJbi_» HUM'S puce. aAHrUNSTOH. Will sail from New fork for Cork liirft ind thenro to Liverpool, HT BVESYALTSRNATS SATVKD.4 . _^. TheCITT OfMANUriESTIR ana VIQO will .an frora BKt?A8T and COuK to Nifw York once a Month. Rate of Passage from New York T& Cork, Liverpool and the-principal towns In ISELAND, KNGLAND i»o SCOTLAND : Cabin »T5 Third Olaas.. HO. Ijj/f Passengers forwarded to Uavre. Antwerp, Oro- men and Hamburg for f 6 in Cabin, *39 Third Class. TO PARIS I In M hours from Liverpool,) Cabin |SS; Thlr • Class, $38. Per<ons wishing to wnd for their friends can obtain >.»«!ri,..«*B fit nAaKaffA from flORK nr RHl.ffAain . n 9 tf'oanwav, N. T , nr I TIMOTHY ABNIT, M.lwaukee, Wisconsin. S. B.—Paueugtrt by tbli ion. ayoid th* risk and d«layof calllnr at HaUl«ot and It. Johat najtt igt-ot [or iho Stale . a » ha a frou ^sn«*..,oppo.lto A,»erl. uo l,»u.« th , i, to* rhe office of ihe Forest Home Ccmote-y Company u -' ray place, where i h»vn ths pises of the frouad.. £ •u alwija ready to acouropAujr patroos to the L'euie- irey td leleci lou or place, for Burial, antl oaa Do focnj tm ny plscs at busines. lay « alKhl. Ooflln rrur^ SD.T of all «in:H for ssle. £? \MiK pjace lo buy Groqanv. IB M gaod arueie, in .tore, for sale. ItAYTOH * PtAUX1STOB.

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