The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 15, 1916 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 3
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THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, WBDNESDAY, NOV. 15,1910 ASK FOR and GET HORLBCK'S THE ORJGINA1 EV1ALTED MILK Cheap substitutes cost YOU same pnce. QUICK REPAIRS flUC u n i l D ^ hy \ \ a i t three d-ijs URC n U U f l i C an make it in one * p U h pa-v u\ J prof ts -when -ou catl ijrjj fioni the iictor\ ^ CYAPT nilPl I P A T F ^end the broken glass CAAUI U U r U l i A l t JL feL uanteo, dn ex ct di pi i cite TV tthout j o u r prescription Frames repairtd also I.UP Ull i IfiiJ b*IMn! * a m prepiied to unt MILUUN Rinua f f r m d 0%ei H o n e m ii i i c n kinds of lenses f i o m the rou 0 h ^Come and see M i l l .IPnCHQ Pack ill tne broken parts BAIL LmJtno m a stion 0 bo\ I r t t u m Sli*-cs sime daj bj parcel post C O X Lowest possible chaises G. W. PALM S P E C I A L I S T I N OPTOMETRY Chilllcothe Mo Residence 1450M 818 Webster St Phones O«l-' 908 Closed E\ Sri. Tuesda\ piiB vs v^ r Ke\ He-no filled his regular a^ nomtment at Pleisant RiJge Satur li mgjit Sunday and Sundae night T E Boucher -\\ho his "been 0.1 the sick list is i m p r o v i n g The remains of the 5 ear old batj of Mr and Airs Frank Krouse of Trenton was laid to jest m the Cu cemetcij last Thursday altfinooji rt sex-vices -were held at the horn of "\Ir Krouses parents Mr an 1 Ml" H "L Krouse "Hiss Flosbie Bridge ib on tlie SICK list Mrs James Di nn o£ Io-« a spent a. ie\\ da-vs in Sarapsel last "\\eek Kr and Airs A J Boucher are spending a few T\eeks in Kansas City Rev Ha/n kins was the guest ot [ "Mr Maharg and familj a few d a y s , last w e e k Onlla Pursley of Ch llicothe v a t , ' in this -\icmitj last ^ eek Mrs Simmons -who has been ciuite ill is around again Din Shumate and -\\ifo and son ·ft ho ha^ e been visiting here for some time returned to their home m Larn ed Kas Thursday They -\veie ac corapanied home bj Mis A Morgan ^\ M Owen has purchased a HLV, Dodgo car TIME XO -VCT DR. J. M. McKIM CHILLICOTHE MISSOURI PI ORUMEA \ SI'KCIALTt 1 0 1 1~J AVnsliIngrton «t ce *O'» -- PHTOXEft -- Ilc*l4lmi,e CHIROPRACTIC is the philosophy, science and art that accounts for locates and adjusts the cause of dis ease Anj information will be gladly given at mj office free H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Ladv Attendant SEISER BLDG --Opposite New Post Office-- Phone 315 Seisei Blda CHIIjIJCOJHE, MO Office Phone Residence Phone 28.3 1j?'J-T DR. J. E. CALLAWAY SPECIAL ATTENTION Gl\ EN TO TREATMENT OF DISE 1SES O" Nervous System, Digestive Or gans -- All Chrome Ailments and Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office Hours--8 to 11 oO a m 1 0 0 t o 5 3 0 p m Office Second Floor Peoples Trus Companj Building Don't 'W ait For the rat vl Stas«* of JCidnej Illness. Profit B CliilU- cofhe People's Kxpeiiences Occasional attacks of backache ir regular urination headaches and di? zv spells are frequent S3 inptorns of kidney disorders I t s an eiror to] neglect these ills The attacks maj jpa«s off for a time but general]^ re 'turn with gieater mtensitj Don I delaj a minute Begin taking Doan ? Kidnev Pills and keep up their use until the desired lesults aie obtain ed Good work in Chilllcothe proves the effectiveness of this gieat kidnej remedv Mrs J B Hellam Graves St Chil licothe sas ^1 had a steady dull pain in the small of my back which grew worse until I was nearly w orn- out A good deal of the time I had headaches and dizzy spells too I felt w eak tired out and nervous I have used Doan's Kidney Pills when ever this trouble has come on tnd t am pleased to say that they have al w a j s given excellent benefit I keep Doan's Kidney Pills on hand all the time and use them when occasion arises ' Price 50c at all dealers Don't simn lv ask for a kidnej iPmedy--get i D o a n s Kidney Pills--the same that Mrs Hellam uses Foster-Milburn Co Props Buffalo N Y FOUR DOCTORS DISAGREED Pafcis Disappeared After Use of Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound. Wilmington, Del --"I was suffering from a terrible backache and pains m my side, v ith bear ing down pamy and was very nervous I -sv as alwaj s tn ed, alvi ays drowsy, never c o u l d get enough sleep and could not eat I had f o u r doctors and each told me something different I read of Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and decided to try it I got good resul ts and J now feel better than I have felt for ycais and I am gaming in weight I can gladly recommend it to all women "--Mrs GEORGE W. SEBOLD, 1G11 West 4th Street, Wilmington, Del Backache and tearing down pains are danger signals which every woman should heed Eemov e the cause of these aches and pains by taking Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, that good old root and herb medicine Thousands of women have testified to its virtues. For forty years it hag been making ·women strong, curing backache, nervousness, ulceration and inflammation, ·weakness, displacements, irregularity and periodic pain If you TV ant special al vice write Lydia E. Pmkliam Medicine Co confidential, Lynn, Mass, JjOCtfel ST PHOTS Otfice 940 TSes tjO7-V! DR. J. L. JOHANSEN Dentist Chiropodiist (Foot Specialist) Corns oOo Club Nail 75o Callouses 50c 1 ammer Toe 50i- to 75c Ingrown Toe- Bunions 50o nxil 75c J,ails tummed p r o p e i l j 50t Massage of Foot 50c Special attention and c ire given m all ca=-es Callb ani\\eied prompt'j 111 all p u t s ot the c i t j FOURS 0 a m to 5 p m l^EOPOJjlS Thp services of Forty hours which vas to have been given at St Pat rick 0 church has been indefinite!-* postponed \ V m Hogan lelt Fridav foi Mad ison Wis , to accept a lucrative po sition at that place W m JVIcKenzie and Dom Hall w e r e "Wheeling visitors Satui daj , Mr and Mrs George Sw an* spent Sunday at Regan Bios home Cough Syrup Ic Bottle Come to our s t o r e during our 3 days One C e n t S a l e a n d p u r chase one 25c bottle of R e x a l l C h e r r y BarkCough Syrup,and we will sell you another b o tt I e just like it for Icenf, or the t» o bottles for 26c This is only one of the Big Bargains for this sale w h i c h lasts only 3 days, Nov. 16, 17 and 18 Clark's Pharmacy TIITC KITV.YTJ:, SIORH ALLIED SOHHE OFFENSIVE J1MIS UNIT ·\IJJLITS Ml SI USTliOl r ! H L COT. NJ h\ IN OR/iJLK 1 O DISJjODGE THLi I I li S O N S 'Jhe I i each .nul Uel^iumi, l\il| \ t| Uai a Mllce v l No-Man s-Lmtl 01 Ihe P e i L i t o i j Occupied b lira Gentians (By lJult«.l J'rr^M ( B j Gail Yi Ackeimin ) Prince Rupprech s H e i d q u a i t f i on the \ \ e b t e i n T;ont Txov 11 -- Geimau believes that the Somnis' dibit, is pist Ihit, behet is b is=e i I on the anshaken and unanimous 'opinion ol the men who haie b o i u s j | the hammeiing blow s ol the lilies ml ·\ ho have detendrd the Germ in lines bj stiong e f t o i t b o t h under = i o a n d and ovci head l u i t h e r m o i c thev point out t h x l to push the Geunan I I ne? out of Trench and BUgium occupied t e i r i t o i y w o u l d be but to male i a n o - m a n s land out ol such ten toiy by the Tiench md Butish guns i Phis confident belie! that the al lied forces aie at their heigth it, hold out in the tace of statements f r o m British prisoners t h \ t the month of Novembei will be a s u r p i i s e Tli 3 i e = u l t of the great allied offiensiv ·was decided in July Gei man official here sa This w as the belief ol one of Gen Garier s captains an intelligence o(B cer who interviews all prisoners leads] all documents liom the battle troats and whose duty also is to s t u d j stnt eg and who has spent a. number ot years in Prance and England I h e allied offensive w is decide I ilast June despite the fact that it ha^ kept up continallj foi months longei Thej cannot progress lurther beca use the battles aie now decided by aitil- l e i y and not i n f a n t r y Massed attacks cannot gain what they did at the be ginning vV e have almost as much artillery now as the French and "when we shortly have as much amunitiou thej will make no progress The French have 50 guns to every 1501 jards of line On an eight m i l e line i the} have 1 0 0 0 cannon But one I must remember that this country i s ' woi tli much to Fiance and Belgium |, as, Uiejr tuture homes Ihe French realize this m o i e than the English The French -will destroy only w h a t their military rules require Ihe Eng lish w ill desti 03 e\ er\ thing with then a i t i l l e i j T h e y daie not use too much foice w i t h their a i t i l l e i j as they do not care to make of this country a teintory no man s land H O M E S For Sale 5 room dwellng on paved stiec r not modern except electrict lights George ajld Miss Lula Donovan and j gm ;] barn p rlce 3 000 Miss Uice Shea w e r e visitors at t^~ Dora. Hall home Sunday Mesdanies Joseph McKenzie and DR. W. R. SIMPSON Practice Devoted to General Medicine 25 Tears .Experience In Disease ol the EYE, EAR and GLASS FITTING I Calls Answered Tay and Night TELEPHONE 35 Office * Hesldence--416 E WebatCT CHIIA.ICOTHB. MO. Joseph O Hourke 11 ho h i \ e been on the sick list are i m p i o v m g Mrs John Regan who has been ill lemams about the same Jolin Hogan ^ as trading in V hee'- ing Alondav M V Kinsella and tamily an 1 Mis E Hogan visited at the Thomas Hall h o m e Sunday "VIiss Kathcrmo Hogan spent th" ·\\eek end with her sister Mrs Win McKenzia "Vliis Margaret Martm spent Sun daj -with Chillicothe tnend« DR. T. G. PHELPS THE OSTEOP4.1H OFPIOE IN GTVDY BLOG 2nd Sturm} not tli of Leeper House CHIkUCOTHC MO PHOVFS Residence -2OS Office, 141 Calls answered promptK da^ or night f)R. S. BLACK P H O N E b OfB~e 541 Re idenee 716 Priiate C-lls Prompt v Vnssvered Lse the Constitut on. V ant column if you h/n e something to dispose of It gets quick results I \ ^iiLnoiinti nit lit i have conti ict-cd w i t h t e A n l e r n a tional Harvester Co for the full lin^ of McCormic,k line of farm machin ery An one wanting repairs f o i mj part o£ this line including ga engines and cream separators will h^ furnished bv me E H L^KB, Phone SI8 506 E VVebster street Chilllcothe, Mo b loom new r n i d e r n home on paved "treet hot water heating system One of the nicest homes m the cit Pri.e $5500 7 ocm new home close in on p a v e d streets, a fine home at $ 6 5 0 0 5 room m o d e r n cottage on paved street flue neighboiLood 3 7 5 0 6 i jom dwelling electnc lights $1T(. I Tfioin cottage on paved sl~eet *. oirg^in at $1350 l\Tanj otheis It you T\ant to bnj liopertv come to us It is our spec ialt W e ha-\e ani thing j o u -want Gill Ryan side square Chilllcothe Mo A. W. CBES \ MEN FEElj 'LfRCD TOO TVhile much i» said about tired w o m e n it must be remembered thai men also pa-v the peniltv of ovei work \ \ h e n t h ^ kidneis are - n e a k i n a c t n e or sluggish when one feel= ti-ed oi t and miserable has the blm.s 'acks energy and ambition r olei Kidnej Pills are tonic and sti^ngthenmg They act quickly Sold e \ e r \ w h e r e LIVC STOCK AlTCTIOiSrEB Office Booms 19 2O Willbrnnn Building TERMS BKASON 4BLT3 I Office Horn s 'I OO a rn to 5 OO p in Cbillicotlie Mo D% i5cp c i t^ V ne I c t f a curse 1 restore digestion normal weiahi »ood health and p d i i f j the blood U' B u r d o c k Blood Bitters Sold at =1.11 drug btores Pr ce SI 00 M. W. LITTON C i 7 ! m u^e foi C h i l d r e n C r y f O R FLETCHER'S C A S T O R I A 1-neHo Gi'e t S«mU u» 1917. Some o£ theso a-ie stoo-irroupb hko tho^e imraitable stories if the oild home down in Maine in which C A. Stephens shows hnnselt a ma^ ter There will be senils tor girls serials. lor boys senals that hold the rapt attention ot all readers ot either sex anl all ages And the flc- ,ion is only a coiner of The Compan ion It is brimful and i n n n i u g over ith all manner ot good things There s not a better $2 00 w o i t h of penodical reading anywhere Send toi the Forecast for 1917 which discloses some of the delightful secretb of the new volume New subscribers for 1917 who send ?2 00 now will receive all the issues tor the remaining weeks of 1916 free also The Companion Home Gal. endar for 1917 By special arrangement new sub scnbeia 3!or The Coiup-amon c x u have also McCall s Magazine for 1917 b o t h publications for onl^ $2 10 This two-a-t one piice offer in elude'' 1 The l o u t h s Companion--52 Issues in 1917 2 All remaining November and December issues of The Companion free 3 The Coinpiion Home Calendai for 1917 4 McCall s Maga7me -- 12 fash ion numbers an 1917 5 One 15 cent McCall Dress Pattern--your choice from your first copy of McCall's--if you sond a 2 cent stamp with vour selection THE YOUTHS COMPANION St Paul St Boston Mass New Subscriptions Received at this office CASTORIA For InfaDts and Children in Use For Over 3O Years . . . |VOICEDTHE ; SPIRITOF PATROITISM Freedom from the oppression of cruel and despotic tyrants was fought for by our forefathers, the , battle won, joy resumed in peace and ', protection. THE BATTLE AGAINST "BAD BLOOD" continues to be waged. People in every walk of life are fighting thi» ' hydra-hendcd tyrant whose name is iegion and whose baleful afflictiona arc insidious, unwholesome, contaminating cmd di*igerou3. FIGHT THIS BAD BLOOD BATTLE WITH A ^ S S i* Ifc ** lne wonderful weapon against disease. f.jSJ'H.X?TM*TM with ita blood nourishing restorative powers. GET YOUR FREEDOM FROM BLOOD DISORDERS throuih the administration of S S S S S S. is a National institution, and » the oldest marketed BLOOD MEDICINE. Don't accept vSr,.^" 0 , f d * ub » t tu ««», There's only one genuine S S. Writo for free books on Blood and Skin diseases, or in confidence to our free Medical Advisory Department, for advice. «ddre«« THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO , 17* Swltt Bloo . Atlanta Ga THE ,»EAT'*NA:Tl|ONAl. V A m -- save by home baking. It takes 5 cents ·worth of sugar, lard, yeast, etc., to make eight 20-O7. loaves of delicious home-made bread. The TtwfTBftpim costs 32 cents arid the fuel for baking one cent more. You pay 80 cents for this much bread if bought Baked in your own kitchen the cost is but 38 cents. An average family spends 45 ?S of its income for food. Lower food bills by baking more bread, rolls, biscuits, tarts, cookies and other, FLOUR good things. You'll be surprised at the saving it makes, a bated on flot.r worth $2 2a · uck. HOYTCO. M. J. Raney, Cbula; C. N. Boom, Sturges J. H. Dunn, MeadviHc; H. P, Lewis, Spring Hill G. A. Allnutt, Sampscl Reed B J O S . , Dawn, C. T. Hoyt, Blue Mound; Tharp, Littrell Co. V hceliag Cook Merc. Co., Eversonville O UR strong box is a GREAT MAGSTET for the money of those who conduct their homes and business by check It DSAWS the DOLLARS You'd find it POSITIVELY to YOUR ADVANTAGE if you would let it mag-netize your money Our FINANCIAL SEVICS is BACKED by YEABS OP EXPEBIEITCE The DISTUTGUISHED TOWNSMEN en our board of directors is ojr BEST GUARANTEE YOUR NEIGHBOR BANKS WITH US. DO YOU? fARIBS MERCHANTS BANK Chris Boehner, Pres. J. D. Brookshier, Cashier CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI Always bears ?he ·MP lamra of " Anyone de^irinf to bu^\ good d } upland wood M 00 per cord phono 494 or 1SF15 s m w HELPING HUNGRY HOGS Lots of folks think that a ko# likes dut So does a baby ]ike cand), and d boy mince pie, but RaTrlins savs too much is not a;ood for them It is a mistake to think that mud mixed with a ho^ 's feed is j^ood foi him A concrete 01 board feedina; flooi vrill pay ior itself m feed saved and double m ho^ health If ^ on TV"ant Ibe n^ht matp] idl BTXG UP R A W L I N S AT THE SAUNDERS-TURNER LUMBER CO. PHONE 247 CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS nFWSPAPFRI

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