Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1941 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
Page 4
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Sterling Daily Gaiefte P. F. Orandon. General Manager D. W. Orandon, Associate Turn to comic psge for nub'crlption rates and oth'r riA<«ified inform*- tlon regarding The fl'Prllng O»««tt« Thumbt Up! A rpport stRtes'fhat highway transportation provides employment to 6."iOQ,000 persons. It's just a question of time, we suppose. before somebody takes a census to see how many thumbs Germany i* atrongest, imf*8d of fishtlr.i her where th* odd* are at Jesnt equal. He would have us b'lieve that Germany's SO million* can defeat America's ISO million* and America's even greater preponderance in industry, agriculture, and finance and th*t Germany c»n do «o on our !*lde of th* Atlantic ocean. That conclusion ^'** not reached after consulting hi* military advh- *r* Tt *n* bom of terror or »ome eq'.iaTjv mire] iftb.^ 1 finld' j . Mr. Roosevelt l« tvrnaded of Hit- >r * determination to destroy all reiiglosi and calls for his rl^trur- (ion -011 (hat account. At fhe same time Mr. Roo*eve!t allies this conn- in- *Uh Russia. Nn'hing that Hitler has *sld in public or in secret agslnat religion can ma'tcb Russian accomplishments as the enemy of I i-eileion Hideous as Hitler's fcuiions hftvebeen. they pale before are employed transportation. in , hitch-hike Post th« Brtod According to a report the United States will manufacture mor« food products this year than any other nation has tver produced. Evidently we may have our worries, but we 'ought to eat regular. Thty'rt All Out We see where 43 p*r cent of all cars sold in the United States are still in u»*. And about <2 per cent of them fet In front of us every time we try to take a Sunday afternoon drive. Clean Country A Cincinnati soap manufacturer earned nearly $7,000.000 during the last quarter. Would you sty that they an becoming dirt rich? On Hit Job Th* United Stats* flag was hoisted over Wake island in 1888. and the navy has been a-Wake ever since. Oh, D.«hM«! They now have male beauty ahops In New York city. Doubt]«M they will go over with a whoop*. Or Ltti Thi Buei canal coat $130.000.000. In oth*r worda, about M much aa conireaa apendg on an off day. Voict Ot Tht Pr«u A fOLICY OF SUICIDE (Chicago Tribune) Mr. Roosevelt's Navy day addreas profoundly dkturtlni, not only because it left no doubt of his am- biUon to send tht conscripts into th* ahooting war a« rapidly M poa- ibt*. ThAt. after all. was an old atory; on many previous occasion Mr. Rooaevelt had repudiated the aolemn promises mad* just a yea ago when he waa a candidate for the third term. Much more alarming Uian this «dd*d evidence of bad faith wa th* self-revelation. Mr. Rooaevtl to beaide himself. Me U Indifferen to truth, reason, consistency. HI twist* facts to suit h}i purpose. H< la at one moment a prey to fea Stalin's. ftvej No/ s spy documents are required to establish Stalin's purpose It has b*en published to th* wide world, boasted about, pointed to with pride, acclaimed by his adherents in every land. If Mr. Rooa*velt Is determined to embark upon a cru«ade for religious freedom the world over, he has chosen a'strange ally. That he dared to mention the .«ubject of religion in such circumstances provides a striking demonstration of his ataoe of mind. The occasion for Mr, Roosevelt's war Is to be the sinking of American owned merchant ships Almost nil of them were flying foreign flags and were manned by foreign crews. Th* ahlpa were alienated by Mr. RooaeveH in order to evade the terms of the neutrality law. Had he obeyed the spirit and letter of the Isw, as his oath requires, these Incidents would not have arisen. So far M th* destroyer Greer is concerned, he deliberately mi«3ed the American people into thinking she had been attacked without warning or excuse; weeks latef the truth that she had been hunting a German submarine in cooperation with British patrols WBS revealed, but not through his agency. The facts regarding the attack on the Kcarny are • still wcrel and until they are known Americans, with the experience of the Orecr as a warning, may well withhold judgment. Th? neutrality law must go, said Mr. Rooaevelt, because it violates the cardinal principle of American foreign policy: freedom of the teas. To hear Mr. Rooaevelt tell it, his listeners might never have suspected that he la responsible for the neutrality law aa it stands today. It wax amended to his specifications in 1037. It was further amended, again to his specifications, in 1939. He praised it to the skies in his Chautauqua address in 1930. It is hit law. What he found particularly admirable about it after hla alterations were accepted in 1931 waa iu provision that American ships and seamen b* kept out of the tone of war. That, h* add«d. would eliminate thoa* incidents which make for trouble. Now he says freedom of the seas IB and always hat bean a cardinal principle of American policy. H* says so at a lime when the Brlt- pit*1 that ftw »r* ther« to make « d?pwi!t in ortJtr to get servlr* in tim« to hfl^e that loved one revive the care to which lie or she. is entitled. It may ,« a life. I am very deeply hurt over the !o*s of my son through a delay of many hours before, anythlns KBS don* for him. He WM dented the only hope he h*d for life for <he sake of a fesr dollar*. Tills hospital. It s^emv r«sr< mare about mone-v than for human ii->e« It is hard for me to ^v.- •>.•<; but. perh^p". hv say'ne H I i*n open the eyes of th' taxpa^rs r»f Sterling. This is how the rim ham fftmily and their friends fee; toward our public hospital. We. ai" eitirens of Sterling. Whiieslde < \v. Illinois. J, E. Peziham. PROTECT AMERICA Sterling. III.. October 2P. 1941 Editor Daily Oamte: Are we jtf'ople of Aniftk;i men oi Just sheep to be herded into whatever fold Mr. Rexv=e\elt choov,*,? For the past nine years he has done just that, and now he farther; he lia* practically declared war on Gtermanv or any* other nation which displeases him. We are a nation supposedly nith a government of. for and by the people, with representatives in congress to make our laws and declarations for us. Mr, Roosevelt has through these nine"years usurped the powers of our congress by one means or another so successfully that he has now even declared war without congressional debate, much lew congressional declaration. I say. he has gone too far! It Is time "the American people put him and his cohorts In their place. He works for us. If "work" is what you could call what he has been doing. He has hob-knobbed with royalty so long int the taxpayers' expense) that he assumes the roll of ruler over all he surveys and some that he doesn't. "Stop Roosevelt" Is the task of we Americans if we wish to remain a free people. The "Incidents at wa" were all timed to the debates in senate or house on some important legislation taking us a step nearer war. Let Mr. Roosevelt produce and place before the American public conclusive evidence as to what countries did the sinking, attacking and torpedo- Ing of our ships, instead of telling us of some more "secret" things, such *A maps, now in his possession. We are tired of secret meetings ana things. If his administration had been based on honesty and faith In the people, instead of misrepresentation and the ignoring of the true attitude of the American people toward his policies, he would not have to aak for faith and unity now; one cannot place their faith where there U nothing worthy of it. American people have been asleep under the influence of a Roosevelt hypodermic of communism, but now they ar* to awaken and pay dear- , October $0, r STATE FLOWER 1 HORIZONTAL ! Pictured flower of Rhode I«?*TK!. beverage., ft Put dotvn. in Single. 12 Behold! 14 Send. 17 Japanese s**h. 10 Unit of energy 20 Dined. 21 Write*. 23 City in Tunisia. 25 Expired 27 Eternity. 28 Snare. 32 Roman highway (pi.). .14 Comfort. 35 Hawaiian gar'anrf 3 6 Elect rifled particle. .17 Animal. :ifi Tear. 40G1055 IfiStert*. 43 Kinsman. 45 Thespian 46 Tap. 48 Expanse. 49 Far down. 50 Inheritor*. S2 Greek mytho< logical figure. S.I Friendly, 55 Sun god. 5* Worry, 37 Marrow Suffix. 3 A grain. 4 Musics! instrument 8 Language. 6 Stay. 7 Silent. B Spill. 11 Nova Scotia (abbr.). IS Compliance. (comb. form). 15 skill 58 Inside. 16 Jt is (conlr.). 28 One who dri*f ! Robbery. 1 MtuHeal mrf#. i Pertaining to aircraft (pi.). 31 Member of royal family. 33 Sun. 34 Accountant'* degree (inlt.). 35 Conductor. 36 Head of Vichy government. 41 Implement for washing .floor* 42 Incursion. 44 Brother. 46 Dapper. 4} Neat. 30 Farming implement 51 A,t««rt 53 Credit (abbr.) 54 French article out. ytni know. Ton ftrtit prt«e«wd thij l<m>iy, rMtful e*m- munity with thrw* d?*d person*, Don't vwi ?h!nk fr;*t'« a pretty pood summers work? Why don't you to home now. Go home and re«;t up." He WM grinning, but fhe *v»y h» held my hands didn't msk* me fe*l he waa fooling His h»nd* tremblfd »nrt m b«clc of that arin 1 s*n*»d fear, and I'd n*"rer known Denny to show fear, tf It h*dn't been for Handle I think j'd have >>*cked our thinfs rlgn? then and hesried for town. But Maudir »*id it wan apparent we were the only observant one* around there. "Maybe before the police are though they'll eive' credit where credit* due They shouM vote us honor»:v meiiibers of the force," she said "Ma;,be thev'li give sou a gun to c*rr>." Dtnuv .*a:d quietly. I'll «pesk to Antler about It." "Oh. indeed." Msudie looked over the top of her glawes at him. "'Die time we might have needed a gun was after the first or second murder. This Is Ju*t a suicide. *o why should we need a gun now? Wickard Opposes 100% Parity Loans For Bask Crops Would Tend to Curb Record Food Output Next Year, He Holds Bv Oviri A WASHINOTON ary Wi ksirl df('.a:< Martin s.s -r^ir ^. H " -T r ; *~« "" ; -, .• . .. ' fcl.ich are cotton coin wl Tod Palmer's old jakn>py stopped In front of the house and he came in. "6he's Asleep," 1 **td. nodding to the bedroom where we had put tio:i ?.-i:t] !oan« !or he feai«. it would r-.'Tfeie wi< :\er>: ;j;-;irf depai ;mrnt v rllnr '*••'• it r a irrord pioduclion of nex: ;. r nr. Oovettinirnt !<>an« a; R?> jvj ,,•;)! of parity are author lard (or Dm Me HOIK. are cotton coin, wheat. i;,c an<i JohRcco. The ia\r would b" 111- nra-^d in future >caik to fail ;.MI- ity under a bill recently apprmrrl hy the House of Agriculture commit tM 1 . Jeanle. who waa no* relaxed under or .T 1 t *h h °i!,'' WHl "T rio .- P " 5f ' """ the inHuencc of one of the white ?£* ,* J^ ( TV , , ^" tT " 1 powders Dr. Orway had left me for Io " n ! ' VPl * icitflrd «'* >» *>' '"my nerves. "What did they decide?" Denny asked. Tod's solemn "Murder." he said, and didn't come as a shock. dead before she was put up in the attic Under the rope there were marks. She's been choked to death." "What «re they doing now?" Denny was already reaching for his hat. "Th# usual thing: Looking for fingerprints, trying to find out the low bl<?dtr 0n a Wayne Mich., defense housing project. Chftlrm«n Trumsn iD-Mo) t the renat* that H Htllman "« or nor, t, protect th* 1 ir.frrM5 of '!:? United But**. I am in favor of re- plarine him with *ome one who-can nnd will." hut Senator Mead <D-NY' of th" c.-imrr;! cnr.'.enrleri that Hlllrnsn had "art>ft In ?oc<1 faith" Ir the matter. Th* dbp'fte rleveloped affe'r TriJ- man hurt reviewer] th* committee'* inq-inv into failure of the FWA *» a*asrt a mntract to the P. .1. Currier Lumber company of Detroit Hillmnn's m-ommenrtatlon. T:\iman rented that HIMmftn t< :;fieri he fraied lslx»r trouble frnrn "inr«rton.-ihie elements" of the AFL if the Currier company, employing CIO workmen, received the contract. Senator Hatch <D-NM>. another ("tnmiMee member. *nid it was hti Irnpie.vion from the inquiry that if fhe Ounier i ompany wa.i not sward- ed the ro'itiat.t and "if the American ^1 j Fertrtation of Lphor pre\alls in th* matter, the t'nifd ftates govern men; pa\* tiihute rmt, of It* trei .Mirv." -at :-.-! of the word "She was tervlew. "A change m that would upset the program brcau. it* effect ufton com price*." Under Ihe food program, ffli Jare being urged to produce all they can of such products ».i pork, beef cattle, milk, poultry! eggs, and some fruits and vegetables, oo that abundant supplies might be available not only for Americans but for BiKon* and 'others resisting aggression. Wickard explained that corn was the "fundamental" crop in the food program. It i* the most important- feed for hogs, rattle, nnd dVU-kens. -•»-- w — • -"• ••• j •"•» ••** ititu \Jii\ • *+^ _. . « . where the rope came from, who i FBrmer * c «n >* «P«*'-t^ to f^d corn was around the house last night ' * bunctnnt '- v onlv Ull0ri ltlfrf is a and who was the last one to «ee'l m * r|lln of I"" 01 ' 1 - he said, brtwren the old lady alive." "How long had she—?" SERIAL STORY MURDER IN PARADISE By Marguerite Gahagan OOPYK1UH7, 1M1 NEA tERVlCt. tNO THE STORY: Two marten a* t worries that she knew about, and Parm^lse. Lake rentw (lie. aM n manre between *cho*l Uarher Miry O'Connvr. vacationing thert with her m*lber, Man4ie, and reavrter! fashion. that she hadn't seemed unusual except that she grieved for MUs Millie in her silent, tight-lipped Dennis acnt 4a>wn fmn lb« city U c*ter the sUry. Pallee art , . ly for that hypo, not only in cash, convinced M»ftiatleat«i Herbert Card but in sacrifice, suffering find blood, ' waa killed by gangster SiMh Verttll, You parents who have gone although Card's death at first Im- through everything to provide phys- plicated Jeanto M»rrls, wh*« he had leal m«d« as well a« an education for your children, are you going to iah navy, with hit bleating, will not sit back in your chair and let ruth* ful. —Jto far •paech is aa the oonOei\t of the concerned, all that was til any sense new was Mr. Roosevelt'* assertion that h* had obtained secret documentary evidence of a determination of the Germans to divide South America, including th« Panama canal rtgaon. Into five prlnclpalitiH to W tuled from Barlin, together with other fiocumtnta to prov* Ocrmanjr't dawrminaUon deatroy all religion. Ma did not, say how the papart wtra obtain*! renUy accepted th«n uncritically and u poaaibl* that th* fears they arouaed hav* unbalanced his judgment. Any one familiar with such mat- t*ri knows that every «en«ral staff in th* world hat studied every conceivable, probieaa «f military action. If Mr. ,ltaoa*velt w«rc to fo into th* file* of th* war or navy dmiht find which indieat* how we would attack Britain and aalw and govern Canada. Th* mer* prea«no* of «uoh paper* provat yond th* dttir* of military men to prepara for contingencies, ho«rtv*r rcmoU, which might arUie., BpiW are f orrver* f timing up »uch .papers. Th* important question with relation to -tr**f papers is not whether they ar* genuine or •wn whether they represent Hitler's proaent ambitions, if both th*w potnU w«rr conceded for th* sake Of argument, UM principal question would remain. That question U whether w* can protect'a western httaUphtr* and our own country In particular from such a projected invaakm by a iew ooctly and bloody mtaha than th* on* Mr. Jtooamlt Mr. Roomelt would hav* Europe, permtt American food «o r*aeh th* starvlnt children in th* conquered democraclejFof Europer H* didn't believe in th* traditional ooneept of freedom of th* a*a« wh*n th* neutrality act was hewn to his line and h* doesn't believfl in it nowi "Very simply and very bluntly," the Navy day orator Mid, "we ar* pledged to pull our own oar In th* destruction of HltlerUm." We ar* to halt the German army and force it to dif in. Then, aa h* foresaw event*, th* German power will decay for lack of victories to sustain it. in theae declaration* Mr. Roosevelt may hav* been simple, but b* waa not blunt. Mad 4»iunt-h«-wouJd-have-sald that the only way to atop th* O*r man advance 1* with troops in Ku- rope. Obviously th* British are sending none. Obviously that U what our conscript* at* to attempt. Anybody who think* this task U likely to be accomplished at a cost of less than half a million American live* i« aelfodeluded or Just plain deluded. "And when we hav* helped to end th* curse of Hitleriam we ahall n*]p to establish a new p*ac* which will give to decent people everywhere a better chance." etc., etc. That was it Courted far twv aiiMaaer* anly to brine Margie Dlxon to Paradlat thla year aa hla fiance*. See*nd aiyatcffi* l*w power-grabber* grak your boys eas death waa thai *f Miaa MUB* for aJaughter, .Wreck amfll business, I Morrla, Jeaato'a •!•»• IpJnaler aatfi, oonipletely_bankTUpt a "powerful nation like our*? It 1* freedom that has made us who kept l*ek«4 la her heart la* secret *f a girthMd remain* wftfc someane We didn't stay there much longer. The doctor said there,were things to do up in the attic and if I wanted lo take Jeanie home with me we could leave any time. "Ill lock up and bring the key. began,.and Tod hesitated. "Doc says at least eight liour» — maybe longer." "Why. it must have happened Just before Jeanie went In." I said. horrified. "What if the murderer WM sUll there f fthe might have been—" "Yes." Danny said. -ah« might have been number four." "Are they going to start torturing the poor child again?" It was Maudie, »nd her question left me a little sick. I saw what she meant. If Lima Holmes had been dead at least tight hours and we found her in the morning about 11, then she could have been killed after midnight: after 1 o'clock even, and it had been that late when we left Jeanie. * • • Her one-time sweetheart, her aunt. her housekeeper—all dead. Tod had given her an alibi for her where- i the price of feed nnd the price of Maudie 1 j vwtoc k. dairy and poultry , products. The «6 per cent loan program, he added, has tended to stabilize corn and other feed grain prices at levels Neutrality Revision Is Invitation to War, Declares Sen. Nye WASHINGTON — fAP>— flensfe Nye iR-ND* assorted yesterday enactment of neutrality revision legislation would "Invite attack by send- merchant ships, slitiR-shoLs armed *•!*.,& torpedoes. straight into a submarine blockade Nye. <-on.«Lstent opponent of ad-* ministration foreign policy, openrt the j-cnate's third clay of debate, o* the momentous legtslntlon to reprai present neutrality law provisions forbidding the arming of ships preventing them from entering llgerrnt ports or designated combau xones. Galleries were crowded. It was a different situation on ti» floor where, at one time during Nye* speech there were only six wnaur* in his audience. "There comes a clever word fr the west.- Nye declared, "that ttor whlch. on the basis of pre.tent live- betting there Is lo to one that if *» stock, poultry and dairy prlce.s, en-i*PP rt)v * tnL " reoealer, the UniVRf Might be just as well if you atayed Iabouts at the time of Cord's death: some place else tonight — not "~ " J ' " ' here." Tod had arrived at our house beforr w» got out of the car which a police ofjeer had turned Into a taxi for our benefit. aignetf hla l*tt*n heard the news that Tod Lin rteh and powerful. W* do not now, "Kit" Other character* in th* at*ry' dead and his first thoueht __^.. .__& 4^ ^^.1 *!_*— t^^^l _* IH. «..«!.! ' MVA V 1*. U—g^.^^ •4t» KX1I*1^.(_ __• «^ ' . „ » x . . * propose to feel th'« heel of imperial- are Liu ftotmea, Mlaa Mlllfe'a ;been to have someone to stay with Lin had sworn she knew the girl was in the house when Miaa Millie met her death in the rowboat, and we could teatifjr-she had been with us until 1 *. m. But with three mur- ...._ dera—three people to intimately as. wtg soclaud with h«r, thoa* three alibis d l hat a smart lawyer could blast had emu-age greater production. Wickard said a 100 per cent parity loan could be expected to boost feed prices and discourage farmers from going ahead with Increa/ed production plans. Unless there wa.s a corresponding increase in pork, beef, dairy, poultry and egg prices, the result might be an inadequate food supply. Sena ft Committee Split Over Blaming Hillman In Housing Dispute WASHINGTON - iAP» - Members of the senate defense Investigating committee disagreed yesterday on whether blame should be attached to Sidney Hillman, auo^late OPM director, for failure of federal ism or dictatorship upon our necki. !wb» aUya MI with Jennie; eMerly; jeanie. Maudie told him I wan but you must do what it takes now,{Innkeeper Chrta Gordon; local editor already at the Morris home and or that will have happened. W« tod Patawr, In love with JMnie,' then, after he had admitted there arc not given a direct vote at the polls on this question, but one sheet of paper, one. envelope, one stamp and a couple of tern.sentences penned to. our United States Senators Brooks and Scott Lucat can be your voice speaking in thit crucial moment. Jg-JL-Popl: patriot who doesn't was also what Mr. Wilton's ailies didn't want, aa they promptly r«- vealed once th* war was over. . . ; Mr. Roosevelt ia aure that Americans will pursue this mad course of conquest and domination because their ancestor* cam* here in search of independence and strove far it mightily. He neglected, to add that put his country first—whether Russia, EncJand, Japan, Germany or America.... Cltijens, save our America with your pens before—because of ruth- Ittanes*--w* are forcM to UM the gun and bayonet in defenat of it for othtr countries' sake, An American. Barrett Urges Parents To Uphold Democracy LL._— _•. IAPJ —Attorney. _. . General George F. Barrett urge* Tod. Mary, Jeanie. and Dennis apend a pleaaant evening In the city. Tht nest day a third death deepens the aiynfery. • Jeanie and Alary find Llca't bedy hanging In tht attic of the M*rria fame. SHletdt? * * * WHAT OF TOMORROW? CHAPTER XIXI an-4uultplainailg hated to In. didn't look so strong. of tomorrow. could aee Tod ftlt U>s -»m». . Maudlt . waa th* only o«s who to ask and the doctor wa* obvloualy glad when Officer Antler cant in. But-I-hatl-a-hunch the doctor-had made up his mind a*, to the answer even before he made the official autopty In his role as coroner. The law wa* in charge now and so the questioning began. I'm quite aure John' Antler would have liked to put me in my place several limes, but I wanted to b* the was more excitement over there! dldnt look as though she might be she had buttonholed him. I think he was almost as glad to get out of her clutches as -he was to see Jeanie. I managed to get Maudie in the kitchen away from them, with the promise to tell her everythina. "Sulrtrt* " *h« Mini-tArf ••? i first one to start, and since I had, that seen Lisa Holmes up there and Jeanie hadn't, it s*emed only right I should begin. believe that and you don't tiptct me to becaua* you don't btlitv* your*elf.v _____ "WtU, I saw her hanging there with a rope around her neck," I said. "And it wasn't a pretty aifht, "Hav* you notified Denny?" wan htr only answer to that on*. I hadn't, but Tod Palmer had, and Denny waa with us for dinner evening. "Throt Uflaa* and F.RIDA Y SAT ! R HA Y back with our trip to town Lb* the~ independfncOTneyncrav* irai noj*pendenc* from Europe, it* Intrigue*, it* wars, it* nates, its tax*. U political system*. They achieved *ieir purport. They mad* her* the freest and rlchect country the world hat ever s*en. All of tnia Mr. Roo**» velt would dentroy. His excuses are Justifications for na,tianal guleM*. From Our Rtodtrs MIMJC HOAFITAI. 111.. October M, 1M1 American parent* to "ke.p the adv'o.' day before. I mad. H eaVler I S^S SSfVf ^ tao " il ^lJ«nte '"in it w?, her tSS ing tne sons and daughters of this country with a virus whose underly. inr philosophy u to destroy the nation." He told a father and son banquet la*t night that "If the advocates of dictatorship airike at Amertc*, th* wedge will b* driven through the medium of th* youth of our natkw. thtre was any reason why should not help her. 4 "You didn't look to see if she was in her room last night, then?" he asked, and ah* repeated thai •he hadn't. She also told again ' ' ~ Hoim*. had had •dltor Daily Oaaett*: Fallow reaotra of thi* p*p*r, a triers, mothers, brothon, aiattr*. hiubaad* and win**: If you ahould ever hav* an accident in your family and on* of your lovod one* ahould need hoapJtaiiaatlon, b* otrtaia bt- ort you uah*r th* vieUn throufh Westclox Plant Rectivet $965,000 War Contract WA8RINOTON _ (AP) - Th* war department announced th* award of a IM6.000 contract for fuc** to the O*a*ral Tim* Irutrument corporation, We«tclox diviilon, IA 8*11*. ni. HMflUS STY! FS-FttilOt OiiStSt YWIIM, CAlllL a«d Try flU BMUWK Hmigt T> Take •AVI your mon*y, your dkpoaHian *nd yeur health by using Old Mohawk MMtoine and *** if you don't f**l tettor alter a few do*** if UUa proTMt remedy. ' Try it for tick Head- ach*. Billou«ne«, ; Coat•d Tongue, Drow»y and Sleepy PecUinc. Indigestion, fllvittiahn***; -Pain In ana* and kaak atMf MMMHI aii- •MnU du« u Q«ft«tl»atkMi. O*t a bottl* today on our mon*y back guaraat**. Only Me par te*U*. • MU»ONtY AT j^^M>iauyBK^aua^ayy^B| j^^^A*£± ^^^•^^^^^^^^•H^PP^^ • .^B^^i^^P tot wta K«XT CMtcM* VMT RiAMog or gi»vM( ar HOTEL * tWC> UttrywkaiMi I sMayaljk«t>aJ rnV CHICAGO ready to lose her dinner. Bhe wa* looking out ovtr the lake absently scratching Finn MeCool'* well-filled tummy. "I auppoac the numbtrtv boys took car* of poor Urn Holm*, too, •h* MM to no on* in particular, Denny got and alappad up from the table hi* hat On hi* red Cr«om Deodorant States will be in the war befnr* Oreat Britain is In the war. "The nasty looking claws of with all their meanings, were looked as'the ears were channeC with the gentle purra that repealing the arm* embargo and adopting • lease-lend proaram of aid to Britaia and her allies were by no means ae3* of war btit were really resigned preserve America's neutrality whi3» at the same time helping a gallata people. \. ' 'The idea had sufficient charm ta make It possible for many who ar* definitely agaiast actual involvemes*. in war to believe that we could' really go for a atroll with the leper of war and come back without hat- IRS caught the leprosy." Stops .ration TiiidT "Oh, hall," h* aaid, and walked out of tht cotta«* FREE! 1.1PWJf IMP With Thit Now CROSLIY RADIO t. Does not rot dresses or men'* - thirtl, I>04« nor irriait «kin. •« No waiting to dry. Can b* wed riant after fthavinf. B. iMnatlf stops peispirarioa fot 1 to ) d«vs. Removes odor from penpuatioo. 4. A'pure, white, freaselei*. •tamlttt vanithinc «e»m, §. Anid hu beta awarded the Approval S**l of the Amttica* lattitui* of Unadtriiia for •tiaf barmltt* to Cibtics. la th* LAMMT gOLUMi . Tiy • jw tod«yl ARRID a* an LET 'EM IN! Tkw* h**Uh giving raya of tto tun waiek ordinary glaaa k«e*a> out are istportant — let 'em tt with glaaa aubatltatea. We cany a bit atoek. KLEX-O-GLA88, cuaranteed 2 ful! ytara. 36 inches wide. &m*r*-y*fd,_ai- •WINDOW.FABBIC, *«-inch width,' per aquarc yard _ GtAS8*O«NET, Very transparent, 3«-in. width, «j. yd. WYR.O-GLAS8, a quality product, 36-in. width, 14. yd. CEL-0-GLAS8— 28 inehea wide*— Per Rim- 2ft niag ft ft. •lie M.O* 36 iaeJhea wi*W Per Biia> !• •lag ft, ft. lot ft ft BROWN LYNCH SCOTT "CAM at- TBBMS •MEN I UN «M B. TWU ST. ONLY Itrry Intfctfi' rnitlits ... five you tht fimou* SKY TESTED QUALITY proven in durability on 3 out of 4 airplanes. • Window Shadea-GlaM Installed VtucUaa Blindi Michel's Paint Store § A raw CBOBUf &ADI4M LBfr- DUCOl'HT. 1 B.'thM it A Gift A Day WINS SHIRTS with •irpldjne fabric eel* (art and cuffi guaranteed] te outwedir the shirt itself. $-| .65 $£.00 ^ NEW TIES Christmoi foxed 50 c $j.oo .50 LEATHIR JACKITS $6.50 »• $13.90 Fall SUITS ..... ...... S2USgp NEW Fall TfMMTS ..... . . SISJOip A f*«r doUM* toch week will hav* year a*lt *r f«ai y*id for by Ckriaiaaaa. Moniield's Clothing **• t. MLDG

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