Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 26, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1959
Page 3
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.Washington Monument Now i •§? Even Harder To Climb fhe By tlntled Shift tntefhftttoiuil WASHfKGfoN (ITP1) — They pleasftfilef than ever before. the National Park Service Ms I put a fresh coat of paint on a of" the most thrilling views In the world, but Warren and Beaton posed for photographers anyway (superfluous sign at the base of'at one of the lookout hdes. '(the stairs. This says it's Illegal| Somebody suggested we all have Just finished a big overhaul' to run. For anyone over 30, they walk down but the Idea didn't job on the Washington Monument, ought to make it illegal to walk. One result is that It's even hard- Everv ftow and ft S fti " thev h ^ e 'to stop the cab somewhere up the shaft, open emergency doors onto the stairs, and pick up somebody er to climb. Most sensible people don't try. They ride the elevator, and that's been made easier, quicker, and lunch time is _ Dr Pepper time serve it frosty- pick a pack of regular or king size today who shouldn't have tried the trek. Mold Ccfehionles The monument has been closed for three months while the park service spent $125,000- installing a faster, bigger elevator and making other improvements. Interior The Hard Way Secretary Fred A. SeaLon, Chief Now y°" have to walk to and Justice Earl Warren and other,from a parking lot at the foot of catch on. So 1 tried It alone. It's etill 89g steps, just as before, and the back of your legs cry out when you're done. It used 1/7 be that you staggered out of the base of the monument and collapsed in your car, which was parked right outside. But as part of the remodeling job the Park Service has barred the area to automobiles. dignitaries turned out in a cold rain Monday to reopen it. They a slope that looks like a inun- a slope that looks like a mountain when you add Its rise to the cut a red white and blue ribbon and let me ride with them on the 500-foot height of the monument's first 60-second trip to the top. ob * er . va "°" p ! atf °T' t, , It was ao foggy outside you Pv 't- Willard (Bill) Kearney of couldn't see what normally is one i ( 72 9 Wln £ St.) Glendale, Calif., was among the enthusiasts of) opening clay who insisted on doing the whole thing the hard way. Going up look him a half hour, and coming down 20 minutes. He said it was worth it to see the 189 memorial plaques and carvinga that dot the inside of the Titan Has Big Success CAPE CANAVERAL,, Fla. (UPI)--The Titan, fledgling mem. "I'VE HAD NO DREAMS . ,,"—Dark-haired Bobby Sullivan, 8, is embraced by his grandmother, Mrs. Marcaret Murphy, in Chicago. The boy was one of eight survivors of ant air crash in New York which killed 65, including his parents and two sisters. He'll live with Mrs. Murphy and her husband, Joseph. About the crash, Bobby said, "I've had no dreams of what happened." KHRUSHCHEV (trontlfmecf iffbtin Page 1} of the Marmillan mission to ease East-West tension but they did not give up hope. American Officials took a similar view in Washington, clinging- to the hope that Russia would agree eventually to realistic negotiations. They said it Was possible the ftusElans may leave the door ajar to a foreign ministers' I gist THE PAMPA DAILY NfiSWS THURSDAY, FfifiRUAfcY 26, 1§B§ Mainly About People Paid Ad«*f tislrtl KiwanisWIII Hear Educator fro? th« f hlfd week fa ft fwSCf UU wi o ja , 117 o lu ,... ft ,. ,,,,.,, OTC io • «. . o , j „„ mem&srs of the Downtown Klwan* conference when Moscow formally a .,9'f 1 f, oul «P on *°™ d P™f« m ' i s ClUl will hear top shakers ftl replies to the Allied request for;"-' 111 be *£ evise ? f Lf- m _ Sffa i ur "' thc! « > regula* Friday luheheon •nich a meeting iday on Channel 4 - This Program m0 ffo^. ', Deling, will be devoted to "Pottery." Khrushchev called such a meet- j f^ "tied" Owens soufh of fng unacceptable in a speech ; Pampa ; wn i be Riveni'a retirment Tuesday and asked ^ instead for « j3U pp e r at Phillips Community Hall, "ArtvpfHiirin* In Ihe Mand AHs," summit meeting." Eisenhower, obviously angered by Khrushchev's action, said it would be a' "very grave mistake" to hold! such a top level meeting without * at t "J, m ' adequate advance preparation. ! gains at Thrift Shop.* of ! Former Pampan, R. A. Sftlby, and now assistant superintendent of Amarllle Public School?, and! <"rldav !**' k- N° rmarl ' Principal 6t Amnril* >- ! lo High School and IHlnlediale pan president o/ the National Associft' lion of Secoondary Principals will Special bar- be the * uest "P^^here Friday. The program has baen arranged Bunny Ses-hm'an's fublte and ft»8 «5 c . lvleP cold granite walls. However, Kearney is 24 'Beef Talk Given Rotary HERE'S EGGS IN YOUR EYE and ber of this country's arsenal ofi fresh from basic training. For intercontinental ballistic missiles,'those who aren't, a lift on the apparently had another success to new deluxe elevator still costs its credit today. jonly a dime. Children ride free. The Air Force sent one of thej sleek rockets aloft Wednesday ,fAX OFFICE under limited power and over a- short range. "Everything looks real good," a project official commented after early data was in. The Titan, lighter and more ! every noon hom . during the month jbeef was one of the most healthful ; hustled into patrol cars anri; Other related developments: powerful than the Atlas ICBM, iS| Of \f arc h to sell some 9,000 1959(foods man can eat in that it was, booked at city police stati France watchd the developing j " Hflhb! Arthur tthihni of Amarillo ' cold war crisis with increasing;will lead th? great religions class {Business Affairs Committee, com* concern but refused to be stam-! 0 f the Pampa Adult Education |P°sed Of Art Aftergut, M, C* peded. Informed sources in Paris • Group at 8 p.m. today in Lovett''^rady, Jim Nation, D;Ck Rtc\v?,'-3, predicted de Gaulle might press Memorial Library. Public invited.! 13 - L - ^ayne, Floyd Vosst, gti<?tef some ideas of his own for han- • fheta Rho Oirls Club will have ;Hld£on» kes Hart and E'ek Pea* dling the Soviet diplomatic offen- ;ia bake sale on Saturday morning l dillz - sivc. but officials were close j n the Rose Building." Proceeds! The program is being held in mouthed on the latest develop- f rom uie sale will be used to send!conjunction with Public Schools ments - a delegate to United Nations. I Week, next weak. Coolness Develops i Cub Scout Pack 110 will hav e j Last week the Kiwaniahs heard Macmillan warned Khrushchev its Blue and Gold Banquet Thurs-ja. talk by Claylcn Cook', Lt. Gov- Wednesday that his speech would, day evening in Stephen F. Austin 'ernor of Division Vi from Vega, force the West 1o take vital deci-, cafeteria at 7 p.m., instead of ; and two weeks ago Car.-fvort aions on the Berlin crisis. j7:30, as originally renortcd. [Marsh gave a detailed' and in- Western dispatches from Mos- j There will be a cheek-in meet-'formative account of Paul row spoke of the coolness devel-;ing of Community Concert Ass'n'vere's last ride. oping between Macmillan and : captains' on Saturday at 2 p.m. in j '_. . Khrushchev — a coolness shown the First National Bank, accord-1 i t P*! publicly Wednesday night when ing to an announcement by Mrs. jQf])f1C0t1 |*llfiS i the two attended a performance Jack p. Foster, membership chair|of the Bolshoi Ballet and scarcely • man. A report on new member- SAN ANTONIO (UPD—Striking,'spoke during the entire ballet. j.ships sold and renewals of old women garment workers hurled j Tass, the official Soviet news! memberships will be needed in the rotten eggs at non-union employes j agency, said today's meeting was, reports. Wednesday, touching off a hair-j "warm and friendly," and that all; pulling free-for-all at the Tex- the other meetings had been the Clyde Carrulh, local rancher and : Sen, Inc., garment factory in same. The London press, which farmer, yesterday talked to the downtown San Antonio. has covered Macmillan almost Pampa Rotary club about what' Riot squads raced to the scene.' nch by Inch on his tour, used The County Tax Assessors and beef means to the life of the indi-,to pull the women apart and con- such expressions as "freezing [Collectors Office will remain openjVidual. Carruth pointed out thaLtrol the mob. Eight women were point" and "cool, markedly cool." 'Debi' Suits designed to carry a hydrogen j]j cense p[ n tes before the Aprilinot only very nutritional but also'charge* of inciting; a riot. tation on Two indebtedness suits h a Athens. Ohio: James B. Conant 'been filed for hearing in Districted from a Celanese crane, "injur $1,000 Suit Her* Shelby D. Johnson, a Celanese employee, has filed a compensation suit against the American Motorists Insurance Company for hearing in District Court. He la asking $25 a week compensation for 201 consecutive weeks. Johnson alleges that he was to- i tally incapacitated when he jump- warhead more than 8,000 m ' l es.' dead j lnc In Wednesday's lest the 110-ton, test vehicle traveled about 300; statute miles under the propulsion of a single booster engine believed to be the most powerful single thrust unit in the free world. A 'dummy second stage, filled; plates is determined by the weight with about 5,000 gallons of water ° f the car. for ballast, was not separated. This was the second successful Titan firing in as many attempts, although malfunctions have ..*..-.,. -, -,...,-. „ t .... ~-~. .«. ».,.,,...,. t . — -_„ -._ — —^ ... — ..,., . U . ICU 11 wi II fXr vsv*dii t *ic v- i a former U.S. ambassador to Bonn,'Court. Blake Laramore is seeking \- m g his back and hips. About 100 union members gath- warned that the United States 51,741 SI from Ridge and Bessie Joj ered on a sidewalk across Ihe must not give in to Russian de-iRussell in payment for groceries,' is a weight control factor. The March hours, effective! The speaker pointed out that , _, ,. ,. . , n . •• „,, , , , u . 0 . r ,, ., March 2, will be 8:30 a.m. to 5, beef on the hoof last year was a -"t'^t from the plant and peHcd n™"'^™ Bcr ^:..^L sfn l,*™^ laSCC ' f '' Om h ' S B & L Pood | p.m. on weekdays and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Saturdays. Since Feb. 1, 2,250 passenger jplales have been sold. The price of $3.000.000 income item for rjrayj workers leaving the That h*d failed to gain the confidence, Store. County so It had a double hear-; ing in importance to the people of 'started the fight. Several women of the East Germans and that thai Also, the National Supply Com- our area. received minor injuripp in scrap, and a couple sported cst-to-goodness "shiners." (hp Western sector stands as a con- pany of Tulsa. Okla. is asking $3. lion- a'''Tit reminder of freedom. fienrvn: The atom test '689.68 from two California men. ban Lee Sievers and George A. Me- In Litflefield R. S. Moore, 81, of Mart's Camp It was announced by club prosi-; Harold Frenzel, Tex-Son presi- talks entered n new «nd ominous Clister. who purchased equipment: near Littlefield and brother of ' " " ~ "'" " ' Dryer Shorted .cafeteria of the Stephen K. AIIS-, U ,, IS splattered 'tin grncle school. The reason for re t lfc -ated to (ail A short in a dryer brought Pam-lt' 1 ? school meeting is to recognize ; cnailL , e r ) othes caused "scrubbing 11 of other test pa firemen to tiie Shelby Huff j Texas Public Srhool.i Week. j Member* of the shots before the missile left itM home, r.'17 DuncHti. Wednesday, j Visitors and guests for the day'.U'omfn'H Carmen! Workers pnd. iSonm damage resulted to Ihe ( were Hcnit-r Cibsori. Al Lficii, |ion walked out Wfrlne-dnv The Martin Co., biitldpr of the 1 electrical wiring. The fire was re- John Hill. Gilbert Mize, Earl threw up picket lines. Their Titan, believes the weapon can! ported at 4:53 p.m. he niade combat-ready within a : - - — •year. ' I Rend Tho News Clnisiflrd Ads. Mre. J. B. Hilbun, 317 N. Starkweather, died Sunday at 12 a.m.. dent Don Cain that next week's rjent stepped outside to see what stage with the first talk of quit-j for their oil lease near here. Rotary meeting will be held in the: (he rnlrmlnl j on was ;i |x>nt. and I'"!?- Thf> t; - s - iln(l British dele-fan e-tf. Me KHtei in^itted Ili^y would go on reports from Kurope Ilie United in f.inlr-fi.'ld liuipital. He hail police and talKiri? a< Ion? as there is any : States migiit orcisr partial ntubili-; tilj<sn ' n '^ health for some tinvj, ichanre of snivess. ization before Russia's Alay 27 : He is survived by his wire, threa "•Til U'HililiiKti'ii: VV h i t e House <|u,( Herlin deadline. .sons, on drtii.'.'hter, three brothers, l,'n- Cii'-'< Secretary Junie.s ("*. Hayer- \V:ivliini;li)ii: Adm. Alieigh A. lliree sisters, grandchildren and ami ty s:iid he knew of no basis for Burke, chief of naval operations, great-grandchildren, con- said Wednesday RusMq would get Mr. and Mrs. Hilbun attended Waide, Mary Ann McCloskey. Jay'tract expired Saturday. They de- and a union shop. Tlie company "unacceptable damage in return" the interment in Littlefield Ceme- Solomon. Joseph Solomon, John : rnnnd a 10-cent wage increase and union scheduled talks for if it attacked the United States tery and returned home ort Hill and Bill Bellamy. ;over the current 51.15 hourly rate Friday. now or in the foreseeable future. Wednesday evening. Qualilry Thick Sliced BACON U.S. CHOICE BEEF Chuck Roost Ib. 45c Ground Beef Frye Arm Roast U.S. Gor't. • ^ Inspected ib 29 Ib. C Round Steak >b. 89' Club Steak ib. 79c EGGS Large Size DOZ. Powdered or Brown Rox I Gold Medal IFLOUR 10-LB BAG WITH THIS COUPON BORDEN'S SILVER COW MILK Wapco 12 o/ Bottle CATSUP Wapco 4fi or. Can TOMATO JUICE Reg Can Reg, 67c Size NOXZIMA 49c Kegular 39c Pak RAINBOW PAK ENVELOPES 29c With Freo Blades GEM PUSH BUTTON RAZOR $1 ea, Wapco 303 WHOLE GREEN BEANS 2 for Wanco Mustard or Turnip, Chopped GREENS 2for Wanco Fresh Blackeye 300 Size PEAS 2for Wapco No. 303 SPINACH Wanco Crushed 303 Can c PINEAPPLE 2 for Wapco No. 303 p E A Can 4H^ fill S 2 for «S5 C Mvoo 8 oz Can OYSTERS TASTY SEA WHITING I'/i-lb, pkg, BIRD'S EYE GREEN PEAS 10 «. TASTY ACHES MUSTARD GREENS 10 ox. SPARE TIME CHICKEN OR TURKEY POT PIES Sox. 39c 19c 15c 15c Wapco Whole New 303 Size ^% •• Conrho Sour or Dill .' POTATOES 2forZS c PICKLE oz. YT! SUPER MARKETS Fresh, Ripe TOMATOES Fresh Green Calif. CABBAGE Fancy Calif. Pascal ib CELERY stalk 15c Fancy AVOCADOS Fancy Red Delicious W ti"f 8n Apples lb,19c GLAZIER ICE CREAM Kz Gal. 49 c WRIGLEYS GUM Per Pkg. 3 C Box of 20 ONLY 59 Campbells SOUP Celery or Vegetable 2 Cans Shedds' SAUCE Old Fashioned PT. Tyler Rose Bushes Assorted Each

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