Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 22, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1888
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THE PRESIDE'.T'3 PLEA FOR THE NiW FISHERY TRIATV, With ii Srimp.l. of tl\B AuriM-nmiit a* It WHS Finally Adopted bjr the Julnt Cotta- mUtrn nml 'iM Prohnlilr Aril in—Ho, for rinrlilH— Nullmml Ci>|>itnl lie inn. \VABHINCTON I'ITT, Fab. il -The preii- denls ine«.<i;t> nceompanylu^ tho flshory treaty, together with the fu'l text of tha treaty; WHS given lo Ibr* press Tu?s<lnyr Tba message begins with n history of tho negotiations nliich have resulted in the signing of tbe convention, and of tlm appointment of the roirmil-^ionors to eimMor the questions volva'l, and then proci') Is as follows: Tbe treaty mei-ts my approval, because I bolievo that it supplies a »atisf«ctory, practical nn 1 flnnl adj ifltment, upon a bisls honnoraKe nnd just to both parties, of tha difficult nml voxn I question to which It relates. A review of the history of this quet- tion will show that all former attempts to arrive at a common Interpretation, satisfactory lo Loth partios, of the flrst article of the treaty of Oct. 'JO, 1(>18, unve been unsuccessful; and with the lapse of time tho difficulty anJ obscurity liavo only Increaped. The negotiations in IH.~>4, and ngain In 1871, ended In both cases in lempornry reciprocal arrangements of the tariff* of Canada and Newfoundland, ond of the United States, and the payment of a money award by tup United tftnU'i, under which the real questions in difr.!ivnco remained unsettled, in abeyance, and ready to present themselves anew just an soon as the conventional ar- igeinonln were Abrogated. Tha situation, t!ie r o f orp, remained, unimprovel by. the results of the t runty of 1871, and a grave condition of affair*, presenting almost identically tho same features and en uses of complaint by thn United SlatBsngalnRt Canadian action nnd Hritlsh default In ilx correction, confronted \in in- May, 1880, and has continued until lu» present lime. The greater ' pnrt of the correspondence which has taken place between the two governments has heretofore been communicated to congiess, a >d at ns cnrly a day as possible I shall tnuiflmlt the remaining portion to this date, Bcroinpinying It with the joint proto* coh of the conferences which resulted in tho t'O.ity now Kuhniitunl to you. You will thus be fniiy poisossod of tho record and history of tl.c caw since the termination, on Juna SO, Jb85, of tho. fishery article of the treaty of '"aslilngton of 1871, whereby we were rele- gati'il to Ihe provisions of the treaty of Oct. 20, ISIS • As the documents and papers re ferred to will supply full information of tlio positions t ken under my administration by the representatives of. tho United titates, aw well as thuse occupied by the representatives ol Urent Drilain, it is not considered necessary or expedient to repeat them in this mes-.' sage. . Bui 1 b-llijve the treaty will bo found to contain a juit, houorubla and, therefore, RntUfactory H jlution of the difficulties which Imve clouded our relations witb our noigh- bors on our northern border. Especially satisfactory do 1 believe the proposed arrangement will be found by those of our citizms who aru engaged In the open sea flsl-oi'ie*, .n*l j icont to the Canadian coast, and resorting Ui Ibosu purls and harbors under treaty provisions am! rules of international law. Tbo proposed delimitation of the lines o: the exclusive Ihherie.* from tho common fisheries will give certainty and security as; to the area of their legitimate field; the headland theory of imaginary lined is abandoned by Great Britain, and the specification in the treaty of Curtain named buys especially • provided for gives satisfaction to Iho inhabitants of the shores, without subtracting materially from tho value or convenience of the fishery rlxhts of A-neriouns. The uninterrupted navigation of • Ino strait' of Cftnso is expressly and for tho first time affirmed, and the four purpose* lor which our fishermen under the treaty of IblB were allowed to enter tbe bays and harbors of Canada and Newfoundland within the belt of three marine miles are. placed under a fair and liberal construction, and their enjoyment secured without such conditions and restriction* as in tha post have embarassed and obstructed them so seriuu<iy. The enforcement of penalties for unlawful fishing or preparing to flih within tha inshore and exclusive waters of Canada and Newfoundland I* to be accomplished under safe-guards against oppressive or arbitrary action, thus protecting the defendant fishermen from punishment in 'advanoe of trial, delays and iuconvenleuca and unnecessary expense. ;.•;-" '1 bo history of event* in tho lost two J»ars ihow that no feature of Cauanlan administration wa* moro barrasslng and Injurious than the compulsion upon our fishing vessels to make formal entrance and clearance on every occasion of temporarily seeking shelter In Canadian ports and harbors. Buch inconvenience is provided ngulnst in the proposed treaty, and this most frequent and just cause of complaint is removed. Tbe articles permitting our fishermen to obtain provisions and the ordinary supplies of trading vessels on their homeward voyage*. and under which they are accorded tbe further and even more Important privilege on all occasions of purchasing such casual or needful provisions and aupplioj si are ordinarily granted to trading vessels, are of great importunce and value. The licenses which are to l>o granted without cuargo and on application In order lo enable oar flshoruiea to enjoy these privileges are reasonable and proper checks in the' bands of , the local authorities to identily the recipients and pro- rent abuse, an-1 can form no impediment to Ihose who intend to uao them fairly. Tbe hospitality secured for our vessels in all cage* 3l actual distress, with liberty to unload au I K>ll and tranship their cargoes, is full and liberal. These provisions will secure tho substantial enjoyment, of tbe treaty right* tor our flsuer- men under tbe treaty of 1818 for which contention has been steadily made In tbe oorre- spondtmce of tbe department of state, and our minister at London, and by the American negotiator* of the present treaty. The right of our (Ubermon under tbo treaty uf J818 did not extend to the procurement of (llstlncuvi; fishery lupplias la Canadian ports and barb irs; and nua it«iu nuppodej to b) oe- sentlai, to wit, bait, was plainly denied them by the explicit and deQuite words of the treaty ot 1H18, emphasized by the course of tbe negolia ion and exprf*s decisions which prtutxled the conclusion of that treaty. Tut) treaty uow submitted contains no provision nnVctinx: tarift duties, and ludu- peaduutly of the position asuitn:ed upon the part of tbe U .itod States that nn s I u ration In our trriff or other domestic legislation could be mode on tbe price or ronsidaratioa of obtaining ilio righu of our ritic.tu* secured by treaty, ll was oonnldared more »l- pedient to allow any chingo in the revenue laws of the United Status to bo n»t 'e by tb« ordinu-y mcicisu of l«Klslalty* will, nod IB pfomonou ctt th* public inurxta Tuora- (or*, tb-u ailditioo to tb* frco U*t ol tUh, U»o oil. wb&lu an'l «i*l oil, ottv, rtwlb*! In liu it thOTonitb ib» Canadian and N«wfuu idlanl right to regulate sales of bait and orhor Bnh- ing fu."|ilii?i within their own Jurisdiction fa reco:inzHl, and the right of our flahermen to 'rooly pnrcbzse tbvw things la made con- tln4ent, by this treaty, upon the action of oongnsiin the modiflcntlon of our tariff laws. Our Bocinl and commercial Intercourse with those populations who have boon placed npon our borders and made forever' our" nelghlxus is mnde apparent by a list of United State* common carriers, marine and Inlan 1, cennno Ing their lines with Canada, which WM returned by the secretary of tho treasury to tho senate on the Tth day of Fi-b- rnnry, 18»3, In answer to a resolution of that body; and this is Instrnclive as to the grout volume of 'mutually profitable Interchanges which has come into existence during the lost half a century. This intercourse la still bnt partially developed, and if _the amicable enterprise and wholesome rivalry between the two populations bo not obstructed, the promise of tho future is full of fruits of an unbounded prosperity on both sidej of the border. The treaty now submitted to you has been framed In a spirit of liberal equity and reciprocal benefit*, In tha conviction that mutual advantage and convenience are the only permanent foundation of peace and friendship bctwoou states, and that with tbe adoption of tho agreement now placed teforo the senate a' beneficial and satisfactory in- tercjurso betwoen tho two countries will be established so 0.1 to secure perpetual peace and harmony. In connection with tho treaty herein submitted, I deem It also my duty to transmit to the senate a written offer or arrangement, in the nature of a "inodus Vivendi," tenderoc after the conclusion of the treaty on the p-.rt of the British plenipotentiaries to secure kindly and peaceful relations during the p-Tiod that may bo required for the consideration of tbe treaty by the respective goveriv ments, and for the enactment of tbe necessary legislation to carry ita provisions into effect, if approved. This paper, freely a id on their own motion, signed by the British oouferrees,notonly extends advantages to our fishermen, pending the ratification of the treaty, but appears to have been dictated by a friendly aud amicable spirit. I am given to understand that tbe other government* concerned In this treaty will; within a few days. In occordance-with- their mothods of conducting public business, submit said treaty to their rospectlvo legislatures, when it will bo it once published to the world. In view of such action Itappenrs to be advisable that, by publication hero. early and full knowledgo.of all that has been done In the premises should be afford-^ ed to our people. U would also seem to txT useful to inform tho popular mind concerning the history of the long-continued disputes growing out of the subject embraced in the treaty, and to satisfy the public interests touching tbo same, as well as to acquaint our people with the pro*nnt status of the questions involved, and to give them tho exact terms of tho proposed adjustment, In place of the exaggerated and Imaginative statements which will otherwise reach them. I therefore beg leave respectfully to suggest that said treaty and all such correspondence, message'*, and documents relating to tbe same as may bo deemed Important to accomplish these purposes be at once made public by the order of yonr honorable body, [Hljined] Gnovjcn CLEVELAND. Executive mansion, Fob. 20th, 1688. The I ruaty provides for a commission consisting of two commissioners appointed by Great Britain and two by the United States whoso duty shall be to delimit and mark upon .the British admiralty charts the exclusive waters of Canmla, Newfoundlnnd and Labrador In tho manner provided further along;, and In case ,of disagreement a final decision Is to IM made by an umpire who shall be appointed by the secretary of the United Stales and tbe British minister at Washington % City. The exclusive waters above mentioned are denned as those in which iho UnUed States renounced by tbe tr.'aiy of 1818, forever, any liberty to "take, dry or cure fish," The delimitation Is to be made as follows: Tbe three mdrlue mile* mentioned In the treaty of 1818, shall be measured seaward from low-water line along tbe British_A.mer- Ican coasts; but at bays, crooks or harbors not otherwise specially provided for In this treaty, the three miles ant to be measured Ijaward from a base line drawn between thu headlands marking tbe entrance to the bays, eta, where the distance across does not exceed ten marine miles, aud Inside of that.lino American vessels shall not be allowed to take flub. A list of special bays,' harbors, eta, Is then given, with the point* between which tbo base lines are to be drawn, aud these Include tho b»y of: Clmleurs, Fortune bay, Bt. Ann's bay'and Plaoentia bay. ,. Free navigation of the strait, of Canso to American fishing) vessels is provided for, and It Is also declared that such vessels shall not be required to enter or clear when seeking Canadian harbors t (or shelter, repair, wood or water, provided ibey do not remain longer thane twenty-four hoars, exclusive of Sun day* or legal boll l«yv The harbors rs- fergred to herein are tone outside of the lituiw of .established ports of entry; and in entering the. above tnoutionod, portt as do scribed American vessels shall not be subject to harbor dne«, etc, ., •>.. Fishing vessels of 'the United Stales ore permitted, where It is mode necessary «« 1Ji- cldental to repairs, to nnloud,..reload,-trau ship or seil, subject to the Canadian customs laws, all Hsh on board, and also to replenish outfits or supplies loet by disaster; they can also ship crews In <MH» of death or sickness. It li uls i provided that they can obtain licenses without'charge to procure such ,casuul or needful supplies for the homeward voyage, but they tnuit not be obtained by barter or for re-sale or traffic. Tbe same privileges are secured lo Canadian vessels In United State* waters. All lijuing Teasels shall bo nqiircd to plainly exhibit on each bow its oil!rial number. The penaltifs for unlawful fishing in th jexc^usiYe wau-rs ai e forfeiture of the vessel And cargo.and fair and prompt trial* of luch cases la provided'for. Whenever tbe United States shall remove I theduty upon flab, whale oadseololl, and fish of all kinds, except preserved in oil, with tbe packages, coverings, etc., the fishing products of tbo United Status shall be admitted free of duty into Canad»,New(oundUnd and Labrador, and licenses shall b) glved free of charge to American fishing vessels for the following purposes, namely: The purchase of provisions, bait, ice, - seine*, • line* and all qther supplies and outfit*; transhipment of catch, lor transport by any means of conveyance; shipping of crews. Supplies shall not bo obtained by barter, but ball may bo so obtain*! Tha like privilege* shell be continued or given to fiahiug Votfsels of ad«.nud of Newfoundland on the Atlantic obasta of the United Btatea, i . Tbe British plenipotentiaries, after ftigaing { tha above, sag ,vstrd that it might be soon time before 1 hu rat fications of Uw same were •xchaug*), and- ID the uie*ullm« the old OB.UB04 of trictiou would rouialn. Therefore, to s-tt-u J « "modus livouili" (hey mode lit* fallowing proposition (or a temporary kr- raagenseut, to stand for a period uat iag two yvarc: Th*t Uw prtvUtfjo* at entar- io,g th* harbor* of f»iwi»auU N iund »t-J! be gr*al*4 Aauriaau iUim *4kt*i if *1 Wj»r t*a for lit* ruH<j»in«j parposea; purchase of bait, loo, seines, line*, all other supplies and outfits; transhipment of cargoes; shipment of crews. Provided also, that if the dutlM above referred to ar* removed by tbo United Statss tho licenses (hall be granted free of charge. The Amer- can plenipotentiaries expressed their satisfaction with tho proposal and agreed to recommend Its presentation to the senate. DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE. Mo Federal OmelKls To Be Present—'Frlseo Bonn* to Have the Cnll. Crrr, Feb. ,a— No offloe- bolder who holds a presidential commission is expected to present as a member of the Democratic national committee. Upward Of ten members or the committee now hold federal positions of importance, and until Tuesday It was thought that all would appear In person. It is learned, however, that an intimation has gone out that it would be better Tor them not to appear, and all of the goT~ erment officers who are member* of tha* committee will doubtless be represented by proxies. A cabinet officer, in discussing the mntter with a representative of tho United Press, expressed tbe opinion that for an official to be present In the committee, In view of the president's well-known views on the subject, would be, to say the least, "indelicate." The contest between I h»delegations her* for the location of tho next Democratic national convention, bra apparently narrowed down to Chicago, br. Louis and Ban Francisco. The Cincinnati delegate* are still in the field, and while not confident, hope to profit and perhaps win, by the close rivalry of tho three cities named. Tho Now York delegates are opon In their professions of favoring first Nuw York city, with but little prospect of winning, and second San Francisco. A survey of tho situation from surface Indications seems to place San Francisco in the lead, with St. Louis and Chicago not defl- nitc'y placed. The Chicago and Bt Louis dolugatlons sovm to depend mutually upon each other to dofeat Ban Francisco, while tho 0)4 -time rivalry between Chicago and Bt. Louia is relied upon by tbe 'Frisco delegation to prevent a combination of members of the national committee friendly to tho** cities. A JAUNT TO FLORIDA THE NUPiBER OF KILLED BY THE MT VERNON CYCLONE. Prmldent ClcrdUnil und Wife Start For the IiHtiil of Ftuwers. WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 2A—Tha president, Mrs. Cleveland, Secretary and Mrs. Whitney, and Mr. and Mrs. Laniout, started on a trip lo F.orlda Tuos lay morning.. They were accompanied to tho train by Secretary Vilos, Poatmaster-Oineral Dickinson and other tlljitiiiguisliBl-ofunials,—and -will travel on a special train thoroughly appointed for their convenience and comfort. Tha start was made at 11:45 a. m., in tbe presence of a large crowd, and all the members of the party were i i good health and spirits. There will be but one stop en route—at Savannah, Go., whore extensive preparations have been made for their reception. Tbe Florida end of tho jnunt will inclu le vlsitn to Jacksonville aud St. Augustine. Telegrams from Richmond state that tho train passed there at 8:80 p. m,, and "an informal reception was held on the rear platform of the president's car, whore an opportunity to shake hands with him was given a number of citizqns. Af Petersburg about 250 people had gathered, wiio cheered vociferously dnrlng tbe brief stop, the president and wife appearing and bowing thelracknowledgmanta. 'Weldon, N. C., reports the arrival of the train at 0:81, and Goldsboro at 8:40 p. m. The latler placo was illuminated, and 8,00(1 persons were present, cheering the train as it passed slowly through the oity, no stop being made. READY TO OPEN THE DOORS. The Senate Pick of the "Lying" About Proceedings In Secret B«»lon. WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 22. —"The enter- Ing wedge for the abolition of secret sessions. 1* to be the dlscu*slon of the fishery treaty," >aid one of the most Influential Republican •enators to a United Press reporter. "We ar* going to O|wn tbe doors," he continued, "when we discuss this treaty, and I am satisfied that It will result in open doom for the consideration of all executive business upon . which tbe injunction of secreay Is not specially voted. - There ho* been BO much lying about what really took place in secret cession on the .British extradition treaty, that nearly all of tho senators are heartily sick of the whole secret session business, and are about ready to open tbe doors by practically unanimous consent. Closed doors and the Injunction of secrecy give too much latitude to men who want to promote their selfish ends and misrepresent what really occur* in secret sessions." Little Work Dou«i in Congre**. : WASHINGTON Crrrpljleb. 23.—Invitation* i were received by the senate Tuesday for tbe partio patiou of tbe United States in the In- tornatlon at Geodetic association to meet at Berlin, and from the Belgian government tor our participation in the International Exposition of Science and Industry at'Brut- sels. Tho Washington City street railway charter was then considered without final ao- itlon and tho senate, alter refusing to adjourn until Thursday, went into executive session and when the door* leopened adjourned. , Tha bill to refund the direct tax was reported to tbe house, after which, In committee of tbe whole bills appropriating In tbe ^ggrcgare {375,000 for public buildings at Charleston, S. C., and Lancaster aud Allentown, Pa., were passed. 'The house then adjourned until Thursday. ' All Flesh Is Grow. > WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 22.—Among tbe bill* introduced and referred In tbe senate Tuesday, was one by Platt to provide for tbe establishment of an experimental grans and forage plant farm, and for the conducting of experiments relating to grass and forage plants. He spoke of the importance of the subject; gave the value of the gras* «rop of the country at over a tltWO,<XK',U'» a year; and a.iid that good grasi meant good beef, good mutton, good poik, good butter, good cboeBO aud good milk. In Favor ol Fractional Currency. , WASHINGTON CITY, Fob, 22.— The bouse oommittea on banking aud currency Tuesday morning agreed to report with favorable recommendatiou the bill autbprixing the 1*- *u« of between twenty and thirty million dollar* of silver certificate* in the denomination* of 6, 10, 2&, and 60 cents. X>i tho Shadow of Death. . WABUINUTOK CITY, Feu, 2a.—At midnight Tuesday Hie condition of Mr. Corcoran was unchanged. He U very low and may die a 1 any tuoumuc. Au Olil-Fiuhlaued "MIIL" WILMINOTON, Del.. Feb. V2. — Two fxather weighty "Young" Duncan, of thii city, »U' an •" from , Plilladttlphla, fought nlnety-threo rounds at R;JJiu'< I) ink, n*ar UiU city, tarljr Ttt**-.lay morning, London priie-riiiK ru ei, two-oun» gloves, sisla. f iftwn »t*.-cUtom, at |IJ »aob, wtt- B**tnl UHI (\<bi. Th* fight liwwJ ou« hour uti itviy iuiuuto*, au>l WM aunt brutal TJw n,<ku<>nu « SLIGHTLY EXAGGERATED., HEAVY FAILUREIN THE IRON TRADE. w»nty-Or,c Now Glvoo u th* Total, with Several Mho Will Vet Dlft—Help Coming In Freolr, Bnt Mora Wnntr*!—A Han Who Thnnxlit lie II»<1 B«en Firing;. MT. VKB^ON, III, Fsh. sA—Tho terrible calamity that befell this city on Sunday afternoon has brought thousands of sight- •oeera to view the devastation left in tho .rack of the deadly cyclone. Every train irlnu'S visitor", and all exprns surprise at the smallnesa of tbe death list compared with ,ho general wreck of the city. Loadi of irovislons have already boon received from Svansville, Carmi, and several other point*. While this is greatly appreciated, the people can not receive too much, for tbo suffering and destitution is very great. The Presbytor- an church,being uninjured,Is being u^odasa- statlon for general distribution of supplies, and presents a very animated scene, and hundreds "have been relieved. The supreme court house, being tho largest building suitable for the purpose, I' being used as a Hospital Tbe relief, finance, and other committee bradqnarters have been thronged with applicants for assistance, and were It not that donations of all kin.IB are coming In from other cities they could not be provided for, and deep gratitude Is felt to those who have so nobly befriended us. ' The wounded are mostly doing wolL Mrs. L. B. Leggo is still living, but failing fast, Ellon Jones (colored) had her right leg amputated and her loft leg Is fractured. Mrs. D. F. Yenrwooil has a deep hole In iier head, aud will hardly recover. Walter Jones (colored) has severe Internal Injuries, and his recovery Is doubtful. Adj, Gen. Vance and Dr. Raucb, of the state board of health, have been in consultation with tha various committees in regard to providing for the destitute and wounded. Everything possible Is being done for their relief. The numbor of killed baa been greatly exaggerated by tho announcement* of Monday and tbe diy previous, but this can easily be accounted for when tbe chaotic condition of affairs Is token Into consideration. The list comprines twonty-one persons. Of this number fourteen were killed outright, and the rest have died since from the Injuries received. Tlu-y arc: Divi 1 Yearwoo.l, J. C. Murray, lira. Russell Dewoy, -Mary Westbrook, Henry Waters, Charles Cummtnga, Mrs. John T. Waters and hnby, Mrs. Calvin Cooper, Mm. William Jones and child, Frank Clif;htm ui (nf-AUiioii),-Cloorgo Persons and sons, Jiw <p!i Hh «vv, Mr* John Sheldon, Josle Pulton, Kd Ilarpnr'i daughter (colored), Mrs. Charles Hutchison. Mrs. Martin (col- ered), Mrs. Catherine Miller. That this list will bo largely augumented there can be no doubt—that la, judging from what tho doctors say—although the unfortunate Bufforers ere having everything done for them that skill and medicine will admit of. Here is a complete list of the patients that now occupy cots in tbo extemporaneous hospital arranged on tho ground fioor of the county court building: Mrs. Henry Waters, Mrs. David Ye/irwuol, Stephen Moxey and brother, Louis I* Emerson; Mrs. Holcomb, leg broken; Miss Ida Holcomb, arm broken; Charles Ellis, slight; Henry Ellis, alight; C. Hambrick and daughter,Corn; Mrs. Liwler; B. Leggie, will die; Fred Boswell, will die; G. B, Hawkins, leg broken; William Nooner, broken arm; John L. Manlon; Mr. and Mrs. Palm, Adam Palm, B. B. Ross, Charles Galbralth and wifo-^V. Moxy, Mrs. Dr. Albright, MUB Nora/ Albright, Mrs. L. N. Beal, C. N. Bulllvoii, Coll Malono and wife, Mrs. W. HJ Henman, Eddie Malone, Frank Malone, Mrs. J. .W. Hambrlck, C. H. Holt's child, James Hitchcock, Rny Hitchcock, F. B. Ross, Mrs. Fred Boswell, Dora Herrin, Frank Coats, William Herrin, Mrs. A. Hellman, Miss Laura Liwmby, Mrs. L. H. Way, Steve Westbroiik.TomLincy (not expected to live), Dolphy Isom'ii daughter, Gus Herman, Bob Beebray. William Uogan'< two children, Miss Louise Doilchman, Hughes' boy;Z. C. Beasley, seriously; Mrs. Z. C. Boaaly, broken arm; Mrs. J. N. Snow, head severely cut; Charles Peterson.'lnternally injured; A'loldb Wotten- gur, Internally Inj.ired; Martin J. West, shoulder dislocate I. A ludicrous incident occurred during the storm. A man connected with the electric light was taken up and carried a distance of 800 yard* at a height of forty feet. When he finally reached tbe ground he began slapping his arms against hi* side as a chicken In the act of flying and exclaimed: '"I've been flying; Fve been flying." It was some time before be could realize what had happened. Money has been coming In from the Pacific slope, from Georgia, New York, and even Texas Is represented among tbe donor*. AU told tbo committee has been notified to draw on various'persons and place* for about $4,000. While with this sum they will be able to feed Ihe unfortunates fora couple of days, it Is absolutely necessary that they should be in a position to provide enelter for them so that the able-bodied • men among them can get work removing the debris that now block* the streets. A Buniib Experience at Detroit. DETROIT, Feb. 24—John T. Kasor, an In gurance agent, wo* struck on the bead witb a billy by one of two men who attacked him near tbe Michigan C Mitral station Monday night and knocked insensible. At 5 o'clock Tuesday morning ho wa* found at Jackson In a box-car on a west-bound train. He had been robbed ot everything, and had apparently been carried by bis assailant* some five miles to the junction, and dumped into tbe car. He arrived home Tuesday night, Tory much the worse for hl> experience. Stuck to a General Denial. COLUMBUS, O., Feb. 23.—Two of the defendants in tbe tally-sheet trial were put on the witness stand by tha defense Tuesday. These w.*re Dr. C. K. Montgomery and Fred 8leubt>. Both were subjected to a severe cross-examination, but stuck well to a g er*l denial of the charge* made In ' Qran- ville's testimony, and stoutly refuted the charges of tbe indictment that they had anything to do with the .forgery of the tally sheets. B«d State of Affairs at Boston. BOSTON, Feb. 22.—The bouse committee on labor gavu a hearing Tuesday to Mr*. Charlotte Biunh.who charge* that various Intelligence offloes send glrU seeking employment to d ireputab!e boutea, and that Inspector Burleigh connives at it. Bhe submitted fifty •tatemenu of women that they bad been *o sont. Several accused manager* of office* testified to tbe falsity of the charge*. SufTtcfttatl by Hatur*! Go*. LIMA. Oalo. F. b. !£.— Denis McQraw one Li* wile were foaod dead in Iwd Tuesday morning, evidently tbe result of asphyxia* lion from th» natural- go* with which tbe hoastf was fllltxl wbeu dbooverad by frUads, Ulrnt WMI» Aiiondlue the Tkoatr*. ZjurKsvrLLie. O., K»!». 3&—Uarlnj til* rwrforiuanuu of Tba Dvaoan 1 * Dautitttar,' at BodttlUt 1 Opara boa«, Tttaada; uJght, Jo* HAIXIUW, K4(«d 17, -ti<M of l*» aodUatitt, dl«d raCr, * Co., Ow» Over a Mlllton -They Can Wot Pay. PrrraBtmo, Feb. 22.—Graff, Bannett ft o., iron manufacturers of Ibis city, filled a deed of assignment Tuesday to P. H. Miller, if Pituburg. The failure was unexpected. n 1883 the firm failed . for 11,200,000, and rere granted an extension. Since then the Irm havr paid off about two-thirds of their ndebtodnes*, and were supposed to be doing well The large extention of their plant In which most of thoir profit was invested Is ;1ren as the cau*o of tbe failure. The secured labilities are estimated at about |0;iO,uoo and he unsecured liabilities about f?00,000. Among the liabilities is a mortgage f or $450,WO, held by the Now York Life Insurance company. The asset* are believed to be bout ISuO.OOO. Gnlnsi to AbnllBll Pool*. PES MOINKH, la., Fob. S3.— The boms bad nnder consideration Tuesday a bill Intended to prevent pools and combinations among railroad companies and th*ir agent* to keep up rate*. It make* the offnnse a "misdemeanor, punishable with a fine not exceed- ng $1,000, or imprisonment not exceeding one year, and upon the conviction of a com- janyorlts agent the auditor's certificate allowing It to do business hi Iowa shall be revoked. It was ordered engroeaed. Tbe Bonato Bpi'nt tho day in debating tho state veterinarian bill, but foiled, to reach > ej the chief cause of disagreement being .hs question of compensation for stock condemned to destruction in oa*e of exposure to contagious disease. , I.ynoh Is Looking Forth* Brnt*. ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 22.— Special to The Despatch, from Ashland, WIs., says that at Washburn, a little town across tho bay from ,hat city, Intense excitement prevails over he rape of a 9-year-old daughter of Walter Tanoa. While the family were all away Monday afternoon, and noha bat the little flrl remained, an inhuman brute named >smer, who Is employed by Vance, over- x>wered her and succeeded la accomplishing ill purpose. She is now under the care or a doctor and Is in a precarious condition. Tbe small community I* gruatlv incmsel, and should tbe brute bo found ho cannot escape tbe rope. Fire at Minneapolis. MnorEAPOLta, Mi n a, Feb. 23. — Fire Tuesday night In the Bcbulls block, on Washing- ion avenue. North and Second ttr^to,caused (85,000 damage, fully covered by Insurance. It originated la th'e candy factory of A. H. [ves & Co., but from what cause Is unknown, The building was occupied by the following Jrms: A. H. Iv»s & Co., candy; Kennedy & Co., crackers; T. J. Morrow, wholesale boots, and shoes; Howard & 'Harris, baking powder and spices; Leavitt & Co., boot* and; shoos, and W. H. Smith, groceries. The building was damaged to the extent of $10,000. Shot Ills Father Fatally. ..CHICAGO, Feb. 22.—Michael Kinsley, cook in a restaurant, has for a year boon very dissipated, and when drunk vary abusive to hii family. Tuesday afternoon he 1 went home drunk and began an attack on his wife, finally obtaining a revolver. ' At this point his ion Michael E., aged 1&, Interfered and tried to take the pistol »way, finally succeeded and backed away. Bii father rushed at aim, and he fired, probably. • Inflicting a fatal wonnd. Tho young man says he did not Intend to fire, and simply wanted to bluff tbe old man. Would Not Work Overtime. NEW YORE, Feb. 33.—Sixty tracks loaded with freight for tbe government warehouse were compelled to return with their loads to the piers, on account of the enforcement of the eight-hour 'Taw by which the freight handler* quit work at promptly 4 o'clock, on certain day*. On other day* tbe gang I* divided, one working from 13 m, to t) p. m. Monday tbe whole number were "off* at 4 o'clock and no one would work overtime, for the reason that the government will not guarantee payment for extra work. The Crown Prlnco 'improving. SAN RIMO, Feb. 23.— The crown prince passed a satisfactory day . Tuesday, and 1* better. Tbe alarmist reports which have been circulated regardlng.bla condition are without foundation. The' crown prince** and her daughter* have opened a bazaar in aid of the German church here. Tbe prince of Wales dined with the crown princes* Tuesday, and afterword joined her and several companions In a walk; The duke and duchea* of Baden arrived here Tuesday and visited tb crown prince. " Fist Train On the Wabaab. Fob. 22.—The Wabaih will on March 4, put on a fast train between Toledo and Kansas City, making the run In tweoty- thre* hours. Connection will 6e made with this by a train from Chicago, which will connect at Bement, running over, th* Waboah'g own line to that point, Instead of using the Toledo, Peoria & Western. Mat present. Tbe running timo between Chicago and Kansas City will be shortened up about three hour*. 'Llteratlr Starved to Death. RlADiro, Fa., Feb. £U.—Jacob Hollenberger, aged 20 yean, died here Tuesday, having literally starved to death. Over four month* ago a piece of molten iron flew Into hi* throat while be was working, closing up tha panage way to his stomach. He has never eaten anything since and wa* kept alive by liquid injections. Hi* weight wa* reduced from 165 to forty poundp. A Twenty-four Hoar Walk. • NEW YORK, Feb. 22.— Forty-two man at 11:14 Tuesday night itarted to. go; as they pleaae twenty-four hours at th* Aroer lean Institute Tha score of the leader* at 1 a, m. was: Cartwrlght, I' miles 3 laps; Conner*, 14 mllea 8 lap*; Nore- tnac, 18 miles!) l:i|i-; Vint, 15 miles; Dillon, 19 miles 8 laps; O'Brien. 18 miles 6 lap*; Ben nett, 15 mile* 7 laps. Ended • Police Fight. TXRRB HAUTK, Ind., Feb. sa— The police fight, which has been going on her* for »om* time poit, culminated Tuesday night when the city council, by a vote 7 to », remove* Superintendent Lawlor, Democrat, auc CapU Vsndever, Republican, and electee Alexander Knight and W. E. Dwyer to the vacaat place*. Knight I* a Kipubllpan an< Dwyer a Democrat "Blowing Oat" Vtulr Fttmi BASTON, Pa., Feb. 33. — The GUndoa Iron company fluUbed blowing out- it* No. R fur- &*oe Monday, and Tuesday morniag aom- mencod blowing ou'. No. 5, leaving but oo* stack in operation. This uoa&n* a su»p»o»Joa ot many hands, and a great deproniko o. basinet* In Qlendon, the majority of whoa* dtlBBis depand on tho forcaom OH! MIT HEAD. The pain from N^arftlspn aty.1 Us companion (JUefv* 1 : Kh'-inn^ti-sm is eJcnaciftting. Thtin^mid* ^vlm i-mltS be quickly cnr^d nn? n'-f^Jle^ly suffering. Ath-!o-nhi>-r0s wi!4 Jo for others what it did for the following parties: Wmiumpnct. lad.. Od Y, «W, HJiTfn*b*«ri ftirjictnd with mnrsljpft 'of thdpttitt fr»«rr»»n, am! try me almost «Tnry- thiryt, bnt in rain. I ttntllr faa»ni of Athio- phnroa. Aft«r taking mie br*t,i» 1 fn-inil tt lobs holpinn nns, *\o<i tfter taking frnir hot- tl«» of AttU'ipliora* and orw of Fills, I round that 1 trumiUrplrwnU. I think th« rotKii- , cin* I* pocitlreif A sore ctarn. CHAUNcrr B. REtrmrff. Mt. Gfcrm*]. lil.. t>«*e 2C. iW. I b%To n*ed Athlnpbcirnn In my tairiip and find it to IM tha grf«ftt<>*4l mmlif toe f-u- neu- raljria In ftxtitt^nco »nd ha tins httd it^ fan^t l4Btitn<sl upon me for t {in patt, ?*) yen)-B I know wbereof I niwuk. Ml'.a. JctOA CHZLTos. 'i^Bcnd 8 ct'nta for HIP N'finMftil t-oloml plo- tun>, "Moorish Miiiden." THEATHLQPHQ8QS CO. 112 Wall St. #. f. Ask yo«r ratefler for the Oflrlnal US f^*«t ^ of ImitAtfon*. .JAMES MEANS* S3 SHOE. BUTTON This shoe stand* higher In the oitlmstKra ol W«artr» thsn any other In tho world. Tltou«rmr'* ' ~ — — UI toll jou thorvAion U you •!•> >'"*n. —and— J. R. BELL & SON will sell them to von U you will glv» them , chano*, u well aij FINE CLOTHING. A new and desirable stock of which they hare on hand. Dent think ot going anywhere «LM, , u no ona olse In keep* The James Means Shoo Or as fine and ELEQA ?T or.rTHING Ast&eydo THE CHICAGO ANO ORTH- ESTERN RAILWAY. Penetrate* the Centres of F«n*4*. , lUoa 1«3 ILL'INOIS, IOWV WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, MINNKOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING. * ltd TBAXH SEKVICK 1* eturatmllv arranff«d to meet requirements of local travel. a* wen a* to furnish the most attractive Boute* or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES-; AfH EOIHPMEHT of Day sad Far- Jar Oars, Dicing and Palaoe Sleeping Can Is without rival. -.-., ITB BOAD-BKD la stone-ballasted steel. . Tbe Hertb-Weitera 1* tbe Invorlte route (or the Commercial Travel, the Tourist and the seekers alter new home* In tbe (JoHou Northweet. Detailed Information cheerfully furnished bjr . A. . H. WHITKAH, K. C. W1CK.EK. Vloo-Pres. 6 Oen. Mangr. Trafflo Manaser. L f. IO80S, fin'l htMipt Afwl, MO HOUSEHOLD SHOULD BE VRHOUT PHltADELPHIA. Price. ONE Dollar Th* majority ot the 111* of tbe body orlte from n dl««a»«d IJver. Biin- moDs Liver Regulator, ha* been the mean* ot restoring more people to healtit UDd happiness by giving them a he*)iltjr Livor than any other agency on earth. «KM'THAT voc GET TOK Mat Grabbing V«n«uiwla Tf»PTltorT. Lavbo*. Pah. »tt—lo tbe boo** «f OMB- moo* jdotuiay olgfat Ux under Jor»igtt o*op*» Ury d*aiod that any aetiaa bad b»*a tak*tt at WM intended oga^tat V*o«u»la. H* a«i4 Veo«su«la o*d proposal «rbiu*iioa. Kuglaa<l wu wlliun to arbitrate, Ul« ao» oa tbo lusli propaud, aunt •*goU»«kaa ha4 LADIES! noTfoi>TOwnDr«(ui(. u Jiouuh^te Tt»r-«rtU*y«e»«»tb!ag. TBey Prtao w&ero. . ao !,««.» p«okM»~*sii*94airai. r S iot

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