Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 28, 1948 · Page 26
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1948
Page 26
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Osage Woman services for 82, were , *-• •"• at tht home, the Rev ?" a -I ar ™ e * st <* P«hard She Osage phia, a ampon unerai' m ' at th * Orville Me Sis? nff- e i- the Rev burial in the O,* fflc - atin S- with died at a nutting cemcte ^- She delphia, p a-i Charles City cnell county ; married to R i in Phi1 *3 ° ng illness - 3S born ™ crame to Mit- was and year. 2 sons, Wan-en of } Howard of Philadel,daughter, Mrs. Guy C. 3 Persons Injured in Auto Crash Near Manly — -*-»j i-**. *i;a in --- ~~ *-«*o at an inlersec- highway 65 and a country road near Manly Friday afternoon wmTu i Ml ' Sl Harokt Hanson witn lhe latter's brother . Paul Hanson, at the wheel were going south on their way to Mason CUv when their car collided' with a westoound car driven by William Rose of Plymouth which drove onto he highway ahead of them. btate highway patrolmen who investigated the crash said none of the injuries was serious enough to warrant hospitalizalion. LAING TO RETIRE Des Moines. 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Dillons after Christmas price Closing Out Boys 9 Oxfords WprL^ « B ° yS ' ^ 6 - 00 Were $745. j2 9 oxfords reduced ^69 Close out now to J Save on Rubber Footwear During Dillons clearance .*]' 20% OFF ALL OF THE MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING PRICED AT DILLONS THE DILLON CO. 2ND DOOR EAST OF FIRST NATIONAL BANK "Our First Aim Is to Please You" Hicklin Gets Support for Speakership Des Mp|, 1M> <U.Rj_S(ate Rep. M F. Hicklm, K., Wapellu, had the support Monday of about a dozen republican members ot the low" house who met secretly here Sun- clay to organize opposition to the re-election of House Speaker G T. Kuester, Griswold. Hicklin did not attend the meet'"» w ° is one of 2 republicans op«•"<"•*— a i so a republican. Of Men's and Boys' Clothing "^ STARTING TUESDAY A. M. MEN'S WOOL SUITS The other is Rep. Fred Schwengel, Davenport. -^men One of the reasons for opposition to Kuester is the fact that he, Gov.-Elect William S Beard ley and Lt. Gov. Kenneth Evans all live in southern Iowa. Hicklin lives m southeast Iowa, but" was decided at Sunday's meeting that ^residence in the eastern part oMhe state would be emphasized Tr "" will Ashford Confesses Stabbing of Wife's Former Husband Francis M. Ashford, 36 119 Connecticut N. E., has made a full confess.on of the Thursday nigh slabbing , n which Arthur Ash burn, 44 20 4th N. E., was hit kn!?r J ^ 5 Lr«h with a paring No Inquest on Chester Deaths 2 Found Frozen South of Town Crcsco—Coroner E. L. Bradley said Monday no inquest was contemplated in the deaths of 2 Chester young people whose frozen bodies were found in a car 3 miles e u of Chester Sunday morn! - Harold E t-ii • annoi mced. Ashburn u as still m critical condition at P.'irk hospital Monday Ashford grabbed the knife from the kitchen table on his way ou of his house to meet Ashburn who came to his house after the 2 had ""hi a"?, 1 ;* telc Ph°»e conversation, iief Wolfe said. The argument started after Ashburn phoned the Ashford residence to see if his son, Billy Ashburn, 9 had returned home from a shopping trip. The youth 1• E custody of his mother, now Mrs £t h j°£- aild .had been on a shop: lather, Ash- One Man's Opinion (Continued from P»ee I) fr?^ 11 »", . pr °8 rcss . it is expected that children will remain in the school irom 1 to 3 years, depending on individual progress School work is handled on a d£2n? ™? nt £ "* educational --=- the future so W tthW ra 7\u Wi11 be comparable with that of the public schools. Prepared for Normal Life seh S o 0 ol fa c r ur a ^uTu S n\ ible ' ^ PUbUc trans- south ing. The dead were Charlotta Voves 20, and Raphael Leichtnan 2l' who lived on farms in the Chester community. Investigation bv rw^n^r oi«-./i = ley and Sheriff Percy ~Ha ven' revealed that the young people had left the girl's home Saturday night to attend a dance at Riceville. ^ The bodies were found about 8 o clock Sunday morning, and their frozen condition indicated they had been exposed to the cold for many hours. The car was parked at the side of £~ ^ and jt is lhe opinion or the officers that the motor had been left running, the gas from the exhaust escaping into the car £°f° n fLi?™ dl ?. y dfctored death " ""••- - -- monoxide Ping tour with his burn. Ashford is being held in the city Mr, S 18 , ch , arges L Ashb »™ and Mis Ashford have been divorced for 4 years and Ashford married to his wife for about 2 years. Gets Driver Award for Act of Heroism DCS Moines, (JP)~ The Iowa Motor Truck association said Monday it recognized a recent act of he- 1*r»i c-w\ »•» ,, ,J _ i v^jiv r f mm - e ^n trans- i from his hospital-school grade K in public the same line - when , - en a child completes his course at the hospital-school, every effort , eor is made to give parents and teacherl of his handica P that roism and „ driving record ^ong accident-free in making —„, «..v* "Kuuitjy so inai hv + h~~ read Justment can be made by the youngster taking his place m his home community the n °ro er interesting P° int about and medical services in the School are not separated. If the doctor orders a certain occupational ther- fJlth *« ere uM^ ever ^ one associated with the child sees that it is car ried out. If it is a wa i king . ex _ cise, for example, the classroom vh C , r S ! eS that the child while under her supervision. Attitude Is Important way?™/' f ° r the U " ion ^' rei S h t- Miss Voves was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Voves and Leichtnan the son of Mr. and Mrs Anton Leichtnan, all of the Ches ' ter community. The young man "••*»v. Anc .yuuun rn. was a veteran of World war II The bodies were found by Lloyd P^.fman, also of the Chester vi- for the young cinity. Funeral at Festina, his former Burial will be at Festina. Catholic church home. Miss Voves will be n,n, rj""j7'"% t) ' m> Wednesday at the Bradley funeral home In Cres- c °- the Rev. E. S. Byers, pastor of the Congregational church? 5- funatmg. Burial will be in the New Oregon cemetery south of To Continue Government of Indonesia Batavia, (UR)-The clandestine Indonesian radio declared Monday that an emergency republican government would continue to iunction .in Sumatra despite Dutr-h C fh tU1 ' TR S £ Preside »t Sukarno and other Indonesian officials. Reliable sources reported that Sukarno and the other captured Indonesian leaders had been flown irom Jogjakarta to an isolated prison on one of the small outer islands of the East Indies The people still regard President Sukarno as a symbol of Indonesian unity," said Dr. Spfiudm Prawiranegara, head of the emer- cas\ C " government ' 'n " broad- The broadcast claimed also that a republican government and army were still functioning i n Bantam province on the western tip of Java, which was invaded bv the Dutch last week. T £?'jassociation said Brott was credited by the Iowa highway pa! trol with saving the life of Richard Barnard of Gillette Grove in an . *»L.L.lUcIlt liGcir ODGnPPT* T r\f t f^\ _ i no •*-•-«» *-'iJ^-*iv.cj, AOOC ^JCL. juO Brott has driven 189,000 acci- ™ en H re « miles in the last 27 months, the association said. Number of GIs in School on Decline Washington, (/P)—There were 1,051,000 World war II veterans in school Nov. 30, the veterans administration said Monday. This is a decline of 185,000 from ^ fc i!?. «« total. The re™ ,, ~ '"»*&^-iaLifl tnG . the greatest over-all problem involved in working with the hand,capped children is to bring them assurance that they are useful and wanted by society. The case is cited of a child who would pnvnno ™<^ Under thC bed Whe " "~'rpu''~ came into her room. Hinf h«£, lld<S ° as . e histor y revealed K^ n±^t C °"I' n . g to the school, elementary and junior high schools, and perhaps even older Plans are now in the making fo a permanent building specially de signed to house the school an provide the finest equipment t ao the job most effectively. Th design will be such as to provid for such expansion as may seer desirable. The Iowa legislature soon t convene will be asked for $750,00i in addition to the $500,000 al ready available for the construe tipn of the building. It would pro vide for 80 beds, with 2 20-bed wings to be added later for an ultimate capacity of 120 beds. The £fj^y operating cost is figured •$130,000. Will We Go the Whole Way? What is being asked, of course for the severely crippled children of the state is only what has been already provided in ful measure for the blind and the deaf children of Iowa. In the case of the blind and the deaf, society has accepted a full responsibility. In the case of the crippled children, in Iowa and in most other states, the responsibility is being recognized—but it •chlrged! 3S yet beCn fUlly dis Results in Iowa, Illinois and the other states with programs for the salvaging of severely handicapped have proved successful beyond all expectations. I can't believe that Overcome by Monoxide, Farmer Dies in Auto Bellevue. Iowa, (#>) _ Gerald Weinschenk, 22, farmer near Bellevue, died in a hospital Sat- Ill-Hfl^r *i 4*4-*%...••.«.. n * Mundt Succeeds Mrs. Bushfield Pierre. S. Dak., (U.R)_Karl E. Mundt, South Dakota republican U. S, representative and senator- elect, Monday was appointed senator to succeed Mrs.,Vera C. Bushfield, widow of the late Senator Harlan J. Bushfield. The appointment was made bv Gov. George T. Mickelson, who simultaneously accepted the resignations of Mrs. Bushfield as senator and Mundt as representative Mickelson said Mundt is not expected to qualify as senator until Tuesday. -—, ..^,, v,,^,., n, a uutmuai t>at- /o -, - ui-day afternoon, 7 hours after he f ' V (8: , 10 p ' m ' ~ FM Onl y) The was found in his car 2 miles ^t. Joseph vs. Holy Family bas- cn-iiil^ ^f t -r-. -. *"iic^ K*»Tnzil 1 fT^t-*-*rt .. .: 11 i. _ i_ . •> Godfrey's Talent Scouts . . (7:30 p.m.) A star is born! Yes, every Monday night some ucky person starts his climb to Came with a winning appearance on "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts." *r Luck of the Irish • • . (8 p.m.) Dana Andrews Anne Baxter and Cecil Kellaway re starred in a full-hour adapta- lon of "The Luck Of The Irish " he book and movie that charmed eaders and movie fans alike on Lux Radio Theater." Basketball (8:15 p.m. - FM Only) The c-a c\ W ..., TT _ ^ _- TI _ »« . south of here. Dr. John Tilton" county coroner, said ° n be?, Decem The office of education disclosed meanwhile that only one type of college reported a heavier veterans enrollment this fall—the Theological seminary. Ex-Gis now studying for the ministry total 4,921, an increase of i .'K.-i over last year. shoving her tato a d^ShS company came into the home It was not easy to change her attitude on this point. One of the facts brought out bv this relatively new-born concern lor our handicapped children is that three-fourths of all sufferers Irom cerebral palsy—the so-called K t!( V a . re ° n a P ar mentally with physically normal children. They merely need special educational helps and instruction in muscle control plus encouragement m self-reliance to become educated, useful citizens. x»rf£ hcy Have Good Minds Within the past 10 years in connection with commencement talks to high school graduates, I have on 2 occasions thrilled to the sight of a spastic child, in wheel-chair being cited as class valedictorian' On another occasion, a girl with by polio -_-. . VUL.HIJ' coroner, said Weinschenk evidently was overcome by monoxide from a leakv exhaust early Saturday morning. On the Radio Beam MONDAY NIGHT NETWORK HIGHLIGHTS ad Hour; 7:45 ,, c ,,r y , „.,... Onser's Orchestra; H-.30 Gncth- B-is F B rt ie Go : " : °° ^ " CBS-fl:»o Bob Cro.brt" Club IB; «. 4 ft Edward H. Murrow With (he N«ws; 7:00 l nner Sanctum; 7:XO Oodfrey', Talent Scouts; 8:00 LUJC Radio Thealcr; 0:00 My FrienS Irma; 8:»0 Bob Hawk Show MBS-7:lll) Falcoi,; 7:30 Ororory K ood . X:00 Gabriel Header; 8:15 N e w ^ reel: 8:;iO Hollywood Slory »-oo Ushlnu and Ilnntlnr. NBC—7:iii) Cavalcafle ol America; 7;!ift ketball game will" be broadcast by Bud Suter, assisted by Stan Torgerson. * My Friend Irmo ... (9 p.m.) "My Friend Irma" is ful! of the- Christmas spirit—but that doesn't mean that she stays out of trouble tonight in their latest adventure. Quix-Quipper Lasf Rites at Britt for Former Resident Britt— Funeral services for Har- 51 were held ry O. Swanson, Monday at 2:30 p. m . at Boughton funeral home. the Mr ome. r Swanson died Friday at a hospital m Des Moines where he was employed by Solar Aircraft Co. He formerly li ved at Britt. He is sur- wife ' 4 ch iW'-en, his oi rr~ x '"••",. "'„ m U5cular control characteristic of cerebral palsy has been likened to the situation that would exist in a telephone switchboard if the electrical impulses traveling in the wires were uncontrolled because the insulation had been worn through. In such circumstances, if a plus were to be inserted in the switchboard, instead of one phon£ rinsing or one light flashing, there would be many phones ringing continuously and many lights flashing. Likewise, the impulses Good Listening On KSMN Otol 1010 Tuesday A. M. 7:SO Musical TNT, Outlet Store 7:45 Musical TNT 2 : ?« £ e "' s> "Chuck" Lcnnan Bakery 8:15 Mus cal TNT, Iowa Shoe Broker» re 8:30 Musical TNT, B. F. Qoodrloh R:4S Musical TNT 11:00 Musical TNT, RaUcB Dept Store »Mn JJ""'^ 1 TNT - Clear Ln! « Bal »:.)» niornlnj Serenade, Club Lido ,Sn2 i' 6 ""*' Herman Quintet 10:00 NEWS 10:05 Aljona Hour If''?? »V' C , he " KwlT " rfa " B.khir 11:1S Music For the Mrs. wh iol tv, ^ew.'Se. ™? impulses 11:1S Music For heMrs ' r^\ th u. bram ° f thG S P^tiC 11:3 ° J'«*y Un.. G.»bi. Store, ^SL^L™****. are ""con- Tuesday P. M. 1 f ,-- -•• •••" «vic, i vjuuuren, nis father, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Burial at Britt. Electric Firm Executive Dies Cedar Rapids , (#) 58, vice president Kay Ingham, and general manager 0* the Central States Electric Co and the Iowa Electric <-o., cued at his home Sunday Authorities said he apparently d.eci of a heart attack. A naltlve of Toledo, he had lived here 34 years, PIKE TEACHERS Matsue City. Japan, (U.R)- . , ._ teachers of Matsue's high school o were fired Monday. The educa - "^ . ^.in, CUUtcl- I«°" b _°_^?. s , aid A c teachers were -, . «-^>^- i. v-«-i v, 111; i & vvci C responsible for 2 fires which dam- <1 tTf\f't r>nL«_..1l-.-11> aged school buildings. BASKETBALL A MM «*MMA._ __^ . _ AT rrs BEST: the Floor and on the Air If you can't see the HOLY FAMILY-ST. JOE Gome Monday Night LISTEN TO BUD SUTER'S PLAY BY PLAY *««IT j V ""--ai-ica die uncontrolled and may result in exaggerated movement, or a variety of undesired and unexpected movements. Many Not Born That Way Once it was assumed that this tragic handicapping malady was congenital more or less ordained by God. Now it's known that in many, perhaps most, cases, it stems from childbirth, or from some later disease or event. Effective remedial treatment is possible in most cases and nearly complete cure can be achieved in many instances. Children now enrolled in the Iowa hospital-school are between the ages of 3 and 10, because they have a greater chance of rehabilitation than older children Preference is also given those who show greatest promise of community self-support, who can profit most from such education and medical service and be adequately cared for later in their home situation. In all cases the children admitted in the large field of applicants are of normal intelligence allowing, of course, for deficiency due to non-attendance in school because of physical handicaps None of them is what could be called feeble-minded, all of them are educable." Not in Competition 12:00 Noonday Serenade and Onjiltol Sale, 10 «' 12:30 Rurul Roundup r t : na ^ ra ,' Roulldu l'. Harold Motors. Jnc 1:00 Charles City Hour •i-MI Brllt Hour (Continued) . . . (9:30 p.m.) Both questions and quips flow freely every Monday night as genial Bob Hawk (above) presides over the "Bob Hawk Show" sessions. Your Lucky Strike .„: • • ( 3:3 ° P' m - - Mon. - Fri.') Whether you're preparing dinner cleaning house or just relaxing before the family comes home you're sure to enjoy the exciting new show, "Your Lucky Strike" —the program with Don Amecha mat gives entertainers a chance in show business. Daily Schedule For KGLO + KGLO-FM «1I» On the Air j:*;i PJpc.s of Melody 3:30 Musically Yours 3:45 Tiequestfully Yours 4:45 Sign Off Monday P. M. S:(X) Bob Clausen Show on KGLO-FM DIAL 10IJ Mid-West Roofing Co. Courtesy of 8:15 P. M. S. & R. Chevrolet Co. lhe school is in no sense intended to serve as an alternative to public or private schools, agencies, or institutions, and will not duplicate the services of any existing agencies. The program has just one goal—to make the children independent and capable of caring lor themselves in society. Periodic vacations will be provided throughout the year so the children can return to their homes continuing a normal relationship with families, school and neighbors. At present, for example, all or the Iowa hospital-school pupils are in their own homes for the Christmas holidays. The Iowa law establishing the hospital-school for severely handicapped children makes provisions for taking persons up to the age of 21, or for persons up to 35 by speqial permission of the state board of education. In the light of the vastly superior results with the really young handicapped children, from age 3 to 10, they are being given preference. Expansion Is Needed In the years to come, however, Assuming a willingness on the part of the people of Iowa to provide the requisite financial support, the' hospital-school facilities will be increased to include all grades of Monday P. M. 4:00 1490 Club 4:4n Xlie Story I.ady 5:00 Adventure Parade 5:15 Superman 5:30 Captain Midnight fi:43 Tom Mix B:llO Fulton Lewis, Jr., New, 6:15 Sports Hi-Lltes 6:30 ttobert Hurlclgh, News 0:45 Hospitality Time •:00 Reflcction» In Melody 7:55 Hy Gardner Says- H:00 Gabriel Ilealter B:1S Mutual Npwsree! 8:30 Flshlnr and Hunting Club .8:...>. Rill Henry,. Ncw.s !):00 Adventures of the Falcon !l:30 So Proudly We Hail 10:00 News . 5:4(5 Sports Camera, Mason City Gtotn. Gazette «:fln News, P. G. & E, (Kew) b:15 Postmark Mason City. .Ma,ou Cltr Chamber ot Commerce BMO Club 13, Campbell Soups. CBS 0:48 News. Edwnrrt B. Murrow, C»mp- bell Soups, CBS i SI! \"1E r Sanolum . Bromo-RolUer, CBS ..JU Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scout., Upton's Tea, CBS 8:00 c»s Riu "° Th " ltcr - Lever »••«•. »^n H J i, F , r ,""? Irmi> ' Pe ps«-i<"it, ens CBS ' C *' nfi C le*ret t , in-M\ News First Niitloiial Ha.ik (Krw> n • n r ""}*'£ Tlm '~' Gra '" ««» n «r in. JO Grent Moments In Music 11 :OU Ncvcs, CHS Townc ' 1 ' Orclicsli-a, CBS e< " CllS Orcllcslra . CB3 10:15 VVally Wickcn's Orchestra 10:30 Eddy Duchin's Orchestra 10:o5 News 11:00 Skitch Hndcrson's Orcliestr. II:IS Shcrmnn Hayes Or c )icstr-i 1I:M Chuck Kosler's 1 Orchestra 11:55 News 12:00 Sign Off Tuesday A.M. S:00 Form Frolic Time fl.-lfi Jerry Smith «:.'«) Xcws and Market* G:40 Farm Frolic Time 7:00 News 7:15 Monuments of Devotion 7:30 Reveille Rhythms 8:1)0 Newt R:I5 Tell Your Neighbor 8:3<J Poole'i Parading 8:33 Today in Hlntory 0:00 Lady Next Door JJ:1S Faith In Our Time »:30 Kitchen KUtler D:4S Waltz Time 10:00 Pausing Parade 10:15 FanhJons In Rhythm J2 : ?2 , 0abrlel Heattcr's Mailba* 10:45 Lanny Ross Show 11:00 Kate Smith Speak. 11:15 Kale Smith Sines 11:30 Happy New Year 11:43 Lunchtlmc Serenade Tuesday A, M. 0:00 New* fi:05 Moining Rouscr .0:110 Farm Reporter, Stale Brand Crt.m. erles. Inc. (Hilton) 0:15 New., Mid-Continent Petroleum C« tliarrer) 7:00 Rhythm Roundup ?"'£? 2" ""£. Fnrm - Ain»-Chalmer« 1:.W Keop Time With Unmon', (l?Mh™ Heai " ln "' »ol*nm Brnad K:3ft Yesterday'* Music, Cool Sprint. Canning Co, *:<« Today In O»«(ro «:UO Bible I!ro a d<-»t, Radio Chapel »:l« Clear Laki) jn the Air 9:110 Coffee Time »:4.-| Kitchen C!ub Ferfr* 10:110 New. nigc»t. Jacob E. Decker and Sons (Hnrrcr) !U : V! " Tat "" <*"'*, HJl«nd Potato Cliln* «:.«> Orand Slam. Wonder Hread, CBS 10:4,1 Miti-Morning Varieties I1:<IO Wendy Warren, General roods, CBS 11:15 Belay ROM Serenade, Pf»ff JliikiVi, irarve.ter Hook-Up Time Intern*. llnrvetler Co. Tuesday P. M. ' 12:00 Today's Markets 12:03 '^ °" thC IT* I/IUI IjQ 12:13 The Old Ttmer.. O.eo Drur i <6ilVU ^ P«"- lt'^.~.l. _-.J. ... • 1:00 Barian ' >u-i*>ni v *^viVIl<iUC Tuesday P. M. 13:15 Mld-Duy Review 12:30 Radio Farm Journal 1:00 Queen for u Day 1:30 Litteii I.adleii l:-)5 The Litdo Show 2:15 Grain Reporter Z:in New* 2:30 Ballroom In the Sky 3:00 The Happy Oanj 3.-.10 Vocal Vlnltor 3:43 Two-Ton Baker 3:IS The Friendly Philosopher 1:30 Th/i fi Nora Drake, Tonl Co CB» l:*r> Alyntery Melody Game " 2:W> C, r ;. h r U e r t,°^8 rey T ' me ' Ch »'«"<"« 2:30 O. F.. Ilouieoartv Oeneral El.otrl* Co 2:.W Ne*v«, Bread 8:00 IJlAt Hunt. Armour 3:25 Spotlight on a Star :t:!tfl ClVa'rotVcB SMkt ' I ' nckj ' 8lrlk * '•"" Arthur Oodfrey Time, Gold Kttl OnA t um "» "BS ' M " c " 4:43 Employment News 4;i>3 Bain how Trio

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