The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 5, 1971 · Page 8
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 8

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1971
Page 8
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Standard-Examiner, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1971 JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH VQJ7 +K9 •WEST VA10864 + A32 *J72 EAST AK73 V92 410876. +10353 SOUTH (D) West VK53 4.QJ54 + AK8 Both. vulnerable . North East South 1N.T.. 2+ Pass 2 + 3 N.T. Pass- Pass - WHITE in two attractive lengths and two - -beautiful coats, both in soft simulated leafier are - -tops on the fashion list -for fall and winter. _ The boot --''top coat (left) with toggle closing « tnmmed m : '^make-believe white fox. The pant coat (bright) zs t-bordered in "sherpa" and buttoned m wood-like - "buttons. • : , UELLY SIDE DOWN Romance Fades Af Kickoi i Time/ By NANCY STAHL me, an autumn afternoon always been a magic time, a-time for a romantic stroll ^through, a carpet of crisp, -golden leaves, while the sun ^tarhs my hair to a burnished - halo, and a cool breeze whispers "The Jets have fourth Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V6 Opening NT TnenWhof? By OSWALD, JAMES JACOBY You' ; don't have to bid a five- card major suit opposite . an opening no-trump. Even if you play .Jacoby Transfer you should not feel bound to bid one automatically. The North hand illustrates this. He has 12 points and five spades with every suit stopped. Some would just raise to three no-trump. We favor the Stayman two-clubs bid to check if partner holds four spades. When he rebids two diamonds we forget about spades and jump right to the no-trump game. FOUR SPADES. It is just as wen. Four spades will probably make, but a heart i opening and continuation willj give the defense two aces, the king of trumps and a heart ruff. On the other hand, South should have no difficulty bringing home 10 tricks at no- He wins the heart lead in his own hand and analyzes the lead as fourth best—probably from a five-card suit. He wants to guard against West getting the . lead after the hearts are cleared. . He proceeds to ao this by leading a dianwnd toward dummy. If West rises with his ace South can take the spade finesse later on with complete o ja FptV If West ducks. South comes to his hand with a club loses the spade finesse but winds up with I four spades, two hearts, three and!clubs and one diamond. YOUR GOOD HEALTH Emotional Tension May Cause Eye Tic ;- a :-sad farewell to a waning ^ summer. ^.To my husband, an autumn -afternoon means lying on the ~"sofa with a bowl of pistachios i orC his chest and watching six - straight hours of football. ? "~I suppose that there's nothing i to "prevent me from taking a ^"romantic walk through carpets ^oT" crisp- golden leaves by -' myself. But bashing around in a »-pile of leaves alone is hardly 5" romantic. two on the three yard line!" he shrieked as he leaped up from the sofa. He wrenched the setj on, only to hear the announcer' say; "Well, folks, you just saw probably the most electrifying play in the entire r' professional football." "No, I didn't!" my husband b'awled, pointing at me accusingly. "She turned the set off!" "I'm tired of watching football," I complained. "I'll-tell you what. Have you Japanese Church To Ho/a 1 Bazaar The annual Ogden Japanese Christian Church bazaar and . entire history oflj™ A work night . will be heldj Friday and all members are urged to bring bazaar items for sale The bazaar will begin at 12 noon on Saturday with the dinning room opening at 4 p.m. noticed that carpet of crisp golden leaves outside?" "I sure have!" I said, pectanfly. , , "Why don't you go out and UP Old Timers VELVET ON' VELVET makes this stunning Renaissance evening gown (left). With front and back of deep green, the gown has sides slashed to show dark blue, a pleated front showing red and shades of purple ring the waist and neck. Another eye-catcher is a tunic in pale'beige, topped off by matching hood, knickers, gaiters and shoes. DR. GEORGE THOSTESON DEAR' DR. THOSTESON: Our son, 10, has 'had a terrible twitch in-his eye and now it has gone to.the, wholesside of his (one side only). ., all started when he developed a sty in the eye. The sty went away but the twitch remained, and now it seems that every time I look at him he is twitching. Can you give me any advice?—D.B. This is probably' a tic—a tic being a spasm of a muscle or group of muscles, not a'painful spasm but, as you say, a" twitch. These tics ordinarily affect the eye, face or shoulders. It's not unusual at your son's age. Boys more often than girls. Quite possibly the discomfort of the sty started it, and it developed into a habit which progressed to the- present situation. These 'tics are pur- i poseless, and I doubt that there 3 ' is any organic trouble involved. EMOTIONAL TENSION Keep in mind that emotional tension often lies behind a tic. Any number of tilings may be involved, such, as competition :rom . brothers or sisters, bickering, nagging, school worries, anything of that sort. Criticism can prolong a tic, so the less you say or do to call Ms attention to it, the better. He probably will outgrow it, but I suggest that you quietly observe things in general, to see if there is any way to relieve him of whatever 10-year-old pressures he may be combatting. DEAR DR. THOSTESON: Twenty years ago my gall bladder was supposedly removed. Last year I began having' the same trouble and it seems to be getting worse. Why? My doctor says it is gall bladder and prescribes- medicine that stops the pains. I have tried to tell him I do not have a gall bladder, but he has only my word for it, and the scar.'Is it possible to have the same trouble. without a gall bladder?—Mrs. A.P.L. Quite possible although for-! tunately not very frequent. Butj it does happen. Even with the; gall bladder removed, you still] have the common duct, which carries bile from the liver to the intestine, and it is possible for that WHERE CAN YOU BUY FOR LESS? COMMODORE ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR $ 199 M«d«l C-10S BUSINESS MACHINES 2260 Washington Blvd. If you want this .explained in "You and Your Gall Bladder.' addressed (with zip code) CMUDI1H WI5B-A SUM • 83 PROOF • INMWtl «» WTiWAl CISTIlltBS PRODS.CO., X.Y.-AKO * VSS. From the Canadian Rockies -5Btsmp-^-»»----«^-^-^-^^ The smoothest whisky ever from Canada! The Ladies Auxiliary to thej Union Pacific Old Timers Clubj ex- will meet Wednesday at 12:30 pm. at the Mansion. House for 1» 1,1 J V1V11 >• J "** Q — - isesiaes, I can hear the neigh- rake them? I'll bet they'd make lifers now: "Look at the Stahl a swell compost heap! -dame, Fred, out there jumping C-around in a pile of leaves. Get •i: .the kids inside while I call the -• -police." ^^ ONE IS PLENTY •-~ Plhe only alternative seems to I-'JJb'&to put a bowl of pistachios on ''-my chest and watch the football I Barnes, too. But I regard j "• "football games like I do taffy - apples and 'kittens: one is Aplenty. By 3:30 last Saturday : —afternoon I had finished my :- pistachios and darned every - sock in the house, including the '-- ones my husband was wearing. ~ ^"Let's go play tennis, I - suggested brightly, turning off - the television set. My husband | -"sTcreamed as if i had driven a | ^ -stake through his heart. L/.lli» «« t*ll«.* iij,wi*-"« — --. luncheon. Mrs. George P. Cox be in charge of the me- Prescribed by many dentists. Used" by millions. For instant relief gat GRA-JELwith the Good Housekeeping Seal. „ „ ora-jel ONE BUTTON TOTAL CONTROL Auxiliary ~ ; -, "'voting on new candidates by •Irthe Eagles Auxiliary will be I- -held Wednesday at 8 p.m. at S.-the Eagles Hall. Eaglq will be : ~ -played after the meeting, and ?. light refreshments served. _ AUTO PAINT NOW IS THE TIME TO CHOOSE YOUR BIG 25" PACKARD BELL COLOR CONSOLE -7TTELEDYNE PACKARD BELL • The- complete job • Regular, custom or metal flake • Vfnyl strips for paint chips OGDEN'S MOST COMPlEtE IINE OF AUTOMO1IVE REFINISHING PRODUCTS OGDEN AUTO PARTS & GLASS Phone 399-3317 363-2Jnd Sf Homo of Necessary and Unnecessary Auto ParH One button total control. Push it just once, and get a bright, sharp, color- pure pre-set picture on command . . . instantly . . . every time. Come in ... «nd see the difference •'$ .689* ACE TV & RADIO 2148 Harrison Your Telodyne Packard Befl 394-7794 Service Dealer • COTTOHM90D • VAUETMIR • OCDtM Ml NIVER ma^^amf^^^^^^^f^^ fresh as the morning terry cloth robes $9 reg. 6.99 Snuggle into, the luxurious comfort .of this cheery, soft, all cotton terry cloth pouf duster. Splendid savings make this fun yet practical morning-garb irresistible; One size fits all. slippers by angel tread at heavenly savings reg. 2.50 1.79 Choose from-four comfy styles: a ration corduroy ballerina, another ballerina in nylon tricot, an Orion® acrylic scuff and a scuff in all cotton terry. : ZCMI NOTIONS—all storos the Windsor convertible valel reg. $5C 29.95 You'll love the elegant practicality of this handsome valet that converts'into- a stylish chair. Upholstered in 'rich gold velvet with Scotchgard® finish. Seat hides storage box. ZCMI '.NOTIONS-. ;gv»forM umbrellas rcfl. $7 5,49 The Extendo—a great idea! When not in use, the handle retracts so the umbrella measures only 20 in. in length. Ideal for traveling. Vinyl umbrellas — a bright new look! reg. $6 3.99 Sorry, domed umbrvllai 10(0* our. . : ZCMI NOTIONS—oil ttor«

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