Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 30, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1898
Page 2
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M E L V I N , S T E E L E A. J O H N S O N . E D I T O R S A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 30, 1898. EDITORIAL NOTES. The- necessity for increase in the government revenues, to meet war expenses, b r i n g s out the explanation. the $225,000,000 balance i n the trc.ismy w:ib hugely on paper. It is U i i n o v t u d d o w n by the g i e e n b a u k r e d e m p t i o n F u n d a n d other i e » e i v e f u n d s , to ^.(io,000,000, and this sum is still f u r t h e r lessened by i{40,000,000--modestly called a working balance--so that t h e i o was really available but $23,000,000 of the $30,000000 r e c e n t l y appropriated by Congress foi war p i c p a i a t i o n s , w h i c h sum has .ilieady been expended, and i n o i e besides. As a s u p p l e m e n t a l revenue measure cannot be made to yield sufficient money to meet the piesent needs, a bond issue is immi- n e n t , and the a m o u n t is likely to be $300,000,000 at t h i e e pei cent, interest. The revenue bill is expected to piodueo $100,000,000 altogether hom internal taxes, and largely f r o m a i t i c l e s o n which no taxes aie now levied. In fact, the stamp act of 1866 will be in force again, w i t h ad ditions. The use of stamps on checks, conveyances, leases, telephone messages, etc., will be required w h e n the law goes into effect, w h i c h will be wit-bin a few weeks. However the means for a prompt and effective prosecution of the war are to bo raised tbe lack of them should not be allowed to hamper our army and n a v y in the woik to be accomplish ed--the liberation of Cubans from Spanih domination on their island. General Fitzhueh Lee, the brave and clear-headed c o n s u l of the U n i t ed States at Havana, recently let i n n e d , is just now receiving a great deal of abuse from I he Spaniards. He is accused of m a k i n g false le- ports abont the destruction of t h e Maine and doing other discreditable things. There never was a time when such accusations against a Lee w o u l d have been accepted in this country, nor w i l l they now be. Perhaps the cruel Spaniaid will have more respect for General Lee after he ousts him from Cuba t h a n he had while the General was w o i k i u g so arduously t o h u m a n i z e Weyleraud his gang in the war-stricken isle and alleviate the sufferings of t h e s t a i v i u g thousands there. When there is so m u c h talk a b o u t the speed of war vessels and the great American liners, it becomes of importance lo k n o w the length of the nautical measuie "knot." A knot is 6,086.7 feet, or 80S feet, S and two fifths inches more t h a n a mile. A steamer t h a t makes 20 knots per hour, therefore, really sails at the rate ot moie t h a n 23 miles per hour. Secretary of State John Sherman on Monday resigned and Judge Day, assistant Secretary of State, was appointed to the position. The poot of premier, in a time like this requires the strength of a much younger and stronger man than Secretary Sherman. Nearly three hundred of our American cities have adopted a curfew law compelling every child under the age of fifteen to be indoors at a stated time in the evening, usually nine o'clock, or be subject to arrest and fine. J. Frank Turner, Esq., of Easton, is a candidate for Congress, it ib said. A n u m b e r ofTalbot countians are actively at work in his interest. NO POLITICS IN! IT.: i n g t o u li.i«! d o u e n o t h i n g to b i i u g about a n e w a l i g n m e n t in paities in tins bt.ite. The war talk has so completely absorbed the t i m e and at- t e n t i o n of politicians t h a t t h e act i v i t y in t h e n e w l y ic- d i \ i d e d wauls has almost ceased. It is going on in a desultory fashion but it is not attended with the i n t e i est and results w h i c h had been a n t i c i p a t e d . The C o l u m b i a n Club is the headquaiters of the ward 01 ar m i x i n g m o v e m e n t . T h r o u s r h o u t the week p t e c i u c t leaders and others from the new wards gather there, become better acquainted w i t h each o t h e r , discuss the new precinct a n d w i i t d hues, and lay plans for securing a f u l l registration of the party vote. From the American The action of Maryland's two senators oa the attitude of Congress toward the President's recommendations is, to say the least, conflicting and confusing to those who draw party lines and split party straws upon every occasion. Mr. G o r m a n , who is the acknowledged leader of the Democratic party in this state, and in the United States Senate, supported the President t h r o u g h out. Mr. Wellington belonged to a small minority, which stood out to the last for peace. Mr. Gonuan, Democrat, went as far as Mr. Mc, Kinley, Eepublican, while Mr. Wellington, R e p u b l i c a n , even went f u r - ther than the President. There was certainly no politics in the Maryland corner in the Senate chamber. In the House the Maryland meuibeis stood solidly by the President. The admirers of Mr. Gorman point w i t h m u c h pride to bis patriotic stand, and defy his critics to say, as they have said on every other occasion ·when momentous issues were invovl- ed that the subordinated bis good j u d g m e n t or stifled his conscience to make some political capital out of the situation. Mr. Gorman, further say his admirers, hat, completely disarmed his cynical critics, who, it is further claimed, confidently expected him to lead the bombastic jingoes in storming such a flimsy ' fortress as the method of proceeding against Spain, and who, a f t e r the bullets begin to fly, will retire i u t o a hole, and pull the hole in a f t e r them. Mr. Gorman fully realized what he was doing. He realized w h a t w i l l no doubt be t r u e , that the brunt of the war will fall upon the heads of those who counseled moderation, who sought to bring about desired results by diplomatic action- As a result of Mr. Gorman's stand, Maryland will be classSed as an adherent of the President's policy, and Maryland's representation at Wash- Aiueiicans are the most i n v e n t i v e people on eaith. To t h e m have been issued nearly 600,000 p a t e n t s , or tnoic than one-third of all the p a t e n t s issued in the world. No discovery of modern years has been of gicatcr benefit to m a n k i n d than Charabeilain's Colic, Cholera and Dianhcea llemedy, or has done tnoie to telieve pain and suffering, J. W. V a u g h n , of Oaktou.Ky., says: "I have used Chamberlain's Colic, Choleia and Diarrhoea Remedy in my family for several years, and find it to bo the best medicine I ever used for ciarnps in the stomach and bowels. For sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; K. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. B i o w n , Deuton. Cod bless our native Inud' ririn may she cxcr stand, Til-rough btonn and night, When the wind and tumpcsts rn\c Ruler of wind and wave, Do Thou our conntrj siie l!v th^ great might 1'or her our prayers shall rise '1 o God above the skies, On Him w e w a i t , Thou uho art e\er nigh, Guarding with watchtul ee, To Thee aloud we cry, God sixe the btnte W AN: A_M AKER'S PHIL'HELPHIA, Monday, April 25,1898. Pretty and Seasonable Wraps for Women Coats from Paris and Berlin and our own good American tailors; capes from both sides of the sea, as well. With the costumes on show these wraps compose the most important congress of dress ever gathered in any retail store. And we speak advisedly. The Easter show was compre hensive and varied, but it was not until after Easter that we could add the more summery things. But a difficulty. Careless people associate great stocks with high prices--whereas gathering great stocks helps to littlest prices. While the finest gown here is 8250 and worth it, the collection of other degrees of elegance shows remarkable values at even a few dollars. WOMEN'S COATS, $5 tc $ioS WOMEN'S CAPES, $3.?5 to $100 Princess EVEN real kidskin might fyiav t e spoiled in the cut- P, y ting. It takes skill to ulo ves gj ve p er fect shapeliness and comfortable fit to a glove. In the PRINCESS MAY are combined the very best French kidskms and Ihe best French workmanship, and the gloves are matchless at the price-one dollar a pair In tans, red-tans, browns, modes, grays, butters, greens, pearls, white and black; embroidered; buttons and patent lasteners. FOR ali but the t|est gjr , s we had SEPARATE SKIRTS made this year. As sensible as mother's, and a wonderful help to the wardrobe. Regular tailor-made skirts. The materials are pique, crash, linen, cheviot and plain serge. Lilliputian Dresses for children of 4 to 14 combine as much prettiness and juvenile style as one could ask for, in inexpensive wear. 81.50 to S't.50. Of course Reefers are ready. Hardly worth while to worry you with details. Prices run from 81.25 to 832. White CLEAN, cool and r , ^ , spring like are BedSpreads t f i e s g e p r e t t y quilts. Fresh aad crisp will be the beds they cover. So good were the sorts and so pleasing to women who have seen them that we have sold double the quantities we had planned to sell up to this time. They are unmatchable at their prices. All are hemmed ready for use. These hints-- 50c each--The ' Sunrise"-- light-weighl honeycomb spreads for summer use. 63c each--The "Tulip" -- good quality, light-weight crochet spreads. 75c each--The "Rose"--heavier and better crochet spreads. SI each--The "Pansy" -- large crochet spreads; double bed size; Marseilles patterns. S1.25 each--The "Clover^--fine crochet spreads, double-bed size; Marseilles patterns $1.50 each --The "Lily" -- extra large honeycomb spreads lor old-fashionec beds 93 each--Several handsome patterns in genuine Marseilles Bed Spreads; fu! double-bM «ize. $2 each--Satin-finish Bed Spreads Un usually fine quality at this price. JOHN WANAMAKCR Subscribe for the JOTJBNAL. MORTGAGEE'S SALE --OF-A VALUABLE FARM, IH CAROLINE COUNTY. U n d e r mid by M i t u u of p n w e r mid IHI- thonty contained in a niort^ao fioni Khoda A. Bliides and Oueii (J. IJlades nei husbnnd, ti Cluili"- W tingle, be.ning dnto the Kith (lay of December, A D 1887, ntid d i i l v ol recoid in Jjibci L. II G , No 52. folio 165, one ul the Kind iccord books of CniohiiB county, the nmleii!,npd, as moitganee, w i l l oll'ei at pnbHi. - i l e i n front ol^thc Court House dooi, in the low n of Den ton, on TUESDAY, THE 24th OF MAY, 189S, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. m of Unit day, the f o l l o w i n g icul estate All :ind singular that finm 01 tiuct of land siluntc. 1^ ing mid being in the l\iiitli Election District of Cnrolinc c o u n t y , on the road leading Iroin Pie-ton to Choptank, whureon said O w e n C Blades now roMdot, a d j o i n mi; the propcit of John Uladcs and othcis, nnd containing 190 ACRES of land, more or less. This farm ib centrally located, coinonicnt to lailroad station mid steamboat I n n d i n g , .ind is in a high stale of cultivation Saul laim more p.uticularlv described in ,i deed fiom » nd O\vcn C. Blades to said Khoda A. Blades, duly of iccord in Liber L II. G , No 51, tolio 531, one ot tbo Hud lecoid book ot Caroline county. TERMS OF SALE. The terms of s ilc a r e - One-third cash on day of sa IP, jind tbe baluice in two equal instalments oUi\ and t w c h c months respectively, the deferred payments to be e ccured b^ note or notes endorsed to the satisfaction ot the nioitga^ee, or all cish on the da^ ot sale, nt the option of the purchaser. CHARLES W. SLAGLE, Moitgagee. GEO "W AVii-sox, A t l o i n e \ , JS.iston, 3ld. K ALEX. HUTSON, AITOUNEY-A'I LAW, DB?i ION, MAK1 LAM) MORTGAGEE'S SALE OK A VAT UA11LK Pieces Land. By vntiic of a powoi of sale contained in n mortgn«e from Adnm M. Washington and Amy Washington, hib wife, to Willnm F. Leonard, bearing date the 10th day of Januarv, 1890, nnd recorded in Liber E C P., No 62, folios 202 and 203, one of the land record book for Caroline county, Maryland, the taid William r Leonard, inorlgngeontorcsnid, w i l l sell nt public tiuction^to the highest liiddei. in fiont ol the store-house of T E \Vil- loughby, nl Hnrmony 01 Fowling Cioek postoffice, Caroline county, Mar} land, on Saturday, 21st day of May, 1898, between thohoius of 2 and 4 o'clock, p in , the following pioperty, to wit. All that trnct, part of n trnct or PARCEL OF LAND, situate, lying nnd being in the Eighth election district, foinieily n part of the Fou: th election distnct ol Caroline county, Maryland, on the north side of the county road loading fioni Harmony to the town of Dcnton, containing Four Acres of Land, moro or less, and is improved by a good coin foi table, one nnd n Imlf story high, with n back building nnd necessnrj out-buildings nil new. TERNS OF SALE-- CASH. Title pnpers at expense- of purchasers, U ILLIAM P. LhONAKD, Mortgagee. N ALEX. HUTSOX, Attorney. are a small part of his lifetime, ' difference n appearance, comfort and character, as a man who learns to take care of his clothes will usually take care of himself. No need to pay big prices these days for Clothing, Hats, Shoes or Furnishings. No need to wear poor articles, because you don't care to spend much money. We guarantee to give you lull value for every dollar spent with us, in any Department. You can depend on the wear, style and worth of every article we sell you. Popular prices all through the store. Big lines of Men's suits at $8, $10, $1 2 and $15. Spring Overcoats, $5, $7: $, 5^0 and up to $20. Clothing for Boys just as cheap, just as good. Hats and Caps all sizes, all kinds. Shoes and Furnishings for Men and Boys. JAS.T.MULLIN.SONS, Sixth and Market, Wilmington. STATEMENT OF T H E TALBOT SAVINGS BANK, EASTON,MD., ATTIIK CT.OM? ov Bus-ixxts TIIUIUDAY, MARCH 31, 18'J8. KESOUHCES. Loans nnd Discounts b-8.43C Loans on Heal Estate 18,o7300 Time Loans on Collntc'iilt 0,394.93 Banking House, F u r n i t u r e and Fixtures 330 07 Cash on hand nnd in bank 1,8015? Total £58,03749 LIABILITIES. Individual deposits ?o6,02o 81 ISeservp Fund 1,00000 Undivided Pioht- 1,011.08 Total ?5S,b37 J9 I hereby certify that the above ftnte- m«nt is true nnd correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. W. W. SPENCE, Cashier. "VVo hereby cortifj that we have examined the books of the bunk, nnd the iibo\e btntcment is coricct. The funds lire invested in loans on col- Intcrals, rcnl estate nnd notes, and, in the opinion of the committee, abundantly seem ed. A most crcditnble advance wiis made in the fiscal year ended on Mnrch 31st, 1898, during \\ Inch time n gulp of 177 depositors is hhown nnd an increase of 1521,- S)17.t)7 in deposits. CEAS. II. HUGHES, TVM. KKDDIE, CHAS. H. LEONARD, Auditing Committep. B. KINNAMON, /r i iiy lO'lPO IMP!*, A fill! l i n e of fre^h confectionery a l w a y s o n h a n d , a t REASONABLE PRICES. FEESH BREAD PIES, ETC. Ij I I ;\ E A N I G H Ladies' and childien's pa ti on ago solicited, aud the ehilcUen especially looked after. Lowney's Chocolates a Specialty. Also a f u l l l i n e of CIGARS AND TOBACCO on hand at The Old Bakery. insolvent Notice. "Wilhum G Biadlcj AS. IJis Cicclitor. In the Circuit Couit for C.iiulinc county. The proceeding^ in the nbovr entitled case linviiij; bosn rond and considered, the coiitt lieielry nipro\us llie election ot T. Pliny 1'Vher, poiuuincnt t i u t t e c for the benefit. of the creditors of the w i t h i n n n m ed "\Villi im G I5i!i«lley, insolvent, and the siii'l T. Pliny Fishci, n» pcrm.tiiciit tiiis- tcc, after c\ccutin; mul f i l i n g n cjooJ mid biilficient bond to the Stale of Mnryliind in the sum of otic b u n d l e d dollsus, conditioned for the f a i t h f u l disch ugc of hib duties us such trustee, mid at'lei its, is heieb Authon/ed and directed to pio- ceud w i t h the c\uciition of his tinst. And it is t n r t h e r orclcicd that the -aid petilionei appc.u befoie the C i i e u i t U o u i t ibi Cnrohnu roimtj on the fonith ..Holiday uf June ne\t, to answer «uch nitcriogn- tories and allegations as liib cicditoiS, endorsers or sureties may propose or allege against h i m , mid tint ho give at least forty d n j s notice thereof to Ins creditors which bind notice shall be published wroklj lor the period of fintj dins by i i i b o i t i n g 11 copy of thi^ order in some ncwspnpur printed in Curolinu county cnce n \\ceK toi thesnid porioclof IViiU " Taio copy -- Tost: CHARLES Vf. IIOB15S, Clerk. AX AC 1' to nmcml Article si\, ten and Iwciity one of the Code of rutilic Local Laws, title, re spccli\ely. "Caroline Couulv "Dorchester Count\ 7 and "Tnlbot Conntv, 11 sub-ttlle "1 ish " by adding Hirtc niu sections IhLrUo, to be dcMRtialed as section M6 A, of Aruclt six, s,cc lion is: \ of Aiticle leu antl section 116 A, of ArtiLlL tvrcnli one S I C I I O N ] Bi. it cii,tctt.l by the Giiicr.i! IA CHiMj ofM*iryi*imI, '['hat Article si\ tui and t\\enl\ one of tile Cocli. of Public r.oinl Laws, Itllc respectively, "C irolmc Counts," '"Dorchester Count), anil T.ilbot Count}, ' sub title, ·1-isli," be, and tlic same are htrebj amended by nilcling thrcL new section.", thereto, to be desig- uated respcclnely TS sections one hundred and forU-sixA of Article six one hundred and tight}l\\o A of Article ten ,nnd one hundred and M\ iLeii A of Article t-AcnU one. M l i A of Article six IS2 V, of Article ten, and 110 A, of Article twenty one It shall not be law fill for any person to keep, ]ut or allow Ins, her or their haul sc:ne, float-seines, fjkes, poll ml- uels, sllke-iicts or other devices eveejit liook and line to belli or used in .mv of (he waters of the Choptiiik River or an of ils tnbiit.iries be- Ivccnthe hours ol twelve noon on each and e \ e r \ Saturdaj and sunrise on the following Monclaj inornnig -md any person \iolating anj of the pro\ isions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conuctiou thereof, bi-forc any Justice of the I'cace in and for any of said counties, hating jurisdiction in the premises bh^Ll be lined not less than fi\e nor more than filt dollars for each and e\ try offence, or shall be subject to a forfeiture of the Denies nets, fjkes, boats and ippiu tcnances thereto belonging, or both fine and forfeiture in the discretion of the Justice, provided, however, that the accused slMtl ha\_ a right Ic pray a jurj trill, or Lo t ike an appeal to tile Circuit Court of the connl wherein the accused is arraigned as 111 other criinnal LISCS of the tame grade, upon giving the usual bauds required in such case's. Ind be it enacted, 1'liat this Act shall lake effect trom the date of its passage Approved April 'J, 1»OS I.I.OV1) I,OWXD1.S. Governoi JOHN" W1KT K \NDA!,1,, President of the Senate J.OUIS SCHAUri-.R Speaker ol the House ol Delegates Office of the Chief Clerk of the House of Delegates. 1 herehj certifv that the aforegoing is a true top\ of an Aet oi the General Assemblj of Marj Hud. passed at tile Januirv Session, ' duel Clerk of llic House of Dcleg^tLS OUEEN ANNE'SRAILROAD co, SCIIBDUI.K IX KM'lXTiAPRll,. 28, 1SOS. Eastward. |BALTO.FERRY| Westwnrd. Lcnvc A. M. 530 Arrive A. M BALTIMORE 10 45 Arrwc A. M ro |Lca\c. 'A M. 8 15 QUEENST'N. 800 Railroad Division. Lcuv. Liciuc P.M. A. M G 23 f fa .51 f 0 38 f 0 -M AG 51 G 53 f G lo G 59 f 702 7 0 7 7 1C 7 2 3 f 727 1 7 31 7 37 f 7-1-1 f 7-17 f 7 55 7 5 f 8 0 0 8 11 i 8 1 9 1 8 2 2 t 8 2 G 8 3 0 833 f 8 4 3 8o2 0 13 0 1C 0 22 0 2 6 f 0 3 3 !oo 1003 no 10 f 10 10 !! 10 20 f ! 0 4 J t 1048 f 10 Oi e l l 13 f l l 24 11 30 f l l (58 11 41 f l l 4 5 I I 50 P. M. A. M Quccnstown Bloomingdalc "Wye Muls "\Villou-liby D C June Queen A n n e HilUboru Dou nes Tiicknhoc Denton Hobbs Hickintin Adanisville Blanch :ird Gi'ocnwoud 0 \\cns Banning Duputs Elleiula'lc Wollo Milton Whitesboro, Diawbndgc. Kin ton, Arrive Arrv A. M.P. M. 7 55 f 750 f 743 f 7 3 7 A 7 20 7 2 7 f 723 7 2 1 f 7 19 712 701 b 34 f O o O f (J 4(1 6 4 0 f C 3 - 2 f G 2 8 f G24 6 18 r e oo G O O f 5 52 f 3 4 ' t f 3 43 5 10 A. M. P. M. G O O f 5 51 5 4 2 j 35 o 23 521 5 1G f 6 13 6 05 4 5 0 4 39 1 4 33 f 4 28 K 4 2 0 f 3 5 7 f 3 5 3 f 3 4 9 3 43 f 3 3 0 320 f 3 12 309 f o 0 5 300 CONNECTIONS "A" conncctb nt D. C Junction for points on tlie Delaware Chesapeake Railway--Eastou and O \ l o i d "13" connects atGicenwood w i t h Deln- VMUC DiMbion oi the Philadelphia, Wilmington !e Baltimore Railroad. "C ' connects at E l l u n d u l e w i t h tho Delaware, Maryland, it Ynginia Kaihoad FOR Georgetown. Monday onlj boat leaves BnUimoia at 5.30 a in. Sunday oiJy, boat leaves Baltimoro at 8 00 a. m., and Quccnstovxn at 500 a. in. and 4.00 p. in. I. W. TKOVKI , C. C. WAI.LKK, Gen. Manager. Gon. 1'Yt Pass. Agt Notice to Creditors, Thih is to give notice that tho subscriber, of Cnrolinc county, has obtained lioin the Orphans' Court ol Caroline county, Maryland, letters testamentary on the peisonnl estate of SYLVESTER SMITH, late of Cnioline county, deceased. All pcisons having claims ngninst tho said deceased are warned to c\hibit the same, with tho vouchois thoicof legally authcn- licnled, to the subscriber on or bcfoio the 25th day of October, 189S, or they may othoi uisu, by lnw, be oicludod from all beiiflit of tho said cstitc Given under mj hand this 6th day of April, 1898. THOMAS A. SMITH, Executor of Sylvester Smith, dee'd. Showing the Condition ot the MDTDAL LIFE INSURANCE CO, OF NEW YORK, U El 31st. 1097. Value of Real Estate ,\n\ Giound Rents owned by the Company less cncuinlnance thereon Mortgage Loans on Real Estate Loans secured bj pledge of LioiuL, Slocks or other col- per schedule C., Bonds nnd Stocks .ibsolntoly owned b\ the Company. Cash in Company « Ollice and in H u n k s , Interest duo on block 1 -, Bunds and otlici scciuitio, N o t a m o u n t of uncollcctcd and defoued prctnuims, ZDed.ia.ct Tjed-g-er I_ia,Toilities: Agunts' Cicdit Ualiinccs All othci, 21,Olf,lo-48S 09,4-2 J,m 31 1-2 880 '5US 00 12'i,8lli,iOj 80 11,703,10582 2,103,31510') i.oji.jai 10 l 5,010 W 1.3,121 M) 28,43799 ItTot Securities deposited in various State? and foreign countries for the piotcctiou of policy-holders in such Si lie--market ^ line iY«L'iils' Debit, Balances, buspen-e, ^-2 170.851 30 I ' U S I I . 33 280,000.00 2,1510081 11 Net K c t c i \ o , Not 1'olicj chiinib, I'lcnimiHs paid in ndittncc, Any olhct JJnbihty Non-foifcitnrc clause of policies, hurphii UK icgiircls Policy -lioldci«, Total Income, Total E\pcnditinc~. .U2.0J2 Policies in force in United States Dec. 31, 1807, 8(11 Poluics \ v i i t t e n in M a r y l a n d d u i i n g tho joii 1807, r i c m i u n i s reoeived on M.iiylund business in 1897, Looses paid in Muriland during 1807, Losses, mctiired in Maryland d u r i n g 1897, S2HUo8,87(JOO ·281,b-25.'21 413,82800 S218,278,2-n07 o 4, 102, 608 2 } :}(,! 24,OCO')') 933.602881.00 1,4!) 1,700 00 J')S,18,! t.3 220..3-201 190,882 tj'i S TATE OF M A R Y L A N D , I N S U R A N C E DEPARTMENT, COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE. AXNAI-OI.IS, MARCH 10 18)8. In compliance \sith the Code of Public General La\\~, I lieicby oertif tlial ihc abo\ e ib it truu abstract from the sworn statement of the Mutiul Life Insurance Company of New York, to December 31st, 1807, now on file in this Derailment. F. ALBERT KURTZ, IriEinai ce Commib.-ioner. HERBERT N, FELL, General Agent, WILMINGTON, DEL, tt Bo BOMD !f\ff\. (jj "r ** * t W. A. STEWARTS | OLD STAND, * READY FOR BUSINESS, J. O. TAYLOR WITH j-, o, LIEIIB ^ FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 3.-S: East Gam-den. St. REFERENCES- Traders' National Utuik of Baltimore; Fi^t National Bank of Stcwnrtstown, Pa. Branch lit Stewurtstown, Pa TEESTEES* SALE OK VALVABLK IRE AL ESTATE, KKAR 1 UK TOWN OF DENTQN. Under and by virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court lor Caroline county, sitting .is 11 Court of Equity, passed on the 13th dny of April, 1898, in a cause therein ponding wherein George W. Davis and Samuel N. Homey were complainants, and Sarah E Saulshury and Richard J. Saulsbury were respondents, the nndci- sigued, as trustees, will sell by public auction in front of the Court House door, in tho town of Denton, Md., on SATURDAY, MAY lift, 1898, between the hours of 2 and i o'clock p. in., the following roil estate, to w i t : AH that lot, trnct or parcel of land, situntcd in the Si\th Election District of Caroline county, Md,, on the county road lending from Denton to Hillsboro, adjoining the lands of C. M. Lloxd, et n!.. nnd is about miles from Denton, and containing 21-2 ACRES All of the latest styles for Men, Bo\i, | o f i,,,^ more or i esSj un a impnned by n and Children, which we arc selling at t h e ' n -r n, n n BOTTOM PRICE ' New Two-Story Dwelling Wo w i l l sell you n fair w o r k i n g S h i r t ! nnd other Outbuildings | for 15c. A bettor one for l')c , same a« | you would pay 25c for c K c u h c t i . A\ hen in need of AVc \\ould like to ha\o jou conic in and c\nininc our CLOTHING \ ~\Vc can sell you a fine suit of Men's Clothes toi Sl.To. We luno better ones. "We will sell you a five-dollar suit for S3.75. A siv-dollnr suit for $1.50. A scvcn-doDnr suit for S5.00. A ton-dollar suit of nice (ill-%\ool black clay Ibi S'.GO Clothing for 13oys also. "\Ve have received this week a line line of STEAW HATS. do not forget to sjive us a (all We also cnrr^ in stock the following . "Wall Paper (all prices), IIocs, Rakes, Shovels, Spadct, Nails, Scie\\s, Ilingcs, Uolts, Cutlery, Tinware, Agntc\\nrc, Notions, Gonts' Pur- iiislungs, Dry Goods, Grass Matting, Window Screens, Screen Doois, und many other articles too numerous to mention arc found nt the One-Price and Bottom-Price Store R.AV COLLINS DENTON, MD. Before Leaving for War L E A V K YOUR ORDER WITH DEALERS IN Cypress Fence Boards a Specialty, T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, DRNTON, MD. Terras of Sale. The terms of sulo us prescribed by the court nre · One-lmlf of the purchase money to be paid in cish on d:i of sale, and the residue in nine months from divy of sale; the credit payment to hear interest from day of sale, und to be secured, with surety thcicon approved by the said trustees. Title papers at expense of purchaser. OSCAK CLAKK, HARVEY L. COOPER, JOUM W. CLAKK, JK., TKUSIKKS Auctioneer. T. L. DAY, SWING CO., M \ N U 1 AOTUKKRb Ol' Fruit Baskets, Crates, Berry Cups and Crates, and all Similar Goods. RIDOELY, ill)., Amu. 20, 1898. AVc have now on hund in our factories nt Ridgely a large stock of Berry Crntcs and Cups. Our wwrchouses jirc full of them, and they must bj removed to make room for other goirtls, whicli wo arc constantly nii\niifnctuiing We w i l l make it interesting to beu \-yiu\veis who \\i\\ order and take a\\ay tlmse crates and cups belore Way the first ne\t Our low prices for cash, will astonish 3011. It will pay you to buv the=e nooOt now nnd tuko thorn away. ~\Vc need room, and you will need tho goods, a little latci on. We cannot guarantee prices longer than M.iy tho lir=.t next. Come anil sou oui goods, and got our pncch loi CASH and immediate dc- hveiy. 4 23 2 Order Nisi. Oscar Clark, vs. John K. Diddle nnd \ufe, Wm Bid die and wife. In the Circuit Couit for Caroline' county, In Equity. Ordered this l l t h day of April, 1898, that the sale of the property in those proceedings mentioned, made and reported by Oscar Clark, assignee, bis nitilicd and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the twentieth day of J u n e nevt , provided n copy of this ordei be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of three successive weeks, bcfoio the sixteenth d.iy of May The report states tho amount of sales to be §900.90. CIIAS. W. HOBBS, Cloik. True copy-- test ; CHAS. TV. HOBBS, Clerk. At lite Siffii of the Crystal Globe. GETTING ACQUAINTED sa * WITH * -s- "THE GOB B," Baltimore's wide-awake and progressive Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers, wants to make the business acquaintance of every reader of this paper. "Coming events cast their shadows before." A "coming event" that will interest and instruct you is the issue of the spring and summer edition of THE GLOBE'S "CATALOGUED which will be published and ready for distribution about the latter part of March (perhaps sooner.) hen you've carefully read the catalogue you'll be lots wiser. "We think you'll like "THE GOBE'S" way of transacting business 'cause its a fair, square and honest way, so different from some stores All we want you to do is to SEND US YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND WE WILL MAIL COPY OF OUR CATALOGUE TO YOU AS SOON AS IT'S READY, 8 West Baltimore Street, three doors from Charles, BALTIMORE. MD. Peerless Machine Shops, EASTOM, MD, PEERLESS TRACTION ENGINES, PEERLESS JEPARATORS, PEERLESS SELF-FEEDERS, PEERLESS WEIGHERS AND BAGGERS, PEERLESS SAW MILLS, PEERLESS PORTABLE, DOMESTIC AND STATION RAY ENGINES A ND BOILERS. OUR GUARANTEE: We will (guarantee our Peerless Threshing Rigs will do more work and b a r t e r worx: than any other make of machine on the mark^ 1 . o - we wi I ou them side and side and take the best h · 0,1 v A so Imperial Stackers by the car load. Repmr.n^ n/ali branches. "Bicycles repaired, re-enameled and nickle-pKited if Reasonable prices. For particulars call on or address for caimogue. Telephone call No. 35. Near P. W. £ B. R. R. Depot. CARRIAGES! BUGGIES! BINDERS, MOWERS RAKES! H AVING just completed a largo ·warehouse, I have on hand a complete stock of Cairiages, Spindle Buggies, Dujtons, Speed Carts, .Farm Wagons--one nnd two hor-o THE QUEEN OP THE HARVEST FIELD is the OSBORHB COLUMBIA BINDER and bo\ond nn douht stands without a peer. The No. 4 Mower is the lightest draft. All-Steel Hay Rakes and Hay Tedders, with bicycle and interchangeable wheels, Disc Harrows; Spring-Tooth Harrows. The machines and implements arc all in stock now. And don't forget that Osbornc Implements succeed where others fail. I am in a position to quote you the very lowest prices on everything I handle. Am FOR BINDER "WINE. Give me a call, and let me give you n few points on prices. V H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO,.MD. FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS HA VE BEEN MANUFACTURED. Year "by Year they have "been Improved. They are better now'than ever before, Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be made. Hence the great demand. Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts, BEITTOU, J j 'Graving decided to discontinue the g A\illioery Business, §J 1 WIU. bl-.I.I, AIJ, M\ M1LIJXERY STOCK, CONSISTING OF II VTS, gj| RlltllOIvb, i/lC ,| il AiP ©0S1 FOR §®w ©ASM! §= IF YOU WANT B A R G A I N S NOW IS Y O U R CHANCE! a if Mrs. Clark will still have charge of the Trimming- Department. W. E. BROWN, Denton, Md. For Sale, Miller Knspberrj, line hard plants, at i}'2 00 per thousand. Address F. L. STAMBAUGH, Ridgely, Md Money to Loan. I have money to loan on first mortgage' on real estate, m sums to suit borrower* OSCAK CLARK, Denton, Md.

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