Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 2
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Fainous for th» length ef time they wear an* fc««P th»lr jooct People of Greenup Organize Society, Elect ORKENUP-- Tho yotinft |xio]i!c of the s live ml denomination* met in tho Mtithodlut church Tuoaday and t'fffctwl tin organisation for Blblo uludy nnd church leadership, The name adopted Is Qmonup otinK People's society. The follow- In*,' officer* were elected for the ensuing year: PtcaldcnL-- "E.Htallno Miller. Vice- p res lt ont- -Randall Dett a, Sou i dlttty-- Maurice Connors. 'l'i oiisurtr- -Iva Kuhn. Planht-- Aline MrCormick. The flwt mootlrig for study will b* In the Pi on by 1 01 Inn church Sunday, Oct. 19, nt tf p. m, Subject, "Leader 1 ship. 1 ' TCp wo rlh League literature will be lined tlio first ruiurtct ,and Christian innclpfww lltrriiturfl tho second quar- tci 1'hn pliinc of meeting will «1 tor- nut u envh Sabbulh. Thei ti wore ]i oaeut 23 oha» ter niomb«i'». An Immediate drive Is planned lo tmvo every eligible younp m n n nnd womnn a mcmboi' ot the Hocicty ARTHURMAN CORN WILL YIELD 40_BU,_PER ACRE ART HUH-- -Corn In Lho Atthur ter- ILoiy will nmko an average yield of 1(1 bushel* per acre, A. F. Davis, oral « It valor man, bolluvca, tutkitiB will begin fill over the IWrtet eftily next woek The qual IV »( the grain IB good and tho .n kn Is Oi ccnn in the local mailtel BCIIB throshlng i» practically inished hon, Imvdig been delayed luiinft Ulu past wei'U by lalna. MrK.,I,»icy t j ii(;h, ijloncer- hotel and ·ottmit utit jiroinlHor hoi*, celobrat ·(I hei 77tli bltthdity Momluy by plt'ldiif; a i j i m i t of rljif iaaptcrit«a 'inni it jiftU'K in hi;i mom gtti'don. Ttic yonti); puiipli-'s* choir and orclv ·iir,» ot the local Baptist church xHl noaetraat next Sunday over WDZ, 1'uscola, (tcm 1 lo 2 Th« monthly meeting ot tho Arhur Association o( Coniiuorce wn» ii«ld Tuesday night In the Mnftonlo Unlnn rnoin After a big dinner mi ^hoit buslncua acsitlon, sorvcral chnln storci talks were made, thn pcakrvH hf-lnp Ttrv W T! Hoppor. 'mil Hnnhta anil Frank Oibbon, of f l p n t y llopp now haw charge of ill HID kic'til cirttiii bunlrioss for swift it Co. while Ralph A t t i t will bo in cnmplttc hiuxo "f the puultiy and V« huylntt foi the firm Mr. Hopp will run two tuiclup through the c o u n t t y find Mr. A i t l a one. DEMOCRATsTcTHOLD MEETING IN OCONEE will b« a Dcmournllc speaking In Ooonee Fri. i«y evontOR nt 7 30 o'clock with Editor Ed C. Bran den burger, of the Progieai na principal Hn wilt dwell upon live political IIWUM ot the present cam- tnipn. FHIRD CHARLESTON TAXICAB DRIVER IS VICTIM OF BANDIT CHARLESTON -- Charlo* A. Water*, taxi driver, is the third victim ot a Bandit pisienger, Wateis was called ahortly after midnight Wednesday morning to a remote section of the city. He wtt« tol(( t° tl'lve north on the Fifth street pavement. Water* waa relieved of some change, his car WM taken, and he notified another taxi driver, Philip Adams, by telephone to come and gel him. The car waa lilt or /ound. The night before, Edgar Hutton was given a similar experience and In August, Tom Adams, nlflo a taai drlv»r, wa relieved of his money and car. The Adams car waa later found In Ohio. EFFINGHAM COUNTY TEACHERS MEETING CLOSES THURSDAY BFF1NGHAM -- Hie Efflngham Ccnnty Teaehei*' annual tnutltute opened Wednesday inoinlng lor a two days session. The outatandlng features of the forflnoon session were an address, "Tn e Pursuit of an Ideal", by P. C, Sommetvlllc, ot WesUdyan university, Kalind. Kan.; and address on "The Ideal Teacher," by H. DeF. Wldgor, of Mastern Illinois State Teachers' college, Chm loston. In Lite afternoon Mr. Wldgar afl- dressed the teachers on value of oinl reading In the achool. The last ad- diosti by Mi. Sommervllle, WUH on Robert Bums, "A rtan For A'That.' 1 blinoat J. Wlkll, of Augusta, Fla,, who wiw called homo here by the death of hla fuluei, Rudolph Wildl, last week, IH here for tKe first time In ton ytata, I!o was a member of olil "Company G' 1 of this city and went over Htas In 1818, nerving in the U S, Army in Siberia ditrln gthe World war. LOVINGTON MEN GO TO PIPELINE HEARING LOVINGTON--Mnyor Hoggs, Attorney A. A, Brown, and John W. Hlnes were In Springfield Tuewday attending a heating before Ihe Illinois Commerce commission In behalf of the Texas Pipe Line company, which In seeking permission to build a gas line thioiifrh this territory Th* petmlt is being blttpily foughl hv th« Central Illinois Public Service Co. Mr. and Mrs lia M. Hairison and the lattcr's mother, Mrs. Mary I'UX. have iclutned ftom Rochford, where they spoilt several days visiting the for mm s son and family, Mr, and Mrs Lyle Harrison, John D Slmpdoti who with Mra Simpson, left tovlngton two months ago for IjOi Angeles, Oil, wrttcH to frlendi here that he ha« opened a f i l l i n g statlofi In Wilmington, Cal Ho says thut he would hav« opened the filling station sooner If ho could have found a corner (hat didn't have either a Tom Thumb golf course or n(t oil station on It already. QUAKER DRUG CO. SATURDAY SALE $1.00 Nujol 63c 30c Bromo Qiinine 22c ino Full Pint Rubbing Alcohol Krusehon Salts 77' MOUNTAIN HERBS (Hke cnfftt) for 8 Days make HOPE'S NATUR-0-TONE Mdttrtv't mutt wonderful ·ndklnr. No ·Itohol, (i* ·Irons drug* r«n«lr for nad Ktfitf, Skin FREE DELIVERY QUAKER DRUG CO. H. F. HARRINGTON, Prop. North Main *t William St Phone 2-0223 Salem Pastor h Honor Guest at Reception SALEM---A reception wai given Wedneiday night for Rev. J. S., and Mra. Shater In tho Methodist chuich. It waa attended by 160 members of the church and their friends, A. E. Miller, presldfltit of Chamber of Commerce, made the, welcome (id- dress, oxpieaalag tho satisfaction of everyone for the return of Rev. Mv, Shafcr to Salem for another year. A pot luck dinner wus served, after which a program In charge of Lynn Eaton, waa presented. MM. K, B Vandervort made a talk In behalf of the woik of the laillw*' ntd. She told of the many things they have done for the church and Sunday school, and eald that sines Rev. Mr. Shafer came here three years ago, the earnings of the ladtot 1 aid amounts to I4.8C8.68. Music WM furnished by tlto Sunday school orchestra, dliectett by A. Decker, Vocal number* vrert given by the Sites sisters, and nongs were sung by the congregation. The dinner was In charge of Mrs. George James. METHODIST CHURCH LEAGUES IN ARCOLA SEAT NEW OFFICERS ARCOLA,--Th» Installation of the officers of the Epworth league and Junior league of the Methodist church was conducted during the evening servlco hour Sunday. Those Installed wore: President, Miss Mabel Edgar; first vice-president, Clara Bogus; second vice-prca- ident. Pearl Lundy; third vice-president, Emma Reece; fourth vice- president, Erna Knlker; secretary, Pauline S peel man; treasurer, Mrs. D. David Kanltz; chorister, David Ka- nlU; pianist, Virginia Oei'o; group leaders, Marjorle Baker, Muxlnc Babb, Atethe Erncry, Marie HldgeJey, Theodore Cox. Junior league offlceis: President, Mary Emma Koal; Jlrst vlco-prosh dent, Martha Edgar; second vice- president, Ern« Cain; third vice-pros, Idcnt, Wllma Thompson; fourth vice president, Billy Munson; secretary, Harry Smith; treasurer, Ralph Hamman; pianist, Challys Hamman; chorister Mlldied Edgar, Drs Maud Gomel and Lawrence Butcher have purthaged the Arrollan building and mffi having it redecorated and painted for their office rooma, it was originally built for office iwrns for the late Dr. J. F Me- Klnney and latoi sold for a residence property and for the last several yoaifl has been used na a printing office by the He illy btolhctB, Joe Smith of Mankalo, Minn,, has been visiting hi a parents, Mr ami Mis, Joe Smith during Ihe past week He has been in the employ of the American Express for a number of yeara and is now a traveling auditor JoHftph Thorns of Chicago vlnltod at the home of his slater, Mrs. Albeit Harrington din Ing the last week, Mts. T J. Tierney, Miss Margaret and John Ramsey of Los Angeles, Cal, were also visitors In the Harrington home the last week. They are cousins of Mt. Harrington. The Aicola barber shops made a complete change thf» wcelt. Osrar Wuhl moved his fixtures from the old Eyes tone sho] to his other shop nntt this will be In charge of W. C, Baker and Heber Ooten. Will Warner bought fixtures from a Newman shop and la moving them to the shop formerly occupied by Hugh Eye stone. MOTHERS'CLUB OF MONTICELLO SCHOOL CONDUCTS MEETING President of Organization Names Committees for Ensuing Year MONT1CE1LLO --Tho third grade pupils gave the following program it the Washington school mothers' meeting Tuesday afternoon: Piano solo--Harryctte Solverl. Song, "Peter Pumpkin"--3rd grade. Piano solo--Richard Smith. Playlet--"The Ostrich Hostess," Mlf« Lena Bragg, libiarlan, gave, a talk on hooka. Committee* Nutted Mrs. A. C. Millar, president ot the clnh, appointed the following committees: Program --Mrs, M, E. Hency, Mrs 9. 3. Davts, Mrs. Harry Huffman, Hiss Pearl Mosgrove and Mies Kalh- ryn Valentino. Finance--Mrs, Charles Tavennor, Mis, T. J, Poster, Mrs, Charles McTn* tosh, Mrs, E E. Summers, Mrs Jesse Kaufman. Child Welfare Mngasilne -- Mn. Hnrty Solyeis, Miss Ann Lumsden. Publicity -- Mra. William Norriw, Mrs. Maty Furry and Mts» Worth Arthur Man Slightly Hurt As Car Upsets ARTHUR--A car driven by Dan Relmuth and occupied by Elrnr: Chupp and Monla Miller, turned over on u road two milei east of town Sunday night when it wax dilven Into a fence Mr. Helmufii w»» severely bruised. The conctete floor Is being laid this week in the new Pevely milk plant here. The sewngc disposal building Is well under way, na la also the 10-foot concrete u rive way that Is to surround the plant. It Is staled thnt the company will begin jecelv- Ing milk by December 1. Three Youths of Near Arthur Missing Week ARTHUR--Throe Amiwh boyi, Al- vln Miller, son of Ammon MDter; William Schrock, son of Joseph Schrock, nnd Jonaa Yoder, son of Jacob Yoder, left this settlement Sunday night and have not since bnen hearjl from. Their parents have made on extensive search for them It Is believed the young men headed foi Indiana, FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST OF DGCATtIK, ILLINOIS Announces a Free Lecture On Christian Science , Formulate L A. A. Policies Officers and directors of the IllinolH Agricultural association meeting In Decatur Thursday and Friday adopted resolution* opposing tho proposed change In tho state tax Jaw* but upproved the. proposal of Issue IH,000,000 in bonds for the purchase of ... game pieHei'Ve* All the ittuti- of- flceis and dlreciorn Wfr* pr"nint for the meeting. Flower -- Mrs schrnldt, Mrs John Dighton, MU.n tlicr Bcvllholintii', C)i]lslnmn~MiH Many Hit Chailes MoIntoMh, Mrs John hton. Mia. Brlu. Stoddtird, Mrs Ethel Mackoy, Mrs. W. D. Biilton Mrs William Glulscr, Mhs Mildred ?rcctPlJi and Miss I^ouise Bidwell, Picnic -- Mrs. Hoy Kllton, Mrs Ralph Bushet, Mm. Bert Rankln. Mrs. J P, Krntz, Mn, Joe ANman, Mrs. Leo GrlfCin, Mts. Alice Martin. Mrt), Cloyd Fisher, Mrs O V, Million, Miss Edyth Pj'lc, Miss Mac Donna MurnberKtiip Committee First grade-- Mis, F E. Bowman, Second grade--Mrs Merle Wall. Third grit dp-- Mrs. Floyd Bat ham, Fourth grude-- Mra Rusaoll Shafer Fifth j, r intlc-- Mra, C, K Smart. Sixth Kirvdc-- MTM F. E, Hoskln*, Seventh giade-- Mrs, Fisnk Ilobl- son, Soy Bean Yield 33 Bushels To The Acrt TUSCOLA.--William Kleser ol the West Hltlge vicinity has threshed his tny beans of the Mauchu variety, in the past few dnyH which yielded 23 huihels per aero, Ijce Kahn. who liven west of Tuscola combined a field of aov btamt of fho Illini variety the past wrok that made nn av- ti'ugf of 33 bunlipls per acit Mrs, E. E! Murphoy hns completed a dwelling and several up to date out-bnlldings on her farm neat HlntHhoro. The house is modern, with bath, fuinacc, kitchen sink, and hard pinr floors Clinton Lodge Accepts Bid to Decatur Party CLINTON -- Members of Castle Heat lodge of,Clinton have accepted the Invitation' of the Decattir lodge, Ladles' Auxiliary to Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers, to attend a Halloween party In their hall In Decatur next WexltWHday night. A lar^e delegation from Clinton will attend Myrtle ohaplei. No, 131, O. E. S., entertained ]asl matrons and past patrons In their halt Thursday nigh;, Tho hall was beautifully decorated for the occasion A banquet WAS seived nt 3:30 o'clock, followed by the rcgulai meeting und a program, 1 I;EAVE FOB MISSOURI DALTON CITY -- Mis, S, L Stevens, Mra. Gltice night, Jamex Morrison and Glenn Mitchell left Wednesday morning for Slkcston, Mo, Charka Barrett Is quite 111 at this time, FRANK BELL, C. S. B. of New York City Mrmliiu of the Board of LecUireshlp of the Mother Chuich Tho First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts In the Y. M. C. A, ANNEX 130 NORTH CHURCH STREET FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930 AT 8:00 O'CLOCK The Public 1* ContlHlly Invited to AtteM To Colon Trouble Since Iho discovery that fully 80% oc all diseased conditions may be traced to poisons produced by decaying of food in the colon, thousands have found new health and happiness through the use of Colo- ndid, the new wonder food which changes the flora content of the In* tee tines, stops gas, fermentation, decay nnd auto-Intoxication, aids nature In establishing normal elimination and keeps the colon in a clean, healthy condition. Sufferers from gas, bloating, stomach trouble, dizziness, headaches, colitis, kidney bladder and liver troubles and kindred ailments havft been simply amazed at their rapid testoratlon to healih Wtowlntt the use of Colon aid. tf you want to be well get a pack- nge of Colons Id from your druggist today and let this am axing new food product do for you what It has for tnnusdinlr of others DECATUR CHILDREN'S PAGEANT FEATURES RED CROSS MEETING The rcatur* of the Regional conference of the American Red Ci'oa* ·which was conducted in Decatur Friday, was the congregation In the alt- ernoon nenslon of the "Children of the Nations", a» a feature presentation of the Junior Red Croitn In I- wilur achoolH. Tho children were drawn from elt Decatur schools, and were costumed lo roprcaenl children Irom foriign countrlew with whom Decatur children have become acquainted through tho Red Cross program. Chic* jo Man 8|euker In connection with the prog mm given by the Juniors before both the adult delegates, and delegates lo thi Junior Hcd Cross convention here, William Karrii), superintendent oi Dcoatur schools spoke on the Junior 1 activities here. Jamew T. Nicholson, manager of Chicago chapter «pok« following the lunchoon Fifthly, alter which th« afternoon was given over to the joint MONTGOMERY FARM BUREAU RE-ELECTS CRESS PRESIDENT WITT-Fortieth antioal Montgoro/ eiy County Faimurs Inmllute, opened hf-ru ThurBday for a two day* se«- hion, JJlBpluys of agricultural product*, poultry, nibblts, household products and fancy work arc the large*! in the hi*toiy of the organisation. Two lingo bWldlnga arc being used (or the display*. DJuplayil of farm products nnd the poultry show me licing In the AvcnA huildlng and the HChoo] exhibits in (he High school gymnasium. Three programs, agricultural, household science, nnd High school, are hcing rendered daily. session of senior and Junior R'd Cross. , The general program for the conference Friday WM carried out as had, been planned. Rcglttiratlon b* gan at 9.30 o'clock Friday morning with more than M deleft HIM Hti^nd- Jn(f, Mrs Jne;t Condor, head of J- catur Red Cross presided ov»r the meeting. Itttvtew Rod CriMx A review of Red CIOSH 4urinic the year was given by H. F, Kelaker, midweKlin branch office St, Louis, Public health nurtflng wan dlrtciisgcd by Mi it, 1£. )l. Hls'JIf, Virtlcn; and Mls» Olive M, Young, head ot home economics, department In James Milllkln university, ripoke on nutrition. Miss .Sarah Mark Imbodun, su|er- visor of elcmoriKiry gradcti in Uwa- lur wthools, wiw scheduled lo speak Jn the Junior Kcd\Cro*d at 3 o'clock Friday SHernoon. Oeii- eral discusiilon and buslnewi of the convention was conducted during the afternoon. OPPOSITION OF I, A, A, TO PIPE LINE EXPLAINED Official toon U SeekiDf |» tecl Farmer QUESTION )F PAYMEW ly farmer* und«r «,. lcudi-r»hlj of Ihe Ulltioin A^rieiiityr Assodntlon to construetion of « nit ural «aM pipe, line acrow Illlnolt ... not based on nn obstruciionw w try, Jj, .1, QuMey, mafi«(t»r nt MU ItanxpoHatlon department of iht i A, A., Ki^ld. Friday, ICffotls 0.1« being tnsde to prottN the inteieKi of fatmers both M i« damage MUfttalnitd to lh»)r pioptMt in tb« building of lh« lino, «nd aj contract -ov»ring nomptiniwiiMi u service, Mr. Quaxoy H«i4. H* ti charged with negotiating wllh B» plp« )in« company In ih* inttrtn ot the farimetK. Hnarlni Oi't. it At hi* rqueKl, the flns) of the TllinolM Cebal lllinoii D«thi *OHN W. OBEItUNK VANDAUA--John W, 79, well known farmer of township, died In Ills home tfon on (he granting of a *rtifictt( to h'lll'l th* lln» WDK h»M up ^u) hMrini[ rouirt h h»M || M on Vt. 2 Thci-i- nr* a numbnr of future nlraut Ibi. cn1«bll«hmir)t of th* J|M that will bo of tmportiM** u tht farmer* whom Ion4 IK f.ttmuA, lit cjomwy MUM. end ihs (. A, A to study them fully It i« the eonliiK'l which th« p)p* lint hit prettenletj to f n r w i H 10 nlgn ftt for th» line, and I* ing piovlrilonn in K, endwrerinj w mnkc It a uniform rontrtet In HI rettpecis. lii*lton iif I'ay No d^flnlti' flgiir.i ha* buen trtivH at a* ! urn IIP UN at ion for th« rut menu, Tin' company first ofttrtj M cents » roil, and U in wnOocMooJ bit lMii({hl (hut up to « dollar » rol Thai miller wont bt acltlrt bttm f h u OHnii)ir'i! C'mmtMl4n, hutiljl hn dealt with rlifhl after lh« earn- mission ha* made a tlwlMion, An the contract now aland*, Mr. (Jinnwy Hays, th^ri* IK no uptclfM width for the MMrtifnl which UH plpf Ilns HWkK from lh» f»rm*M, 1J* ilir the prniwnt contia^ th* plpt DM could pi)t«r on «ny pstt of ». fun . . . . . . . . . . . . ft - - - - . . . . . . . . -- · - . WMlr»e»d8y morning ot 12;39 o'clock !)n j th , f f t l m ^ r ^mid hnv» M rt Beftlh wn» cmwed by kldm-y troubl*,! eou , ap although h hart ntcn confined to h l H J ,. ^ lsMr ' t ." u ' f ' rlne I KANSAS RESIDENTS VISIT IN ARCOU from He WM 1orn In Holland on March IS, ISM, but. camo to this country with his parenlit'at the age of seven yearn, Th«y In ty near Hrownstown, Slnw that time Mr. Oberlink had resided In thnt conimuntly «nd for itiors than 00 y«avi hd lived on tho farm when; he died. He leaves his widow and thi and suppers are being ed by the women of St. Barbara's , . Catholic chinch, and the Methodist \TM*« c ^/ cn ' J ±' , W l f t w n K . -h,,,..!,TM in witt Hrtrry and Olva Obeillnk of Wiownw- chinches in Will, [ow| ^ FwJ Qb6rltn1(i S( ,,,,,,,,,. MM P H. Miller of Vandalla; Mrs. H. R William* and Mra H. C Smlih both Tho event in belnft lurRely attended. ARGE¥TA WOMAN~IS HONORED ON BIRTHDAY ARGENTA-- Mm. Nonh WhUnant WAH p)canun()y Hurf]'isdJ at her homo Tuesday night The ocean Ion waa hi-r blrthdny, A wiener rowt WBS enjoyed by the crowd. ,, Six Shlloh women and s«ven Ar- jjcnla women attended the mlBSlon- aty inintitute in Third United Kreth- t(sn oliurch in Decntur lost Frldivy Ono of the iiuttllut'- B]caltpr», Minn Balsbaiigh, WHS In Argonta on precedinp Thursdny and ad- sed the loonJ soekiy in their H*r subject WBH. the "By-products of the Goopel." dny night Minn Balshaugh spoke tn Shlloh U. B clmreh, William \Vhlla, Sr, disposed ot his household good;; at public auction Wednesday afternoon A falr-aized crowd was present, K. A, Siencer wa» auctlnncer, Mn, James flieenfleld who hax bei n Heilouflly 111 Is rcroverfng und is able to .tit up. Rev G. H. Bond and family ntoved Friday to their new location in Cuba, I I I , nnd the now Methodist pwtor, R«v. Mr Thompson and wile are occupying the p arson n go, Bert Patience and family moved Momliiy to a farm four mil''* east of Mttroa. EFF1NGHAM COUPLE MARRIED 50 YEARS KFFINOHAM -- Mr. and Mrs. Joueph Mellon, of Washington atr in (111* city, CPlubrstcd their golden wedding anniversary at their home on Sunday, all ot their six children being present. The children are: Ed Wtetten, of Terre Haute; Jo* Metlen, Mrs Ben Berlage, Mrs, Gun Kenl«r, Miss Mnyrne and Min Elizabeth, all ot this clly. ' Mr, and Mrs. Metten w«rc married In Ihe SI, Francis Catholic church In TeulopoJIa by Rev, Father Dominicus, 0010)^1*12,1880. Th«y have lived In this city for 46 yearn, The Efdtiffhnm Latins' Reading circle conducted Its semi-month)) 1 meeting on Wednesdny afternoon In the homo of Mm, A L, Abraham, In Watson, seven mllce south of lit- finghum on Route 143. Sixteen of the 20 members of the circle were present and went to the place of meeting by auto. Papern on, "Our Island Possession» In the Pacific", were read by Mra. W. E. Lawrence and Mra. Otis Pctei-i. The hostcne served. The young girls of the QUOAD Either Maids society, accompanied by their superintendent. Ml si Dorla Ley, enjoyed a wiener and mrihmaUow roast in Ih* Walnut Grove toulh of ihle city, on Tuefdiy evening. Twenty of the "maldn" were jtreMnl The weather WM Ideal for the camp fire, cooking and out door game* and sporl*. of Brc-wnstown. ' Funerti) aervlcPH were conducted Thuutday afternoon Jn the JETon church in Seflon lownuhip by Rev, Mr, Crowley. pastor of the Vandalla Free Melhodlrtt church. Burial wa« M in th« ZI on cemetery. Clinton Phyiiciuii Examine Kenney Pupils CLINTON -- Several member* of th« DoWitL County Mtdioal nocfeiy went to Kenney mornlBR lo examine Ibo wchoo) children In Kenn«y at th« rai)ur«t of the P. T. A. Tills examination wa» for grade Hchool only. "I have n«ver m*t » ical mun in Glangow," wroin « 24 yearn old mliMt of ih« Scotch clly In mt np- peal to the Mayor of Dimedin. N. '., for help In nccurlns ft hvinuand. Thi 1 mtiyor IK In oadcwtilnit Iho meB to New SJtnlunrt gentian PH. 13-Y««r-Old Pilot ARCOLA- Mr. and Mr*, frrt Q u l i k and Wr*, Lid*. Quirk of Pu Mn*, Kan, were visitor* In tbi hnmc of Mr and Mrx. John SUft vnn Ihi- flnti of lh# w*eK, Mr. MK. QulrK who wer* on their vt* li'in went on lo Canada, but M» Mda Quirk l» remsinlnij for » lower visit with Arcote r*lftUv»H. Dr. 1C, R. Allen made n hu»ln« l i l p tr» nuneon, Minn, 0»e flrtt the wcoh Wlllinm AbN of Gr*"Hc«*He. nnd J,eimer I»vli* of H i e vWlor* In the home of Mr, aid Mr« Addliion ntehoy, Mr. AW* » the fuller and Mr. Diivl* ft court Mr «n,l M I D . W. (J, Wagner* Hetunton, Tex , were vIMlow In tw horn* Of Dr. and Mr* E. 8. Aj[*t Dr. Waimer »nrt Dr. A1W clftMrnfttcn when »iiit*iiii · Medlcnl eollcri' in Chlc»»o. Mnnl*i fihufrM 1 of *ni n visitor in Hi* «Hy film wan ri- enjro where hud Ben T. Eff» ''· 1' Tun oU, qdftliAri w M ilr ptlot *t Ath*n», Oi, Btn't father WM Georgia'* first «Ir pilot Bixlkt IntMdi'torur »H bii cWUrtn, boj« md girls, in ftyen. Yatmg Ben »·*· hit flnrt wte flight tbtut teM ilftBtlw tf« nn Rttniern Star (iranrt Chopt*' «* fh'arlM W. MMohel) of wan In Aieolii Monday on hl« 10 Chlcono to intend th» meetlnjt of 1ho Mi»Dnnt«OnindlMr rnlntt M n rrivKenmitve et W Hindaboro lodjfe. , ... Mi-* Ted ]Jo«M and chlldicn. W «.n oild Shirley of 1l-n KjJ»n. tj* KDcitdlnK the wcok in Oie horn* « her. imicnlH. Mi', mid Ml*. «» Wawon, fiMir mllen wei-t of AJ«» »nvl,| Ghere went to lrr« Hi«| Stmdny (o «w hln wlf« whA l» »1* (lent In the Union hooplW "wJ""J ju«l recently submitted *o a tern* nperatloi). Mr, and Mi* Hu«rh and Children, Mr». Jwephin* nlntftam ""d MlttK - ' ry Ham drovrt lo 8t Mftry 1 *. it (1 y for a viall with Mlxit nln«hnm who I* ulli-niHii St Mary 1 * of the Wood* COLES CO. FARMER FIRES ON HEN MATTOON~A chlrhcn thief wit* inlwvorln)f to net nw»y chlcltcnit from ibn Bd hou«^ on hl« farm *Ml on Roul* W WM foiled. »r. hoard the noiie »hor«y afwr niKhi W«dn*«day nwrntnif reeded t» lh« poultry »holBun. The thi»f w «nJ flr*d i»i»n, On* bag of. eight found nearby In H |»Dliirt ·"* " other »ack of five chic) « found tn (he honhouse, ihtef dropped tt In hi« *· net away. The chic)t*nD nliv* and w«re re»lor«l »* w . . In th« real eittt* null; »* court Monday afternoon, Brtnn»n rendered In favw Franklin for WW. The milt WOO, ctatmwl «*r lelllwr »« owned by Mr. E»ly. _ . fttvannooBi NEW HOBBB, N. ttarllnf on · IM,*» ol) town that h»n grown iwm «tnc« d«v*lopin*i end we-hilf y«i» age mated 140,000,000 hM ««·» fcy Oklahoma *nd aMUrn « here In the lart itK monlM- DNKNOV SLASH! . JUMf fiiherman F Water Ni Nelsr DEAD ABO! 7h" body of n*« taki-n from Illlnoli) f***rng paik. nbont ^ morning "ft" " jutt bflow th- Disri. Th' man's I 'f* Jv dlnch' v 'l. Rt'j'i or fsllinit I n t o jay n(Kh Mw M Writ Hov Iliti Miinll hull"' In .'« nh* h»d ff-fii 'h psrk on »ivrat H' ad''l iwfi forehead nctvoi park bi-nch. nn. lhing"chiny" wh xhi t\tti»nbt nn hav" h^n a Icni "I t h i n k he r.i* Ki 1 . Bnntcr Til away for s v.hi ·jtnln In i h c n tlttic h" ''i' f n r t how Ions ih' r wh^n (h" bvl day moininif f »pdlmnt"i1 t h a i h nin« It hpcti Jo'id son bell '* 'I liad jn 19 fish, whi'n t g l i l|)p oitni jii't i. mnn vtho \sii fi iwny. Tlv« 1 ptcr «nl I t r/illMl f i )·' 1 boily f i o m th' 1 ' thin four t'" ' ^ plor at pif'x'tit op to the fi\fi «r. PlonotLH'-.d J plowd In llti%\»o lance u h f r h lia.l ncctt" Thi 1 IwJ Ilnwiton 4 Wth" Thi nidtt I* 'h Flight btilld H ynra ol'l H 11 tho coriifr of ) iBundry m a t h ' Tho mnn wnB dnd a gtcy cnp nindc by ih" N clnnall. and hat ftcttllon las bu out of (he cnn( Decatur Me Mark . (snttv, ItHnolfi tn* nut linn I r IVrvv. O In -»lvrrt W th"t tho nintl Thr I h i i c r in thf ii!ii)ii« Mllonot mret ». foi whlrh tl The medals *f Ihf Hlltm trophy for \\)i Peoria Cot I n D Ifr^ M titth RfMrt, both i »l*d Thui«(tav to (he honin r RfV, It H J Wwitsldp Nnsin tlwc friomld w "'*· Rotreri 1 KC " Dpctttui , JWfti* a«to whi ·' 'he Churcl Durnni, \viJ '*Hl mnkc tiiPi Buckski Spor $5.95- Jusit tht alm blind f- tn fisi WR hit o i at t a g ht Blot Shop f, from

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