The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 9
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·ng, ?u 12, 1911. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W PageNIn* B ROKEN rlni. broken heart; brokm wttch. broken *n- O«MMat; broken eye- (laie. untold annoyance: Indented ellrer, Injured pride. Al| theie fractures and dents pile out of txlutence when they peee tirouch our repairing do- ycrtment--tbe Injured article* returning ae «ood u new. And the price In eo email It iiimi utterly abeurd. 3or cornel Into her heart, as riven coma to the ee». A trinket In filled «old earrlea the (ladiome meeaace--eome- tlmen a -Int. a locket or a pin of dainty make le the medium. E. E. BARBER JEWELER 1*5 !». Water Street. Dclicioui Ice Creams and Cooling Ices PHONE NOW-- And we'll dellrer to your door a quart or more of our deliciously p u r e ICE CREAM for your Sunday dinner, or for any time that you would like t» Mrre an nnuaualljr good quality Tee Cream. Icee or ShftrherS --then step to your phonp and call "Sam'i." Make ntir store your resting place while you nre down town. B.tfc Phnae* 1M M*ra»a« St. UN THEY Where the City Hai Found Extra Money. Appropriation! by the council tor th* city of Deoatur for tbe fiscal year 1( are |310,0».Z7. Laet year the appropriation! were »m,ao«.5_8. Appropriations fo* the current year arc greater by (11,843.35 than they wore for last year. And thli year city revenues lose saloon UceiUB money, amounting to approximately 160,000 a year. With tbe loss ot thli saloon liconso revenue how can we arrange to nave larter appropriations than wo hai a year ago? The question ra» Leon aslc- ed by a good many people. Tt Is in order to try to get an understanding of the eltuatlon. ITEMS FOR TWO YKAP.S. To this end It may be well to start with a list of appropriations lor last year and this year. by Hems: 1013. Ubrmr; Fund t 8.T72 i! $ Park 13.flOO.oo Sinking fund 21.300.00 Intejeet H.nno.oo Refund ro«d ftnd bridge. 10.15.1.:is Rent, olty offices 1,200.00 Rent and I n t . city yard 2,20001) Park site* and Interest . 4.200.00 Franklin street Bubwny 3,00000 Asa'n ol Cora fund S.T.VI.Oft Public Improvements... 83.000on Water worxs 47.43373 Hero Is the list 1014 0 417 93 assmw 21 .HiTOOO ]«,OTOOO 1H138.88 1.20000 I 1 .100-00 Police SB.BOO.oo · *)BM ·!»· A f M A A v * Ort OAK ftn 1*17 cltr Lltht department Fire department Street! and alleys Cletnlnf pfcved streets R«palrlnt pevttd etr«ete Fldc'valjtp and crolslnfe Cleaning 8. and C Contingent fund ..,,... Health department Law department Jasper tubwity Enafnpnr spwage dlipotal Eldorado subwey Powers' w a t e r pipe 30,20300 ld.000.00 37.000.00 4,0000" 1.1.000 It) J.500W S.OOO 00 l.OOfl.KI 3.000 («l 2.00(1 0l 8.00000 ».ooooo 43,000.00 20,110000 20.82500 IB.nOO.OO 38000.00 8,000.00 13,00000 3,000 00 f.OOOOO 1.000.00 s,ooo.oo S.OOnoo 8.00" 00 larger a year ago and still keep within the revenues. The annual report of Comptroller McNabb, made at the close of the fiscal year 1813, had these figures In totals: All city revenue »318,855.59 All expenditures 312,261.80 Excess of revenue $ 4,693.89 COMMISSIONS AND LOSSES, This excess of revenue from last year Is a balance to be carried forward and counted In the revenue for the present year. It is not taken into account in figures given earlier In this article, for the reason those figures were intended to Indicate net revenue, This balance that is carried forward from last year will just about pay charges and losses on collection of direct taxes for the current year. There is a commission to be paid the township collector; and then there are the Items of taxes that so uneolleeted. TICK ROAD LAW HELPS. In the list of added revenues for this year there is a road and bridge tax Item that amounts to flS.OOO. The city get* this added money because of a provision In the Tlce road law. This law provides that a road and bridge tax may be levied up to 61 cents on the 1100 of assessed value; it provides further that half of such tax collected within a olty «hall go to the city. The older law provides that there could be a road and bridge tax levy of S8 cents, half of which collected within a. city went to the city. The Total* «'»«,20(1!2 S3I0.049 ;' W H E R E MONET COMES FROM. 2 i ;";',,, oi! older law also provided for an addition- 2.oir, sn nl levy of 25 cents for road and bridge li^ 4 !' I purposes, a special levy; and all of this went to the township. The change in the law Is this: The Here are the aourcea of revenue and the eilimated amount that will coma from lor the present year: Direct taiea, old city t 04.179 an no. new territory 10.717 Pfl Road and bridge tax i'l'.noo * Water accounts 7'J.oro.oo .7. P fin.. «.onooo ,,,, ,,..,,..,,, Urcn«f« and mUcelleny 15..W 00 i * ' Road »nd bridge, lait yrar they will get thl I n t . sinklnc f u n d , pnrk niul = J t e 5 . . Tom.03 VTrvtr T city now gets one hall the,road and bridge tax It pays; formerly it some- Total ^Mlmated revenue sr.l'iT.'iOOT ADDED REVENL'ES Here Is a llvt Knowing th* sources of new revenue for for the year, revenue that waa not had or not estimated R year ap« Tnvrs rrt.m new t e r r i t o r y . S107S700 Water fu-coiints l,v*j«ion K n u r l [111,1 tirldfco tfix l.-.'^Ot! Additional pork tax iP(VKino Honda and Intereat 1.17000 Total of a d d i t i o n a l revenue fr,oo."700 Thui It will be teen that the iiw revenues, additional rnvenuea got t h l * year, a little more than make up t h e ··loon license moi.ey that was got last year. W I T H I N INCOMI-: T,AST y C A R . But appropriation* for this year are bigger than they were a year ago. The explanation U they mlcht have been year previous. The actual figures for the year were a little In exceia of |7«,. COO, the eetlmate for the present year, followln« former practice In thii matter. U put at the flrurei reached last fear. The Item of 110,000 for additional park tax la eaitly explained. The law touching thli levy has been changed, Formerly a tax of two mill* was the limit for park purposea; now tbe limit is three mill* Thl« and the additional territory brought Into the city make* the 110,000 additional. BY NO MEANS PLUSH. Of course we rauit not get the notion that we are aa well off with a. revenue of $810,000 a year aa we were with the same Bum a Tear ago. A lot of this comes from territory added to the city, and of course this territory is Justified in making demand that money be epent on it. The new practice that calls on property owners to pay for paving atreet Intersections will prevail throughout this year; very likely it will have to be continued other coming reari. However, this will be up to administrations that are in power when work le done. This year all money In light wai used up without putting by anything to pay for paving Intersections. NEED A NEW PUMP. . It was hoped that a new pump could be got at the waterworks thli year. It can't be done; It la something that will have to go over to another year. There It need of a new pump, to be on the Bide of safety. The situation Is this: The city at this time U tiling 8,000,000 gallons a day. The Platt pump hai a capacity of 8,000,000 galloni. The two Allia pumps have a combined capacity of 6,000,000 gallons. The capacity of these will be reduced eome- what, as their bore U to b* made somewhat smaller, a matter of necessity. If the Flatt pump should for any reason go out of commission there j would not be enough capacity at the ' station to supply the city at ll» pros! ent rate of consumption. We can't ! expect that the Platt pump will run j night and day all the time. MIGHT ISSUi. BONDS. A new pump ot the «lie and quality PAINT I your house now while the weather Is I ideal. We guarantee good work and times got only 518 in each $61 paid. Two weeks since the supreme court approved the Tice road bill, BO that city commissioners can now feel sure revenue. NEW TERRITORY.' Concerning taxes to be received from new territory added to the city, final figures are not yet in, and w i l l not be u n t i l after the board of review has · passed on the matter. Aescssor W. H. charBe on!y · «"°n»ble Prt* Foster has told Commissioner Robblna that the assessed value of the new territory will be close to $1,500,000. It is j possible this valuation when finally j adjusted may drop to $1,000,000. But | the added revenue to be got from this ' territory In thought to be conservatively estimated at J10.7S7. WATBK AND PARKS. Water account revenues are estimated on the returns had last year. A year ago they wore estimated at around 860.000, based on figures of the 'phone. Antn. ant Cllnr-Coat Paint--per gallon 11.00 S. A. Hlsh Grade Paint, per gal. 11.85. Toy's Paste Paint, per gal. $2.00. Get our prices on that new Wall Paper--our stock Is new and uptodate. Hallack Songer Well Piper and Paint f ton. 238 W. WOOD. Old 4010 Innl A fl. tf*E\l» Frank Riedel. Under Burtschi Bros. Schoenle's New Bank. B ORN and raised in Decatur, I have learned my trade here and for about ten years have been working for the largest shops in this line in the city. Many for whom I have worked probably will remember me by appearance who have never known me by name. I have qualified both as journeyman and master plumber under all state and municipal requirements and am a member of the Master Plumbers association. I ' N ENTERING business for myself I have determined that my first effort will be to give my customers good materials, first-class workmanship and prompt and efficient service. My prices will be as low as I can make them consistent with the above policy and enable me to meet my obligations. Any business entrusted to me will be fully appreciated and carefully looked after. Will be glad to submit exact estimates. Call telephones, Bell 4260; Auto 3283. I wanted will coat about 130,000. Per-1 to be a bond laeae. I city, counting tbe new territory added, haps when one la got there will have I The unused bonding capacity of tbe ' le about f M.flOO. ,./ v BEER FURNITURE 00. BEER FURNITURE CO. SAVINGS This is the week that you can get some mighty good bargains in house furniahiujs. A week in which we cut the price of our regular stock at least 20% to 33 1-3%. There are lots of people who don't know what good things we have at this store, what good furniture and what low prices. Come in and see, we won't ask you to buy; just look around; its one thing sure, you'll buy here later. QUALITY IS WHAT WE HAVE AND WHAT YOU SHOULD BUY Outing Carts PE--$1.15 Folding Go-Carts r .-- $5.00 Rubber Door Mats --$1.00 $11.00 Dressers ^--$9.00 $3.75 Lawn Mower .$2.75 $4.00 Sanitary Couch $3.00 Porch Chairs % off. LAWN SWINGS 9x12 Matting Rug . .$ 2.50 9x12 Brussels Bug.. ..-.. $13.85 40c Sultana Carpet--.........^-.28c 9x10 Art SqoW....... . v . ..,-.$ 825 9x12 Axmmster Bug.......... .$20.00 40c Kolorfast Hatting-- -- 28c Linoleum, odd lengths.^ 40c POBCH SWINGS LOTS OF HOT WEATHEB, GET A HEBRICX REFRIGERATOR Sealy Mattress, This Week Only, $20. This is the Store of Quality and Low Prices. Beer Furniture Co. 332-338 N. MAIN ST. Iron Bed and Mattress at a Cut Price. Come in. THE PIANO BUYER'S REAL GUARANTEE of satisfaction is in the name of the piano, and in buying that piano of a REPUTABLE, SUCCESSFUL, PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHED HOME CONCERN. How much more fully you are protected when back of the name of the instrument is an organization you can go to, should you wish, at any time, concerning any feature of the transaction. To find that you have no house to look to after your purchase, means that your satisfaction is not assured --not guaranteed! These names you know stand for highest quality--Packard, HAINES BROS., Schaeffer, Price Teeple, Bond, and Brinkerhoff Pianos. The Prescott Music House is the only house in Decatur where these celebrated instruments can be purchased. We've been doing business in Decatur for many yean. Our headquarters are right here. We offer our customers not only the choice of th* universally recognized leading Pianos but the protection of a strong, growing, permanently established home organization, with a record of hundreds of satisfied customers. Consider the' name of the Piano, and the PERMANENCY of the House you buy of! Greatest values and greatest assortments at whatever price you wish to pay. Prescott Music House Decatur's Leading Piano House. 104 E. Prairie St. Decatur, Illinois. To The Home Builder If you are building a home or are figuring on doing so, we would like to alk to you about the electrical fixtures and installation work. "v A home is built for comfort and conveniences--and anything that will increase that comfort and enjoyment should receive your earnest attention. Good lighting fixtures are most important in the home. It does not pay to install inferior fixtures nor to have it done in a slip-shod way. We will be glad to assist you in selecting fixtures that will harmonize in color and with other furnishings of the home. That is our business and it. will cost you nothing to get our best suggestions. s STEP IN MONDAY AND LET US CONFER WITH YOU Rex Electric Co. Both Phones-1321. 328 N. Main St. /'SPAP.E.RnRCfi

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