The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 23, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 23, 1859
Page 2
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as from the WMt, that »fter Tt«tg«ddU being found thwJnftbhlons •ni« WrtltK *ill flovr into wlio ;>i.n»e>:hithenr»rd to *eek their fprtanes.— AU mmnnerwir lie* h»Teheen told; mndaJlmjui. -ntr of lite Will etitl be told, ; and all manner of people bat sensible one*, will long for sudden WMtltli, »nd be led away by idle newspaper reports, to fortunes harder than their dreams of gold a» br%ht. For every, ounce of gold ..feaod «here, » ponnd-of- blood and toor* of fcarshavealready flowed, and the«nd is not yet. Thers) Is a well known' picture representing the dream of home, and children and wife, whkh to inppoied to risit the •lumben of a tried soldier; and the obntrart between the peacefal landaoape of the rision and the torn battle field on which the dreamer lies it saddening in its trathfnlnesa. A more dreary, if let! noetic picture could be painted of the gold miner of Pike's Peak, His hopes of speedy wealth gone,' hie pane fertpty, his body racked with unremunerative toil, hit spirit broken by the bitterhesa of great disappointment, hungry and forlorn, he sleepsnpontht>earth* fuverisb dumber, fiis brain touched by the magician, mamory, flashes across hU Bight a repretenta- tion of hit home, and shows him the farmhouse, brilliant .with its coat of whiie and its window blinds of green, where his careless youth was spent, and from which, scorning the tuna offer of a prosperity rare though slow, he atedefcrth after gold. • . The kin*, sleek, and/contented, turn'their mild gaie upon him in his dream, and in contemplation chew- the oud ; the house dog sita npon the door atone, now growling a challenge to the passenger npon the road, then with a yawn relapsing again into canine repose; the oxen, slow swinging, drag the plow through tho close .greensward; the shadows fall long among the old trees, and the soft sunlight of the declining day throws over all things its mellow tinge. From a dream like this the miner of the Peak awakens to the unblessed toil of Another day, and curses the thirst for gold whtoh drove him from the paradise of tome to the torments of that wretched spot. There are gold fields in Wisconsin, richer than lie in the plains, rooks, ravines and mountains of Kansas, and loss trnaUe required to get the precious metal. ^]M^t^:^wiM^^^^ 'TOV^tiwS^''"'"'-'- : ''-^ f -"-''^-''- : "' — rlWff|tHfr|"'fiPii % TOClfcl point hid^e of thrtMt time* powibleS ^Tfce M> irfe otJIiliraokee did *rer/ thing In Weir jxnr- er to make their Tliit pleM»nt and «giwable. Tbefnwdom'ortlwioltTWM extended wtthont litnlt TheT Mayor, H. L. Page, Esq.. the Sherlffof the county, A. J. Langworthy, Esqi. J3f~ All the twaddle of the AVwa about law and 'order, "distinctions between rich and poor men, U the merest, hypocrisy. The present editor of that paper upon hearing the ciream- stances of the case in question, on the day the affair occuried, emphatically declared that had he been in Lees plane, instead of a rawhide, hi would have used a revolver, or some thing to the same purport, and if bis own Word is to be relied on, he bad an article writ ten, strongly evftaininy Lee, the publication of which was omitted st the requwrt of Mr. Lee's friends,'it being deemed advisable to keep the matter ont of the papers at that time. Will the ffan deny these facts '1—Smtintl. The " present editor" of the Neva denies the assertions of tli*> S ntin I in toto. We never satd<we would harp need *a revolver—never Stated that we ha<i m, article written strongly •nstaining Lee, and the informant of the Sen- tintl has stated a deliberate falsehood, or is of very than memory. The elder Mr. Lee called on us and requested that the name of his eon might be omitted from the police reports. U was omitted We offered lu state the reasou why hit son horse-Whipped Mr. Mansfield, by .^viag an .account of tb* matter in full, but rather than hare it made public that his son was arrested for stealing, be declined the offer. Mr. Lee told as that the arrest of his son WHB made out of spite, and that no ground» exist*-d for BUfh arrest at all. That Mr. MansnVld did it for no other purpose than to injure the business of Lee. We did say to him. ihnl a man who would do snob a thing was not a man, and deserved shooting, but learning of good grounds for the arrest, and as Mr. Lee's statement to us was not a true one, we took the liberty to say his son did wrong to assault Mr. Mansfield as he did. Mr. Lee and his friends will make nothing by a controversy, and the less they cay of the matter the better. We eay Lee did wrong—assaulted Mansfle! ' ;; a cowardly manner—and Instead of being imprisoned or fined, should have had his " finis" kicked oat of -some well fillc-d church, right in " meeting time " We are in the office from 9 A. M. till 10 P. H. mtby otters wlibm ire_ have not room to oat* alogie, did erer^ thing In thwr power to ep- terutn their cone try friends. •-'...;• ; \ ;.Tiw first viilt of the f»ternlty wa* made to .the beauttfal grounds and residence of Hon. B. 8. Well. From there, they took the drir« of the city, and tb.tne; ertenslve and well lomithed hardware rooms of H. J. Na*ro & Co.; then they proceeded to Mtlm's Qard-ms, in the Fifth' Ward, where Mr. Melma extended the best of hospitality In his own style, which made every one happy and at home.— From there, they were taken to the "straight cat." the new harbor improvement of Milwaukee, w.nioh baft been bnilt by the city at the trifling expense of about one quarter of ft million of dollars. The next' da'y, in the afternoon, waaiinprov- ed by a visit to the schools of the Second and Seventh Wards, which exhibited everything in first rate order. We were very much pleased with the marked improvement in the schools of Milwaukee, during the last two years. W«think they are riot exoulled by any schools in the State. Mess 8. MoEindley and Coe of tbe Seventh Ward school, are good disciplinarians, and show their influence and power in their well ordered schools. 'We had no time to hear their recitations, but at some future time we toe&n to be able to speak tally with regard to them. A visit to the two Orphan Asylums showed as-everything in connection with them in the best of order. We hope these, the tow institutions of Milwaukee, will never be snffdred to be crippled in usefulness for the want of means. On a kind invitation from Alex. Mitchell Esq., the fraternity then visited his beautifu place, where all spent an hour partaking of the genaine hospitality of himself and family, in the way which suited each one's taste, and to tho delight and pleasure of alt A trip to Grand Rapids, across the lake, in the evening, at the invitation of the Detroit & Milwaukee K. B. Co., of all who were disposed to go, wound Dp tbe pleasant festivities of the occasion. The Eailroad Companies generously extended free passes to all editors who applied for them, and Davis & \!o. also gave free rides to those who saw fit to take them. In conclusion, we mast say that all were pleased, gratified and profited by the visit to " the city of bricks." Personally, we extend onr congratulations to Major Paj?«, Sheriff Langworthy, and many others who did everything in their power to make the time pass pleasantly. WBT TBBI OPPOSE IT.—The block republican sheets here at the West are jubilant over the bet that the amendment requiring an additional year to the residence of a foreign born citizen before he can vote, lately pending in the Connecticut legislature, has been defeated. " Behold how we love yon," say they to the German citizen whose votes it is desirable and even necessary to conciliate. But this very amendment was voted for last year in the very same legislature by the whole body of black republicans. Does this fact show that they voted against it this year because they were really opposed to the principle of the thing, or because they were scared at the storm raised by .the German citizens over the action of the party in Massachusetts? If the black republicans of Connecticut had followed their instincts they wonld have proscribed foreign born .citizens as they voted to do last year, and •o they wonld do in every State if they could get along without the German vote. The black republicans of Connecticut have been obliged to stultify their action of last year. OESEBAL JAIL OELITEKJ.—An extra Irom the office of the Slgonrnej, Eoekak Co., Iowa DeiHocrat, of the 6th Inst., gives the following r articular* of tbe turning loose of all the criru- *nal8 Jn tbe oonnty jail, by a mob of disguised oitiMna, - It wag anseztraordinary proceeding: Sheriff Long yeaterdsy received informatioc that • body of men contemplated breaking into the jail and disposing of the prisoners, who were'ijaite numerous, and who were kept there •tML-expentt of from $50 to $85 per month. The fiurt no doubt Is the incitrng cause of the outbreak. The Sheriff immediately went over, bat found nothing to excite serious appreben- •ionf-cnhie part, and as ha informed oaatarU ,e4 home, bnt not being tatisfted, retaraed.. At mbout'ten o'clock at night a foroecf about 100 men, disgnlsed, appeared before the Jail •nd demanded the keys of the Jailor Miller. To tfili raqaeat Mr.- Miller promptly refused. Sledge hammera were brought Into requisition. «fai»uttb«door—it yielded and tUe Jail wita entared, Xli« prUoner*. we leani, all made gtx»dth«Ire«oape but Carpenter, vgnilty of In- ««t. fle.-ltli said, was epirited away, and bb fcte wmalni * nijrgtery. KIIURKABLB PBISIKTATIOIT.— Some Uyeariago, gay» tbe Frieport Journal, tbe •other of John W. Eogers, at present ft reri- 4*0, '«/t Jo Da»iea» do., died and was buried in the town of *ent, in Stepbeison t3o., Laitjnonthiierohildren had her rernainB taken np «nd,r»moved to Nor* cemetery, and what jrjn UwJr •nrprin to flat) them In a complete «tate«f firewrration. Her body vat a solid . petriTMtiOB— J»er features being perfect ' as in Ufa aha-«n^ * «^»» d « or two darker. the Bank— libttrof 0 nnty v Prom the Cincinnati Enquirer. Robbery of 83,300 U» Confienvllle, Indian*. On the night of the 15th of April last, a couple of fellows named Michael Carroll and —— Quinn went to the house of a man named George Hamilton, who is eighty-one years of age, and resides alone a mile or two dig'ant from Conuersville, Indiana, and after waking, told him a brother, who resided on an adjoining farm, was quite ill and desired to see him. Without rising from his bed, he told them ta inform his sons, who lived a short distance from his residence, of the fact, and they would go with them, whereas he would not Tisit him before morning. They then called npon hJm to give them a light that they might use it upon their way, !>ut he drew the window blind and saw that it was quite light, and became suspicious some, foul play was premeditated again*! him.— Without waiting for a reply, however, they threw an immense bowlder through tbe window, with such fore* as to knock some of the boards from a partition wli'oh separated the ruom he occupied from the next, and then wllL the same materials made an assault upon the door, and broke it almost to pieces. Having thus effected an entrance they were proceeding to ransack tb« room, when the old man wit , a pocket-knife slabbed Carroll in the left breast, making quile a gainful fl^sh »ou»rt, but not injuring hitu enough to d^ter him from his purpose. At tliis point, Quinn strppt-d up, caught him from bemud by tbe arms, and .held him while Carroll uuDtiuurd the search he bad already bfgun. Mr. Hamilton, who rtill held the knife, made several efforts to out Quinn and succeeded iu striking him a few time* tn tbe l-gf>, which ff annoyed Uim that he called to bis , r.tcrad.- to "kill the d—d eon of a b—h," nhi- Carrolidrewa lart;e knife and struck at old man, who, at that moment, threw hie IOMV.,-.( an i !',<' blow took eflect in his DOSM, tbe instrument passing through the roof ol his month, hi! tongue and down iau> his Ihroat He fell e.ibau*l« i from the wound and was cirri-*! into a back room, nlt.T which the vil- la'n» proceeded to ranxark the house. Tht-tw men had ber-o, it appears, in th>- employ of Mr. Hamil'on, and wer* acquainted vritb his Uahitf, and «lso wills the fact that he bad drawn $8uO or §900 from the bank to present in equal sums to his children, whom he had invited to dine with him on the Snndav following Aware that this Bum was in the bouse, they were determined to have it, and finally were successful. B<-»ldrs the above amount of money, they carried awav notes which increased the sum to an aggregate of 82,300, and made their escape, leaving their rictiic unconscious and almost dead. A description of Carroll was placed in the hands of officer A F. Schnylar, of the Third Ward who, for two months, has been busy in pursuit of the rascal, lie obtained no clue whatever to his whereabouts until y«n#rdav, although be had been acquainted with the movements of his wife for a considerable lengih of time. Yesterday she went to Milford, *nd t e officer followed her, arrested her husband in that place intbeafteenooc, brought him to the city in the evening and confined him in the Hammond street station bouse. Quinn was arrested on the 15th of May, in New York, by Deputy Sheriff A. M. Davis, of Fayette. county, Indiana. Carroll will be token to Connersrille, as soon as he lias been examined, to answer, in company with his confederate, the double charge of burglary and assault with intent lo kill. Ait OLD CITIZES GOKR.—There are butfew, if any, of the old residents of Newport, who did not know or who were pot acquainted with Mr. John Homer, who cultivated a farm tome three or four miles from thu corporate limits ' of our city, and lo them we are compelled to ' announce his"decease. He departed ibis life i on Tuesday morning last, at a vigorous old j age, after enjoying an honest, happy and con tented life. He, perhaps, bad the nicest scrn- ples in regard to honesty of any man who ever cultivated so large a circle cf acquaintances as was enjoyed by him. It is said of him that many years ago be happened in a room where some gentlemen had been indulging in a game of brag, and that he tonnd npon the table the "counters"—made of brass, but simitar in appearance to a five- dollar gold piece—they nad been using. Believing what he saw was gold, and he being the only one in the room, he did .not d»re to leave, for fear the party to whom it belonged might return, miss some of it, and then accuse him of the theft. In this dilemma he concluded to remain until the owners of the money oame, then demand to have it counted, and •hould there beany missed, ba searched himself. It was late at night, no one oame, and be actually remained until morning, a victim 4o his nice scruples of honesty, which he might have avoided, had he just examined one of the "counters' 1 which he supposed was gold. If we mistake not, there are bat few gentlemen of tbe present day who can be charged with being so over burdened with that principle called *'honesty."— Cincinnati Enquirer. THB WIST FOIST CADKT^-HOW as FABBR. —The arduous duties of a West Point Cadet are not more than half realised by the hundreds of young gentlemen seeking appointment there Else at-five: in summer and *ir in winter, bed-clothes put ,away and room-arranged for inspection in half an hour. Study, until seven; guard-mounting at half-past sev- •«8 AWABBKO, TO Tfl Hn»BA»» »OE Hli Wlt«:~At the Onelda CironU w ritting M-Bome^N. T-, Chas/B. Green bronght snit'agajnst thfe Hudson River Bailroad for causing the death of his wife, near Poughkeepsie, three years ago. In 1856, the wife of the. plaintiff took the express train .of care at Albany, for New York; when the train was about two miles; below Pooghkeepsie it stopped, and the way train which left that city a few mlntntes afterward ran into the express train, killing the wife. This action was brought under the Statute of 1847, which authorized actions of this kind- to be bronght and the amount to be recovered (not to exceed $6 ,000) to have reference to the'" 'pecuniary damage sustained." The defense was, that a husband cannot maintain thd action, or at any rate, could recover only nominal damages, as he had not iu fact sustained pecuniary damages." The jury, after an absence of half an hour, returned a verdict o! $2,000 for plaintiff. When the jury went ont, tome were for $3,500, some for 15,000, some nothing, and some for §500. BCILDINO —There is considerable bnilding and improvement in progress iu Appleton, notwithstanding money continues exceedingly eoarte, Hon. P. H. Smith designs to erect a mansion on his beautiful ground in blook 11. J. W. Hnfhinson is building on the corner of Allen and Lawrence streets. J. C. Smith has a block of stores going np on the Avenue. — Several dwellings in progress on the south side of the river. On the canal, Dunn & Braw- ster are harrying forward their stave factory and J. M. Stebbins is getting his hub and spoke factory under way. A merchant flouring mill is to go up very soon. The new paper mill is to be a structure 40 by 80, four stories bid) . It is going forward as rapidly as possible. Other buildings are going up in different pans of the city. Jusl as soon as money bepomes easier, (and all hands anticipate that event to occur just«»o soon as we have a harvest,) over a hundred buildings will be commenced.— Appleton Crescent. As IMPOBTA.NT IMPEOVKMKST.— We learn thai the proprietors of the Central Water Power design to bnfld a new and substantial dam commencing near the Second Ward river bridge and extending to the centre of the ri»er. They design to afford water power at a lower price than it can be had elsewhere in the State, and at the same time to open an extensive quarry in the bed of the river to get out building stone, at prices that will induce people to eraot substantial buildings This will lead to extensive building, because the stone can be bad so that people can build as cheap ot that material as of 1 amber — Appleton Cretccnt. B XV A.U T HO KITi STATEMENT Of th«Ooij4Ulon of the Mutual of Buff» o, on tlii Sd of FebtnttT, 181». Mae BecretMfcof State, Wlioonsbj, punutnt io the BU«-' uta of tntt 8Uto. !:| KUB AID MOATIOX. * I Th« naHif ai thVCompiny to 75l» «»« ttmpoityof Baffkla. located la - BUU ftNeir Jork. •• .. ; • | .[ [ L OlHTil. > . j , 8. The «o«at of «nthortted ' 1 S ' capltaJL «600,000 3. The amount'pald up 2»8,2>0 int'paldup. «- !! it 1st. Cash; on. hand. . 2d. In trio bands of and doe from agents i others Sd. Ko real estate, 4th. Bonds' held by the Oo. Is. t. H. S. B. R. bonds, 2. Toledo, : Nonralk A Clere; bonds.. 4,000 8. N. L E.B. bonds, 8,000 13T.M1 SI I S! 4. Stocks: '•D. f- ft* 10,000 worth ,. 10,187 W D. 8. 6s 8,000 rorth '... »,16fi M 8. N. York 5s «,i 00 do 6s 13,800 worth..,. 26.908 I» 6. Debts dUe to the Oo. secured 67 mortgage on unencumbered real estate, worth flonble the amount of mortgage "per schedule" bearing 7 per cent. Interest! 6. Debts otherwise secured by stocks, mortgage* and insurance scrip of tbli and ot^ier companies, and lntere«t;on same 7. 1'tbts for premiums, consisting tof bills receivable, t. AU other ctcnmies >nA claims due tbe Co., salra- 1»,OUO «,64T ge<, vesiels Peno 9. Personal property ov by tbe Co , steam ' l, ic Pumps, Total AJjet! 118687 1» 64,913 14 35,824 78 80,844 87 20,630 71 None Nuot ....... 494,685 69 III maiUTias. 5. Tbe amount of liabilities due t i bank i and other creiilt.nft. Noot, excepting what !• contained in Ho. 10. 6 Losses adjusted and due. T. do u-o and not duo. (. Loves nnsdjiuted. Supposed to be at Ule extent about ............. 9. Lossi-s in suapeusr. Same as No.B. 10. All other claims against the company, Ind Tldiial balancesi. unttatm duly) den 's, di>1 redrmptloa of Scrip uncalled for ...... The Good Templars instituted a Lodge in Cronkhitn's Hall on Thursday evening ol last week The steamer Menomonee brought down a delegation of sixty or seventy from Neenah and Menasha to superintend the institution and installation. Some twenty or thirty persons of both eries were initialed — Ap- oifton CretceHt Total LUblll.lri . IV. i «,uuu M57 76 I0,8i7 73 :<{_ FOR SALE. )Preiich Fall Seed Wheat. fflHB rabBcrlber hai Just received a small sample of M. White Wheat direct frosi France, andrwill rec-lya often for same. As the quantity arriving Is small, parties wishing to purchase, wll da well 19 send ID orders'early. WM YOUNG, Je9-dlw Branch Warehouse, Walker's Point. NOTICK. 1 8 hereby given that 0. 0. Murray r as withdrawn from the firm of Hurray, Prior A o., having «old all his right and Interest tn ssld flrm 11 Wl Uam M. Klmball • 0. 0. MURRAY. The business will hereafter be conducted under the styles! Pilot, Harblct i Co., who will settle all accounts of Hurray, Prior k Co. A. P. PRIOR, J. P. 1IAKBICK, Je5 w»I M. KtMB^LT.. 80 KKWAIJD™ SJ,UT 4 SMALL Black a d Whl'f Hut, weiring • A. anew leather strap around Ucr nee It and has her ears cut to a point In tb- bhapt ul o»es ears, and answer* to the name of •'Jennie," wai lost on Saturday afternoon, June 4th. Whoever will return »«ld Slut to 317 Main street, will rrcelve the above reward. je7 SPECIAL NtTT'CEi Dlt. CELiBH TED VFRMI7COE *ND LIVKB PILi.-t OT* A sln'gn'ar combination, but very -ir^ctu^l. M the following will show : Ssw You*, November U), IJ.Vj. Knowing, from experience, tha 7a.usi.l« nu.iiliKa ji Dr. ll'Lant'l Vtrmifvgt and Liver PUlx, prrpar-d by ' leulng Bros. Pittsburgh, ( bsvr for inaction: >,«.:» considered it my duty, and sruju ,t my f>aiine«s. tu make those articles known wherever I went mon^ m * friends. A abort time aeo 1 be aine ic<|ti:iuii*.i| v\\ the cai e of a young jrtrl, vho i- -me with worms and liver complaint at th.- bad been gutTer-ntl Tor some two n<«.-itK. persuasion she purchased "ne r>«> tl^ rtnntfufjf, and >ne *' s jf .' tv~ i took acciird'Dx li mr?ctH< a. l ,.- ^JSATS A-SSTD CAPS H A~T - "1 ' \ '. • STRA r K > pi 'III a li c;a ANY uTH t( M'^ •?;.:;. W i» >D jubl--i T' i /• *r /•• Her Q»m« and K. L. Theall D f '.N ." •- r±R£ coox. .amton H. BOLLLCTIA. .CHAaLis c. dirroa. COON, EOLLiaTEB. & COTTON. Attorney* aud < 01111- NO8. 4, B, AND 6, rMKKNIX BCILD1NS, (1»7 East Wat«r 8trt«t,; Mll"MDKEK j e » WI<. : |J|>M| <>r si olt u. A I'BOMI-OBY NOTE for ISO, ,.ayaU« l . Barbmra I IJeld, eight m-min* after f'Rtr KxeC'ite<1 by ! rrciderich Fioesel ami M i: la Ch IfrotfrA, dilrd .Milwaukee, Oclobir IS, ISoj. 1 warn evertbvdy not lo buy laid ni.U- ai It w.ll not b .• paid to ,ny on* n.-ept ' 10 me. [jea] HAKbAKA. illfc-U. M'LANE'd Cd I>J J-LtM Nil Iiai:.S. Venni'a e» tn >-omp»ru genaine VeriD.futr-, ils now b«? had at twli r« VtltMlt'l P Ital. . • his --Mi, ' - *4pt*ctAi»- 1- I; '. •, t \ \ i \ \ L N N I curt- !hi' Itnred t j 14-.1 iwlm •V » It VIS IN I a . "lupia.nt , HI-v ,11.,,... Tb- -•. i TJ NC II AV'NG purriiairil I .1 Mable; A lu , Hie r flock In tnule, Cv'ntlslmj.' uf Cl lha, ( lotti ot \nd Gents Fur- nut; In* Goods, wnh iDlcrtrs; n the riU4inr«. lit •>.- wtor«? No. 193 La*i »a c t r ci, w ere 1 .1.1 th« Clothing bus., ess m ail Its b nncb Milwaukee, May 8", 1^9 C K. >i itl.KY I -* i W k il K.- Rh, I A,l. h»vp loid to C. K Wablry ,ur Uo - k i, tr».l *"nh loier st ". - u bu^ior*!*. *» 1'J-s v tw. \V-\i it. 'A e rn: >rnm«D'I Mm ; . -n%tn (1 , flr , 4J ,,i ^; itf p u lie g- nerai > Milwa k-r, M«\ J'X iv.;* M AI.I.LY i C« *. 1 '. M. >>ralt<l Gentlemen's, Misses' & Children' Boots, MIOKV M IFI'FUV A K I H II K U\. NOTICE. I B hereby given that all th« coanUmlgned circulaiinj; notee iwued by the **People'i B*nk" at Milwaakre, sl be prdented at the ofljcc of the back Comptroller Mo three ye»n Ir&m the date of thi* notice cr ih&t he fund! deposited or the redempiloo of said rircuia- fnpr DLte> will b« ^Ivcn up t > the i&ld Banking A**< • Clad on. Milwaukee, March U, 1&1* H. HAERTEL, aprl6 p r -*i.le >. of the Ptuplt'a Uaok. N OTICE is hereby given, tr.\t by Virtue and In par t>uauce of on ordt-r f hcrai- m»de by the Ot.auty )oan of Dodge Countv State of Wlccontiu. on thr 23d day of May, last pust, lu the maiitrr of the raiate of Solomon Junean, dt-'-^aj d, the undv Binned ad- inlolst *tors wli-. on t e 20th «-ay of Jui. nert, «T,«ain.r at 9 ••*cltx-k TI 'he •'fter. o-»u, at the Court i ou_i , m he C1>J of Milwaukee U tscot tin, offer fur sale at pub~ ic vend.o, the io lowing deacnbed landi belonglujf u> tsald estate to *]t : Loit n-tmberrd tcreo ( > »nd eight (8>, In block cambered uDe bu dre au'l MI rty-lhrev (1&3), m f e Kir» ward, of th« City o' M 'w»u*re, £tate cf W tconil Tbe t-rti.1 of naJe wiii i e m^.le known nt the time a&d >'.ace of sale. Dated tfer Uth a»jr of J -ct, A. D., 18^J. NAKCIrSE M. JLNItAU, Hr sRT K. WHITE, jei:-<i20l Adiuin alrators. 11. The gre&test amount m«urc<l ID one r'.cft. $6,000, of fire flat* l> the usu&i 1 mil; but ID some o&seJ of ihort risk* $10,000 On vrss<*li and carga-i $1S,. 000 is tb« usual hmlt, me tiding both. 12. dross hm>ant of prreunion rt-celred ID gt»te of WiBcoufcln for the curreut year, ending February 13 Tbt mar&et value of *u Block. The Company hiu DO btoOhhoJderB, the tcr'p IssupJ oo tbe Mutual plan by lu char er const tales it* capit^J and the value of sc •]> varies accurding to in priority uf 14 Dividend, 7 per cent on iu uutitandlng serip, \t>. TDC charter . r act of incorporiiou of said Compa- nj. S&.t titreir-ih JAM"la C. EVA>iti, PresldeDl. A. A. ICsTAPHIvTS, ?ecr. Lary. s TA T *: or \v i s < o > s i v, F^'RKTARY'.- OfHOE, i MADUOV. M>y Ml 1K,9. f fatlafactot^r tvid-tcc having been fum'stted 10 me thai the mtittl\l IIKU-SD e Compsny of Uutt*l >, beinf to maar noq mcorjKira'ed by th- ?"tatr of Sew Yor«, hiring com^leO wiih IN* rrqu remtrot uf »e.-tioa one c. f An Act entitle*! '•An net <* rr^fulat; InF nra.n4f Companies not :ncotp-Ttrd by lh- -tai-- of ^V'lsco(.s D," ap- p^oTe^ Ma*-cb 17. l*-i9, an hnv n^ al« > paid into th*Stat« Trea>tl- y fir S im "f Ihrcc prr ctul uQ the (iri S« amount • f prttmunia rrre Veil In Uhc ."t«ie of *t l^coD- • n f jr he ya ir 18J5, • per re, ort • i 9 M C tap any — Nu», liiertftore. In pu stance of the «.cl afftrrtaii, 1. L'nvid W June*. Secrc a.- o' Mute of ihw M4te iD f W e cons n, (t«. hel • b> c- • t •>• that W T Hu •). of Mil »»u ee, f heb'iiuiv »t-'.'.or i J by i id C mp&Df, u.'ay take r-cufs r* rive premiucn iU,i tra- saci iftV ba lne<* of ftn laeu'inct A(Teu for sa d ui tap-'ny In tttl* Sl»tr, from this dole, uniti 'he flrsi day r>f J au a iry. 196U. In wiuje^s wherr^f. I '.^t- j ereuiji-j set usj han.l •ml affl.x-i1 iti- ?r at *c»I f P e Slate •.' lb? Ca i 01 .,. Ma ison, tUa 3lit .day i,i May, L-&9 J D RCGOtES. AM S'ftnl Srrrdary «.' dlale HIJOTZ o. -fib MADE TO IJR n»t \\ntpr •irect t' L' h N I 1 I. t > V ! it MILWAUKEE, K FINl. « I > 1 liAa. AN AHT < 171 Last Kjif U UY, H AVIX, ..ou mo si r \ p*-r;.i. ken», ( « f io»«? »kiti : to offer to the ptitu known to the romrn In a brtlcr tnauner OL1/F )RI in East Wa««r «t kl FEED flllllS .njonc!. .r., . 1 a«a'1uLvu[>'[j fullest rT'-m'' v liL>\ ri U C c. t. DUirKKR* A'. nAl.l.iKy, THE HUNuRY," SB r.... • rii,-.| A/- i ht \S '-J43 h.ASl MILWAUKtE. Win, arp J .it u rrc^ipt and at ul c -mplelc si. cl Family Kirr "\:. L, tr-i ::, •;.., .: rec-Q..) n ut- N f * V f A ' w,\ i tlii .-. 1 ICr-,1 . 1 W I -'.' N - 1 N time . ' ^ - } \ T. - & HATHAWAY & H\N KIN' r I,ami and 4 oti«-r'.ii>u Olin II Ft III I 1 -s Ul ,14 K It-'!. *JL CA Sf. .1 , HOTELS, &.C II 1 > H •IOK K is [L. H.) ( ) I i.OI - i U cao 1U> I \ Bar ti tv i C;T luMrTaOLLKh'B Orrica, i Coolracl DeparUBrct, .1. l»auk«, Jut e li, I~4». ( re*oiatl«>D i.f tb- C rnmon Oonnti o' Ju-,t 6 S; i. , a opt ng t e -couimrtjdauou »«' >li. Sire- iM o-..eri ot Vila E t '!it': Wan', t' Ln.t U&hr B ad. ., in, a liitjo LANDS AND WATEn POWERS, A<-K8-.** irp >rth » rwa ka of *a.ld itrcet, -io« of Walker's PP;L-. r tot i, aad ' Ktr-t ! eT- .1 : «la*ij fche l g'KiJe. iiort'i iSiXth ATcDuo- . rpitirri), k r! bt AV< aue 10 tb we l Uua be p atiktd lu accurdu C.ty tugii • •di walks be hra dewalfc. bftwtcn iu u.e north tf'iema. inc of H «la.r'» (•• .t th tbe estita a )<-d IO ihr PirnI an I t»lla, IfUUl ie-«r oo fi c n ttic C dp Iff I er'a utlirr Owner»i or ageoi* of ,.ro,.-rty intcre»t-<! ic tht DtvDieJ icnprot ujciit* are ; ercby oolifle-: t tn kme in kccorrtanctf *v.h th- tit mate t-f thr d'< nrer on flJc lu th .- ottoL-r, w -»hl i twritl *- . aj tht pu(*!-•• ati D ol tt. B i;u u r, ur L c Strrti C^iuii. erf uf tbe £ thth W *. d wli, cause ttic *>amr- to t' BUI .hJirg,-ij i., the rt-sp^.ilve IO.B accord ,^-l . 1 H* ..Gl t . L' AKDINLR, toiup r( Choice Funning anil Fine Laud' IN U IS< <)>M N, y < > H s A _ K. «- BT TUt Fox and Wisconsin .IinproveniFiH Co.' At Ift'W P-ICtfs, i>n L'^^r..! T. rrn.i -,\ Crr i I e l»rj(! Oi' tiu»i. q-iftUiit-i t'i au.t pa ch •v^eri IHK i-Au.vii.Ni/ LAND S. r . \i <i llara »u i t,l vtr- ol . jr M« Lout* iMigair (/ured 1 AM cot**taoil.r rcr-eivlng a led Bams, the n uvc pood LL iLgt J of lhe*c t'lrbra- Mnf.eC lird 8tau-» Tt. ,«r»r i mj LDF would do vrll lo rail ainl JOUN W L8DYAKD. Grocer aud Wi ,e l)rtl-r, 161 £ 'IU I, !'!> E A' c exirrmt If v a., u ii/;«,h»- ng ul th* Pine K pot. of W !><- cK^arn wiUi parilculAr fr It r r l.inhrr nn.l lb< r cuJ'T • f J * 1. VMJs ot 4ted .(. L , of fjnti- »;rr slreet. NOTICE. Crrr CouTanLLM'fi Orrica, ( Cont. act Department. Juue 11, 1»5^. f fTMHE folioirtug is a schedule of lott frt on bth A I reel, from C-dar it reel, to Tamar "rit^fl .rrct. I .- thebtcond V\ard,of tie CMy of M t iw»oh f. showinjr tb- amount wlvc*. each lot w. 1 be bcoeflud t-y j-rndu-p said street., and the niJcwaJka to the est*b ishc.] f a.l*-, tt.d carb.Uft *aJiia and parn<p fruiu-rt ac>d , e , fry J. e arm vli..j (,-. rue- lo tfit ^J ».Jt y ^'. t r *$.:>{ « t r eama < >\v KKS. Caji:»i.-ti, r^w fnv't*' *-j Ui t CompacJ. 'Tl.rf}- *\->n.g • de f i«sl»s,pf>l »nh Ui- Grea »t-! n^ tbe Itrret according to plan r npuicer. I Tre nti«r.i|.)n , to t^ e Whter P *rr» M li Pr'rnrn« are i 1 Canal whlrh ua.tcS | rrc IT to an ft» D the Mini ; ^y These f'owci i wi.i be U-M«rd for a lerm of j ' ai mftjr br drjlf- d j ^^" For :urthrr Informal:,.n. t-D'juif- -.fEOBKRr WITH, Adrift wf Tru-t -r«, ..r • • Mi L <' J I N .S f . I UcDtrral Ac nt, tvt itif fT: v "1 '.' r- l.*t..\ I»«|.i;trnfni, t j Apt !el on. W • „ ,r •.; l tnajiy IV U is -<n in »l . Mil. Wi- ( 9i »• Cl .; I c • i e & 1 < r poun.i Java., 1. •ups, &! K' »'i :i ]• r» j»a ) a, .vi vi. »:.«1 < • r A tllmc- UM..UT •AOTt. . -j i*E<)GD*-E< ib Wl*. A >er> i. ur- 3 ' • •c C Tl.e t >rs 1 i; A ; « • ' - Id' ; • • The b'i' in ' -»w , A N And r i neUt L' r Of lr»>l n Uf tl f . a L"il-r« , *^U.ra^ . r, . , L D 1 > ' * <-. i.i a ;.>: - .. '• i.i , L r * * •' , a ' - t ; 1 Tur».'?i r o • • -. , - : 1' • » » r , « - r .ir.ou- •*. , t -r t. <-r '. .1. v- *• . • * F «r i-. P: i e . *• r4 , '[,i !. ' r \ -'- t u. " « .. .- u n : r. \ A . * * . . . >O«» 1| 4. H K 4 f fe- ff re 1 ..- li.s • £b KB IS. '( k , KMl (.j Ui M ' • »• . : • • •. • • , . .1 / " .\ ' .- !l / - ai. 1 «I l r 1 ,» -.,1 r»l v» K > ^ 1. 1. t • i. i : :-• •... w c -\ «« v . t \ :••,'• \ • :.'-•' [•• • 3 . :, • »: » .,-,ALBANY BESTAURAN i-511 M r•)^•.l„V«'Ia3b• : ''^ H i 1 >' t.- V Y A r \ LLH H < > I I U I II II V >l N. I kL M 'I r ,) V > M El. r> i N OCATE; I N L i r: > > I Cr '.he M H K \ i. i ^<. n » 'i N A Call and Examine 0\ Bi,.ck. IM !E» )6j 167 167 167 167 Lot. 1 8 9 1« e 7 10 11 knd ettimale i>r U4»6 lo84,T7 WARKHOUSL; 11 claimed Freight and o» .mi.. A I.A( KOSM: n. R. 1 at ii^oil's Auction Rooiut, No 4, K L'U. OABD1NEE, C,,mptr u l er. the folio* for and clii i Tli : 1, Jaf | . ui cail. < NOTICi: CITT Coup KOLLU'ii Orricn, i en t , MH«-aukec, Janr 11, '59. cliedule nf 1-u fron'lnj on the Contract D«*|»a''.ni rf^H K foilowh b _L N« rtli aurj .u hi. ck 164 In tbe Second Ward of ihe City of Milwaukee, from 6«h to 7th street!, an ies.ment of the btn, (in ! to th«- > eaeh lot bj grading Uie foliowi : Block. 164 164 IM 164 IM 16k 164 Lot 1 •i S 4 5 6 Benefit. V3UU 2S.66 8366 23.66 80,00 2»,i*i S5 M Je]»-d4t K. L'H. OARDISliK, City Comiitroller en; class parade at eight ; tecitationf "and Btudy until one; ; dinner and redreation until two; another class parade; study, until four; sunset, general parade, sapper, and in thirty minutes the call to quarters; until halfpaat . Of course these duties are sometimei evaded, bat it U -dangeron* business." ' Such ii bat an outline oT the day's Work,' I repeated from day tod87,fora»» yeaw, ^ub no interruption day. At the end of the Ant two years,' "there 4« a furlough of several weeks, this being tbe only time during the course in which the «a- idetis allowed to leave the Academy. 'There are'endless opportunities during the military exercises for incurring .demerit, and if any ca- detiiicurs one hundred' iu six months he is declared deflpirnt hi oondnot. 'For all this drilling, the cttdetffTPCeivef 30 >r month, and krp> required Jo pay 'for board $9 to JlO per month aad-82 for washing. - Other expenses, as el6tbiD8;~6to, etc., consume thewbols.— Their %»l8tbeflainestjctnar' ' ' *• ' I . - t •.! r .1. L . > _ K ^ 1 3 \ Jb* txMkt tnuuiterMiioiBivlmif dUtriet; (IBOUIT COURT, I Couoty of Columbia. ( John Furlong and 1 Morgan furlong, against John B VI,et, Joseph Bailt-y, Qarollue 0. Vlltt, Wisconsin River Hydraulic Company, Edtrard Spauljilng, ^ el»on Joy, Jnslah A. Noonan, Peter McNab and AnJ;er Jackson State of Wisconsin, n and Anjler Jackson. VTOU are hereby Summoned and required to answer ,K iri^ complaint l u tin action, which w.s died OD tnciotb day May, elghleen hundredjuia nfty-nlne. In the the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Oonnu of Columbia, at the Oily ,,r Portage, and to sirre a copy of your answer to tne said complaint on the subscriber at his office, la the City of Milwaukee, .within ninety days after i'-.e service of this summons on you, exclusive of the il ty nf such service ; and If ;jrou fall to answer tbe so d complaint wlthlD the time aforesaid, tbe platattflstn 'his action will apply to the Court for the relief demanJed In Ihecomplalnl. [L. B.] Witness the Hon. l.uther S. Dlxoo, " Dated April fi, 18C9. .„ , . J-V.V.PLATO, m»y!8 wlaw6» Plaintiff's Attorney. Salomons.—Por Roller (Com. not served.) E<- »ard Bpaaldlng, Nelson Jov ACTCTIOX SALE OV A T Hood's Auction Rooms. No. 4 Spring stree> Tuesday morning, June 2lsl, st 10 o'clock, ci listing cf a general assortment of household lore and bar room famlturv and Oitares. ' RnlffB n/,*ltlVA f*rm* ^BflK on con* foral- Bales positive. Je2t J. HOOD; Auctioneer. C O^M.JE AN!) SEE A RRIVAL of »n entirely new and splendid Stock nt Vrnoh, English anU American JEWEiRY ! Of Latoil Styles, *t .A . B . V -A'-iV C^ O T T '*», ! . Oar. Jfat Waltr ana mteonski Sireett. ilavlng lately dlspoied of most of my former stock, I «ie^lseil myself In searil:lD(? at the Eastern Market* Yoralltsw .. -.-••• •'•• • .:•••• IVew Styles ais<l Patterniij Which hart b«en Imported and manufactured since tbe .last panic. 1 bare also purchased a large Jtoct of , |Ladie»V and Gentlemen's Watches. iWlth movements aokoowlc.jged as th* moat superior by the American public. novSS BA25AAK: C, OELORME&OUENTIN ' - - . BRADVOBOBKO'Ei noonixs «rt oiauu n -, ' 1 Black Travel,ni 8 1 Carpet. . i Black !!•»», 1 C»'pet Ba|, 2 Black B'iTP, 1 Can et B»J, 1 Buck !u fl 2 C»rp<-l Bap, 1 Leather Hag, 1 i art et Bag, 1 Bur,ill- CU.Chlni 1 B«D>I Box, 1 Bu'tctt Trunk-. 1 1 Black " ! Bla-k " 3 Ulack '• 1 Bus-ett " 1 B«x,' c.l Rii ma't « .11 [rrt,j «' ' ° . . jr k'-iQds &nj pi kif.w -»r.n i '» ; ; , ^.«. r^u. _Jr2 HI'NN llit- Krrtiiklin < hcniical NO. i'll >OKF1I KR\NKLJ> l I.,'''A'," - - • T-17 \S lODi- ! thtir»- re put j-a.-lt iw*». J > [Uj.r >. >rtj. Rulaell C. M. fVf.U. J A Blancharil No mart H l» Green No mark. Qjrml al ci rr THB MIL M i? R 1 Black 1 Feather Bell, t Black. ."atC&e'». " 1 Dag, 8 OUDS, " 4 Mat Boies and. UaL>, 1! BuixHen Otolhinu, " 7he above gooda have remained on hand at tbe Depot of the La Cro"<«e *nd M IwMUkee Railroad one year and over, aod will be sold without reserve for caah. . J. UOUD, »uci|onrer. Mllwaokee, JOnelO, 16i9. JelO-d4tlnJOd la trrftv *'v<rn, f ft', thr J»-ed jf ^.^ tluD uf Uiis i_omp»ny, is In the c.ftic < f Utry of this Comp nj , in ttie 1 1. ilj' of Miiwau to be ciecut d ty h.ildr-n -f b n'1i »r--j mortgogej of the LaCn ase A M. B-aixce R.M ttudur iorecio«urr (-f whi h tlna Compai:> 's and perso'in buiiliog -uch DooJ- wbu r: executed be 0am« are tiutifle«l to i o an :n j- NiJllce tJ also given, th .1 the K ccr.? ( &ry DSOI wtil laaua ceruflc.^irfl ot the <tock IMILWAUKE W.3 r - r » K . P . O A D 1 . JOBBKB IN C3-OOID1S nj 1 »f, ,1 10 Uie holders ofiich b iti Ij Q(>ny 1D punaance o( the pro of thi.i Comps- < Jrr lt,r'« isions of tbe le*--! of or B Y riapinHofi of Ihr Common Council, adopted June 6th, Ibo.', tjie recomm;ndatlon of tht) Street-Corn, misilunert to ffadc Norih alley t" the e»CabllsHedferade running through block 163, In the ^eC'jnd Wkrd, it h Ordered, That said ajlvj be graded to the e tabllHiefl Jrade, according to thb estimate of the City Kcgmeer bn file 10 this office. Owners ol property In said alley are hereby noUnVd , to make such; Improvements wlth'n 20 dajs irotn Oils I date, or the £t4tet Commivsioners of the Second Ward will cause the same to be done and charged to tbe rtf- spe-tl»e lota according to law. : Jill-dCl K. L'H. iiARDI^tli, Oomptroller EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, —s,src>— ' i MACHINE WOIIKS TIIIITOIM et SEItUO.WKi Proprleturi. MOB. lJOO,^U8, 3OO, 3OiJ and 304 WKST WATKK STKKK'l Two bloom below the La Orosst R. R. MAKCTACrnHI '• • BTKAM OJOINtS, QRIST* SAW MILLS, LINK BHATTING, ' MILL QKARINO, HOH8K POWERS' PILl DRIVING MACIllWtB. BBIDSK, RAILROAD and STEAMBOAT CASTINGS, , I BOH COLUMHI, i . for llailiilnu, and every variety of Job Work, In the bestmanner, and on die molt liberal terms. , . Tbe attention of Mill-owners and owners el Water- Power, Is particularly called to til* : 'TUTTJUK WATlilB WHKKL As being by far the most powerful, durable and economical Wbeel, ever invented—not UaJble to git cot ol order, not affected by Ice or backwater, and uslnjr lesi vawr In proportion to the power produced (hab any other Wbeel la the market. A descriptive etrctUar for^ warded upon application, free ofcharge, ' JaD57-diw ; j i : Nolle is also (rlr?n,t^al the B - *r,i f U r.: t r> Lhti Cump&ny tiai midK an ajseaam»ai en ih- s'-^r* the rate of uue i er cent tor tf e urpo«e >i p ^ ***'' expensri o( fortrclo In. the saKl m'-rtfan* *n.J -j o ^ an Hi OR ihlg Cotupuny . payable on or Def-.rr the : r daj of J aty next, to the J'rea-iur^r <»f thia Co-nj-anv, bin o .ice in the Uty of \Il.«nuHc€. je7-<Ut UWUtUT W. K t YrF. *e.-r •-'-•. ry. A < 0 .; Y a M k <• <* ,\ o t i o u s ST( X 'K AIAVAY^ FT ( 01 > ru \ iii-:i« n « > r-. -.iui^teij t.-; -a:. ^nM ^L i.'.il (ri )OL»S ANL) Qu«ir.:u'i i'KIC i-,ri. If. P. CH»\ , HOOFING, HARDWARE, &C. A C L K A: J* O 1% ! Ot THK BIG UED KETTLE ! DEALERS IN Sheet Iron, Tin. Hardware, FOKtt B1LLAUU TABLED ! FOR;!8ALK OHKAP. T BE nnderlltoed will i<ll four Blllard Taftlei with .BalUan^Ooea, an In good order «nd <(il»i new, at a Ttry lowjprlce. _ j i jelO-dtwtr H V. BLATZ, City Brtw^ry. ItOUNDS A General Advertising Agents, •''% .-i&lUiXDOLPB a?BESl t 1 j Who are anihcirlj'ed' to receive AidTertUemeDU fdr ItSli .M weUaraUlnOt the ndrt Influential aad larjeit dm- 144ti«J>ap«ri|hionflicatth»«aUr»Horth-W«at. ; Stoves, AUHWILTIUAL Iron, Tin. -AND— IMPLEMENTS, W ODIiD respectfully Inform their friends and the public generally, that they h*ve opened & Store at 806 ......... WKST WATKR STREBT SO6 for the sale of the aboTo named articles, tngeth r with SPADES, 8HOTKL8, BAKES, HOES, And Agrlcoltaral Implementa generally, as well u aQ sorti ot SHEET IKON AIVDTI^NEU.S' WORK, etc. etc. eta. 8toTeft) pat up to order. t^T* Roofingl KEP AIRING of all kinds, and every sort of work IB POT line panotoally attended to. f3T~ Orden left will be attended to wttnout delay. aa«l» UXAOLE A 80S. DR. H. KNAPP, TJecently of N. T., may be consulted at hi« room No.8, M\ Newhall Home, Milwaukee, tha ant of every .month, commencing November 1st, In regard to all diseases, which he treat! with unprecedented roccen. U< cores chronic caaei of diseases, which have been pro. nounced Incurable by the medical faculty freneraDy, anch as Nervous and Neuralgic Affections, Diseases ot Women, all forms of Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Consllpatlao- Bkln Diseases, Uanceroua and TRbereulous ABeetlont, IncludJnj; Pulmonary Oonsuoptton, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, tne diseases of Children, Ac. Au. tho perils) and most of the sufferings of child-birth are removed by early consultation. , Bemember, that tbe Doctor does not promise to cure til stage* of Disease*. While all diseases are curable. If taken In season, all stages ar* not. your cue may *e curable this week, not nest—to-day, not to-morrow. Hence the danger of delay. lipttf t3f Dr. Knapg will he at nts Rooms, Newhall: Hons« from Tuesday noon, July Uth, till Thursday noon, Oonsnltsttlon rao. * r|1Hi: NEW AND THE OLD . Or Cul.f irnla in 1 I A u romanilc sfvi-rta, by U W Palmer, M D M '9 , 01, t>y the aulh'.r .11 ^ - .ad for Ifi-i .-.>,.i ir v A Bachelor's ^tor>, by O.lver Bunce. l.,fe ut General Hiveloc«. by J T U«»,llej The Conr,le«cent. i.y N P Wills The :*parr wgrasa Pspers, ur, LiViD by F. T. C. zzfu,. Juai Kecefved. For Bil« by TKRKY t Jeli! 161 AT. 10 lilt, Count >, n o , MANUFACTURER ot i ii . M 1 .11 SOLE PROPRIETOR OHIO CATAW8A BRANDY, rilillS Uruitiy baa been manofacturtU for sev-r-v. M. yean from the puru juice of th* C:tt.ivba (tr t|>.. .has affording additional evidence of the progi-crs* »'• American enterprise and industry, ami ot our ability >u produce articles at home equa! tf t,hode made b> \ny oth«r oaLioD. The Ohio Catawba Brandy not only equal* out esceia Ibe brut Imported Brandies, In purity anil flavor It IM io fact the beat Brandy fcoowu. This statement u fuJlj corroborated by the certificates of our most distinguished analytical chemists. Tbe want of Pujtf Urandry has long been felt in thin country, and the introduction of an article of such quality u to superacede the sale and air of Uiuso vite compound! hitherto iol(J undei the oame of Brandy,can on: y be regarded a *reai public good. Tu« Cataarlm Brandy possesses all the jood qualities claimed fur ihe b*-it imported littuora,and is of perfect purity and su|>t-ri<>r flavor, and a sove/tyn and sure remedy for Dyspa^aii Flatulency, Cramp, Colic, Lan^or, Low Spirits, <4en«T al Debility, ic. NO FAMILY SUOULD BE WITHOUT ,T. Retail Price, $1,25 Per Boitit*. f£^ Rafcommended by th« phyaiclac*} »nj tirugglit^ or the United States. Q.dimmondihas appointed J. P. A P. 8. ILSLEY, Xo. 141 Kast Water street, sote agents tot the State o/ Wisconsin, where dealers and, customers will please forward their orttera. By calling on the »genta, tbe poblio will recelT* a * ample gratuJousIy. oxyJ9 i i \ M • i- Li M \i'l. S' Kl I 60 DOOKKTS. M ASUf AOTU&KD tlpruily for lh»t parpoiv, oqi of flni quaJHT p«p«r. 1. TEEKT A CO., ' jfl9 1« But Water rt. > i. n KIN iu ,, K i.. • O t luien... a,,r7 i. j A V . .iltfy i .'i.'IV. t U>* G.ROBBT-S. n 'he olty, a ' FAMILY jkJEW Vork \lllia n u m, ;, t L

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