The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. .WEDNESDAY, JULY-11, 1923 ociety • •• in i • '•» m^Ai "n Call Telephone No. 4400 and ask for Society, The old custom or having mixed dock of IAIH A.ngnle», Calif.. Mr. find Scutch Foursomes in golf at the Conn- Mrs. Harvey Mooro of Tneoma, 'Wash., ttry cluh Is to UP revived "the first to anil Mr. and Mrs. h. 0. Kolluy of Kan- 0>o held tills Kiirk, Friday. July 13 sas City, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. InKlctt, from five o'clock In tho civun IIIK on tin; britlo and groom, will leave SuiF nmtll dark Scotch Koursomos were day lor Tacoma, Wash., where they Jjold every week at tlie old e!ul> will make their homo. Mr. Inglott M thousu, but have never been sltirtod In buslnoaa there, out jt the new ejiii.Ho as yet. }*ri/,ea ^ will bo offurotl each, week. J A very (rulot homo wedding took Following is n 1 IKL of matches for place last evening nt thu homo of Mrs. 4 IIIB week. Anyone who Is not match- Orla Day, 21 Palace, street, when hor ort and who desires to play, may bo daughter, Cecelia Lett!./, brenme tho arranged In a 'match liy callliiK tho bride of Mr. Jaines Zumwalt at eight professional at the club. o'clock. Itor, c. IB. Wlllming of the Mr, J'. II. llnum-Mw. V. A. lsoni. tlranrivlow Mi-angellcal church orfl- tl3inerKiin Carey, Sr.-Mrs. O. I'. Gal- elated reading tho ring ceremony, [breath. Thero were no guests except tho t.!ranl Clitimberk'.In-Mrs. !«, P. Wikl- Immediate family. Mr. nnd '.Mrs. Zura- dnl. •wait will make tholr home nt 21 Palace J. I,. C'urmack-Mlss Alvlna Ntis* street for the proa out. Mr. Zumwalt ia Ibaum. employed at tho Strtnvtioard. 33. T. KiHiti-Mrs. O. F. Wright. * «• Ocnrgu (IcnoO.liv. Hen Nuss-bauni. | Tho niombers of l.ho notary eluh 11. .1. Omvl .T -Mrs. Kay HaKonniaster. and their families will he hosts'to tho Hay illaaenniaster-Mra. A. 11. KolfK>. Rotarlann and their families from the Oeorsu 'Ilippl.-Mra. Arthur Andrews, six clubs west of Hutchinson, tomor Bam Hosteler.Mrs. C. C. Kelloy, F. A. Is'-rn-MrH. 1*. 11. Itailln. i C. <". KellevMIss M«v Harsha. Sliluev Lovelace-Mrs. J. I.. Kick. . 1-1. H. !(.-:(Mrs. J. K. Hays. Iicuu Nus.>ii.t.uui Mis.\ Virginia Oouk- lln. Glen 'Hlsh-1-Mrs. W. Hamilton. (). <lall>n\nli-Mrs. K. Mutton. I>r. H. M. Stewart-Mrs. H. A. Saw per. O. V. Wrl .L 'hl'Mrs. J. U rVarmnclt. A. 1) KclsoMrs. II. M. JSlownrt. Dr. Slerreli.-Mrs. S. -R. Dennis. Hos.« Ilurns-Miss Miriam Conklln. J. t'. IVtro-Mrs. (lien RLsftel. (Paul Phi!lip. u -Miss Krimcoa Conklln. Dick Woo.l-' Paulino Weyant. 8. H .Dennis.Mrs. 11. Heaps. I J. 1'. Wlkldal-Mrs. I'hll Baildeloy. E. V. Me.Arthur-Marp.arpt Waddles. \V. K. yiillliii-Mrs. Harry Davis. >larry Davis Mrs. \V. K. ljulllln. I'hll Ita.i.l. i.-> Mrs. A. D. Stewart, ijain Hutton-.MrH. II. Titld. row afternoon and evening at the. Country dub, A picnic supper will bo served on tho lawn at twilight. Tho six clubs to be represented are Liberal Pratt. Gordon <Mty, Oodg.t City. Lariiod aud <lreut Heud A tiunvh 'T of tho club --vomen of tho oily ulll have nil ell day plrulr, PrhUy at the Hums IjO.lKe north >•< tlie city. Tlie;. win co out In the u;r,niln£ for a picnic luncheon and spend the after- lied), returning late In thi? evimmg. ! Mrs. Carl Richardson is enfertain- i itu; th tt memhers of her briur.o club ' I'xlay at her home, f'-tt*. First avenue ! east. At flvo o'clock, she will serve ! a Iitrht luncheon. Thi! truest of tho club Is Mrs. O. K. Sonrl. Mrs. Hoator Jcnks and Mr. P. H. Slack hovo Bon a to Oosnoday tor » fow daya' visit. * * Mrs. R. Moore went to Wellington yesterday -where alio will spend tho remainder of the weak vlaltlng hor grandfather. ,i, /f, (» Mr. Guy A. Heece of Allien. Is horo visiting ai the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. 1.. 'Hamilton of 1221 North Main street. ? <!• Mr. Clyde Hiiuli has returned from Kansas City, Mo., where ho haR "boen vlaltiiiE Ills brother. Mr. I<vo Hauh. ... -i- fi> Mrs. Holla CIlii" Is visiting friends and relatives In Pittsburg for a fow days. -j, .^i> a* iHas Edna Snalr left yesterday for a. two weeks' vacation In the Ozarks. *' TOMORROW EVENTS. l> Miss Virulnia Coivklln and Miss Frances Conklln will presldo as hostesses to the members of their bridge club at luncheon at tholr home, 228 Sixth avenue cast, and an afternoon of brltl|;e. * * CHURCH NEWS. THE KAW VALLEY POTATO CROP I T*ho Movement i* in Full Swing in That Section of Kansas Today. over.. Golor»do, Nobraslta and Idaho, prices should remain at least this high. RAILROAD NOTES fling of the Morninii id yesterday st lii' * PER50NAL8 OF 80CIETY. * Bishop and Mrs, 'Robert Mlin of the tltoceso who re;iid(. Ui Sallna, allna 'Hie regular Glory club \v;i home of Mrs. Fred Hern, Uiur. Hast b'I'i Sunday for Donver, Colo., whero Bherinan SUM and H very delightful [iliey will spend sotuo tlnn;. Tlmlr son, iiiterjMi.iu was enjoyed. I Kd'.vard, - lias gone tvi Ktks Itapids, Diirlne the business lneetiur;, the \ Mine., for tho summer aud their son. newly e !t "'i.ed ollicirs took thetr tplaeos, Tliose in office for this year tire Mrs. t 'iar cuci' Harnus, president-; Wrs. Mils l ''nster. vice president; Mrs. Slebecca '^'eils, treasurer; and Mrs. it'red Hein, s '-'Tetary and treasurer. fTho reiuaiU'lei <>x the arternoou w-as • pent socially. ft Is a i uMom In the clue that the blrtlnls;. »f I '.-ich Jiember Is celebrated wilt' piit* At. thu regular meetings. [JLB tbeie were no birthiiays fur yesterday, the first l.'lithday anniversary of Master lt "'.'.aid Uiirnes was celebrated as a s ;'.-;'lise to tho quests. A high chair at the luncheon table nt 'iflvo o'clock, flecoiut'jil In tho club coi- ors, blue anil (.obi marked the place !/or the honor truest., and a dainty 'birtbda} e.iKo bearini: a Hiiujlc candle formed 1lo- e.utei-piece. Mrs. Edward The Ladies' Aid Society of tho Congregational church w ill meet J huraday nt the country home of Mrs. Wylle Hemphill. Mrs. Marvin Carter will be assisting hostess, Tho hulles will meet at the. church Thursday afternoon at one thirty and will drive from there to the Hemphill luuie. Caru will bo provided for all. A splendid program waa presented last evening at the monthly meeting of the KvanKelical Lo.'iKue of Clirls- tlou Kmleavors at the Grandvlew BvniiKolical church. A violin aolo waa played by Miss Maurluo Anderson, followed by a group of readings by Mrs, lien llrown. Miss Ruth. Zimmerman played two piano soloa, and a beautiful piano duet was presented •by Miss KUu Mao \Vell3 and Mtsa Cocilo Wells. Rev. Wlllming sang a vocal solo and followed 'with vocal duot with Mr. Bert Wright. Miss Charleno Forby acnompaniod 'hy Miss Mnxino JTorby favored tho audlenco with a vocal solo to closo tho program. .^Crocker , ,. [flub, in iw evening no- jhomo of M nue 1.: east. the Hobei; ( win g,> to Denver, Colo., later to Join his parents. •i- '* Mrs. C. W. Hall and Miss Ooeo Cano will leave. Saturday to motor to lb-oadmoor, Colo., ^vhere ibey ^11 siiend some time at tihe Cano cottage. Mrs. Charles r>,ano will follow a w - eek Liter and soon after that. Dr. and Mrs. tlay r. Walker will mo;or out for a short vacation. Mr and Mrs. Adair Stewait of liost-t lairo. 111., will leave the latter I-art of tbe week fur Denver, Colo., where i.hcy expect to spend somo lime. They are visiting Mr, Stewart's parents, Mr and Mrs. Lincoln Stewart ot lip '."eirth avenue west. Miss Dotty Sifers of lob. who has only guest uf r.lio I !| er-'n here vlaltlng Mr. and 'Irs. J. H. an tliere will b 't' tlio club at the tub Smith, f/i'J Avy Da: I Ladies ;club yestcrd,..-. » ,a pleasant uou 'iii t (Mrs. S K. H.-t.t.i ;'Areatli p,e, i ,;.',l ; dny. There e- ( i Mrs. I,. P. Wil- ,tJl« haiolievi i.r- plnla Coui;i ; .- au ilin tied for tin- Land plavnl p ,,f 'ilie bail. JD -.-.ii: eleven o'cio ! Next T10 ,the Ceum ry itlon t/oureai tBalina lad , ^ered for t'ae ' iho local piav'. 1 Mr. Al.-x Its r«nue w-'st, aos VJlls daughter, s (Vernon Lane. jWlllcll took pile ;iday fveiiiiiL'.. .! (Jtev. Harvey It, *Jdain st.rei-t. ! Mr. Lane is the son of Mr. A. 15, tiliho of Louisville, Ky. Mr. Lane is jeinploy.'d in Pouca CTty, okla., and iWrs. I>;u;e itas nami tmiployed her.! <BI booklu r fur the Win. I), llaniil- J *on Outdoor \.|vertising Co. for the 'joist f <iur y. i''s Mr, aud Mrs. Lane nvlll make iheir lonne in Ponea City, <)kla. •' The member,- of tbe .Social Circle 'iClub gatlieseil ui tho homo of Mrs. .1. jjW. Clawsou, 'i'-2 Filth Hvouue east, WOd sp.-nt a social aflurnoon together, [^dra. FraiieL 'S ltarnliart favei -fMi tho lludleB with sevioal readings and Mrs. [William Hieele sang u group of solos. |;At flvo o'clock dainty refreshments rworo served to the club members and ,tliolr guests, Mrs. W 11. Crow, Mrs, .4. Dllluu. Mrs. Will Hrooli and Airs. IWlllani Steele, in two weeks the .lull ^ 11 meet at the lioiuu of Mrs. C. M. t , tvia, 3-1) lOleveiitb avonue oust. t tho Coil nt ry s weil attein'.ed. and .4 a! golf was spent am! Mrs. O. P. < .'ui- s hostesses for the sixteen ladies oat, bp. won the ball folio;. T !s ami Miss Vir- ot.i Miss Miriiiiu t:onk- itc handicap above C >t". Miss Virginia won skl.tsi. was servi -(i at In the, i tub house, iv. the lady golTery of u!> will hold an Invita- P for tho Wichlia and l-'t's, Pti .'.oH will be of\ labors as well as for «. of 10.1 Klghth uv- ttees the marriage, of ye .May, to Mr. Fred Pen. City, Okla., at six o'doeli Thurs- V a, at. the home of riudth, 10it! North irn and Miss Aline Winchester, left lo.l.'iy for V.'b'lllla wln"\i »he will spoinl Iho remainder ot the wed; visit- Ins Mi;.s lOiizabeth Totard and Miss Louis.. Kobluson. nt- f'al 'f his ;• !.\l i. M. Colla.lay of f'l-iremont. s here vlsltltig at the homo of liter, Mr. Frank Coil.uiay and Mrs. Collnday, 131. Sixth avenue cast. His sou. Mr. E. H. Colla.lay of Wash- In;.'!!'!!. D, C, will Join him here, and !.hev will go t» Washington, D. C, to get her. .;• V. Miss lono Atkin. of St. John, was acre yesterday, thw guest of Miss Helen Cn.ivier and Miss l-bauces Coe. The three young ladies all attended nihciol at Ward Belmont in Xaahvlllo, Teun.. tiiist year. Mrs. I. W. llo,i»! of IHacktoot. Iiiabo, who b^i -D heen hoisj for a few visiting at tho lv:>nie of Mr. and Lincoln Stuwart of lib Tenth iivei.uti west, left today to return to her homo. * * * Hr. and Mrs. W. K. Mathia of t'liauuiu tiro stopidng over horo to visit Mr. and Mrs. W. E. tjuillln and Mr. antl Mrs, Eugene Dennis, enroute (,» ihe western coatrt lit tholr car. <j> <J, •{• Miss Margaret Blayney of Pittsburgh. Pa a former Huthciuaon young woman will como tho first of next wook to spend two weeks here visiting Miss Margaret Jones of C<1(! Avenue A cart. * •!> Mrs. H. D. Hnhn of Oklahoma City, DLlu., who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. V,". Reece of 11 SI Thirteenth uv'-nue east, has returned to hor home. *">•'> Mr. und Mrs. C. A. Croenloo aud sou, Jinuuio, expoct to leiive botnor- I 'tiiv to motor ta Los Angeles, Calif., where thuy will make tlio4r home. '1, Mrs. J. TJ. White und Mrs. Paul Rathfon left toduy for Switzerland I'ark, Colo., where they expect to spend tlta remainder of the summer. Topcka, Kan., July 11.—Tho K&w Valley potato movement la In full swing and a total output of clone to 2,200 cars is anticipated from this section this season, according to Edward C. Paxton, statistician for tho Division of Crep and Llvo Stock Estimates at. Topeka. The present acreage being harvested la oatlraoted at 15,5-CH) as compared with 17.CO0 acros last year. Last years movnmont amounted to 2,405 cars and 2,370 eara were Bhlpped from the 1921 crop. Tho present crop la rated at SO per cent of normal at tlmo of harvest aa compared •with 7o per cant last year. The couilihlon la better la Shawnee county than elsewhere lu _,tno valley, Ik'tween a third and a fourth of tho acreage lies in this county."" Carload movement began on July &th ot scattered polnta in the valloy and wa» I I general by he 0th. Early loadings 4 I are mostly or Early OhJos and are allowing unusually high quality and size. Tho Cobbler movement will be heavier this last of this week. Kiev Vatfow producers are starting off with u much better and cleaner market limn a year ago. Tho southern truck crop of potatoes has been much lighter and southern state shipments this season to Juno 30 have only nmonnted to oara as compared wiLh 2D.S98 «tra to tho same last year. The keenest competition for Kaw Valloy spuds comes from the Kearney district of Nebraska, the Nainpa-C-aldwell district of Idaho, the Orrirk sections of 'Missouri and the early Ccblyier section of Colorado. Reports Indicate that the acreage In all of these competing sections Is lighter than last year and that the peak or the movements will be a week: to ton days later than last season. in Nebraska. Tho Kearney Negraoka district has 1,000 acres of dry land and 4,500 acres of Irrigated potatoes this yoftr as compared with 2,000 acres of dry land and fi.OOO acres ot Irrigated potatoes laBt Voar. Tho movemont front Kearney will begin about July 15 but "will not roach any magnitude before August 1. Kearney forecast Is for 750 cars aa compared with 1.142 last year. The Kearney potatoos were plante -d late, tho season hss been generally unfavorable, almost continuous rains have hindered cultivation and sudden, changes from cool and wot to hot and dry have injured the normal development: condition rated at 7G per cent of normal. Tho Nampa-Caldwell district of Idaho, extending from King Hill to Weiser. has 7,200 acres this year as compared with 12,000 acres last season. This Is not tho total commercial acreage of potatoos In Idaho but Is the early acreage that comes iuto competition with tho Kaw Valley crop. Carload movement started from King 11111, Idaho, on July 5th, but will not In* heavy for tw-o weeks. The conditions are reported good and the quality up to their usual standard. Dealers are reported aa taking great interest in tho Idaho crop and cash buyers are on the ground and active. The early Colorado crop of Cobblers is about the same in acreage c .s oral davB, reducing ih u pressure Vn I last >' ,,ar - [jHst - v?;l1 " 850 cnrs moved case of a fire. Although the pump-. I fn, ' m lhl!i t"»trlet in July and August, are throwing just as much water from I Tb '" tmulit!o " '-1 now rated at 85 per tho city wells as usual the heavy con- j ccllt of nonnal, which is better than a sumption has taken it up faster than ! >' ,?ar a «°- The anticipated movement it has been produc-d. 1 tl,is >'*ar is 150 ears in July and 850 "Wo would like to furnish all the t in August. Movement wil! not be- water poo,,,,, can use," said Mr Wol-! gl " 1>efora Jul y "th to 21st. felt, "hut until we make the new ex- Altogether the outlook Is good for tensions It cannot be done during this actlvt! bu >' la 6 ami well maintained exceptionsllv hot weather" pri, '° for lhe Kaw ValI °y "op. Tho market is starting at $1.75 per hundred F. O. B. shipping point. With the Lewis high quality that la general this year 11-41 and the advantage In freight rates NOW THERE'S A WATER SHORTAGE AT WINFIELD J. -D. Hlnes returned to work today after an Illness of three days on account of sickness. He la conductor of Santa Fo train No. 0. C. M. Morrison, traffic manager of tho A. V. I. Co., ia In the city today on business with the local office. A. O. Wells, vlce-prealdcnt ot the Santa iFo, went through tho city today on trnJn No. 6. W. U Bills, Santa, F c telegraph operator, .who lias been visiting hie sla­ ter at Kimporin, Kansas, returned to work today. Alvln H. Reynolds, traveling freight agont of the Toledo, St. Louis and Western R, R. was In tho city yesterday. •Ralph .Tudklns. diviciii aper.lal-of­ ficer at the Rock Island called at tho local office today. J, M. Council, general ipassenger agent ot the Santa Fo passed through tho city enroute to Denyer, Colorado. S. K. Wooda, Santa l^o special officer, left for Kansas Cify yesterday. It F. Borden o( Aicarillo, Texas, architect for the Santa Fo linos was in tho city yesterday on official ibuaineaa. C. H. AtcHugh, trainmaster of the Rook Island, with headquarters at 'Pratt, Kansas, is In thu ciiy today on business. Hermaam, riurflt'ngev is relieving S. K. Woods, Santa Fo special officer, who has gone to Kansas City. A. B. Maltby of Kansas City called at tho local flock Island station yesterday. On account of a washout west ot hero Santa Fo train No. 10 due In at, 9:30 A. M. was four hours UUo getting In. A circular has been sent out by the Santa Fo to Its employes placing 11 ban on tho giving of gifts by employes to tholr. officers or superiors. The circular atatca that such gift-giving Is uunocesaary and often worka a hardship upon employes who cannot afford to give gifts but feel that they must do HO . This, It Is said aroussd a feeling of antagonism which ia detrimental to the hustuess. Tti'oreforc, every <cm- ployo and official la asked to refrain from giving gifts to other officials. EaotiriUrl Kodaks Edison Phonographs Change of Thought on Watches People are finding out that nothing is more extravagant than a cheap watch. They are buying watches today— not as mere pieces of Jewelry, but for what they are really worth as timekeepers. Be sure and see our beautiful Bulova Watches .before buying. Expert watch repairing. Santa Fe Watch Inspection. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The IIouse of Quality. Henry Zltoi Jno. P. BlrchMetd 1 Not Enough There for Sprinkling the Lawns, and It» Use 15 Stopped. "Winl'leM, July 11.—Don't wasto water. Au order forbidding tho UKC of wtU- or for lawn .sprinkling jiurposos to tako efCoct imtnt'diattdy wus Usueil by tho clLy mTtn ;i£o:\ Jack Welfelt, today. He t;xplaim*d tho ordor with a st atom out that tin* cxressivo usu of Witter during iho unat fow days of hot wenthor has diminisliod tho supply to tho fkiD .vr point. The roRurvoir on the Hill has not h"on full fur srv- THE DAILY RECORD Knlfo and Cleaners. box plaiting THio new year houks In the Hulch- lnuon Music club for this full and winter, are ready for thu proas, but will Hot be presented to tho members until the first mooting, lit othar years, they have been given out to tho niem- tiors of thu club during tho summer, but this plan will be given a trial Uhla year, for varloua reasons, . ^ I The first meeting will bo held | ,ji r , S11Q M TS . J. <J Bulger, Miss 6ept. 21 with a buffet supper at the, Gertrude, Bulger, and Mr. and Mrs. homo of Mrs. Ceorgu F. Dreoks, atO ( (Icorgo Corlett returned from Alamo, ' ' Texas yestorday. M^rs. M. B. Courlrlght, of Kansas City. Mo., is here visiting at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. M, Shopliord on Avenue B tjastt for sovenil days', 4> <5> * Mr. and Mrs. Ed Haas will leave Saturday tor Green Mountain Falls, Colo., where thsy will spend two weeks' vacation. jlCroscent Uoiiievard with Mrs. J". I Oarmack, Mrs. Mills Ellsworth and (Miss Jennie Colladtiy assisting. 1 The liorno of Sir. and Mrs. A. J. ilCelloy, J Da 7 Sixth avonue oast, wan ;(0i« bcuue of a delightful family din- per, Sunday evening, complimenting i (Mr. and .Mrs. W. If. Jnglott wlio wore Slurried Friday, July 0 In Ballna. Out (if town guests were tho groom's parents, Mr. unit MTB . liiglett of Now 3fork City, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Slur- HOUSEHOLD HINTS 5y MRS. MORTON MENU HINT. * * * Mr. King Collins loft this morning for Hooker, Okla., whom he will visit his grandmother tor the remainder of the summer, «• <* !• Mra. A. V. CofPimiu has returned from a several wooks visit In different points in Oklahoma with relatives aud friends, * <S> Mr. Arthur Gravoa and mother, and. Breakfast. Fresh Berries. Toast and Butter. Egg antl Onion Onilet. Coffee and Cream. Luncheon. Cream trf Celery Soup. Tomato Cups. Whole Wheat Bread. Buttor Cookies. Tea. Milk. Dinner. Baked Ham. Now Potatoes with Butter aud Parsley. Green Peas and Carrots Hard Rolls. lluttor. Pineapple and Celery Salad. Coffee. Sponge Cako. Maple Ice Cream. TODAY'S RECIPES. Tomato Cups — Six tomatoes top- pod off, hollow, d out and filled with tomato pulp, cabbage, groen poppers, eolery, one cup of each, choppod arid mixed with one-half cup vlnogar, two tablospoonfuls salad oil, salt and popper, ouo teaspoon sugar. Servo on lettuce. • Baked Ham—Tuke one small ham or half of a large one. Parboil with teaspoon 'baking soda In water. Rub sides with one-half cup brown sugar and one teaspoon cloves mixed. Place In roaster or large Iron spider; add one cup ham slock or water. Cook till tender. Haste often. SUco hot or let cool. Sponge Cake—One cup ot BllRur, three eggs well beaten, ono cup ot flour, two teaspoons baking powdor, vanilla, one half cup hot water. Beat till thick, lidding the water laat. Bake In gem pans. lee It derlred. Maple Ice Cream—.Make a custard of two eggs, one and one-half cups maple syrup, one and one-half table- spooss tornatari h, ono pint of milk, one-half can milk. When cool add one pint milk and vanilla. Chill and freeze. Pack for two bonis in one part salt and two parts Ice. Mates two nuarta. Births. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Co-.vory t,rovp.q Ourothy Carter) tiU Slicrnuvu street west, daughter, July !!. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan rialtcy Fairbanks, (Violet May Lawrence-} Sue Avtiuie It west, son. Juiy 8. Building Permits. T. 1*\ Cux reeeivd ;t 1 ,-rniit to build a Karase at tilS 7 avenue cast, Jll,0. Oeeds. Kdwarrt A. Kbii; to A. M. Rciolirnber- gnr. lots 17 suit IS. bllf. 311, Hutchinson tnv. Co. 9th add., liutcbtnson. Amide Taul to 1L L. Baker, swV4 21-!i-lO. Marrtaqe Licenses. Theodore !.,. .Wilson. Hutchinson,. If,; 11 .121 :1 T. Ku«h, Hutchinson, -0. John Seholl, Newton, 115: Gluuis Talk- enbury, Newton. "0. Jeane Fontaine Ilutehinsoa, ^1: Btla Mae Hon, yeitt t, H utettinnon. PJ. Ela O. Hall. Hutililnson. 32; Ualla Jordan. Ilutcblntjon. :12. lfomst I'\ l.otjati. Hutcblnson, 3r,; Isabel Claire r:itterson, Hutel.lnsciri, 20. Jiitues K. Zumwail. -lluteliiitson, 21; '.'ee^lia Cent-/., Hutehtnsoii. IT. Carl Klllinn, Wichita. 31; Magjlo Insraham, Wleiiits,, t!2. H. V. Hollrmu. lvant-iis City. 33; Mra. .Stella McCartney, St. l.ouls. 47. Our service car awaits your call, day or night. These hot days don't atop us. Just call &i*. ltagland-Klngs- ley Motor Co. 11 -lt VOO .000 to Loan. On residences or business buildings Newlin^ilannlhg Co., 11VI. North Main. 9-11 Saturday evening dance Stevens ponds io -tr SUGGESTIONS. ' Log Salad-*-Salada aro hoalthy and attractive all tho year round, but during the hot weather they are doubly HO . Here is an attractive one to tempt hot weather appetites: Fresh, crisp lettuce Is the first consideration. You may use a banana as the basis, or you may use a cucumber. Finely chopped nuts help to create tho Illusion ot bark. Tho log may be a hollow one filled with choppod tomato If cucumber is the log, or with Crvilt If Hie banana is usod. It ihla salad Is tlie main course In a lunchoon thou a muyominlso -will be used. Tags In Sewing Basket —Keep a number ot Bmall whits ta^'a In your | sewing basket. When crocheting or embroidering. If you should happen lo run out of thread before tho ploce is finished and cannot got It until you go to town. Just tie one of the tags' on the plecu with tho correct number of thread needed to complete It. Then there la no fear of forgetting tho number usod and no work In trying to match the thread. Hint for Tattare^—Hero la a hint tor those who tat as to how to Join their thread: Never tie a knot, hut put the thread left from shuttle on fingers of loft hand, with the end of the new shuttle thread, and make two double knots with the double thread. After Ihuloose ends are cut off It la Impossible to seo whers the thread was Joined. Use for Linen Scrape—There aro always four corners ot good linen cut away from round centerpieces, and these cun be usod tor small dollies or buffet mats. Cut each In aa largo a circle aa possible, and either work the edge with double crochet or buttonhole it, then add a finish ot nurrow tatted or crochotod lace. Sometimes you can Join -the four straight corners with insertion, cut a large dolly and finish with a lace to match ths Insertion. THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 Watch for Special Tire Sale H. & D. AUTO SUPPLY Adv. Friday Night's News We Save You Money. THE NEW HOME ENTERTAINER—RADIO Have you looked into Its possibilities for YOUR home? If not do so today, at our shop. Wo shall bo glad to domon- strato all of our different crystal and vacuum tube sets for'you. You may use headphones or a loud speaker. All stnndard makes are here. The only oxcluslve Radio Shop in Hutchinson. Radio Mfg. and Sales Co. 811 North MHa Ehon *J9! Silk Over- Blouses $ 6.95 for $ 9.95 for J .$ 4 .98 [j $ 7.50 S i E [ $15.00 for $ 7.50 ru j] $19.75 for ...!.'.$ 9.88 jj I j $25.00 for .....$12.50 [ j The very latest models [ j materials, beaded, braid- J ] in the most wanted silk Our excellent organization plus our fine Motor equipment will MOVE your home's furnishings best and at moderate cost. Call Phone— 219-838 CODY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 123-125 Sherman East Automobile and Household Stomae cd and embroidered. Both • j light and dark colors as J | well as white and black » « in the assortments. Sizes Of 36 to 44. EH MUUTlQRAPHiNQ Mailing, Folding, Addresalna. PHONE 670 Wa write ndvei -tlBlna campalfltii. All kinds of Mailing Lists. EUGENE HANDLES ADV. CO, Eugene Randies—w. Raymond Allen 3 WEST SHERMAN . SEE THE NEWEST- Those new tea or breakfast set3 of egg sholl lustre. Thoy come In soft, dainty colorings ot blue, burnt orange, and mother of pearl—-some with .black bands and some with gold. They will add a refreshing note to your break­ fast table these hot mornings. —S17.G0, $27,CO and $35 per net of 23 pieee3. Phone 3800 18 North Main St- Used Cars 1922—Hudson Coach. 1919—Hudson 7-Passenger. Hudson 6-40—Good Condition. 1921—Buick Six Roadster. 1920—Buick Six Touring. 1919—Buick Six Touring. 1919—Buick Six Roadster. 1920—Chevrolet Touring. 1922—Harley Davis Motorcycle. Double Side Car. Lot of Extras. 1919—Oakland Six Touring, $50.00. 1919—Oakland Six Touring, $65.00. , Ford Touring, $150.00. Hutchinson Motor Car Co. Distributors Hudson and Essex Cars. Phone 271 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week I I IIKI •»'•*< •.•e.e.j, • • it. •.•jtjuL\*.t j... 1 .... .....^, a>fca

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