Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on February 20, 1936 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1936
Page 8
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Possibility RATE—tOc per line for first insertion: 5c per line each in- sertioti 4 t&PW«*ter. Display classified, 25c' pet inch. For Sale FOR SALE — Two No. 1 milk cows; 6 aliofel cultivator; 2 section harrow; 14 in. walking plow. Ralph 8/jynolds, phone 8M. 21-2 SEEDS—W-i have a full line of the best farm seeds obtainable at very reasonable prices. Come in and see them. L. P. Davis. 17-tf For Rent FOR RBMT—6 room house. Finn Graf. 20-tf Legal NOTICE ,«F SPECIAL ELECTION IN MENOX, IOWA, TO BE HBUB <W THE 9TH DAY OF MAKOH, I9?6 TO: THB 7CXM3RS OF LENOX, IOWA: You are hereby notified that a special ^efitton will be held in the Town of t/mox, Iowa, on the 9th day of fctofcdi, 1936, at which election Ijhere w|U be submitted to the Tofcer* of said Town the following public measure, towit: Shall MM> Town of Lenox, Iowa, pswtjhase Cor the use and benefit of the Town's Municipal Water Works Plant and System the North Half of tfae northeast Quarter (NM. WE*/t) of Section Five (5fr. Cwnshlp Seventy (70), Ra»ffe Thirty-two (32), West of tfre 5" PM in Taylor County, Iowa, containing ap- -: Professional Cards :- GEO.L. GOOD ALE : OPTOMETRIST Eyes : Examuied . Glasses Fitted GOODALE JEWELRY STORE Lenox, Iowa 0. p. ARNOLD Funeral Director and Licensed Embalmer Lenox, Iowa eral Director and Embalmer - lows Counsellor at Lavr chants Bank Bldg Iowa In All Courts— Federal Attention Givea 'to Settlement of Estates Prank Wlidom , Q. J. Klrketeg Wisdom & Kirketeg : LAWYERS Special attention given to settlement of estates Bedford, Iowa proximately 82.96 acres, and the South half of the Southeast Quarter (S!4 SE'/») of Section Thirty-Two (33) West of the 5" PM. Adams County, Iowa, containing' 80 acres more or less, at a price or maximum expenditure of not to exceed $40,000.00, plus interest at the rate of not to exceed four (4) percent, payable solely out of the future earnings of such plant and system and issue Water Works Revenue Bonds not in excess of such sum for that purpose?" You are further notified that the voting place and the polls shall be In the school Oymnas- .um Building in Lenox, Iowa, and the same shall be open on ;he said election day from the hour of 8:00 o'clock In the forenoon until 8:00 o'clock In the evening, and that all qualified electors of the Town of Lenox, Iowa, may vote at said election upon the public measure above set out. WITNESS the signature of the Mayor of the Town of Lenox, Iowa, and the attestation of the Town Clerk thereof, this 7th day of February, 1936. C. B. CASSILL, Mayor Attest: W. C. LEWIS, Clerk. , Published in the Lenox Time Table February 13, 20 and 27, 1936. News of the Week from The Lenox School Col. Frank Knox Col. Frank Knox, prominently mentioned as a Republican Presidential possibility, who has just completed a speaking tour of the Middlewest, the East and New England, during which he vigorously attacked government extravagances and declared for a balanced budget, stabilized currency and lowered taxes. About 5,000 persons in New York City call the telephone, each day to ask the correct time. One operator on duty for the purpose answers-all calls, although she does not hear the inquirers' voices. She simply announces the time every,' 15 Seconds, and all who ate connected with her line can hear. Suing his wife for divorce, Thomas Surridge of Norwich, Eng., accused his father of stealing her love. Memphis has paid for the white canes given to 150 blind men, so they can have the righ-of- way in traffic. Without work for five years, W. Harris, of Flint, Mich., finally obtained a WPA job and lost his first pay check of $18. Here Is a case for some olo- gist or other to explain. A burglar robbed a home in Evanston, HI of $150, but before leaving he Amused himself by building a house out of crackers on the kitchen floor, surrounding it with a circle of potatoes and enclosing the whole with a wall made of child's building blocks. Spike, St. Bernard dog, furnished a half pint of blood to aid his pal, Mac, a Great Dane, victim, of pneumonia In a hospital In Los Angeles. A pair of shoes 518 years old, brought to this country on the Mayflower, were worn by Geraldine Stickney, of Worcester, Mass., on her wedding day. By Margaret Carruthers Music The second, third and fourth grades enjoyed a lesson on marches, Friday, presented by Mr. Damrosch. Monday the lesson was reviewed and marching was done. Jimmle Parker presided at the piano playing 'When the Band Plays Dixie". He played for both the second and third grades. The fifth and sixth grades had as their lesson, given by Mr. Damrosch, the percussion in- tuments. This week .the classes are making individual charts of the percussion instruments. Junior High is doing some research work to find out more about the origin of our patriotic songs. Patsy McCurdy, a second The contest Is very one-sided In this grade, as the P. W. A's I are leading 18 to 8. There were ten A's in spelling last week. They are studying the plateau states In geography. The reading class is devoted to stories of Washington. Miss Day, Union county superintendent, called a few minutes in this grade last week. Raymond Caldwell, Juanita Calvin and Clive Hayes have been absent because of illness. Fifth Grade "Africa" is being studied in geography. The language period is spent in telling Washington stories. In art they are making Washington booklets. Francis Brown and David Miller have been absent on account of sickness. These duties were appointed OOD MAR grader played a solo, Friday, on to fche various students> a toy instrument similar to the clarinet. I Miss Maxwell has asked that Keep library file, Dean Roe. Water flowers, Bob G., June Caldwell. Gather up papers, Louetta Smith. .... ,, | Pass out papers, Ted Knotter. a regular daily home practice! Jean Teatsworth . is carr ed on. By this means pasg out books vlyian M and only this way can progress j Donald Krohmer) Enid Barnes, be expected. A little coopera- parents of all students taking, any kind of instrumental work] are requested to see to it that. DAUGHTER OF PIONEER DIED IN CALIFORNIA Miss Eva C. Godwyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Godwyn, pioneer residents of Lenox, died at the home of her brother, La Mound C. Godwyn, Monterey Park, Calif M Feb.. 1, 1936, .Miss Godwyn kept house for. her brother arid helped ' rear her nephew,. Donald.. Gordon .God- Lwyn, ^ whose mother died at his birth,. 8 years, ago. Miss Godwyn had been in poor health for several years. She was preceded in death by her parents and one brother, Arthur C. Godwyn, and is survived by her brother La Mound and nephew Donald G., and an uncle, J. Simpson. She was a member of the Christian church. Miss Godwyn's parents were pioneer residents of Lenox at a time when the town consisted only of a postoflice, one or two stores and a depot. Her brother, Arthur, was the first boy born in Lenox. She left here 21 years ago. • ate THE. PRESIDENT'S WEEK —the visitors he saw, and why—what •' ho. said and '•did. ' 'v- STATE OF THE UNION— a S-mlnute swing around 'the country with the national. newB. iSrUKk'tSS To Help You Keep presents the news of na- •*• „ _ *• SSS. • tMa ln depart - Abreast of the Times CONGRESS WEEK— _ ... . , •the House end Ben- So much is happening every day in the world of government that affects your living, income and buying power. What is Congress doing? For what is money to be spent? How will they raise it? Who is to administer the spending? What does thjs business improvement mean? Will it continue? Why is there another side renorti to so man Y questions? nf - oil : fhtLt thn nnittirai A 11 tnls makes you ask yourself—"How can I fpad^s are do In e and keB P abreast of the times, understand what events 'planning mean< dlscus3 national affairs Intelligently?" \VUAT THE I 1 It ESS OF THE NAXION THINKS— offers u quick, interesting survey of public opinion, Including percentage of press for end against on lending issues. THE TREND Olf AMERICAN BUSINESS — a remarkably complete statement of business In on a page. VOICJ3.- OF THE NEW DEAL—signed articles by at' 11! a If; I.rat Ion spokesmen. DAVID 1LAWUENCE critically appraises government. WASHINGTON WHISPERS and TOMORROW—A LOOK AHEAD tells you what Is going on back of the scenes to influence what will happen in the future. PITBOJDUCTOBY QVVEB, price |5 yew. Tbe qnjt*j Btatee Haw* every -your »pecial Utttewttetoqr Every week you find in The United States News a complete, accurate report of national affairs from Washington. News is grouped together hi departments for your convenience. Simplified for quick reading. Connected for clearness and perspective. Authoritative, concise, useable. Hera you find why It happened, what it means, and what is HUcly to happen next. The United States News is truly the newsmagazine of national affairs. Subscribe today I Congress is in session. A presidential c.am.paip;u is warming up. Party platforms are to be written. More vital questions of national policy will be discussed this year than ever before. Be pasted. Know the facts. Make your own decision/. Back them up with, a clear-cut understanding of what Is going on. • - - -t MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY - — UNITED STATES NEWS, Washington, D. C. News every wtok (or the next EIGHT MOOTBf. . ... . . ^ new ___..___,^_ CARD OF THANKS Were it possible I would love to come to each of you personally, take your hand in mine and thank you for your sympathy and kindness to us in our sorrow. Especially do I thank those noble men and women who left their places of rest that bitter cold night to face the almost impossible and battled the drifts that they might come to my help. Also the untired efforts of the neighbors and friends and Mr. McClelland in opening the roads. May God's choicest blessing be yours and in time of sorrow may you have friends as loyal. Also your sympathy so beautifully expressed with flowers and your help in any way. Mrs. Frank Riley and children. COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT BEDFORD TJHS WEEK Ten Taylor county basketball teams will play in the county tournament to be held at Bedford this week, beginning Thursday. Games will start at 7:45 Thursday evening when Clear- fleld meets Sharpsburg. Other games that evening include: Lenox vs. Blockton, New Market vs. Gravity and Blockton vs. Conway. Games will be continued Saturday afternoon and night. Rex Dory of Henderson, la., will be the official. A state sectional basketball tournament is to be held at Bedford March 5, 6, and 7. tion along this line will help greatly to maintain .a more progressive 'orchestra. Basketball The : ; Lenox - Conwajr game scheduled, forj last. Friday night was postponed until the next night,. .Saturday, which resulted 'ja division of,victories. The; local girls were, defeated 21-^18, in an exciting game 'trie last half... Conway led at the half, 15r2,. but the locals came back with determination and at one time had the score 19-18 but were unsuccessful in outpoint- ing at the end. ' The Lenox boys won a slow, easy game 31 to 20, even though they were without one of the first team, John Schmitt. Second Grade The eleven A's in spelling last Friday put the "Bed" cars ahead in the contest. Miss Wilson is reading them the "Life of George Washington". Virgil Day, Robert Long and Norma Brown are the absentees, Third Grade The story period Is devoted to the reading of "Cubby in Wonderland". The "A" division have finished their readers and will start a new one. There were nine A'a in spelling last week, which makes the girls still leading in the contest. This week these officers are on duty: Health inspector, Phil Reimer. Desk inspector, Helen Van Houten. Floor inspector, (}ren'e Rioe. Pencil sharpener; Ruth Kennedy. Librarian, Mary Lou Long. Fourth Grade Francis Brown. Erase blackboard, Rose Mary Schaub, John Harlan Abbitt. Gather up books, Paul Ethington, Chajrles Brown, David Miller. Inspect desks, Bob M., James alvin..... ' ' Hold ^cloakroom doo|rs, Raymond Ab'bitt, 1 Margretta Boone. Doorkeeper, Doris Jean Elders This poem was written by Enid Barnes. The whole class voted on the poems to decide which poem was best: George Washington When George Washington was" a little boy, He was a jolly little lad, His little heart was full of joy, He was aways good and never bad. ;: When he grew to be a man, He fought in the American War, It was there he took command, To help his country more. He became the first President,. He began in seventeen eighty nine, And when to his office he was sent, : He did his work very fine.! He was President for eight years He refused it f or the third term, When they found it out they shed a lot of tears, Because they knew he was mighty firm. —Enid Barnes Sixth Grade There were ten A's in spelling last Friday. Charles Barteau and Louise Kimball have been absent. Poems were written on Washington and the two best follow Candidates Announce Mrs. Ertward Jefferson of Danville, 111., applying for a 1936 fishing license, wrote the clerk: "My mother's maiden name was Fish and my father's name was Herring; I was born at Fountain Creek in the "Sucker" state of Illinois; now you know why fishing is my hobby." Some years ago John Gellatly of Washington left an art collection worth about five million dollars to the Smithsonian Institution, and later his remaining fortune was lost. When he died at the age of 78, his family had to borrow money with which to pay hte funeral es- pensei, FOR RECORDER I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of Recorder of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. PERRY O. CROUCH, Bedford, Iowa. FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce that I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, la., subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. I will appreciate your support. BEN LONG, Bedford, Iowa. FOR STATE SENATOR To the Republican voters of Adams and Taylor Counties: I am a candidate for the Republican Nomination for the of- 'iee of State Senator from the Sixth Senatorial District of Iowa which-js. composed of Adams and Taylor Counties,', subject tdi-olir approval at the Primary Election on June 1st, 1936. O. J. KP13KBTBG FOB SHERIFF I hereby announce by candidacy for tt*e BepnbUcjin, »amtaa- tion for toe office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the de- ilsion of the voters at the Primary election to be held June 1, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. CURTIS O. MELVIN Benton Township FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY I am a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of County Attorney of Taylor county, subject to the approval of the Republican voters at the Primary Election on June 1, 1936. GEORGE A. SCHOENMANN Blockton FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce my candl dacy for the Republican nom ination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the voters in the Primary Election to be heW June 1, 1936, E. P. SIMPfSON, Bedford I hereby announce my candidacy fo? the Republican nom- luatioij fftr the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision, ptthfc Republican voters at the .primary Election to We Cannot Tell a Lie These Values Will Help You Trim Your Budget Tree National Cherry Week Mother, "I cannot tell a lie. Cherry pi e i s what I want for dinner on George's birthday."' 2 No. 2 cans Red pitted 23! •MM • • Cherries Red pitted No. 10, gallon Crisco Vegetable shortening | _ 59c! 31b. can Flour Dad's Favorite must please you. 49 Ib. sack $1.39! 1 MHi Apples Delicious, firm, $1 .19 solid, bu,.__!__ -*| P & G Soap 29c! 10 bars Quick or Regular, large pkg. 15! es Florida, bu.. sacks, sweet, full of juice 1FISI Buying Quantises, Giving j You the Quantity <Price, A fine white stock fish This price is on a whole fish. HADDOCK The World's IHiDDOCK • *** -.^ *, v , VJ1A Fillets, Ib. .__ : The World's Finest Fillets dressed, Ib. 19! 16! SORRY—Snow drifts held up our fish last wsek till latdl ^Saturday night. We hope ibis will not happen again, f a ..Saturday' i . •••! His Loyalty Washington, a" man both true and , Heeded 'his country's call, And fought loyally, courageously To give freedom, to all. —Roger Kelly. The Father of our Country Washington was a mighty man A mighty man was he, First president of the United States, Father of our Country. No man as yet has been like him; And I'm sure you'll all agree That he was very brave and true, The Father of our country. —Robert Kilby These duties were assigned to the various pupils: Inspect desks, Betty Reynolds, Luella Deaver. Inspect aisles, Roger Kelly Take up papers, Louise Kimball, Wendell Randels. Pass out papers, Lyle Hayes Ruth Catuska. ' Era.se blackboards, Rich; ioit* Earl Richard. , Check library file, Oene: ben, Gene Beimer. , Water plants, Charles teau;vBetty May Manroe. Pass out books, Bobby Robert Kilby. Take up books, Roland Pea baker, Dylorus Marshall. Host and hostess, Billy OTD Marian Wurster. The Junior High boys their first game In the toil ment by defeating" Clearfield;| to 5, but were overcome by 1 ford, 18 to 12. Seventh Grade Some time ago these stu received a letter from a grader in Montrose, Colora( The local seventh graders,! now planning to answer the) ter when they are through. ing six weeks tests. Some clever stories were i ten the other day, when pupils were to Imagine were an elephant and hi toothache and write a about it. WALTER,! i its popularity through she ability** more satisfaction to motorists throu knock-proo -Moore s Service Station Lenox, Iowa

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