The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1971
Page 1
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WHAT fo read J. II. 8CHAKPKI! In powlbly the Isrgwi r«ck mr In Uwwria County, 8«« llunler'i ling Page 7, PHKKUOM *wlmm««, thus* plucky individual* *»w ri»k (heir «v» i» reach I long Kong from mainland China, are in a «wy on I _upf Mth Veur No. 237 The family daily paper of Brazoria County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS I'rws Member Thursday, December 2. J-'fgcport, Texas OailyloCenM Injunction hearing resumes as trial lly JIM HAKNKTT .. .. .1. ......... COMIC* drottoCHlO . M It » (I II HyJIMDAItNKTT An injunction w>u«b| by four Urawla Ci«n»y ,„*,,,, CTi agatn&t Cwirntwiocier* Court find Tax Aiu^swyr-Collector II A Ttwirift* died W*ti/Htd»y afternoon but came bmk to life minuii-» Idler »& a lull flttlgwl im] The four ItiHlownm, IVrry McNeil). J I' Bryan, lu-tly Jirysn, and AM <;t(-«<-ljc. arc *M?kmi{ a court ruling'that *<»Ud Uock <.fctmnliMomr» Court ftUwiw ol a la* tati- valu*tKi(iB ar.cj (|ic ihe caw; next Monday IV attorney*, however, agreed lo move directly into (he !**(> of the (rial and contider all testimony from Uie injuneiion an part of Ihe main suit The temporary Injunction, il it hod been approved, would have Uocked lhe cuunty't new- tax-rdaied measure* and apparently would turn-forced the use of lain year'* valuation* and tax rale TJ>i* would have required (he wuniy lo Junk the (ax roll and lax Miiutm-nij dial are Miy prrxluced til this time arid lhe pr«-viMi«i tax roll and Us related <iucumentx. WHERE fo go l*-iud the H«-(oW ) ,1 <, t d <,( (h, lur I,,!) jfHjrf »,**} I*. jx«, «|, wwiM i*. m j, X[ . <- W itpwik* Ut Kin ,,lir,, »!,*•,. It ( . ,,.j, UMii j )t . „ u- K m trial of Ownly Judgt- Alir«i t: Arnold it-wtfiitl Tucwlay Hal if the Ainty docMi't m<v.<.- vjmf tax revmue thi\ month, the mil>'» Ijill* and Uit«nU»r pasroll can't I* paid He Mid, bywrvt-r. lhat if 'Oioma*' office can ma/I tax u, the new valuation* by IX-c 15 revenue may be coHtcled in (he laitr-r part of December to fund (he crjtmty » firtandal obligations Judge Compton mrtiratMl WwInewJay that n lon« hfflrinK of Urn ca«c, rcgardlcsii of th« outcome, could further delay I,raz«ri3 County s lax wrflettions and»-n H.H already critical finandal condition. ' Judge Camflun called a halt to procwding-t Wednesday and (old <mc of the plaintiff, wiorneyfs. Mand Kee of AngMon (hat «ruwttoning of wilnr-ss*-* Ma-, moving "far afield" of requests rcb(H lo Ihe Ifrrnpr.r.iry injunction It was at that pr/int that attune;.;, for both sides agreed to consider all tenlimony as p;irt of lh»- trial of the rase .Jurv trial wa* waived ' '('ttntinufdnn I'ai-S) gl>;CTVK>:: "N*lit* iind •e Tr*e> of Ihn by tJeflfg* M i Ul' MuwTitti <4 ,S'*tuiiil SWrne*, tburt , J - 5d p m . (Uiwl «idl«n til HI* S A»»u , JIJ J Mi. ton ,Wilh | »r.l ' f«vt«j«tj( muur, Tbwt, t pm lo mulraght, i Co»nJ5«HUt)r VkC->t" Fter A/U Wriirj. Sj! , 4 » m |» V< * m to > p at .'•urlvit .»» A t-an- u.' <"f«-t i'.tc<r;» aftrr Thr Mfe <<»>! kfcp »if) <*rr> .Aiji,.-: <*ij! include J*<l,»«r, I'Utrt I! Si : \»t . j p m Jil-ill.-r. ; T it r i; IK, n TIM, Ice, snow storm 1 »r*l »tnl »sth > J » i? J p m . t at hits |l)|( ATilltltl \Cc»»iiih The S ,v 'I upper Texas lATKtll'IOXS High Srhcw) * ; it* (he ', ofihrttTA ulrtn^ piaycT'*, x j Sun : !o p m . HH High .^ iSchool Auditorium, ';< Ihc i (in! t<«g war the coast AK\ (,">«!> winds i'Umi murb • Krw lo Ihr public- 5l>r,ii tone." b> Al»m Junior c (Tx«r. Sun. 7 » ipni. tlanbury lUplut jrhurth I*ub4»f u inutrvi | COM KMT: llounton tS>niphon> On-hr»tra, ipantornd b> iiratotport j' Kinc Art* ('ouncil. Tu« . :•: i is p m , Uuiatpart High Srhool Auditorium. Adult* K M MU lour lo fur lix-hct u4 Amarillo toward Hereford Knuru am) Uimmitl in the pUint countr> and m the mountain* near Kl l'.i»o where thai city'* Irani- Wftinc»«ta\ r.ijih! .it-..: j »j'*v>al ji!»'.»*>r) i-»tl> !--«t>) pmi>f|rt) At if.l»! iHii ,,'Vi-fx* more lor Ihr l',in!i,ir,i1U I'lain* brforr the viurtsi mmrd iMi Um;m! Ihr <-,i»l Kvcn heavier itumf.iih in Nc* Mrvicn >in.ill cralt warnings<l up (or a third day T!» - mixture >if cxild aixl wet *c.ith« *Ur1«) de% eloping; in vrne parts of the stale two iins earlier and kept in u-nsiiymj; K,ul> inoriuni; tern pcraiure* dropped In 25 dt'ijrrcs at Anuirillo and Oallurt. and Jl ai WHETHER I to go | CUU'liy and cold" with S ram and a few j§ thujidcr^howcni today and tonight Decreasing cloudinvu vkiih rain ending Kri NK winds 1S-H mph. gu»iy. diminithing Fri High today low SO*, low tonight mid Ws High Fri upper* Us Probability of precipitation io per cent today and tomght and 20 per cent Fri § TtUKH; Iliglis today «l yi a am and 5:34 pm. Uw». H:iO a in and 10.46 p.m HiglisKri . 12 52 a m and 6:28 p.m . lowi, 9:2S ] am. ai«J Il:it8 p.m. Sun S:W.riw»Fri Motontt* uung elhrr in OMV arrdt And ic> pjvin^ in ad)acrnl wctiook uerr advued In drive rauluxuly Vulbihly dro)>jv«l to IMW eighth mile at Am.-nllo aj the while flakra fell bn»XI> m'jr tlawn While Ihc »now Upercd doun lo around an inch at Lubtock. (rrviinif rs > m mixed with tec pclleU and »now coaled roads and bridge* w ilh 9 Ireachrrou* gtaie Icuigalio Colorado Kan».ts and Oklahoma Ham »a» vknicsprr.ui o\or Uve rc»l of Teus. mi-asunni! j» much a> 2 28 iiKhe» ,it ihi- H(xii>tun atn«irt Thunderstorm* ruv«l !hi- ccvi»Ul plaint as light to somv limes hravv i.nnf.tll exlernkd from Victoria into IxHiiitana am) (rum I!M' Tci.ib Coast northward past ihr Ued Kivcr Moislurr amounts. appeared to be generally S ««n and Heard STAM.KV CHANK, wn of Mr. and Mr* WALTER CKASK of Frccpori, playing trumpet tonight in « concert to beprewnled by tlw Texas Ail Unit-entity Br«M Choir and Fercuwiun Ensemble in Jom-s Auditorium at Kingsvillv Slauley U a fcophomorc »ludenl at A4I . . LYNNK bf HOK.N, a junior bioJogy major at Ibe Univ. of Texas, elected ruth chairman for Ddta Zela She's the 4au*htcr of Mr. and Mr* M. K. BF.KliKN of Anglelon CYNTHIA KVAVS of Sweeny, on Ihe debate learns o( Wharlon County Junior College winning two coiuciLs out of (our in the Southwest Texas Forensic Festival held Nov 19-20, . K E M M 1 K Ii K A U \ . preparing a 72nd birthday coke for one of her husband's failh/ul employes, KLKilci I'Al-OMAKKS of Angleton. so that he could enjoy it on his coffee break . Sweeny Chamber banquet slated SWKKNV - The Sweeny Chamber of Commerce has H-I Ihe annual banquet (or Jan 17. at the High School Cafciormm Special features on the program include the introduction ol the new officers and directors heading the wt>rk of the Chamber during 1872 Also, Ihe Outstanding .Man of the Year and Outstanding Woman of the Year will be recognized. Col Ben Swank, billed as a "Super Happiness Salesman." will be the featured speaker (or the evening Kor/cservations contact (he Chamber office at MS North Mam. office hours 10:30-2:30, S48-3249 Cancel ceremony SWKKNY - Due to bad weather today the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony tonight has been postponed. The new time will be Monday. Dollar plunges due to devaluation talk UlMM)\ <AI>, tin- possibility of d(.-.;>luali«i MII! the iji!;»f piuAginK "' mwJ i«*s ««; rn.-.»cir Kuropx-an i-xcharigv* Markrf ajiwlilior^ -AI-TC yirrM.'ralh iV-irrit»^! .-<v tn^iit- -,r,( .'.{.«>..-{ ojivjitw,^. -*,-r,. gi-iM-raJI) ik-«-f iU-d a* twin- aw) Mjlr t>ar,kj in I'arii and Iy»»te •*««• MfxT!<fi fwir.g iub MA-Miai anxiuntA ol <V)ilir» lo rilo'* (hi? d(-chn<- in value ' !.-. S-*n/«Tta»5<J. bant* «<•«• limilmj; iJollar tfansadiow lo a ma.»i.>r,u.'r, «.( a itjillw.«-i \*'t mMojru-r TJ.'-djilw-wrJIjrsK v.a\i- -*A, tfun.i-ii b\ rt-j/>rt.v fron; a fioiru- n«*-:ir4{ ol (tic n<h«i \Hr~,HTr. r-itio^ ;Li Uv<- t mied Sian-, :>. »rji4;. :(i .'Uf;t/ ,-,•(!•- ,-, cl..!iaf d.-. ;iha!«ri <,'. (M7ha[/v fi',<- [x.-r res-,! agi»iip,4 n^tl Mi!.i,!(i ;, KtT.tfal rralsj-ipfT."-?,! of world cxirri-ivcv TV,-- . (!ic . , rralsj-ipfT."-?,! of world cx jr.. ai, <,U:H-I- aw) the u-i.-ifi;ai! r.«^-,i-fd allrr j (urtb<t itii^li;,? ,,.' U:^ <,r<*up of Tt-r, wjji- ' - ' . rt:ar b-ts ils> '<•> 'v/j, ',r- : ,^j i; t;.,. prwj^x! of ar, f-nci So tr.!.Ttia!ior,al f.'^-ifii-l.-.r-j ;,r>>; uaijc unci-r.ainiM-, iinceMay whrn !(!<• V/< -.; f,<. n; ,,-i n rnonp> was v.-t free to find its own 1e\el in (hi,' inarku TheoV>llar i*a.v alvi ;,t ;, r-tord !«v, in Xuricb at .1 9305 Swiss (raws agaun! We*n*da> s i -losir.a of "i !#>»; TtiiA was a dollar fV-valuatiwi of r, ,>-r ,,i,t f r ,,;r, ,h«- previous (iantv of -f 08 (rar,<:s " • t;i l > an« (!.<.- Miualum v,,,<, nioff LOdiphr.ated t>.-eause of the Kr..-rK.-h t-*o-fKT >>s!,-!i,. >..•( up t,, K/t-p a .v/-called -commercial franc used for'.'.- fx-r err:!, of lran.sactioi-,>. pegged closely to the civilar Thm-isal«-,a • fif-arrnal franc ' ns/.-fJ mainly by tourists '*h:ch i\ [x v rr:ii!!--d ;o fiw.-tuaif Tti.- co:i i r:..-rci;,| ir., :i r ,,|,,nw! at iti !,,p.n, At u . %( ,j against the 'MU- of v jli fjn!;. (o rjr/.p a srwrt timi- bh-r to i Jl 123 despite tx-j%> t>u;.ir.gof'lr,i!.,rNfj> it;,/ Hano,m-df Fr. - r. <.-.._T>;<- ftriam:.,! frar,.- o^T^f! at T, :;«j d.,-*n from Wednesday's i-.'/Mf.ii i i« T.Ki-i> v r ,-,,.. rfj,rt>rti!c-.i a 3-, per cent upvaluing '-•'. Ific frrirn- frwi; par;'.% J 2 4 .«» 1 his . Aas> almost a 4. .. MWJJ, v arevouro-Ji.rj.t t ,< h.s r«-4 mot.iir.ic (rdja-am <« !,',<- Krii-.Uufi lot«i;i: vxcjian)?'- (•<• doJJar ftiun^'-d h, ;, .-x.,r-J to* of 5» W.-k! i.,-r; r : 3n n ; : ir ^ <v,.. s! *, : ,,i i,, W«-<3 i) • d.** ..' .'. •*«'< jT-^ri- T(.*t>> v r;»i«- r.-.-r.^r-^-rf an ir iiiix- rV,!S.-,r •, aim- c-f'l! . j«? ffr.l 71.- dollar d- ' - ,i .:!«„ . lt -;,, :i ., ,)„. j jp;ir , 4 . w , >t . n ,' n Tokvo i'^.'fie at rjr, r; ,- : .„ x [.,.,. 7 v ( . pr ,. vifrt) , , f ,. A W . 1S 3^^'^ «, W,-dn r :i. thr n-.ii. - it,.- an upward s Ooated on PHOTOGFN/C SANTA /N LJ PARADE I-AKK JM KSIIN . .lot)% i rirf Si v>-k H. S «UJ| .-fornu-o !..«• Ju/.c^-Kt !r» ;,(-».- ihit ht-'s pus a circi* arwtnd Silur-rU) '» d..!r »r*S :\ }<la.-,:.!n(; to ,i;i,.t iucal a N'.i« ',<rih •» •,! UK- ruin ;n I.»H- ri-J ;.r.d wtnif iw! !«• r:^iru; in >i«>m !h.- JAVOT ( '. n«nij» I':,r.,je- that U-j:!!^ ;,; 2pm. vi!br'Ut.<- ••!;)>!;;»; J!!"T-»Ardu?i1 .-!•'. p ;r. ;tl !>,.•<•,>;;. .Tii.T./ v > uielfM' (ijfctff ar.Sl^rkirs: V,..-, t» talk -;'[> !hv US Kilo, w »:>•:»; i,. t«? :.ii.i!^: j*. :un-s c,( the >..:.:-,g d^- «M- {!.-,;,; ,j- 5; ";, j,.,- i- A( , chikirc-i l"rv.-:':'.v •*-.''. N- UMX! for jj-.( »•;. :jfi •>, n:;,;r:ur.!H (r. a! the s;!i j( !i- M -j( '.in.i- 'IVic h: i- of m.trih is vtusn i.-:: <'ai; [»!i\.- ir.n-. ruirfr tlsri.njih ihc bus.;;-,cM ar<v. (nOi'.^ .,'. :h,- ( , ttiv or. i»ak !>rn<- (*v.- ..( UK- lal.-M <r.!n<-> in it.,- |,.tr,,iii :s n-,,. !uj IV<t!iT\>iuna! Aw, (ij»;i! which :> U-sr^ t;;j;i: d;, >; : r Oub Desalting of Brazos endorsed \i u Af'< T«.7 .',) .Kill -laic ap-i WORI4J AM) .VTATK 5 <i«.*iM,4.j n.m .T I A I r. ) BRIEFS • l <Hl AUOCI-' I'HSdSt I'lAII. i.'^!i;t-«xiia ( amlfntiian (nrcx-s have AluuituM^ the town u^ liaray .Norm Vielnamt">e S!h mai>. rKtrihea»ten\ lr<*il la the (iiinl oC ivIlapM'. autl».>rilative UVSIIIMiVlIN JVnt MV American North Vietnamese airtvixs if Communiiit MUi fi^liters attack I'S |ilaii« th »n; .ur Jlnkt-a ovtf !hc Ho On Mill!) trail in I.KC, N'KW HKl.UI Pakistani planea Mradxl On- capital ol India's Tnjxira Stale tinia). tl lo Kast Pakistan's st IxiniiT. an Indian government spokesman announced The S|xikesman said the Indian army had been ordorwl to takv immediate "defensive action." indicating H would cross tlx- border S,\\T|.\(;tl, Oiile Police »vni into acium with tear gas and water cannon Wednesday night alter young leftists attacked women to retvi ir.y.e-Min^ (oni siiort.igvs At U - j>l SS [HTM>:> »i-re injurtTJ in the r,i»;r.l of ru.iii:^; iixUiciint: iise -.»:!)-, ).'ijn>)x>t •*nuiul>. in Ihe biggesi iii'.'tu»n>fr.itivf; set a^ Marvist PreMivnl Xil\ador Aili-ndi- s ^o\ en'.nieiit 1.(INDUS The pmsibiluy "t tie\.ilu.ilior. b-ent the dollar (iunj;ir,(; 10 riMirxi low> on iii.ijor Kurupe:ui exchangc-s !<«Jj> .Market conditions «en' gein-ralls (k>M.ritnxi as hivlic ,u«l >!au- tunks in Paris aixi Uiniini were reported tmying substiuUi.i! amuunt.s ol dollars to sJnw Ihe dtvhne in value Listening _ B) LAWRENCE WAltOV When I lei myself honestly believe in Ihe personal concern and accesiibilily of the living Lord, 1 discovered blessings beyond my fondest dreams "MY PEOPLE SHALL KNOW MY NAME; THEKEKORE IN THAT DAY THEY SHALL KNOW THAT IT IS 1 WHO SPEAK; HERK AMI." Isaiah 52:6 IRSV.) Ks-! 1 .'. Munt-w.ill and Uicken.s i'»«.!!!in-> in North Tc\.!.> lit' >.ii(j i:/i' tb:::- wouiii kr<;i !t;o>( i.i (he s;ill fron; the r;\<-r ar.d improve tix- (juah!> • rf Itn- H.i'.er MI ih.i! u eouiti .':ii\-t 'J:e need.-. n( tht- |>eiipie a| Die tVsMT. fur mans \var> i'oi Walter Wells! rfi-ncr..! manager i.i t.»ie HraAis l(:v t -r Ainiionu. supported UK- l*-nkv! .»;<! outfineii some of me prnhloms tho >a!l pullu'.ion IS i.'.lliv[[\^ He taw U'.oe instances Concert Friday KIIKKI'OUV A Christmas concert will be presented by Uie combined choirs of the Kvet-port intermediate Schoul Knda> at 6 30 p m m Uie Braiosport High School Auditorium The concert is free and open to UK* public Featured will be the sixth grade choir singing a cantata "Chrisimas Folk Style;" the seventh grade Treble Choir, and the Fret-purl Singers Director is N A Broom Jr 1! . % '•'. i-jinert'ord iia.s been • .'iivi .>,-if.niy -Aiir, ihc .-tuthohty for '••i«->j 'A,i ,.,..,r-. Irving 10 find a way v -' : -> -.., a-..- i-i.-iin »t«n Brazos *•*'•'• .'.> p '-r -.1 Mipplement its ..-ti-M.t; -.v«-ii 5 supply. p!!it ' ! (,r.i,".f,ury almost in lhe •'"d n!ii.tite :'i |.,ike tlrantxiry. has T'.IIJ :,, u ^. A( .|| w'aler for city i 'ii-» in !!:'• cimntics anxmd '. '• • ii ••".:<:•, l~i wars ago ,-. ,'ii.t- : v. i UT supply district '.•i o'' supplies, from the •-iV.t- .Nivtie i if this 'Aaler ever '•.i-. !«•<•!: pu' to use because of '.'.}>.• ^ali jh,!lulloa Gus to be tried in Abilene AUSTIN <AP> - The bntvn trial involving Texas Hou^e Speaker (.us .Mutscher uas transferred today from Austin to Abilene Disi Judge Tom Blackwell said there iwd bf«n a great deal of publicity on the case in Travis t'ouniy '.Austin* and while he ihought Mutscher and two other defendants eimld get a fair trial. "1 think it ;•> iiKtiiniK'iH >m the judge to transfer U " I'll" law requires that a case Ix- transferred to an adjacent futility unless it can tie shown iluit the same news coverage 'contaminated" those counties Both the prosecution and defense stipulated that counties adjoining Travis County had been so contaminated. Shrimp catches down, income up last month Shrimp production for November dipped below the level of 1970-the first month since early summer that 1971 landings were below those of the previous three years. but the dollar income remained ai the highest level of the four years. November 1971 produced 730,000 pounds of shrimp worth |1,J27,000. This compares with 868.000 pounds and $893.0000 November, 1970. (>S*6,iM)0 pounds and $705.000 for November 1969; and TOO.OOO pounds and $731.000 for November 1968 Fishing weather throughout the month was considered good, with few bad days, according lo the tog ac- companying the National Marine Services preliminary report of shrimp catches. It was a busy month (or the Freeport Coast Guard Station, with personnel running checks on seven overdue boats, and assisting two grounded boats and two with engine trouble, searching for a wrecked vessel and one drowned seaman. SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS READ OUR ADS

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