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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, June 23, 1859
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VOLUMK XL THE DAILY NEWST T HE NEWS. "MILWAUKEE; THURSDAY -Ohrj ronmnoi -B A El'l 1»0, OS«i»(* BTEBCT, «ti» »JLUB BOBSB. J>«0/ Paper, inMtilitd c» try aipralng, eicept Mondaj-. - Ti.-Weekly riper, Monday, WwJnorfay «nd FrW»i, *«"k1y t-t<pir, «v*rytac$aay morning.' = TERMS OF UA1LT PAP KR. 0«:lj !•»;,«• Jpr one year, payable 1n advance.... »T,Dfl fri-Weekiy Paper for TERMS OF THE WEEKLY PAPER. Weekly Paper for one year, payable in advance. .41,00 KATES OF AinEHTISIIVG IN DAILY Ten lines, or loss, of Nonpareil make 4 square. FUETHRB PARTICULARS OFTHBFIKB—A stated yesterday, Jfoung's Block was- bnrne< to the ground on Tuesday night 'flow thejBre originated is jet a mystery. It is now said to have been first discovered in the rear of ' naor & Baymond's. Tbe losses and insurance* are an follows: J . LOSS AHD INSDBAJICi:. MatDe. Btitloc*!. —Leahy, Oaf-fitter, J.B-Cocup, Trunk M.nuftc'r, Hone. Join) Pchaiua, Lager Beer, - : a.5.000 r*^ el J^ *?."• Barbers, None. i--?:? 1 5? bCT ' aln ' € lulnb «. None. None. ' Nnna Junta 4 Co., New Depot, I iqoare. Iday »1,00 1 'do. '*da.CT . \ 4a. Sdayi 1 So. 4 dar» . 1 do. S da i . 1 do. 1 »•«« I tin. 5we.-i e 1 <lo. « H k» Round* 2,00 8,00 i',00 6,1* 1 square, 1 month...$6,00 ' " Smooths.. 10,00 SmonttiB.. 19,00 4moDthi.. 16^0 CmonthB.. 16,00 9 moolhs... 20,00 1 yew.... 80,08 do. do. do. do. Ho. do. Langdon, AUE1VTS. 1 ?>5 Uaudolph Strert, are auOiarittd tt> re- urine Aiivcriisttnetit* for Oiit and all On Leading /•apart o.f tkr A'orOiwtel, anil are th* OKI.T and EX- .I.CSIVELT avlhorixtd Afftntt in lh< XortAweit/or a majority of them. ..- r4 Mcrton i Fowler, t. A.tihnchard,' L'gerBeer, Olgar Store, DiuggiiU, Grocery, *c., None. •600 None! . WOW «4,000 $50) None'. $0,600 14^00 $5,000 «S,000 •700 Partially , Dr. Fitch. J. BvCrogemsn, A. F. Dr. Baker, Mvgatt * f-cbmWtner A-i hltects ""-- "- Wi«. Traveler, Y.«.Ohri,.A«Vn, G. A. Wotdwurd. Failing,! D . Br. wn, Chai. lilll, Ur. Cogswell, AB. VuOott, Millinery ttore, (1,000 I**yen, |2,soo Dentist, »SOO Architect $2,000 Heal Ag't, Vmall. Fpeclnles, Email. Miyslclan, (mall. *I,6UO tmall. • $890 $400 two $«H> SmaU 92,000 !«•*•} i r, Panorama, Arcliltect, Book-keeper, Lavyrr, Froperty o $1.000 None. None. None $800 None. None. None. ins IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. MARK M. FOMEROY, Editor. •»Ici«!»rolo|rical lircorcl, for June 21, '59 ,=pi by C U OARD! . FR i OO.. DrugKists, 19 Sprlns • trttl. TIlKR^OMJCTKh 9 r. u. f '. v 16 °» For Ttlegraph and Commercial matttrt Fourtli Page. The following are the Insurance Companies that have sustained losses, so far aa we have been able to ascertain them Win. P. otiii^ was insured a* Iullo«.-. Western Massaehusutls, §2,060 on ne«i building, $3,000 un the old Charter Oak, of Hartford. $!j,OUO ou th« new. $3,000 on the old Hampden Massachusetts 32.61HJ ou Ibe new. JUNE 1359. i Common Council Proceeding*. Milwaukee, Jnne 20,1869, 71^ o'clock, p. nu BAAED OF ALDCBUAH—BIOULAK HBBTIKO. His Hoaar the Mayor in the Chair. Present—Aid. Dousraan, Llppert, Nieder- maun, ; 0 ; 'Nrfll, Thelpi, PLHJipt, Prentlsa, Smith and West Absent—None.' .•; . The reading of tbe minutes of tbe last meeting were dispensed with. '"Sundry aocounts were presented and refer- | of the parses who broke up »'nd sold th;e saa Sjsotiugi tbe crib wLiohfloated^tdtpftbeaalt! relating to water works (which was a copy '"ad of all obstructions ran*-,! by Inmber In tlta ttlli{iw4 Watt.) A+*A •- «_tl __!!*__• „* j i __ _i . *•« * . r, ., . ' " /iiiiwi NVMBKK '2'2 in the pird Ward, and to tat-e ,sLld crib wheoevd found, and pk« it it >niafootof Buffalo j^reet j also directing tho 0ily Engineer to e^imat* the value oi g4?d oritjbi, which should b^ paid out of the Ikird Waril fund Into theeiit fond. . ... ; j Also a jvsolalion directing the Htrpet Commissioner^ of the Third W«rd .to rrp^H to the of one passed by the Board ot Councilors on I other matters , alao a^ominunica'imn froln th- , '^" '<"•"">" Hr'.^.L'y nrill7 a^ital.-.i .vh..ih~r ;t, ted, he Mill : nnfst i'n /us • p.. the 4th of June, and afterwarda rtferred to j City Attorney In relation to the same, setting the committee on Judiciary of this board) hav ! forth that th« matters presented, raiuo th» ing been read by the Clerk, City Attorney and Chief of police (jujy information respecting the last mentioned Icrib, and ' It is very doubtful about the theater being opened on Saiurday night, as announced. C3F~ Th«- publication of the Eilbourn Oity Mirror is to be suspended for a few wneks. Taaows Otrix— The hanks of Baltimore have thrown out the notes of the Clinton Bank of WVst.'rnport, Md. £^~ Our glorion§ ' Mounting Bird" delivers '.he 4th of Jnly oration at Buffalo, this vear. NEW CBUBOH — The friends of Richmond are to build him a new church in this city, und increase his salaty $50ft per year. Conn-ay,, $3,OOO uu tbe old. ' North Araeriran. SS.OOu on il.,- old, 02,000 j on th<? ne« i Qaakei City, Philadelphia. f-8,(HKI on the old. Springfield, Mass., $3,000 ou the new. Macsasoit, of Sprinpael^. $3,000 on the new. Cunuectlout. of Hartford, $3 000 on tbe u-w. Milwaukee City, $8,000 on tho new Mr. Young's lotal insurance was $20,000 ou the new building, arid §l;j,dOO on the old one, making $35,(WO m all H. estimates his loss over and BOOTH bis insurance, at $25 000 to $30,000. His bnildines Ue estimates at $5. r >,' 000 to $60,000. Perhaps $10,nOu worth of etufl was sared. Toting Men's Christian Association wa« insured $800 in the Phoenix, of Brooklyn Strauss Brothers were intnred as follows: Milwaukee City. $1,500 Phrenlx, 1,500 and directing the City Attorney to firpsecu;e all parties implicated. ' On thd (notion of Aid: Ltoosman ib«y were referred (q the harbor committee. A report of the local committee of th«* First Ward in favor of granting the prayj* of the petition of Francis Soheiriberg, and fathers, against th4 widening of a part of Jack/ion at , In said Ward, and the following resolution, viz: . ; Rtiolv<iJ t The Board of Aldermen Joucui- rlng. that the Chief of Police be, and ha li here by directed to cause the obstruction mide by the erei-tiou of a f«nce, and the building of a side-walk and gutters ou the Wes< Side of Jackson street, between Ogden and ' Lyou streets, Id the First Ward, to be reinovtj within five dayj froiu the passage au.l publication of this resolution. Aid PMntisd ofl'cred thn lollowini< &J) .a substitute lor Mm abovB roSulutiou . KttvlftJ) The Board of Councilors uoucur- 1 ing. that the Chief of I'olior be, and [he is hereby authorized, empowered, aud dfrerted by the Common Council of the nitv of Ullwau- . few, to remote, or cause to be removed, all joint loo»l committee of tbe j obstructions of every kind and nature in, Jack- sou fllr.vt, an.) on the side-walks on botl) sides rad to the appropriate committees. Aid. Prtntiss presented a communication from J. J. TaTltnadge and others, representing tli at the bridge tender of the Menomnnea bridge was not sufficiently paid for big services. Rtferred to the committee on bridges. Aid. Prentiss presented a petition from Chris. lues, in relation to a lease he held for one rear (from tbe Aldermen and Councilor* of be First and Seventh Wards) of the bay scales, formerly located on BIddle street iu the Seventh WarJ. Referred to the Aldermen and Councilors of he First and Seventh Wards Aid. Smith presented a petition from P. Unf- y, asking that « miissnra existing on lot 6, l be abated j block 16, in ibe 'J L.J.I Itefern-d to the local committee of tb t > Third Ward i Aid Phillips presented a petition from J . B. I Selby and others, asking that the alley run! ning north and south through block 29, in tbe I Sixth Ward, be graded to a temporary grade. Aid. O'Neill moved that It b« referred to a select committee of five Carried. Ton chair appointed as aaid committed Aid Donsman, Phillips, O'Neill, Smith and Nieder- mabn. Aid. Preotias said il was a most unheard of proceeding to introduce an ordinance or resolution, while another on the same subject waa pending, they could not entertain two propositions of the "nine kind Aid Preniiss, from the committee oil judiciary, to whom was referred an ordinance entitled an ordinance, relating to water works, question of the legality ,,f the tttreet, whi.-fi I »nti question coali be determined by a «uit in.sti- i' P.""' 1 tnted by the owners of lands injured, or hy | the proper offl.-er removing lh» obstructions j which would lead to a suit. AUo ibe follow I ing resolution Remlved, The board of Councilor W.. entirfly on ,v jhoulil i-~ Thom b.-, h- »,ll pMlfl |~ p"rll:ipH t ring, that the Chief ,.f Polica U h. r t -hy Jirw- ed to rlear th- street between bliM-fc.n 53 ami j4 in the Fifth Ward of the oity of .Milwaukee of all obstructions, with the ihorie«t possible delay Whiob WAS adopted. Aid. Smith pr«a*»nt**d the following ' The account of J. I, Ltolati. rsl'err'eij to me as AluVruiau ol' the Third Ward. 1 woul,) * n<l will ha few in., if hU op ( ,,., t,, ! „ ., ir ,. r l < K I I H U I 11 K l il I B%\v H I; |- \ '. V \ , ALL IK YOUE EVE —The great meteor that fell near Oswego a few days since, was all in the eyt of the man who wrote the description of it Long Jolin Miller hart a 1 g accident. a!lv broken Tuesday at the depot when they were getting the steam fire engine from Chicago off the boat Tno BAD—Tbe correspondent who uae so much to say in the Witeonxiit about tbe Municipal Court, dar before yestorday, threw several bloody ' bricks" at ua. All rigjil Mr. Quince—will yon let Vm hurl. «li ^ or wont yon'' Persons washing to pitch into us about the "pome'' can have tb« use of our columns. W%> always inu-nd to iavnr onr old ex local ed. itors, and they need not 1 other the Wisconsin, unless they choose. Some men knows a great deal—and again some don't *. m, Philadelphia City, Total, 1,600 $4,500 Mor & Raymond were iuourtJ as lollows: Nortbwestern. Oaoego S V Qirard, of .N . J< Charter Oak, of Hartford, $2,000 $1,000 $1,000 Total, Morton State Fin-, Hartflfrd, Niagara. JI. T > ' . * United States, Milwauke,, $4,000 were uasured ae follows: $1,000 $1,000 1,000 $3,000 Mr. Blaiichard. we believe, was insured $1,. 000 in a company called ibe American. Mr J. C Montgomery, tbe insurance agent, loots up tbe inourances as follows : Springfield, Massasoil and Connecticut Fire Companies, $3,000 .-acb, $y,000 Milwaukee City, on stock and building, 4J600 Western Massachusetts, . ' 3 000 Pbomix Co., Milwaukee, stock, I'sOO Exchange Co., Philadelphia, Btook, . 1-609 OirardCo., " - '•* . *|jDbo North Westfpn. Oswego, N. Referred to Sixth Ward Aid. Phillips presented a petition from S Stranb and others, for gravelling Sherman street, from Third to Hubbard street in the Sixth Ward, also for planking walks and paving gutters Referred to the Joint local co aim it tee of the Sixth Ward. The Chair presented a judginenl for $*48,27 in Ihe sail of Hayr-i and Dillon against tbe city of Milwaukee. Referred to the judiciary committee. Tbe Chair presented a com i anicatiou from the City Clerk, with resolutions, &o , passed by the board of Councilors on the 13th and l»th of June, which were takes up as follows : The undermentioned Street Commissioners' recommendations with resolutions approving of the same and ordering the work to be done as provided by law, viz : SBOOND WAEII. For grading Eighth street and sldnwalka, from Winnebago street to Vliet street, and Pop- I lution lar street from Third to Eighth street*, plank- i ing sidewalks and paving gutters Which was concurred in SIXTH WAKI* For (iradlug the north and south, aud east and west alleys in blocks 28 and 29. Suth Ward. For planking the sidewalks and paving th of said Jaukson street, from Division atrt-et to North \Vsfrr street, m the First Ward!; and that he remove nr cause all sach obstruction", whatever they may be, j u 8a id Blreet ior on said side-walks, within the limits abovo men- tionexl. to be removed therefrom, witbih five dsya from Jhe adoption and publication! of this resolution,; provided, however, that in case any obstruction ahall be found in said street, or on said side walks, which, in the judgment of the ChUfof Police, shall require a greater length of lime to remove the same, theat such further time may 1* grante 1 by tbe Chief of Police to the owner thereof to remova the Sara-, as saiil Chief of Police may deutu uerfefsary not exceeding sixty days from the adoption and pnUlcation of this resolution Aid O'Neill moved to refer tbe substitute to ibe local committee of the First Ward. Aid. Prentiss oaiil that both resolutions should go to the committee. Tbe Chief of Po- 4ice oonld bot act until the line of the Street was ascertained. Mr. Prentiss then mdved to amend the motion by adding after tbij word •substitute*' the words, ".ind tbe originil reso- presented a lengthened report embracing ». de- ' T *^" ^ ',"'""' °' tailed statement of the objections which, lo the opinion of the committee, eiist to the proposed fiontracl for supplying tba oity with water. Tbe committee represented that serious doubts existed as to tha validity of the aflt of the Legislature under which the ordinance has been pi*Arid, article « ot the constitution providing that all taxation-; shall be nuiform Tbe following reasons amongst others, Wei* urged by the committee for n..t approving of the contract : Because il imposes ,luii«j ou tba Board of Review of Ihe Common Council and City uf ficers in assaying and oollpcting water rates for which no <ufficieiit remuneration U pru Vde,l ng the I'lairu commend that it be rr-ferr-.i back t.. U, Which was concurred ui. Aid Pbelps called from the ;aij,- •• , nance to licence an>l regulate itenml.oj road, and hotel runners " AM L^ousman mov-«i| r,, m,,-u.| ,- •». ilrikiug out of ibo .'4tli iOii iu.H*Ttin*{ two amount of the penally for i Which wn lo-it The. question Wa.-! tb-ll and tba ordin»n<;n passe.i vote •»n.l r- PEAK "FAMILY tbe 111 .' tbo water City Treasurer is to *ell th i ar« not paid, tbe lota, so., tor mm payment of thi tax, which would produce more confusion and difficulty than now axists as it would ioorea^e the number and kind of Ay-S— Aid Lipped, S i.- l-l ;.,,.,„ • Phelps, Phillips, Pr«ntis-i ,m,l W ..n Noes — Aid. Dousman in 1 .^rnuli Aid. Phillip*, from t»i^ ..... -al . um, the Siith War.j •,, »),,im *n- r-ierr ,1 dth of June, the Mre^t;) BELL • > t i \\ |.)ic...-..' - • ti — . EINGEES meudatiou for 28, in mid Wjr .uildini< n i^ l, and a r^so 2,000 1 COEKECT THE EasoE—We see it stated by tbe Sew York Herald, that the Emperor Napoleon wore his regalia ap a son of Malta to the war. This is a mistake, as he gave it to tbe Empress in good condition just before he left. The jewel* to it are too valuable to take on i> field of battle The Milwaukee Light Guard returned home yesterday, looking and feeling as well as ever. Their trip to tbe East hat been onecon- tiaued round of pleasure, and right well and gentlemanly have they sustained Lhe reputation of the company and of Mllwanke We! come home SEVERE Loss —Messrs. Gary 4 Pratt had in their offio. i Voung-s Block, at the time of tbe iat< fire, one of Berliner & Bruno's safe*. Uu getting it out Irom the ruins last night, the contents were found to be all cinders. It contained papers of value to the amount of several thousand dollars. . e, . v, Charter Oak, Hartford, Conn., on Morton & Fowler's stock, mostly saved, 1 ,000 Niagara Co., Kew York, stock. 1,000 State Fire, New Haven, " 1,000 United States. Milwaukee 1^000 $26,600 BerUner £ Biuno had tbree safes in the building, one of which has been got oat, with contents unharmed Morton & Fowler have removed the balance* of their things to underneath the Baptist Church, and will open somewhere soon. The Custom House was injured about tbe upper windows to the amount of about $100. We do not know whether Mr. Young wil] re-build or not. We hope he will, as the old adage, "three times and out," U it holds good, will make him all right hereafter. A yonne man by the name of Lewis Roberts, a member of Hook and ladder No. 1, got his leg broken by an engine running over him. — Hf was carried off on a shutter. It was thought by some yesterday that his Ug was not gutters in front of various lots on 4th, 5th, 7th and Cherry streets For grading Harmon street, and planking the sidewalks from 2d street east to Hnbbard street, and from 3d to 7th streets For grading 6th etrwt from Walnut to Harmon streel, plaukinu sidewalk and paving gutters. For grading tb- Nortb and South alV.. through block 4, *l*o ihrough block 44 m Sherman's addition ~X5oncurred in. BSTESTH WAKb For building a sewer from -Martin street through River street, and another from Johnson itreet through R.ver streel to the Milwaukee river'in the Seventh Ward. riOBTH WARD. For grading Mineral street and sidewalks from First Avenue to Second Avenue, planking sidewalks and paving gutters. For constructing a sewer on 5tb Avenue from Scott to Washington street, and from Wash- Whiob WHS aijreeti t.i I Tb« motion af ULUCml~.| was th--n ^onourred ' iu. i ' ' | A resolution declaring suuilry lotd Iu Ibe i Ninth Ward public unisanees, and ordering them to be abated iu twenty dava Concurred iu A resolution lhat an or.ier I* ma.le /or paving the gutters in froul of the public square in tbe Seventh Ward Concurred in A resolution authoruiuf the i.'outrolier to advertise for prnposals for gn.iii.ii that part of the Fourth avenue running throui/h ^b^- W turf lot in the First War I Concurred iu \ resolution directing the Street Cobimis- Siooers of tbie Third Ward to remove all 'of the 4rib now lying in the Menemooe» rirer, fcnd h*ave Ihe same placed at tb» foot ot (,'pioa.zo street in snjd Ward, and that the City Engine-' ' ' ' * value of t-he same; tb-amcmnt to bs paid oijt of the Third Ward fund into ihe general oily fund Aid. Douiman moved lhat il be referred to tbe harbor obmmittee, and said thai hU object in doing so wa* that be thought tbe t-ribi in question would b" wanted al tho straight tut harbor. The motion was then agree-J to A resolution that thnre be appropriated to tuxes. The contract and ordinance is leased on Ibe principle that whoever will make Improve men In ou hia property in lh« construction of dwelling, store iir simp, shall be t-ompelled to pay a water rale, whether he have the l.eneflt of ihe water or nut, a .-onmdrraMn number of families beiui> supplied with w-lls and ..'isierns, it would be a tfross wrv>n.{ to ,-omp~l them to pay for water ;h-y did not need Tbe contract provide, tint all Ui,-s levieii on the capital stock and property ot the com- i reported in favor pany ahall be remitted in consideration of the water furnishoil for the extinguishment of fire*, of the sauie, passed by the ho«r-1 • ors, reported in fa/ ,r • f ..ti. irr adoption of the re.toiuliou [ Wblch wa.T agreed in in 1 [i,,- •» then eoni.-urred iu Aid Phillips iroui Jiu jnuiuiittee . to wbuui wu r-tcrr—1 > r-»o! i' ,, tbe CltV tjlerfe U .Jellv-r l.l \\ ' \ . , city order issue-! i,, Jotiu L u«-i. a on said Ward, i-liv-iiu* .^'.1 i :-r of John L. Owens. dit-,t Jtuuarv Mon3 J aa A.trr-l !• ' \V the commitu-e I mcnt would Ije exempt all ibe property of the payment or ward or cit invalidate tbe whole l^v f power .ii.«tin<; in the I'ommon elieved lhat such in arrang'- mpiili'.ic-, its ,-ft'ci-t would b« to tbe company from taxed, aud might ior each y- ar, no I'ouui-il to re- on property mit a U f lawfully levied jbr c^ty limit.-) I ti~ virJiuAnce for dLif.tnittiLi^ tli- .luestioi, to a vote autborizei nil tbe quilid-.! electors loUkepartin the .i^iaiou of a metier -tn bra.-ine only 4 [,«,rti..u ,,l th- pe.ipi.. miking Iio distinction of uwnrn of r™l -.-late .or luaDe-hold interests, and those who bav- i.o .11 U-rests, which can be ^ftecled Cy tbe lax. 3 u>.-b a provision li ing unjust an 1 wrouj ,u j ' ii oip 1 - The .• i-oiisid-r tlui ,; !„. ;., .,ii time n i. inez|^.|,,ni | V .i.ira.-i f. , -\ , !} troduction of IVaUr ILL. ;ii- <-i!v u- >s- dn arrangement can be made bv which it is W>. ' optional with private family to uke th- wit*. | or not, and with such other restrictions is msi Wbich was coocurre<i in Aid Phillips pr-*-nted i r- l harlea II Williams n^a.n-t au order of the Sir—t i oruu Ninth Ward, for .jrav-iiu., S ; n Street'* in iaid \\irl ^^^i ' walk, Ninth Wirl \ id Lipp-rt ,irt.-r I tli- •,,, H'Vxvti Thai, th- ,-—olull ..|, L'ontrniler l.i adr-r-.i.-ie f,, r ( ,, w-itfhmg of tL^ First ano •u, I H'- uj ::, .'I i «>H|- r i a £ B A o[--a » in 1 i.'V-nt.'. th ba u y at lor th. l r'n-utis bad ;.e.-u L^ th-H Mayo amocu: ,>f --I1I .1 »....i-v Which wn a Aid. Doujm ? tli- Chl-t o inacce so far ,, A ,<- 5J -'or ;L- • ..-'• dopted hy a uuammnus au uriere.t t r-solatiou r f P 0 l,,, e uo , to , nlor ,, H n it r«Uus t.. irar^. I li, MILITARY ? 1 » n I -j. o -juext- lhe or d 1.1- I. Th- Wju E ington street from 6lh to 4th Avenue. Also a i the Mayor the sum of $24 99 lo pay tb« cost »ewer through Mineral street from 1st to id Avenue. For grading tajSSjIev through block S9 Concurred in. The Milwaukee Light Quaid, return mg home, were forcibly detained by the people of Hamilton, who declaring they should not pass that city without partaking of Hamilton hospitality. Those Canada gentlemen never do things by halves, and we warrant the Light Guard will have a surfeit of good thingi NEW POSTMASTER.—Hon.J R Boban, editor of the Ozankee Adi&rti>er, has just re ceived tbe appointment of Postmaster at Ozan kee. vice R. L. Oove, removed. Mr Bohan is a sound democrat, and has for a long time edited the Ad.- -t '•-, • i democratic paper, at that place, ani la«t winter served in the Leg. islatnre at Madison,. He will make a good REMOVED.—Owing to a '-warm spell of weather," Tunis & Co., have removed their book and news depot, from their utore in Tonng : s Block, to 25 Wisconsin street, where, thanks to the kindness of Page i Co., gin book deal- en, they have a fine room, and are doing as good a business as ever An energetic firm tike this, we always like to see profper, and a» they keep on hand al 1 the latest news, we know they will. broken, but still he was very severely injured. Twoyonngmen by the names of Griffiths and Davis, fell down insensible while working at the brakes. Griffiths was carried into a store, and it was thought for several hours that be would not recover L)«vie was also very low for quite a while. FIEKMES'S LABORS.—Hook & Ladder Companies No. 1, H Basten, Foreman, and No. 2, P. Webber. Foreman, under the direction of Thomas Eviston, Chief Engineer, were engaged all day yesterday in tearing down the walls of Young's block, left standing. The building was five stories high and th* work was attended with considerable danger, but no one was injured as far aa we can learn. A large crowd stood around the burnt district all day, watching tbe labors of the firemen, and the falling masses of brick and mortar For graveling Tentonla street and planking the sidewalks from South to North line- of section 18, 9th Ward. Concurred in. A resolution extending tn« contract of John Flora n for planking tbe sidewalks on Brady street, Firtt Ward to the first of September. REMOVED.—Messrs. Gary & Pratt, after being »o nicely burnt out, will hereafter be found in the law building, in the office lately occupied by Upham & Graham, on Wisconsin street. Several of the law firms of this olty very generously offered them offiee room and use of library, till they oonld find a suitable offlce,~and make good their heavy IOM of law books by the late fire. Such courtesy Is commendable, and characteristic of the Milwaukee bar. THE PEAK FA.HILT —This talented band of musicians, twelve in number, wil give tbree of their Swiss tell ringing concerts at Albany Hall, on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday evenings nert. There is probably no family or company traveling in the United States that can make such beautiful, heavenly music, as can this family of Swigs bell ringers. We have beard them several times, and tbe echo of their music has lingered about us for months. Their reputation IB world-wide, and a good one, as all onr readers know. •;Njtw MODE ot PJEESCASIOS. — In Detroit a yonng fellow, aged seventeen, went to a house to invite two young ladies to a daace. — . The mother of the girle objected. Word* en- •ued, and finally a tussle came ofl between tbe boy and the old. lady, in which he got her down on the floor, and choked her till inson- •ible, when he left with the girt*. what we call taking an advantage. That's • F«s tii DiiEoiT.— Monday afternoon as explosion of fire-works took place in tb« store "oTTRillaia Pbelps & Co. All in one room were conBuroed, when ihe fire went out. IB the, evening the building was again discovered to-be: mo fire in the third story, and the whole ot the third and fourth atone* were burnt eat, Ibe, display of pyrotechnic! was fraud, and somewhat dangeroua to thoie in tbe vicinity. I^M, about $7,000. oo AHD CATTLE NciSASCK.—.Vr. Editor. — I with to ask in the name of common decency, how much longer this most Intolerable of all nuisances is to exist. Is there no remedy short of poison? I have talked with some of our win city officials,, and they tell toe the poor of the 3d Ward would not for a tno- ment consent to having an ordinance v* tbe kind pot in force. So onr beautiful 1st and 7th Wards are nothing but hog pens and cattle yards. Other people have no rights. — Hogs and cattle make onr aide walks slippery with filth, and onr children walk among them in danger of being gored to death. Our shade trees are ruined, and when we apply to the city authorities for ;help, they coolly tell ns, "mind your own business." I think we have put up with it long enough, and failing to obtain help from the city authorities, I propose another remedy: — To prevent hogs running at large— take 1 peck of corn meal and 2 ounces of arsenic; mix well together, and feed warm. To prevent cows running at large— one quart styohnlne; mix <inantities, for , l»y fit F1&8T WARD, H Referred to the joint local committee of tbe First Ward. A resolution that the local committees of the 6th and 8th Wards select a suitable place for a hay find wood market Adopted A resolution requesting the Controller to advertise in the official papers for proposals for wdgning hay and measuring wood in the 1st, 7th and 8d Ward district Adopted. A report from the Street Commissioners of tbe 6th Ward in favor of granting the prayer of the petition of Jacob Gortt and others asking that Sixth street in the Sixth Ward be ex. tended through a part of block 24 and 205, In Per kin's addition, Sixth Ward. A resolution declaring certain lots in the Second Ward, public nuisances, and ordering that they be abated in ten days, was passed by tbe Board of Councilors and amended by the Board of Aldermen, striking out ten, and In sertiog thirty days. Which amendment the Board of Councilors at their meeting on the 18th tost., refused to concur in. Aid. Phelps said that any man taking a common sense view of the matter would allow that ten days was not sufficient, but as some time had gone over, he would move to'strike out "thirty" and Insert "twenty" days. Aid. Prentiss said the quest!on was, would inthrftuitof Diedericks against ibe city for the purpose df openine the j udgm-nt Con'-Qired in A resolution appointing Peter Huoslti inspector of wood and hay, at tbe market established in the First Ward, provided he contract to pay the torn of five hundred dollars for th* privilege granted, to t* placed to the account of the said Ward. Aid. Dousman inquired if the appointment ought not to be made in joint convention. Aid. Prentiss said there was authority given j him to receiVH pay, fut lj« was nut a . ity ut- flcer. ' Tho resolution was then i.juciirred in rcjeeted •p'jr: wa« dl^De Prenl^ss tnd J A Merman U'.Veil; nvjie i (hat T h- R-port l»- ref-rreii lo ' the Sei-.-t i.'ommitiee ,f £7*. ' tO whom tLr toruier 01 l,;,ali.— n -I,, IHIII- *ulij-ct Lad I—-j ref-ri-<i Alderinau Pr-ntiss said be »,1 ,,,n,,,- 4, any one to :.av- WAUT Work*, :,..• t^- .tv was too much in deU and could not aflord .t. Tbe rharg- for introducing tbe water from tb- inain pipe VouM amount l.j from t«-nt v-nv- to one hundr.-d dollar., aud tb- p-opi- were 100 much impoverished to t^ar iddit.' ua; Lax ation Eastern cilies did not think ol Water Work* unto tl.eir population -t.v^led ! .ur tunes lifly tbou^aai inhabitania Alderman Uousman ,«ai,J the pe, .^., u ; b,* Ward wer« opposad to Water Works at pr-ser.t, and be Ibougbl if acted upon now. u wo'i.d have a bad eflect on the finances of Ihe city Alderman West said ibe contractors were anxious tuit a decision should 1 e come to, ind be tboui^lit they rnuht as well decide tha a:nount pai i WU -h Was ., lopl-J Aid U.'uiman by which an or-linatio- -nti; relating to water wor^a w, loct jommittee of dre ,n ^\ tor--.ou^nl-r '. u- .., -t " an .r l.r;*.. s r-ferr .1 -.. i . Which wi- Ay-s — A 1,1 Dom 1 ,, A resolution i reported by the committee on I matter al once the Board adhere to or recede from their amendment. Aid Prentiss thev^Iladed to some observations made by a gentleman in tbe other Board in relation to the Board of Aldermen, when this resolution was under discussion there, and said further that the two Boards were organ- bed for tbe purpose, and had a right to canvas tbe proceeding of each other, and this Board bad a right to examine and come to conclusions as well as tbe other Board. 'The Chair put the question, "shall tbe Board recede from their amendment." 'Which was carried in tbe affirmative. Aid. Phalpa said that tbe resolution was now in the same position as when Jt came from the other Board, and moved to strike out 'ten' and insert 'twenty.' Aid. Prentiss laid the Board having receded from their amendment, they could not now amend. After some discussion, the Chair put the question on Mr. Phelps'motion. Which was carried. . • • .A resolution directing tbe Street -Commissioners of tbe Third Ward to remove tbe crib now lying above Spring street bridge; and pi .0* tbe same at the foot of Detroit street, Chirft 'Ward ^ and also to make enquiry re- 1 taxes of B of C , on the petition o[ William WhitBj direolins th,- Cky Trei-iurer to cause from bia books tbe cvrtiflcal.. tor IS.V. again* lot 1 block 7U, Seventh Ward, provided, sal White file a bond in double the amount io ID demnify the city Which was coocuned iu I v » unauiiuou rote A report of the judiciary .-omuiiUe.- of tb Board of Councilors, in relation to the judg ment ubtaint-d by Mr. George McWhorte against the city for Slu,118 87, aa publijhtd in the proceedings of the Board of Councilor of the 18th ihfct., (which judgment had been purchased by J B Martin;, al«o the following resolutions, which were read by the Clerk, vit Rt olvcd, That the Treasurer be and he is hereby authored to sell to James B Martin from 115,000 tb g25,0o- of tax certificates now held by the city al the rate of 12 per cent, in terest from the: day of sale, and that all cer tificates held by the citv against any property, shall be cleared up by'j "B. Martin from the present time, dating back as far as tbe City hold any certificates against any property within the oily. Provided, that the holder shall purchase from the city, certificates to tbe amount of fifteen thousand dollars or upwards titmhed, Tliat the Mayor is hereby authorized to settle the Judgment of George MD Whorler against the city, and that the Treas nrer be authorized to receive the amount doe on gald judgment In place of city orders in payment for any tai certificates now held : b;y the city. Aid. DouBnjan moved to refer the papers to the committee On Judiciary . The chair said Mr. Martin was about to leave Milwaukee for some time, and if tbe arrangement be; proposed was agreed to, be would b» glad to have it settled before he left. Mr. Preutisd ^aid be did not wish to have the matter run hastily through the board; If case bad been properly defended, there would be a small sum jtb pay ; this and some other cases of an equally i fraudulent character, the c|ty ought not to Uay; but inform the parties we will not pay until they come to fair terms. ' Mr. P. said (He city was not possessed of ait, property thai ct)nld be reached. ! Aid. Niederman sustained the motion mail by Mr. Donsmkp..' Aid Donsman said that Mr. MoWhorter severely injured and entitled to damages, Ibe chair pot tbe question on Aid. Dous man's motion.} Which was arried. . An ordinance passed by tbe Board of Coup • . .'.-.-'V*-'.T..TT eilora on thel-^hlnst., entitled an ordlnano The Cliiir put tbe ' ttiolion The question ou Hi r pa-sage or tu^ ..r 1' nance waa then put by the Chair, Aud rejected by a unanimous vot.,. The Chair «aid be was about to lea,-c, aud begged lo say Ibal the Chi*f Engineer of the Fire Department had invited the Common Council to attend the Review of the Kir» Department io morrow, and he requested thev would meet at the Common Council Chamber at half-past two o'clock r vi for that purpose Alderman West said at tbe Ust meeting th« Tax Committee reported on the Petition of Mr. Messer, In which report an error was made, to correct wbk-h. be offered tbe following reso- I lotion Resolved. By the Board ol Aldermen, the I Board ot Councilors concurring, That the Report of ibe Committee on Taxes upon the Pe- | .V-i-9— Aid n N-i ' .. i Ci. . . t "Ih- ''La.: j. jS ; u , l u- s ;.,,i J ... . :_;• L . - ... diHance to a 3-.e.r .omi^.tlee .( " .W Uich *aj .vj-i[ Aid PreniLss mo.rj ;ijai t;.- .-•_. .-, - , us pended, and lh^ ' r J.^a;.. • pi.i . :i J ,:]^. Whicb was jariie.] The ordinance WAS tiiei. ; -aj » ::..r i ::•.,and rejected by the 'oiiow;n^ .-or- Ayes—1 , uoes 3 Aid. O'NaiH voting m '.:.« adlrm*;.. Aid Phillips presented a petition :• : ban Knti, by hia attorney, C •^•ieut;u 1.1^ :;.- tha Common Council to dlr- t thac i - t j: ,' i'tis Hubbard'a udditiou, in tbe N'.iith VV ir j tie aJtered to -orrespond iu w- I:;, w.ih :;. tf itr^ets iu -• FnU j addition ju.i :h- jcnooi «e<*liou, and to havn tbe uarr.- •.' ^ i.-c-e;;'.'! -I i -• ' ] • ' i—.a ou ...o laMe, \ld Phillips reporled '.ac» w'lliout act,.in the plat of Otis B Hubbard i addition .u •.:.* Ninth Ward, and moved thai it '.t r-f-rr-_-.l hack to the owner for .'urrec'.ion Agreed to Sundry bills reporled orr-ct t/ IL- r — • pecllve eommktees were »iloweil 40,1 re r'^ rrJ ,i to the Controller I'll motion the board adjourned R. B. LYNCH. ' ; ty . ;.rk POST UA^TIR RHIOVBI- —R L Gov-e, late Postmaster al Port Wislungtoc. or Ozaufciv, was removed from office last ^-..ei, Mr Oove is the editor of ihe Ujauk-e .-ountv Tune.-, an out and out democratic adniinisin. i i B V I I- iitlou for relief of A T. Megser, adopted" "by i "° D paper> and h ' 3 frwndj = r P rt>93 ''-»' the Board of Councilors, May 2d, lS5y, and ! P ri3e at n ' 3 removal H» has hel 1 thin by Ihe Board of Aldermen, 'May | a uumber of years, »nd concurred , -tfi, - 3d, 1859, be, and the same is hereby so amended as to require the City Treasurer to cancel tha Tax Certificate for to« eity taxes of 1859 against Lot nineteen (19,) Block 183 In the Fourth Ward, Provided the owner of said lot shall pay the sum of $21 80, that being th* amount of oity Taxes properly chargeable to said lot. gS" 77 the amount specified in the; said Rpport, Including $16 97 State, County and School Tax, which must be paid to the county Which was adopted by au unanimous vote. Hia Honor, the Mayor, having retired, th President J. C. West, Esq., took the Chair. Alderman Prentiss, from the Committee on Judiciary, to whom waa referred a Resolution nstructing the City Treasurer to cancel the Special U* or $48 9(> on lot 20 block 12 on Galena street, Ninth Ward, aecording to a Street Commissioners Certiflcate, Uaned to Cornelius Jlerriman, in which a mistake was made n not making the charge against lot 20 in ilook 6. Tbe Committee recommended that he'Beaolntion (adopted by the Board of Councilors,) Ue over until the levy of Sprcial Tazea Tor 1859, that toe Certificate be cancelled and he correction be made at that time by Including it in the levy for 1859. Whtoh was concurred in. A-ld. Donsman presented a report from Mr. F.8, Blodgett, Deputy City Engineer, to whom was referred a communication from John Fur- ong and Son, requesting that a street mooing rom South Water street, through blocks 6S tdJM to tit* river, in the Fifth Ward, be clear. years, »nd lately st., r u.| l\met, and through its columns Kaj -v- r i tained the administration, iu nil .u m.iv COURT — His HON..R J rnuB FOOTE PBESIDING — Wednesday. June -^ — Geo. Qillmore , drunk; fined $10 — m default of payment committed for 30 dav-i Pater Bittner ( petit larceny, stealing i box of cigars at the fire Tuesday -venln^ — sentenced to be imprisoned in the counlr .til for 80 day's j Wrn. Oste; disorderly; flned $a iud ^osts. Committed To jail In default of payment Dennis Hsaly ; keeping disorderly bousM , i trial, by Jury, progressing. , '•At '«rr',fl. -.1 li-.l. i Ctly T-,, . 1 -57, ith VV^r I l. ncr. i>ln.i - Our editor has been absent this week, having been called upon to visit with the " fraternity" in the city of paie bricks. Hops Pom eroy Won't get him on tha theatre boards again while he is there, or otherwise injure his good reputation, but return hhn safe to the bosom of bis plantation and his Crttcent. So mote It be.— Appletcm Crtstmt. We endeavored to do tbe fair thing by oar friend 6am. and started him for home Saturday, in '• good condition." Hops h^ll reach. .if Bm.l *n .• ni- at -:f laiit i • p.-i y uu l.le :jy I H K \\ \ K I i j i. > •... M >T U IHmnct Omrrt »f lh* ol W rt v > H . IK r if. H. COKMCTIOM.—Our noticw of the Milwaukee Light Guard, gave the number of muskets turned out in the morning at thirty-one. It should have been thirty-seven, Wa so wrote- but the compositor did what all the bad pava* m'ents, long marches, and "refreshments" which th« company had endured for two weeks past, were unable to do—he killed off six of th. Light Guard.—TOc* SrraU. B Y flrtue ,,r ••,„ MUM .„•„ .,„ , ,,, u ,, Court, uti ti a,- -n«»n.:.. .[ ,i M n n '.V sum claimed by rilm fur <uppllea An<lrew Johnson, .nhn tle 3. Trumbull buQtlretl ind sip" l*y th*?m for Mar ueiV < Schoouer, her *oata. I 1:1... titacliT-.i ibe ,*iJ inootier, her *oata, Ac , at Mi!,»tukr,. Notice U therefore hereby ^iv en •.., *i, person* Jl»im lug th6 »ni.l Scfauoiler, hes Hunt*, tmckle, »p- par«l ADtt furniture, or Inowmn or MAvinif any tJ^Dtf to •aji why the tame .houid not t>e oomJemneti »mi *oli| gurcuaot lo the prayer uf*at«l 'ibel, thai they tte »nJ Appear before the *aiJ Court to bo held to and foil the jaid District of Wisconsin, »£ Milwaukee, >q ih» 28lh Jay of June, 1551*. »6-*J»v«u i>'clockiD the for»noon of the »id day. tf the *ame ihall be a lay >f jorlKitclioD, othenrite (»n the oext Jay of jurtadlctloa th*r*m/t«r, then and thora to interposo a olalm, cud to VULke their ttllegatlons In that fcehalf. M»r»h*r> JlHce, JUS-tUt c, Jane 'it, ISfiy. U. J THOMAS. Manhitl. - * • '• •

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