Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 21, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1888
Page 3
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Q i A 7TTT"TTr. A A.' t,'T->T>TT A T> Evening Gazette. 0 0 U2 •** a 8 A 9 0 . A 63 'd 9 ^ •H 0 0 0 a 0 ""5 0 0 0 9 5 0 A o Q 0 •H OB 0> 0 THR EVBWINO GArRTTR can be hart at all the Price TWO ORNTH. TUESDAY, FKR. 21. 1«"8. MOC1KTIF.M AMO ASMTHF.MKXTW TO-XMiHT. J. H. Hoof stiller in Broadway M. K. church, Temperance. Drummer Hoy of Shiloh. in the Academy. ~BKKVITIKH. (D * 0 H —Born to Mr. and' Mrs. Elijah Km- mons, Sunday, a boy. —Clear skies, bracing weather, a moat enjoyable season. —Mr. Myron Humphrey, of Hound Grove, has removed with his family to Sterling. —The telesruvh oflice of the Northwestern at Rock Island Junction has been temporarily closed of a scarcity of operators. —The Miller vs. Hubbard case is on hearing today, having begun last night. This Is a case growing out of disagreement as to terms of renting a farm. —We have not heard of any proposed commemoration of Washington's birthday hereabouts Nor do we understand that there will be any closing of business places. —The roads are in pretty fair condi tion just now. There is snow where the drifts weiv, but otherwise the highways are practically free of snow. The f roat is not deep. —J. II. Hoofstittler is delivering a series of temperance lectures in the Broadway M. E. church, he having delivered one last night and will speak tonight acd tomorrow night. —Mr. H. G. Swartout has returned, temporarily, to his old post here. On account of the scarcity of operators. Mr. Scanlan could not leave Dixon: hence, Mr. Swartout had to return here aa stated, temporarily. —AH cases of violations 5of lish and game laws will receive attention if reported to the authorities. Popular sentiment favors their eufor-jo-nent and all who know of violations should be sure to report them. —The Knights of Pythias after the meeting in their hall, adjourned to Seely's restaurant, where they had an oyster supper in commemoration of the quarter century anniversary of Py- thlanlsm in America last night. —The Drummer Boy of Shiloh has arrived and will give his pleasing entertainment In the Academy of Music tonight. lie comes under the auspices of the Sons of Veteraris and has the best of testimonials from leading newspapers. —The Council met last night. A bill or two was passed, and after the consideration of some unimportant matters it adjourned. The absence of Alderman Werntz'on account of Illness, and of Alderman Gurtisen caused a postponement of the city building matter. —Young Neller was sentenced to four days in th j county jail: Conoway, who drove a friend's buagy into Iowa, from Coleta, received sixty days, and Wash. Uubright bad a (me of 8100 imposed; all by Judge Grlnnell yesterday evening at the court house at Morrison. —Too soon for snake stories. "Jehu's" is rejected on that account. It is too big a yarn that in a nearly snaki-less country HKe ours, a man should have claimed to have killed forty-three which he said crawled out of a single hole during the warmth of last Saturday., Besides, bia story was too long. . —Deputy Sheriff Drake took Phillip Fein and John Fallon down to Morrison yesterday afternoon, State's 'Attorney Stager also going down. Fein and Fallon were taken before County Judge McCoy,'Vbere each plead guilty to the charge of furnishing liquor to men known to be drunkards, whereupon Judge McCoy aentenced Feiu to 100 days in the county jail and Fallon 50 days In the game institution. —Because of a lack of room in the yard befe, and a desire to have it clean, neat and attractive, the ^Northwestern will, this spring, remove the coal sheds to'Nelson, the water tanks, made new will remain here. We are most reliably informed that it is the purpose of the Northwestern to put up as handsome a depot building here as there is anywhere on any of its lines, an attractive and pretty building. TheJItengiueers have been around here for some time making complete surveys of alt the ground and arranging for the work of the coming season. —A Third street raun tells us that a well known character of our town fell yesterday while on his way home, the back of his head striking upon a lime stone flagstone some four inches in thickness, and dividing it asunder, although nearly a half Inch of Ice covered its surface. Strangest of all, the prostrate gentleman sprang nimbly to his feet, and, said, pleasantly, to two or three onlookers, "Didn't hurt a bit; but why in the deuce don't they get better stoae than that for crossings V" Nor was he hurt a particle. Our read- era will please understand distinctly that we .tell this as it was told to us, and we will not vouch *or its truth. . —Mt. Vernon, Illinois, has called fov help from sister cities. The tordado may visit any community, and common charity suggests that they which have should be ready to succor those in need. No man and no comrnu'nlty cau tell when calamity may befa'l them. Any who may see lit to donate money (or these sufferers, can send in the money to tUU uiliee, aiuljwe will forward same to the mayor of Mt. V'er- non, making acknowledgement of the subscriptions through our columns, iuui, also, afterwards publishing the rocniyt which we ta»y r»cotve from !,&* »*M —The, action of authorities in hauling r.p the several part ea who have bfeen furnishing liquor to drunkards, and acting so promptly too, will have a most salutary effect in restraining others from following the pernicious practice. Once •> man is on the blacklist, that should be warning to all to refrain from giving or setting to him. But one of the parties arrested was a saloon keeper and another was his assistant. The total amount of fine and costs will probably be a lesson that it does not pay to run so big u risk for the live or ten cents paid for the drink. The saloon business ia legal, and as long as it is ao, it ia entitled to protection at law, nor Hhould it be persecuted. At the same time there are laws regulating the sale of liquors and those selling if they knowingly violate theso laws should suffer the penalty, just as any other men when they violate law. Whether these liquor laws be more rigorous than others is not the question at all; for when a man enters into the traffic he knows what these laws are, and has no one to blame but himself, if he violates their plain provisions. —Station Agent Fowler called upon us this morning and returned tluinks for our reference to the tramp nuisance and assured us that he is taking immediate steps to abate it. lie will cause the water tanks to be locked and h s men will be ordered not to let any of them in there, or arry other places in the Northwestern yards. This is very clever on Mr. Fowler's part. And now we would again suggest to our city fathers tiiat the way to stop the tramp nuisuhce (presently these scamps can Bleep outdoors or in open 's';eds some- whore) is to put every one to work that la caught in.our midst. It may be said that a tramp will not work. Then we say, make him work. We'll warrant that if the c'ty will arrange to put every one that is captured at work upon the streets, Marshal Fitzgerald will de vise a plan to get a good ten hours' work out of every mother's son of them. This tramp nuisance Is simply abominable; that is what it is. The knaves go to the less populous parts of the city and finding the men from home, scare the women into feeding them. Their terror Is work. If Sterling put to work those"that were captured, it would not be long before there would be none to capture, for they would give our town the go-by. Three inonthd' time would be suillcient for them to have It go all over the United Statec. —It is exceedingly unpleasant for us to have to advert so frequently to the matter of difference between news and advertising. There is not a day passes but through'misapprehension parties call and ask for free notices of greater or less length in praise of some enter : prise in which they al >ne are interested, or at least matters which it ia of profit to them to have published. Now. no 'daily paper In the union can exist upon its subscriptions. They help, but scarcely pay more thau the cost of the paper and press work and postage and carriers' fees. The general expenses of the oflice,—-the type setting, salaries, etc., and what profit there may be, miist come through the advertising. But the cost of paper and press work are the least of the expense, hence the most of the expense is in the type setting, editorial and local work.'etc. We are exceedingly liberal.' "We do not believe there Is another daily in the United States' that does not charge for marriages, anddeaths, single church and society notices, (where there la more than oue notice we charge for it). We likewise devote a great deal of epace (more than any other papers we havi' ever heard of) to advocating public enterprises, for which we do not'receivea cent of pay. In all kindness and good feeling we Insist that this is aa far as we ought to go. If a mail makes au invention, or if he is about to embark in business, or change Ms business, or if he has done some act that will bring him added business, If known, In any of these oases, we ought not to be asked to do the advertising for nothing. A matter of general interest is uews; something that helps the private individual is not news, but advertising. But one may think: Why Bpeak of an item that at the most is but a dollar or two? True, but how many thousand it would be in a year—enough to leave us a margin ot prolit and enable us to get out even a better paper. It is more painful for us to refuse than it is for the party to be refused; but it is absolute self-defense, to insist that the rule be enforced. We want all the news and will have it; and we pay to get It. But to ask us to puff private enterprises for nothing is not light. The Individual who asks it would be taxed but adollai or two to pay for what he wants at our regular rate; It taxes us thousands not to get it from the Individuals. purpose of comparing VIHWS arid reporting progress of the committee who has the work in chargp; and I muat confess all the :V2 yesrs of my residence in Sterling I havti never known a project of so much importance to both the cities and the country round about to be so thoroughly discussed and ventilated and receive such general attention from all classes alike in all parts of the city. The improvement of this water power means everything to our \city, that we can ask for or expect. \\ hen the work ia completed the officers and directors of this water power company can offer to the manufacturing world free use of water power and a site on which to build their shops. Something that has no precedent in the history of this country; and this will lend to"the'necessity of having street car lines to run the length and breadth of our two cities; it will multiply our population, and lead to the replacing of the old frame store buildings' with nice new brick blocks and the old-fashioned dwelling houses shall give place to new ones of more modern architecture. The central high school, the Academy and city building will foUow oue upon the other as matters of necessity. Now, Mr. Editor. I believe this is only a small part of the good things and benefits that must surely follow the building of the dam. Fifty thousand to complete .such a grand enterprise as the new proposed dam should be raised in a day in BO rich a city and community as this we live in. . I have heard of a grand .meeting of the masses to be held sometime soon, at which time those who have worked will be assisted by those who are able ,ind willing to give- and when thj bands shall furnish the music and the grand round up will show the completion of the subscription. We are ail waiting for the time and will be ready with our subsctiptlons. FHEIND OF THE PKO.IKCT. Ijotfei tor Nalct* I will offer fur a few days my remaining 4 lots in Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CHAMDKULIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSHKUT. tf You cannot llrid lower prices anyj where than at the Boston store, which keeps a full line of dry goods; all latest styles in ladies dress goods. S The Boston Store's many, and who call. Try St. Patrick's Pills antl compare effect with any other Kind made. They contain the goixl properties of the older preparatim. in the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered in modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strickler & fioorse. tf Mnmmlt Finer. Only 10 lots yet to sell. Every one who has subscribed for one or more of these lots and not paid their first payments must do so at once, or we shall feel warranted in selling to some one else. Best bargains ever offered in Sterling. Lots $100 each; 810 cash and the balance at $5 per month, for 18 months, without Interest. GEO. W. CHAMBERLIN, Agent. tf Academy of Music. ^ PEOPLE'S COLUMN, ty We will Insert three lines In this ool-^g uinn one time (or 10 cents, far for to cents a week. Kanh additional line will be 8 cants a single Insertion, or 18 cents a week. FOB 8AI.K I Wlfo, sell at auction on my farm In Hopkins township, Friday, MHrcli a. the Norm»n Stallion, HiTcules. Also, about 23 head of maren and colts, shunts, cows, ike. W. K. Burdlck. 10 A GOOD farm of 210 acres, four miles north of Lyndon Terms «asy. Crlswell, Koom 0, Acildcniy of Apply to J. F. Music. tf O NE side liar bugpy and two sets single harness. Cheap, If taken soon. Charles K. Wlndom. 8* New Addition to Kant Fall*. I rvrv LOTS for snle nt a great reduction and on easy terms. feet. Now Is thu time to buy. Haskcll & to , Exclusive Ajjcnts. These lots are 63 by I7B Apply to W. N. tf I OOlJ light hob-Hied . nd H (lumocral Knqufre at this office George K. Kogers, Sterling, Ills. FOB KK.%T. R ESIDENCE of E. W. F.rtson and the store room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J. A. McUuno. tf D ONT-sleep out of doors when you can get & comfortable house for from six ' dollars per month, of F. B. Hubbard. to seven O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. B. Bell & Bon. tf WAMTKD. C OMPETKNT girl for general housework: Apply at 507 West <th street. attractions are never fail to please those Be sure and go to the night. Academy to- LOHT. j iN Thursday last, a shawl, either In Sterling, ' I or on road to Woodlawn Springs. Finder leave at Gazette oflice and receive reward. 0* CHOICE —OF— Very, Very Pretty, BEGINNING WITH DEAL'S Buds. DEAN'S-Havana Filled. DEAN'S Silver Ash. DETROIT Free Press. ALL 5-CF.STKKM. Per»al«Bt Fuller's Book Store, o. Offlee In Rock Valla, «v«r tfce f>OTt Office. ' The hackman, Ban»rd, will take partlea to »ot — from Sterling to Dr. Pollock'i office jree of charge. , i if BUrlii£ ni Biik Filli tn &\ /H S A 100 Lots in Sterling sold/ g" -£ S o\ In IS Day*. Sp-SV .9 5 § §\ A *' w S«g«ias »81 li HI •s-h:* £r M • 11*31 l^ss tiB^i GEO. W. ACADEMY* OF MUSIC, STERLING. ILL. !•£ ** ra O*- H H s-aaaiK Swlll.9 FST *?!lj flf*/ B iS21 W8 \&J S a /Bargains in Lot*. BargainaX E E S, / in House* and Lota. \ « g Atari Biildiigi for bit u< bit! /The Present Prices will not ba continued N long for* Boom Is approaching. THE THK CHILD KEUOYKIIED;— My little girl, aged seven yeais, was afflicted with a severe cough, and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was induced by a'friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Hemedy and was abtonished at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure It produced. I would not be without It In the house for any price. I have tried many remr edies for coughs and colds, but this is superior to anything I have ever tried. Prof. J. M. MEIIAN, Capitol City Commercial College, Des Molues, Iowa Sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf Remember you will miss a grand treat if you do not attend the Academy tonight. A large stoCk of watches, clocks ana silverware at Clark Giddings & Co's. Also they do fiuQ wa&h repairing, tf One night only; the battle of Shiloh will be represented in full; come and see it tonight. Don't forget that Keeney & Harrison have a few 'plans for houses aud are agent8,for Asbestos fire proof roofing and metal shingles. See samples. Don't neglect a cough and let it re main to irritate yonr lunga when a safe and speedy remedy can be had for 5u cents in Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure. For sale by O. A. Oliver. I have 40 tons of good timothy hay for sale at my place, eight miles east of Rock Falls. Price SO per ton. d7w8 TYLEK McWuoKTKii. Drum Bolo\ar(J worth all we ask for admission tonight. Kilgour'a camp, Sons of Veterans receive all benefits. Come and help the boys. The L. B. and S. L. ..societies of tie First Baptist church will give an entertainment and supper Wednesday evening 22, Chicken pie and escollop- .ed oyster. A George Washington hatchet to everybody free. • 0 [Exquisite! PLACE OF ALL, Gochran'8, CHOICEST AND BEST HOME-MADB A POINTER ,FOK THE SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! 9 CUTLERY, CUTLERY, HARDWARE & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Elsie's Merchant Taltorlag establishment. Lewis D. Wynn. DID YOU EVER? Perfectly lovely I IMPORTED TOBACCO All the Brands of / CHEWING 70BACCO. INDEPENDENT .: GROCER. THE Our HtocU !• too large and mast b« reduced at onr.e. Warranty with ench Instrument. This is the way the La dies talk when they look at our superb r .—The Chicago papers notice the fact that Congressman" llenderson, of this district, introduced yesterday, in the House, a bill appropriating 8100,000 for a government building at Sterling. The Tribune Washington correspondent U led Into the error of saying that Sterling has once before asked tor a similar appropriation for a similar purpose and failed on it. Sterling has never before asked for a government building. The Tribune's correspondent's prediction that Sterling is likely to fail, is gratuitous, and skilled as are I bese Washington correspondents, not even they can tell what a Congress will do, aud as he Is not posted concerning our want*, necessities, etc., we prefer to wait to see what Congress will do before we accept the Tribune correspondent's prediction aa a verity. What ab«Bt the iitua. Bdltor Evening GaujlW. 1 have watched with no small Interest the action of our citizens In relation to this »ch&m« of building a new d»u» at ttio heiuJ of the Haiuda, 1 have reiwi The value of thought cannot be told. Just so with the best of everything. Take Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, if you appreciate a speedily and thorough cure. Pleasant to take. 50 cents and $1. For sale by O. A. Oliver. 15 00 to 910 00 per Month. CUT BATES COXTISiUKO. WEJR/NT5K CO., Gait Hon*e Block. K-ECEIVEJD. The W. K. C. and the G. A. K's. are respectfully mvited to attend the Academy tonight. _ ^ Be sure and attend the entertainment at the Baptist church, Wednesday evening. "Veivef.and "O»." Two choice brands of cigars. Bold by dealers. C. U.Seloff, manufacturer. tf NEW NEW" NEW BRilDS Embroideries, Wliite Ooode, Good a, Trimmings PASS&MENTR1ES, * Pay Your Taxes. Tiix books for Sterling township aro uow open at Sterling National Bank. I'arttes are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb.. 20th. I will be in the Sterling National Bank, evenings, beginning next week, from 0:30 to 8:80 o'clock. WM. A. CONNKLLY, dwtf Collector. SATINS. RIBBONS. PRINTS, GINGHAMS, MUSLINS, CORSETS. TABLE COVERS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, Curtain Goodw, Towels. GROCERY Ia the moat Independent Grocery Bouae In ling. Wa make our prioea and Mil GOODS SO LOW That price* astonish every one. All Roods •old »t the lowestllvlug prices; no - over-charglnir. A child can (BUY GOODS At the BRE HIVK aa low as a grown person Thelargeit and finest stock to select from; every thing first-class. A large (took ot Fine Out, Flue and bmoklng , TOB^OOOfS Bought before the recent advance*. The REX luVB customer) get the benefltof the low price* before the advance. A large •took o! Gilt Edge At 48 and BO Cents per Gallon. Bock Candy Drips, puce white, at »S Cent* ff Gallon. EOCENE OIL Non explosive; the best oil told In this market, at u low price aa Interior oils are aold eUewhere. Don't bfi deceived and buy low test oils and run the risk of being burned up,. Eemember you buy the At the BEK HI VK. Snow Flake. Paragon, . and Kansas Wlnt»r Wheat: all Holler Patents and all Winter Wheat; makes better and whiter bread ; keeps moist longer than ttprtng Wheat Flour. A genuine article In Penuaylvaula Buckwheat Hour!! Ten thousand pounds gold last season; Bin thousand pounds sold 90 far this tea- aon. This Hour has 1:0 eqnal la tula market; is made by the latest process; patent hulled; no black apeclta. A one stock ot C, F. Furlay of PrairievlUa had a very Hue Jack arrive today »nd 1* going to : report* of lha rn«*>l I make a »Uud in Stirling with him thi« Council Rooms tot Uw »»a*oa. BU14 will tw out *oou. Aa any exp*»*«« are light, I can and will sail cheaper than can be bought elaowhere, J. LENDrVI&N. Oanned and Qri&d California Fruits of all kinds* \. The Genuine bovru Ksst MAPLE SUGAR! Yoa cao »avo tea to flftecu celiM an ere:-y tfcn worth jfoa bay at Ka> BSJS H1V8, R. L. JCJMBR0, 1MJ.B mSia SMITHS «BMH5**L

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