The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 1923 THE HUtCftlNSON NEWS PAGE F.LF.VEN. in, Stock, Produce LOCAL MARKET DEMANDS LIGHT Sales,Unchanged to a Cent Lower—No Takers for Ordinary- Grades. "i RANGE OF OPTIONS (Bj Oofl* * Carkmr) AT CHICAOO. July. Kopt.. Deo.. July.. Sept.. Dec.. July. Sept. Sales of hard wlieat unchanged to one lower from yesterday's closing •prices; light demand especially tor tibo wheat running under 12 per cent protein, fair demand for anything running over 12 per cent, with sixmo outside buyers coming Into the market for a few cars of wheat. Future markets somewhat Weaker and closed shout one .half cent down after making Sept.. new lows on the crorp. j ec " Receipts of wheat at-Hutchinson to-1 July, day, 63 cars, one year ago 31 cars. \f'' pt , necetpts of Wheat at other markets, Deu '• today: Sallna 27 cart; Wichita 1351 July.. yopt.. Dec.. July.. Open i-OOH 1.00 1.02% .82 V4 • 62 'A -3SU .34*5 .63 .0.1 .6S>4 Whe»t, High Low 1.00H .98% 1.03(4 1.01% Corn. .83',4 .81% .76 .Ti«4 .«2-» .02 Oatt. .38% .33Vi .34(4 .34 Rye. .83 . .02% •e6i4 .Mis .88*1 .67 Vi —(flosed— Today yd*y .89% l.OOVj .93% l.OOVi 1.0214 1.03 '.82V4 .71! .8214 •.38% .«* .•254 .64% .38% .34 % .6314 .66 Mi .69 Open .01-H .95 k ' KANSAS CITY. Wheat. \ —Clowd— High Low Today Y'day , 91 .-y 4 .33 .95% .82% .7814 .68 it .83 Vi .7214 .69 V4 WHEAT REACHED . HEW LOW PRICE Figure Has Been Unequalled Since the Year 1914 on the Chicago Market cars; Kansas Ofty 120 cars; St. Louis 1 siandknl of N. .7. 133 cars; Onraha 19 cars; Chicago IB Wabash I'M. ."A" cars; Minneapolis 179 cars; DuluUi L. & N. Ky. 60 cars and Winnipeg 13S cars. Sales -OT wheal in the local cash market today were as follows: 1 car No. 1 hard wlioal . J -''K 2 curs No. 1 hard wh«nt 1 car No. 2 hard wh< at 1 car No. 3 hard whoat 8 ca-rR No. 2 hard whfttt y cars Xo. 2 hajd 1 rar Kn. 3 hard wln-at...... 8 cars No. 4 hard wheat. .97 H .95' .90 NEW YORK^STOCKS. (Reported thin afternoon by James B. Bennett & Co., f.OG Jtoralmush- Wiley building, by wire from New York.) Chum A. T. & B. F 9S\i Allied <;lu>jnlr.i.l 65'4 Aimi. Sim-It ins Amn. Car & Foundry lf,-»i.j Anm. l.<x:omal.lvo 136U Am;i. Sumatra Aran. Tel*-uhon,. & Telegraph 121' Clou a 9814 mi .117 . 45 Anm. Int'l Corp. CifciH 'iat Asphalt Jiethklium *tcol Baldwin Locomotive Baltimore .t Ohio Ky Chile Copper Central Leather Amn. Can Corn Product;* Cuba Cluno Sugar Cuba Cane Susar Ffd. ... t'ubu-Aian. Sneftr Amn. X,oromotlvo (Nuw) Coca-Cola • -• Canadian Tailrlc Ky Crucible- Ctool N. X. Central Uy Cosdtui Oil Chaiul'.cr Motors Aran. Stmd roundry Famous rlayas Gulf KtatoH Stetil Great Northern Uy Cenerat Motors Jnl'l Harvester Irwplratlnn Cooper Int'l Nlokcl ..! Int'l i'aper Kelly-Springfield •• Kenneoott Copper J'cro Marmietto Ily. ..... M»rliinrt Oil Calif. IV.trolt'um Mid-States Oil Northern Pacific Ky Producers & Kerlm-rs ... VhlUlps Petroleum Pullman Co Pure (Ml Pall-Amn. Pctrokum .... pati-Amn. Potrol'..uni "1>" Pm-lfUi Oil Toon. Ky yuutliom Ky C. M. & St. P. Ky KcndliiK Uy Kcx-li ltarmhlio Irou & Stc-^l ... II. S. ltublvr Amtl. Ktijjar Southern Pacific Ky Sludeliakor Sinclair Oil Beuis-itoftbuck TJ. a. Steel Texas Co VLah Copper Union Pacific Ry Vanadium Steel 2TT4 Amn. AV*ooIen 82 AVeptingUouHe lOlectrlu 641a Standard ot lnd 62f« Bkelly OU 16\4 Standard ot Calif. ...... Houston Oil CUtos Svo. Bankers t'ltiea Hvo. Common .... Willvs-Ovcrlnlid Krl" Kv 11. H. mrltictrlat Alcohol S\os.-i-SlieinoKI Kteel .... I'uota AU-Kfe Now- Haven Ry Whit.^ Motors North Amn. Oil C. fc N'. W. Uy Goodrteh Ituhlicr btn-.a 1/nroiuotlvo Miami Go"PPer Mnjc.vell Molora "A .... Majiwell Motors 'V ' Monev rniured R%. Sal.ja 2 p. m.. 311.700. . 82% . 27 . 9014 , B014 • tOJi . 13% .136 . 574 . low, . -4&% 69% 60 22 38% 1214 8214 26% 60V4 60% 60% 13% 136 6% 11 44>4 39 <4 47% 1114 46% 20 09% 25 60 38% 12 -HAY- . 87 .117% . 101* . 39% . 26 . 66% . 76% .140% . 63% . 97 . 38 . 48% . 82ft • 70% . 70% • CS% . 13% • 77% • !«% . 12% . 36 • ?17i . 38 . 21 • 7<t . 05% .114% . IS '.t . F,9 . 65% . 321, :r° . 18% . 71 • 2»% . 42% . 40% . G!!>'. . s:.>4 •101% • 2V'B r.:i74 154 13C4 10% 121% lfc''i 26% 44 110% •ir.% , 10% 87% 117 10% i 40 S3 i4r.% 63 96'4 37% 4S% 32% 70 Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Mo., July 11.- r>S cars; Btoady to $2 lower. AI.I-WI^A — Oholca ?20.50@21.00; No. 1 $1S.00® 19.00; standard $15.60<fi 17.00; No, H, Jll.G0i515.OO; No. 3, ?9.00 Si 11.00. I'JtAIRiE-New, No. 1 $12.00®) 12.50; No. 2 ?l0.00#ll.r,0; No. 3 $7.50®' •9.R0. TIMOTHY—No. «6.00®17.00; No. 3, $12.00W13.50. CT,OVK!t—sllswl light $17.50; No, 1, $15.OOiij 17.00; No. 2, $12.60®14.50. 1 $17.50; standard , $11.00@15.50; No. Plant Discovery. Paris: A French professor has discovered a process of grafting plun-ts by means of which perfumed flowers Krarted on plants that heretofore had no scent at' all results in the product of the grafting smelling like the original. A wormwood grafted on a chrysanthemum produced flowerB 12% 1 wjl lch gave off a perfume much more 86 powerful than that of the original 33% P ' ttlU ' 41% 38 20% ! or.v» 34% 65 13'. 77V 28 26% 115 69% j 55% 32% 43% I 31% 18% 71 . .12 42% 68.% 23 V. 41 ?h 40% iv: 85% 101 '3% 71 ' 89% 42 68% 128 . 27% 81% 64% Woman, Full Professor. Baltimore: Florence Rena Sahin Is the first .woman to attain the rank of full protestor in Johns Hopkins University, where she holds the chair of histology. Install Huge Searchlight. l.onclon: A concrete tower 600 feet hi^h i:i to bp eroded at Wembley, near London, Bnglmid, to giro visitors a view of tho surrounding country. A searchlight powerful enough to bo scon from tiie coast of France will be installed in tho tower. A cage will make the trip to the top of tho tower spirally. \ Chicago, July 11.—Wheat today fell not only below $1 a bushel, hut also reached a new low price record unequalled for tlits time of the year since as far back as 1914. The principal new Influence for the lowering of prices today was the fact that threatened black rust Bamage to spring wheat had apparently been routed outright T>y cool weigher. Trading was only of moderate volume and tho passage of prices to lielow $1 to place no spectacular accompaniments. Opening prices was varied from unchanged figures to %o lower, Sept. 99%c to $1.00H, and December $1.0234 to $1.03, were followed' by Blight further declines and then by a little rally. Subsequeutly the market underwent a moderate fresh decline, largely as a result of selling on tho part of houses w^ltb northwestern connections, apparently liquidating wheat which had been bought some time ago on account of tho scare about- Mack rust. Rallies ensued later, and tho market closed unsettled Vi to %c net lower, Sept. 99% to 99% c and December $1.0214 to $1.02%. "Corn and oats were easier, with wheat execpt that July corn showed a brief •temporary bulge. After opening at >/4c decline to lc alvance, Sept. 70«, @7f>%, tho corn market receded to below yesterday's .finish all around- Later tho corn market was "bulllshly affected by scantiness of country offerings. The closo was firm, at a nuigo varying from a shade decline to %i; advance, Sept. 76%@?6c. i Oats started %c off to He up; Sept. 34%c and later showed a Blight general decline. Higher quotations on hogs gavo a lift to the provlHlon markot. , Kansas City." Kansas City. Mo., July 11.—WHEAT —Receipts 126 cars; unchanged to lc lower. No. 2 dark hard 97cijj)?1.06; No. 3 dark hard 97c@$1.05; No. 2 hard 94c@$1.04; No. 3 hard 93ci!> $1.02; No. 2 red 95@96c; No. 3 red 92#95c. July 9iV6c bid; Sept. 92%c; Dec. 96HC split "bid. CORN—14@2c lower. No. 2 white 85@85Vic; No. 3 white S4@84V2c; No. yellow S8®S9c; No. 3 yellow 874J1 S8c; No. 2 mixed S5@86c; No. 3 mixed 84@85e; July 8314 asked; Sopt. 72%c split bid; Dec. 59V»c. OATS—Unchanged •• to 14c higher; No. 2 white 43Vis®44c; No. 3 white •12"4@43M:c; No. 2 mixed 43c. RYB-^C5@CSc. HARLBY—56ft'5Sc. KAFFIR—$1-51. Cotton Market. 1 New York, July 11.—Spot cotton quiet; middling 27.70e. Oottou futures closed barely steady July 20.9-lc; October 23.71@23.72o; WALL STREET MARKET. ! Now York, July 11.—Stock pricoa continued rcaetlouary In today's dull session. Intermittent soiling of standard shares, 'founded ou lower commodity prices took place throughout the day with a number of the leaders dropping to new low records for tho year. Halo approximated 125,000 shares. New York, July 11.—Opening prices In today's stock market were reactionary. Selling pressure was most effoctivo in stools, equipments, motel's, oils and coppers. Ralls also wore In supply, Union'Pacific dropping a point. American Hide fend Leather preferred and Consolidated Textilo established now low prices for the year. United States Steel, Baldwin, American Can and Btudebtiker all opened fractionally lower. Offerings increased as trading progressed and losses of one to two points became quite common In all •ectlono of the list. Lower commodity prices, particularly of wheat, sugar and crude oil, appeared to bo tho dominating Influence. Among the many stocks yielding a point or more were United States, Quit States, Pethlehem and CrticiWo SteeU, Bald- Win Loco.motive, New York Central, eoathern HaTway, Chandler Motor, Mack-Truok, International Harvester and American Bmolting. Foreign exchanges opened higher. Belling orders originated almost entirely with professional traders but their offerings slackened when United States Steel showed, Indications of good aunport after touching 89Mi, or wlUiiji V-L of a point of the year's low. Tho Initial selling movement soon spent itself, tout not until several additional stocks had established now minimum prices for the year, Including American Sugar, Sinclair OU pre­ ferred, Buriis Brothers A, and American Writing paper proferrod. Rallies in the usual leaders were not very lm- prosalvo but a few of the ordinarily Inactive issues "registered good eains, American Chicle rising 1%, and preferred five, and South 1'orto RJcan Su^ar, Youngatown Steel and Tuibo, American Tobacco preferred, Pressed Steel Car preferred and International Harvester preferred climblug i to nearly 2 points. Around noon fresh selling broke out in Baldwin and Studebftker and the general list again" turned reactionary. CW1 money opened at flvo per cent '• New York Money. New York, July .11.—Foreign exchanges Irregular, quotations in cents: Great, Britain, domand 4.68 5-10; cables 4.5Si«; elxty day plils on banks 4.55'A. Franco, demand 5.91 Vi; cablos 5.92. Italy, Demand 4.34; cables 4.34'«. Belgium, demand 4.92; cables 4.921*. Germany, demand .0004 9-18; cables .0004 11-16. Switzerland, demand 17.43. Greece, demand 2.95. Poland, demand .0007%. Czeoho-Slovakla, demand 8.01%. Call monoy easier; high 5; low iV>; ruling rato 5; closing bid 4Vi; offered -.t 4%; last loan 414; call loans ••-gainst acceptances 4V4I time loans firm; mixed collateral 60-90 days 5© 5»4; four-six months 5®614; prime commercial paper 5. Chicago Closing Prices. Chlcaeo, July 11.—WHEAT—July 99 04c; Sept. 99%c; Dec. $1.0214,. CQKiN—July 8814c; Sept. 75%c; Dec. G2%c Oats—July 3SM.c; Si'pt. 31%c; Dec. 36 lie PORK—Blank. JL -AHD—Sept. $11.15; October $11.20. RIBS—Sept. $9.22; October $9.15. Hutchinson Flour and Feed. (Quoted by Waij Kelly Milling Co.) WHEAT-No. 2, new Or old, 83c. FLOUR--per 98 lb. sacks $3.15; IS lb. sacks. $3.20; 24 lb. speks, $3.30. GRAHAM—Per cwt., 1Mb. sacks $3.50. CORN MEAL—per cwt., 10-lb. sacks $3.30. SHORTS—Per Cwt., $1.45. BRAN—Per cwt. $1.10. SCREENINGS—$1.30. Thirty YejinTAgo Today J. J. Meaner brought a basket ot flno peaches to Tho Now«. | PRODUCE MARKETS Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mo., July 11.—BUTTER—Unchanged; creamery 40<8>41c; packing 26c. BUTTER FAT—Unchanged, 81c; extra quality 34c«<*' EGCJS—Unchanged; firsts 21c; selects 28c. POULTRY—Unchanged to 2c higher; bans lc higher, ZOc; heavy broilers 2c 'higher, 88c; others unchanged; light broilers 25c; roosters 10c, ChScano. Chicago, July 11.—BUTTER—• Steady; standards 37&o; other grades unchanged. " BfXiS-—Steady; firsts 23®2314c; ordinary firsts 31'fj'21Mic; storage pack extras 25c; storage pack firsts 24Vic. POULTRY—Alive, unchanged to lower; fowls 19@23c; broilers 26® 34c; roosters 12c. POTATOKS—Slightly weaker; receipts 60 cars; total U. B. shipments 748 cars; Oklahoma sacked Triumphs $2.00©2.C0; Oklahoma Cobblers to best $3.00; Kansas Backed Early Ohios $2.5002.76; tew best 2.90; field run S2.00*j>2.25. Hutchinson Butterfat. (Quoted by Swift & Co.) BUTTER—cFeamery, 89@40c. BUTTERFAT—No. 1. 33c; No. 30 cts. EGGS—Loose, 15 etc. it Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Carl Nelson.) POULTRY—Hens over. 4 lbs., cts.; under 4 lbs. 14 cts.; broilers 114 to 2 lbs. 25 cts.; under IVi 20 cts.; springs, 2Vi lbs. and over, 18 cts; roosters, 7 cts. DUCKS—Young, 10c; Geese young 10c; turkeys, hens 814 lb. and over 20c, young toms 12 lb. and over 20c; old torus, IScli guinas, 30c each; pig- cons, 6c each or 76c a doz.; Belgian Hares 8c. EGGS—Fresh, candled loss -off, 15 cts. dozen. Hutchinson Produce. (Quoted by Sunflower P*>duce Co.) POULTRY: Cocks 7cts.; heno 18 cts.; light hens, 14cts.; broilers 25 cts. Leghorns and blacks under lMi lbs.. 20 cts. EGGS: 15c dozen. <?> <i> * <v •# *•> < BEEF STEERS ARE STRONG IN PRICE Other Cattle Classes Arc Steady at Kansas City— Hogs 10 to 15 Higher. Kansas City, Mo,, July 11—CATTLK —Receipts, 5,600; calves 1,000; better eratles beef steers and yearlings fttrong; other classes steers and she slock around steady; top beef steerti *il.l0; long yearlings $10.75; bulk •better grades steers $9,251?} 10.75; Toxas cak« fed $8.lolfjiS.30; California* $7 .35@3.25; bulls strong to 15c higher; •bolognas mostly $-l.25i?i'4.75; carves strong; practical top $9.50; shlp|M'.r top $0.76; better grades stackers and feeders around steady; olhevy slow and weak; few loads medium to good feeders $i;.50 @7 .0o; plain light Blockers $3.M)@fi.00. HOGS—Receipts 9,000 ;• mostly 10© 15c higher; shipper top $7 .40; bulk of sales $7 .J0<q )7 .:;.v, packers holding back. Desirable 170 to 2S* iioutid averages $7.2ft ©7.:«; packing SOWH 10«f20r, higher, $0.1506.26; slock pigs scarce anil steadv; bulk $t',.25((! ! fi.50. 9HEMF—'Ileeeipts 4,0(10; killing; classes strong to 25c higher: lop native lambs $14.00; better (trades largely $13.M>@lt.00; cullo around $7.50; Texas yearlings $9.75; wethers $17 .65. Chicago. Chicago, July. 1].—HOGS—Receipts 26.0(10; bettor kinds fairly active around 10c higher, others slow, steady; bulk 100 to 250 pound averages $7.15 7.60; top $7.05; desirable 2C0 to 325 pound butchers $7.25<i(i7.4A; packing sows mostly $6,105*8.40; bulk 120 to 130 pound pigs {H.B04P7.00; heavyweight hoB» $8.60frt".55; medium $0.75 (!i'.7.65; light $6.fi5«'t7.G0; light-lights $i>.fi0ift.7'55; packing sows smooth $5.90(1(6.50; packing HOWS rough $5.50 SrO.00: killing pigs ?6-25t67.00. CATT'LM—Receipts lo.noo, fairly active; beef sleers uml yearlings steady to strong; spots bid higher; killing quality less desirable; early fop matured steers $11.40, some held higher: best loDg yearlings $11.25; she stock and bulls scarce; strong to 25c higher, mostly 15@25c up; veal calves steady; stackers and feeders, firm; hulk desirable bologna bulls $5,25i7Ji5-50; veal calves $11.50(3112.50; bulk duslrablu. beef heifers $8.SOW 10.00. SHKBP—Receipts 14,000; few early sales top western lambs sfroug to 15c highor; oarly top $15.00; nat^es weak; early top $14.25; culls steady, $7.50@8.50; sheep steady; medium and handyweignt ewen $5 00(!|6.25; extreme heavies downward to $3.60. GRAIN GOSSIP Liberty Bonds. ' Final prices quoteu by thu Mc- Naghtcn Loan company today were: IlWUo G_eorge Row© 'who finished threshing on the Jack Blovlns. farm south of Lyons said the wheat there averaged 25 bushels to tho acre and tbsted 62. Wilbur Groves of near Raymond has finished cutting bis 350 aero wheat crop. He cut, lor a few days with a Binder, then pt!t in a header, and followed up with a tractor plow preparing tho ground for next year's wheat crop. Jean Gray of Rico county Is selling ; part of his 1923 crop as he threshes and will etoro tho remainder. His yield ia running 14 to 18 bushels to ,the acre and testing 60 pounds. John DicSy southwest of Lyons, says his wheat will average 15 bushela to the acre. Practically all the harvesting is over in his vicinity and the farmers are putting their teams In tho corn fields or listing. H. 15. Davis, who recently moved to Hutchinson from Frederick lias been out to oversee harvesting on his form and <Joo9 nott beltove be will averagu over 10 bushels to thte acre. Wind damage to wheat which caused grain to go "down" before the harvest lug machines reached it, la estimated at 14 per cent by A. C. Sauherll, of Lyons. When binders first went into his 50O acre wheat field ten days ago^ Mr. Sanborll estimated his yield at 15 bushols an aero. Saturday- ho returned from a trip to Ellsworth county with a revised estimate of 13 bushols. The two bushel loss is attributed to wind and ruin which caused much grain to toppel over where tho headers could not cut It. •$> PRODUCE REVIEW. .$> «• Bv Swift & Co. •* * * <8> <$> 4, * •'•• * « * •••' * <i> Egg production is reported llghte . with good demand from cousuming trade. This has resulted in higher prices paid for good stock. Markot conditions are mora satisfactory than for some weeks past. Llvo fowl were higher on eastern -markets and a quotation of 25 cents was established early in the week. Tho dressed poultry market Is 3t.ill Influenced by the larger stocks of frozen poultry. Broilers are in fair supply, the markot generally being quoted lower after the Fourth. Pasture conditions aro pf-'neralVy reported exceptionally good for this time of year. Butter production is keeulug up and Is now ahe&d of the same time, a year ago. Quality is an important factor in tho price situation, thero being a range of 3 cents between 88 and 90 score centralized earlots in Chicago on July 7. Ninety score Standards aro quoted at 37 cents lrfc Chicago today, as agaluat 3(iVi cents last week and 35% cents last year. Imports of butter continue to bo an Important factor In tho market situation. Last week, arrivals of butter in New York were— 2,437 casks, Dor.mark. 130 casks, Esthonia. 250 casks, Holland. Quality la a determining factor in the price paid, and is evidenced by the following quotation from tho I. 1 . S. Department of Agriculture Market News Service Bulletin of July 6: "That the'Danish butter is finding favor In New York Is indicated by sales at pricos as much as one cent higher than that generally paid fur domeutlc 93 score." -Re- bulk ' Wichita. Wichita, Kan.. July 11.--HOG. eelpts 600; 5c higher top $7.25 $7 00#7.25. C ATT LIS—Receipts 400, including 100 calves: steady on good quality; slow and dull on others-, beef steers $0.50ip:!9.00; beef cows and heifurs $3.76(8)7.00; bulls $2.tM)4f -1.00; voal calves $3.50®7.50; stackers mid feeders $3.00<S'6.25. BANISHED PASTIMEKS MOP UP LOUISIANA Joe Jackson, Eddie 'Cicotte, "Swede" Risberg and Buck Weaver Playing. Alexandra, La., July 11.—Joe Jackson, Eddto ClcnttCi, "Swede" lUuborg and Buck Weaver, banished from organized baseball, because of tho "throwing" of tho 1919 world series, were responsible for tho recent winning streak of tho Bastrop semi-pro team, which not only lias been cleaning up In Morehouse parish hut has walloped almost every club It. lias met in\North Louisiana and ISoiith Arkansas, according to a story published today in the Alexandria Town Talk, based on Information obtained from local baseball circles. NAVAL ACE PICKED TO COMMAND Z R-3 When a man buys an automobile, he examines the eugine before he considers the. oulward appearance. ntl i% j When you ask for a job, tho "boss" 1st 411% '.'.'.'....'.'.'.'.'.'..'..'.'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'. 98.12; won't pay us much attention to your 2nd 4%% 98'n I clothes as to your counteuance, which 4tri 4% % .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. "I::::::"."'."" Ill* J is a reflection of your heart and mind, •'•-••• y THRESHERS ACTIVE ON RICE-RENO FARMS The wheat which has been sold to the Lyons elevators this year has not tested less than 60 pounds to tho bushel, according to M. Finley of Lyons, who drove to Hutchinson today with Ma wife. He states that the yield in that vicinity is running from 12 to 20 bushels to tho acre. Mr. Finlejr states that between Lyons and Hutchinson he only saw one field of wheat which had not been cut. He saw the threshing machines in operation all along the road. PrepareFor Summer Camp. First Sergeant T. L. Wilson of Battery B has issued a call for every member to be present at .the armoiy on Monday evening at 7 :30 in orderj that the preparations for tho battery going Into summer camp may bo perfected. Real Diplomacy. It will bo observed that tho Treasury surplus did tart, appear until after Congress had adjouraod.—Pittsburgh (Jttzetto-Tlnies. Off For Land of Promise and Congestion. "I HEAR YO' CALLIN- ME" j It Is Estimated that 100,000 Negroes Have Left the Farm Dlotrlcta of tm»j ' South for industrial Flantj In the North I 1 -—Journal of tlie A.luerli'an HanlCjrH A SKO - Sat Ion. | LYONS MILLS MAKE 59 POUNDS THESTANDARD LAWNS SIZZLE AND SPRINKLERS ARE USED Premium Will be Paid for Every Pound Over That Mark—Means Better Market. Lyons, July 11.—New wheat grading regulations went into offset at the mills hero yesterday whldh will yield farmers a slight premium ou high gluten grain this year. O. C. Schumacher, of the Lyons Milling company, announced that beginning today wheat would be bought hero ou a haBls of 53 lb. test instead ot 50 lb. test. For every pound over this flguro which wheat friadcs, tho seller will be pfitd a one cent premium. This means that farmers aelling 60 lb. wheat will be paid a ukn-t over tho market hid. Jean Gray, who Is marketing 62 U>. grain will receive a 3 cent premium for ids crop. Last year the 60 lb. tust basils was in effect hero. ' . Most grain whU-h was- brought. In during tlie first two or three days that harvesl -tiiroBhers operated tested 59 to 60 lb. and tt Is belioved that this now basis will net most farmers an advanced prlco for their crop. With tho announcement that both Lyons mills propose adopting this 69 lb. basis, It is probable that the Stoi- llmr and Saxman markets will follow suit. Lyons ts likely to become- a good market for wheat growers bills >ear. Tho early bids of local mills for new wlieat was higher than elevators in tho southern part of the county paid, and up until Saturday Lyons was pay* lag tho same figure as Ikmhton and tho northern string of buyers. It will be remembered that last year those elevators offered a higher price than tho county scat. Tills year they scorn to have lost tho advantage. SCOUTMASTERS TO TALK OF PLANS FOR CAMP Consumption of City Water Yes* terday 4 Million Gallons— Better Pressure. Tho power plant of the United Water, Oim nurt Electric Co. wu» forc- od to pump water at the niter of 5,700 gallons a minute for abmit a;i hour last niRht to konp up with t!:.- huco <k j maml3 of trm patron A u ho WIT* wiiturinK their lawnR, nrcoi ding; to J. H. Muliiaon, sttporintf.'ndtMit.. "Tim p"nple of Huti'hinson utscd ; l.OOU.lWO KHIIOUH of WUl'-f V (:S I - • CI 1 .1 >'," j said -Mr. MuiitHon. "<>n on<- May luafc | suniMirr, r >,lKf0 ,f>iH) g'aHniM \v<>.?•<.• insert. I Thhi yoar t'un wa.u-r company N bot- i tor ah!** to supply tin: ci-iiiarnln than CV'.T biyfure 'l ;t;oauao of Urn now pump[ InK Klutinnu which woro IrnUaltort lata ' laBt fc'.imnUT." FARM OR CITY LOANS? -ask McNAGHTEN! The Wutchlnson Scoutmasters will hold a meeting at 7:30 tonight at. the office of Hay CoonfloUl, ncout executive at Convention Hall to discuss plans for tho big sunrmer camp for all tho Boy Scouts of, Hutchinson, and all other boys who care to become .scout!*. Mr. Coontleld expects to organize a Scoutmasters Association here, which will meet onco a month and give an opportunity to discuss the problems whloh como up in handling tho various Boy Scout troops. Chronic Diseases and Piles T^FBTT 1 Illustrate! Litirn. |!!CHH turo telling of I thousands of satisfied patients treated by Dr. Hover. Don'; con- cult another doctor until you have read every word of tl^vi wonderful Non-Surgical, Health Booklet. Just place your address on a postal card and mall to— Dli. HOOVER HEALTH USTITIITE Offices 5I/ Z We»l First Street, Hutchinson, Kansas, Capt, George W. Stc«!o. Capt. George VV. Steele, detail officer of tho bureau of navigation in the navy department at Washington, boa been choson to command the navy dirigible, Z 1M, now being built by Germany as part payment of the war dobt, on the flight to AaierWa tula euinmer. Will Call for Poultry and Eggs Anywhere CALL AT OUR EXPENSE FOR PRICES Sunflower Produce Co. Phone 2522 713 S. Main

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