Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 1
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;"· , FAMOUS Wavt BCaiwSI [3Lb«. Lb, Can 71 RoHs 16 Gait $1) 3For$l| iBag$2j RrflTop traps \9Ntw $1-89 Pair A 24-HOUR NEWSPAPER lllfYEAR: 26 Page* President Calls Upon Leaders Jo Solve Depression Talks Over Development Toward Business Revival i'ON. Oet H miendi '« c*H In lender* of Ihe nation, fflecatur Herald THE WEATHER: Fro* Decatur, .Illinois. F R I D A Y E V E N I N G October 17, 1930.. THREE CENTS ·litllv . with devclci|iment)t fn- slnesi" revival, tl wns un- at rh» White HIHHW l''rl- d *H»rn»td M rliuuch, Now Yortf fKunclur wni R tiuual ti( Iho frMhltttL f" 1 *i'Vt)i«1 IjotTTs Thiiwlav "! K ht. dlscusidnK with tlm lh* m-ni'inl l.H»ti»c*)i niuutlloil I* Alfred I*. Sloan, Jr.. president ,,f General llo^r.», wai Whit* [tan* (Client nbont iwo we.e.kM ago nil * ulrnllM' nilnslon, It wii» d Charleii HlVViloll. Bo*ton . alHo confmffl with Mr, Hoover. TV announcement of Baruoh'a Conference was tnttiiu Tiy the pMnlrienfii iieeiotiiry. (ieoipi Alt- ,rina who ettplntned Mr Hoov. ff'l ilMlii 1 (» keep c o n n l n n l l y In ·otirn « t l b fhi B H M i i d n of Ihc ·uunliy'i buiinet"* Icudem, Dem- omt* V' wMI a* lie pit hi leans. Who ltd- 1'icnklont twin In mlml M Mr nr« vHllor wa* not til- (M'k KulilN Sundfiv niiclit. Mr, Hoover ronferted w i t h Richard Whltnev, prMldeni nf Ihe N'etr York «lir-k Mwtwnjii-. nnd Alien Llndley. vlue fi«"itdenl. M i n i n g tlie conference the President Is tindetnlood to hace i.xjiiessed dldMlitlsfai tion nt recent iM-nr raid* nn the t m u U c I He fiUd h ^hld to hnve heen tn- rniiuM hv W'hltnev and t,lndl thnt the slock exchnHtftp conlem plated nn e f f o r t , t h i o u K h Its e(h im eommlllne, to f o t m plnn» to r u t h nhorl ("etline on the m a i l t c l Forty Injured In California Gas Explosion Grand Jury Summons Police Head i Capone Gangsters Found With Arrest Order After Raid "OUT TO GET" ALCOCK I l l y l ' p | , P l f I-ltf. I * CHICAGO. Oct. 17,--John M. "Iron Man" Alcock, who became noting commissioner of polite a f t e r th* Alfred l.innle rmtrdisr turmoil resulted in removal of William F. Russet. VVHS summoned Friday lo hHp Hie grand Jury find mil how H ·w-rt-t order found its way Inlo Ibe humta of Al Capon* gntig- John Ryttrt. who wan deputy chief of tie- to the "ioat mon'.-r division the recent "di-«i|pe.arlng- Hat" wai Biimmoned t n letitl- «K wa.t SdiRt. WtlUimt Bal.itt'irk. form«r sectetaiy. Arts Silent nnd Coniinlantonrr Aleoiik spent a fialf-hour In the Juiy rouni and told newspaper men when thrv cnme out dial they had been ordered to remain tn nearby offices'. Koth retimed to teveiil their testimony milt neilhT would comment on Halswli-k then -was call- Battle Cruiser Ordered To Sail For Brazil Port flit/ iiiiltrtl I'jtjn t WASHINGTON. Oct. IT.-Tlw utulaer Pen MR coin was ordered trilday to procaed stiuhtt'i»rl /rom Tilntdad to tint Biiiilllun con at tti any Amerkims v i m dcs)r« to ludve Hit! revuluUon , t u i n countt'j, It was learned at thf State Derailment. Instillations have been landed (in Ihe emitter to aitip nt Pnni, Pcrnftni- fnico and Buhl a, It la directed to es- litblhh contact with the American at ttu-M places and take any Ametltans who wish lu 'I'he ship also Is Mfistted tu visit uthet Brazilian poets, REBELS ^ADVANCE Hy I ' a t l n l |im i PORTO ALECRt:. Brazil. Oct, 17,--Revolutionary forces advanced southward Friday on Sao Salvndor, coastal capital of the State of Bahia, where federal troops were entrenched to mcel them. i continued to roncen- Iti the south for the triiti' who c n p h i m l the fif /uvu-ajii. Thi' clly cilv aonio IftO Thv now runioui "J|j»pnmi injt n'lle n n i t h of Put, Snlvtidoj- ( B a n t u ) lltl" contnln-'d Ihe nniiK^ of m o t e l - ·- l h a n 3f untiKxter* who were scliett- Mil WAUKEE RRFWFR u k d ftir n t m i tinder the eld ·-- mlL «* UI «' l: ' DKtWCR e AV« IIDBCD A r A I M " SAYS DttK AGAIN JAPANESE DOCUMENT COSTS UER'S LIFE Treaty Ratification Placed Ahoarr! Leviathan For I bnrlon Crreniony ,it, i ,.,(..,1 ".,,, , XRW' TOKK. Oct 17 The Jrt|i- »nc«ti M t l f l c n t l o n t( the (joiuloti NH- viii trftilv rtmtn'i! BCIOHH the eon- Uncut tit » «(ei»ilv n l r i t l | j wlili'h e d f t tt» life nf un ftini" flli-i W H U [ilncfd ibotrd t h u liner T.evlfUhnn K i l d a v ttr tht Iflit \fK nt lt« Jonrtw-.v, The |*,II«I-TI( will h,. u^.1 In a fwm«l f P i e i n n n v ot l^.ndon piitilni: I I K K V luw of I8TI Tt tfave also the nfiniFW uf I h e police lo ba oirtpio; to «rrent .-tich guntsitPr. r J D L t D 1' The tut »·«» dtr;tmud to B«isw)r-kjhred rabst rrecficls hy Ryan. It won lost so JBdlnwiolt C a -t«,.;~ 0 « i o t c another from memory. A tiw raciorres d*y^ later frdcrul ngenls rnlded ft hotfit known to lie a .stronghold 01 ri-nifiice Ai (.'opone tn one rotiin i h i v found n known 't[iomi bonils"- rtmn In hi'd I'tidi'i hii plllinv they ditinil I hi- m i i k l u K ' d i ' c i e l " n i i r ' s t li.-t Jt v,!t* cricclu'tt with the lift ttnlswlcl; 1inl wi'lHeti f i r i m 14 Jl K IVIalt Grindiitg Again M I I . W A U K R E . O r t . J7 -Mllwiiii M - i mllllfin dnltnr h t e w e t l c ^ soon France Honors R-191 Victims The funcial left the town (ubovc) as It hull at Benuvftls French aoldleis wreaths tor lho«e »·(») lost their lives when the British dirigible R-lftl Street Fighting Renewed in Berlin As Police, Metal Workers Battle till of rnpotic jiM'H Ini'liiiletl In the oil u l n a ) v u v e not rii Hie ll«t thtit ·liirv \ V n n t N IMnik Cviia U*t wi "h tolil a clly emsn- i-ll l o m i u l t i i e I h n l it ii'a n i p i f l y a "colm kleni'e ' t h a t the n.itne.i o m i t t e d f i o m thi. .Jeroiul list were th,' one^ on the 1IM found i t hut ih* trrand J u r j . will lieer pint. lie producing ]iie-|iiohlbltliin[ ,' for l e t i l n l "iale at ten cents a l-'red Puli't Sr., whose mime for yours, p.edldcd tTMl»y In hi.|\i'i.en Ihe U n i t e d t t l i l i t i l n ii ml ,ln|ian. lilrilt. lii'lnt \. U'diuliliii; lamleii It fiooievdl (i-Wil !, 1 . W l l l t the ·"dn-i n i R i i i , t i f t e i i ClU'lit f t c u t V I c K n l i t . (i H i v e I In- H l V « ' ! ' i f . U'li: t h n e ^ t i l t i n i i t i o t : Thur-'rtnv nljfht JhOCOnO in e(]til|ii;irn[ on niv Ijidlef I h f l l I h e IClKhleenlh nme Fid merit w l l l h e t i i o u l ' fieri In p i . t m l t t n t i n u f t i c l u i e of heel " Piilwt s.nld. "Mviv one In Mllwai;- k"i*'t other nix b i e w i ' i l e s I* iendy to ^ t a t t t i j u r a l l u n on a moment's rio- ·tee " Ptih-f recent I\ -*nid t h a t Hie i q u l p n i c n t . I m t x n l e d n n i n r i e t n w n v could IIP' used fin m.'tkinf; run II hyui|i as well at lien HP n d m i l t e r l p rldo)'. howi'vM- t l m l ill/, o i n e h l n e r y would nol iiiive heen I n ^ t f i l l e d 'Ver" 11 nol foi the fu-ohtihlllty of . cinlly plan . H l . f l l n h t T,letit. W. W en 11 led « d n p l l c j i l c of 1 rnllficntlon In hl^ jilaiie cnnhed nnd wox hilled XVuod- '(i KC( tliKPtit'h the a d e r t w o f o t t e d hutdlniiS a n d ThiirmUv jpr^wd on, iirt:el by the MCfrnlly in (,'ct t l i i pafiet in New Vfrl( hi- SniiiniFii w h e n the I,evln- thnn inil. , GIRL CLAIMS NEW MARK IN MILKING COW IN MARATHON ST. l.oris Oil, 17 A new win H I " "id nf I H :',N |.i'iinili In FIND BODY OF HOLD-UP MAN, TAKEN FOR A RIDE Chicago Police Discover Corpse In Crooked Street · i ln lrit " ill't i K i i i . t h y Wllhi-lm nf Jjll'. l i n t , v h i MNII m t i t n t n j n i n i / ln'i *M In t h n nine d n \ inllltmalili' «*nilh..n »t ;||,i .S'.Kionnl Dairy ·how h f i In tlie hod \v,i *tn nnd -On. in-1 cotiildi'Mililc t i m e l*«nlnliii; i,,., , i|]ij,,,viitp. win in W"t |i|,ie K t l i l i u She hud mllhfd '*mi I'Minii- in ,111 h o i i t M Set-mid f*fl' Wtn llHit lp\ MUi M l l l V (·!·«il- "'» ul St l.(,.i|.- w l m m I Ik ,'| KI« iM I 4 ! «tl \ H H J t * 1 ·· i,i Kill-, iii rhti !'«« h i n i l l i i urn* few Itvlc" THE WEATHER r o t M.I.IMOS: "Ihl IWU fllr, I. ' » «t|l 1 »· . ,ii s htl fixilrr und l in the exlr«mf south Tt.tunrrinv 4S m today .............. 3J n t t " i l t l o n I" not «nii-ified with and announced i t wfttili'd ( u t l f t e r Since A!rM)i aHStiiiiefJ ilMiff 1 of I h e police dl'iiaitmenl nml Hcvsral ' f r l i u e d t i v i H w n ~ i a i t f d Ihrit h.ive »'"*nll' l l In |)l:icliiK PlnciiKii Rnnft- l i m e In veai«. numci'onj! report 1 - t h a i ( l h e uivleivi'otld was "init to £M" wlii'ii ^fa^'f^^ Wllltnm Hale mn's w i f e w u « held up and Ihe t n n i u r Itnijcd an ordi'r tn jMcock In capture ih.- haniilt*!, Newnpapei,"' ,;.., , ,,,,,,, j.,,, ·iimcettetl af the t i m e Mini the i d h - j currAf'rQ Oct. IT -\ licry mav have hft-n c o m m l t l e d hy M,ti v "(filii'ii for a i Ide' Kiiiiljit'-rii who wluhed to brln(; nbout el uii;'-lci-i anil hi' hody n.movtil of the conmilailoner whose f,)]^. j ll!lt fl (f c.'ifiol;ed ^Irep'l wsi? K p u t n t l o n ' l i o n M in" la( ties In !,!,.,,( ln ,.j ],·, | ( |,, y ,,, HOWIH cl It i l i - ' i l l m r w l t h crlnitnnli i well k n o w n h s m l i l i . who t m i i i i - i l y lived tn Maill- Father, Daughter Face Court On .Murder Charge iin i Mini r-i... i KOt'KI-'OKP. O f t . IT. A f u l t i e r and daughter, hoth nt whom have roilfr.-t-fnl to Ihe ctime till '«i w!H lie ni i iiluncd Tuesday on c h H t B e M of link llomlnn the «late' office announced Frlilny The (otife^lons tmve been tnnd' 1 by M r I C u t b e i i n e Domino, the \ li- tiin'i w i f e , ninl by her fntlier. Pelt'i Alifim f Clili-siBu. M i mid M i s l i i i l n i l l o w e t e tin' luuenlii of tw« c l l l l d K ' 1 1 . I H i t n l t i u w.ia Ulllt-d bv two bullet-. 1 w l i t c h w n e flrtd I n t o hlv baH n.i he ' ^lnod tlilklliK to bis w i f e 111 tile kltfll- ,.» .if I b c l t home. Stnt.. s A t t » i n ' v \VlllltiFii P K n l t f h t IH|I! t h e IndlcHte* Abena fired Ihe Catholic University J Physics Dean Dies iJIPJ I I K f . l l l'li-1 1 N. 11.. Oct. 17 -Pr tl I nil.rl 1'ii'H ) Oct. 17 Street fltfhtlnt; bulwaen (Jommuniais »tid jiollco wan icn^wed Friday in the s t r i k i n g moi al wurknra district, with violent scene* In Lhe and tilt P i n ^ l u n diil, W h l l f ijollco «eie swInKlnj; I h c i i tiuncht'ons on a Jeetin^ ciowd of ·oru'cnliated « W U c r a t tack on the c n h l n t i t fit i f l n i l c h KrufninK. Tlu-v u l i a i h c c l the rin:ini;lul n-li |ilan« of tilt; j j o v e t n m c n l , l e i n f l c dm. anil lenewed for repull.illMi if 'he t n ' t i t y nnd Yonnii nMDtrwt One Kt-it:i!l dejuHv w.i^ cxlwllfrt at the hlKtie-U of the confusion. Kelchsljie l» Turmoil A FiiwNt spt'sikei j-et, l l n n K at the (.'iiselsty 1 Octet initiation to " l e i i u a n Fieedom" e v e n If should lie nece-^aty to achieve Till" TCtierflJiR speaker mini- 1 vie- MOiii c f f i j i t s to m a l f i t n i n Older and leprimnnded various deputies, hut tti v n t n . The roiifUpUm continued Drunken Pair Klpnap Indiana Girl; Captured ( f l u I l l i l ' r f I'irn 1 CI.TNTON, Tnd., Oct. J7-Mls» .le«- (tie Himlop, 1ft, WHR taken from her home by' iwo men Fiidny under compulsion of ,sa.ivcd-otf .slnotftin? nnd forced t^ nccompany them In I l i e l r automobile. She wn« rescued by police ,aod tlie men. Cecil Hunlei ID oat of the aeaulon, Bi-uening- left I ha chamber during nn altnck on mln* later at ilc(»niei WiUifllnv-Otoanen r 1lMinltrH SlirfatlliiK In Ihe PiUHaion diet, CoininunUU u n d SodalWa elnslicil over Com- tinmiHL ilomntids i h n t polite IJP or FIVE PRISONERS SURRENDERED TO NEARBY STATES C h i c a g o Gangster and Bodyguard To Wisconsin For Trial ZUTA'S SLAYERS, CLAIM Blast Causes One Million Damage; Wrecks Building States Should Decide "Wet" Issues--Lewis W)s., awer to a Hit l'nti.4 PIHHI 1|.X)R1A. Oct, 1?, -The piohlbltlon I'uiiMi Fit-.1.1 |i.w "\t bailed iijxin the tisitrpiillon Ocl, 17 - - War- of (h« rltihlc of the i M n t M to e.xei 1 . rnnU f o r t h e « x t i a d i t l u n c f Dan Stan- ' " ton, Chicago santfitter, and Kdgnr .Smith, hln bodyKunrd, t« Delnfleld, they nro wanted to an- cf murderlnft Jack c.bleftan, were l«- suud by Covpinor' L, L, Emineraon huie Krldaj', KmnierHon also signed warrnnln, for tba cxlrndltlim fit Joe I J ept, wanted »t Montelto, Win., and for er they 11-Story Structure BoriU Uto Runet After Shock THINK PLOHED LOS ANCtLES. Oct. 17-- FoMy person* were injured, t«n of them wriouily enough to rft for ih* Unlied S(nte» declatnd a« he n«pttblt«-»n McCormWt. for Dec Inhilliin and lh r c f , R u t h HanriFj Hiniid on pto for Thuiil»y .. ... . occurred hti- the Garment Capitol building. Ktructure wan badly dam- Window [wine* jn riher n#»rbjr were bioken hy thft eon* JOB Noliin and tal at Pontlac, Midi, Full to «xtr»dn« Smith w»» mak on the Lion of ]wltt BWnrnn, Wlntor. *»nt t n be wn or lry. lillhl- la In keejilnir with theory of democracy, nnd ft i* a t e ( i n n of the uovi'rnment to the peit pi*", Lewis udilfl In ^|»"echeH dellveted at Pekttl flni) Peoiin Thursday. l*vt\t ncoted hi'iry, befuru whom an ·as held. to lieitr ft-oiji dllrtineys foi i Kt»nlon t P l a l i v e to a f f l d u ^ i t H which' would refill* evidence lending to 1 xhnw thai IjuIU'ts found In Xuti'»i ' brain were fired from a owned by journcd the hearing and made hl«| icjiori to Emmerifon. Al a henrinit| lield last week a Chicago ennlneer hnd tcnlifled t h a i Slanton wai at h l * i mother'i hom« the nfght Ztita wtus' sluln, Slnln In DMICC Hall ftuln wan Jtlftln tarty In Al)«««t at a slimmer rworl dance hall In Deln.j field while he waa drojnlnir coins Into a nlot machlnu. Four mon riddl*dj him to death with Mvolvtri «nd mi-1 chine sunn, ; Pteviouu to I h n t Zuta had been involved in the HtoytnK at Alfred J Tiibime c,rlm« re- p|nm |, w 1O lb cam- e tr- of h of M it Inn H'Hiit"! 4|Mn dijtcijvre/l t h ^ l twi g»* mnln* had been o)ened In lilt bUlM- Ing, which w»n occupied by Pol let) thai th* ex|)trt(iion may lottM hy oy thi; btilldlnKK of )»lor tioutileti in recent Many of thope Injuted the btilltllft(t pn*|)araiory lit glut far at of ih* *J- ·truck by IT|VIB work. tivf blr)tltj from Iha plonloi) wh»n ihey K l t K l it' the ulle of the GROUP FOR MODIFICATION lnl* nf ih iConvenlion Picks Vancou- i ver As Meeting Place ! In 1931 ll\# T p.C'* Piflt BOSTON. Get. ]7-The Federation of Labor at *he Hoalng I fifth ruined. and *hor* ih«r* All wtndow tv*n* In Slock w«r* b?aW*n ind 'lftmag#t tight HOIUII Onlrol Fir* 'Fir* brok* oa »(t^r i on tht fourth stxl flfih ll^tory niruriiiM h»iv MX I h n of ih» of flrnnt;rt eon trot, broughr ft tt:f wnr l i t e d i i - ( i t J e i ftstlcufls. The sin (IP of tome 120,CK)0 worlteis. which caused severe rlot- ii'tld-iy morning, because when many m i l k dV- juliii-il in piou-st HK.ilnM t h e Communist (lie Relclntajt wei f a r i U h i e d , Mn«x MiUU 1 of its With annual convention to cea-ie i,l Kicks' on -.(riker.s, poiter. He had been questioned c o n - w e n t on record Friday in favor o f i IT** (tlecovery lhal Iwo gM j W»ln« .,"loV w» Mi.pen.led w h e n ' cernlnK Mnfe'le and hia dealt, wa, at. mmlidcatlon of the Volnteart ail lo .pMi*nil r hid .bw nponM. ririjb* l^l^,,f n LJ^ f i l |Fl ,1 ,. ^ .. L I · ' · -l l -- .*-^*....- -,* Uj.Jh* Jkt - ^H A « « 1 ^ » * M a BH*J^ raised it daujjei' o f i t n h i i i p a b*r» nf ft was silk! f t lend ot Accumd\ClnlntH Alibi SUnton end Smith were ariesled]" The C o«ncl1 stated that "lh« In Ohlcnfto a f t e i the murder and n vdopmeiilt of the )»;1 year M " . .- C0lvl j|| 0nl which Mnfe'le and hia death was .i.{mnd1(k«tlon of th- Volntearf «it lo D t p « i » n t l y had bflon openM n*llb*r. 10 r«v«n f e ninth-M by mem- permit nttti.ilhdnro of beer of 2.78 ntely ww nwidt by Deputy Fir. Chfef ft gimp, the bend of whkhVr cent, rtlcoholie content. F. .1. Spot*, to h«\* b*en a j.e.sonar The setlon hod be«n recommended | Bwu ,»|d h* fomM H» ipen In Ihe t e p o t t of the excciitiv* rotin- nt*1n* In lh*reur*f lJi» butWini ell. which WHR adopied without »r- in (u)tolllobll , to been by ,,( enforce- act, havt ron- " have fiom which one | _ found In Zin«'* hraln. wa^ fired.'^ u,,, American K«deiatlon of TJI- extnidlilon wns in connec- n ;, r In f n \ o r of the modification of Police reported that niemtsern of lip* "lied Squad", ntnecitnc Mhotafce. hai been utatlnned »t th* fiom twilight, to lnwn, Two memhei of the pntTolllntt ontnid* the Hinjcitir* when the blast, occurred Their polk* wir. [«ik»l ot ih* curb, Mi-aji wr«k«rl. . ,,·,,,,, ,,....,i. i., ,·,,,, i-'fji · B J I I I I I I I I I I U H w « n I P lupniv!- onr in i n ^ o r ji ini- iirauiniaiinin »i I N ? I 1 P w h e , P serves o' (1(1(1 W1(l ) ( h ^^ ° ( " bl " k "' (lli ' ··' " ·" 0 ^ mt ' ll { * '"" - f . « * i l l , el,,l,ed Women* WK It YTM claimed at m a n u f « c t u t e . B ,ile and di.trihutlon of - · fa, o,l*. «e,» I d l e clashed Mf ^- f h f l t h(l ^ |[( ^^ ^ n , Bln j,,,., 2.7-1 ]lfr ,,,,,. alcohol w i t h l i e i - i M d . islnjt then , ^ ^ eons v i s n r o ^ y In hsper^ , ^ \, I The fedei atlon re-elected Present Com . OH|0 j^^ RUMORED TO cir/vcm nAVic 1U AUvVivCiLr UATI3 w nt'li er nletiil astitn ti'inrlieons i-ioflnR Ri-ou))i. Police n'tmWs lerl the Kiiid HOLDUP INJURED BY, AX, KILLS VICTIM Oil Station Ownor Battles Negvo; Shot Through Heart While Deputy Chkf Seott Mirt th» hlafl wan u Bo» explotnn, 1t« h»* nt theory «* *" «'li«t iet It fiff. Th« *ie- tonrttton anporenlly centered nn (tl* flfih floor room* of i h » »cy*rly Hill Frock* Inc., die** nnd apott ·pnarel nismifnclMrern, Other firm* tn ib» Of ' i!v fni!nl 7*i cit ) WASK1NC.TON. On. IT- Plillip Krt'y of Ohio, a labor tor now -with the American Fedetrn- tion of I,:ibor, may he selected by President Hoover to succeed ih* re- lirtnK Secretary of Labor. Jamw ·). Davis, t h e . Cnlfed Prtfr wan in- foinied Frlilay on hlRh dtiihorlty. A final choice him nol yet heeti made by the President. It In siitd e nol jtchcdulcd to retite 'Wllllnm Orecn and nil other officer Tliurndfty hy .unanimous vote. * * " i i i i i i i v j m i b , n i i f M i i i i i i t f i t M * . ' * » I i j T "ipui^ (he ]fl.l) convention city n f t e r debate f ^ fl . f of w ,,, lnj( S pp fl |.el, w.r» flam l n ,,n' i n * llil ' h * Jl| ''' J ' lt " l( *'*'·* r1lal '*:« ) aeed jonn w l ( h (.hoodnB the rnnadton clly be- th"y could obtain com) Iwet Vancouver received 21.3W ifiolnst ^,00^ for Cnltimt«t», O,, and f« for Salt L»k* city, ,(hroii(rli C l i n t o n to a polnl one south of h e i c J l u n t e i iinil "While wei e Jailed on rliaipcs of liitoxkntlon. Thev al=o. , I w l l i be chfliged with kiilnnijlnic m u l l """"'.,l|.,vinL while ItiloxiCJ finee i pi i tits- w l i u l i t till icd r fiif t »:t if Vi ft* J OAI-KSIJORG. Ol, 17 A wound ed negro W M H ni re-it rrl Fttday on r.. .-.. chai-Re of mm del Ing W i n f M i l S. Wil-' «"tfl nbout Deo 1 and hi,' m»t, M. f l i l i n K station Vperntor, Thel may not be officially announced neRi-o's heiul and fnce hud Ijceti m u l l . i until then. Hut the Prenldenl is" Inted by an HX. He ffftve Ills n a m e quoted privately as having n u i - UTOPIAN GOVERNMENT SOUGHT BY PARTY IN STATE; NAMES SLATE {tPrUNf; FIELD, Oct, JT -- An tiionlim fin in of govertiment undet Suit and elonh \woiliets hav« nn ctrlk* for i«iven weekii. Kon* of them wsn omployefl either *t\ th» f o u r t h or f i f t h florfr. wh*! 1 " »h* occurred. It wn» Mid. Klri"l»l»r) »(itlr))»ie(l the the rifrOIrl may rertch mu''h of the lonn representei| »y while InloMCJilod. puheo ,tald b i i r e u i i nt i d e n t l f i c N t l n n n-i nrdt l n - i i - nn S m i t h who wiv nnr-sieii )utl ,7anti»t s 1 In Whitehall. Wi«, u n d CURL SCOLDKIX IHSAITKABS i Up t Ilil'tl / ' F r t v 1 ·ROCKI-'ORD, Oct. 17--A si-arch d i H e - l t - v m i r K c l f wni sluiletl Friday fot HI yenr« old f i r m Sophie DKlelnk, n prdllv i ll^li school Smllh'a liodv w a - j found c u i l v Snn- iiv In (in alley u f f u miilhwi»t side name. 'r«nlod ill i it di'iir^ t!ii. n . i n i c He hnd heen .|mt of thi' lic.ul Tl tlmiinih the n i m i t t l He lo he itlimil liS j c n i s old. A hctel i q t e l j i l In SmiOi'i porkt'l li'i! the jidllcp In a t(id(jlnK \\u\i~r v, hot e they ot t inlHl 1 (elen Torino «lio first Miid tihu wns Mia Hoy lli-l] Under f u r t h e r inii'.-llimliiR she nduJtlsd her coirecl hnme and "itdl I n t e r ndmlKct! to potlce I h n t Hie vie- lliti's name waf j ^ m l t l i and Ihnl he fiom Mnrllwm. who dlsapjiearcd nlXht a f t e r her f u l h e r had fnibidden tu?f (it KI to a movie A l l c r slie had been reprmmnded by her p u t . cnts, Sophie donned n new silk dre?i rxnd stole l|ii!ctly out -if the body wus found In stadon on the Ahinj4lou by hU daughter Thmsd:iv n i K h t , He hnd been wliot llirouirh the heait Hia head bore ajt wuunds. Authorities believed nn intruder entered the station in an nltempt to hold up Wilmot. nnd thc-lfttler aciwd an ax und foughl. A bullet run ill In the ceiling of Hit- stution win taken its indicating Wilmot hud overpowered the Intruder n(1( i W n,i hend- Whan Fnrin» fraitll 'tiims and ambition* of It* platform, wnen engines \-rasn , ni(stvimul)n (pf ]JOOMOO ^j,,,, wll , dii, rmcl,) ·,'·« i 'Ix* nuide In UHhoK CLF.VBI.AND. O, Oct. IT--Three] Plans of t h party Would "mak« the trainmen were killed and two »erlou«i- ] tJm'le(l"Slnt*M n Kui'dcn of ParadiM," over hint s.t Mined ax wnt hhot, found Hi A blood. title i t the c«ih dinwor was eui|)ty, Snowstorm Posses, But Freez'mi Cold Still Holds Kiddle West of Hie west bound train. Thvemtinocr nionopolks itnd niiHta nnJ pormanetit She siiid I h n l a fricnrt of Snillh'i. Rlllj- iJimarr, hnrt threatened lo k i l l bolii of tliPin Polie. immediately holdup hi, , William Shen. Tl. denn of the of Physics nt Catholic unlver- altv. WnxliinRlon. D, C, dlel Frlda) n f t u r nn extended lllnMU. Or. SI«H wu3 born In PortHmotHlt N«v, iT, IftSO. He was grndualetl fvoml Ifaivnrd In 1BSB nm! studied in DPI (In. In 1302 he rulnqiitohml an assmi iint profosHOrsihlp in phyMlcs n l T H a r vard nnd for two yearn held n, slm liar pVwdlton at the I'nlveittlty of till noK "inrliHl a hii'it for I.amarr, She aiiniKted X m l t h v,-ns a man r.nrl hnd uoeti oiti trade Thursday nlcht. tlV I a i l f l t J Name Pennsvlvanian Tariff JJojIy Secretary iHii I'iinci* Pica ) WASHtN(!TON, Oct, IT.-Sidney Moigun of Ardmore, Pa., Friday was appointed secretary of the fedcrnl lartff commission, aucceedlns John P Ilethun', who teceritly wa« named European r e p r e i e n l n t l v p of (lie com- He w e n t to ilathollc university I n i minslon. ISfl-t ftnri hart been riMn of the sfthotili Morgan'* a.Bpolntment IH e-ffeelive of physics there for 15 year*. Nov. t ' fHICAfiO, Ocl, J7 -- SwJrllnc southenslwnrd at n lapiil rate a f t t r laymy a heavy blanket of^nnow ovii Contra! C.inadn and much of the Rocky M o u n t a i n region, winter's firht blntts -?wcpt I n l o Chjcaso Kn- dav. driving tlie t e m p e r a t u r e rapidly down toward tlio frceslnR point. Aa skies cleared and snows ceased tailing in the weel, the stftrm, minus ^ome of its intensity, rncod ncro?? ,1110 lake Mates, .hit. sharply at lhi liandMiind fnueaur residents who hud been enjoying » delightful Indian summer, and sent unpropHrcd home owners scutrylnR for telephonci to order more cos I. Prediction t h n t the cold spell would last three, days. W. P. StewnM. cov*rninert meteorologist. Mid the Friday would drop t y aiound 34, It wo? 70 ot noon ye.*. tci dav. Snow s t i l l wiifi fnlllnj," · Thiusday nlfshl nt Cheyenne. Wyo, where on W*dnesilny Aviator Wllliurn Calrt- wetl cnithed nnd wns billed d u r t n R a racinK lilixxnul which he a t t e m p t ed to fly t h r o u g h In nn effort lo cm- ry lo \Va»hlnRton the Jiipiinese ratification of Ihc T.ondnii naval (real)'. Other parts uf the Rocky Mountain region rcpoi led etearint; sklee w i t h heavy frosil*, Heiivy snow fell In North Dakota, ^tiloiiK the Catiudian border It w«s puit of Ibe general heavy .H now fall tliut novercd Central Canada, drifting so ttceji In many plnces that t r n r f l u WHS slopped. The arorm can-led snow with it as It roped Idle Thursday across Min- ncsoln on Its jicuihonstwarri Journey, but the nnow mettod there almost an rapidly as it Ml, then fiTM- nv«in slljihtly In Three Trainmen Die furor party. 1 Details of the. plnn , i h « new party ivcie lcnf)ef,i' by eoninlned In Ihf Stfe Blowers Steal ' SUOJnJWU Raid i fiiy t *tiv^ rivjN* i 1 PKORIA. Oct. 17.-.tfit'« Wo*-*!^ obtained tlOJrtrt from a drtijc «tor* nnd (27.BO front N jptfollim Mdtlon nerd** the Mreet dtirine the night. U 1 WJM discovered when the tw« ealaV ' Huhmenta ojiened f«r htl^lnena Frt- 1\- Injured when nn eusl bound Nisw York Central enjtlne totJtticd head on Today'* Evening Herald Feature Index w l i b a weht hound mail trnln on the ffltina lino on a cuive ncnr Ibe down(own sieetlon of lh* city. The thro., dead were number* of the cnsl hound enfitue trew nnd the I n j u i e d wcic tnttinecr nnd flinnan to \}\t niitly plulforin, »nd under the new form of novernmtnt ·all Idle AIDCI Li-an;i dre»m«," would r* beyond em- Tim pilaifonn proyldeii^or building of homes ni ooht of cottslruction; no Vf m mo nl control of all mllllkt, for tal.l that he xaw (he oiher train bui believed that It «·»» on ri not her trnck 753 Miles rPavinj" Poured; 32 Ust Week fA'ji I iitnl / p )i-(i i HPRINfiFlELn. Ocl ,17 -- Pavinti completed hy the al.iln thiia far thi* yenr tola]* 7M miles It \vu» announced h«re Friday by lli« Stale Highway depurtmenl. During tile week ending Oct, D. npproxlmntfly 43 tnllea o( new |n\'«t»ienl was laid and a force men were employed on roflti of work. COMMISSIONKH'S WIVE DIKS eatahllshmcnt of hiinlnemi tiuccew of heavy laxeit nn hoarded tnoney. The p a t t y has chontn Urnext Stoui, R r , Chicaso lawyer »nd former itewpnpM- nwn. an Ita candid at* for Vlnlted Slates Senator and hna selected a full t|ck*t for ulatc ot- flcei.. | Two Are By Cat Tank Nut I UK I Mlrrf J'l'fU.T PRINCETON, Oct. 17.-A n m i t h tind bin helper tvtro dtdtfil 1 tatetl Friday when, a i idol In* link which they wera welding exploded. Max Herman, 25, the umlth. Hnd Eldon Bum*, 21, helper, were killed tn Ihe explosion which occurr«d «n thn farm of Trwln Slovene, flvtt *nd dny, ftf* 14. JAMB* J. MONTAOWK wrll*i th* daffy chorl nlorj- In Th* H«r*M th(» Afternoon. Th» Ftllnou* C«w on 24, TAHJ*riN TOMMY nltlne official with ernoon *nd Ain't ihnt Pig* CHfCAGO, Oct. 17--Florence H Brlnkman, wife of William M Rrlnttham, A me.mber of Ihu I l l l n o i f i north of Princeton, Wllhen Tiilll* cowling atreots nnd nidcwnjka with 'late ' Connmerre cimmlsnion. and (orm.T [ t i i i r k rtrtvAr. wr 'te. Mercy honpltnL died Thuntday In I down by the force of the blatt, hut nol Injured nerlouFly, MAUDE ADAMK w** mftfclnr hlilory i« Peter Pun W yeatu Kenler ullra yew memory on .-- 34. 1IOH08COFR. r« today yo»ir luck born o« hli aft* wm*thtn'. Umoiw on* of hi* mo»l boffllnc my*t«riti ta by the ilr*ns*r'« anc«. PM« St. ANORLO f\TW. world child educator, myi th»t « child I* never lity. P«gt 31. 8UGAH I* m rtklity A wonderful food It properly uMdj and Dr. Jtmra Barton dtttuMr* (hi* (cod, P»f« 91, THE NBSMW - The Rudy N«W» S«t tojttber and dlaciiM AmbrM*** ·ecret. Pretty toon only tht whok town will Know uhout th« el«pem«nt P»t* S5, OLtlVAS WfLIJAMH plctvro* tor World « 1U Wfcrtl »» far A* a tmttt boy IK tonctffSo on P»(« e. NEWSPAPEUHHCHIVE*

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