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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Thursday, February 26, 1959
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frOUR FREEDOM .NEWSPAPER Sally News VOL. 56—NO. 275 Serving Th<* Top 6* Texas 51 Year* (14 !>AGi2S TODAY) PAMPA, TEXAS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1959 sck Day* Kit Sunday US Cold War Thaw Try Takes Another 'Dive' FIRST CUSTOMER The new drive-in unit of Pampa's First National Bank opened for business this morning with a deposit by Ray Boswell. Sidewalk windows for pedestrians are .located on Foster with the drive-in entrances on Ballard. The unit, begun in May, 1958, cost about $50,000. (Daily News Photo) Racial Unrest Curbed Slightly In Rhodesia No 'Beatnik' AUSTIN CUPn— A bearded art student dressed like Jesus .««%<! "beatniks" are the only Atheists at the University of Texas. Cum pus police halted Eliud Martinez, 24. when he tried to march through the gates at the school Wednesday, wearing « while sheet and fl crown of thorns, and carrying a six-foot wooden cross. Martinez said he was a "one man protest" to a bill before the Texas legislature to require all teachers to sign an oath they be lieve in a Supreme Being. Several lawmaker* have charged some of the state's leading institutions including denominational Southern Methodist University, are teaching atheism. SMU officials and other leading educators immediately denied the accusations. 'T wanted to demonstrate to stimulate others to think about this legislation." Martinez, a senior student In fine arts, said. Police snid they stopped him be cause they didn't think he had administration approval. Another- bearded university student said Martinez hatched the plot In a "beer Joint." Martinez said the original plan was lo have other students dressed like soldiers to follow him' jeering and beating him. "But the others changed their minds," he. said. i The lanky art student said he! plans to loach public school his-1 lory of art after graduation, and he wouldn't sign such an oath. 123 Rural Mishaps Investigated In %58 I: Khrushchev Cool Toward Macmillan The Highway Patrol Investigated 123 rural traffic ac- ridenls that occurred in Gray County during JBflS, Sergeant K. G. Aibers. Patrol Supervisor of this area, announced today. Property damage Hffidpnts accounted for R9 of the total, Personal Injury for 30 and 4 were fatal accidents. These accidents caused a total property damage of JW>.- 2fi2.00 with M persons injured and S lives lost. "In 1B5S Texas recorded 1.8(59 fata! motor vehicle traffic accidents which resulted in 2,311 deaths." said Sergeant Aibers. "639 of those deaths were in cities over 2,500 population while the remaining 1.672 were rural traffic deaths." The Sergeant further pointed out that these figures were not complete and By WAf.TFK t.OOA,V United Prow Internntlonaf r British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's personal |: attempt to thaw out the cold war took another nose-diva •| I today. | j Macmillan had another negotiation with Soviet Premier ;. ! Mkita S. Khrushchev in Moscow this morning and then flew off alone to Kiev for a tourist trip of the U S.S.R. British sources said Macmillan had "talked turkey" an accurate account will not be known until about March JS. He estimated that when the final reports are received, the. 1958 death figure should be approximately eight percent less than 1957. Sergeant A1 hers advised the Highway Patrol had investigated 4 rural accidents in Gray County during Jan- uary'1959 with the following £; to Khrushchev about dangers of Soviet ptiibbo'nVess oiTBcrHn breakdown: Property dam- ;ipnH nfhnr rmr>ial mincfinr\c- !•>..( *Ur,4 T,*U...._K_I j-j i age 4. peisonal Injury 0 and fatal accidents 0. This is an increase of 1 accident for the same period of 1958. The Sergeant pointed out that speed continues to b« the number one killer in traffic accidents throughout the State and called on all motorists to voluntarily observe the speed limits in an effort to prevent further carnage, on our streets and highways. GOP Asks For 'Union' Probe other crucial questions, bill that Khrushchev did not .budge from his position. 1 Not only that, but Khrushchev did not wccnmpany Macmillan to Kiev, an v.-as planned as recently as Wednesday. He pleaded a toothache, but. after Macmillan ws gone he met with an Iraq delegation in Moscow. Aside from one more formal session Monday, at which a joint communique will be drawn up, the serious talks between the two were at «n end with the hoped-for thaw still not in sight. "The amiability of the. first few days has disappeared." a British MOSCOW lUPIi British Prime official stiUt>cl '" Moscow. Minister Harold Macmillan has 1 N " ' V '-C° H »"°" <1 lnl«nel«d informed Soviet Premier Nikita Macmill an stated emphatically Khrushchev in blunt terms that i buefore ieavin K f^ndon for Moscow unilateral Russian action in Ber- hat he wa!< *° ln * on a "'•coon- Hn can "only lead to a dangerou-' naissance " lI ''P. »" find out what situation," it was disclosed today wfts ln lh<> Soviet mind ' Hnf! not Macmillan Warns Reds Of Danger By IIRNRV SHAPIRO United Pre«i« International By ERIC ROBINS j United Press International I SALISBURY, Southern Rhodesia simultaneously," Whitehead said, ported In the past 24 hours oc- "Operations were synchronized' curred r>t Ft. Hill in northern to start at 2 a.m., and so far have jNyasaland, where Negro rioters;tlnez said. "I feel my word is JopR( , rt hv i(u -irt 1i a t • a ' f By DICK WKST United Press International i A British spokesman made the fD-Arlo said no formal motions' disclosure as Macmillan took off were offered and no decisions hv P'ane on a "tourist circuit" of "I'm not an atheist or an ag- WASHINGTON (CPU- The Sen- were mada bv the committee. .'<'«v and Leningrad without but I m stubborn, Mai- nle R , lcU ,. ls Committee for negotiations on specific Items. A top British spokesman said in Moscow this afternoon that he bad succeeded in this "to some 1st agitator* throughout this trou bled colony today, launching the •first major crackdown on white violence that has swept Af-j immediately. I'lca this week. J{|ptert» Block Airstrip Th« colony-wide roundup aimed j Anti-white agitation is raging at leaders of the polities! organ!- j territories spanning AfHca. from ,,_- „ .. . ,, , , ,,v t n completely successful. MostiMwked the airfield with tree'good when I sav that I believe. i""rl d;w? C ^unded 01 up 8 nSn""- f »"• •"«• affected have been trunks and huge boulders and Hp ,„,„ he roll|r1n , rounded up.' 1 seized a customs post dominating nthetistic teachings at ,„„„ II1B The total number of persons ar- • Ule protectorate^ main north- silv . hut sald som ' B Sttlf1cnu havt . posn|s the anti- rested could not be determined; soulh »l.?hway. ; atheistic ideas because of "ex Troops and police were report- IstentiaJIst philosophy and the closed I on the wav he-is to investigate union political request that the committee . fl|r "' nst ,'ing modern writing of deal with "the Ft. ation." j "But I'm not rations which have been a focus-sea to sea and from the Congo 5 Elsewhere In Nyasaland. the sit-. stressed. of unrest, was ordered under the;jungles to the Cnpe of C.ood Hope, nation \vr.s reported "at the boil- terms of a stale of emergency; Sullen strikes and savage riot- '"g point" in Lilongwe where two proclaimed by Prime Minister ing are the hallmarks of H men- Africans were killed and one in- Sir Edgar \Vhitehead. 'acing although apparently uncoor- jurcd in « clash between tiwips "Instructions have been given dinated upsurge of native i ssent-, anfj rioters earlier this week, under the emergency powers to merit of the authority of (lie Dark' In near-by Southern Rhodesia, detain all officeholders and esecu- Continent's vastly • outnumbered army riot troops and security live members of the four African white men. foces were reported in control of congresses and all branch officials The most serious outbreak re- the situation at the huge Kaiha Dam. where stone-throwing strike is being However. Sen. Barry Goldwa.ter, ^r ushchev who was to h« ve ac- Bul , he obvifflw , , icfltion o , Republican mem- iR-Arix., said he had received R c-ompuniM him. Th« spokesman „, , rj „„ tl ' he committee in- ««"1 Khrushchev did not go be- „ , haw jn |hp co|f| W( , TH * in cam- quire Into the campaign marie cause of a "bad tooth." , all snowmen made it' pro- against thn Hgbt-to-work proposal British sources said Macmil- Khrushchev had not backed down in Ohio last fall. The proposal lan's statements to Khrushchev'from his bristling The matter was discussed at a was overwhelmingly defeated in Wednesday night at dinner and 1 speech of Tuesday, session Wednesday after the November election. 'during an intermission of the Since president'''Eisenhower in Sener- ni« committee wound up a public 1 Allen** K«pri-ai| Threat* '"Romeo and .Juliet" ballet at the' Washington, and Macmillan In | hearing on Chicago juke box Goldwater said he had received Bolshoi Theater apparently had Moscow, said they \vould not beatnik," he racketeering. allegations indicating that some caused the temperature of the change the western 'position in the Chairman John L. McClellan j,ig ne rs of the right-to-work peti- talks to rise. face of such Russian intransi- Wednesday challenging: Prospects Good For Hawaii Statehood THREE NOMINATED FOR STATE 'SOIL' CONTEST 'mobs battled authorities Wednes- WASHINGTON (UP! i Congress hood rather than risk » day. labored today to extend America's.with the bill's backers. In Somahland. at Africa's east-, boundaries far into the- blue Pn-j These supporters have , ern tip, a district police commis- 'c-ific by making Hawaii the 50th ener ( to jsionor was stabbed Wednesday state. The Gray County Soil Conservation District has nominated two farmers and a businessman for the Hth annual 'Save the Soil and Save Texas' Conservation Awards, sponsored by the Fort Worth Press. G. SV. Schaffer of .lerico has been chosen to represent the District as the "Outstanding Farmer." As the "Rest Comeback Farmer," the District has picked John L B ,Iohn- uon of Grandview. Boyd Meador of McLean is the District's choice for the "Professional Man or Non-Farmer Conservationist" prize. The, Fort Worth Press. In cooperation with the soil conservation districts, will p r e- sent thousands of dollai.s in prizes and trophies to Texans who are doing an outstanding job of conserving soil and water. State champions will be honored at a dinner in Fort Worth May 2. Regional champions will be honored, at five regional dinners later in May. The outstanding farmer or rancher from each soil conservation district in Texas is eligible to receive a Lions Club plaque. Plaques are usually awarded by the Liona club nearest the winner. t Crawford Files for Commissioner i tion were threatened with repris- Wednesday the British sources genee. this appeared to leave the als for their stand. described the atmosphere as cool cold war exactly where it was bell was undestood that Goldwa- as the result of Khrushchev's, fore the Macmillan trip, ter brought up the subject at Tuesday .speech in which he re-' fV«r Hop* Shattered Wednesdays meeting but did not jected the West's offer of a for- In lyindon. British diplomat! press it. Sen. Karl F,. Mundt |R. elgn ministers conference and de- and politicians expressed fear S. D.I. told newsmen he was cer- nianded n meeting at the summit Khrushchev's hard-line speech on tain the group would go into this instead. Berlin had shattered any hope for filed this year. Diplomats had called the sittw-, (See KHRI'SHCHKV Pace 3) ! Organized labor waged an all- tion worse than in many months _. scrap °l't campaign against right • to- and feared a rough situation when .work proposals tn several states th«. Soviet deadline expires May threat i' ast V 1 ? 81 ". Some* states already 27 on handing West Berlin's life- special narlia- ! ' lave • sllr ' 1 laws which ban union Ines over to the Germans. mentnry action lo get the hill to i " ho f ) contracts making unlonj Wednesday Macmillan warned and rioters ran wild after a bomb) Thp statehood bill faced s cm- the Ho'u-e if the committee hold*,'nembeishlp a condition of em-jthat Khrushchev's cold - war outbreak in Mogadishu. Police ar-Vial hurdle in the powerful and'back. This maneuver WHS used , o • P'oyn^nt speech of Tuesday would force rested a number of leaders of a traditionally-hostile House Rules get a House vote when the rules Mi-CIHInn r»an* Split i the West to take vital decisions' jarnes T. Crawford Jr., 1112 S. pro-Egyptian political party which Committee. But prospects were committee tried to bottle-up the' Republican senator* long have on the Berlin crisis and that the Nelson, has filed for the City is blamed for the outbreak. K , X1(1 ( | 1H | n )e K roup would grunt Alaskan statehood measure 1 a a t lnol<e(1 forward to an investigation blame would lie with Russia. |commissionpi-ship of Ward 1. nc- Near the west const, police in jts approval. yt-nr of union |x>litira| spending. How- |k« lOjecU Demand-, -'cording to Ki! Vicars. City Secr-e- the Belgian Congo used tear gas, At the same time, the Senate " Other conRiessional news' : ever. MrOlelUn wants to defer In his speech Khrushchev re- 1,•,,->-. So far, Crawford 'is the to break Up R mob that was slon- territories subcommittee worked .\ul» rinanciric: Chrysler Corp : ttle lnc l lui y until the commute? jected Hie id™ of a foreign ruin- onlv candidate to file from Ward <. ing automobiles owned by white behind dosed dooi s to polish up opposed proposals to ban nuto lm * ''.ompleled its other hearings, isters conference on Germany and Other filings are: R. K*. Pars, residents of lukisi. '(,,, statehood measure nfter vir- manufacturers from operating lesl '' '' reate * party-line split in West Berlin as proponed by the |,. y Ht id H C Hall. Ward .'! mid j In South Africa, armed police tuallv no opposition was voiced'ear-financing firm." A spokesman lhe hi-partisan group West and demanded a summit ] John M. Trubv. Ward 1. Wednes- jpatrolled the Durban waterfront, at a one-day public hearing told the Senate anti-monopoly -sub- Tha committee recessed meeting President ICisenhowi day. H. V WilUs announced his iwhere a t least 20 persons werej Supportei.s are pushing for Sen- committee in a prepared slate- Wednesday fur about to days Wednesday brushed aside Khrush- candidacy for City Commissioner |Injured in strike riots Wednesday late and House passage before ! m^nt that the proposal* were when it will resume the juka box chev s demands for such a meet- of Ward 1 No new violence was reported;Congress goes home for its East- based on "erroneous" notions '"Quiry. The first nubject to b« ing. i Only one candidate has filed for from Brazzaville, the Congo cap- er vacation March 26 that financing by atiio maker <i' fllken M P v ' ul h* tlw activities of There seemed to be little. Mac- t ti« office of mayor. Kd Myatt, In- ital where at least IL'O Negroes Despite past opposition, theie threatened competition and Kept lwo C"lucsjjo teamster officials nullnn rouid do during his visit cumbeiH commissioner of Ward 1. were killed In savage inter-tribal : were strong indication* thai the financing anil insurance costs up. riots last week, but heavy secur- House Rules Committee, which. Deprive*! An-a*: Democratic lr<i Pr-*'d«-m Jolm U'Khen and to Moscow to bring the East ami .VhuctvT wiil be the last day of "•'"*>'" Gbruco. ity precautions were still in ef- funnel* legislation to ths !fect. would approve Hawaiian PROXMIRE vs. JOHNSON! SOLON 'SCRAP' SET By RAYMOND MHR I'nitcd Pret,» Jnternatiorial WASHINGTON IUPD wucon floor, 'Sens. John F. Knnnedy (Mass, i, stale-Hubert H. Humphiey i.Mrnn.i. "" jF.ugene J. McCaithv (Minn i and ; Harrison A Williams Jr. i.VD.) [proposed special fedeial aid to industries, workers and comrnuni- ; tie» hit bv hardship because of 'competition from foreign imports They offered th« mpusure as an amendment to a J3S9.soo.WO bill to giant fedfial help to aieas or* persistent unemployment. West together on thOKe points. : filinp for the April 7 election. jparty in the Senate has been, mavericks and strays. M (more evident than that of any Texan well knows, other Senate leader- in recent^ Johnson has been under any uttered publicly about Johnson's ••"••|»»'»ni: Chairman Omar 'conduct of Senate business has Hl " iesrl " 'H-Tex, of the HOIIM fir* been in praise of it Administration C o m m I t t e • .... 0 ....... _ years. Backtracking into the 1920s before this, but not in the Sen A Capitol Hill veteran remarked stam f>ed a "reform' label on a iint freshman ben. William Prox- U]e Repub | lcan leadership of ale. Mrs. Kieanor Roosevelt com- to I'PI today: blil ln K' v « »'«n>^'* more and mire says tliat in hi« opposition"Pennsylvania's Sen Boies Penrosr plained in September IS57 that "Lyndon won't have any t,ou- hlsh<>r P aid """'« '^Ip, He »aid to the pemwratic leadership ot W(){M bg ( . OIllpa ,. abIe , 0 , hat o{ (he Dem(K . lats hail failcd ,„ ,,, e b)e Hp ., j. epl eve ,. vone satisfied. lh! » W "" M nol ' ) » HVfl the ni*a*»rt u!' V h* f e T h V , f' J ohnson ': Johnson tmlay. cgngress just ended to provide Uent them bought off " '"'"" b<> " 1 * k!llp ' 1 bv P uhlir ie " na» just oegun to ngnt. j Problem* .Mor« iiirrk-nit .-mv i.»inii>i^i,in THU ...MI.JO.. R^,,.,i,t <*n-> »,,u--> action to disclosures that many pr Problem* .Morn UlffK-ult any iendei>liip This contrasts t Capitol Hill old timers are re-1 The Texan's problems in this with froxuure'* complaint that marking: that Proxmire who new 86th Congress will be irwre Johnson provides too much. „ -._. ...... Startled the Senate this week with -difficult, however, than in the Praise Trail Now committee assignments, the like saul lhe bili was 8 '«'fini be a full dress speech challenging gsth. Tne added complication is Johnson and House Speaker of that For example Sen P.iul ' H ' 1!rt? !t uolijd prevent an em- Johnson's rule .should quit while the large majority bv which Uem- -Sum Rayburn. another Texan Douglas of Illinois is'one o' the '' love f """ Wl "'king for more than '"''" Bought off? How? a<l1 "" favurn Buy .Support congressmen have put relatives "Bought off with favors, good °" the '*'!«•'•» I payroll Burleson *T\e'« ahead, if he ia ahead. He ocrats control the new Senate \vitli .survived this criticism without Democrats who h.ns heen pi urn- complained that Johnson was a count of 61 to 34. The larger any scars. Until Proxrnir* got the bling privately about Joimson's making all of the legislative de- the herd the °" e lawmaker Meantime. ci»ion» while rank and fil« Democratic »«nator* had no function other than blindly to »upply the vote*. Whatever the* outcome, the n«i remit of Proxmiie's effort «o far ha» been to spotlight Johnson's | lam Senate punilioir. C)u the oc-- Rep Steven A Oiler > IMowa i said more chance of floor Monday, almost everything firm hand on the le.ideritrvp con- he W01i!rl ' "t his 19 year-old son'* $11.572 salary in half Stolen Autos Are Police tiuve rcc'iMri-il a Mercury kluJen -McuUny f r o rn Jiui Du.ker. 719 N. lioburt. 'Hie I'ur ua-> luiuid uliuundorii-U In liter JvJitJ l.iJil ill Ct/Jl- jliil Cuiuicl'i i'aliijfit puttee Joiuiiiuii There w»* til-, ckt^f, »»U U>4t ii»e car wits 14 ginujl i Dtfurocruiic boycutt of! ruuuiu^ i-uuiUUuu ulai-ij tuuuU. Proxmire. At one time only one ; .\ 19-Mi Oldsrjioljilf, «. t o I «• u D*mo<!8tic senator wa» on WedttesUaj ojghi irom Uiie fcil* tbe floor to listen »ee Ford C«jM|)aB} luiued up W". Milt*, tire Ollef hrue^t VVin- burue uiscmered tbe car parked in trout of hi> b,ou*e uiiU notified Uiu (Kilite. ilia iai WAI ktultu truu ki» »i^'» u»<4 cur iv( Ailtc 1','91) 'uiice wc'e W rUovt Uie ve golteu from H. Brow a to \V WilJ\>. »inc(* there were '"> »!«"!. ol Unjpcriuj viiUi UM a loti« trols But did Douglas iiiiiip up Monday to stippoM Pvoxmii-e's H"«"«l'i^: Tbe House Banking ana.-k'on Johnson" He did ,,o! " romni11 ""* "pwed President Ki- Jnhnson arrange.! a sweet p.»it a^nhower « economy plea* end leal pie for Douglas in this *e«- n'P''°ved a multi - oil-ion •ion, the chairmanship of the n*'nocrati<- bousing bill Republi- Juint Kcoiiomi.- Committee inven- '' un * '^""iiiu e<J it as » "budget- is fixed but the senate hag i«Ji ^ u » «-" unJei«c«jiuea *tu\.j> t i>\. tji Vet soled funds fur the inquiry e^parnJeiJ public holism^. The Capitol Hill old timer re - - J mxikeii that under »\K h '•irru.n- If U com** from * Hardware stan. e* Do;iglas had reason to i>e Store, we b»\» U. !<PMI» HartlwHrp toy- i ' (44v) HEREFORD TROPHIES GILS Cwrruth, left, rtud Cliff V'inccnl appear uith n-ophio.v thn! will he a\\arderl in the Top O' Tex?^ Hereford Breeders Show March 3. The mifn are directors of Hereford Breeders Association,

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