The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 15, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 1
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VOLUME XXVIII 8 Pages No. 308. CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15, 1916 DAILY BE maftJU VALOABLE CHICTM REV. OOL.E IN SERMON''URGED PAYING OF DEBTS Evangelist Preached Forceful Ser-1 mon Xiiust Night--J. E. Turner's Big Chorus Made a Hit. Prof. John E. Turner with his I chorus of men stirred the large au- ANNOUNCING MANY VICTORIES OP GREAT IMPORTANCE. Rumanians and Russians, However, Ha»« Struck a Stump in tho West. London, Nov. 15.--With no abate- ·dience last night at the First Baptist ' ment in the £ury that attended its church. After the service, of song, i initial smashea, the British storm of .Evangelist Cole outlined his plan f or : metal the meetings, taring emphasis upon surface nlen aga i nst . German sub- fortifications on both sides the fact that he proposed to -preach ; or tne Ancre continues. All late dis- the truth, fearlessly, but kindly, n.) patches from the front say that the " FOWLS FOUNT). IN vALOLETf IN THB NORTH PART OF CITY". I For Post Three Weeks Police HavtS Received Many Complaints of Theft of Chickens. Tuesday night three full-blood Buff Orphington chickens, two pullets and one cockerel, were, found in, the alley in the. rear ot the Fred Clem! home on North Washington street. | The chickens were dead when found, j but still warm. - ' '|. The police were called to North matter who got hit or hurt by it. H-j ] Ge rmans have countered "but th*t ' Washington street to take charge of a ' then preached a great sermon from ' t j, e i r efforts have been futile against drunk who was causing a disturb- 2 Chron. 7:14: "If my people which tne British whole hold the uttermost ance. While the officers were lading are called by my name shall h u m b U i pDsitlons taken tQ Bapaume, Hamel. the drunk into the car they were told themselves, and pray, and seek my ' Beaucourt and St. Pierre. The lavish., °* a man going in the alley in the ' wicked outpouring of British shell and shran.'' rear of the Clem home, carrying threu nell see med to center ouHhe German : chickens. They investigated face', and turn from their ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal and The thief evi. , line near Miraumont and to the found the chickens. their land." The position taken was' n o r t |j of Grandcourt to the south, dently knew he had been seen with that the only; way whereby, this old | N er emount, an important railroad the chickens and dropped them and world would ever be healed of its! cei ,t e r afforded an avenue to Achietle- ran - Tne chickens were taken to po- evils was through the humble. Pray-! Bran , 1 w jiich is opposite Hebuterne 'lice headquarters where they are be ing, debt-paying men and women, j and subtly more than two miles i ing held for identification. They are Special emphasis was laid on the : n , or theast of Bapaune; Grandcourt, on . valuable birds. matter of being honest in all busl-j t h e south bank of tne Ancre is _ a I For th» past two or three weeks. ness engagements. The evangelist; soljtlleast branch of the railroad, cen-''complaints have been made to the said that every man who did not pay : tered at Achetgrand, after passing ' police of the theft of chickens. The his debts when he could do it, would | j^e Neremount. j officers have been working diligently: be excused from taking any active j Tihe nunioer of prisoners captured'. in an effort to apprehend the thieves part in this meeting. ! continues to' mount. More than 5,-'The chickens stolen last night are The audience gave perfect attention | 0 0 0 are j n the Brit i sn re ar. General, valued at $25. . to this masterly discourse and at the \ Haig, when he filed his last report. close of the service it was common to' stated that t ^ e G. erma n losses would hear the remark "You have a great j mount to a surprising figure. For the preacher." The song service led Turner will begin at 7 : 3 0 'tonight] who has been on t n e offensive con- Mid a great service it will be, f o r , tl ri uouis i yi the defense's loss has ex- Turner 1 knows how to do the thing. | cee( j ed those of the attackers, accord- The Weather. | Fair and not so cold tonight. | first time since the battle of the So in- j Thursday fair and warmer, by brother | m e Degan _ sa i d a German general The evangelist will begin his sermon near 8 o'clock. McDANIEIj JURY POSSIBI/Y BE COMPLETED TO1AY: ing -to Gen. Haig. With Bombs asnd bayonets, following a terrific fire, the Canadians have taken the last section of the famous New Office .Location. Is there a person in Livingston county who^-will say that The Constitution is not worth $2.50 per year? We believe not.- Any reasonable person, who will take time enough to investigate the matter, will acknowledge that-$2.50 is not enough. And really it isn't. Practically every other daily newspaper in'the United States is getting: a larger price. But the newspapers of Chillicothe are making a desperate effort to maintain; a high .ratirtg in the newspaper field at .-t cost as low as possible to our Subscribers. Those are,absolute facts which can beproven and will be proven to anyone unsatisfied., . ' . . , ' Then you grin and a'sk: "Well, why are you only charging $2.50 then?" The reason is this: We want our subscribers in arrears to PAY UP and we believe with a little reasoning and inducement they will 'lo so. Therefore we are making this offer of $2.50 for a Jimited time. Yau're right! We absolutely cannot make this rate hereafter and live. We must have our regular subscription price- of $3.00 if we are. to continue to publish. · · You don't quit eating bread because flour has gone so high that a loaf of 'bread must sell, for lOc, do you? . ' You don't quit eating potatoes because conditions have necessitated a raise of . price, d o you? - . - . - . . You don't allow yourself to freeze because clothing and dress goods cost more .than formerly, do you?"' " ' · . . ' ' Us fellows in town have to pay more for our meat, flour, bread, and every- · thing else we eat while our country friends are getting record prices for their stock, wheat, corn, poultry and practically everything else they raise. One or two subscribers have informed us that they don't care to continue their paper as they could not stand'the raise.'Nothing is more ridiculous. $2.50 is the price, until November 18th and THIS IS BELOW OUR -REGULAR RATE. We have not yet aske,d-onr subscribers to stand a raise. What is more reasonable than a daily newspaper, carrying all of the latest war, political; foreign, national, state news, all of the former received over an expensive leased wire daily---and each day giving you a complete stock, grain, poultry and hide market, besides the many other advantages of a daily newspaper .for OVER 300 DAYS IN THE YEAH FOR ONLY $2.50 ? ... . -; formerly occupied by Dr. W. G. Goodrich. The suite is being extensively remodeled and will make one of the most beautiful office suits in TESTI?,IO?;Y TO START SOO5T. Raegina tr9nc h from the Germans, t h e c i t y when completed. ' (fly United T"TC«».» St. Joseph, Mo.,.Nov. 15--Twenty-1 =-ained seven jurymen already selected,* the " to whole objective eonsumated | a"bou ; t""~nalf -.arPTiour, -the""'Canadians-!reported to the war office. The vie-j represents a front of Paid Up Ail Claims. Relatives of Thomas Harper, who arrested in St. Joseph Sunday McDaniel case was re-opened today. | a ^ out .J^ 00 yards ' stretcllin » Ia a i^ d re turned to this city 'Monday There is every possibility that the' ^'j^^ official , T re; Kansas City Star reported that Tom vas among those injured, saying that, he received several ' bruises. Verdict for '»t,OOO. The jury in the .$-20,000 slander suit from North Salem brought in a verdict of $1,000 for the plaintiff. Dt.'L.. McCollum, against John Smith, defendant. ..About fifteen witnesses Ny.ent Into the ditch at a slow rate of 'speed, and the engine was. stopped. Mr. Kalmbach was thrown out of the car, but his wife remained in her seat When she got to his side he was dead, b'ut there was not a scratch upon him, and -'physicians said his death was due to heart failure. Apparently he -had- felt the attack coming .upon him and shut off the engine of the · REPORT OF HOWANMOREfAT. TACK GIVEN TO FOREIGN OFFICE IN BERLUTTOb 'UT United I»re»». Berlin, Nov. 15. -- The admira today transmitted t 0 the foreign flee a report of the submarine co .mander'.w-iio* san'k the British stea er Rowanmore on October 26th, ; venir of forty men will be completed before night and that testimony will i war office today that he had com- '· night on the charge of passing 'fraud., jury was out about th ported to the , [ent ehecks paid u p ai i c i ai ms and'bringing in a verdict at 3 were examined, and the lawyers fin-j ished arguing the case at noon. The' about three hour?., o'clock. -- "begin tomorrow. Attorney General Barker declared today that the state had not by any mea-ns abandoned the death penalty idea and that rumors t o ' t h a t - e f - fect were false. Oscar D. McDaniel, the defendant, charged with wire murder, entered the court room today with a frown on his face. He stepped up to a newspaper reporter and criticized him severely for having attempted to prejudice public opinion. It was the first sign of peevish, ness McDaniel had shown during the trial for his life. , pletely secured the ground already ' won and has taken more prisoners, i He announced that he would send a more comprehensive report later. French troops have als o made fur. ther progress north of the Sommi.J the Fi day a: Piette costs amounting t o $175, and HarpenjBrookfield, Argus. released f r o m , custody. . t ' - ~*-~~ Many Are "Paying Up." ."·SOU to State Meeting. A. fe Coburn, E. A. Sparling I There has "been a rush of remit- and D. Miller will depart tonight tor . war - rilflce armouncea toJst: Louis to attend the State Teach' north ' edge of w'hieh that GERMAN STJiJIAJiIXE PI/IT- J3TG ABOtIT NEW ESGLAX3) St Krs meeting which convenes in rood following a" most j city Thursday for a throe days' ses- intense two days' bo.niardment of the | sion - Mr - Coburn is on the program German lines. Following a neavy two aay U U I L I - J made I for talk on "Standard System heavy two day bom- ] Grading High Schools " of Obsei-vatious Fi-om a Subscriber. To tho Editor: The Constitution is to be congrat- i'julated on the neat, clear and concise manner in which it tabulates in Mon- day's'issue, the vote of Tuesday last. tances t o 'The Constitution during : Tliere -are many interesting, things to the past few days for the purpose oil! be gleamed from this table. renewing subscriptions. Subscribers First: Tho vote clearly shows that realize that it: they are to get the the county is solidly democratic. Second: That when a United States | bardment, the Germans made desperate counter attacks in which thev employed burning liquid and tear pro. voting shells. All of the positions Sained 'by the French on Nov. 7th have been maintained and all attacks repulsed except at Presnoir where a small German detachment . gained a t!!y ITnl*«»«] I'rew-i. t Providence, R. I., Nov. 15.--Capt John Ryan of the Merchants and Miners Liner Howard, which arrived here j 'today, reported that he received a | wireless from a British warship giving notice of a German submarine's presence off New England's soutii coast. Providence, R, I. Nov. 15.--Capt. John E. Hyan of the Merchants and Miners liner Howard this afternoon said that he mis-interpreted the wireless message he first announced as a warning message that a. Gepmau submarine was off th e south New England coast. Ryan" first declared that he received ' ive again. j n the Dobrudja region. The a message .from a British warship oi£j war o g; ce announced today that Boa- Tb.o Brookfleld Game. Coach Lewis is working his men 'hard for the final "at home" game of the local high school squad. The locals will meet the fast Brookfield h'igh school team on C. B. C. field next Saturday afternoon. The teams played a tie game early in the season and this game will be hard fought to settle the tie. bargain rate of $2.50 'by mail or if 4.50 delivered, in the. city by car-1 Senator is to be elected by the pe-o- rier they must get in before the bar. Pie. brains and statesmanship are gain time is up as the price-will ab-1 preferred rather -th?;n the man whos* solutely be $3.00 and .$5.00 after that chief recommendation is'that he is n i lime i successful · money maker. Another I thing tthat the returns show, that is very gratifying, is the large majority . The foreign office is expected - ta explain the matter to Secretary Grew of the American Embassy at Berlin. Contrary to reports to " America and England, there is no excitement in Germany. There is only ^unconcern here over the American..inquiry of the submersible action-against the English · merchant ship as it is believed here that the U r boat .commander would not viol-ate his-instructions from the G.erman naval authorities. Suit Ayainst K. C. Post; A suit was flled in the Livingston county circuit court late Tuesday by ment, .To Pension the Blind, carried. foothold in several ruined houses. ( B v lTuitc.1 l»r«--..i Petrograd, Nov. 15.---Heavily reinforced, th-e German, troops successfully further pushed back the Rumanian force which for several days has been on the defensive in the Juil region, below the Vulcan pass, a dis. j . noon ln attempting to catch his .run- patch to the war office said today. | a w a y tea m. He followed the team There were some Rumanian TO-, Ior near i y half a mile, then fell to ,'erses also on the Transylvania front t h o rna(1 deac j A iungmotor failed "" 7, ;, 1. t T,T\-;!Livingston County should feel proud Michelena Pennetti against the iNa- _^^^°^ _._ 1 _ tional Newspaper Association, p u b - lishing the Kansas City Post, for el that vote. Then what about the 1100 majority in the county on the 3rd Amendment? Rim Himself to Death. Rov Thomas, a ' y o u n g farmer residing north of Richmond, literally ran himself to death Tuesday after- $30,000 damages. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant in the "edi-l i i j - u l tion of Sunday, October 15, .publish-1'f e C ed an article under a'-New York date) an by lillicothe--just one less Drity given for local op. line regarding the theft of a wallet! Mr. Reidnour of Kansas City at tho i tion when the saloons were voted out :; last spring. lmle . away team. for nearly hall the road dead. to restore life. He was . a son o£ I-iejnry Thomas, a farmer residing . Bucharest Nov." 15 R -The Human-[ **" miles north^Richmond. ians and Russians are on the offens- vote is notice to" tiie officers Block . island. Later he said the i, j on tlle Danube bank, abour ·wireless was simply a general notice nine jniig,. wes t o f Cernavoda, had of warning of any possible submarine; been occupied. which might 'be operated off the] "We occupied Boasic and progress. coast. . . . , led along the -whole front," the an---- -- . -- : -- nouncement said. SnSSOTJRI »niRDEBER IS ABKESTE'I) II PKVNSYLVAXIA ASKJ Kf JtrxCTIOX, .F.bUB- STALLIJfG SMHQtr.R IiAW. Philadelphia, 'paVo' Pennsylvania Railroad filed suit in the United States District Court here today asking- an'injunction restraining the United States government from putting into operation the eight hour law for trainmen. · Find a Mummified Body. The police of cities and towns along the Mississippi river between Louisiana and St. Paul, Minn., have been asked to assist in the identification of the mummified -body of a man who either committed suicide or was murdered. It was found by hun- S2.05 will Jioneiv your mail subscription to The Constitution now. Tt will talce $:5.OO after that time. .^i-The Jefferson City. Mo.,'Nov. 15'.~^Gov_. crnor Major today issued a requisi? tion on the Governor of Kansas for the expediting of William Bunch under arrest at Eldorado. Kas., charged with murder in the first degree at Joplin, Mo. He is accused of having -killed Marvin A. Smith of Joplin last July. - - "" " · ters on an..island two miles north of Louisiana with Vbuilet hole" f quad in right: chest,. , ._ . . . . . . . - ., . , .,,.. . whose business it is to 1 enforce th law that there is to be 1'orcement of the local 'Chillicothe has twice in _ . , , ,., T . months voted against the sale of in- being that of plalaUt ^^^.^! tox j cating llQUOrB and her citizens 'demand that this law s'hall be enforced ' SUBSCRIBER. Biltmore hotel in New York. Ac-! companyi-ng the article \yas a portrait under which appeared the name "Miss Nan' Garland," said portrait ENGLAND. MAY VET BE COMPBX/ED TO ITS FOOOD COXSTJ5IPTIOX. CRT Unit«A PreniM London, Nov. 15. -- Warning' that the situation in England had reached a point where the government .irfay be compelled to take artificial means to limit the consumption of food, was sounded in the House of Commons "Ihis afternoon by. Walter Runciiman, president of the Board of Trade.'As one of the first steps toward meeting the present situation, he' announced 'that the government should limit the- milk prices. Garland. The case be do cketed-, will be. tried before Judge A. B. 'Da; vis/ The suit was brought by W." C. Calvin of Kansas City and Attorneys S. J. Miller and Karl Hirsh of this, city: The 'plaintiff is a well known ·actress residing ,in Kansas City. · --. .Chapman Not Hurt. ·-Tom phapmari, s;on of Mr. and Mrs. LI A." Chap'nWof "this city; who was ·reported to have been aniong those aboard the'-.elevator which fell in. the Kansas City Railways Building Tuesday afternoon, telephoned his par. Stricken While Driving Oar. M. S. \Kalmbach, a prominent farmer residing : a.few'miles west of Centralia,..died -S'unday' afternoon -while driving'iis'automobile'. -'His Relieved to have been due t o heart . lifailure. K:fof,;sale. t Frank Scruby. Try a Constitution Want-ad. . .eats .Wednesday Mr: .and .Mrs. Kalmibach l "had been :attending. a ifilrthdair. celebration held iat.the home of a friend:" 'About ' 5 -o'clock Sunday afternoon they'start- ' t'd for home. Mrs. kalmbach' 1 says her husband seemed to suddenly lose ,, , . _ . . - «,,,,, control -of the machine in which they *«v. 18th. Price RWS np then MEN WASTED. Tomorrow (Thursday) Runciman said that he favored the appointment of a Food Controller foe a strict en- [ Englalld w j t bgTeateT po wer than any u T t *i i s i m i l a r office. The Controller will-be le as six i annov i n( . e( j by jii e government later. . "Conscription, has gone to_o far," said Runciman, while discussing.the food question. "Men must be brot back from the firing lines to man'the- farms and ship building or the government may be compelled to take morning, 25 men to dig trench for water main. artificial means of limiting food cpn- --' "sumption." City Water Department. Phone 11 5. j 1! Slail that chctk to The Constitution tor your renewal before NOT. 18th. That is the last day of bargain 'rntes. '' ' ' . . Extra Bai gains. Have cook^.stove ,and. f other house- ANOTHER TERKTFIO EX- PlX)SiON IN VIRGINIA SUNK (By United Prwukt . :' Clarksb.urg, W. V., Nov. IS.-^-Reports reafchea;'here early this after-' noon of" a.ierriflc'explosiori whlcli^pc. 'curred in "the Jamiso'ir' Coal; Co. mine ,TJo. 7 at Bar . -an-oth-er student ,. were riding and the automobile head led for a ditch along the roadside. ' ; | Apparently, hoSvever, Mr.- Kalnu Tuesday, evening's- ac .e William. Jew 'eil college, were left, behind when the elevator went up and.luckily was not in .the wreck. rracksville, Marion. county,, where ten .men w'eje killejajonly' recently..,.. ^ ' " ' .-«.-·.':'v.C,vf. .Fifty^ men were leaving'the mine and fifty more were just Entering when !the explosion occurre^com.. pany officials declared. Only .one is , . . . , ,, . 'said to have been injured. IIe : was;: LOST--Advertisements in;, the Con- j a systander struck by debris. ' -i stitution Want column helps find your missing property , .Save .money by i-ene\ving or subscribing for The Constitution before -Read the Constitution Want'-ads.- \ iNEWSPA'FERr iNEWSPA'FERr

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