The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 22, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, June 22, 1859
Page 4
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BSEOBT1D FOB: THE DAILY -K«w TOM, June SI. The Expwsfliw Veoelfed byine Kangaroo, from Jas. Brooke, Be>Mor editor of the Express, . ,_ . *«risP»trle jtvw the T«y latest news from the Mat of -war. Mr B. says nothwlthstanding the tone of the Atmian articles in the London Tfanet. founded upou its despatches from Vi• «£&*, toe evidence Ig dear that the French were tiotorSotu at Magenta. The practical result of which which was the abandonment of Milan by the Austrian", and a general retreat along the whole line, The loss of the French, he however adds, Ia probably,a great deal larger than the Emperor's telegrams ad. r So eatfafied were'tbe French of the brilliancT of their victory, that Paris was not only ilia- ssdnated, but cannon were firing from all the forte and military porfUons in and around Paris, and on the seventh at noon Notre Dame WM filled with the presunce of the trwat officers of the Empire, chanting theTeDenm in thanlta for the viotorr. The Empress and the Princess Clotilda were received in the streets on their way with the liveliest demonstrations of enthusiasm. The body of General Epinesse, killed at Hagella, has been embalmed, to he taken home to France. ' - The rBmpress herself caused the death of [ Cttte to be announced to his wife, as having died gloriously, the widow's consolation. Havre on the seventh and on the night of the 7th was in a high state of excitement and glee over the victory. Flags adorned all the houses, .'direction of / The eame writer says twenty Austrian gun* i were taken. ^ The Zouaves had seven hundred titled ant BtDtnt* """ . -St. Lows, June 21. Tbe steamer Horning Star, which has beei laid np several weeks at BUaei's Eoint, fon miles above this city, was destroyed by fire lag night. Loss $24,000 Insured for $12,000. ~Hew Hampshire COSOORD,N fl, June 21. A bill has been read twice in the Legislatun to abolish .the Court of Common Pleas ; t( tranfife>the buainece to the Supreme Court and to increase the number of the Justices t< six. The bill is to remodel the entire jndioi ary of the State. New York, June 21. Qnimbo Appo, ths Chinaman sentenced to be hnog for murder, has been repreived for four months, on intercession of leading citJ tens and merchants. An attempt was mad< last evening, by a party of citittens in seventh Avenue to hang a man named Wm. Jordrn who had committed an infamous outrage upot a little girl 5 years old. Gallows was erected, the rope prepared, when .Police interfered, jus in time to save his life. He is now in custody under protection of police, as excitement against him is intense. public places and many nf the private The ladies of France under the fdirec „ the Empress were all engaging J n making of lint for the wounded of the French and Austrian Army taken prisoners. The wife of the minister of of war had started the movement, which was becoming fashionable and general, this lond official call for lint shows what sad havoe war is making in the army It was on Sunday that the despatch from the Emperor reached the Empress, she caused U to b« printed in playcards on the streets and to OB telegraphed to the prefects throughout all France so that on Sunday-evening the rejoicing was renewed In the Empire. The Empress herself on sunduy night rode through some of the principal streets, when the crowds thronged her carriage, and even «Inng to the wheels, erring Emperor, the Empress and the young Princu too. who was not forgotten. Qen. Carrobert is not dead, nor mortally wounded. GREAT BRITAIN —The motion of confidence In the British Ministry was carried in the House of Gammons, by a vote of 323 to 310. Nothing was known as to the expected charge in «he ministry, when the Pctsia sailed. At the meeting of the Atlantic Telegraph Co. the report already published was adopted. The Bed Sea cable broke, and was lost when only sixty miles from cgpe Siders. Viiarjju, June 10.—The official Austrian correspondence of the 10th states that the Austrian army was continuing Its retreat b-yond the Adda, and that t. head quarters were at Oarattognorrl, before i i-n<v.R A special despatch to the London Times saj -*. i OD the 6th ths second Austrian army had Its head quarters at Oadagra, on the Adda. It turns ont that G«n Oanrob- ««was not wounded at the battle of Magenta. All accounts give the great glory of the day to General Mo- Mahon, He had no orders to proceed to Magenta, but he heard the roar of the battle, rushed on, and aaved the army. Trim.—The London Post's Parts correspondence •ays that over four thousand of the prisoner* »r- Italians, who took ths earliest opportunity to give them•elves up. Thay were always placed In the front, and were threatened by the Croats IB tht rear If they did not fight well. Washington Matters. WASHINGTON, June 30. Passports for persons visiting Europe are now issued at the rate of thirty per day, it may not he generally known that the Secretary of of State alone* is authorized to grant and issue passports, and cause passports tojbe granted, issued and certified, in" foreign countries by such American diplomatic or consular officers, and under such rules as the President shall designate and prescribe, and in all cases be citizens of the United States only. The issuing of passports without authority is a penal offehcw. Homer ftrtMey sit the "Dtgjflnsjs." LEAVEKWOBTB Jane 21. The overland express has arrived here, eight days from Denver City, bringine a large mail and $2,500 in dnst. ' " The previous extraordinary reports of discoveries at Gregory's, Jackson's and other mining camps are fully confirmed Horace Greeley had arrived ont n less than seven days. He had visited 0 regory diggings and signed a public communication endorsing the richness of the claims. Tbonsai ds were opening into new placers. Forty sluices would soon be in operation at Gregory's. The results of the openttions of 13 companies given in Greely's letter, show that the highest day a yield has been $510. A company from South Bend, Indiana, had taken ont 3,000 pennyworth's with a sluice in three weeks Gregory's two claims sold for $21.000. Other details are in a similar vein. Returned emigrants are departing today from Learenwnrtb, bound to go through at all hazards. The excitement was becoming intense. Messrs. Jones & Russell contemplaU) enlarging their facilities iu view of an increased demand for transportation Emigrants are charged not to start without 4 or 6 months supplies, as the snow sets in the mountains in October. A donate provision should be made persons leaving this season, for wintering in tl)« mining regions, and thus prevent a re- cuirvnce ol sofferiug and privations. AKTJERNOON KKPOKT. Important Foreign A N O T H E K S -1 ' K A M K K LATER PROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE PERSIA. N. T . 3tuj. Cl Tlie Canard Steamship .PeTtta arrived al.o u , C ..Vlock this eevnme with severnl dates 1.0 suiurday tb« IHh inst' The Austrians hare been driven from Mario- nan, with toss of 1200 prisoners, and the mala body of the army ia reported to h,. retreating across the river Adda. Th* Persia passed the steamer Canada bound for Liverpool, on the J2 inst The U.S. frigate Cumber :„„,. Wa8 at Ma drum on the 1st of June. George Baily, editor of the National Era of Washington, died on board the steamer Arago •on the 5th inst. . ^ The British Minister? has !*-«, defeated in the House of Commons, and the Resolution of a want of confidence has been earned bv a ma jority of thirteen. The Miutstry was expected to resiai on the meeting of Parliament on Sat- rday the llth inst. • ^? e 8t ?V Mb! P Ar ago from N- w York, ar- nved at Southampioo on the 9th and the We- eer on the 10th- s Tlie Paris Bourse was depressed and prices were lower, closing at 6f 70c lor rente. The Bank of France uas^ained two million pounds in specie daring thfpionth. Vftpoleon and the King or Sardinia have entered Milan , June 8.—The Imperial Austrian functionaries have withdrawn to Verona, bnt it ia possible the v may resame their posts and functions in Mantua. Rack laland Bridge Badly Injured. CHIOA60, June 21. We learn that the Book Island Bridge over Urn Mississippi was «ei iously injured by the crossing of a heavy tram Saturday night. The Mississippi Biver Is said to be higher than it has been in 26 v.'ars. The Times'Paris correspondent says tha* I al? dta»pp«lh>d._ The..toiooner.flaso^ehiin^ which tWO'of the most influential powers had agreed w* athore'tt Marqaette his been got off, aad has goni on pcopoBlng an arrangement after the first to iDetroit f<tf slight repairi, at r «he li not injured ei- great battle,and if neoeasary insisting npor"- •- -!«--• > ' adoption by the belligerents. AUSTRIAN BtJXLKTIK. cept to DeecEcal calUog. A LOAD 0» PiBSiioits.— Ths steamer nauet b> oagh i ue flvehundrei csgo this mi visit of the FOCITH 01 from BoflVi Fom Lrvsai>oOL DISICT— The Kingston $Tcwt says that the bjbi: Olileftain, Captain Volvtrtob, and th bark Pleror| both of Cleveland, arrived at that port on seventy-three passengers | from Ch' enlrig. They came on the occiiiod of the JWcago Eire Brigade. ' jcir.—The schooner Klchsrd ilott arr'v .With ten tons of powder. ) OOMMliaClAI. DBO. IDITOK. OFFICE OP THE DAIT.Y NRW8, .• Mll» nsee, Jntw21.,l«W. i M snABT.—No change to note In oar money market to-day. Currency still pretty close and exchange stesdy at 2 per cent. The Chicago /VMS*s«ys from present Indications It would not be a surprise to see exrhtnge go above 2#—Its present exorbitant rate—In that city. Weneidhive nn apprehension of any Increase or the rates here. MOHIT Miairr, Saturday, Jane 18. The market Is more animate > to-day, but without any further change In rates of Interest. Foreign exchange closed flrm'v nt the Improvement last noted. The steamship Ariel, for Pnutiampton, took oat today $900.033 82 | n uperio; B oil the steamship CH. of Wunlngton, for Liverpool, !<•• k oat to-day f600.000 In sotcie, making a total of (1,4110,000 for the two steamers.— Journal of Commerce, Jr. lEXiDSTCHTS urn PnOBOOZ.—The markets for bread, stuns to-(lav were excessively dnll, and at a decline.— Not a sale rf floor was mad , th'. t we coold he\r of, and the tendency was strongly dovi.ward. V heat opened dull, and only a few small sales r ere made, at a roai VH decline—No. 1 going off for 1 08, and at the cl^se a ale as made of 800 banhels, Io be dellrered on Saturday, at 1,06—showing conclusively that a conilnned decline was looked for. Extra qualities brought 1,23, and extra !• o. 1 1,25 ; whll No 8 n.OTfd off slightly at 1,00 Oats show a better figure, bnt the sales of the day ere stn«ll street lots, wh ch d.. not thow the trot «Ute of the market, as parties aie n t so particular trtieu dealing In small lota gales Hvrv made at 44®4C. Corn tras quiet; so were Pol aloes, and. In fact, every hint else. In short, It was a d cldedly dull day. •"lllwauucc Ubtil • ile .Tlarlioi. TorsDiT Errsuo, June 21. FREIGHTS— uncbanred and v.ry Inactive No new charter,, ard no rhlpm nts. FLOTB— loactlT«, and t.-nde cy don-nwarJ !:<•- celpts 63 bbls. N.T ahlpnentn nor sales. BVE FLOOR—steidy at 6Z6®6,50. WHEAT—dull and lower. Receipts 1^18 bus. Ship, aents, none. Pales 970 bos No 1 at 1 OS; 800 liu , do at ,06, to br driivered on Saturday; 124 bus No. 'I at 1,00! ^ bus tx ra No. 1 at 1 25; 90 bus extra al I,«8 Total ,470 has. EYE—quiet and steady at 1,05®1JO. Recalpu 41 , Saturday, nfi| were towed ont eastward, y>sterday, en route for Liverpool, 1sden with staves and black walnut. The former leaded at Oha^bam and Maiden, the latter at Detroit. J , BF* The | following vessels passed Detroit on thi 18th: i | Bound Op— Propellers Hcrlhera Light, Fu«queh«nna Kile ; barks -Malta , 8arah A. Marsh ; schooners Monte- cell n, Dial, Brand Ditrn- Sleim?r North Star; propeller Daco- ta*> ; bark Allies ; schooners Chas- Klngsford, Carrlng ton, St. Alb-inS. TELEGRAPH. ; New Yorh Jlnrkr-. Niw You. June 21. FLOUR—rmrket u dull an.l 5.^,10 cent* lover sales 6,800 bbls at 5^5 / a8,10; for superf tie atate «,SSQ CJSO for extru stair; 5,9il'(t6,IB fnr suptiflne ire.te r. 6^3^6,85 fojrjcommon to gouil ex»ra wrs ern^ 6,t^fj 7,00 for do roQcd )>oop Ohio—clotlng 1 e»vr. RTF PLiOB—quiet at 4ift6.00 WHE.lT—djill and rtprpsssd; sales troa I at l,62rj 1,70 for red Southern, and l.SO for white dn BYE—du 1 it 85<a95 B»RL'-Y—4all aid nominal. CORN—htsiTy, 'al^s 44,0 0 baa HI -iiftlSS (.ir ne mixed we«teid; &5 for southern yellow; and M^^fi ti r, and yellow west. rn. OAT* lower and dull at 46{J«9 for mate. 49 u 51 for Canadian. W' UK Y—sales 150 bbls at 2C /,26X. STOCK*—Sfl board lower; U 9 61 f '14 1U4; Mo i f6Xi P 1°: Tenn 92X; Erl- 2d mort T3X< 1 mori 1MX; II) C-b nds 8!>i; Del A Bud 9 ; Pa • M. OS; N Y C T3J{: Hud-o-. 3i>j Hail pn "Ji(, M '-' H 80; UeadlngV4K; 8 60; M a frtA i9; Pun ?i\ 'ial Chi 68 X, C( K I 6S; Norwich * 'Vorce'le- 35 t, . for «helled, and 70 for un- Af EVACIAIKD HA VI A! C ANKoBKKJ IS UKAD! GtSAT BaiiAiK.—The BnHsh ministry did not resign on Saiordsy^ the hofi^eof Commons adjourned over till Friday the f7>.h inst It U reported that the Prussian>rmy will be mobilized, and Prussia *tll soon Uke part in the conflict. It is also stated that th< Prussian ffovernmBnt U negotiating for i, passage of troops through Germany. The Austrians were «t Lodl, and the allies advancing. Gen. Qarribaldi bad beaten an Austrian force at Brisca Five hundred Zon- avei were killed aad wounded at Marignun The Austrian* lost 50, 1200 made prisoners. The battle at Marignan lasted 9 boure. The armies were preparing for a general engagement. The details of the battle of Magenta fir* received at London and Paris very elo*ly but rf D0t chan se the first complexion The loss was andoubtedly severe on both aides. The Austrian official accounts only aoknowl- edge from four to five thousand killed "and wounded,'and says that the enemy lost fully as much again. It is reported but uot confirmed, that Gen. Gyulaihaene«i dismissed, and Gei. Hess appointed Commander-in-Chief. The Austrians have retreated beyond the river Abda, their head quarters was near (Jhemona, they were expelled from Mariquin by Gen. Baragnary D'Hiilier'g, who took 1200 prisoners. Pario wag evacuated by Anstrians. The Paris Moniteur of the 10th instant contains the following details of the battle of Magenta. The concentration of our troops on the Po deceived the enemy Into the belief that we inteuded to cross the river. On tbe morning of the 4th 128,000 of the Austrians were in position opposite the Emperor, and the gre D : adier division of the Imperial Guard was obliged to fight this desproportionate odds.— t?*2LS^J i *S&* &*" energy in the Great Britain most Rait* JCr.000,000 to meet bcr Exprndltun>«. ARRIVAL OF THE KANGAROO. NEW VOEK June 21. Tlie hlt-ampr Kangaroo has arrived, bringing I London dates by telegraph to tb.- 9iL. ' There wa« a partial lirolin* of oon.-als m London. Tli- P»>-.o R^OT-CO iBcijDpd l per cpnt A Verona despatch says, among the wonnd- fd at tur c.^mr v. ji^tt^cta, are Barnn R^-isrh- acht, threv G-u^rals. ihrw staff offir>rs, tw<> BUff officers m^»ing. Ktid one Major killed LIVERPOOL. Jan.- B. — Breadstuff s .-onuna- dnll. CORN—steady it 7a brlleil. OATS—light sa.'es. Receipt* 2»0 bus. B»le» 184 hns n lots to tht trade at 46; 76 bus do at 44, larije lots to tore held at 4'*@r42. BA.KLEY—dull s.nd nomin I at 60S"6. PJTATOF8—firm ai Poaf"'. Receipts 86 but. g,les «0 bus go..d M W. BUTTER—In moderate snpplr, &nd price* steady at Kail for Brkln, and 12@I4 for good fresh roll. EQ-O8—in good request at 9(j^lG- WOOL—quiet and dull; very little arrtrlng. A few ales at 22Q.S5. HIOBWINE8— ste»dy at S« HtLllroad ilPCclpift. ESCKIPTE BT L» CB088S it Mrtwicius BAH.HOJJD.— 6 bbls flour, 20 do potato.. : li firkins hotter; 6,-QO fl umber; 477 Ibs hides; 4,907 do sundrlei. Ritcw I*TP BT MrLTlcvail % MmiBBlTn BATLKO'D 9 bbli fli.ur; 1.916 bus when, 290 do oats; 42 do rye; 66 do potatoes; 8M Ibs hid. <; 14,438 do s^nJries; 2 tons itone; li bbls rgg«; 2 hei ! csttle. N*w Wus.iT.-Wf »ere «h. in, by one of our nbetit dealers en charge, this morn .ig, • sample of arw wheat from Southe n 1111 ois. It |.-,kel extremely well, tne larpe l.rlgli i,,.rry, and «elf I. 1^.1, If It was a fair um- plc of i'i. gen"ral crop dowi there, and It It «, plenty a> reprr • :H, why, E.jrpt o»n go in on the whrat bo- r u .1 <.r old. I «»j arst rate good wheat, so u BCFPALO VJARKFT PL'TR— In f«ir rpqnrst and market Inv^r , m ^t 1,8 0 b l »t 6(S» 7S for c/.mmon In it.ite frnm fh cago st-rlli/ vbeat ; 6 £5 .'o. from Mi trance club wheat; 6 40<&0 SO forstraiRht extra Wla , I.MO , 7Q.7 'ZS for extra MltDlg«n, Indl .na and Ohio ; 7 &o$6? ~S for donblr extra. WIIElT—Qo'ft ; sal » 3.1.00 bin s'nn.iir.1 0) lcar» iprlr g. -n lots, »t 1 10/tl 11%. CORN— Nointna'.at 70c 0.4TS—Del', »t 40-&4U . BAHLET—Meary. at 60iti65 . KVl—firm, at 1ftI 06. WHISKY- 3 Irs li 0 bhl- »' 26c CA N AL F^tflGhTs— Cnrhaneed LAKEIMI'O^T^-S.OOO this Hour 2), mi l.ust, wkra', 6.AOO bU5h r>4t«. CANAL RECEIPTS—TOO hb's fl .ur. I-.', .,. Im, 0 rp 8 UOtl bu- uats- LIVERPOOL JiAfiKBT. Ln EaporiL, J u a.. ID. M»iket clr.«e»l irith a decilninc lerujcocy on all ou»|. Hies of bre».l»rnl's Messri Richardson. S|>-n;ce A l'o'« circular reports flour upen'ng dull, and the c|notat.ons nomlnsl. CcgjanJ, Allhayer t Co. quote a decline of 6d -n p>- ces on the weet. WHKAT—contlna-« very dull, and prices are Sd' : , 3.1 lower thftn TIKS'SV'.^ quotailnns. C«iRN —there has been a defining tendency in all quots.Ho s. Ct-gland. Al'haver t Co report a decline of frl(t&8d on |be week, and qaote mired at 6s&.]^6sDd. LONDON MOSKY MARKET. LOSI.OJ Junp 10. Consols closed this erenlng at 93^1^94. The Bullion In thr Bank &f Fnnland has Increased during tht »eek one hnndred abd nln-ty-three thousand poond'. The lal»st commercial 'nttlligi-nce I- up t" P»lurdiy afternoon. Breadstuff and Provision market eon ti"ues (lull. There was no quoUtlon of consols for money on Pat- urd.v afreraoon, be books b-lng closed fnr account. The quotations arc 92S ^921^— eldlnden.l Thj market closed firm. BcrriL •, Jone 21. f^~ Tbe vcssel< passed through the Port Co!borr« lock from 4 o'c ock p n-.on the Isth till 4 p m on the 2mh Jarre, 1SW>: Ves-eli bottod West OD I e. Hth—none . on Lhe 20th, schooner Koynl Oak. turnej luck from \,laoh,-r^m:h or Buff»li Tei-els bouncl Ent on the ISlh—none , on Hie 20th, P-»lrft Pta e. br g Hir Ch»r!e«, D-\f C. W Cro«,e. scbooners Fiyln^ClouJ De-pitch, Mlnerra, Cook. Huph Rarc:a>- Empire StAt- and bark A.txa-d r MEDICAL. AYER'b CHERRY SECTORAL, DB. J th« bent . . ATVR I l<, - Hi'-lT I IHT OB. HOOELAHD'S GERMAN BITTERS, A3TD DU. HOOFsLAinVS BA1SAMIC COBDIAIs, The great standard medicina of tht praent age, have acquired their great popularity only through year* of trial. Unbounded satisfaction it rendered by them in all easel; and tht peoplt hate pronounced them worthy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Jferroos System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all dueatet anting from a disordered liver or iceaknai of tht stomach and digestive oryant, are speedily and permanently cured by the GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial has acquired a reputation surpassing that of any similar preparation extant. It mil cure, WITHOUT T&li, tht molt tevert and long-standing Cough, Cold, or Hoanenesi, Bronohitii, Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, and fuu performed tht most astonishing cures tver known of Confirmed Consumption. A few data mil alto at once check and curt tht most mere Diarrhoea proceeding from Coin m THB BOWELS. These medicinei are prepared by Dr C M JACKSOS & Co., No. 418 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa., and art sold by druggists and dealers in medicines everywhere, at 75 cent* per bottle. The signature o/C. M. JACKSOS icill be on the outside wrapper of each bottle. fn the Almanac published annually by the proprietors, called EVERYBODY'S ALHASAI', you leill find testimony and commendatory notices from all parts of the country, r Tkt-tt. Almanacs are given away by all our agents C.I T. •; J of trf More caution, huwover, stio tli p".' .-"I In rin-nlr'rT nomi 7l:Tti . - ' ijj. -fcn :..fle-t«'ltl I who tvssiloi'j ^rroclt i-< ' ' if.*-.. k ny i 1 '"* rns u> tni- IICH: • . * • i-i ir-l l-. I'.T 1,>t t • !•« ' . 'lilti 'S. r 1'. t. n IkTr 1 <• lu-,>- -, Dr U'm rVTi-" pl.dTit*. KBKN KNh. 3 MOKTUKY. Ka^.,,tt ifcy tw-m:y-flrn Inii -•i« my jth»r nrai t'roup* W h (,KK. * ,<«n..i ("outjh. -('lr'BLD, Vl i In IK-: L-.^A DISCOVERY OF THE AGE I.-) Agent* f..r Ho"ffnn.l' C. HA* IM.T'J • H, BOtfWOItni * .-O.N.J. a (Wrmao B tier . U ,wac«r Dyer's Cathartic Pill> i Tllfc J.JVEH IN VI GO K A I OK! PRKPAKKil I'.V UK .-^NM iK'l), f-l MS, i\ ;r 8 ONK of the fc oo« bef-.n- th a)] morh ora thf tip in -althy I -. (Jonsols ar^ quoted at The French general Will- snbsequant action. sten was wounded. Desmeand Madhust, Commandera of the . ganeraldies, were killed. describes the opera- Who thonsilnd prisoners. four the de com- The free Al, ned Piedmont from th AuV- of Montebello toons who since the battle oneeo have lost twenty five thonaand^ed and wounded, ten thousand prisoners and 17 can- DOHA. . Fif leiI !!ii^ a 7 lnim * r8abanlnlohs of LOKDON, June 9tli.- at 93 l-2a93 34 Tl«, bniiioo in the B«nh ur ED^Isad Lag Increased $100.000 darine the w«-k. The «t*amship Vigo had arrived out. The Emrwror Napoleon aud tbe King of Sardinia had entered Milan, and w<-r« emLiDnias- ticallj recnived by tbp people. The Aontrians have also frafua'tt-d Pavia The Austrians l^rt Milan on the 5th inst , the maniripa.1 functionaries retiring to Verona LATEST.—It is reported that Gen. Canrobert has died of hia wounds Uen. Danplej-, commander of the Imperial Guard, had l>een created Marshal. The real loss of the Austrians ia estimated at from IS 000 to J4,000. The Zoaarrs and Guards lost and retook their position and at last Gen. Neil's^rmy as- Rnmed the offensive, which was trresisiible, Napoleon is said to harp been in the midst of the Imf-mal Guard daring the stand ofisro hours made against the Anstrians. who it appears, were aware- of the fact. A Turin despatch, daU-d June 4Jh. says :— The first private letter from the battle 8eld of Magenta has been received. The Imperial and Sardinian Guards were alone opposed to the Austrian masses. They were attacked by the Austrians, and wore unable to advance but nevertheless finally resisted the enemy TOWN, June 8.—That part of Upper Lombardy which has been freed from the Austrians, has proclaimed Victor E man del K\t-q Volunteers are rapidly arriving to join Gari baldi's corps, which is pursuing the enemy. NAPLES.—The Neapolitan ministry has been modified. An official declaration of neutrality has been made. The Neapolitan Government had made a levy of 25,000 men for the navy. LA.TBST.—LOHDOS, June 9 —The Dally Aetw' city article of last evening says the funds this morning showed increased strength and a fresh rise of l-4a3-8 was made. ' The news of a decline on the Paris Bourse occasioned a partial reaction, which was strengthened by the rumor that the French had received a severe shook. The market finally closed 1-4 lower than yesterday The Times city article says the absence of news from France, has facilitated the circulation to-day, of a mnltitnde of reports of a severe check to the French army, and the defeat of the kmg of Sardinia has also been currently asserted It ig certain however, that to the close of business not ing bad transpired to establish these statements. Still they hare had the effect of keeping the stock market in a state of excitement, especially as the prices f-om the Pans Bourse showed a decline of 10 percent. The Advertiser aoouaea the French des- patches of misr^resemation, because thej do not tall* with the Austrian bulletins H.'VISI .. •. mlnp «-nh . rery day. The Joncsbo- r"U>h (S,:tttte and hpaita He: old, of IlUroij, Ix-th an- nounc.- the commen -unent ft the vheat harvest In their TI Ir.ltj. The »he«t Is » ell filled and well eired an<1 «Mh a feweeki of good weather will be secured i POBCSU) SiLi nr FLOOR.—A speculator In Washing on i county, Virginia, nine* the Istc frost, ms a j lar^e quantity of floor for famine prices acd would not sell to the farmcri. On Saturday some farmers I Krok« Inu. b.» --. ^i v-~e ^ u j i w ua uut c.«h bis tiarre', I leATluff el^bt di liars b, nind for each barrel taken. SALT PaosptcTS.— T> e Syracose Standard says salt Is now sel'loR at eipbty cents per barrel, and dull ht tliat Wood continues l > hold Its own price yery we,ll BiSTelf sell ftt twenti-four and twentj-flre c-nts. A present prices suit'acturers are losing from cos' of matin? a one. say nothing of wesir aod tear of the erf Uo; s, from flvr to eight cents per barrel. Vbt market is over.stocked with last year's sStlt and the West too poor to buy, so the salt Is this year worse ttan no- thiQff. Neither comrse nor fine will gel the simple Interest on thtlr laTestments. HOPS.—Th« recent adverse frosts h«Te Inflicted a s'lglit Injury u t -on the Tints In some localltlei; occasionally a yard Is found which appears to h»»e suffered considerably A letter from Chautsuiqns coanty rtsues thai the rmes there are used up. Several lots of old lops hav- been I within ten days pa.-t In »ome ccses, '67 bops haT- brought as high u 6c. It will be noticed tint the Enflish papers speak dlscouraging- Ij- r.r the state of the v:ne In that country: but It Is too earl to judge correctly.— Cooperltovm ( If, T ,) Jtrur- K AT [.WAY TIATTEHS. RAILKOAC Vi m Aoin.— The Rsvllroads »re beginning to quarrel ara.2, aad cut down on fares. So says the Cinc'unatl C<mun -cial. i. A \\ d pri COl'NSl «». IH N*- * A. J .l.OUS ATirl.AW, MW \(>RK. , CHANDLER &, HICKCOX AttorneyR AzCunsellorq sit L a w ^ It. V! lt>Ff I.*>D III <>< K. V H I.WAI' KFI- . tvr CP. »»CL;I r.. . ..(i[»rl3 ...... JAMI^ BuT^ i It OSS A i'AUHIMI, VTTOR.VEYS.A COrNSKhl.dlfc* AT l >o. K), ,tlhn») Illllldlnc, ••11 « \CTtRK, ..... ai.l ....... XVIS.CoS A Hi.onix.nou, ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS AT LAW ArcatU £ttldinff, 178 Etui Waters!.. AfilwiuJctf. O. W. PlciHiH, formerly New Vork F. BUMDOOOO M U. 8. Court Coramissione^ ind C<.-n- mt^- onrr for several slates. nnyl3^/ICri Oo!> f-l'rfr r. iy t/7/'. Otl.> ' f p ior>ft) l% • re .•»». Qn!j) >. -:.xl< iy AH .r-A "y in il' ore rr'irin Prepared iwkicAi aad A a : -.. i i.t • A V l ly all Drutr,rifU. Sold N I. A 'J M fr th- H ,v tnauy Patois Bi MARINE RECORD. I 859. torn. « .raiment . their independence had Thedrfaatofthe Austrians on Magiata is £rn^J ^ pfodueed «n immense sensation Toe correfpondenta of the daily ' two employed sixty of tBa Austrians; whose foni Borne perBDDj are disposea to anticipate mrther downward movements in the BanlPof- Bogland rate, which baa been reduced to 3 per cent. . According to the opposition statement to both houses of Parliament, £7,00>i,000 must oe provided by the government to bring the revenue op to the present roteof expenditures The account will not probably prove quite so bad, bnt the Chancellor |6f the Exchequer seems to wish to prepare the public for the consideration of the subject by annonncino n. nanoial measures that are in contemplation ol Pr»n of nilu-aukeo June 2|. ARRIVED. fltmr Cleveland, Dougal, Orand Bsjren. Prop Rocket, Rice, Buffalo, 163 tons mdi. '• F^nntnln City, Pr. k, Colllngwood, 6 pkgs Hudson Bay goods, 40 pkgs rundrles, 0 pass Pcbr JSichard Mott. Reed, Baflalo, W tons powder. Stmr Oili of CleTelaad.Sqa.ers,Grand Haren 1 Planet Sweeney, Chicago, 287 pkgs suadrles, B78 paasengers. " Osulle, Butler, Two Rivers. CLEARED. Stmr City of Cleveland. Bqaim, Ortnd Haven. 8chr Oaielle, Butler, Two Rive s. Prop Fountain City, Peck, Chicago. " Rocket. Sic. Chicago. Stmr Lady Elgin, Wilson, Superior. Bchr Queen of the V7. st, Vance, Green Bay. 8tmr OIjTelsjDd, Doagal, Gran-: Qaven. i.. L. f t :.n t« )'.\ J '. \ lorueys i » -1, »r \11-.K A- S'JAliix. <fe Connsellors m Law. Nrt- '2. M:i^l.ell's "«r«- lUnh Buil.l riir. rnr- U.I.SKST L. raaa., .. S» A BS li A. Attorceyn and Confide ,.tial A T ihf Buffalo T ran «r.->ph li j Infir-: • • » if Ynt, j SOS, L...:!*..*, N. Y j .:rt-<ts, (Up «lalr. ) A Mocr Ao insT.--.juri • r Sot ttirnal Kmi«n n>, ^ eakn.-!**, *<. -- •»!. fifl- «n .M ja u. l^» ft m »'*f. .1-- ! <-.,.-.j. .nlit V A SO Me. ical T«I» Hospital— TIKUI< PILES. t>l\4 OX EH V DR. i\Fl. I H I A .rice! uti Ule prevenL4l v- 40 ! -'i- -ur* ury trujy, .itbl «.'j-,l f,. ; — • a-~l • : r •> • ., >t^tur-ty . utL-7*-, coroer LI\'ERPIl.i.S. INVENTION ure ol tjen.uu iJei 'his at Law. V A .\ Jl \ Counsellors iA T, . ir/iO'^VN/. 1 .', W-ll prsctirt io lie vanc.os Qor.r'.i al ih>- iVTcn'h Judicial Circuit of JVljconsin, arj.l W]|| lalthfniry atlru.l io r.ll bawincp^ lotrosltfil to u£, remittances pnn.j.t.j imi-.e. Land \Varrantj located in iplocteil lanili '. r those nt a distance. Utrrssra * Skresma, Banten, J. U. 8Hia«TSli5, ton., Mllwaa LfTTEio. A BAjouX Miln-aQkep. Ah Mirr.ioia .» ilataox, Ohlc.-.fc,. Hon. J . CiTOs, Ottawa, 111. the greatest qhwacter. 1AT — Themeefing of the Allan- yesterdar. «• ^"J ot<A * h * Members wag adopted anthority to«dd four to their Bumb to more : on. » * 8 their left, Son 8«n. McMahon had ; iiow reached the scene ^foment had^ometo b^bi iMBtn of the Anstrians, o rtOg»loifly betide him. urriUe. and the " i^*.2S..52S!S? 0 " M ^ ^Slf^^ *^- 9 ! n ^ *** u their *° jowly carry Into effect the wjththe goremment; and the Ig X? Bharas to the extent of £600,000. waa sanZ tlonsdtoenjoypreferentUldWdeDdof 8 oent. ' ...... ; . .-. , The London leaoed remarke, that all battle of .Magenta, fs si the ftot, «batthe AnstriS " noir In the hands <jf the alH P « The fcradon Port remarks that **f tnomtng the pnbllo h S8 and fropi the Metropolis wl^h its aoth reao> to fiirallow My canak after censuring the UVTELLIOENCE. N*w VBSsn..— The Bnffa'o p pen say t floe barque on the stocks at 81. Catharine- was to be launched on the 20th. the Is said to be a EL i>erlor craft. Fo« LIVUPOOL.—The Detro i Advertiser lays the schooner Hugh Barclay, Cap iln Charles Chadwlck, cleared on Tborsday for Llv -rpool, «rlU> 1T.TT6 pip* stave* and 81,888 West India si aves. AsBJvrn AT Bmmu>, ITro —Prop. Globe, Pratt, Chicago. From Milwaukee—20 bbls Iron ore, KSVhldes, 1 box goods, 8 sacks sang, 6 l.dls skins; prope ler Po- tomao, Gebhird, Chicago, ZJK>) bbls flour, K kegi batter, 1M batS'Wheat, 1 box pictures, It pkgs furniture, Scsisl toba co; schooner Fred Hill, Davis. Milwaukee, 11,000 bus wheat; do Wm. H. Stephens, Doyle, Mllwan.' kee, 11^00 bos wheat. Otiun noil BOITAUI, I7ra -Prop. lorsj, Jones, Chicago; do Nile. Colllni, Chicago; do Fres 8t»te, Bonniji, Chicago; do W. H. Stevens, Doyle, Milwaukee. June 18th.—Prop. MenJota, Spencer, Chicago; pro- ptlltr Ouyahoga, Handel), do. ECHOOXn Orr.—Jhf schooner Olean which wu ashore at Wejt Chester vai g: t off recently and taken to Toledo. Bo sayi the Sladt. ty Ward's steamboats between Buffalo and Cleveland an bsvinggood patron* ge. JNO. /V. 8AVA<JK, ,J|{., Attornev and Counsellor at Law NOS. t t 10, PH6EMX BCILDIN ., MIL\VAI:KF.K,... .............. WISCONSIN « Oommml<inerrbr !«. \'., I'»-,i.., Ohln, Inrtlaod, III ( ,;'-./ Ht.lttt i. jci anil Iowa. VON ATTOaNKf AND OOUN8KLLOK AT LAW, — Emf.irt Block, 221 Eaju Water it. .1. Vi. V. PLATTO, Attorney & Counsellor at Law. Hf Office In UHci.eU'n Bank faokee, WlsconslO- Building, No. 8, M11- Janll HOOJCKlijJc'.NBKKO, aiunit-ys a. i ouiiseilorS at L&\\. i^~ Ufilcr, Hot. 8^-4, ttnil'tt,,, t ...(•!»• e Vi- 4 v-m d* - AJavn Strfti*. Opposite the t^ewhall Uoose MiiK-huiee Win, ^ u. nooriLa.. . i, , . E. tr*£OEjftJxao _JivnlS-dly ' ; JOHH w. OiSlT.j'j. WiUJCI raiTT OAjliy & PKATT, AMorsieys) and (Jounscllor* at l-aw, Office In youflg's Block, Corner Main and Wls- ; coosln street, M1HVAPKBE,.. 1 4 ..feo20-d3m........ WI80ONBIN D.A.J. oj?ai«....:.L^tUM KHJaAJTI & t.iU.A.HA.31, Attovneyi at La* land Solicitor! In Chancery, Noj 1 Wisconsin stree^ Milwaukee. janl-: VCirvf. MKN TAKF IARTIVUAR ••••:!• - Ihr^ ?l»ve f. \ n mint ;mp.,'1.11:1 'j^Lia .,< . ; r the 7urf of if.* ab. -t disease* li f^sb^rr«jrj:,.| to s U*l 'v the m. -t cm.irecl phyaiclan.s .1. L- ,,3 -i, Paru,«l|.l.ta and NrW V ,rl . i: h-er. i- .»r d the <-nly useful mstrarr.ent ev,-r HPT--I..I i -j.. I fans, cnusetl bv the secret rmhit 01 , u >i I - .. • *,; dollars I y mn ' .jr et press. A CURE » ARRANTED Or. AMOS A SOS have devoted tneir »IL C QU n -x- cluovely tn ihis peculiar claw of ma'vli'*, i : 'he reltt-f thr-y l.»v- con ic|ue:.tlj. been cn»t»ie.| 1.1 r^n ler their felii.w rf-Htures, is fully te?.t;rtt-d n-. i gratefully ackiiowie.i 5 -ed bj pat. nn »:i I ,)i?u-rs da '7 arrtring .n town from all parts of thr ,,,,,mrj (or Uie express jjorpo-e only of c..o«u.Lation.', * r. Ibfr eiertions l.een crowned with Uie roo*t -urn*! a.l- Tantaces ; yet frora what they hav.. eiperen.-rd in enquiring in: • the cautes nf thn-ie inreri,.m* ,-onipivnt---, (from their niont »lro(.le co'.Uit.on to t; ..I lie ai..«t 'Unjrcrous at.d Inveterate,) they hare always enter- talnpj ihe possibilisy (1 f Uietr pr^vrnt. n %:..! e utl. aud invariably found the n an.l msHjrnant forms if disease c ul.l almo- be raced to one of the fol.owing ranses neglejcl, r.r the 111 effect* of un:>luUf\il ar treatmvnt; therefore, Da. Ajioa a S«>s f.\. in .liscovorlog, tn the selection of U:e!r renr-.lir;*, a »afe, effectu.-*! and cautious course; on.iui e .t i combination of remedies which hear an equ'Yucs. ch.rac- ier, 03 well HB thuM! whose premature ^r tnju nci.tu* application might he productive of bad C"t.<r<ine-r'9 In the of private individuals. In sh"r', tiie Uu.U- ble end of their remedies Is the lewenlnr ..f a great mass of human misery by the allevtatton, relief and prevention of Ihose grievous afflictions that are In reality Uie secret foes of life, and wh rh, while they so eiterjively surround us, call alnnd for our ski! and Interference in their extermination. COCNTRY INVALIDS. Pert .os in any of the world may Be luccrisfally treated by forwarding n correct detail of th,. r -vie. with aremittance for Medicines, Ar. Address Dr. AMO8 t SON. come- M*II an- o< <t Street, Unfair.. .\ V i^-dl.' . TO r« A N KlCiiK>T LMT A !IK U"T. > I hf I . , > b > ' TI t It or Kii>pt/ r -. H>. ^•KE.••^K1 t UK I'K»>I'H\ r II- rMEM . . i , \ f M.I. ml •, n.r«. ili.NA.MKN T. 1 H N.I U IN F Ur \V-. \ r-r Ur. 1' ,iru •'TIM '•''I .- I). T') I Iu Tut 10 TH' rn TJI u ri irnUe .availably l^n. .ranee, l impr tper H!(K.~.' ... Ml 1.,, ituTU TliK O.i »UTH TdK i, i, a TH rut., it BUTU rit k i,i . KKATKdT AUK. jKt » TI-JII A(,K . 'l 11 A I II ' > i,.UK. • A* 1H1H. tr .d L THF: \ \l \\ -.If L-IX. ir AI>O ' : ir iu.i u. IT AI--O R IT." rticic... i i r AL-O kt.-«Tutt£.M Bradley, PAPJKR AKl> KAQ ».<8 WEStT WAIEH STHKIOi, ; MILWAUKEE,...; j [aprSA] wigCONai». .W1LUASU....JJ ............. • ...... upper Mississippi Is very high yet. EBr-Tho man who wu «tTnck by llghtolng on board of th» B«» Star Is recovering. Adonmrr.— fbt schooner Speedwell, the other day In rdondlng too at Detroit, r»n into Graves A EheUon'i dock, carrying away her Jib topiall, by tearing It In pieces, also most of her-uead«e». j Armittong, Auction and| j Commission Merchants, LAND A&EKT3 AND MONEY BBOEGE8, tyiLI/0Tep»j STUKET, lar attention to the sale of >aril- M«r- wu ran Iflto on Ti . ..._ F Another report says Commercial. ?»pntu> faow« TJj.,—p otn the Ogfctulbnrg Jour noi.we team that the prop-lit r Borer, bnllt the lai* j winter at Clifton, •ad OTOIII >/ Mr. Jeoklns of th»t j TlU«gf, bsrrst her boUeratnd exploded onTae»(J»y night L Ittt, tjrbca oppoilte Orindstooe Jsjand, on tht rlrer St. t«»rino«.' the boat mu blown into fragments, and retard mad™' * Tf" 5 " ° n COMl P 1 "« nt «.,'«' u P'orn^t M.Bj-Bo-nds, No Us tod Mortgages negotiated. NEW B O U li S JtJST RfOElVKui BY STK li Kl, V \ DA; < o.. 138 KAST VVA'l'KH SI. W ALL STREET to Cashmere. A journal of fivi years In Aila, Africa and Kun.pc ; w lt ), iflo Ulas tratloes from sketches made oh the spot by John B. Ireland— • $4,00. Ltfeand Times of Carey, Marshtnan and Ward. Em bracing the history of the Serampore Mission • by John C. Marsliman. Price 5 00. Manu'i dclencejof Double-Entry Book-keeping 1 50 Lecture on Metaphysics and Logfc, by Sir William Hamilton, D 00. Wyoming ; Its h story, stirring incidents and rom Uo adventores, by George Deck, D. D , l 8u The Harp of a Thousand Strings, or the quintessence of human wit, waggery and wisdom, 1 2i Army Ufeon the Pacific. A Jooinal of the Einedi- tlon against the Northern Indians. th a tribe, of the ^"."S? 5 le °T a> 8 P° klln »«»1 Ptlouies, mine summer of 1868, by Lawrence Kip, of the U. B. Army Pr coc. MIL.W Ajl ' DEI S®IM?^^^ MKT DOOK T % MJSSHia. OlUDjTOHD iBO'8. **"Oi fms AJQy DjULnfi nf" ., volume flve, I 60. ™ I- . 5 lcUon »'» <>« Authors, S 60. li'teof Kit Carson, 8 00. '' '" 8TRI<!KL»ND*CO.,. IWEut Water street. •uDklmaledlaUly. Three pfrsons were serlotuly but not BODB t PAIHI, PlalatlTs Attorneys, Mil. COOK WANTED. , « «1 Mala rtre jt. 1RK Mlla jtxtn Janijly jTloor ^ Rl - Uints for Senate, and the Bar, by U. Bautaln- Price 1 00. Diary of Lady Morgan, I 2Bc. The Kpnunee of a Poor Young Man, 1 00. New- lUutrated Eural Manuals; coraprlsliDi the House, the Garden, the Farm and Domestic Animals.— Hlrjto towards Physical Perfection, or the Philosophy of toe Human Beauty j shoving how io acquire and retain bodily symmetry, titaltii and vigor, secure long life, and avoid the Infirmities aad deformities of age, by D.H.Jaeqnes,100. * • Spnrgeon's Sermons, volume five, 100. Love- Me LiWe, Lore He Long, by Ch»>. Reade, IBc. History of the Dominion o the Arabs in Spain, 8 li. A JOBrney Dne North, being notes of a residence In Russia^ by-OeorgeAngusttufala, 1 00 ro i r& 'i AT l r\ \ . \ • :\ TO ITS Nil i !i.>L ' . , . lo ir> NATCR_U • , i. ,; Tn l r< N »r 1 •: , , . i PKJlVENla ITS t ALI.K.u I'BIVKNTS ITS F,lLLI.-.M. , Kr.'V t.NTS IT^ f.ALI.l>h I'KrVKNTS ITl" F«l I I\n I'UVKn^ r Hh. 11 Vl .. I \ .. Co V t K., V H n II 1 I ,: . . L' IL'K u.l I. . h • > i' COVKRi THh II A I. ll H • l ' Kuf.KS rHt it.\Lf hSOM ALL DOKtgfM FKKKa PHK SC.vLr i-R.iM ALL Ul~!.\--- FilKK^ TUK rCALF FRO.M ALL UlSM.-h.- VM:VJ> VHK *CAL»' XKOM VLI. DI.^KA.-U;' SOLI) UV ALl. Dllluiilai-S SOLU BY ALL BRCGlil.sTS SOLO BY ALL [WL'titifcirs BY ALL UBUaolvrs. A-ND BY 9 J. WOOD t CO. INU BV o. J V»D .u i i o A.NU BY >>. J VVijOD i GO. AjiD BY I). J WOOl) t Ut) ST. LOUIS. 3T LODI3. ST. Lot I.'. ST. LOUIS. A.ND 3l:i BHOAlJrt A v \ AND 31V! l ROADWAY, v AND Wi BKOADW\Y. s AND .\i'l UHi..ADWtY \ The HestorilWe Is put np in bottles >r J iu. - vi large, me<1lnm, and small; the small ticl.N i,-ti \nv H retails for one dollar per Dottle; the ruediun, •>. '.i. ieut twruty per cent, nrore in propor'-i.m ;hai. 'fi.- -'u retails (or two dollars per b.iJUe; :he i»r-^ L . n...u* '» JIDI iu per cent, more tn proportion, anil retail- f..r l.i ,x botll.-. 0. J. WOOD i Co., Prounstori, ll, iv,„.!-.; York, ^n the -rest N. Y. Wire fun n.- ••-..!» .' '.... »nd 114 Ji.irketn., St. Louis, Mo. Sotd by C. H.ittaiNGreN in.I » / .. i ^.rj^ i attl Fancy So.»:s bealer-L ,, 1Uf , \\ Ii4 U.IKKI..T ST., 114 MAUKKT ST., 114 MAKKtT ST , 114 MARKIT1 ST., r )r ex hunun 'TH or the ,. : l Bn.; I h v ;• R \ \ ; • \ , nine, rhc-v .ilniu- r ,;: v if i speedy ind porrru.'VTr As specifics for ";r il tioned diseases, rhcv .ire ( ind never known r n t'.v.l in .iccordanct when with TO RKN'l. W E bare lereral Brick and Frame Uo-twi iu i itn exceedingly cheap. \V 8 h»To r,,r s»J,- a r»-t quantity of l£e»l estate, consisting ,,f Douses an.l Loti ImproTed an.l t-nlmprove I ?arms of every s « io suit purchasers, School Lauds carefully .elected it an e rly day. Time «I1I f« glTen for part of the pur<,, money, clear titles s.nd warrantee deeils. QiiiOORV t CO. ministered directions. Their unprecedented popula ^as induced the proprietors, FLEMIM; H;^,CH.\R,, PITT-.BI RI. H , P.\ *o dispose of t.ieir Drug have been tor the last now give .ul th; business -aicces* } CIRCUIT COCBT, I Milwaukee Oouaty, \Vij j Magdalena Slcgl against Jacob BaJT. State of Wisconsin, to Jacob H»J: Y OtJ are hereby scmtn.ined and retired io an a »-,r the complaint In Ibis action. «hich t as thj a j , y bf en Bled In the offloe of the Clerk of tho oir.MiIt Com of the Coanty of Milwaukee, at the City of MlEffauHeej anil to serve a copy of your answer to tho ta,,i 5,,,,, plalpt, on the subscribers at their office. In saJU o.ty *ltHln twenty dat» ffter the service of this summons' on yon, excltulre at ti>« day of such service ; and IT you fallto answer the SAII! complaint within the Umo ifortsald, the: pfclintilllo this action will apply to the Coon for 'he tellef demanded In the complaint Dated May 1«, 1889; ^ * ' in which they fully engaged tor the last I\ent> Years, and thev \vill now give then undivided time .ind attention CL 'heir manufacture. Ar.J. bein^ de rermmed that Dr. M'L.ane's Cele orated Vermifuge and Liver Pill- ^haJl continue to occupy the high position they now hold amony; the great remedies of the day,"rhev •vill continue to spare neither time ior expense in procuring the Best md Purest material, and compound them in the most thorough manner. Address all orders to PLE3QNG BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa

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