The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 9
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\ VVJiiJJNliSUAY, J ULi 11, XVZi THE HUTCHI'NSOU NEWS. \ PAGE NINE HEARD OF HOME PRODUCTS TOB AY Speakers at C. of C. Luncheon Point Out Value of Patronizing Home Industry, Tlio city of Hutchinson aa a Belling product was .put before the members of tlio Chamber of Commerce this noon •at tlio membership, dinner by Arthur Schliwdt, chairman of the meeting and ho called for Impromptu ape^chcs from a number of members who spoko of the different phases of the subject, A. 11. Scheblo,. of the Richards* Schoble Candy .company spoke on tlio value of the manufacturer's display In thp north room of the chanvbor of Commerce. "1 want to draw Vou at- tenlou to the fact that the dwplays shown Micro are from firms who have Played with the town, grown up with It and prospered," he said. "There are no I'ly-hy-night concern showing goods in there today. We muse nurse the home industries we ^iow 'liave, make them strong and soon others will como to \is." Urges Small Factories. William bchfader of the Curtis store spoke on the co-operation between retailer and wholesaler. "1 would rather see 50 small manufactures -with a .puy roll of SO to 100 men anil women than one with 1,500," said Mr. Schroder. "Adversity might ftrike one of the sinall concerns and the labor could ho absorbed. Failure of one large plant to run means a real, calamity to a community. 1 would like lo see co-operation between the retailer and wholesaler, more than wo see 1oday. As 1 sat hero wondering what to say II occured to mo that out of the hundreds of mattresses to be used in onr pew hotel, that possibly noc one would be made by ho Huchinson Mattress factory. Let's patronize /he firms which furnish the pay rolls 'Cere. Let. us work together on*smaller plants, watch them grow and when they have become larger bring In more small manufacturers wlih their plants. We don't always appreciate the goods made in our home town. Let's got acquainted." • . licit Snyder sold the coming Grotto circus to the members by telling what the llvoUo members wanted to do in building a temple here, and what advertising value to Hutchinson the sending ofui perfectly drilled team to national conventions meant to the town. Tells of Advertising. Ralph Hinnian tho hist speaker at the, luncheon gave a lirief resume of what the publicity committee of the Chanilier of Commerce was planning in selling to the people of the town, to the trade territory, to the statu as a coiiventon city,' to the union as a home city . Through the clubs, schools, and other organizations, through window displays, speakers, theatres, newspapers and theatres the committee hopes to bring a real live spirit of enthusiasm to Ilutchiusonites over the possibilities of the homo town- Through folders and news stories the deslrabllitie'- of Hutchinson and Reno county will be spread nation wide. Into the retail trade territory billboards will he used to augment the story. In fact Mr. Hinmnn brought out much by which the committee plans through well' Organised publicity means to bring Hutchinson to the attention of all passersby. He spoku of many ideas gained in this line at the recent convention at Atlantic City of tlie advertising men. The speaker for the luncheon next • Tuesday win announced as Edward Collatlay, president of the Washington, IX C, Chamber ot Commerce, •who will speak to tho business men of the city on affairs of today as viewed from the-capital city. and at ono tinre connected with The News la hero from Washington, D. C. on business. Mr. Eceles was a boom days residont ot Hutchinson and for many yeara a printer tor The News, Ho platted several additions to the city. Ho-still has property Interests hero. _x-<- Charoo theft of car— Glen Bale Is charged with misappropriating-a motor car In a warrant Issued today by Justice T. F. Cox and sworn to by C. E. Hammol. It was a" 1915 Dodge touring car valued at ?150. MANY MUST PAY DUPLICATE TAXES Spare Tire Stolen; C. E. Kins ot 720 Sherman east has reported the theft of a spare tiro off the back of Wu car sometime during tho noon hour. It was a now Federal tire. MANY NEWXHARTERS WERE GRANTED TODAY State Charter Board Had n Large Amount of Business at This Session, Those Checking on Fourth State . Bank WiH be Forced to Make Immediate Settlement. CASTLE DIVORCE RIVALS SHELBY BATTLE" AS ON AGAIN. OFF AGAIN PROPOSITION Topeka, Kan., July 11. —Tho Peer Oil Conioratton of Delaware, which will maintain Its Kansas office at 131 Dorado, and which has a capital In this-state of 2,548,363 was granted a charter by the state charter board today. An aggregate capital of 53,965.000 is represented in a score of charters apprved today as follows: United Traction Company, Abllone, capital ?5U8,000. Abilene Sheet Metal Works Company, Abilene $25,000. Union Power Company, Olathe, $.3SO,000. Holel Kansati. Operating Company, Topeka ?lftO,000. Independent Lubricating Company, Topeka $100,000. x Si €., Nichols Investment Company, Kansas City, Kansas, ?C0,359.47. Kansas Trust Company, Kansas City, [Kansas, increase capital from $125,000 to $200,000. San-Ore Construction Company, McPherson, $0,000. Crystal Pool Park Company, 120,000. Garnett Athletic Club, Oarnett, $5,000. Central Lumber and Supply Company, WJchita, $50,000. Contra! Grain Sales Company, Wichita, $25 ,1 .00. L P. Bonn Lubricating Company, Wichita, $25,000. Wichita Boot Harvester Companv, Wichita, $3 0,000. Sabctha Agricultural Loan and Investment Corporation, Saibotlia, $10,000. Atchison Poultry Supply Company, $25,000. \ \. H. Huey Lumber Company, Arkansas City, $30,000 . Kirschbratin Sons, Inc., Qf Omaha, Ncibr., iialina, $5,000. Kansas Chitdrens Farm Home Association, Saliua, no capital. • -Machinery Supp'ly Corporation, lola, $14,070. The work of checking up affairs in the 'county treasurer's office following the change in officials infected yesterday' was going forward today. County Auditor P. J. Altswago'r and representatives ot tho bonding company were on the job all day. One of the first tasks of Frank Lewis, the new treasurer Is to separate the checks on the Fourth State bank from tho large pile of mail, awaiting writing of receipts. Senders of these checks will bo notified at once to make other arrangements for payment ot their last halt taxes. If tho taxes are paid at once the penalty normally charged on taxeB not paid by Juno 20 will be waived by Mr. Lewis who desires to be as lenient as possible. There are a great many checks on the Fourth State bank which will have to be made good by the property' owners. There Is a month of the work yet in writing receipts. Hundreds of property owners wait «ntll the lost minute and mall their blank checks to tho treasurer who fills out the amount ofthe taxes as the receipt is written. There Is yet a large stack of this mail to be handled. Writing of receipts will be temporarily delayed by the change in offlco personnel. Mr. Adkinson was at the office today and probably will be for several days assisting in the transfer and checking of records. LUTHER, CIMARRON, TO DO SOME INVESTIGATING He is Appointed to Look Into Affairs of Kansas Petroleum Company. AGED CIVIL WAR VET DIED THIS MORNING Gladwin P. Chaff in Has Been Reno County Resident tor Nearly Half Century. Gladwin P. Chaffln, a veteran of the Civil war wlio lias lived in Reno county since 1S75 died this morning at his borne 812 North Walnut street. The funeral services will be hold at tho borne Friday morning at 10 o'clock. Interment will be In EaBtsJde cemetery and. Joe Hooker post, Q. A. A., will -be Jn charge of the services at tho grave. , I Mr. CbaXflh was iborn May 23, 1839 I D Hancock county, Ohio. During the rW»r he served In the Ohio Volunteer jjnfantfy In Co. H, as oocond lieutenant. In 187E ho came to Reno county »nd took a soldier's claim in Haven kownshtp and lived there until MOO rtrhon ho came to Hutchinson to live, was married to Miss Caroline tfyers ot Bneyrus, Ohio on Dec. 10, 881 and tc'them were horn two children, Gladwin P. OhaMIn of Wichita End a daughter, lira. Olen Hun ot Stuteliinijon, all of "whom survive him together -with a sister, Mrs. tt. B. Hell- Mr of'Napoleon, Ohio, ED PICK SOLD TO CINCY REDS Star Shocker Outfielder Gets Chance for Whirl in Major League Company. Mlk» KeUey Suspended. Chicago, July 11.— AUko Kolloy, malinger of tho St. Paul rlub ot tho American Association today was RUS- fpewlnd by Thomas* J. Hlrlioy, president of tho league, following the nd* mlSBton of the St. Paul pilot that ho j 52.000.000. had given out an interview in whieh ! ho waa aaUl to have criticized President Hl'ckey. Offlvln.) K'U'irt of th« Condition of THF. MUTUAL. BUILDING JL L.OPH ASSOCIATION, I.oi-ai ed Kt MiitohiiiKnn. In tho County O* Kt.-no, .Sr.utr- of KanjKts, at Ui« oIo.s<* 01 tm«Ui<i*H on Oi» 30 th i\&y of .1 nnc. 1»~3. OreanistHl .Tunc, 1910. Chatter tx- pi re* Jvm.\ Authorised CAptUJ. Flnnnclftt Statament. J-iians to mi'mii.'ia n» cual ea- TOO LATI TO CLASSIFY FOK SAI.,l'>--l''iv*?-room, niTylern except furruicti. 318 Wtst Thirteenth. Tl 7-8:4 thfU clOBelftirf ads can s~"ll anything 1 you have to aeli, Kccure Anything you wiuh to buy, ffet a position or srcuit.* help tor "iu? Any time you are in nood of «ny of theia tliltiKU, call nuiniior I, e\ass.fied department. Tl 21«::6i Loiai* cd stock Furniture ut"-l /ixtnres T:>\i« 11m! !riHu:i*nc« Advanced Ui\ \vnrro*.v«Mf« Atvomit.-i 1 «'<,'.--ivahii' O'ahuircs i!u«* us> O/ish in t>;ink 391.7'-- Tot#l ... Instnllni^iit Vtlll-l'-Ttd •* Vestniiiu n: f-t.-, ''oiif ipKi r.t. CM- I.TAIIILITIKS fk- k ...JKM.T 'i't .i: k HT.^ti.ft- •Kl< _ li.*>iflj.l> rt'«7Vv«) fund,. (J19.S: SI " L."juJivtil<-fl p-.'ofijp • Cannvaiss®ira W'n want woniivn t.n nuiv^H UuLuUVn- eon and Bnri'nuiiiliiig' ti'iTii-ny - l pupra.'HiVHl n;it loitai prcdm I - Vim 11 -1 riot ttui h,; H salt-. Just ilcni'Mint r» UJ t^-i pruchu't. Tin' PMIPB I'-JIIK.- uft ITW aula. Wo want women \\ ho liit^ a ]ii'':iMli !K r^r- Bonanty ami nnist in- nbii> i" itu,*; witii the lumsowlvcs <>f the ti:v. M\i.ii bn ural an.l i-lt-m ml l.av- [ ^iJiK-utlcn. l.-uvc yoiir niiiui' and .uUiiv.HR n t. Tlio N«:\\.; offici* Jn l-o.\ II-tin itinl we ^'111 '"ill aiMi h*ive a Botuii intv:rvivw with vni. _ Tl 1U-1V Tutnl . .?!\t«,i:4.!M l'lt< 'FIT trmlivi.U'd pv-'lUs Uiai s'^port ..% l .S^ Jnici-fst ',i.t>:t).0: Kim-.* n ml Profits mi h-li'iLw: 2111.7- Tot ft 1 •tliif.d lo stock for rent. Must IH> over twelve and liavo T! ID - It Irene Oistle, bobbed hair and alL "Ho loves we. Ho loves rnfi n*ot. I lov© him. I love him not.'* Ir^ne Castle apenirt to he playing that little gamo now. First conios reports of filing oH divorce action against her hnsbaiul, Cai>t. Robert Trcinan, Then the report that, they'ro off to Deauville on the-ir uoeond noneymtwn. RlRht now tho divorce action la like the Shelby the night hetovo the battle—off. For Hale—Htc in way hal-y jrr.un] phmo. KOOO. an tif.w; hais \-i 'V *.'ivvM fi*'vn*-nt. cuv* 1 ; miiHl sevn to appii'vhvlf v;vUiv>. Mif. II. tl. Welsh. CO Xortii Wnlitut. Tl II -4t Mf »1»':RN. fin niphi'd. five-room hous" rio.'*' 1 hi. 1'iKiiift 3-44-1. _ 7 lj^jj^ I,i'.».sf - •--LM(iVk""Hh'rV!utid yonyr "Wf !•:. Olasa. phoiu: 'JIU'll. ZuU-'il FOK UKN'T—-NYw utrk-tly modern houae furnished, north viul, I'hcio; oS^i;. 7 1 1 -4t POU HALiC-H.-autlful LulMhiK ca.r Unu. 1400 North Monuroe. !1 1 1 Rdward "K. Plek, husky Wowlc Giant who -pastirncH in deft field for the Hutchinson Wheat Shockers has been- noUl to tho Cincinnati Reds of the National league, It was announced today by the local management. Plok will repoit to the Herts at the end of the Southwestern ItMiguo season, early in September and may got a chanco to parade his stuff bofore tho big league season closes. Pick who Is 23. weighs about 185 and 1» the imwt likely looking player \ HIM IN JAIL lug instruction!) from the Ninth CoriiB headquarters ot the Army. SnViU 'r has recently been working in tho harvest fields near Lyons. World War Vet Turned Over to Police as Deserter by Red . Cross Officers. \ Ooo. Snyder, 37 ypars of ago, who rwenUy tried to got help hero at the local Red Cross office In putting in his application for, ii stiito bonus was SAVE TWO MEN THE JURYMEN ARE FARMERS on the Hutchinson team. His worth I arrested as a deacrt/r today us a ruin erejitlv n <'^entpf1 hv 11m f,.i<>( 1m i« ' ,. ... * ..... Wichita, Kau„ July 11.—Prank Luther of Cimarron, Kan., who for tho Past six years has boeu active In the oil industry, principally in Toxas, has been appointed hy the state honking department to InvesliEate and determine the financial condition of the Kansas Gas and Petroleum Company, It was announced by hanking department officials today. John L. Jaynes, president of tho company, who holds considerable oil Interests In Kansas, figured prominently In the affairs of the American State Bank, -which closed its doors here three weeks ago. He 13 aliened to have withdrawn Illegally approximately »700,000 from the Institution shortly before it tailed. Is greatly nreonteil by tho fact ho is always In the came trying. When he hits a ball he runs no matter If it does seem a certain pnt out. A be-out for tho Reds watched Pick for four days before making the ofifov whk:h was accepted by tho local management. This Is tho first player sale made by Hutchln .'Hin. Carl Hippie annexed Pick last season while he iv"as vacationing In Colorado. Ho saw tl ^e l 'rlde or Pikes Peak play in an amateur gatno and picked him for good stuff. Pick played Infield for Hutchlnnon last ncanon and did not show up particularly well. Ho was switched to outfield, his nat­ ural position tills year. Ho hats either Tight or left handed and is very dangerous with tho stick. Ho throws right handed. In going into o store to register a kick, Bay "there was a mistake made," .Instead of "you made a mistake,"— suit of instructions received from th Adjutant General's office at Washington, D. C. Snyder had a good record during tho World War, having served for tho duration of tho war with tho 110th Military Police which was a part of the anth Division. However, slnro the war, he ^..onis to Ivftve reenlisted both In the Kansas National Guard and the regular army under assumed names. He iuul ah ; o deserted from both of these organizations. His desertionj i'r.-nn tho National Guard was while his organization was on 6lrike duty at Pardons. He had lost his discharge which lie received after tho World War and asked the officials of the Red Cross to'iecuro a duplicate discharge from the Adjutant General's office. When ho returned for the dlsciiarRn lie was turned over to tho city police, await- And They Are Ready to Try Mis- fcourian Charged With Lynching Negro. Columbia. Mo., July 11.— With the '-•xcepUon of two men, a carpenter and a real estate dealer, tho Jury which will try (ieorgo llarkwell, charged wiUi murder In connection Willi the hanging of James T. Scott, nop-o, U: composed ot farmers. Tho jury- was brouylit into court at 10.30- o'clock this morning, when the defense attorneys completed their challenge of the s .'M -rlal venire of -10. Kolloiviits- the su-earing of tho Jury a roll of the witnesses summoned in the case was read. The list num- ill and Included a number of prominent Columbia, merchants and bankers, and practically all of the city and county peace officers. Following the swearing of tho jury all of the other members of tho special panel were excused until Friday morning, and excluded from tho court room until that-timo. The witnesses were sworn and thei*oicludod- from the court until they should be called. HA.VU a eunvKnlv,M salary to otf'T luitlcs for their spar,. '.inK. in mlucattftiii! work. Call ;Lfw .rn:>i>!e*. Miss Ainb'isun, reom 209, Midland h":cl. GUARANTI.:i-;i) itdiullt I y ra; writer s ot all makea. Wo do clt-anlni; and r..p.ilrina KluUel Tylajv.iiter Kxi:huru ;L(. t'lu.n,- 4!):'. paid <-U . .. Malar!,. !M -nna- | nlvlilends : I Mvid< nda I ato.-k . . I Divalomln | u.-at MflVlTi I>!ivi-ti,r«- t.'oiinnlr^-ioii.-: and paid d> a^'-n's Appral.i, V a and paid Tax,... paid. iHTiniiial Huokf.. :-:aU.mery, aupi'lloa and priming Advr^i tl.-tlnfi dciifya! ...\p,.n;a> Tran^farT t-.l tn rmitirifr"ii t fund HaiaiptD undivided pruflls .... Total i-oU,etlen trn jiiaOf S :!.<<' 1tJT.SC (13.72 7'I.Jt. ...» n .7i ;' Receipt!; nnd Di«hurioiuents. UKi .:i:n -rH. Ca.-.b on hand htsl ivjan't $ 7 .fi <>T.^t l!!.-Halhm>nt .-dork ^:>.S\\ 5i i.'uli-pnid Kti.,-k :i;.:::ti..«f. la.ailr, .in rt .il . ^lat,. I lepa l.i). . I ':,...-"> HO l.oaiia cm atn.-li irolmld) »*>.*• lmwi»t »,v»>M |.'l:i. a and t.a'a . IS W Ta.xea aiul tuauraufo refunded y-: 1 7'J fai-^'iiialCiuaaHinla taM -elvnPle .. CO.Of, I'rnl'itH un ivltlidva'.vu and fov- fcllpd ati't-k 21a.72 LMi-t liniruwid.^ lir.l..S0 Total t lHSJH:ii.-i:.MKNTt!. l ...aiiH mndu In m..' uu I'MII lata J lU'.SlO.OO .an hull.' yvillc. Si- I.-OR KKNT--K11U1- l.lbcvly aveliu,.-, i.'a I'llnlUMen. GOOD board, ruoni and bath. Call IWSIV, Tl I0-J! TYI'EWlilTl'm rllilinim for ali ma typewrit.TK. Keillzt-I Tyjievvi pan cluun:'', ill West ].'lral, phono i n j •.1 ot Ex- a.nd pniutiiiK. i.*. ,M. m or 101 West Sixth. suiidl Q®mm\s,i Wmks W>> clean, ulzfl and maub ruya \\ n 1 all klndH rug repairinif. l J hone IP". West L'-lrm. Tl I.oanx made IriHiallmont HI. I.'ull-pald Hl'i.d< 1 uvidi- -doi-k .' . v ilhdraien \ 11 iidia vv ji ami 1>...1<1 . . Id ,111 full-pa 12. 1. ::<>-, •.i.,-i,r.2 ii.'dute Plvldeinla- paiil ,ia pi rmali-'ilt stork 1 'iTSoria .l ae. Tax.-H and i.ocrti Wei A CHlier e\pet: pereonal ! lltie lM -.rl'..\v. iHHllH payalda .... i'.ts '.1 riLflf.. paid for paid. Inehidiiii: edit <a\ loan a) Salary /, Itetlta' e. Mil'.],.'.' n'.ie-.-ti.Va' fees ! -Siidllor'a ie. a . Advnrrlsiiiii Jlook.^. >-tatl'.ne.- llalain:.:. ea .4h nn a.i t pa Id lo lie.:'! ..,vv - oaut 01 In. t'lnplete r.M ••'Jot 3S7.IUI 63.00 lill l .fi^ IHi.l On lel'-S" t.S.W I<l Da band 197 IS.!? 511 10 5 I'.'i.r.i'J .oa ounly ot Hi lie, ss. rsianed nffieera and .I'.reed Ae.iea !ai iuio do witiiln and ioie- KARN KXTBA -Sl'I.XDINO JIC.VKI BY SKI.t.lXli TJIli SElv-S < P.M. KACH KVKNI.Stl. 10.! KTAltTH Vt'U. AI'I-LY TO Mlt.,. N'KVVH ori'TCiG. ij in.:e t Eiffituis® & ©ffiB'tTE CBeamiioii Co. •" Ol.D ANH N1-:\V WINDOWS Cl.IiANED. HVas DCIt Si'ECIAIVl Y. No money it work ia not Batiflfaetorv. 1'HO.NE 351. S15 NORTH MAI'IJK, HUTCHINSON, Ka Tl 1 flit JlCTTERMII.K foi In per gallon 1, more. The Me-ritle Soulh Main. ;;aie. tor nlneli t'-e.l. M of ten ftalloiiH "i Creamery L*o., ill> 1 TI :s i»l "TypfBwnter IK Carbon paper, fi'Voml .sher-tn, c'.c. Cju'.il^n it\i\p I'rnnB. 7 Sherman K;iut. TlmwfUS-Ufjt "SYNCOPATED— MELODY MAKERS SUPREME" COMING ON THE ALASKAN TRAIL WITH HARDING "Where the Pavement Ends." • T01.-.1 SUiU> rif K.ut»;i Wi'. tiu- \iritl. : torn •>{ t tifl within- Tiuni' KO!'.'innly .s;^ nr t h;it tl-. j-olniv !:i n tj'Uf (ui'l '-Miniiloi' 1 sCCi-nitiil nr.* He* coiitjilmii ,,(' Haiti A-i.-n .-.'iutH.u -i; H,-\t no ttcni ut 1 i-'fioun'i', llrthtiify, n-v<-into, fixpcsi.'lilurc, t>•<•!-, rtuniniMylons, pr i .-llt i.r lucH hn^ in -i'ii uinlttf-fl 1 hcrofi om t.r is hmir-.p.M-Iv ti'-i inrih; timt llio IK.<"!H, ll.iliiUI pi'dl'it M, Uiil-lU H. I'i-'''il.)l H i.h .l OtabMr^oitti'iris siitjwii h-.-rt-lu .-.•['[••••t.-nt ai:t u.'tl 11 ml In - HH fi'ln trunaitr I in DM H nd on 1 it!n iu> wni'Uili'S.? or fLrfoii .,.('-nij t ii.jn piiiu r: th:it :-M l'>iUiM ;i rt> l>rf[->T:y r.<-- curtd; thfti. ail ui lUr:* n( cv!'i'.v MHluro tii -i! in i.'ur in"'KM'S!ii '»iL, ami tl;j; ILIHP tif kiu'ivp duo iwi'I \n-Uft, nnd ilmi th** b',;M- Kiif :i scru; llif-n UHV" Ijt.'rit hypo' • i-:ni' ••<!; lhaL w: nvv i;*!iiiii:tr wliii nil llu- huna- IM'H.MI.^ ..f tin- >;,T1.1 iclthm; Una H.o profits h:tv<' pr> M i .-rl v urui k:|(iilly |itstrli»\ii.'-fl; iliitt wi'. liitv:. t>x;iiiilnil tho ultliin Mtti 1 1 nii'tir, ami Inif-by ci-ctify lh« H;iinn tu \m (."n'TfCt, t'> !h>: tithL i • f Ol)r ni'.s:: 'if DIM s'il'1 Auu< v-MatUiii 1B ctjiHttirtfil tn a-:' .oi'in ii'*" v,-i(h Lho law. Hit help us GOQ. (.f5lj;ni-'l J I-\ W. COOTKR. rivabtunt. KLN'K KU H.'.;r..t;iry. McCANlJj.KSS, 1 'ircL -lMi-. WOI.OOTT. l''tri* SubKcriliffl H ml Bworrt to befyn; irif-, this 10th «i,iy or Jiilv, HAUAft MM.ONRY. f.ScaO Notary (My <'omrni.-ntiin cxplroji fjoptcrnbor 23, 1926.) A. \V. K. I). GOSSIP OF THE STREET Mioy Relnatatod! Fred Macy, dla- Aarred liy the supremo oourt about a tfeai- aeo (or alleged unottileal prac- t|tBes ai th* tar, -was yesterdaj relu- " .tad aa a mainter ot tho tar and now engage lu the siraotloe ot low. Uaoy ylatia to continue Us prao- loe k«re. BB II trouble Tosulted Iro-m a wfliil* ba waa uractlclng at Lib —x— Finish Walnut Baaei Tbe concrete ftftase for the asphalt pavement on pMorth Walnut street has boen tlniab- 9i by J. H. Sbears & Bono from Fifth to Sixteenth avenues. The asphalt surface has been spread from Sixteenth to Eighth avenues. —x— David Eecles here—David Kceles, * pioneer Bono county business, man A divorce VTBS granted Mrs. J OSBIO Dellien from John W. Dolllen on the grounds of extreme cruelty in the district court yesterday. Jos. iKrbor, southwestern representative of tho Western Vaudevlllo Managers' ABsoclatlou from St. Louis, was hero today on business. Geo. Fox, former sheriff of nice county, was elected city marshal I of the city of Lyons at a meeting of tho city council last night. V. H. Kllburn of the (Ruckel Engineering Oo. will be In Coldwater today and tomorrow superintending the installation of two new turbine vumps for tho city. A remonstrance to tho repaying and reguttering of Fifth avenue west from Main to Monroe street waa filed with the elty commission yesterday and referred to the commissioner of streets, H. J. Haakard. Arthur Maltby, ot Blkhart, who has been spending a few days with his father A. P. Maltby, ot South Main street, has returned home. He was accompanied by his grandfather, J. M. Sample, of Eighth avenue east. Paternalism In Order.' Chicago; "Unless sensible men come to the rescue, wo shall have a government of laws, with a statute governing our every action," says Bruce A. Camp-bell, president ot the Illinois Bar Assoviation. 'Tatermil- Um has become the order of tlio day. Good law lfl good aeiiBe, ' and gooil Bens © is to too determined by tho deliberate Judgment of the generality of tho people." . Bring Back Escape. Elmer Chance, a prisoner at the reformatory who escaped about 80 days ago, was fouud at Boulder, Colo., and brought hack last night by John Houston, reformatory guard. 1 Put Your Savings Where They Are Safe Here is a business that lias tinuously for thirty-eight years, every year through i^ood times or under the supervision run con- It grows iad. It is if tl the State 'and no Securities can be issued unless amply secured by values and earnings. Can you think of a safer place to put your With all of the Safety features, you will earn 7 \ per cent. . Savings? Ask About i This Safe Investment In the Preferred Stock of ' United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Cuttomer Ownership Department, Ji

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