The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1945 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (Frances Halbe) PRAYEE FOR AS AIR3IAN White cloucJs. fold him s^tly. Evening star, shed your light, Moonbeams, fall gently Whtre he files through the night Deai- bod, it is lonely Up In the sky at night; Sfnd just one bright angel To; guide him in his flight, To be ever around him. His loving watch to keep Over n little boy I'd to rock to sleep. —Carrie C. Taylor. Prenbylerlan Women •Study Chlnu Till! Wointn'H Missionary society i )l ihi! I'lrsi Prwbyterlan church held iliclr January meeting; yester- diiy nllernoon In the home of Mrs. C. E. Rus.sell with Mrs. Leslie Leav- 111 nsslstliiK ho.stes.s. The Rev. T, M. Shellenberger gave the cievotioniil.s. He took as his .'iukjKl. "Evangelistic Fervor of the Chil.'Jtian.s in the United States. A pio;^iain on Cliina was presented by MIS. B. D. Smith. It was divided in three parts. Mrs. Fred Dunliip savi- - The Legends of China'.s LigiiL Immortals;" Mrs. D. P. NoitJi.'-ui) read a Chinese poem, and Mrs- I'X'iavis Morse spoke on the crue.sUnn, "Will Pest War China be Uemdcratic?" Duriiu" the ;x)cial hour the host- esssi; .'iervc -d refreshments to- iiine- lecTi' jne;n'':frs end one fjuest. xiii-itv s. c. s. Has Prosram Mr.s. E. J. WrifliLopened her liome. yesterday afternoon to the Women's Society of-Christian Service of the Trinlty-Mcthodist church. Mrs. W. B. Shaw presided at the busine.?s session apd devotlonals were led by Mrs. J. T>, Myers. Mrs. Robert B. Brown gave the after* noon'.s ie.sson. taklng^s her subject, •Behold I Have Set fl^dre Thee An Open ^ Door." AlmosdaH of the 22 members present to«^'part In the program. "What <3?o}.cii WUl I Make?" a .short pla^i'''closed the meeting. , Mrs. William cole: Mrs. Charles Peres and Mrs. W. B. Shaw assisted Mrs. Wright in serving refresh- iiient.'- to the Rroup. There were three; jjresent. • <• • Ladies of the G. A. R. Vote To Present Flag The Ladies of the G. A. R. met Wednesday afternoon at Memorial hall for their regular meeting and lor the installation of otficers. Mrs. C. M. Dlehl, past president of the order, was the Installing of- llecr. With an impressive ceremony the ouinoiu'; president, Mrs. Elaine .lanie.'i, pri.senied tlic giivel to Mrs. Carrie Rtnn r. the new president. Mr;:. I'llaiiir .lunie.s resigned as ;iiiio:- vic" p. •evident and Mrs, Nora lle)ii -y w.i.'i eleeled to 1111 her posl- (loii. Mr;. Maude James was elected lialiioiic in'.tnictor. Durlir, tlie business session the meml)er.s voted to pre.sent an Amerl- rnu flii;; to the A. M. E. church at tbeir hKmorlal meeting to be held Friday evening. January 19. Mrs. Hazel Curti;;, state patriotic In- .structor, will make the presentation spoceh. Refreshments were served to the 1') meipibers present. •> .;. Mrs. Harrison Hostess To IVIartha Circle Martha circle of t^ First Methodist church met aWthe home of Mrs. E. E. Harrlsoilc'Thursday afternoon. I CALENDAB FOB THE WEEK | •J. : • MONDAY Unity club will observe its anniversary with a covered dish luncheon at the home of Mrs. R. H. Carpenter, 422 East street, at 1 p. m. Current Events club meets with Mrs, 8. B. Flsk, 214 S. Colburn, at 2 :80 p. m. Sorosts club meeta with Mrs. Alex Sfroup, 814 East Street. Oolden Link meets with Mrs, C. E. Williams, 323 S, Sycamore, Qt 2:30 p.<^^m. j TUESDAY The country club bridge group will play at 8 p. m. Mrs. N. J. Brlgham and Mrs. Alfred Nash are hostesses, WEDNESDAY Annual Parish meeting of St. Timothy's Episcopal church will be held in the Little Theatre of the Community building with a covered dish dinner at 6:30 p. m. preceding the business meeting. THURSDAY The American LegJbn Auxiliary meets with the post members at 7 p. m. for a covered dish sup- super. Bring covered dish, sandwiches, and own table service. TBE lOLA REGISTEB. FRTOAY EVENING. JANUARV;|9. 1945. Just in Cuse lOLA. KANSAS Advandng cfiutiouEly the American soldier a snoW'Covered .•r: rifle held ready Just In case It's a trick, ; •. ?li approach«?8 the body of a German in liiim |)a8ture nciar Bastogne, Belgium. Lplarpe It^ms Esther Circle Guests Of Mrs. Warren Mrs. Clarence Warren was hostess to the Esther circle of the Plrist Methodist church Thursday afternoon. 'I' The devotional program was in the form of a roll call with each member taking part. Plans were discussed for the yeiar. "The hostess served refreshments. ITiere were 13 members and two children present. The Rev. C. E. Slsney was a guest. • <• • Mrs. Ray Entertains Sonth Division South division of the Ladles Aid of the Christian church met with Mrs. Phillip Ray yesterday. Mrs. Harlan Taylor led the devo­ tlonals 'using the fifth chapter of Thessalonians. The Rev. E. W. Harrison gave a short talk stressing spiritual preparation for the Easter season. Several readings were given by Miss Marion McGrew of Humboldt. There were twelve members and one guest present. • • • North Division Meets In Griffith Home North division of the Ladles Aid of the Christian church met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. J. A. Griffith. Group singing of a hymn opened the meeting. Devotlonals and prayer were given by Mrs. Relter. The Rev. E. W. Harrison gave a short talk on "Evangelism for the Easter Season." Twenty-five calls were reported by the members. During the social hour a "Guess What" box prepared by Mrs. Lodle Hart swelled the treasury and caused a great deal of fun. Mrs. Prank Taylor assisted Mrs. rctary, Mrs .Nlomer Troxel; treasurer, Mrs. Harold Henderson. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. There were 16 members present and the Rev. C. E. Slsney was a guest. • • • Baptist Group Two Is With Mrs. Alexander Mrs. A. B. Alexander was assisted by Mrs. Cecil Perkins in entertaining group two of the Baptist church yesterday. Mrs. J. C. Edwards, who conducted the devotional part of the pror gram, took as her subject "Thoughts for the New Year." The rest of the afternoon was spent on White Cross work. Guests at the meeting were Mrs. J. C. Edwards, Mrs Pill McKean and daughter, Patty Lou, of Chanute, and Miss Mary Kay Alexander. Re-, freshments were served at the close of the afternoon to the guests and to eleven members and thiee children. SOUTH IX)NEr ELM Mr. and Mrs. George Lord were li; Carnett on business Friday. . Mrs. L. V. Stout received the sad news of the death of her oldest sister, Mrs. Sallna More, on December 30 at her home in Belllngham. Wash. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Sprague were Kincald visitors Thursday morning. Tommy Herynk and Jody Church were among those reporting at Leavenworth Monday. * Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kulp and Joan (Were Svmday dinner guests of Mr. I and Mrs. Lawrence Gllliland and children. A special election was held in Lone Elm last Monday. Those serving on the board were Mrs. Maude Hester, Mrs. Josie Arthur, clerks, Mrs. Irene Peery, Mrs. Emma Stout and Mr. J. W. Stout, Judges. Miss Evelyn Stout came homo from Cottonwood Palls Friday and left from lola Sunday evening for Pullman, Wash., to teach In thi college and direct research. Miss Patty Bralnard of Carlyle was hired at Cottonwood Palls to fill Evelyn place. CpL Ralph Stout left Tola Monday morning for Lincoln, Neb after a 30-day furlough. Mrs. Preda Rudislll and children Joyce, Terry, and Pordyce left Thurs day for Iowa City, Iowa, after visit with Mrs. Mary Rudislll ant! Mrs. Euleta Stout and family. Eulet.--. LAl^RPE, Jan. 1ft—The H.',Y. club met in the home of Mrs. ^edpa Oddowia Wednesday afternoon, Jan. Ik Mrs- Jessie Robinson gave :tbe Bevoti^nal lesson and had cliarge^'of ttllb btisiness meeting. Tlie sct^l Jiqur Iras spent with games, ei^- le^ ajid answering roll call. ThSse present were Mrs. Robinson, Ziak, Biickle'. Brown,' Roe, Chapman, Marsho Misses Weith and Effie Steven.son and Mrs. Hutchins JaSid M|-s. Caroline Lust of lola. ^Ohe gijest, Mrs. Curry and little Lasry ZInk &iid the hostess, Mrs. Oodd\ib. Mrs. Nancy Culbertson and >i)n W!m, Earle of lola, and Mrs. Oolda Punnirigham of Cunningham, Kansas are visiting their mother, Mrs. May Pfirks and family. ^ At t)te Red Cross meeting h^ld Thursday afternoon at the city hall, Mrs.' ffauUne Ensminger was reelected' chalraian, Mrs. Zink, vice- chalrmftn, Mrs. W. R. Mitchell, se^c- retary-treasurer. Mr. George Twgue went to Ksih- sas Cltv Thursaay morning, Mts. entered Bethany hospital UNCERTAIN LAND The Rio Grande river changed Its cour^ so oftenHhat it became nec- essarV to appoint a commission .to settle boundary disputes. Farmers frecjtiiently lost or gained hundreds.! Teague of acres of land overnight through for treatment, the river changes. I . Mrs. Pretty, mother of Mrs. Nah- nle Hunt, passed away Wednesday :at the home of her daughter. She ;bad been ill a number of months, ; The old barber shop Just north of the Heathman filling station 'was torn down. The furniture of l!lie barber shop has been Installed in a portion of the store building pn tlie west side oWhe street, owned Jjy Mr. Tom Slusser. Another old landmark is the old Mellonkoft bakery building which is being torn down to be used on buildings on the W. E. Owens farm. '•• Mrs. Harold Gish and little son, Ronnie, and brother, Pvt. Delbert Johnson, who have been visiting ihelr parents, Mr. and Mrs." Bert Johnson, went to Kansas Thursday. Pvt. Johnson then on to his base. Miss Ora Faddls of Jacksonville, Pla., stopped over, to visit her jfrlends, Mr. and Mrs. John Walton, on her way home from attending a convention held In Lincoln, Nebr.. In regard to the publLshlng 6f literature for the blind. Moran Happenings VOR A LAUGH ' John Ruskln went to the British Museum and looked at the penguin Oxhlblt whenever he felt downhearted; this exhibit always made him laugh. f The Connecticut Forest Association Issued a bulletin on "How to Burn Wood." MORAN. Jan. 18—Mr. and Mrs. Dave Alderman received word today that their grandson Richard Bacon had Joined the navy and left for San Diego, Calif., tlie 12th. He is a great grandson of Sarah Umphrey, who now has seven grandsons, 5 grand son-ln-laws, jjjjy three great grandsons and one goes i granddaughter In the service for their country. Who else has 16 In the armed forces? Mr. Louis Deines left for Topeka this morning to enter the S. B. A. hospital for observation and treatment. The Past Matrons club will meqt next Tuesday, January 23, with Mrs. W. E. North at 2 p. m. The Kackle Klub met with Mrs. Denton Wood. The alternoon was .•tpent socially and, was very much enjoyed by the following members: Mesdames J. J. Paul. W. E. North, Nettle McCormack, P. P. Sawyer, Walter Strong. L. O. Smith, J. C. Vale. Miss Ploy McGlashan and the hostess, Mrs. Denton Wood, who served lovely refreshments at the Their i' Mrs. P. , p. ' close of the afternoon, meeting will be with Sawyer, January 31. Miss Florence Barber was an lola visitor Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Bertha Hart and Tracy Ann spent from Friday until Sunday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ros- Coe Tice. On Sunday Mrs. Tlce's mother, Mrs. Shelton was also a guest for a birthday dinner given for Richard Tice. the 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Tice. Mrs. Hope Smith was unable to be In school Tuesday. Mrs. Bertha Hart taught her room that day. Tracy Ann stayed with Mrs. Jack Arnold. Friends are very .sorry to leurn that Mrs. Howard Barne.s left Thursday to enter the Research hospital Kansas City, wliore .she Will again undergo surKcry Sattir- day morning. ITS RATIOM;I), TOO Oreenvllle. Mlsv.. ,!an, II). lAP' Mrs, Fred CBunnoii, returnlnt; Irn.ii .-i Visit In ilu- rdiiiitry. fDund a large, neatly wraptM'd slab of batoi In the middle •>{ the road. She hurried ID a iJiiekliie eoi'.i- nany storehouse lierr and turned :t In saying; "It must have fallen from ynui- truck. I had to hurry before tenipt.i- tlon got to kn>icki);K too Ijiicl for me." Mrs. Wallace AiUwson gave the devotlonals. Mrs. i 'jM. Taylor introduced the offi<^i«Jfor the coming year: presldenj^ Mrs. Ruth Gard; vice presifjlefln;; Mrs. George Mack: secretarjt 'fV^s. Clarence Cruse: treasurer?'^M«| W. D. Clark. , During the business-session the group voted to pledge'$125.00 to the W. S. C. S. An auction sale was planned for the meeting In February. A group of high school girls directed by Miss Roberta Davles, pre- .sonted a short musii'-3l program. Mrs. Harrison was assisted by Mrs. J. G. Taylor, Mrs. Jake Elliott, Mrs. Tom Waugh and Mrs. Emma Kcarns in serving refreshments to nineteen members and eight guests. • •> • Dorcas Circle Holds Election Thursday Tlie Dorcas Circle of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist church met at the home of Mrs. R. L. Copenlng Thursday afternoon. The meeting was opened by prayer. Mi^s. Copenlng, chairman, presided at the business session and th& following ofiBcers were elected frti- the! year: Chairman, Mrs. R. L. Copenlng; vice-chairman, Mrs. E. A. Bosehuih; secretary and treasurer. Mrs. Dewey Smith. \ The circle voted to pay their share of $125.00 on the budget for the year. $70.00 of'the amount was l)lodf;ed bv the members of the circle. Mrs. Ray Hale rend the story of Dorcas from the 9th chapter of the .'Vets asi the devotlonals. Mis. Lee Moore assisted Mrs. Cop­ enlng In serving refreshments to the 22 members and one guest. Miss Ann BuUer, present. went to Lawrence Friday to work Ir. !Gr ¥frth %n 'rervlnrref ^hme "ntrto !;f hfi"rtpnHU!'^-Q?"t"' ''"^^"'^ 22 members present. I Grandma Stout's at present • • Baptist Gronp One With Mrs. Ludlnm Mrs. D. J. Ludlum entertained group one of the Baptist church yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Nathan Leffler assisting. "Roses in December" was the subject of the devotional program given by Mrs. J. O. Major. Roll call was answered with Kansas current events. The study book, "Rare Values" was read by Mrs. B. P. Scarborough. Mrs. George Hoffmeler was a guest. There were eleven members and two children present. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. • <• « Election of Offlcers At Circle Rnth Mrs. Marion Green was house hostess to Circle Ruth of the First Methodist church Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Everett Reade and Mrs. Clint Ball assistfaig her. Mrs. Violp Montgomery used the 121st Psalm as the theme for her devotional thoughts. Dtiring the business session at which Mrs. Green presided, the fol- loviring offlcers were elected: vice chairman, Mrs. John McNally; sec- MODEST Spokane, Wash., Jan. 19. (API— Confronting a bitfglary suspect.with a long prison record report, Deputy Prosecutor Clarence Smith asked the prisoner why he previously had de nied serving time. "People would have thought I was bragging," the suspect explained "Now the record can speak for it self." Beware Coughs from commoii colds That Hang On Oreomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trduble to help loosen and expel gerfai laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cougn or you are to have your money back. CRE0MU1SION forCoushs, Chest Colds. Bronchitis ROCK OF AGES Arrests ^itr Torfare Bastttif 111 ill- ton* cad texture, f oreauMt in ncmorial art, Rack of Ages memorial it identified with the miatttdy etched Rock of Age* and and k erected wiA an ezeloatTa brntdcdgiMnuitae of its perfection. -Whatever yottr xeqairementsy coasgltation is always nrelcoaed. A iSimpIo Home Tr«^ol, Stainless^ Of ratetel Acts criiic'tly to cttlrav Ifchlng Mill Irritation of iHczeBa Rashes. Itcfiins? lVt;t _and most common cKtiriially caused skin troubles. Pilomotp."! Healthy Healln's. Kdonomlcal— only a few drops req-.ilrcd at an application, |J XT T.'^T-'ACTlON ttiJAR.\KT RED or inoiiey cheertuiiy refunded, Cfl h. Hmall oTlginaJ bottio of T.rOuOTfS liMRnALD .Olii today ahd .'13 ri 'lrpcted. .-Vny good druff EtorP vtiff T.o "la-! to sir --'IVyoii. Reynolds Drug Store tn C2) (3) (!) WALSH] iiJ« YOU PAY $7S FOR A $100 WAR tiO'm- FTEF irs.WORTH $80.00 *FTE' -JM 10 Um ITS ^"'^ iVPURS irs^^"^'" Woo ''''' 8 n-s «o«^« $92.00 This Advi0rtisement Contributed by the lola War Information Committee VL H. Abts. Sonth StreH Aato Pasta k W. Cmiia andT Mercantile Co. Allan Coonty Impleoaent Co. Alkn iuma 'ir State Bank Ameriean Service Co. A. Ww &Bderson Grocery Boaa Arbodde Garage Brady Shoe Store &. F. CampbeO. M. D. •Bod" ^Campbell Top Hat Ctab H. P. €!ott ft Bl. C. CoU V. H. iConfaM Sales Co. CMe ^JDtrag Store CMikae^ Dnuc Stora • Jewelry Btera I1 ..B. Cynu Motor Go. Or. Kent fL Dndley Dmlop Tlie & Bnbber Co Elitott Motor Company Eamston'K Dr. Waytte E. PranU Fryer BrCi^Graew? A Market A.-A. Glllet, SfaaniraoiE. Inn Globe doljxtog.Co. Hanis iiBBieii Gene HhnisBn Henderseni!Bealty CoB^wny H. B> Hcsa Feed Store Oeai. Htar Dapb Ce. lola City tJiilltiea Dept. lola Lanndry A Dry Cleanrra The lola Register lol^ State Bank -'lola and trptown Tbeatree lola Wholesale Grocery Kerr-McFall Garment Co. S. H. Kress tt Co. 'Ke^y Hotel and Coffee Shop Knipp Iron & MeUI Co. :Dr .^H. L. lAcy Jolm K. Layle Br. Fi X IienaU Uneein Food Mart John McNally, Sincialr Gas .Grwrer Mende and W. P. McFadden Modd A Cnt Bate Grocery: Modem Cafe Gay OUTor Gemidete Tire Serrlee Ben Pemtfngton W. C, Periiam, V. a N. B. J. M. PoweD J. C .Penney Co. Bamsay^ I,oean 'Hi Beyn^ Moter Ce^ Roseoe BicfaardMn Keith BldtarOmn Ted Boblnaen «id Velma Sievers The Gamhte Store. Setf ServieO Greeety Shannon-* Shannon-Bdw. S A H Bakaor A. B. SleejMr Dr. H.' M. itephenson. Lt. V. S. N. K. Sonth Siraet Cafe Stanley ^^Toland—Attorney Irving Tiyley. Firestone Store Dr. Beheeia Von Wald B. C. Walton FoundiT Dr. P. W. Waugh ?,| Mr.-Mra;' W. A. Weaver, Pic Theatre '' Tom Wangh WllUanis Monament Workfi ^ Western Auto (Associate) Storej|i Alma Wise Music Studio " W. B. Woo* Bad White Motor Co.

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