The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 15, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1973
Page 4
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tMR HRAZOSPORT FACTS Fm»eal. TMM, Frktoy. June 15. l>73 DEAR ABBY Should they scrub papa's back? By Abigail Van Buren T. Mm !»•*. Mt. think* that becauee be KM prwrfcM Uma wtUt a lm(y home they thmtld >how their appt*riaUw by wt*Na( Ms how «amitd I «e< K? DEAR ABBY: My trartMnd and 1 are hi dUajpwnent •bout MdMthlnc. He wurts my (no well-developed taeivafte <ta|htfn (Mi stepdaughter*) to come Into lh« bathroom and wtuh Ms back white to U lo the tub, I wouM be happy to wath his back, but Dad prefer* that they do It. They reluctantly, have done to in the past but 1 hare told Uwn that they dont have to do it anymore. This has caused lU-feeUm* on ray husband's part. He Your answer will dsdde. «-»*TAHO« CSKTI* Sweeny churches combine staff for joint VBS SWEENY - The Firs! Presbyterian Church and St. Luke Lutheran Church will have a combined Vacation Bible School. June 18-32. The churches are both located at North Main Street and Ashley Wilson Koad. Registration will be at the First Prwbytwian Church on Monday a! 9 a.m., with classes Monday through Friday. 9 • 11:30 a.m. The them* is "Tell the News — Share the Love" (or the sit age pxxipB Presbyterian pastor, the Rev. Leonard R. Svrinoey atsd Lutheran pastor, the Rev, WilUrd V. Meyer, are *ervui$ as co-directors, with both churches providing the AGAINST IT DEAR AGAIN9T) Cat efeteel ft. tee. Tie gftrt* CM *k*w Urtr *aaweeterta*> te 1*4 •» reaher'* Day. fcy tag Mam wfcfc a kroty hegj k«***i< Wvek •* wit*. Me ew bexfe. DEAR ABBY; After m? mother dted I) year* ago. my oldeet »lrter get aD the family pictum. Araoag (hem *w my mother'* wedrftag jerture «UeJ> tea* U» a beautiful antique frame. I eheay* toted the* picture. SU moot** ago ray (Mar dtod end Mt everything t» her daughter. I eefced the* daughter for my mother'* >ted- ding pttture end the lerueed to give U 09. Abby, that gkl hardly KNKW my mother. (I think the )ort wanted to keep It because of the (rene.l She offend to bar* a duptkate made for me. but ! want the original Who do you think the picture rightfully betoag* to? Aid noHf *• Wk*r OKA* nCHT: MSM ta» eaegMtr NkerMH MiniiaiM. a«d OKI pertere WM aaMMg le aer. QaM AgMag. a«4 a«fc ta*t UM •a* by aa isyeri M eeeM he every Ml M keMerl UM» Ifce erlgtaat. DRAR ABBY: I an getting mairM soon and everything to gulag smoothly tttwpt tor one thing My grandmother la going to wewr a while drew! from wttai I under* Mand from knowledge*!)** (rte«i«, H b *a uawrtttm rule el ettquett* thai only the bride may wear white Have yw ever heard ol tM* ruto' And «her« did it een« (nMi? My grandmother la jetting on tn years aad I daat to upset her or hort her <*«!to*i. to how do you approach her ~ tf « *ar OKTTJM; MAHIUKD WEAK OKTTIXti: TVM nnfa MV. 9*vl !!'• MM tt%ffy >fcj|*j MM. *• H*M*m' 4»w« u4 4»*1 Out «<r44*. II' • gi*wtM*ta»* a*« It. (*!tl »« A wifely nudge can turn actor into do-it-yourselfer Use special elastic for summer swimwear «(!t By VIV1V.V BKOWN coopi* <rf carpeoten I After the sspetung assembly. the Junior High and Pre-teen classes will crow the street to St. Luke (or claw sessions. Ail youth and children brtvrwa (o*ir aad it years o( age are invited to participate Disgime Tired Eyes A bit of *Wn> beige shadow la the Inner corners ol •he eyes will perk up tired- looking e«es. SttCMi'6 Sherri's Wonderland is having .— $—. a special Father's Day Sale ^^ f " for that Special Father! Sherri has a special table set aside with items priced fa from her shelves of gifts at a ,,_ (fl S x savings that will be appreciated SPECIAL FATHER! Also 'SEA SHELL CANDLES ON SALE! ^•MHBHBl FREE GIFT WRAP! WONDERLAND^ OF WAX From Lake Tbeaue" Uke Je«keoM A vmfrh nudge way be at! that u needed to awaken the latent talent* o/ a do-n- yourielfer, ndvue* actor George Montgomery. cetncnentiisg on hif SS year* tn the big *wW o< build-it- ytxtrseif Kor him it happened when he wa* married to Dinah Shore In l»tt he reconstructed the roiling dtwrs of her »U!ion wagon, and ihe promptly bcughi him a bthe and "on every conceivable ocowicn" gifted htm with work loot*. The rugged, handsome »u- footer went «j to beccene Ibe movie colony'* best known do- it-jouweAler M be maaUaioed rya seticg carw, He began by makiag furniture — mostly early American — ftrtt a Wuxtttw bctxh *nd thea Quern Anee. an) he built hcute* wtticft »r* now getfiag to t* roUectibie He ti arwajs kareiag ee<* things He can now tcaUU ptarnbuig "Whets we bought » nery imjii house on a marvelous piece o< property, I really got with it." he otacrved. "Wilh 4 Le/sure club has luncheon on Monday ! * 4 44 4 4 i * t i »'i » »-»'|! 44444444 444444 Kaui... FOR THE iFIRST TIME IN BRAZOSPORT Dad no longer has (o go to HOUSTON for- CHOICE PIPES AND ACCESSORIES THE FINEST SELECTION OF •RIAR AND MEERSCHAUM PIPES I Th« irtor D*portm«nt now has a compUt*> »«i«ction of tho b*tt quality from Spain, Italy, Germany, plus tha battar quality Amarkan brands I Humidors, pipa racks, ctaanors, ate THE BRIAR SHOP LOCATED IN LAKE JACKSON FU)WEK * GIFT tt q*tu; WAV included a big projection room " f{« built a -«uftU5ot> la (be backyard of th»5 bixsw in Enctco. CaW . but later « ownptrt* f«tsry **.» bulls w a peuperiy iowj iff a. ArJ fc* ha* hjj aut ra*ny «.« ti eal>W!*t •ratter* helping him torn out htn deaigw. which he alwayi drawt righi «»» the lumber H« liked to do rafted pj»mtu!«t. a tptii tmvi Af«4 «t$h t c< IW ton k<u«4 UM* il»*<«i «(» few bmii into f«rt jnj "t><»r A wilt part 16* < itx it tn the f JCtoTf »tkl carting « to the hnusMt tii*. In 4 ihcrt time the «wd K«l bccon^ "kt G««rt* d«> ' s " *» th« AUn U4dA». Gary 4 vtf Tfcw and 8lQ Eendttm hi* tint cuatotnm — o*l« ard then *ay. "'.hat Hkt John, it 45(4 JACXSO.V - The Golden Leisure Club will hold its covered dish luoctwcn at 1130pm Uorxby st the Lake Jackson Recreation Center All members and arrycne wishing to become a member are invited io Attend Membership is free For more inJornutwo. call TSi- (£66 or huute atad fUI«ti the WebbhMa«wV the «. be i rtoitv it h« At the ttwcwnS fe« W more or !**» tfci«)iing itcirf the kind at furcUSure fair winii to put en ha ar« houn* at Pato Sprusga pMefcffriisyS* erf crude ttuoro »cd nlc6c brsci. it will be unique, he npijinctl. Church sponsors barbecue, staging this weekend CLtfTE - Th* Tn» Honor Church vtR have a bartccue with a trntct *bt««i for 73? p m Sunday DarDecvMd ch4c*eft wiH ME wW at the ehurch *iih at} the tKgianiag at H » and p«e». by the or whole. *iU »t«o be *« I'-'S for Alter cuwpfo oit fife* ur.iVr eft* Rone *t fa? (»»«»•! I up MMftc pi'fv Jir.d «i%uwi rrptemfcurf (be when I WKi*d 16* las** to »? I'** If* new tn 4ft] th>r will (er jofenmn Wat, (or The Jojtul tUrraony "ill jir.g cm Sunda> *t 7» p m Miss ffodntkir honored w/fh brfdol fhowtr Mtu SuuniM Hodnexli ol Kicbardaon »*» honored recently with a miscellaneous bridal liwwcr at like botn« at Mr* Nettie McCaikilt In Angkionatwhwh trurlr e<gW guc«U «ere regiitered Sfwciai guoU included the brlde-el«ct'» mother, Mr* Seill V. Kodnelck, grandmother. Urv F I. Rodnekk of fUcbardi«n, Mr* liuey TUbodeaux. motiier of the bridegroom, and Mr* Srtort Mail Sr , g/andmotber. h«jri Mt H* Tbe rx»<e*tfi were Mr*. McCaakill. Mr*. Sue Soikau, Mrs. Joyw Ficard, Mr* Haul Jane*. Mr* Larry Parka. Mr*. Aaak Matt. Mr* Unda Mall, Mr*. Marceiyno BUha. Mr* Catherine Driadaie, Mr* Fat Williams, aod Miaa Sawiy Th)Uxte»ux The bonoree received an electric skillet from the ho>te*»e«. It will t«- j Uta* «U! twc r* hw furniture u m*i«iy «ols<J wood. *otn« with tie imrto«s (eelt there tt nnthing *o«xl without tome "Bui I don't w*d to do *&ythia*( more if I doo"! «*n( to. My* "And t build my (or ea*> -««e " Mil present 7.OW foot. Mediterranean house «*«r looking all of Beverly HilU h«i b«*a pUnmd M> Uut it doesn't require * hou»efcf«pcf - he tan vacuum the whole !run| :n leu than an hour Montgomery furniture i* etJlectiWe but net bargain pricerf A •*« o< <A*e»ri Aww chain and dining table. WrttJi dreiMer - origjnatiy «oW for 17.000 but was recently rc*o4d at*24.WO A drak ap^*l»*d ai ll.MO ceet him 137) to make, be proudly oimrved He estimate* h* ruj turned out Ihouaanda of piece* of furniture in bit career When In/ Falker'i Special! for ttw wHk iu..^fler U»»ve and c«lo«e* W J* up, Mwktre icto I2.M Mf), unbreik* I3.M up vU mwy otfctr gift Mk«>! M gJfta are JHM (eatarieg n/4 r*ju*t ***^ eiija- •«< '.Jw c.*l!S!i«u.i!. Jtrfiiiri if^.t ««•»". S* '.S«t <'. ii^f hs.» -ji, !.V 4p of hi* piece* in N'rw York recently, Mootiixntrx located * Uucklttd U it right there Ilii lane band* -~ "I milked about 30 covn a day M a boy on our ranch in Montana" - - oeed (o U kcfrt Ut»y with the roanual work he loves, be **y». At 12, be WM an '.teti few fucisi ••jir ^u^flitwfiF wjj Uoififni j.p with 4 fe6 t.? SJj.i.Vfe ;;*t 4 *'t$e. i:fti(g ?it^ "Sic 4<«!?!^» FP church to begin VBS Monday 4* :«;fi <;< f*6*w. U taw fi't» rsu.iu.Jo *tt,v.ii«s JK, v « i.> r t 1 o .*• R « H .n i £5 Miami* .ft to* Knr }» **.!»»! Film on ltro«l planned Sunday In WC church fct. ta liniS inft Jft* ii|< Hat p. »>• «' Sft« 61*5514 *« f. Parly buffet honors WC bride to be * j t M A ft v i: V " f *t ', *. IM-v^»«r..»- 2 BRHML GOW>S *, w*» ''Spice *»1 RK«" (wife* f«»nt}y 41 th» bans* of Mr» Sf»$thast* r'*r'.j«jhjr m HJJ Ciijr Th« t>uf(«< tobU »ai of carrying ruA '.tit t»fkV«iett'i chow:* nl sutert lnc!iicifrf m 1ft* |u«*; tilt the bride'* tout* party «ixl Mn C J Jr . rnoCrwr of If* Wl CARRY >&*/# NOTICE! SUMMER SHOE SALE NOW IN PROGRESS ENTIRE STOCK OF LADIES; MEN S AND CHILDREN S SUMMER SHOES NOW ON SALE. A r* I J A ' t ' A

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